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Impact Wrestling Results (9/22/11) - Storm Rains On Roode's Parade?

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Impact Wrestling Results - 9/22/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA's Impact Wrestling starts on Spike TV! It starts with a video package with Sting talking as he says he will get the real Hulk Hogan. Hogan is also in the video and calls Sting a joke. The video, of course, is hyping up this huge feud in TNA. Hogan says Sting is nothing and will never be something. He says Sting will never make it to Bound for Glory as he is messing with the wrong people. Sting says he will see Hogan at the PPV. The video ends and the camera cuts to the arena as Sting's music begins.

Sting comes jumping on stage and jumping down the ramp as he has a clipboard in his hand. The crowd is going crazy! He gets in the ring and grabs a mic as he starts out with his famous "WHOAAAA" call. He says time is great as he is excited for tonight. He goes to recap last week as he beat Ric Flair. Since he beat him, it gives him the green light to fight Hogan. Sting promises that it will be him and Hogan. He then calls out Hogan as he gets the fans to chant "Hogan, Hogan, Hogan". After some hesitation, Hogan finally comes out. His theme song plays and Hogan comes on stage. He slowly walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers or boos. He gets in the ring and calls this funny. He says this is not going to happen. He then states he is not medically clear! Sting asks if he is kidding. Sting then falls on the mat and screams and kicks. He then gets up and says he has some footage. It plays and it shows Hogan attacking Sting a couple weeks ago. Hogan says he is running this show and he did not call for it to run. Sting says it already rolled so you can't do anything about it. Sting says Hogan still got it. Hogan says it's time to end the game. Hogan says he has nothing to prove. Sting chased Hogan his entire career and couldn't do anything he wanted. Hogan says he is forgetting the paper he brought in the ring. Sting tells Hogan to sign it!!! Just then, Eric Bischoff's music hits and here he comes! He marches down the ramp and asks, "Who the hell you think you are". He can't believe he is treating Hogan like this. While he talks, Sting stares at Hogan. He then turns and asks Eric if he said anything. He then attacks Eric and Eric is left lying on the mat face down. He then turns to Hogan and says that was good. He says that Hogan vs. Sting will happen one way or another at Bound for Glory! "Tah, Tah for now!"

Karen Jarrett is backstage as she talks to Ms. Tessmacher and Mickie James. She tells them they have their matches in the Queen's Qualifier Tournament. She then confronts what Tessmacher is wearing. Karen then turns to Traci Brooks and tells her that she wanted those "things" covered up. Traci said they are covered. Well Karen doesn't think so. She tells Traci she is not running some type of club. Just then, Kazarian walks up to Karen and tells her that she shouldn't be commenting on what people are wearing as she should look in the mirror. He then tells Karen that she is only worth 50 cents an hour. He walks away and Karen furiously gets out her phone and calls someone as she is very displeased!


Jeff Hardy is walking backstage as he just arrived in the Impact Zone. He opens the door and continues to walk.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first contest. Ms. Tessmacher comes out on stage as she carries one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships. She enters the ring and starts to shake her booty. Mickie James' music plays and here comes she comes as she skips down the ramp. The crowd cheers as she comes in the ring.

Ms. Tessmacher vs. Mickie James

The bell sound and both move around the ring. They lock-up and Mickie goes right after the arm of Tessmacher. She then reverses it and works on the arm of Mickie, but Mickie spins out and brings Tessmacher flat on her back on the mat. She gets up and they continue to go back and forth with an armlock. Mickie then grabs the head of Tessmacher and brings her down as she now focuses on a headlock. Both get up and Mickie works on the arm again. Tessmacher breaks away as she punches Mickie right in the face. She is surprised. Tessmacher moves back as she bounces off the ropes. Mickie comes back as she knocks Tessmacher down and then does a low dropkick to her face as Tessmacher is sitting on the mat. Both get up and Tessmacher does a hurricanrona. It sends Mickie into the corner. Traci pulls up her tights and goes for the stink face. Tessmacher then walks away as she looks around at the fans. Mickie gets up and comes back into the match as she knocks down Tessmacher. She gets Tessmacher up. She grabs her head, does her loud scream and then does her vicious snap DDT. Mickie covers and gets the win! Winner: Mickie James

Mickie James raises her arms as they show a replay from her finisher as it is the "Direct Impact of the Night". The camera cuts back on the ring as Mickie is hugging Tessmacher.

