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Impact Wrestling Results (1/19/12) - Bullies Are Roode

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Impact Wrestling Results - 1/19/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showcasing the Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode match that happened at Genesis. It showed Roode cheating to keep the title. It then shows Sting making the match again for last week. The match happened and it showed Bully's alliance with Roode as Bully pulled the referee and knocked him out. Roode high tailed it out with his title. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Music begins to play as it's for James Storm. James comes on stage and the crowd pops. He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He has his famous drink in hand. He grabs a mic with the other. He lifts up his sunglasses and asks how the fans are doing. He says it feels good to be there as he is now the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. James mentions Kurt as he beat him. He says Kurt is the best wrestler but James was just a tiny bit better last week. James then goes on to talk about Roode as he is going to give him a great whopping. He goes to tell Roode, "Sorry about your da...." but he gets interrupted as Jeff Hardy's music plays. James turns and Jeff comes down the ramp with the crowd cheering. The crowd starts to chant his name as Jeff gets in the ring.

He grabs a mic and states that he got screwed at the PPV and last week. He and the creatures keep getting screwed. Jeff tells James that he is not getting a title shot until Jeff gets his final encounter. James gets back on the mic and says Roode screwed James awhile back. With all of this screwing, Roode is going to need to pay a lot of child support. James goes on to talk, but music plays and this time it is Roode's music. Bobby Roode comes on stage with the title over his shoulder. He comes down the ramp while talking in the mic. He talks about them going back and forth arguing. He gets in the ring and says he is thankful that they are arguing over him. Roode then says what Sting stated last week bout James being #1 contender, but since there wasn't a real winner between him and Jeff, James' title shot is upheld. Roode says he likes to give to the needy....meaning he gave two title shots to Jeff in a matter of five days. He says he doesn't get another shot. Well, more music plays! Sting comes on stage and the crowd goes wild. He comes down with his sunglasses on and red shirt with black pants. He enters the ring and looks around at the stars and does his "Woooo" noise. Sting says Roode found another loophole. Instead of Roode being DQed himself, Bully DQed him. Sting says they are going to fix this mess. There will be a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Title....but who will be in it? The crowd starts to yell at Sting. He gets it and says it will be Jeff Hardy. But who else? The crowd chants, "Cowboy." Sting says it will be Jeff vs. James tonight. Tah, Tah for now! Sting's music plays and he leaves the ring. As he does, Roode leaves a little after him. Jeff and James are the only ones left as they walk around the ring.


A video plays that was captured earlier today. Angelina Love is backstage as the camera man asks her about Eric Young. She said she was disgusted with him touching her. She then issues a challenge to Eric for him to battle her tonight and she does not want to see his boyfriend, ODB.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this first match. Gunner comes out to the ring, who is accompanied by Ric Flair. Gunner gets in the ring faster than Flair can get to the bottom to the ramp. While Gunner was booed, AJ gets cheered as he comes on stage. He goes through the sparks that come down from above. AJ gets in the ring.

Gunner vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings and they move around the ring quickly. They lock-up and Gunner places AJ in the corner, but AJ reverses it before he gets trapped. AJ backs up and slaps Gunner. Gunner comes out of the corner, but AJ applies a headlock. Gunner throws him into the corner and attacks AJ. They come out to the middle of the ring and Gunner goes into the ropes. After a lot of reversing and dodging, AJ does a great dropkick. It knocks Gunner down and he rolls out of the ring. He slaps the steel steps in rage. Ric goes up to him and whispers something in his ear. Gunner gets back in the ring and he takes control of AJ with a kick to his gut and a suplex. He then attacks AJ on the mat with kicks and lock around AJ's gut. AJ gets up and gets out of the lock. He tries to come back, but Gunner knocks AJ down again. He plants his knee into AJ's head and chest. He gets AJ up, but AJ punches Gunner in the gut a couple of times. Gunner hits AJ in the back and whips him in the corner. Gunner runs to him, but AJ kicks him in the head and then closelines him down. AJ comes back as he goes to the apron. Gunner tries to hit him, but AJ blocks and does a springboard forearm shot. It knocks Gunner down. Just then, Daniels and Kazarian enter the place. They come to ringside. As AJ and Gunner get up, he does a pele. AJ gets up and Ric Flair gets on the apron. As he does, Daniels and Kazarian get on the apron and attack AJ. AJ stumbles back and Gunner takes advantage as he picks up the win. Ric isn't happy at all as he shoos Daniels and Kazarian away. Gunner tosses AJ out of the ring. Gunner rips up the ring mat on the outside and is setting up for that piledriver, but AJ squeezes his way out of it. He jumps over the guard rail and goes through the crowd. Winner: Gunner

Magnus and Samoa Joe. Magnus states that he is taped up and ready to beat Crimson. Just then, Crimson gets in the camera shot and asks if Magnus really is ready. They exchange a few words. Just then, Matt Morgan enters and holds Crimson back. They leave as Magnus says he has this.


