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Impact Wrestling Results (1/5/12) - Who Gets The Super Kick?

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Impact Wrestling Results - 1/05/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package about Bobby Roode. It has voice over from his family and friends. It also has voice over from Roode himself as he is the World Champion and the man! Bully Ray states that he is body guard of Roode. It then shows Sting confronting Roode couple weeks ago as Roode will get what is coming to him. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone! Music plays and here comes Sting! Sting comes out on stage as the crowd roars. He walks down the ramp with his gloves and in a button shirt with his famous sunglasses. He gets in the ring and does his "scream" to get the crowd roaring even more. He grabs a mic.

He states that he would love to have Jeff Hardy to the ring. What he wants, he gets. Jeff's music plays and here comes the #1 Contender. His music plays and he comes down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and shakes hands with the Stinger. The crowd starts chanting his name "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy". Sting gets back on the mic. He says he is very impressed with Jeff Hardy. When he came back, he couldn't be trusted, but he built trust. Sting then talks about himself as he has faced demons himself. He overcame it as he was given a second chance. While Jeff wasn't lively before, he is now alive and ready. There are people that look up to Hardy, Sting says. They want to be Jeff. Sting respects Jeff and gives him 100% endorsement. Well, after that, music plays and here comes the TNA World Champion. Bobby Roode comes on stage with Kurt Angle at his side but behind him a little. Bully Ray is behind both of them. The three get on the apron as the crowd boos them. They get in the ring and Roode grabs a mic.

Roode starts of by saying he pretty much threw up in the back. He then makes a puking sound affect. He then questions what Sting just said about endorsing him. Bully Ray yells that "he sucks". Roode goes on to question why he isn't endorsed. Why isn't he? If not him, then how about Kurt? Roode talks about Kurt going to the bar and kicking all of Storm's friends and then punishes him a week later by facing RVD. If not Kurt, then how about Bully?! Bully then shows off his great leg muscles. Bully says he hasn't had one World Title run. Why?....because Sting picks favorite. Roode turns to Jeff and asks why he is looking at him. He asks Jeff if he is looking at his title. He then goes on to say that he doesn't care about Jeff. Well, this isn't going to last long as music plays again and this time it's James Storm's music. He comes on stage with his beer bottle but also with Abyss as his side. They walk down the ramp and get into the ring. James gets on the mic and tells Roode to shut up as everyone is sick and tired of him. James goes to Kurt and says Kurt's mouth looks wired shut from that super kick he got last week. He then goes on to talk about Kurt's attack on James' friends. James says he seen a man who wasn't scared a couple weeks ago, but now is scared. Bully disagrees. James says the super kick is getting Kurt scared. James then welcomes Abyss to the mix as he hands him a beer bottle and he drinks it. James tells Kurt that he is either peeing himself or he wants to say something. Kurt does want to say something but Abyss cut him off.

Abyss grabs the mic and turns to Bully. Abyss says Immortal NEEDS Abyss. They need his size and strength. Abyss doesn't need Immortal though. He only needs/wants Bully. He is going to make Bully suffer from all of the sins of Immortal. Bully goes on to talk, but Sting gets back on and tells him to shut up. Sting announces that these 6 men will be in a 6-men tag team match. Well, all of them are going to collide tonight!


A video that was filmed earlier today shows Madison Rayne in her swimsuit. She is showing it off like a model. Gail Kim is filming her. Madison looks to the side and sees Traci Brooks in a huge hot tub or small poll. Madison goes over to her and into the water. She starts trash talking Taci. Traci isn't going to listen to this as she goes right after Madison. Gail puts the camera down and helps with this assault. After some more fighting, Traci leaves the water.

The camera shows the arena as music airs. It's Mickie James' music. She comes on stage with Traci at her side. They come down the ramp as the crowd cheers. After they are in the ring, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim come on stage. Both have their TNA Knockout Tag Titles while Kim also holds the TNA Knockout Title. As Gail gets on the apron, the fight breaks out.

Mickie James and Traci Brooks vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne (Champs) for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles

They knock Gail off the apron and Traci goes outside to handle Gail while Mickie is taking care of Madison. Mickie does a swinging neck breaker and Madison rolls out. Traci whips Gail in the steel steps and then rolls her back in the ring. Mickie and Traci punch Gail one by one in the head. She goes back and forth between the two. Madison gets on the apron, but Traci and Madison grab Kim and throw her right into Madison. Madison falls and Gail follows her. They are lying outside as Traci and Mickie have full advantage.


