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Impact Wrestling Results (10/18/12) - Why Devon Why?

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/18/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

I am back with my Impact Wrestling results after being absent last week. I like to thank Kendra for filling in for me.

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It recaps the biggest matches and moments from Bound for Glory. It shows the Bobby Roode vs. James Storm with James winning and his reaction. It goes to the Aces and 8s match. One member is revealed and it is Devon. Sting can't believe what happened while Bully Ray says he never been that shocked before. It shows Jeff Hardy getting the TNA World Title as he beat Austin Aries.

The video ends and Aces and 8s drive in on their motorcycles. Guards try to hold them back but they go right past them. The camera shows the Impact Zone as their music starts. The members go through a door and walk through the audience. They hop the railing and they get in the ring. There are six members in the ring right now. The titan tron shows more members. They are in their clubhouse as they give a toast. A guy behind a mask with a voice changer introduces Devon as one of their brothers. They give it to him as they cling their beer bottles again. The members in the ring start clapping. The music plays again and Devon comes through the door where they other members did. He comes in the ring as the fans try to boo him out of the arena. He meets each member in the ring with a handshake or hug. He looks at all of them and then the fans.

He grabs a mic and tells the fans to, "Shut the hell up." The fans chant, "You sold out." Devon says the Aces and 8s members had his back since day 1. They were there for him when he was down and out. They aren't like the people in the arena or the viewers at home. They are pieces of crap. Devon did what he did because he can. He thanks the members in the ring. Without them, he wouldn't be standing in this ring testifying. Without the guy who brought him in, he wouldn't be here. He thanks the person over and over. He says Aces and 8s are going to destroy TNA. The fans start chanting and he tells them to shut up. Devon confronts Bully first. Devon never forgot that Bully cheap shotted him two years ago. Bully put his son through a table. There's payback! The fans start chanting again. Devon stares at them. Just then, Sting's music hits. He comes out with Bully Ray, Anderson, Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and more. Sting has a mic. He wants to give Aces and 8s a formal introduction. He introduces them to the TNA roster. The roster runs to the ring. It's chaotic! The Aces and 8s and the TNA roster fight it out in the ring. It's an all out battle. Suddenly, Hulk Hogan's music hits. He comes out with his red and yellow shirt and a baseball bat in his hand. He walks down the ring. The Aces and 8s leave the ring and huddle by the guard rail.


Hulk Hogan is in the ring with the TNA roster. He has a mic in his hand. He calls out the Aces and 8s as they went behind the door they came in. Hogan calls them out. They come back out. Hogan tells them to get this started. The TNA roster leave the ring and go after them. Others stay back. The Aces and 8s run again. Hogan says they are able to be in the Impact Zone but that means they have to fight. Sting gets on the mic and wants Devon. Hogan tells him to fight or leave. Bully Ray says he wants Devon too. Devon says he is in. Devon vs. Sting for tonight. Devon tells Sting that he better show up or he will find him in the parking lot and it will get personal. Hogan's music hits. Both sides stare at each other. Sting then confronts Bully Ray.

Video plays recapping the Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries match from Bound for Glory. It was a great match between the two. It was back and forth with near fall after near fall. Jeff was able to hit the Swanton Bomb and get the win. It has a voice over as Jeff says he is the best professional wrestler out there today. His celebration will be later.

Austin Aries is backstage. He is watching a screen. He says that is a surprise that he will have a celebration. It won't be much of a party without the greatest man that ever lived. As Austin talks to himself, he is eating a cookie. He goes to say that he just may bring some cookies to the party. Austin walks away with a smirk on his face.


Hulk Hogan is backstage with Mr. Anderson. Hogan knows how much Anderson wanted to be in the Aces and 8s match. Hogan tells him that it is Championship Thursday next week. Jeff Hardy will be defending his title. James Storm is in and he gives Anderson a spot because he has been on spot. Mr. Parks comes into his office. Hulk can't believe he is there. Parks is distraught. Hogan asks how he is. Parks says they need to talk and tells everyone to get out. Ken leaves as well as the camera guy. Hogan asks Parks what he say. Parks goes on to to describe it.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first match. Robbie E. comes out and gets in the ring with Robbie T. at his side. Samoa Joe comes out with the Television Title.