Bully Ray is backstage talking to Sting backstage. Bully tells Sting that he will not talk to him before Bully can talk to Sting. Bully says he hasn't lost in a singles match ever since he became a single wrestler. He deserves a title shot...a TNA World Title shot. He calls it a favor. Sting says NO! He does not do favors. Sting is his boss. There will be no title shot for him. Sting says to make an appointment next time! Bully says that he is Bully Ray and questions this whole appointment thing....he then says he will make one but Sting better sit up. Sting slaps Bully's chest and Bully squealed like it hurt. Sting leaves the shot as Bully is angered.

Magnus' music hits and he comes on stage. He walks down the ramp as a video plays of his recent tag team matches. He gets in the ring. After he does, Crimson's music plays and he comes to the ring with the TNA Tag Team Title around his waist.

Magnus vs. Crimson

Before the bell rings, Magnus attacks Crimson from behind. He then whips him in the ropes. Magnus runs with him with a little delay. he is able to his Crimson with a closeline and he covers him, but Crimson kicks out. Magnus continues the attack and goes for another cover, but he kicks out. Magnus gets him up and plants Crimson's head into the corner. Magnus walks away and then runs to him, but Crimson gets up, lifts Magnus up and hits a sit-down power bomb. Crimson covers and gets the win. Winner: Crimson He is still undefeated in singles competition.

As Crimson grabs his title and raises it in the air, Samoa Joe runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. He attacks Crimson from behind. He assaults him and Magnus joins in. They stomp on Crimson like no tomorrow. After awhile, Matt Morgan runs to the ring. He attacks Joe and Magnus. He puts Magnus in the corner, but Joe does a chop block and it knocks Matt down. Crimson gets up and Magnus is able to take him down with a great grapple move. Joe gets Matt on the mat and Magnus climbs the corner. He flies and lands right on Morgan. Magnus and Joe stand just like they won the titles.

Eric Young is backstage and he sees a production truck of a martial art fighting promotion/company. He questions them about fighting. Just then, an older lady comes to Eric. He asks her when her next match is. She says she is a cater. Eric still thinks she fights. Eric says he does not fight woman. As the lady leaves, ODB comes into the shot. She tells Eric that she heard the news. Eric says he is not going to fight woman. ODB convinces him as she asks what the guys will think about him in the back and that she challenged him. Eric says he was raised better and it is probably against the law. ODB says if he can get her tonight, he can have something else later. ODB leaves right after looking at his butt. Eric thinks that she wants to hold his hand, and you know what the step after that is!


A video plays showing the confrontation between Garett and Eric Bischoff last week. There was some father and son bonding time there, but it didn't turn out like it used to.

A video package plays. It shows Garett training in a gym. He is working harder than ever. It has Eric having voice over commentary as he won't be able to be a wrestler. The video shows how Garett is becoming quite the talent in the wrestling world. May not want to mess with him. He turns to the camera and says he can't wait to get back into the Impact Zone and can't wait to show Eric who is training him.

A new video plays and it's about Mickie and Gail and their match at Genesis. Madison Rayne was hanging above the title. It then shows Sting talking to Rayne as he thinks she deserves to be in a bigger cage.....a Steel Cage that holds Mickie and Madison.

The video ends and Madison Rayne is backstage with Gail Kim. Rayne says humans shouldn't be in a cage...that is for animals. She goes on and on. Gail turns and grabs her shoulders. She tells her to calm down. She then says she is there for her as Rayne is always there for her. They grab their titles and leave the locker room.


Mickie James' music plays and she comes out on stage. She gets down the ramp as the crowd goes wild. She gets in the ring surrounded by the cage. After she is in, music plays. Gail Kim comes out with Madison Rayne. Gail as the Knockout Title while Rayne has one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Titles. They get to the end of the ramp to talk. Gail tells her to get in the ring. Rayne is scared. Earl tells Gail to leave the area. Gail does. Earl closes the door.

Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne in a Steel Cage Match

The bell sounds and Madison tries to tell Gail to come back, but Mickie hits her from behind. Mickie brings Madison to the corner and stomps away. Mickie turns around and goes back to Madison, but Madison kicks her. Rayne goes to climb he corner, but Mickie grabs under her and hits a great power bomb. Mickie puts Madison in another corner and chokes her. She then snaps her over. As Rayne sits on the mat, Mickie dropkicks her head in. Mickie covers, but Rayne kicks out. Mickie attacks Rayne on the mat and goes for another cover. She then applies a headlock. It's a submission type chokehold. Madison is fading. She then comes back. Both get up and Mickie punches her a couple of times. Mickie gets whipped, but she stops in her tracks. Madison does a huge kick to the head. Mickie stumbles. Rayne tries to put Mickie in the corner, but Mickie irish whips Madison and she hits the corner hard. She sits in the corner.


The show returns and Mickie is control as she has Madison in the corner and hits her with multiple punches to the head. Rayne then rakes the eyes and goes to the apron to try to climb out. Rayne then comes back in the ring as she didn't get anywhere. Mickie knocks her down. She then climbs the corner, but Rayne comes over and attacks Mickie. She knocks Mickie into the ropes and cage. Mickie is stuck in the middle. Rayne then rakes Mickie's face across the steel wall. She gets Mickie back in the ring and does a great suplex. She spins her hips and gets up. She does a neck breaker this time. She pins, but Mickie kicks out. Madison wrenches Mickie's head back. She then gets Mickie up by grabbing her hair. She then releases and Mickie falls. Madison applies the legs around Mickie's head and scissor stomps. Madison covers, but Mickie kicks out once again. Madison does a rear chin lock. Mickie gets up and breaks out of it. Madison knees Mickie in the gut and whips her in the corner. She then runs into her and then runs into the ropes. Mickie comes out and Madison plants Mickie's face into the mat. Madison gets Mickie up and whips her in another corner. Madison runs and smashes her against. Mickie is able to come out of the corner and hit a neck breaker. Both are down. Both move and Madison crawls to Mickie. They fight each other while they are on their knees. They get up on their feet now and it is still back and forth. Mickie runs into the ropes and does flying forearms and closelines. Madison gets up and Mickie goes for a flap jack, but Madison rakes the eyes. She is able to knock Mickie down and covers her, but she is able to kick out. Madison can't believe it!!!!

Madison chokes Mickie and then gets her up. Mickie grabs Madison and throws her into the cage. Madison comes back and Mickie throws Madison into the other side of the cage. She then grabs Madison's head, jumps up and comes down with that snap DDT. Mickie covers and wins! The finisher becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Mickie James

Austin Aries is backstage. He asks who doesn't want hear him talk?! Austin says he is talking now talking about what he will be talking about later. He goes on and on. We will hear from him soon. Double A!


Tara and Velvet Sky are backstage. They meet up with Mickie James. They start jumping up and down as they are so excited for Mickie win. Mickie talks to the camera guy as she tells him that she beat Rayne but she is going after Gail next and get the title back to Hardcore Country. She then mentions how Gail left so quickly today and talks about her leg. She turns to Tara and Sky as they continue to cheer as they walk away.

Jeff Hardy is backstage. He talks about his current situation and how he needs the World Title right now. He knows he has to go through James Storm first. He has to beat him. If he does, then he hopes he can face Roode this time and win the title.

A video plays showcasing the talent of Austin Aries. He has voice over in the video. It then shows him backstage as he talks about his amazing ring tights and how it throws everyone off. He is one of the toughest around. He may not be the strongest or tallest, but he is the smartest. He just may be the last X-Division champion ever. He say they may need to bring new people in to face him. No one else can. He just may have to retire. The video ends and music plays. Here comes Austin Aries. Austin comes on the stage with the X-Division Title over his shoulder. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring as the crowd boos him.

He begins to speak. He tells the audience to be quiet. Austin says everyone has to excuse him as he may sound like a broken record. He talks about how he successfully defended his title. There isn't anyone who can beat him. He beat them all. The crowd chants, "You Suck." Austin tells them that he doesn't as he is holding the title. They start to chant his name, but he doesn't want that to happen. He goes on to say that he just may have to sail on his yacht because no one can face and beat him. Just then, music plays. Here comes Alex Shelley! Alex walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. He hasn't been seen for quite some time!

