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Impact Wrestling Results (10/25/12) - Aces & 8s' Dart Lands On Kurt Angle

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/25/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It starts with the Aces and 8s vs. Sting and Bully Ray at Bound for Glory. Devon is revealed and it shocked the world. It then shows last week's match between Sting vs. Devon while Bully Ray may fight Jeff Hardy tonight in Championship Thursday. It switches to the Jeff Hardy saga where he won the World Title. Austin met face to face with him last week. Jeff has to put his title on the line tonight, but against who?

The camera is backstage in Hulk Hogan's office. Jeff Hardy is there. Hulk tells Jeff that he put TNA on the map and everyone is talking about it. Hulk says he is giving Jeff a challenge to see if he is worth it. Hulk will pick one star tonight to face Jeff. Jeff is ready for it. He is a changed person. Hulk thanks Jeff for everything he's done in this company. Jeff walks out the room. He meets the four of them will face Jeff. In Jeff's mind, he says Kurt Angle is a machine, James is great but drinks to much, he mentions Ken Anderson, and then says Bully Ray has a weakness somewhere.

The camera shows the Impact Zone and Christy Hemme is in the middle of the ring as she announces this first match. Rob Van Dam comes out. He has the X-Division Title. Jeremy Borash and Todd Keneley are the commentators while Taz and Mike Tenay will join us for hour 2! Zema Ion makes his way out to the ring as fans boo.

Rob Van Dam (Champ) vs. Zema Ion for the X-Division Title

The bell sounds and both walk around the ring as they talk to each other. They move in and Zema slides behind Rob and locks his arms. RVD is able to turn around. Zema keeps sliding around and is able to do a roll-up. RVD kicks out and then trips Zema and covers him. Zema kicks out. Both get up. They lock-up and Zema applies a headlock. RVD lifts the arms up and applies the scissor lock turned into a cover. Zema kicks out. Both get up and RVD picks Zema up and drops him down stomach first. He does a standing moonsault and then climbs the corner and drops down right on Ion. He covers. Zema kicks out and he rolls out of the ring. He holds his gut while RVD does a mini baseball slide. Zema is able to come back and pull RVD out of the ring. Zema gets in and runs into the ropes. He comes to the side but RVD climbs the apron and kicks Zema right in the head. RVD gets in the ring. He goes after Ion, but Ion throws RVD out of the ring. Zema runs and flips over the ropes and lands right on RVD. He gets Rob in. He hits Rob with a tornado DDT. He gets the cover. RVD kicks out. Ion climbs the corner. He goes for a spinning corkscrew dive but RVD rolls out of the way. Both are down. Both slowly get up. RVD jumps on the middle rope, flies back and kicks Ion in the head. He does rolling thunder and then jumps to the top corner. He hits the Five Star Frog Splash. He covers and picks up the win. Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

RVD's music hits and he celebrates. He climbs the corner as the fans cheer. He comes down and turns around. Right there, Matt Morgan does The Carbon Footprint. RVD is down. Joey Ryan enters the ring. He starts prancing around. Matt grabs a mic. He directs his attention to Hulk Hogan. He gives him some words as the monster is released!

Austin Aries is backstage. He is seeing if the microphone is on. Austin starts making fun of Hulk saying he was in bay watch and his nanny movie was better than Mrs. Doubtfire. He doesn't need anyone. He is A-Double. He goes back to watching something behind a wood barrier with a smile on his face.


Music hits and Daniels along with Kaz come on stage and down the ramp. They do not look happy at all. They get in the ring as the fans boo. Kaz has a mic in his hand while Daniels has a clipboard. Kaz says it's weird that Halloween is around the corner. Both of them have received tricks....not treats. They are around controversy. Kaz explains. He says nanny himself, Hulk, made Kaz not show up to last week's show because of some flight ticket trouble. He goes on to say that they were robbed of the TNA Tag Titles illegally and the people who have it now have are probably illegal in his country. Daniels stops him and says he better take it slow because the people watching are slow. Zema Ion and Ms. Tessmacher get their rematch while Daniels and Kaz don't. Chavo and Hernandez get what they want. Chavo says his entire family branch because they are kinda known. Dixie is nice to them because she wants the latino fan base. Chavo and Hernandez wear that type of clothing....they should just war sombreros. Daniels has a petition and the fans are going to sign it. Kaz gets out of the ring and hands the clipboard to the fans. Just then, Chavo and Hernandez come out. They walk down the ramp with the TNA World Titles around their waist while Hernandez has the title around his chain on his neck. Chavo has a mic. He asks if he heard this correctly. They want a rematch? They have a petition for it? Chavo and Hernandez are happy to help. Chavo and Hernandez are in the ring now. Nothing would make them happier than to give Kaz and Daniels a rematch because they will shove the tag titles down their throats. Kaz and Daniels back up. Kaz goes to run to Hernandez, but he just gets knocked down from the built guy. Kaz rolls out. Daniels goes after Chavo but Chavo hits him and Daniels rolls out of the ring. Chavo and Hernandez sign the petition and Daniels and Kaz want it back.

