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Impact Wrestling Needs To Be Different In 2015

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We all know that TNA Wrestling's Impact Wrestling will be heading on Destination America starting January 2015. We covered the news right here on the site from forwards to backwards to sideways to upside down. We know Impact Wrestling will air on Spike TV for four weeks: December 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th. All these shows are review shows. They kick off their new and original shows in January... On Destination America! The tapings have been announced - They will be from the Manhattan Center! Things seem to be looking good for the show and the company! But let's not assume too much. Let's not jump the gun. Let's slow down and understand this... Impact Wrestling needs to change!

There's no DOUBT in my mind that Impact Wrestling needs to change in 2015 when they start producing shows for Destination America. Let me be clear - I don't know what Dixie Carter or John Gaburick, or even the United Talent Agency told Destination America during the negotiations, but if they took the route of being a "professional wrestling show with "pure wrestling" then they completely dropped the ball.

Let's all face reality - Wrestling doesn't draw! As soon as John Gaburick made that statement months ago, Impact Wrestling's viewership slipped. It declined. It went under one million viewers. Now I can go on and on and on and on and on and on about the numbers, but when Impact Wrestling is under one million viewers for WEEKS UPON WEEKS when they, at one time, hit two million viewers, that's quite depressing.

Here we are... At the end of 2014 with the last of the original programming airing of Impact Wrestling. If we looked at the past several weeks, we can see that there are stories involved on the show. There are some deep characters... Some characters are very intriguing and engaging! The show isn't PURELY wrestling, but that doesn't mean that the stories are top notch that will catch anyone's eye. At the end of the day, the words that John Gaburick stated, how Impact Wrestling will be less story and more wrestling, stuck in the mind's of the viewers. They started tuning away and watched or did something that actually had their interest. That's not what interviews should do, TNA!

Let's come to conclusion that the way Impact Wrestling is(was) being produced is(was) not the right way to go. I am all for being different and unique, and putting on a pure wrestling show is unique, I am also for capturing the most audience members you can. You can be different and unique and be able to appeal to the large portion of the television viewers. You just have to know what they are interested in... And that's not wrestling.

With Impact Wrestling heading to Destination America in 2015, they need to be different. In my mind, they need to completely flip their show upside down. It's time for a makeover... From the stage to the logo to the music! It's time for some character changes. It's time for a change in production from camera angles to lighting. Make Impact Wrestling different. Make it something that will certainly catch our eye.

I haven't watched Lucha Underground at all, but I have read and listened to it a lot and I am understanding it is taking on a roll like a Hollywood show with the camera angles and how promos are cut. That's cool and interesting. That's different in the wrestling industry. I am not saying TNA should take that route, but they can't be the "same old same old".

Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing Impact Wrestling be completely new and different from what they were. In fact, I am encouraging them to do so. I want them to change everything they can because... It wasn't working here in the United States. They tried it and it failed. They have the television network now (which it seems like they are fully behind TNA Wrestling), now it is TNA's time to change the business. They need to show what they are about... They need to make a dent in the wrestling industry here in the United States! With them being on a smaller network, it will be more difficult, but I always know to never give up!

I know the company is really looking to do a makeover for the show and that's great! TNA, let's go balls to walls! Don't hold anything back!

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