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Impact Wrestling Results (10/4/12) - He Is Our Guy.....Oh, Wait!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/4/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package concerning the James Storm and Bobby Roode storyline. They will be facing at Bound for Glory with king Mo as the Special Enforcer. The video switches to the Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries World Title story. It changes to the Aces and 8s and Hulk Hogan and Sting segment from last week. Sting and Hulk were captured and a tag match was made between the two sides for Bound for Glory.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are backstage. They are in Hogan's office. Hogan is sitting behind his desk. Hogan tells Sting he wishes it would be him who would be in the tag match as well as Hogan himself. It can't be though. Sting says everyone has been talking to him to be part of the tag match. Sting says he will be watching every star tonight and tells Hogan to tell him if he has any thoughts on any participants. Hogan has Sting's back. "We heard that before."

The camera switches to the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode to kick off the show. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome you. They announce that Samoa Joe will put his Television Title on the line tonight as well as Zema Ion with the X-Division Title. Music plays and Mr. Anderson comes out. He appears on the stage and reaches up for the microphone that falls from the rafters. He tells Sting and Hogan to huddle around the monitor to watch this. Anderson introduces himself and continues his way to the ring. Gunner's music plays. Gunner walks out with Kid Kash at his side. Both walk down the ramp as they talk to each other.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Gunner goes right to Anderson and smacks him in the head. Ken goes back into the corner. Gunner follows and continues the punches. He whips Ken into the ropes but Ken reverses it. Anderson knocks Gunner down. Gunner gets up but Anderson knocks him down again. He covers but Gunner kicks out. Ken gets him up but Gunner comes back with a kick in the gut. Ken fights back as he whips Gunner in the corner and then hits a dropkick. Gunner rolls out of the ring to regroup. Ken follows him though. Ken closelines Gunner down and then looks at Kash. As Ken gets him up, we see Sting watching the monitor backstage. Back in the ring, Gunner is able to come back and brings Ken into the ring. Gunner follows with the offense as he applies a headlock. Ken gets up and is able to get out of it. Ken goes into the corner. Gunner runs to him but Ken moves out of the way. Kash tries to grab Ken's leg but Ken sidesteps. Gunner comes out of the corner and Ken grabs Gunner and hits the Mic Check. He covers and wins. Winner: Mr. Anderson

Kid Kash slides and runs to Ken. He attacks Anderson. Kash backs up in the ropes. He runs to Ken, but Ken grabs Kid and hits the Mic Check. Ken's music hits and we see Sting still watching the monitor.

Tara is backstage on the phone. She is talking to his Hollywood man about a recent break-up in Hollywood. She says all of the websites are talking about it. As she finishes the convo with him, Gail Kim walks up to Tara. She questions Tara as to why she is on the phone while they have a tag team match and Tara is going to fight at Bound for Glory. Tara explains she was talking to her man and tells Gail that they should double date sometime. Gail can't believe it. She tells Tara off and walks away. Tara wonders what A-Rod is doing with his girl and goes to call them.


Christy Hemme is standing in the middle of the ring as she announces this next match. The camera turns to show Gail Kim and Tara as they walk down the ramp. Tara's music is playing as they get in the ring. As they do, they show footage of Tara turning her back on Ms. Tessmacher 3 weeks ago. As they are in the ring, Ms. Tessmacher's music hits as she comes out with the Knockout Title and with ODB holding her flask and one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship. They get in the ring. Taryn Terrell is the referee for the contest.

Tara and Gail Kim vs. Ms. Tessmacher and ODB

Tara yells at the camera saying that she loves her baby. Gail asks her what she is doing. Gail turns and ODB goes right after her. She knocks Gail down. Kim gets up but ODB puts her in the corner. ODB goes right after her. She brings Gail out and hits a body slam. Kim slowly gets up. ODB holds her head and tags Ms. Tessmacher. Tessmacher kicks Gail right in the gut. Gail goes back and falls in the corner. Tessmacher runs to her and smashes her butt right in Gail's face. She tags in ODB. ODB gets in and runs to Gail but Gail moves at the last second and tags Tara. Tara gets in. ODB is able to knock her down in the corner. ODB runs and does the bronco buster. Both get up and Tara whips ODB in the ropes. ODB holds onto the top rope as Tara jumps for a dropkick. She falls right on the mat. ODB gets her up but Tara is able to tag Gail. Kim enters and is able to bring it to ODB. She has the full offense with multiple grapple moves. She plants ODB on the mat. Gail backs up. Tara tags herself in. Tara enters and kicks ODB and then does her standing moonsault. ODB blocks it. She slowly gets up and tags Tessmacher. She gets right in and goes after Tara. She knocks Tara down with closelines and then whips her in the corner. Tessmacher runs to her, jumps up, and plants her face on the mat. Gail gets in and goes after Tessmacher. ODB enters and spears Gail with her flask in her hand. Tara knocks ODB out of the ring. Tessmacher gets up and goes after Gail. Tara pushes Gail into Tessmacher. Gail falls down and rolls out of the ring. Tara grabs Tessmacher and hits the Widow's Peak. She covers and wins. Winners: Tara and Gail Kim