Hulk Hogan is in his office with Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, and James Storm. It's time to get down to this situation. Hulk asks James first. James gives his solid answer as to why he should be champion. He goes to Bully. Is Bully still sucked into Devon? Bully asks if Hulk still is? Of course he is. Hulk goes to Kurt Angle. Angle states that he hasn't had a chance for the title since last year. If he didn't get injured, he still would be champion. Hulk goes to Ken. Ken doesn't know why this is going on. It's the same thing every month. Hulk doesn't like the answer. He eliminates Anderson first. Ken walks out of the office. He meets Austin Aries as Austin is listening through the door. Austin starts to make fun of Ken. He then says he is a bigger @sshole than Ken. Ken is not going to let that go. He hits Austin. Austin retaliates as he rams Ken back into the wall. Ken and Austin hit each other in the hallway. Ken gets the upper hand and has Austin down. Ken slowly walks away. Austin gets up and wants to meet Ken in the ring. Anderson laughs.


Devon is around the table with other Aces and 8s members. He thanks them for coming. Devon says he spoke with the president, aka Aces and 8s president, and he says that the masks should not come off no matter what. Their identities need to be hidden. Devon says that he has ladies for them. They all cheer. Devon doesn't actually mean ladies. He says they are here to take someone out. The big Aces and 8s guy stands up. He goes over and grabs a dart. He moves back and shoots the dart to the door with pictures of the entire roster. They all clap and says they know who it will be.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Robbie T comes out as Robbie E is at his side. After them, Samoa Joe comes out with the Television Title around his shoulder.

Robbie T vs. Samoa Joe (Champ) for the Television Title

They lock-up and Robbie T pushes Joe back in the corner. He goes after him but Joe ducks and slaps Robbie in the chest. It doesn't affect him. Joe does it again. Nothing. Joe runs back in the ropes. He comes to Robbie but it doesn't do anything. Robbie puts Joe in the corner. He attacks him. Joe is able to come back and try for small consecutive punches. Joe runs into the ropes again. Robbie does a spin kick and it knocks Joe off his feet. Robbie continues the attack. He gets Samoa up. Joe goes in the ropes. He comes back but Robbie puts the choke on Joe. Joe is able to get out of it. He goes into the ropes again. Robbie grabs him by the throat again. He goes to lift him, but Joe slides out. He applies a choke hold. Robbie E gets on the apron to distract the referee. Robbie T gets out of it. Joe pushes him in the corner and applies it again. Robbie E gets on the apron again. Robbie T gets out of it. Joe applies it once more as he jumps on the back of Robbie. Robbie drops back and lands right on Joe. Robbie sits up like Michael Myers in a Halloween film. Joe does so behind him and applies the full Rear Naked Chokehold. Robbie T taps. Winner and Still Television Champion: Samoa Joe


A video package plays about the rivalry between Tara and Ms. Tessmacher. They caught multiple times. Tara got the win and the TNA Knockout Title. She did not do it for the fans though. She did for her Hollywood boo. That is Jessie from Big Brother!

Ms. Tessmacher is backstage. She says she has been waiting so long to get her chance again. She liked seeing Jessie get attacked by ODB last week. It's time for her to take the title back.

Hulk Hogan is in his office with the three stars left. Hulk asks Kurt and James about Bully Ray and if he is focused. Kurt says he is not. He wouldn't be either. Devon stabbed everyone in the back. James says his partner stabbed him in the back before. He knows how Bully feels. Bully says he is focused on Devon. He wants to get to the bottom of this. Hulk says that is all he needs. He tells Bully to call out Devon for answers. Bully tells Hogan he does not have to say anymore. Bully Ray leaves.