The show returns and Mickie is against Madison in the ring. Mickie has full advantage still as she kicks Madison in the gut while she is in the corner. Mickie does a monkey flip that sends Madison across the ring. Both get up and Madison comes back as she hits Mickie, but Mickie comes back and knocks Madison down. Mickie goes to run into the ropes, but Gail kicks Mickie in the back. Mickie turns to her and wants to hit her, but Gail gets off the apron. Well, here comes Traci as she runs around the ring and knocks Gail off her feet. She then punches her while on the floor. Mickie turns around and puts on a headlock on Mickie, but Madison gets up and tries to come back into this match. She goes for a kick to Mickie's head, but Mickie ducked and knocked Madison off her feet again and then kicked her right in the head. She covers, but Gail is able to get in and stop the count. Traci comes in now and goes after Gail. Earl Hebner, the referee, breaks up the fight and pushes Traci to her corner. Mickie is back in control as she continues to attack Madison. She covers her, but Madison kicked out and is able to gain momentum as she kicks Mickie in the gut and then puts Mickie in the corner. She grabs her head and whips it down to the mat. Both get up and Mickie pushes Madison away. Rayne tags Gail in and she comes in. Mickie is able to get out before anything dangerous happens as she tags in Traci. She comes in and closelines Gail multiple times. She then does a chin breaker and then chokes Gail on the ropes. Gail comes back and tries to hits a big time move on Traci, but she reverses and hits the neck breaker. Mickie comes in, but Gail fights her off. She turns to Traci and gives her the boot to the face. She covers Traci. While she does, Mickie wants to come in, but Madison grabs Mickie's shorts so she couldn't get in the ring. The final moments becomes the "Direct Impact of the Night". Winners and Still Champs: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Ric Flair is backstage with Gunner. Ric says Gunner is making a name for himself and he is making an impact (no pun intended). This is just want Gunner wants. Ric says no one will want to face Gunner in a couple of months. Just then, Sting comes along. Sting says RVD is going out to the ring alone tonight, so Gunner should too. Ric Flair says Sting is pushing his buttons. Sting likes pushing his buttons. He tells Ric that they will watch the match from the back. Ric doesn't like the sound of that. He starts calling for Sting as he leaves. He starts yelling his name. Sting comes back and asks what he wants. Ric says nothing. Sting leaves. Ric turns to Gunner and wants him to rip RVD to shreds.


Eric Young is in the parking lot. He is coming out of a trailer and then looks under it. The camera man asks what Eric is doing. He is looking or ODB so they can team up tonight in their Wild Card Tag Team match. The camera man says that they are out of the tournament. Eric does not pay attention to his fact. He then has to go to look for, so he runs away.

A video plays showcasing the whole tournament that started a couple weeks ago. It showed clips of each match and then showed the final two teams.

Brutas Magnus is backstage with Samoa Joe. Magnus talks to Joe to get him pumped up. He says they can do this. They are going kill it out there. Magnus tells Joe to come. Joe grabs the shoulders and turns Brutas around. Joe then shakes Magnus hand and they walk away together.

AJ Styles and Kazarian are backstage. The camera man asks them how they are repairing for their match. Kazarian says they are doing the same thing they done for every other match. Kaz goes on to say that they are the only team that the two members actually like each other. AJ states that they can trust each other. That is how teams win tag team championships.


Garrett Bischoff is backstage. He is putting on a referee shirt. Sting enters the locker room. He asks Garrett how he is going. He states that he is now cleared to come back to work. He then states that no one is going to push him around. Sting asks Garrett what he is doing with a referee shirt. He replies that he is referring the next match. Sting tells him to take it off. He does. Sting then states that he is a wrestler. "Welcome to the roster," Sting states.

The camera turns to Eric Young. He goes into the women's locker room. It has Gail and Madison in their underwear. They start yelling at Eric to get out. He asks where ODB is. They continue to yell. Eric goes up to Gail and then Madison starts to attack him. Eric grabs her and puts her in a locker. He leaves and Gail is forced to get Madison out of the lucky locker.

The camera turns to Christy Hemme as she announces this match. Gunner enters the area first. He comes down the ramp as the crowd boos. After he is in the ring, Rob Van Dam's music plays. He comes on the ramp as fireworks explode in the air. He gets in as the crowd cheers.

Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell sounds. Both men move around the ring. They then move closer and lock-up. They are dead even. But Gunner moves RVD and tries to place him in the corner, but he then moves RVD to the middle of the ring. He pushes him in the ropes and knocks him down. RVD gets up and he comes back as he does several kicks and punches like a springboard kick to the head. RVD does his famous "points to himself", but Gunner goes after RVD before he can finish it. RVD moves out of the way. He then exits the ring and actually finishes his taunt.