Bruce Prichard and Al Snow are backstage. They are looking at a stack of papers on a clipboard. They are talking about looking them over and signing it. Bruce tells Al that they need to get D-Lo Brown. Al agrees and goes to get him.


A video package plays revolving around Joey Ryan and his 87%. He lost the Gut Check Challenge but showed up on Impact several weeks and attacked Al Snow verbally and physically. It shows Bruce talking to Al about Al now acting like executive that he is. He needs to fix it. Al says he will. The video ends and Al Snow walks through the curtain. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Al introduces Joey Ryan. Al didn't want to say it, but he had to. Joey comes out with a full ego. He does a swag walk down the ramp with a huge smile on his face. He gets in the ring with a scarf around his neck as well as sunglasses on his face. He grabs a mic. Al says he had poor judgement several weeks ago and it put TNA in a bad position. As a result, on behalf of TNA and himself as executive, he wants to apologize when he put his hands on Joey. Joey tells Al to say, "Sorry." Al just did. Joey doesn't want an apology.....he wants him to say, "I'm sorry!" Al pauses and then says, "I'm sorry." He extends his hand to shake Joey. Joey tells him to get the hand away. Joey is in control. He manipulated Al and the 87%. It's about Joey tonight. He tells Al what other agreement both parties agreed too. Al pulls papers out of his jacket and says he has a contract for Joey Ryan. Joey says this is the right thing and it should have been done. Joey says it's not about Al. He tells Al to turn around because he needs a table to sign on. Al doesn't trust Joey. Joey tells Al if he can't trust him, who can he trust? Al turns. Joey puts the paper on the back of Al and signs on the line. Al turns around and Joey hands him the papers. Joey tells Al to tell him to say, "Joey Ryan is the newest TNA star." Al says he should have read the contract. Al says the contract is for one night. It's for Bound for Glory. He has his opportunity to be on the TNA roster. His opponent will be Al Snow! He will see Joey in Phoenix and beat his @ss. Al gives Joey the papers and leaves the ring.

Kurt Angle and Sting are backstage. Kurt says he was attacked by Aces and 8s and he wants to get revenge. He can pull double duty. As they are talking, Daniels and Kazarian are listening in the background. Kurt says he can do it. He did it before and he is an Olympic Gold Medalist. Sting agrees but Kurt needs to be focused on his tag match. He tells Kurt he will be watching his match though. Kurt turns and Bully Ray is right behind him. Both stare. Kurt walks away. Bully comes up to Sting and tries to reason with him. He doesn't understand why he isn't picking him for the tag match. Sting says he needs to prove himself. Bully asks how. Sting says against someone. Do something. Sting needs a bully....he needs one. Ray walks away as Sting yells that he needs a bully.


The show returns and the Television Title graphic appears. Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as Rob Van Dam's music hits. He comes out and the crowd pops. He walks down the ramp, raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. Samoa Joe walks out with the Television Title over his shoulder. He makes his way to the ramp as the crowd cheers but not as much as they did for Rob.

Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa Joe (Champ) for the Television Title

Both walk around the ring. They lock-up and Joe pushes RVD back. Rob looks around as the crowd cheers for him. They lock-up again, but Joe goes behind Rob and lifts him up. He brings him right down on the mat. They roll around to each other's back while Rob tries to lock Joe's legs while Joe lifts his leg up and down on Rob to smash his gut. Both roll over and get up. Joe whips Rob in the corner. Joe runs to him and smashes him. He then does the pele kick in the corner. Joe gets Rob up and whips him in the ropes. Joe ducks and Rob rolls on the back of Joe. Rob is able to attack Joe from the back. Joe tries to come back. Both go out of the ring. Both get up but Rob kicks Joe and then puts him in the steel guard rail. Joe grabs RVD and whips him right into the steel steps. Joe rolls Rob in the ring. Joe gets Rob up and takes him to the corner to smash his face into the turnbuckle, but Rob does a huge kick right to Joe's face. Joe stumbles back. Rob jumps up and flies back with a huge kick. Rob brings Joe down stomach first. He does rolling thunder. Rob gets him up but Joe lifts Rob up and puts him on the top corner. Rob is able to kick him away. RVD flies and does a cross body. RVD goes to another corner for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Joe gets up and grabs Rob. He has the Muscle Buster and hits it. He covers and wins. Winner and Still Television Champion: Samoa Joe.