Mexican America is in the parking lot as they Anarquia is talking very loud about some sort of tattoo that he wants right on his chest. It seems like he wants "Mexican America" right on his chest. Well, the faction gets into their car, a lowrider type truck, and they drive off.


The show returns and Al Snow is backstage talking to Jeff Hardy. Al says he respects that Jeff came back to talk to all of the boys. He gives Jeff some advice. He tells Jeff not to do it again and then he tells him to work his way from the top-down in apologizing. Jeff tells him thank you.

Jesse is already in the ring as Christy Hemme announces Austin to the ring. He makes his way down the ramp as the crowd boos him the entire time.

Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries, Champ, for the X-Division TItle

The bell sounds and both walk around the ring. Austin tells the fans to be quiet as the say, "Aries Sucks". They lock-up and Austin brings Jesse down as he does some mat work on him. Jesse gets up as he isn't happy one bit. He backs Austin in the corner as the referee tells him to back up. Austin comes out and kicks Jesse right in the gut. He then goes into the ropes and knocks Jesse right down. Both get up and Jesse goes after Austin, but he slides out of the ring. Aries then grabs the football that Jesse brings to the ring and mocks a football player. Jesse does a baseball slide as it knocks Austin back. Jesse then jumps over the ropes and right on Austin. As they get back in the ring, Kid Kash walks down the ramp and is at ringside. Both are climbing the corner. Jesse pushes Austin down and then flies with a cross body. He covers Aries, but he kicks out. Both get up and Jesse is still in control as he close lines Austin 180 degrees. He covers, but Austin kicks out. Jesse gets him up and whips him in the corner. He runs at him, but Austin elbows him. Austin goes to the second rope and jumps at Jesse, but Jesse does a dropkick right to Austin in mid-air! Jesse covers, but Austin kicks out. Both get up and Jesse locks Aries, but Aries backs him up in the corner. Aries walks away and then runs to Jesse, but Jesse does a huge big boot to Aries' face. Just then, he goes to Kid and talks some smack. Kash shoves the football in Jesse's chest. As Kash is walking away, Jesse whips the football right at Kash's back. Kid turns around and walks up the steps as the referee tries to break it up. Just then, Aries comes in and does a dropkick to the back of Jesse. He covers Jesse and gets the win. Winner and Still Champ: Austin Aries

As Austin leaves, Jesse gets up and continues to talk trash to Kash as Kash is on the outside. Kash cost Jesse the title!

Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam are backstage. They introduce themselves and then talk about their match tonight as they will face Jerry Lynn and Bully Ray. RVD says he thought he would get his hands on Jerry at Bound for Glory, but he doesn't have to wait until then. RVD says he wants it to be right now. He then does some handshake-pounding action with Anderson as they walk away.


Mexican America are in a tattoo parlor as Anarquia is getting the tattoo on his chest. He tells Sarita and Rosita that he needs a drink, so they run off and get him one. The tattoo lady says she has another person, so someone else will be doing his tattoo. As she leaves, he has Hernandez pray with him as he is afraid of needles. Just as they say "Amen", the new artists come in and they are Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore. They have a brawl right in the tattoo parlor. Jesse attacks Hernandez and ends the fight by putting Hernandez through a table. Jesse is attacking Anarquia. As they are fighting, someone is telling them to stop. It's the lady who runs the shop. Shannon doesn't care as he continues to attack Anarquia. Jesse comes and helps Shannon with the assault. Jesse smatches a trash can on the back of Anarquia. They then put Anarquia face down as they go to give him their own tattoo. Jesse says that the camera can't see it. He pushes the camera down as Anarquia starts to scream.

Matt Morgan is a room. Jeff Hardy comes in and asks if he seen Kurt Angle. Matt didn't, but wants to talk to Jeff. He says Jeff was the one who took the title opportunity away from him. Matt says he would be a hypocrite if he did not give Jeff another chance as Matt was once an addict. He is over four years free from the drug. He says other companies give you multiple chances, Matt is only going to give Jeff one more. If Jeff does not follow, Matt will be the first one after Jeff. He asks if Jeff understands and Jeff does.


The show returns and a camera is backstage. It then focuses on Rob Van Dam as he was laid out backstage. There are chairs beside him and over him as he isn't moving. The guy who came to the aid (camera guy) yells for help.