Gunner is in control as he whips RVD in the ropes. Gunner hits Rob right in the face with an elbow. Rob falls and Gunner covers. He kicks out. He gets up and Gunner puts Rob in the corner as he continues the assault. He then whips RVD in the opposing corner. Gunner runs to him, but RVD kicks him in the face. Rob then jumps on the second or third corner and flies back to kick Gunner right in the head. He covers Gunner, but he kicks out. Both get up and Gunner comes back. He knocks RVD down and covers him, but he kicks out. Gunner then pulls Rob to the ropes and chokes him. He then does so with his bear hands. He covers, but it's only a two! Gunner lifts RVD up, but RVD slides behind Gunner. He turns and RVD kicks Gunner with a spin kick. Both fall. Both slowly get up and Rob does a flying fist. He then closelines Gunner down and then hits him with a spin kick when he got up. Gunner gets up again and goes to the corner where RVD continues the attack. He comes out and Rob knocks Gunner down and hits a moonsault. He covers but nothing came out of it. RVD is then able to do a rolling thunder. Cover attempt, but Gunner rolls out. RVD baseball slides right into Gunner. RVD then jumps over and lands on the apron, but Gunner grabs Rob's foot and makes it get stuck on the skirt. He gets tripped up and falls. Gunner then rips up the floor mat. He goes for a piledriver, BUT....RVD does a huge back body drop and you can hear the smack!!! RVD puts Gunner up on the steel guard rail. RVD gets on the apron and does his flying spin leg kick, but Gunner moved and RVD went right into the railing and fell right on the concrete. Gunner gets RVD up and goes for a piledriver, but TNA agents of D-Lo Brown and Al Snow run out and pull Gunner away. Gunner walks up the ramp backwards as he still looks hungry.

James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and Abyss are backstage. The camera man asks James a question. James says that they aren't afraid of anyone one of their opponents tonight. Jeff then gets on the mic and says it's great to get an endorsement from Sting. Jeff feels great. Abyss then gets on and says that he doesn't need Immortal anymore.

Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray are backstage. Roode talks about Jeff Hardy and all of his wrongs as no one likes him. Kurt gets on and says he is going to get his revenge on James for super kicking him and taking his title away from him. Bully Ray finally gets on and says he doesn't care about Abyss anymore. He can't wait to meet and attack Abyss.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the next contest. Music plays and Kid Kash and the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries, come out on stage. They walk as Austin is in front of Kash. They get in the ring. Music plays again and Jesse Sorensen and Zema Ion come on stage. Jesse holds a football as he comes on stage. While he raises his arms, Zema takes it. Jese didn't like that too much. He got it back though. They get on the apron.

Kid Kash and Austin Aries vs. Jese Sorensen and Zema Ion

Jese and Zema can't decide who should start the match. While their back is turned, Kash runs over and hits Jese. Zema gets out and it's Kash and Jese starting. Kash starts the match off, but Jese comes back with a huge knee to the face. Jese gains momentum, but runs out as Zema tags himself in. He gets in and Kash comes back. He brings Zema over and tags Austin in. They do a double team irish whip. They knock Zema down and they attack him on the mat. Kash leaves and Austin applies a headlock. He releases and then applies again. Zema gets out of it and closelines Austin down. Austin gets down, but Zema goes out of the ring. Austin runs and does a great suicide dive. As he gets back in the ring, Kash comes over and also attacks Ion. Ion is put back in the ring and Austin does a great elbow drop along with other offensive moves. Ion gets away and tags in Jese. Jese doesn't want in, but Austin spins the ropes and Jese flips over. Jese comes back, but doesn't last as Kash runs in and attacks Jese. Austin brings Jese over and tags Kash. Kash enters and he does a suplex and a cover. Jese kicks out. He tags in Austin. They both do an irish whip, but Jese is able to push them into each other. Jese gets up and Ion tags himself in again. Ion jumps in and does a great DDT from in the air on Kash. Austin gets up and Zema is whipped into the corner, but he jumps on it and flies back right on Austin. He covers, but Kash breaks it up. Austin goes for a back suplex, but Ion lands on his feet and Jese tags himself in. He gets in and attacks both opponents. He closelines Austin over while attacking Kash with a neck breaker before. Austin then jumps over the ropes and lands right on Austin.

