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Impact Wrestling Results (1/12/12) - Genesis Rematch With A Twist....Of Fate

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Impact Wrestling Results - 1/12/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package from Genesis. It shows the main event of the night which was Roode vs. Hardy with the TNA World Title on the line. It had voice over from both opponents and from Mike Tenay and Taz. Roode low blowed the referee and that continued his reign. At the end, Roode states that he doesn't need family or friends, but only needs the title. Jeff then states that he is not sure what is going down on the show, but he wants to say something.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Music plays and it's the TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode. He comes slowly down the ramp with the title across his shoulder while strutting the couple hundred or thousand dollar suit! The crowd gives him nothing but boos. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He begins talking about the match he had on Sunday as he dominated the match. He became the most dominate champion in TNA history. Roode is simply the greatest. He mentions Sting as Sting lined opponents up and Roode knocked them down. From Storm to Styles to Hardy. The crowd starts to chant, "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy". Roode says he gives Jeff some credit. He gives him credit as he turned his life around and gave life to some fans. It almost brought a tear to his eye....almost! While that may be inspirational, Jeff lost! Roode says he wants Jeff as he tells Hardy to come down and accept the defeat and shake the champion's hand. Well, this is no Jeff! Music hits and it's Sting's! He comes on stage and the crowd roars. He walks down the ramp with a blinding white and black stripped shirt. He gets in the ring with a mic and does his "Woooo" type scream. He goes on to say that he doesn't know how many times he has to do this, but he will do it one more time. Sting = Boss while Roode = Employee. Roode states that Roode = Champion. Sting goes on to compare Roode to a child in school who disrespects his teacher. Sting is going to the old days and wanting to smack Roode. Sting then gets excited about the whole thing Roode did to keep his title on Sunday. Sting then states that he will defend his title....against.....Jeff Hardy! Roode starts to flip out while the crowd loves it. Sting says, "Tah Tah" and leaves the ring. Roode flops on the ring. He can't believe it.

A video plays that was taped earlier today. Matt Morgan comes out of his car. He is going through a door, but Crimson comes out of the other one. Crimson just came from "Direct Auto Insurance" and he states how Matt helped him save a lot of money. Matt states how the insurance company helped him and his wife save huge amounts of money. Matt and Crimson change subjects and talk about their match they have tonight. Crimson leaves while Matt goes through the doors.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first contest. Music plays and here comes Robbie E. and Robbie T. E has the Television Title around his waist. Both come down the ramp as the crowd boos. They get in the ring. Music plays and here comes Matt Morgan and Crimson. They are the TNA Tag Team Champions! They walk down the ramp as the crowd cheers.

Robbie E. and Robbie T. vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson

Crimson starts out against Robbie T. (Terry). Terry gets the advantage of the match as he does a headlock and then knocks Crimson down. He tags Robbie E. in, but Crimson just pushed him away. He tags Terry back in quickly. Terry gets in and he is able to control Crimson. He tags in Robbie E. again. E goes up to the second rope and jumps, but Crimson grabs him. He knocks him down and works on the leg. Matt Morgan comes into the ring as he does his multiple elbow shots in the corner. Crimson whips Matt away and then right into Robbie E. They go over and Crimson knocks Terry down. They then chokeslam Robbie E. and Morgan gets the pin. Winners: Matt Morgan and Crimson

Crimson and Matt get their title belts and raise it above their heads in victory. As they are standing in the middle of the ring, Samoa Joe and Magnus come out of nowhere and attack the tag champs. They grab the title belts and hit the champs with them. Joe goes after Morgan as he hits him with the title in the head. He continues the assault while Magnus goes after Crimson. After the champs are down, Joe and Magnus grab the titles and raise them up. Could they be the next champs?

Eric Bischoff is backstage. He is walking through outside as he goes through the door of the arena.


A video package plays showcasing Gunner. He is shown stating that he never had a good relationship with his father. He then mentions the father-son relationship with Eric and Garret Bischoff. The video then shows Sting and how he confronts Eric and then Gunner. The video shows the match between Gunner and Garrett and how Eric helped Gunner to put Garret in the hospital. It then shows the segment last week as Sting tells Garrett he is now a professional wrestler.