Mr. Anderson is backstage with a crew member beside him. Ken is ready and eager to fight this guy. He has had enough of him running this mouth. He grunts and yells. He wants Austin. The match is next.


Mr. Anderson is already out in the ring. He is on the corner waiting for his opponent. Music hits and here comes Austin Aries. He marches his way down the ramp.

Mr. Anderson vs. Austin Aries

Ken goes right after Austin and they lock-up. Austin turns and puts Ken in the corner but they continue to move around the ring and he has Ken in another corner. Ken turns around and backs up. He yells something at Austin and the crowd does a huge pop. Ken takes his shirt off and they lock-up again. Austin backs Ken up against the ropes. Austin slowly moves back. He goes for a punch but Ken blocks and hits Aries. Aries goes outside and regroups. He walks around the ring. He gets in and they lock-up again. Austin takes Ken into the corner. Ken pushes Austin back and Austin flip flops on the mat. Austin quickly gets up. He runs to Ken but Ken knocks him down. He gets on top of him and punches him in the face multiple times. Ken gets to his feet and bounces right off the ropes. He plants an elbow but Austin moves and rolls out of the ring. He walks back and forth and then slowly slides back in the ring. Austin ducks and goes under Ken. He locks his arms around Ken. He tries to take him down, but Ken turns it around. He gets away. Austin begins to go after Ken, but Ken pulls out brass knuckles from his trunks. He swings it around his finger. Austin starts to yell. Ken moves forward. Austin is able to take advantage as he hits Ken down. The brass knuckles leave the area. Austin stays on the offense as he brings Ken to his feet and hits him. Ken turns it around and puts Austin in the corner. He punches him in the face and chest multiple times. He takes Austin out of the corner but Austin is able to turn it around and now is on top. He kicks Ken to knock him down. He slowly works on him while Ken kneels on the mat leaning against the ropes. He gets Ken up and takes him out of the ring. Aries runs the opposite way. He bounces off the ropes and does a huge suicide dive. Ken is out. Austin stands.


Austin has a headlock on Ken in the ring. He takes him to the corner and hits him right in the gut. He releases the headlock. He whips Ken into the opposing corner and runs with him to smash right into his body. Austin slowly works on Ken now with a punch and a huge chop. Austin backs up and taunts. Ken comes back with huge punches to the face of Austin. Austin backs up to the opposing corner. Ken follows and hits a huge chop to the chest. He whips Austin in the opposing corner. Ken runs but Austin hits him. Ken stumbles back. Austin goes after him and knocks him down. He covers. Ken kicks out. Austin gets Ken up and slowly works on him with punches. Ken comes back with punches. Austin comes back again and has Ken against the ropes. Austin runs the other way. He comes back but Ken pops out and closelines Austin inside out. Ken continues as Austin gets up. He lifts him to his shoulders. Austin slides out but Ken knocks him down. He gets up and Ken lifts him to his shoulders again. Austin slides out once more. Austin rolls out of the ring. He gets up and Ken jumps over the top rope. He does a flying cross body. Ken gets Austin up. Both go in the ring. They are going right after each other. Austin pushes Ken back and he goes right into the referee. The referee goes down. Austin grabs the brass knuckles and goes to hit Ken, but Ken ducks and grabs him from his hand. The referee gets up and sees it in Ken's hands. He takes them out. The referee turns around. Ken goes after Austin but Austin has a pair. He hits Ken. Ken just stands there. Austin grabs Ken but he is deadweight. Austin falls back first and has Ken on top of him. It's a cover. Austin is able to get out though. He turns Ken over and applies a submission with his (Ken) chest on the mat and his head being lifted up. Ken is out though. The referee raises Ken's arm and it falls right down. Winner: Austin Aries

Ms. Tessmacher and Jessie are backstage with Brooke Hogan. She asks Brooke what she is going to do about ODB. Brooke doesn't know what she is talking about. She touched Jessie. Jessie had to take 12 tomato baths to get the skunk smell off of him. Brooke should know that everyone wants to touch reality stars. Brooke would never touch Jessie. She tells Tara to pay attention to her match tonight. Tara leaves. Brooke stops Jessie and tells him that the little birdy said that ODB has her eye on Jessie. He better watch out.