Jese comes back in and knocks down Kash. He goes over to the corner and tags in Ion. Ion climbs the corner and does a 450 splash. Kash moves out of the way. As Ion gets up from the crash and burn, Jese tags himself in. He comes in and Austin is back. Jese grabs him and swings him around for the win. Winners: Jese Sorensen and Zema Ion

Kazarian is in a room by the locker room. As he is sitting there, AJ Styles enters the locker room and tells Kazarian that it is match time. Kazarian gets up and follows AJ out. As they leave, Daniels comes around the corner with a smirk on his face.


Eric Young is backstage. He comes into a room as he found ODB. He asks ODB what she is doing. She is taking some pics of a guy. ODB thanks the guy as he leaves. She then tells Eric that they are done as they lost. Eric doesn't get it still as he wants to lock-up with ODB one more time. They lock-up and then fall down. ODB falls on Eric and then kisses him right on the lips. She gets up and leaves as Eric says, "I knew it."

Music airs as Brutas Magnus and Samoa Joe come on stage. They walk down the ramp and into the ring. After they are in, AJ Styles' music hits as Kazarian walks out with him. They walk down together and get in the ring.

Brutas Magnus and Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles and Kazarian in the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament Finals

AJ Styles starts the match while Joe does for his team. They move around the ring and then lock-up. Joe puts AJ right into the corner. He backs up but then punches AJ right in the gut and it makes AJ fall to the mat. Joe continues with hits to the head. AJ gets up from Joe and Joe tags in Brutas. Brutas enters and he does a quick offensive power move and then tags in Joe again. Joe enters and he punches AJ again and then does an abdominal stretch. He releases and AJ is on the mat. Joe walks around and goes back to AJ where AJ does a hurricanrona. AJ tags in Kaz. He gets in and attacks Joe and then runs into the ropes, but Brutas kicks him right in the back. Joe gets up and hits Kaz and then tags Brutas. He enters and puts Kaz into the corner. Kaz makes him bak up as he punches him multiple times. He tags in AJ and he enters. He knocks down Brutas and covers, but he kicks out. AJ jumps and plants his knee into the face. Another cover that is unsuccessful. He tags Kaz back in. He does a great dropkick to Magnus, but he kicks out. Kaz tags AJ and he kicks Brutas in the gut and then snaps him over. He gets Brutas up again and tags Kaz. Brutas whips Kaz in the ropes and kicks him. He then whips Kaz again and Brutas follows. They meet as Brutas closelines him down. He tags Joe and the beast enters. He jumps up and plants his back with full body weight on Kaz. He gets Kaz up and does some short jabs and then knocks him down again. Joe tags in Brutas. He enters and whips Kaz hard into the corner. Kaz falls from the impact.

Brutas gets him up and whips him in the corner again. He runs to Kaz, but Kaz moves out of the way, rolls across the ring and tags AJ. AJ enters and here he goes as he knocks down Brutas from a springboard move. Both get up and AJ tries for his finisher, but Brutas gets out, but AJ is able to hit the paylee. Just then, Daniels comes out on stage. AJ turns to tag Kaz in, but Kaz drops of the apron. Joe enters and puts AJ in the corner and does a jumping kick to the head. He puts AJ on the mat while Brutas flies off the corner with an elbow drop. He covers! Winners: Samoa Joe and Brutas Magnus

Daniels smiles from the stage while Kaz is pretty upset from what he did. Brutas and Joe celebrate in the ring while AJ is hurting in the ring.


Crimson and Matt Morgan are backstage. They are asked how they feel about facing Joe and Magnus. Crimson states they are not scared because they can defeat them. Joe and Brutas come and get right into the tag champs business. Joe gets in the face of Matt and does a jab insult. Matt, obviously, didn't like it as he pushed Joe away. Brutas then goes after Crimson, but officials come over and break up any action before there is any huge fight.

Mike Tenay and Taz appear on television as they announce the matches for Genesis. Check for the final line-up for Genesis that will air this Sunday!

Jeff Hardy's music hits and here comes the team. Jeff comes on the stage first and then Abyss. James Storm is last as he drinks his beer. They get into the ring as the crowd roars. AFter they are in the ring, music plays and here comes the others. Bobby Roode, who has the TNA World Title around his waist, comes down first. Kurt Angle is second and Bully Ray is behind them. They get into the ring as the crowd boos. All 6 men are in the ring as Jeremy Borash announces this main event.