After the video, music hits and here comes one of the biggest men in the history of wrestling: Eric Bischoff! He walks his way down the ramp with nothing but smiles, waves, and blowing kisses. The crowd doesn't seem to pleased as they just boo him. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic after blowing another kiss. Eric starts by saying that he loves his entrance music. It warms his heart! He changes gears as he talks about Sting handing wrestling boots to his son, Garret. After that, Garret believes he is living his dream. He then mentions mega stars in the music industry and how they were talented. He then goes on to compare them to himself as Eric rose a wrestling company and made it the best and biggest wrestling company on earth while making millions. Eric did everything for himself. Eric doesn't deal with people in his way and that would be his son. He tells his son now so his feeling won't get hurt. Just then, here comes Garret as his music plays. He comes down the ramp and into the ring. He grabs the mic from Eric's hand.

Garret tries to comprehend this as Eric wants Garret to give everything up because Eric burned his bridges. Well, Garret didn't burn anything and he does have friends. He is proud to be in this company and learn from the best like Sting, Storm, and Styles to name a few. Eric tried to take Garret out, but he came back. Eric could have Gunner come down now and destroy him, but Garret will come back and always will. Garret then mentions that he has a new trainer and he would be shocked to find out who it was. Garret tells Eric to have a nice day and drops the mic. He goes to walk away, but Eric touches his son. He turns around and grabs Eric's jacket and shirt. He places him in the corner and tells Eric to NEVER touch him again. Garret lets go and leaves the ring. Eric is stunned. His face becomes deformed as he is dumbfounded yet frustrated.

Winter and Angelina Love are walking backstage. Winter talks about the Knockout Division and all of its nonsense. She tells Love that everyone should remember who Winter is. Love then stops Winter and tells her that everyone should remember who Love is as well. Winter has a match with ODB tonight and her and Love will show what they have.


A video package plays showing the relationship between Eric Young and ODB. It shows them teaming up for the first time and winning. Eric then goes into love and desire. Finally, just like a happy fairy tail, ODB kisses Young. The video ends and Eric and ODB are backstage. ODB says it was just one kiss. She was just horny. She leaves and Eric is about to accept it, but then ODB comes back and hits Eric and tells him to follow.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Music plays and here comes the witch and her lady in red (tonight it's pink). They walk down the ramp as the crowd boos. As they are in the ring, ODB comes on stage and Eric Young follows. The crowd gets wild as ODB starts jumping all over. They get in the ring. Love goes to the outside as well as Love.

Winter vs. ODB

The bell sounds and they lock-up. ODB has to break the lock as Winter is against the ropes. They go to lock-up again and Winter moves behind ODB, but she does a butt bam and it pushes Winter back. ODB turns and Winter pushes ODB against the chest. ODB then knocks Winter down in the corner. ODB runs and goes to run and jump on the sitting Winter, but Winter moves. WInter puts ODB's foot on the top corner and starts to choke her. While she does, Eric Young comes around and it makes Winter flee the scene. She gets back in the ring and goes for a cover, but ODB kicks out. Winter applies a headlock, but ODB is able to come back and break it. She then has a surge of energy as she puts Winter in the corner and smashes her. She then does the bronco buster. Winter slowly comes out of the corner and ODB lifts Winter up for the falloway slam. ODB pops up. Just then Love comes in. Eric then enters, lifts Love up and spins her around in the airplane spin. He then releases her and both are dizzy as can be. Love falls and gets out of the ring while Eric stumbles and then goes through the ropes. ODB picks Winter up and plants her down on her face and chest. She gets the win. Eric comes in, lifts ODB up and celebrates. He then gives her the flask and she drinks while Eric finishes it. What a great couple! Winner: ODB


The show returns and AJ Styles' music plays. He comes storming down the ramp as you can tell that something huge is on his mind. While he is getting in the ring, video plays showing Kazarian leaving AJ at the PPV to lose. AJ grabs a mic and tells Kazarian that he has questions so he better have answers. He tells him to come out. Music plays and here he comes! Kazarian gets on stage and looks at AJ. He then puts his head down and walks down the ramp. He lifts his head up and looks around as he doesn't know what kind of vibe he is receiving. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. AJ continues to talk as he states Kaz caught him on surprise. He didn't expect he would turn on him. Kaz, the voice of reason, turned his back on AJ. AJ then states that he had the same conversation with Daniels almost a year ago when he turned his back. Kazarian wouldn't answer. AJ asks if he is going to be a man and answer this. Kaz says he can't. Just then, Daniels walks on stage and says he can tell. Kaz doesn't like this now. Daniels comes into the ring and says he is the smartest person in the room. He goes on to state that AJ is a lost cause as he continues to lose and lose. Daniels tells AJ he is worthless. Daniels turns around and tells Kazarian to leave. Daniels turns back and does a huge smirk to AJ. He goes to leave, but AJ just WHIPS his mic right to the back and neck of Daniels. AJ grabs Daniels and starts to punch him, but Kazarian gets on the apron and pulls Daniels out of the ring. They walk up the ramp as AJ continues to look on.