Alex tells the fans, "Thank you". He says he missed them, but not Austin. He tells his life story as he separated his shoulder and then Sabin injured his knee. Now Alex is back. His whole life has been about wrestling, wrestling, punk rock, wrestling, wrestling, video games, wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, and wrestling. Alex goes on to insult Austin's matches. He then says he can beat Aries. Austin says he wants to have a man to fight him, not little boys. Austin wants someone who can actually carry the title....carry his division. Alex mentions how Austin hit him in the private parts....Austin says that can't hurt as he has nothing there anyway. Austin then goes on to tell Alex that he hangs behind his tag team wrestlers. Alex says he picks great partners. He then slides his way into a title match. Austin says NO. Alex knows he is afraid. Austin says he has to earn the shot. He tells Alex to fight one X-Division star. If he can beat them, he can face Austin. Alex tells Austin to pick his opponent and when he beat Austin's B.F., then he will face Austin at the PPV. Alex's music hits and he leaves the ring.

ODB is backstage. The camera man asks her about the match Eric has tonight. ODB says he wants him to rip her head off and her barbie look of hair and nails. Just then, Winter runs up and attacks ODB from behind. ODB isn't that soft as she fights back. She knocks Winter down and they punch back and forth on the ground. Winter is able to get away. Both get up, but Winter hits ODB in the gut with a steel pipe. ODB falls. Winter then whips ODB with a leather strap. She asks ODB where her boyfriend is now. ODB is in pain. Winter leaves ODB is still on the ground.


Angelina Love's music plays. She is accompanied by Winter. They both walk on the stage and taunt. Love walks in front of Winter. She gets in the ring and goes to the corner. Winter enters and does the same thing. Music plays and Eric Young comes out. The crowd pops. He comes down the ramp. He goes around the ring to meet all the fans. He gets in and Love looks disgusted. Eric runs back and forth on the apron. He finally gets in the actual ring. He goes to the referee and locks-up. He places him in the corner. He backs up and goes across the ring.

Angelina Love vs. Eric Young

Eric and Love go to lock-up, but Eric steps back and leans against the ropes. Love then tells him to, "come on." He then goes after the referee again. The referee yells at him to go after Love. Eric then leaves and hugs a fan at ringside awkwardly. He gets back in the ring. Eric extends his hand for Love to shake it, but she doesn't. Eric then locks-up with the referee again. Love goes after him, but Eric plants the referee against Love and puts them in the corner. Eric counts like the referee. He then pushes the referee back at the count of 4. The referee yells that he is the official. Love had enough as she low blows Eric. The referee calls for the bell. Winter gets in and she stomps on Eric with Love. Winner: Eric Young

As they beat him up, music plays and ODB runs down. She gets in the ring and is able to help her "friend". Eric gets up and throws Love out of the ring. ODB and Eric are the only two left as Winter and Love go up the ramp. Eric is still hurting. Just then, they kiss. ODB is a bit surprised. They locked lips as it was a nice site. They then leave the ring together as ODB raises Eric's arm.

James Storm is backstage as he talks to the camera man. Storm tells him that it is his time now. He has waited long enough. Jeff had his chance, so now it's James' turn. James says he watched Jeff and Roode's matches multiple times. It is time for him to be champion of this company. He has done enough talking. He wants to show.


James Storm's music plays and here comes The Cowboy. He makes his way to the ring with his beer bottle again. He gets in with the crowd cheering. After he is in the ring, Jeff Hardy's music hits. He comes down the ramp and the crowd does a huge pop for him too. He gets in. Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce this main event.

James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy in a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds and the match begins. They move around the ring and then do a sort of high five to acknowledge the respect of each other. They then lock-up but James takes Jeff quickly over with a headlock. He puts him on the mat. Jeff gets up, but James knocks him down. Jeff then applies a head scissor. James gets out of it and both stand. Jeff applies a headlock now and makes James fall to the mat. James then does a head scissor. Both get up and James does an arm drag. Both get up and Jeff works on the arm of James, but James twists out of it and is able to knock Jeff down with a shoulder block. He runs into the ropes, but Jeff gets up and hits James with an elbow. He knocks James down and plants both of his feet into the sternum of James. James gets up in the corner. Jeff runs to him, but James moves out of the way. Jeff goes right into the corner. He bounces back and falls. Both are regrouping.