AJ Styles is talking to Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero. AJ is talking about Sting's tag match for BFG. Chavo and Hernandez tells him he shouldn't change the subject. They talk about their tag match at BFG. Daniels and Kazarian walk into the picture as the open a locker behind AJ. They turn to them and says Angle is missing from this conversation. In fact, they saw him talking to Sting. Kurt said he doesn't need AJ's help to win the titles. AJ says they aren't messengers and he doubts it. They will be on the same page. Daniels and Kazarian says AJ doesn't know how far apart they really are. They leave and Chavo and Hernandez tell the tag champs that it's not Halloween yet.


A video plays to hype Bound for Glory. It's Dixie Carter and her TNA moment. She discusses the moment when Sting won the TNA World Title. She says every BFG has a memorable moment.

A video plays showing King Mo walking backstage as he appeared at the arena earlier today.

The camera is backstage in the parking area. It has Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy talking. They discuss their time in the past couple of weeks. There are no hard feelings. It's fine between them. Bully Ray walks up to them. He says there is good news as Ray won't punch either of them in the face now but he will later. He says he wants to fight Jeff Hardy and show all of the little kids how he can crush their hero. Ray would be a huge bully then. Aries says how about him. Ray beat him already. Jeff makes a Triple Threat Match between them three. Austin can't believe he is making the match. Ray agrees and leaves. Austin can't believe it.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez walk out to the ring. Chavo will be in action. As they get in the ring, we see the Spanish announce team. Kurt Angle's music plays and he comes out with AJ Styles as hit side.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

The match begins. They walk around the ring and then lock-up. Kurt goes right behind Chavo, but Chavo is able to slide out and apply a headlock. Kurt whips Chavo in the ropes. Chavo comes back with a shoulder block. Kurt gets back up and goes in the ropes. Chavo applies a headlock again. Kurt lifts Chavo up and hits a back suplex but Chavo continues with the lock. Kurt gets up and pushes Chavo into the corner. Chavo breaks the hold on the referee's count. Kurt kicks Chavo in the gut multiple times. Kurt backs up. He turns around only to have Chavo put Kurt in the corner and kicks him in the gut. He applies the headlock again. Chavo releases and runs in the ropes. He comes back and Kurt hits him with a back body drop. Chavo gets up and Kurt pushes him right in the face. Chavo falls and crawls to the ropes. Kurt chokes him on the second rope. Chavo falls to the side to be in the corner. Kurt stomps on him and chokes him with his boot. He releases. Chavo gets up and fights back but Chavo knocks him down. Kurt gets him up and hits a suplex. He covers. Chavo kicks out. Kurt applies a gut wrench behind Chavo. He has his arms locked right under the pectoral muscles. Chavo gets up and fights Kurt to release it. He does. Chavo runs into the ropes. He comes back but Kurt hits an amazing tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kurt stomps on Chavo after that. He gets Chavo up but Chavo fights back. He is able to run in the ropes and spin around for a hurricanrona. Both get up and Chavo does a dropkick. He gets Kurt up and puts him in the corner. Kurt is able to grab Chavo and whips him in the opposing corner. He boucnes out and Kurt does a belly to belly suplex. He covers. Chavo kicks out. Both get up. Chavo is able to do roll-up but Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Chavo does a suplex and goes for another one, but Kurt does 3 german suplexes. Kurt goes for the Ankle Lock, but Chavo rolls out. Both get up and Chavo does the 3 amigos. Chavo climbs the corner. He goes for the frog splash but Kurt moves. Kurt hits the Angle Slam as both get up. Kurt pulls his singlet down and then turns to Hernandez as Hernandez went on the apron. Chavo is able to roll Kurt from behind. He gets the win. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night.Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Kurt is upset with the sudden and quick loss. He pushes Chavo as Guerrero turns around. Chavo pushes Kurt back. Kurt does another one. Hernandez enters and pushes Kurt. AJ Styles enters and all four men are talking. Daniels and Kazarian are on the stage. They have drinks in their hand as they are enjoying this moment. They tell them to keep it up. The two teams look at the tag champs. AJ and Kurt leave as Chavo and Hernandez continue to celebrate.

A little promo package hypes King Mo's debut tonight.


The X-Division Championship graphic appears. Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces Douglas Williams. He is already in the ring. Zema Ion comes out as his music plays. He has his hairspray in hand and the X-Division Title around his waist.