Abyss, James Storm, and Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, and Bobby Roode

The bell sounds and Bully Ray starts the match out against James Storm. They move around the ring. James then runs to Bully and Bully ducks behind the ropes. He comes forward and they run around the ring some more. He is able to make Abyss come into the ring. As the referee deals with him, Bully tries to take advantage of James, but James knows better. They do lock-up though and Bully puts James in the corner. He attacks him several times. James comes out and he tags Abyss. Abyss enters and Bully is scared. He backs up. He then goes to fight him, but he is too frightened and tags Roode in. Roode enters and they go to lock-up, but Roode kicks Abyss in the gut and punches him several times. He tries to whip him, but Abyss whips in in the corner. Roode comes out and he gives Bobby a big boot. Abyss then runs into the ropes, but Bully kicks Abyss right in the head. Roode gets up and rams Abyss right in the corner of his team. Bully hits Abyss in the corner and then gets off the apron as Roode punches Abyss in the head several times.


Kurt is attacking Abyss as the show returns. He kicks Abyss multiple times in the gut and leg and then punches him as Abyss is down to one knee. Abyss gets up and Kurt continues to punch and kick. Abyss gets down to one knee again. Kurt tags Roode in. He gets in and Abyss pushes both stars away. He then grabs Kurt and Roode by the throat, but they fight Abyss off. Abyss makes his way over to his corner and tags Storm. Storm enters and he attacks both Kurt and Roode. He knocks them down multiple times. He is gaining all of the momentum. Kurt gets up and goes to closeline James, but he ducks. When he rises, Bully comes out of the corner and closelines James down as he was still on the apron. Roode tags Bully in. Kurt follows Roode to the apron. Ray yes in and he whips James into the corner and smashes him while also doing huge chops to the chest. He then lifts James up for a long standing vertical base and then drops him down for a suplex. He then wrenches the arms of James bak. Ray gets up, plants an elbow and covers, but James kicks out. Ray tags Kurt in. Kurt kicks James. He then waits until James gets up. He whips James in the corner and goes for a closeline, but James kicks Kurt's arm and hits a side russian leg sweep. Both crawl and Kurt tags in Roode while James tags Jeff. Both enter and Jeff closelines Roode and then goes to his opponents corner and hits Ray. He continues to go after Roode with multiple offensive moves. He goes for a cover, but Ray comes in and breaks it up. Just then, everyone else enters. Bully goes after Storm while Jeff is kicking Roode in the corner and Abyss is after Kurt as he just tosses him out of the ring. He hits Kurt's head right into the steel steps. James and Bully leave the ring and James hits Bully into the railing. Jeff and Roode get up. Roode lifts Jeff up, but Jeff lands on his feet and hits the twist of fate. He climbs the corner for the swanton bomb, but Ray pushes Jeff and he lands right on the ropes where the sun doesn't shine. James enters the ring now and attacks Roode. He goes for his super kick, but Kurt enters and low blows James. He then does his version of the super kick. Abyss now enters and he attacks Kurt. He lifts Kurt up for the torture rack, but Bully gets in and hits Abyss with the steel chain. Now, Kurt and Roode get back up and attack Abyss as well as James and Jeff. Abyss leaves the ring. Bully ties the chain around Abyss' neck and pulls on the chain to choke him. Roode has a cross face on Hardy in the ring while Kurt has the ankle lock on James Storm in the ring. Is this what it will be like on Sunday? The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. Kurt Angle- Same as last week
3. Bully Ray- New from last week
4. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne- New from last week
5. Jese Sorensen- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This was the first Impact Wrestling of 2012 and it was the last Impact Wrestling before Genesis. I remember TNA's first show of 2010 and that was their Monday Night debut. I still remember that show and that day. It brings back memories! Anyway, that show was nowhere like this show, but this show did do a good job to hype the PPV. We usually see WWE miss this on their shows as they do not hype up a PPV. TNA hyped and built it up on this show as they showed almost every story that is involved. It was good that they made the huge 6 men tag. Otherwise, they wouldn't have enough time. I do know that they are missing the Pope vs. Devon story as they didn't air anything about them this week. I know the time is tight, but I would at put them somewhere in the show. Other than that, they built the X-Division up and that match at the PPV should be epic. While there are a lot of single's matches (Abyss vs. Ray, Kurt vs. James, Roode vs. Jeff- to name a few), they had a lot of tag team matches this week. I like tag teams as they allow a lot more people to showcase their talent and allow them to be on television, but I would say to mix the match types on the show a little bit. Overall, looks like TNA is heading in a good direction for 2012 as they do not have some faces that "annoy" people like the Jarretts, Eric, and Hogan. They are focusing on more stars and younger talent. Let's see how the year goes as they still have 51 more shows on television in 2012! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at the link in my bio. Also, check out my personal blog where I have created a "commercial" for my future project, which is about wrestling, and explore my site to find my Apple app reviews!

Weekly Question: Which match are you most looking forward to at Genesis and who do you think will win?

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