The camera shows the commentator transition as Taz and Mike Tenay are now going to announce this hour.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the two stars. Ms. Tessmacher makes her way out first. She gets in the ring. After, Tara comes out with the TNA Knockout Title and with Jessie. He picks her up and they kiss. She gets on her feet and they make their way down the ramp like two love bugs. Jessie holds the ropes open for Tara. As he does, Tessmacher dropkicks Tara off the apron.

Ms. Tessmacher vs. Tara (Champ) for the Knockout Title

Tessmacher gets Tara up and rolls her in the ring. She slides in and goes for the cover. Tara kicks out. Tessmacher stands and continues the attack with kicks and then slams Tara's face into the mat. Tara crawls to the corner and sits there. Tessmacher kicks Tara in the gut and face. Tessmacher walks away and Jessie is on the apron. She exchanges words with him. Tara gets up and attacks Tessmacher from behind. Tessmacher falls through the ropes. Tara exits and attacks Tessmacher with punches and then slams her face against the apron. She slides Tessmacher in. Tara kicks her and then slams her face in the mat like Tessmacher did earlier. Tara walks away and kisses Jessie. She comes back and gets Tessmacher up. She does a body slam by the ropes. Tara goes on the apron, kisses Jessie, and does a flip over the ropes for a leg drop but Tessmacher rolls away. Both get up and Tessmacher goes on the attack. She hits Tara and then closelines her multiple times. Tara makes her way to the corner. She is sitting on the mat. Tessmacher goes and does the stink face. She gets out. Tara does too. Tessmacher is about to finish her, but Tara holds Taryn Terrell. Tessmacher continues in the ropes but Jessie grabs the ropes and Tessmacher flips through them. She lands hard on the floor. Jessie slides her in. Tara gets Tessmacher up and hits the Widow's Peak. She gets the win. Jessie gets in and he takes Tara up and they do a love kiss. The ending becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and Still Knockout Champ: Tara

They are still in the ring kissing. It's a love fest. Just then, music hits and it's Brooke Hogan. She gets on the apron. She has a mic in her hand. She says she knows what is going on around here. Next week is Open Fight Night. Anyone can challenge anyone. Brooke just got off the phone with a furious ODB. She wants to fight.....Jessie! Jessie is shocked. It's like he saw a ghost. He hugs Tara as he doesn't want it to happen. Good luck Hollywood boo boo!

Bully Ray is walking backstage as he will confront Devon.


Mr. Parks is in the back. He knocks on the door of Hogan's office. Hogan is sitting at his desk. Parks comes in. He asks about what he told Hogan last week about Aces and 8s. Parks asks if he cares about Park's health or Hogan's liability. Hogan cares about both. Parks hands Hogan a paper. Parks says Hogan, Dixie, Spike, and TNA is responsible for this. If you aren't with Parks, then get out of his way. Hogan will think about it.

Bully Ray's music plays. He comes out and gets right in the ring. He grabs a mic. First, he wants to thank Sting as he was able to team up with him at Bound for Glory. Bully doesn't get shocked much, but when the mask came off, he was shocked. Last week, Devon gave an excuse of why he did it. He really revealed nothing. He wants Devon now. He wants to know why he did what he did. Come on Devon. Music plays and it's Aces and 8s. Devon comes through the door from the audience. Other Aces and 8s members are behind him. They walk forward and get in the ring. There are five members and then Devon. Devon walks behind them as they make a barrier behind him and Bully. Devon has a mic. Devon does not have to answer. They are no longer a team. They aren't anything together. They did what they did two year ago and it's over. It has nothing to do with Bully. Nothing. Devon tells the crowd to, "Shut up!" Devon says this has to deal with Hogan. Hogan came out and talked about how great Devon was and how he wanted him back. Hogan did nothing. Dixie and him sat behind their desk and didn't do anything. Aces and 8s were the ones that picked him up. After everything is done, Aces and 8s will take out everyone that did them wrong. Devon tells Ray to go home. It's over. He is not a threat anymore. Bully says this is not over until he says it is over. As far as what Bully did what he did two years ago....Devon knows why. Bully says Devon is a lying sack of crap. He is hiding behind the members too. On the night of their retirement.....they were suppose to end by beating Motor City Machine Guns. They hit the 3-D on Chris. Christ kicked out though. Nobody ever kicked out. No one from ECW, WCW, WWE, or Japan. After, they went in the locker room. Bully had his head down. He says that Devon told him that they are rich....who cares about the fans. Devon doesn't deny it. He says that did happen. Ray says this is too much talking. They are about fighting. He tells Devon to get rid of the other members and they should fight each other. Ray wants to fight Devon so bad that he can taste it. Devon stands there and replies, "No!" It is not Ray's will be on Devon's time. Ray has to get his head out of his @ss because he always thinks it is his time. Devon is done. He is going home and he will let him know when the fight will happen. Devon leaves the ring with the other members. Ray says Devon is a coward. He always was. Devon never had any balls. He never will. Next week is Open Fight Night. Ray is going to call out Devon. He challenges Devon. Ray's music hits as he stares Devon down from the ring.


Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are walking backstage. The cameraman asks what was up with them attacking RVD. Joey asks if this is his first day, meaning the cameraman. Joey and Matt aren't afraid of rules. They can do anything. Joey may want a nice title around his waist soon. Matt says Hulk started this last week with his excuses. It's time for Matt to do what he wants and where he wants. He tells Hogan to try to stop him.

A video of the GutCheck contestant Christian York airs. He was in the wrestling business for years. He teamed with Matthews and soon Matthews was on TV. It's time for York as his body can't last forever and he needs this now.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Kurt Angle and James Storm. He tells James that he has something big for him. He picks Kurt Angle to fight tonight. He tells Storm again that he has something huge for him. Angle's music plays. He comes and walks down the ramp. He is focused and is determined. He gets in the ring.


Jeff Hardy's theme music starts and the fans start to cheer. Jeff comes out with the TNA World Title over his shoulder and his version of the title around his waist. He looks around with his great style face paint on. He interacts with the fans around the ring and then gets in the ring. Christy Hemme stands in the middle of the ring with the spotlight on her. She introduces each superstar.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy (Champ) for the TNA World Title

They move around the ring as the match begins. They lock-up and Kurt pushes Jeff right not the corner. Kurt backs up after the referee count. They move around again and lock-up once again. Kurt applies the headlock. Jeff throws him in the ropes. He comes back and knocks Jeff down with a shoulder block. Jeff gets up and he whips Kurt in the ropes. He comes back and Jeff does an arm drag takedown. Kurt gets to his feet and Jeff whips him again. Jeff does another arm drag takedown. Kurt gets to his feet. He pushes Jeff back in the corner. Jeff releases the armlock. Kurt hits Jeff right in the face while they were in the corner. Jeff squirms around the ring from it. Kurt grabs him and smashes his face in the corner. Kurt hits him in the corner and then backs up. He comes back again but Jeff turns him around to put him in the corner and hits him with punches and kicks. Kurt falls down in the corner. Jeff jumps up and does the double kick in the chest. Jeff gets Kurt up and whips him in the corner. Jeff runs but Kurt hits him as he gets to him. Kurt climbs the corner and jumps. Kurt jumps but Jeff does an atomic drop. He takes the legs out from under Kurt and drops the double leg drop between Kurt's legs. Jeff flops back and then hits the dropkick to the face of Kurt as he sat up. Jeff gets Kurt up but Kurt is able to lift Jeff up and drop him on the top rope. Kurt walks away and then turns around. He runs right into Jeff. Jeff falls on the apron and then hard on the floor below. Jeff is down. Kurt walks away and leans on the ropes as the referee starts to count.


Kurt has Jeff on the mat with a side headlock. As he does, they show a replay of what happened before the commercial break. The camera returns to the ring and Jeff gets out of the side headlock. He goes into the ropes. He comes back and both hit into each other. Both knock each there down. They slowly get up. Jeff hits Kurt with a closeline. He does another one after Jeff comes off the ropes. Kurt goes into the corner. Jeff smashes him. Kurt is able to whip Jeff into the opposing corner. Kurt runs to him, but Jeff jumps up and does a hurricanrona. Kurt flops to the ropes. He gets out. Jeff gets on the corner and jumps right on Kurt on the outside. Jeff gets Kurt up and brings him in. Both get up. Kurt is able to whip Jeff in the corner. Kurt comes but Jeff hits him and then hits whisper in the wind. Jeff gets Kurt to his feet, but Kurt pounds on the back of Jeff and hits the german suplex. He hits a total of 3 and covers. Jeff kicks out. Kurt gets up and waits for Jeff. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Jeff slides out. He kicks Kurt in the gut and hits the Twist of Fate. Jeff crawls over to the corner. He climbs. Kurt gets up and runs up the corner. He hits a belly to belly superplex! Kurt covers. Jeff kicks out again. Kurt brings Jeff back to his feet. Kurt sets up and hits a huge power bomb. Jeff kicks out. Kurt quickly grabs the ankle and locks it in. Jeff rolls through though. Both get up. Jeff kicks Kurt. He blocks it. Jeff spins and kicks Kurt in the face and knocks him down. Jeff climbs the corner. Swanton bomb fails as Kurt rolls away. Both get up and Kurt hits the Angle Slam. He covers: 1-2-OH!