Robbie E. vs. Samoa Joe (Champ) for the Television Title

The match begins and Joe knocks Robbie right down with a closeline. Joe gets him up and whips him in the corner. Joe runs to him and smashes him in the corner and then does the pele kick to the head. Robbie falls. Joe has him sit on the mat while he does a chop to his back and then does a kick to his back and front. He gets Robbie up and pushes him against the ropes with chops. Robbie gets up and hits Joe but that isn't going to stop him. Joe does another chop that knocks Robbie down. Joe gets him up and takes him to the corner. He lifts him up and goes for the Muscle Buster. Robbie T grabs Joe's leg. He let's Robbie E. go. Robbie comes down and does a chop to Joe's chest. Joe doesn't like that. He runs in the ropes. He comes back but Robbie moves. Joe goes and sails through the ropes. He does a suicide dive to Robbie T. Joe gets up and Robbie E. tries to attack him. Joe grabs him and takes him in the ring. He lifts him up on the corner and then on his shoulders. He hits the Muscle Buster. He sets the Rear Naked Choke hold and Robbie taps. Robbie T. enters the ring and Joe locks in the hold on him. He is tapping too. Winner and Still Television Champion: Samoa Joe

Tara is backstage. She is stretching out. Her boyfriend, Jessie from Big Brother, is lifting her up and down above his head. A guy is taking pictures of the situation. He let's her down. She says they are the biggest thing going around...bigger than Honey Boo Boo. The camera guy asks for more pictures. If TMZ can get it in one picture, he can too. Tara tells him to leave. Jessie is about to leave but Tara grabs on to him and kisses her life away.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Music hits and Tara walks out with Jessie at her side. He lifts her up and then flexes his muscles. They walk down the ramp together. They are such love birds. He holds the ropes for her to get in the ring. He follows and then picks her up. ODB's music hits. ODB is backstage. She is on the phone. It is believed to be Eric Young. She tells him that he better wear his ring and the person in the background better be his mom. She comes through the curtain and down the ramp. She says she loves him and hangs up.

ODB goes right after Tara. She grabs her and brings her face first into the corner. ODB whips Tara in the ropes and closelines her down as she comes back. ODB reaches down her shirt and grabs her wedding ring out. ODB picks Tara up and does a scoop powerslam. ODB goes one to her phone. She did not hang up. She asks if Eric is still there. She puts the phone down and Jessie gets on the ring apron and says that is his girlfriend. ODB says not anymore and kisses Jessie. Jessie jumps down and wipes his tongue. Tara gets up and goes right after ODB. She knocks her down and then rips the hair of ODB. Tara continues with a headlock as ODB is lying on the mat. Tara stops and stomps on ODB. Tara goes to Jessie as he gets on the apron. Tara and him kiss. ODB crawls over to the corner and takes a swig from her canteen. She gets up and runs into Tara, who hits into Jessie. ODB lifts Tara up and then spits in Jessie's face. ODB slams Tara down and gets the win. Ms. Tessmacher is on the ramp clapping and smiling. Jessie gets in the ring and cares for Tara. Winner: ODB

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle are backstage. AJ says he loves being a tag team with him, but it's time to move on. AJ wants to be World Champion. So does Kurt. Kurt tells him it is AJ vs. Kurt vs. Daniels tonight. AJ knows but he wants to win this. AJ tells him that he will see him out there. AJ leaves. Kurt says, "You will."


Aces and 8s are in the lot of the arena. They are all giving high 5s and talking around their motorcycles. Remember, they are allowed to be there.