James Storm is walking backstage in his wrestling gear. He is heading to the ring next, but Tenay says he is not scheduled to fight.


A video plays recapping the Monster's Ball match at Genesis as Abyss and Bully Ray took it to new heights in 2012. They had in extremely insane match as Abyss won. The video ends and Bully Ray is backstage with Roode. Ray talks about trending worldwide on Sunday after his match. Roode says that is nice and then talks about Sting. Ray says Sting was never trending on Twitter. Roode starts to get irritated with this Twitter talk. Bully says Roode never trended, but he has his back. After he does, he wants a shot for the title. Roode agrees to the idea. Ray leaves as Roode has to get ready for his match.

The camera shows the arena as James Storm's music hits. He comes out on stage and then walks to the ring. As he does, they show a recap of his match with Kurt on Sunday. Storm grabs a mic and begins to talk about Impact Wrestling and how it is sketchy. He says he would tell something to someone's face rather than behind their back. He also talks about calling people out and then calls Kurt Angle. Kurt's music plays, but he does not show. After a few, Kurt finally appears. The crowd boos. While James looks ready to fight, Kurt isn't as he is wearing blue jeans. The olympic gold medalist gets in the ring as the crowd boos. He grabs a mic. Kurt begins to talk, but James tell him to shut up. Kurt continues to talk, and James slaps the mic out of Kurt's hand. James talks about Kurt and how he is an opportunist. He would do anything to win. He is a cheater. Storm became the TNA World Champion by beating Kurt. James set a record with that win as he beat Kurt in 30 seconds. James tells Kurt to put his gear on to break another record.....a record of kicking someone's teeth down their throat. Kurt goes to talk, but James gives him his mic. Kurt says he is not scheduled to wrestle. He has the night off....he is not even on the card. He is here to celebrate the moment and be with some of his friends. Kurt is on to bigger things like the World Title. Just then, Sting's music plays. He comes out and gets in the ring. He is looking just like a referee tonight. Sting grabs a mic. He talks about the main event first as he tells Roode that if he gets disqualified, he will lose his title. Sting then goes on to say that Kurt and James will have a rubber match. The match will start right after the commercial break, so Kurt better put on his gear. Kurt is not too worried. Sting starts ticking down and suddenly Kurt gets out of the ring and runs up the ramp to change.


James Storm is already in the ring for the match. Christy Hemme announces this contest. As she does, music plays. Kurt isn't coming out though. His music continues to play. It then stops. The crowd starts to boo. The bell thens sounds.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle in a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Title

Earl Hebner is counting. He is up to nine and Kurt rushes out. He slides in the ring and James goes right after him. He stomps on him in the corner. James gets Kurt up and does a huge punch to the face. He then stomps on Kurt again. James rams Kurt in the opposing corner. He then goes to another corner and smashes Kurt's face in the turnbuckle. He does several punches. Just then, Kurt rakes the eyes of Storm. Storm goes into the corner. Kurt runs, but James side steps and Kurt goes shoulder first into the steel post. James comes back and knocks Kurt down on the mat. He then stomps on Kurt's hands. He gets Kurt up and tosses him outside. James follows as he does several punches and then rams Kurt's head into the steel steps. James gets in to break the count and then goes back out. He tries to deform Kurt's face by stretching it. Storm then puts Kurt in the ring, but Kurt rolls outside. James follows, but Kurt kicks James and then does a huge uppercut. Kurt puts flesh to steel as puts James right against the steps. He brines James in and continues to work him. He whips James in the ropes, but James is able to hit Kurt with an elbow. Kurt falls and rolls out. James follows again. Angle turns around and locks his arms around James and does a tremendous belly to belly suplex on the outside! James holds his back in pain while Kurt slides in the ring to regroup.