Kurt Angle is backstage and Jeff Hardy walks up to him. Kurt starts to flip out as he tells Jeff he shouldn't be there. He tells Jeff to "get the hell out". Jeff says he can talk to AJ, Al Snow, and others because they are sincere. Kurt says he doesn't care about Jeff. Kurt is an olympic gold medalist and a 14 time champion. He tells Jeff to leave. As Kurt walks away, Jeff stops him. He tells Kurt that he might not want Jeff there because Kurt knows Jeff is his biggest competition. Kurt laughs at that statement. He tells Jeff off again and then walks to the stage. His music plays as Kurt walks down the ramp with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. The crowd constantly boos him.

Kurt begins to talk. Before he begins his speech, he wants to invite the #1 contender for the TNA World Title....Robby Roode! Roode's music hits and here comes the Bound for Glory Tournament Winner. Roode walks down the ramp and is about to get in the ring.


Kurt tells Roode congratulations. He says last week will be different from this week though as he will be facing Daniels. Daniels went against his friend and he may very well go against Roode. Bobby gets on the mic and asks Kurt if he really thinks this is going to work. He tells Kurt that he gave everything for this business for 13 years. He sacrificed everything for this opportunity. The crowd is chanting "Bobby, Bobby". Roode tells Kurt that he is the best wrestler ever! Kurt puts a smile on his face. Roode then goes on to state that nothing will stop him from walking out of Bound for Glory with the TNA World Title. Kurt says he knows a man who will stand in his way. Kurt says it might just be the very best friend he has in this business. Just then, Beer Money's music hits and here does James Storm! Roode is dumbfounded. James comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He takes the mic away from Roode and then goes right in his face. James says Roode might be thinking that Immortal bought him out. He tells Roode that he makes his own rules. He is not out there to get into it with Roode.....but to get into it with Kurt. He was in the back and heard Kurt stroking everything, so why doesn't Kurt stroke the beer bottle of Storm?! James then puts an idea on the table as he wants a match with Kurt Angle. Kurt thinks James is out of his mind. James says he wants to show Kurt what he and Roode mean to this business. He tells Kurt to lace up as he will meet him later tonight. He tells Kurt, "sorry about your damn luck" and James leaves the ring. Roode follows him. Kurt is left in the ring shaking his head. The crowd loves the idea.


Bully Ray's music plays as he and Jerry Lynn come on stage and walk down the ramp. They get in the ring as the fans boo. Bully goes to the top rope and raises his arms. The same goes for Jerry. As they are in the ring, Mr. Anderson's music plays! He gets on stage and reaches up for the mic to drop. He introduces himself.....Mr. Anderson......wait for it....wait for it.....Anderson. His music plays again and he comes to the ring. As he gets in the ring, Mike Tenay says the doctors will not let RVD to compete in this match.

Bully Ray and Jerry Lynn vs. Mr. Anderson in a Handicap Match

The bell sounds as Anderson throws his hat at Bully. Bully grabs it and then tosses it in the stands. He and Bully move around the ring to lock-up, but Bully tags in Jerry before they do touch each other. Jerry comes in and they to go lock-up, but Jerry slides behind Anderson and puts him in their corner. Bully elbows Jerry and then punches Bully. They move to the center of the ring as Anderson drops Jerry down on his back after having him on his shoulders. Ken quickly goes to the top rope, but Bully knocks Anderson off it as the referee was checking on Jerry. Jerry tags in Bully and he has total control now. Bully lifts Anderson up and hits a great body slam. He then does a big splash on Ken. He covers, but Ken kicks out. Bully applies a headlock. He then releases it and drops a huge elbow. Bully tags in Jerry and he comes back in the match. He gets Ken up, but Ken punches him multiple times. Jerry grabs Ken and whips him in the corner. Jerry then flips to go to Ken. He stops before he his him as he just pokes the eyes of Ken. He then knocks Ken down and mocks RVD with the rolling thunder. Jerry Lynn gets him up and whips Ken in the corner. Jerry tags Bully in. Both are in now and Ken comes out of the corner to closeline Jerry as he moved out of the way from Bully Ray's attack. Jerry and Ken get up and Ken continues to attack Jerry. Bully gets up and Ken knocks him down. He covers Ray, but Jerry breaks up the pin. Ken sends Jerry out to the outside. Bully goes for the bubba bomb, but Ken breaks out of it and then hits the mic check! He covers, but Jerry pulls Ken's leg to break the hold. Both are on the outside. Ken pushes Jerry right into the steel steps. Ken climbs the top rope and jumps. He lands right on Bully and covers. Jerry jumps from the top rope, but Ken moves and hits Bully. Ken knocks Jerry out of the ring again....but Jerry holds onto the ropes. Ken goes to Bully who is now climbing he corner. He carries him out of the corner on his shoulders. Just then, Jerry dropkicks Ken's leg and Ken falls flat on his face. As Jerry is distracting the referee, Bully brings his steel chain in and smashes Ken with it He pins Ken and gets the win for the both of them. Winners: Bully Ray and Jerry Lynn

Jerry and Bully walk up the ramp backwards as they celebrate their victory.