Video plays recapping the Tag Team Title match at Bound for Glory. It was one crazy match. Daniels is shown in the video. He says Chavo and Hernandez won't keep the titles because if it is two vs. two, they won't be able to beat Daniels and Kaz. Chavo is in the video and says TNA has the best roster in the world and he is glad to be champion.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Gunner and Kid Kash walk out together. They get in the ring. After them, Chavo and Hernandez come out. They are the TNA Tag Team Champions. They come to the ring as the crowd cheers. The spanish commentators are shown.

Kid Kas and Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

All four brawl it out at the beginning. Kash and Gunner through Chavo outside of the ring. They go after Hernandez now. They whip him in the ropes. He comes back with a double closeline. Gunner rolls out. Chavo gets on the apron now. Hernandez lifts Kash above his head and drops him right down. He tags in Chavo. Chavo goes after him for a short amount of time. He tags Hernandez back. Chavo whips him in the ropes. Kash comes back and jumps over Chavo as he is down on the mat. Hernandez catches him in the air and does a spine buster type move. Chavo rolls out. Kash is able to get up and go to Gunner. Gunner enters. Hernandez continues the offense as he knocks Gunner down. He tags Chavo. Chavo flips over the ropes and lands back first on the stomach of Gunner. Chavo gets Gunner up. Gunner is able to get away and tag Kash. Chavo continues with the offense on Kash. He is able to through him around the ring. Chavo goes to bounce off the ropes, but Gunner hits him from behind. Kash takes advantage as he knocks Chavo down. He tags Gunner. Gunner and Kash stomp and choke Chavo with their foot. Gunner tags Kash back in. Kash continues to stomp on Chavo. Kash does a snap mare and then kicks Chavo in the shoulder and head. Chavo slowly crawls away to the corner. Kash sets him up in the corner and hits him with kicks and punches. Chavo slowly comes out. He goes to kick Kash in the gut but Kash catches the foot. Chavo does an enziguiri. Chavo tags Hernandez. Hernandez jumps over the ropes and hits Kash down. Hernandez goes after Gunner. Hernandez finishes Kash and has him down on the mat. He tags Chavo in. Chavo goes to climb but Gunner is right there. Chavo fights him off. Gunner goes right into the guard rail. Chavo climbs and hits the frog splash. He gets the pin. Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage with the TNA World Title around his shoulder. His celebration party is next.


Mr. Parks is in the office of Hulk Hogan. He is there with Sting. Parks wants to get Aces and 8s. Hogan says no because there are too much of them. Parks wants to get them. Bully Ray enters the picture. He wants to talk to Hogan alone. Hogan says they are one of them so they can be around. Ray thanks Sting for the match at Bound for Glory but says he is sorry to let him down. Sting says he didn't let him down. Ray wants Sting out of the match and wants to face Devon. He knows Devon more than anyone. Hogan says no. Sting has him and Ray needs to focus on his match because he is one of the four stars who might face Jeff Hardy next week. Ray says Hogan needs to trust him more. Ray leaves. Sting tells him to wait. Hogan tells Sting to fix that. Sting leaves.

Video plays recapping the TNA World Title match at Bound for Glory. As stated before, it was an awesome match. Jeff is the best professional wrestler on this planet, as the video states.