Kurt slowly gets to his feet. He grabs Jeff by the head. He goes for a german suplex but Jeff elbows Kurt in the head. He spins around and kicks Kurt in the gut. He hits Twist of Fate. Kurt bounces up and comes forward as he went off the ropes. Jeff is up and hits another Twist of Fate. Jeff goes and climbs the corner once more. He finally hits the Swanton Bomb. He covers: 1-2-NOOOO! Jeff can't believe it. The fans chant, "This is awesome!" Jeff gets up. Kurt does too. Jeff runs to Kurt but Kurt lifts Jeff up and over the ropes. Jeff lands on the outside. Suddenly, Kurt spits blood up. Kurt exits the ring and brings Jeff back in. He goes for an Angle Slam, but Jeff slides behind him into a sunset flip pin. Jeff gets the win. Winner and Still World Champ: Jeff Hardy

They show a replay of the ending. After the replay ends, Austin is in the ring and Jeff is down. Austin just attacked Jeff. He grabs a mic. Austin thought Jeff had a pair of eyes on the back of his head since he has them almost everywhere else on his face. Austin knows where he will challenge Jeff. He won't do it for free. He faces Jeff Hardy at Turning Point. He has the real World Title in his hand. He is taking it because he will win it back anyway. That way Jeff can go back to his outhouse. Austin leaves the ring.

The show replays the attack from Austin. After, the camera switches backstage. Aces and 8s are attacking Kurt Angle as the doctors were checking on him. They hold his arms behind him as members take shots to his head to his chest. They throw him down and leave the scene as Wes Brisco arrives. He checks on Kurt and calls for help. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jeff Hardy - New from last week
2. Devon - Down from last week
3. Samoa Joe - Same as last week
4. Rob Van Dam - New from last week
5. Kurt Angle - Down from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

What an Impact Wrestling! There wasn't anything big that happened last week, except for maybe Devon's reason as to why he is part of Aces and 8s. As far as this week, I was very interested in the Jeff Hardy match as I wanted to see who would fight. I actually saw on Kurt Angle's Twitter earlier this week, I think it was Monday or something, and he said he is suppose to fight Jeff this week. He told that in reply to someone. Now I did not write an article about it because I was skeptical and it may change as it was Monday. Usually they don't find out that far in advance as to who you will fight. Kurt did fight though and that was an awesome match. It simply was the match of the night. Not surprising though. Anyway, I feel that this week had more power over last week. We seen Devon explain to us once more and we heard Jeff Hardy will defend against Austin Aries at No Surrender. That match is not surprising either. This was a good impact, in my mind, that saw solid wrestling with championships on the line. RVD had a nice match and Joe is on a role. Speaking of Joe, if he keeps on fighting every week, he will remain on the Top 5 Rankings. That may be his saving grace. One part on the show that was entertaining was the Bully Ray and Devon confrontation. Bully has impressed me since he turned heel and I can't think of him as the tag team guy who wore those black bold glasses in the WWF days. He completely changed and I am a huge fan. I would have him on the Top 5 Rankings, but he didn't fight. Some would question why Kurt is there because he lost, but he put on a great match and he was featured multiple times on I.W. There is a lot of talk about the Austin Aries and Ken Anderson segment least from my Twitter timeline. You can hear a producer say, "Cut." That got people stirring. I honestly didn't hear it during the show, but I watched a clip that already surfaced online during a commercial and you can hear it. It's just one of those production mistakes, but you don't see much of that in TNA. Eric Bischoff probably freaked. Next week is Open Fight Night and that always leads to some interesting scenarios. Thanks for reading. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter here.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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