Kurt is getting a cover on Storm, but he kicks out at two. Storm goes into the corner and Kurt walks over and punches him right in the face and then stomps away. He stomps multiple times and then walks around the ring with all his cockiness. He gets Storm out of the corner now and does a great snap suplex. Kurt gets up and stomps on the leg of Storm. James gets up using the ropes, but then falls as Kurt kicks his leg again. He then steps on his head. He gets Storm up and does an uppercut, but Storm comes back with some punches. He whips Kurt, but Kurt reverses and then elbows James in the face as it knocks him down. James gets up slowly on the ropes and Kurt does several more punches, but James tries to fight back. Tries that is! Kurt comes back and whips James in the ropes. James ducks the closeline and then continues to run. Both thought of the same as they hit each other with a double cross body. Both are down. Both get up now and Storm punches away. He whips Kurt in the ropes and hits multiple closelines and then whips Kurt again. he hits him with a forearm. Kurt gets up and James kicks Kurt in the chest and Kurt turns around and Storm hits the backstabber. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Storm gets Kurt up and hits the backbreaker. He then climbs to the second rope and goes to drop down on Kurt, but Kurt puts his leg up. James grabs it just in time and turns it into an ankle lock!!!!

Angle is about to tap, but he twists and pushes James back. Kurt gets up and hits the angle slam. He covers James, but he kicks out again. Kurt slowly gets up. He is fearing the affects from that submission hold James had on him. Angle stomps on James and then sits down on him and punches his face many times. Kurt then gets out of the ring. He grabs James' beer bottle. He slowly gets in the ring. Before he does, he takes a swig. Earl Hebner then grabs the bottle and puts it away. James gets up and Kurt spits the beer in James face and then hits the super kick. He covers, but James kicks out. Kurt can't believe it. He slowly gets James up....but James pushes Kurt back and then hits the double knee to the face. Kurt goes back into the ropes. He comes forward and James hits the last call super kick and that was the "Direct Impact of the Night" as James gets the pinfall after that. Winner: James Storm

Jeff Hardy is backstage and talks about Bobby Roode. He says he didn't win because he didn't get the title. All Roode does is cheat. Well, he is putting an end to the selfish generation and taking the title. Jeff walks away.


A video plays showing Ms. Tessmacher as she works for Hooter's but also is in a competition against others.

Sting is backstage in the middle of something. Madison Rayne suddenly enters the area and goes up to Sting. She states that they may have got off on the wrong foot, but she knows she can be the VP of the Knockouts, so why not have Sting give her the position now. Sting starts to jump and says that he is not going to do that. He tells Rayne that she won't be in that little cage anymore.....but in a bigger cage as she will face Mickie James in a Steel Cage match. Madison tells him not to make that happen, but he says it needs to happen. It will be next week! Madison is furious as she starts yelling for Gail. As she leaves and yells, Sting holds his ears.

The camera shows the arena as music plays. Here comes Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy walks down the ramp as the crowd roars. He gets in the ring. Bobby Roode's music hits and here comes the champ. He has the title around his waist. He gets on stage and raises his arms as fireworks explode in the air. He walks slowly down the ramp as the crowd boos him. He then stops at ringside and tells Borash to announce the contest before he gets in. The bell rings three times and Jeremy Borash announces this huge main event. Roode slowly inches closer to the ring. He kisses his title and gives it to the referee. As he does, Jeff does a baseball slide and it knocks Roode down.

Jeff then sends Roode into the steel guard rail. He then does it again on the other side. Roode falls on his back. Jeff gets up and pounds on Roode's back and then rams his face right into a steel chair. He gets Bobby up and Jeff kicks him in the gut twice and then rams him in the steel post and then steel steps. As Jeff stands on Roode's head, which is on the steps, Dixie Carter is in the audience watching this match. Roode comes back now as he kicks Jeff in the gut. Jeff is able to quickly come back as he knocks Roode down and does a catapult. Roode goes sailing into the post. Jeff gets up and he goes for a twist of fate, but Roode pushes him away. Jeff turns and runs to knocks Roode down with a closeline. He then rolls him in the ring. Jeff comes in too.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode (Champ) for the TNA World Title - If Bobby gets intentionally disqualified, he will lose his title

The bell now sounds and Jeff maintains the offense after doing some stops and a closeline. He covers, but Roode kicks out. Jeff lifts him up and does a front suplex. He covers but Roode kicks out again. He goes to whip Roode, but Roode reverses. Roode bends over for a back body drop, but Jeff kicks Roode in the chest. Bobby bounces up and goes against the ropes. Jeff closelines him over.