James Storm is backstage. He says he is not going to turn his back against Roode. While James did not win the series, Roode did. He then calls Kurt the biggest fish in the pond and James is coming after the the fish!

The camera goes to the ring as Daniels' music hits. He comes out. He doesn't have his wrestling gear on. He gets in the ring and has a mic in hand. He says that he is not going to obey Kurt's rules as he will not be fighting Roode tonight. He says he has nothing else to prove. A couple weeks ago, Daniels beat AJ Styles! He calls Roode a great wrestler, but AJ is a former world champion and a glandslam winner. He doesn't think competing against Roode will be anything big for him after beating AJ. Just then, AJ's music hits and here comes the phenominal one! He gets in the ring with a mic in hand. AJ asks if this is a joke. Every time Daniels has a mic, he takes jabs at AJ. Daniels says AJ will get over it sooner or later. Daniels says that he is just the better man between the two of them. AJ says maybe they should have another match. Daniels declines as they both said it would be their last match and Daniels won. AJ then hits Daniel's mic. AJ turns around to leave after they both stare each other down. Daniels grabs the mic and says he didn't know AJ was a sore loser and a b%tch. AJ turns around as he can't take it anymore. He attacks Daniels in the middle of the ring. As they are battling it out, officials come in and break up the fight. It turned into complete chaos!


The show returns as AJ and Daniels are continuing to attack each other. The officials are not helping the situation by any means. AJ and Daniels go past the railing as they go into the crowd. They attack each other back and both. They then pass the fans and go into this small office room. They push each other into and onto tables. They then leave the area and get back into the ring. As they roll around on the mat punching each other, Kazarian enters and pulls each other back. He tells them that they are both in Fortune. The crowd wants them to fight though. He talks to each separately. He says that is not wrestling stuff as they are family. He gets them to calm down. Daniels puts his hands up as he is finished with it. AJ then puts his hands up, but Daniels kicks AJ right in the groin. He falls instantly as he is in serious pain. He is down and out. Daniels leaves as Kazarian can't believe it. He checks on AJ.

Kurt Angle has Scott Steiner beside him backstage. Kurt says Scot has been beside him telling him what to do (like a trainer roll). Scott talks as Kurt is about to have his match. Scott leaves. Kurt says he has been hearing that for six weeks, but Kurt doesn't mind it at all.


Kazarian is shown backstage with Daniels as this happened during the commercial. Kazarian tells Daniels to calm down. He puts his hands on Daniels to be calm, but Daniels gets fired up as he does not want Kazarian to touch him. Daniels says it is all AJ's fault. Daniels is done talking about it. Daniels walks away.

Kazarian goes through the door of a room as he meets up with AJ Styles. AJ tells Kazarian that Daniels showed his true colors. AJ is still in pain. AJ says it's not his fault, but Daniels as he starts everything when he gets a mic. Kazarian says he is not picking sides, but he wants this to stop. As he tells AJ, AJ grabs a trash can as he starts to throw up.

Eric Bischoff is in his office as he has an ice pack held to his head. He is thinking of a way to get back at Sting. Hogan is sitting at his desk. He then tells Eric that he will drop a bombshell next week that will change this business forever!