The video ends and music hits. Jeff has his new music, which aired this past Sunday. Jeff comes out with the TNA World Title around his shoulder. He walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He is sporting blue and yellow face paint. He interacts with the fans around the ring. He shows off the new TNA World Title, his style. He raises it above his head and fireworks explode above the ring and confetti shoots out. It's all over the arena as Jeff climbs the corners. Jeff grabs a mic as the fans continue to cheer. You can hear some boos from the crowd too. Jeff says it is good to be back in the Impact Zone. He has chased his moment for over a year. The people have been through him through thick and thin. He thanks the creatures. The fans chant, "Thank you Hardy." Jeff says this is incredible. He will defend his title for the first title in Orlando in the Impact Zone. Just then, music plays and Austin Aries comes out singing. He brings balloons and cookies. Aries asks where the ladies are. He says he is the greatest man and he needs to be at this party to make it a party. Austin gets in the ring. He says he is not going to take Jeff down with words. Jeff did something great. He went through everyone and beat Austin Aries one-on-one. He gave him gifts. Aries hands him balloons but he let go and they went right up to the ceiling. Austin thought he was faster than that. Aries got to hand him cookies but Jeff doesn't eat cookies and knocks the plate out of Aries' hand. Aries says Jeff has a girlish figure. Austin says that isn't his title. He says Jeff has a target on his back now. Everyone wants to go after him. Austin has a rematch clause though. He will fight him again. He wants to have his championship back but that's not his title. He wants to see it. Hardy says that is the face that Austin will never be. Aries says he is the face of the company and even gets his face on the title. Aries takes the title and says it is a split-image of him. He shows what he thinks of it. He spits right on the title. Hardy punches Aries right in the head. Aries falls and rolls out of the ring. Jeff picks up the title as his music hits. Jeff continues to show it off.

Daniels is walking backstage. He says it may seem like it's over for him since he lost the tag titles, but that's not the case. Even though he has to face AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, he will show Hogan what he is all about. He will have his apple-tene (drink that he holds right now). He sips it. He says it's great. He's going to have more later.

AJ Styles' music plays. He comes through the sparks that fly down from above. He walks down the ramp.


Daniels is in the ring with AJ Styles right now. The lights dim and Kurt's music plays. He rises to the stage from below. He lifts his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He continues to the ring as the fans pop.

AJ Styles vs. Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

The stars stand there wondering who will go first. Daniels does circles where he stands and taunts. He then goes after AJ but AJ punches him. Daniels stumbles to Kurt and Kurt attacks him. Kurt and AJ go after Daniels now as he tries to get up. AJ grabs Daniels and goes for the Styles Clash but Kurt pushes AJ back. AJ tosses Daniels back. They stare at each other and then lock-up. Kurt goes behind AJ and locks his hands. AJ is able to get away. AJ goes into the ropes but ducks Kurt. He continues to the ropes. They meet each other on the rebound. AJ grabs Kurt and puts him in the corner. Daniels gets up and goes after AJ. Kurt comes out and attacks the two. He does a back body drop to AJ. He then hits a german suplex on Daniels and then a belly to belly on AJ. AJ gets up. Kurt turns around and AJ hits the pele. Kurt stumbles. Kurt is able to come back and bring AJ down for the Ankle Lock. Daniels grabs Kurt and rams him shoulder first into the steel post. Daniels goes after AJ now. He attacks him on the back and then slams him down back first on the mat. Daniels gets up and bows. Daniels applies a headlock on AJ as he is kneeling on the mat. AJ gets up but Daniels takes him down. AJ gets up and elbows his way out. He whips Daniels in the ropes. Daniels ducks but meets Kurt. Kurt closelines him. AJ takes Kurt to the corner. AJ is able to lift Daniels up and hits a huge backbreaker. AJ smashes Kurt in the corner. He knocks him down. AJ goes to Daniels, but Daniels lifts and twits him around for a sit-down power bomb. He covers but AJ kicks out. Daniels goes after Kurt. Kurt does a t-bone suplex. AJ gets up and attacks Kurt. It knocks Kurt down. Daniels goes after AJ but AJ lifts him up to back body drop him over the ropes. AJ is going for a springboard splash on Kurt, but AJ jumps on the second rope and moonsaults back on Daniels. AJ gets Daniels up and tosses him in the ring. AJ gets on the apron. Daniels goes back as Kurt pushes him and AJ falls off the apron. He lands hard on the outside. Kurt catches Daniels with an Angle Slam. He pins and wins. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Kurt Angle

AJ meets Kurt Angle in the ring. Kurt extends his hand to AJ, but AJ leaves without shaking. After Kurt celebrates, video plays showing the recap of Joey Ryan against Al Snow. It shows Matt Morgan interrupting the match.