Jeff is shown ramming Roode's head right into the apron. He then puts Roode against the steel guard rail. He grabs him and then whips him in the steel steps. Roode flips over it. He slowly gets up and leans against the railing. Jeff runs and jumps on the steps and flies....but he crashes and burns! Roode moves out of the way and Jeff lands right on the steel all bent up. Jeff lies on the ground almost motionless. Roode slowly gets up. He sees Jeff down and then gets in the ring. Roode is now in and the referee restarts the count. Jeff slowly gets up, and I mean slowly. The referee was up to the count of nine....but Jeff gets in. He had less than a second left! Roode is now in control as he applies a headlock. With the crowd chanting, Jeff gets up and elbows his way out of the hold. Roode goes in the corner and hits Jeff. Jeff gets up but is stumbling. Roode is on the second corner. He jumps and hits the snap neck breaker. Roode now stomps on Jeff's head. Roode gets him up, but Jeff grabs Roode and does a draw breaker. He then does a side russian leg sweep. He covers, but Roode doesn't allow the three. Jeff splits Roode's legs open and jumps right down in the middle. Both get up and Jeff runs up the corner and hits the whisper in the wind. He covers but got nothing. Jeff waits while Roode slowly gets up. Jeff kicks Roode and goes for the twist of fate, but Roode pushes away. He then lifts Jeff up and hits the spine buster. Roode gets Jeff up and goes for the fisherman suplex or something else he had in mind, but Jeff falls down and hits the twist of fate in the process. Jeff climbs the corner and flies for the swanton bomb, but Roode moves. Roode covers, but Jeff kicks out. Roode can't believe it! Roode then goes up to the second rope. He jumps off but Jeff kicks him in the gut and ends up hitting the twist of fate. He climbs, flies, and his the swanton bomb. He covers and the referee goes for the 3, but Bully Ray enters ringside, pulls the referee out of the ring and gives him a huge big boot. Jeff gets up and flies over the ropes and lands right on Ray. Jeff gets in, but Roode gets out of the ring and grabs his title. Jeff doesn't know what is going on. Ray is yelling to Jeff that he will never beat Roode. Roode holds his title as he is save for now! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. James Storm- New from last week
3. Bully Ray- Same as last week
4. Matt Morgan and Crimson- New from last week
5. ODB- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

First off, I would like to thank all the readers of and all of the writers, especially Richard Gray as this week, tomorrow to be exact, marks my one year anniversary on this site. I really can't believe it as that year went quick! While TNA 2011 was pretty historic, 2012 might be even bigger and I can't wait to write more! Now that I got that out there, I want to focus on this week's Impact Wrestling. This was the first show that came after a PPV in 2012. Looking back on the show, a lot of stuff happened. You had Jeff and Roode as well as James and Kurt with Sting thrown into the mix, but you also had Garett and Eric Bischoff, the couple of Eric Young and ODB, and a tag team feud coming alive, and so much more. It was a packed show. One thing I did like is their building of the tag team division. While there aren't any amazing teams like they had with Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns, they have Matt and Crimson building chemistry as well as Joe and Magnus. These teams feuding should be fairly interesting. ODB an Eric Young is a comic relief for me. While I was hesitant to mention that I was getting stale of Eric's character, this new story he is in dragged me in. Eric is funny, but ODB is even funner. Even though Bully lost at the PPV, we seen him and we seen his character rise once again as he boasts about being trending on Twitter (Speaking of Twitter, follow me - get the link below in my bio). One thing that I wouldn't mind seeing is the X-Division. BUT, I realize you can't have everything as they didn't have much of the Knockouts either. Actually, it was a nice break as they focused on new things like AJ vs. Kazarian (That seems like it's going to be a great feud). Finally, we witnessed two good matches: Angle vs. James and Roode vs. Jeff. These are the top stars of TNA today and it's nice seeing two new talent at the top. In fact, when Roode came out for his match, I was thinking of how he was like years ago and now he is at the very top. So deserving! Anyway, the ending certainly makes me interested in next week as I wonder what Sting has up his sleeve! If you want to hear more from me, visit my blog (link in my bio) and check out my projects I am involved in.

Weekly Question: How did you like the ending of the show?

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