James Storm comes to the ring first as the fans cheer. After he is in the ring, Kurt's music hits. He comes on stage and then down the ramp with the TNA World Title around his waist. As both are in the ring, the bell sounds three times to give Jeremy Borash the cue to introduce the match.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings and the match starts! They slowly walk around as they stare at each other. They then get close to each other as they talk back and forth. Kurt then pushes James back. James goes right after Kurt as he takes him down on the mat, but Kurt overturns him and outwrestles James. James gets to the ropes and Kurt has to get away. Both get up and James does a huge punch to Kurt's face. He then gets Kurt down with a couple arm drags and then a headlock takedown. He still has the side headlock applied as they get to their feet. Kurt then pushes James into the ropes. James comes back and does a shoulder block to Kurt. He then yes the headlock applied again. Kurt gets up and counters by stepping on the leg of James and then doing his own headlock. He hits an uppercut to Storm and he goes back resting on the ropes. Kurt runs to him, but James flips him over the top rope and Kurt goes right down on the floor mats. James goes out of the ring, but Kurt comes back by pushing James right into the steel steps. He breaks the count from the referee. Kurt comes back outside as he grabs James and hits a spectacular belly to belly suplex. James lands right on the ramp!!! Kurt slowly gets James in the ring. Kurt continues the offense as he locks his arms around James like a bear hug. Both get up and James elbows his way out of it. Kurt whips him in the ropes and both go for the cross body. Both are down as the referee counts. They both get up at the count of six. James is coming with the offensive as he does an atomic drop and then several closelines. He whips Kurt into the ropes. He grabs him and hits the spinebuster. He covers, but Kurt kicks out. Both get up and Kurt goes into the corner from James, but Kurt comes out of it as he locks in the belly to belly suplex. Both get up and Kurt gets Storm down with the ankle lock. James tries to fight out of it, but Kurt has it locked in. James is in the middle of the ring. Just then, Storm rolls out of it for a cover, but Kurt kicks out. Kurt gets up and runs to Storm, but Storm moves and Kurt runs right into the post corner first. James does a roll-up, but Kurt kicks out at the last second. James is about to do his super kick, but Kurt blocks and locks his arms for 3 german suplexes. Kurt covers but Storm kicks out!!

Kurt gets up and climbs to the top rope. He does his infamous moonsault from the top, but Storm moves!!! Storm crawls to the apron. He gets up and climbs the same corner. Kurt pops up and climbs the corner to do his belly to belly from the corner, but Storm knocks him down. Storm jumps for a flying elbow drop. He covers, but Kurt kicks out. Both get up and both are exchanging punches. Storm then kicks Kurt and goes for the eye of the storm, but Kurt slides out. Just then, Gunner runs down the ramp. He doesn't get in the ring though as Storm knocks him off the apron. Kurt hits James with the angle slam. He covers, but Storm kicks out. Storm slowly gets up and goes for the super kick, but Kurt ducks and he hits the referee. He then turns to Kurt and hits him with the super kick. He covers Kurt and Earl Hebner runs down and counts. He gets to the count of two as Gunner pulls him out of the ring. Gunner enters the ring with the TNA Title and hits Storm with it. Just then, Roode runs down and clears the ring of Gunner. Roode then grabs the TNA World Title and raises it above his head as Kurt Angle gets to his feet. Both stare at each there Roode's music hits. Roode drops the title in front of Kurt. Roode checks on Storm but never takes is eyes off Kurt. They continue the stare down as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode and James Storm (Beer Money)- New from last week
2. Kurt Angle- New from last week
3. Sting- New from last week
4. Austin Aries- New from last week
5. Daniels- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

First off, I hope you can excuse any spelling or grammatical errors for this week's coverage as this is the first time I am typing the coverage and results on my new computer. I am still getting use to the keyboard. Anyway, I have a feeling this week's Impact Wrestling will have some mixed reviews. I am not sure why someone would not like this week's (if you did, please leave a comment down below why). I liked this week's show as it had a wide variety of everything. It has the knockouts, X-Division, segments, promos, and wrestling! As TNA is on the road to Bound for Glory, storylines will be hyped and developed as much and as big as possible. I think TNA did a great job splitting it up between segments and wrestling. While there wasn't much action at the beginning hour, it certainly picked up in the ring with the last match. Storm vs. Kurt was clearly the match of the night. Actually, it probably might be the match of the week while comparing to WWE. I feel TNA is doing an interesting job with building the Roode/Kurt rivalry. These two never went after each other before and it's Roode's first title shot, so it needs to be done carefully. I feel like they are doing everything right. The other big rivalry is Sting vs. Hogan. We seen it kick off the show and then we seen it almost end the show. Hogan has something major next week, so I will comment about that when I hear it next Thursday. They have a lot of rivalries forming and it looks like they are doing a great job in building them. One thing I do wonder is the appearance of Samoa Joe. I mean he won his first match last week after being on a losing streak for months and he doesn't show this week? Can't blame for a packed show though. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter by clicking here

Weekly Question:Do you think James Storm will ever turn his back on Bobby Roode?....or will Roode turn first?

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