The camera is backstage. Joey Ryan is backstage with Matt Morgan. Hulk Hogan is walking through the hallways and meets up with the two. Joey introduces himself as the newest member of the TNA roster. Hulk wants him to turn the 87% to 97%. He turns to Matt Morgan. He questions why he would ruin the biggest PPV of the year. Matt says he did it because of what Hogan said in his first TNA interview when he came to the company. Hogan says he was going to make Morgan the household name in TNA. That didn't happen. Hulk says not to go there. Hulk had Matt's back the entire time. When Matt wasn't a monster anymore, he stood up for him. When Matt bombed promos and segments, he stood up for him. Matt slams the wall behind Hulk and says he can stick all of that up his @ss. He doesn't need it anymore. Joey tells Matt to follow. They leave. Hulk can't believe it and almost chuckles at the whole situation.

James Storm is walking backstage.


Footage plays from the Hall of Fame Ceremony as Sting became the first inductee. It shows parts of Hogan's and Dixie's speeches. That video ends and it switches from the James Storm vs. Bobby Roode match at Bound for Glory. It was a brutal and violent match that pretty much stole the show. James is shown after the match and says this was built for a year and he wants Bobby to know that he was bound for glory.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone and James Storm's music plays. He comes out and fireworks explode. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. James starts off by saying that he was taught a saying. It is, "What goes around comes around." James says it has been exactly a year since he became TNA World Champion. If you missed the PPV this past Sunday, you did not see a wrestling match, you saw a fight. James got 5 stitches after that match. He did it for his family and fans. When James came back, he made a bucket list. James pulls out the list. #3 - Kick the crap out of Bobby Roode. #2 - Drink beer. #1 - Win back the TNA World Championship. James is one of the stars who may be able to compete for the title. If Hogan is listening back there......SUDDENLY Bobby Roode's music hits. He comes out with his suit but is missing a tie. He gingerly walks down the ramp without taking his eyes off Storm. He gets in the ring. Roode grabs a mic. Roode says they made a promised. They promised the world that they would give everything for the match. They left their blood, sweat, and tears in the ring. When it was all done, they had one of the bloodiest and violent matches in wrestling history. James walks away and asks for a chair so Roode can kiss James' @ss. Roode doesn't need to do that. James should kiss Roode's @ss. After one year, James finally rose up. Roode carried James for years. James did become World Champion last year, but that was because of Roode. Roode gave his rematch up to James. Without him, he wold have never been champion. James knows deep down inside that Roode will always be the better man. James walks around the ring. James repeats, "Be the better man...." and then states, "Nope." James does the Last Call super kick right to Roode. Sorry about your d@mn luck. James' music plays and he goes to interact with the fans.

Devon is backstage lifting weights as his match is next. The camera switches to Sting as he is walking backstage.


Video plays recapping the TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony. It shows Jeremy Borash, Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, and Dixie Carter. It then shows Sting's speech.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this match. Music hits of Aces and 8s. He comes through the way he came in earlier in the show. He comes through the railing and gets in the ring. Sting's music plays and here comes Sting! The crowd pops. He makes his way down the ramp.

Devon vs. Sting

Sting gets in the ring and Devon goes right after him. He does multiple punches that send Sting right in a corner. Devon continues with the punches and elbow shots in the back as Sting gets out of the corner. Sting gets up and is able to whip Devon in the ropes. He knocks Devon down with a closeline. Devon gets up and Sting chops him. He pushes him in the ropes again and hits a flapjack. Both get up and Sting kicks Devon in the back of the leg. He puts him in the corner. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Devon moves out of the way. Devon tries to take advantage but Sting comes back and is able to toss Devon in another corner. He attacks him. He knocks Devon down and stomps on his hand. He gets Devon up and leans him against the ropes. He goes for a closeline, but he couldn't closeline Devon over the ropes. He grabs Devon by the head and tosses him through the middle rope. Sting follows to fight him outside.