James Storm backs Jeff in the corner and punches him right in the face. James backs up. He charges to him, but Jeff lifts him up. James goes right back against the guard rail. Jeff jumps over the ropes and lands right on James. He gets up and brings James in the ring. Jeff drops his leg over the throat of James. He gets James up, but James comes back. He kicks Jeff in the gut. He lifts Jeff up, drops him down on the ropes for a slingshot suplex. Jeff applies a rear chin lock on Jeff. Jeff was going under, but he comes back. He gets up, but James hits him. Storm lifts Hardy up, but Jeff lands on his feet and does a side russian leg sweep. Both get up and Jeff runs up the corner and hits the whisper in the wind. He covers, but James kicks out. Hardy applies the rear chin lock now. Storm is slowly fading. Jeff has it gripped well. James gets to his feet and elbows his way out. He runs into the ropes and pounds on the back of Jeff. He sets Jeff up for the eye of the storm. He spins him around, but Jeff lands on his feet. Jeff goes for a closeline, but James ducks. James gets up up and spins him around. He releases him and he is dropped on his chest and face. James covers, but Jeff kicks out. James gets up and sets up for the last call super kick. Hardy gets up and Storm goes, but Jeff blocks it. Jeff then hits the twist of fate. He climbs up and goes for the swanton bomb, but Storm punches Jeff in the gut and Jeff falls on the turnbuckle. Storm climbs and goes for the superplex, but Jeff fights his way out of it. James lands on his feet. James then jumps up and kicks Jeff right in the head. Storm climbs it again and goes for the superplex. He nails it this time. Both are down. Storm crawls over for a cover. The referee slowly walks over. As he does, Bully stands up as he slides in the ring. He knocks the referee from behind. He then swings his steel chain at James Storm and Jeff Hardy as both are on the mat. He does it multiple times. Just then, Earl Hebner runs down the ramp. Bully goes to the outside and punches Earl in the face. He falls. Bully gets in and takes a swig of beer that James brought to the ring and spit it on James. He then continues to swing his chain. Another referee comes and gets on the apron, but Bully knocked him down. As he continues to swing, Sting comes out with his baseball bat. He slides in the ring and hits Bully right in the gut with it. Bully gets out of the ring and runs backstage. Sting follows him. As James gets up, Roode comes through the crowd. He then smashes James' face with the title. Jeff gets up now and Roode hits him with the title. Both are down.

Roode gets on the mic and says that, "In the power invested by thee", he announces this match as a no contest. Still the TNA World Champion..... Bobby Roode! Roode raises his arms with the title in hand as he drops the mic. The crowd boos louder than ever. Roode leaves the ring as he continues to raise his arms as he walks up backwards on the ramp. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. Bully Ray- Up from last week
3. James Storm & Jeff Hardy (Tie)- Down and New from last week
4. Mickie James- New from last week
5. Crimson- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

Another Impact Wrestling and another scandal brought to you by Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. First off, I have to give credit to two matches- The main event and the steel cage match. Mickie and Rayne had a pretty good match there. I expect and hope that everyone would give them at least a B. You do not see woman fighting in these kinds of matches, especially in the WWE where most people look to. If you want to see woman wrestling, look to TNA! Second off, the main event was a back and forth bout that I widely enjoyed. It is surprising that Jeff can still entertain with people characterizing him. He and James put on a pretty good match. There was one thing that really stood out. It wasn't Jeff or James' fault. It was the referee's. When Bully entered the ring, you can tell the referee went real slow. I mean James had the cover and the referee slowly took his time. You can tell that easily. Speaking about Bully, he almost has the spot to be the #1 heel in TNA. Roode better step up as Bully is gaining more and more points. It is interesting and pretty enjoyable that Bully and Roode have this alliance. It's like Roode paid Bully (maybe they can fit that in to the storyline) to be his body guard. Ray does a great job, no doubt. Even though Ray is not on the young side, he can still tussle with the youngsters and be in the main spotlight. I give him lots of credit. Lastly, it's nice to see Alex Shelley back. Him vs. Austin should be amazing! Now we have to wait for Sabin. With how the show ended, it should be interesting to see how Sting deals with this next week. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link in my bio below) and visit my personal blog as I got a couple of different stuff going on there (app reviews, new wrestling project, and more) and that link is below in my bio!

Weekly Question: Do you think Bobby Roode's character has been appropriately developed since he became champion?

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