Devon has control of Sting in the ring. Sting is on his hands and knees while Devon raises his arms as the crowd boos. They show a replay of what happened during the commercial break. Sting smashed a chair over Devon's back. In the ring now, Sting is fighting back but Devon is able to hit Sting and knock him down. Devon chokes Sting on the middle rope. He backs up. Sting gets up and turns around. He meets Devon's fist. Sting falls flat on the mat. He slowly gets up. Devon punches him again. Sting stumbles back. Devon does another punch. Sting falls on the middle rope. Devon chokes him on the rope as he slid out of the ring. Devon now elbows Sting in the head and throat. Devon gets back in and stomps on Sting. Sting is up and Devon punches him multiple times. Sting goes back into the corner. Devon pushes Sting and he falls. The crowd is split 50/50 now. Devon bounces off the ropes, jumps, and lands right on Sting. He covers. Sting kicks out. Devon applies a headlock on Sting. Sting gets up and elbows his way out. He runs into the ropes but Devon jumps and elbows Sting in the head and chest. Devon works the crowd with some taunts. Sting gets back up and Devon does a jaw breaker. He does another punch and it knocks Sting down. Devon goes to the second rope. He jumps for a head but but Sting rolls out of the way. They get up and Sting punches Devon. Devon falls. He does more strikes and Devon falls each time. Sting whips Devon in the ropes and Sting jumps in the air and knocks him down. Devon gets up and goes to the corner. His back is to the ring. Sting does the Stinger Splash. Sting kicks Devon's leg and then does the Scorpion Death Drop. He puts in the Scorpion Death Lock. It's in. Aces and 8s come out and attack Sting. They go right after him.

Mr. Anderson and Garett Bischoff, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and James Storm run down and fight Aces and 8s. (Not sure if there are any others that slid past me.) It's an all out attack. An Aces and 8s member as Anderson outside as he drops him down on the guard rail. Just then, Bully Ray runs out with a baseball bat and chain in his hand. Aces and 8s quickly leave. Ray leaves the ring and runs after them. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Devon
2. Kurt Angle
3. Samoa Joe
4. ODB
5. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Alex's Assumptions:

I am back this week and I have to say I did not miss one minute of Impact Wresting. I watched last week's episode on Saturday and fully watched Bound for Glory on Sunday. I don't want to go into detail, but Bound for Glory certainly lived up to be TNA's biggest PPV of the year. Excellent! Going into this show is almost like going into Raw after Wrestlemania (but certainly not with the same feeling). I was looking forward to hearing Devon, Jeff Hardy, and was wondering if any more of the Aces and 8s members were going to be revealed. The had a nice mixture of wrestling and promos. The beginning promo was really needed and I would have booked Devon's explaining the same way. I was on Twitter and somebody wrote how Devon said he was in it since day 1 but Aces and 8s were there before Devon left and while Devon was still champion. I still don't get why Devon is with them. I know they were there for him, but why were they there?! The brawl was sudden and really jumped started the show. The announcement of Sting vs. Devon had a great hype throughout the show. If you told me last week that Devon vs. Sting would be the main event for this week's show, I would NEVER believe you. It's amazing how fast a show changes in one week. The tag team division looks to have lost AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, but I think it's time to move on. I don't understand why Tara lost her match on account of her winning the Knockout Title on Sunday. It seems like TNA always does this to one of their lower titles for some reason. Tara vs. ODB was a good match though. Samoa Joe looks to be the champion who just destroys the stars. I think that is what the Television Title is all about though. They defend it each week and that's it. Nothing really builds off of it, in my mind. The Jeff Hardy celebration was entertaining as Austin Aries played a real good heel. I think it's time that I can say he is a heel now. Spitting on Jeff's title solidifies it. Speaking of the title change, why does Jeff always get that nice opportunity? I like new title designs though. Overall, the show was a great mix with a pretty same ending as endings a month or so ago. As Aries turns heel, Bully Ray is slowly turning face, in my opinion. I have to see how it plays out but I may have a problem with it. Next week is built strong as Championship Week. Looking to see a good match no matter who Jeff faces. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter here.

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