Douglas Williams vs. Zema Ion (Champ) for the X-Division Title

They are face to face and Zema does a kick in the gut. He pounds on the back of Douglas, but Williams comes back and does a headbutt right into the chest of Zema. He pushes him in the ropes and continues the attack. Williams whips Zema in the ropes. He comes back and lifts Zema up. Zema goes sailing over the ropes. Douglas gets out of the ring. Zema wants Williams to stay back. Douglas grabs him, but Zema pushes Williams shoulder first into the steel post. Zema brings Williams in the ring. Zema grabs William's arm and locks it behind Williams on the mat. It pops and Williams quickly taps. Zema doesn't let go though. Earl Hebner yells that he reverses the decision. Winner: Douglas Williams

Zema grabs his title and a mic. He tells Hogan that he hopes he was watching but he wants off the list of the teaming with Sting. He doesn't want to put his looks at risk.

A video plays hyping up the one and only King Mo. He will be debuting son. The video ends and he is shown backstage. He is coming up next.


Bruce Prichard is with D-Lo Brown backstage. Bruce has a tablet with a video to show D-Lo. The video has Matt Morgan's appearance on a live event. He kicked a referee. Bruce says Matt hasn't been in TNA for 5 months. D-Lo says he has been running the live event. Bruce says Matt was kicked out before that moment and he has that on video too. He tells D-Lo not to let it happen again. D-Lo won't and is furious with himself. He walks away.

James Storm's music hits and he comes out. The crowd does a huge pop. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says it is 10 days away until Bound for Glory. It's the biggest PPV of the year and the biggest night for him. It will be one year since the James Storm and Bobby Roode conflict started. James isn't coming to BFG to be a better wrestler or fighter but to prove that he is the better man. It seems like the general manger, Hulk Hogan, doesn't like his officials to be tossed around. He has King Mo as the special enforcer. Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes out on stage with a mic. He doesn't care about a King Mo. James shouldn't either. The only thing that should be on James' mind is being in the ring with Roode. James never beat Roode. He rode his tail for 4 years. James has always been jealous of Roode. Roode says James is right as this story has been building for almost a year. It's going to explode. No one can contain them. That is why Hogan put King Mo in the match. This won't be a match though. It will be a fight. Roode won't stop until he is standing of James knowing that he ended his career. This match will be a blood bath. No one will stop Roode. King Mo will not get in Roode's way and if he thinks so, he better rethink of the situation. If King Mo were here, Roode would say it right to his face. Suddenly, music plays and it's King Mo. He comes out to meet Roode. Roode is right in the face of Mo. He touches his chain and his cape. He touches his crown. He asks Mo what he is going to do about it. Roode shoves Mo. Mo isn't going to take it. He pushes Roode back and Bobby falls right down. He slides away wanting no more. His scared face tells it all. Roode gets up and goes right in the back. Mo's music plays and he continues to the ring. He gets right in James' face. James talks to him and Mo nods. James takes Mo's hand and raises it. James grabs two beers and gives one to Mo. They both drink and then raise their arms again.

Sting meets Hogan in his office. Hogan writes down his pick for the tag match. Sting goes to look but Hogan wants to hear who Sting has in mind. Sting wants to see one more match.....he wants to see Bully Ray against Jeff and Austin. Hogan asks Sting if he knows who he is. Ray says that all the time. Sting wants to watch it to make his pick clear. Hogan says he will watch it too. Hogan then takes his paper and looks at it again.


A video package plays showing the confrontation between Aces and 8s and Sting and Hogan. They are captured and are taken to the clubhouse. That is where the tag team match is made.

Joseph Parks is backstage. Aces and 8s guy places with spark plugs and then someone else throws water in the face of Parks. They are saying Parks is just fine. They promised they would take care of him. One guy wonders who they are going to pick while all of the Aces and 8s members are ready to fight. Are they ready? A member plays with the spark plugs and then goes to shock Parks as the camera goes out.

Mike Tenay and Taz explain the Bound for Glory line-up. We will have the full line-up right here on

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this main event. Bully Ray appears first. The crowd boos as he gets in the ring. After him, Jeff Hardy walks out. The crowd cheers for him. He is rocking the face paint again. Jeff walks around the ring and interacts with the fans. He then gets in the ring. Austin Aries' music plays. He has a cape on his back and holds the TNA World Title.


Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

The match already started. Ray is in control as he is punching Jeff in the face while he is lying on the mat. Ray gets him up and goes for a suplex but Jeff counters. Ray slams right on the mat and rolls out of the ring. Austin Aries gets in the ring. They stare at each other and clap to get the fans involved. Ray pulls Jeff out of the ring and whips him right into the steel post. Ray enters and Austin goes after him. Ray is able to whip Austin into the corner. He runs to him but Austin kicks him in the face and gut. Austin is able to come back. He puts Ray but Ray knocks Austin down. Jeff runs in and smashes Ray in the corner. He gets Ray and hits the Twist of Fate. He takes off his shirt and climbs. He hits the Swanton Bomb. He covers. Austin stops the count. He goes after Ray as Jeff rolls to the side. Ray is down and Jeff gets up. They stare at each other and start talking back and forth. Ray gets up and attacks them both. He knocks Jeff out of the ring and then lifts Austin up. Austin flies over the ropes and lands on Jeff on the outside. Austin gets up and Ray is leaning on the ropes. Austin chokes Ray on the top and climbs the corner. He flies. He hits Ray. Ray falls and then goes in the corner. Austin runs and does a dropkick to him in the corner. He goes for the Brain Buster but Ray is able to get away. He walks over to the corner for his chain but it's not there. He start yelling and swearing. He gets out and grabs the TNA World Title. He gets in the ring and goes to Austin while he is holding his face as his eye is bothering him. Jeff gets in to attack Ray, but Ray grabs Jeff and throws him into Austin. Aries falls. Ray lifts Jeff up and hits the Bully Bomb. He covers and wins. Winner: Bully Ray

Bully Ray leaves the ring. As he walks backwards up the ramp, he asks if Sting saw that. In the ring, Austin is trash talking Jeff as to how he did that and had Ray win. Austin is fed up with Jeff. Austin turns and climbs the corner. He raises the title but the fans boo. He gets down and is getting angry. He leaves the ring. Jeff raises his arms and the crowd goes wild. Austin wants that cheer.

Sting and Hulk Hogan walk out from the office as they are going to announce Sting's partner, next.


Sting's music hits and the lights go out. Sting makes his way on the stage. Hulk Hogan is behind him. They walk down the ramp as the fans roar. They get in the ring. Hogan grabs a mic in his hand.

Saying that the Aces and 8s have been running around the Impact Zone is an understatement. While they are set for the PPV, Hogan can't think of how personal this really is. They singled him out. Hogan will watch but they have to watch out for the Sting-man. He will do everything to keep Aces and 8s out of TNA. Everyone has the same vibe about the faction. Kurt wants to rip them apart. We can even see that in Samoa Joe. Bully Ray even wants to do that. At the end of the day, we need someone to get the job done. Hulk Hogan announces that they are picking the man who hit two Mic Checks earlier. He will partner with Sting. Hogan wants Ken to come out. The music plays and the lights go out. Just then, a camera is playing showing Ken Anderson down outside of the Impact Zone. Aces and 8s are around him. They tell the cameraman to get back. Aces and 8s leave. Hogan yells for people to check on Ken. Samoa Joe and other stars run to check on Ken. Bully Ray runs out to the ring. He gets in and asks Hogan if he really picked them. He turns to Sting and says he wants Sting to talk some sense into Hogan. The faction cost Ray the World Title. They took Ray out. Bully wants Aces and 8s more than anyone. He is the guy. He tells Sting to look at him for a second. He wants Sting to convince him. Sting turns and tells Hogan that it should be him. As Ray is talking, the fans are chanting, "We Want Devon." Ray tells Hogan that he may not like him but he is in and wants to fight. Ray extends his hand and wants Hogan to shake. Hogan stares at Ray. He finally shakes the hand and tells Ray to go into war for him. Ray will, brother. Hogan let's go of the hand as Ray's music plays. The show fades with the three in the ring.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bully Ray
2. Mr. Anderson
3. Chavo Guerrero
4. Samoa Joe
5. Tara

Alex's Assumptions:

I first want to say that I will not be writing Impact Wrestling live coverage next week. I would absolutely love to since it is the last show before Bound for Glory, but I am unable to. I know this will be in good hands and I hope it is one amazing show. As far as this show goes, I love how the show had multiple focuses. They focused on the whole Aces and 8s story as Hogan and Sting needed to find a person. Now, I apologize for last week as I said there are two people that Hogan and Sting need to pick. Sting is one of those people, but I did not hear that at all. That's what happens when they had the horrible clubhouse segment last week. Sting is involved in the match and they first picked Ken Anderson. I pretty much felt that Ken was going to be attacked backstage. It had that feel. That was no surprise there. The whole Bully Ray segment at the end was excellent. Ray sold it like he was Billy Mays on an infomercial. The crowd put a little dent in it as the chanted Devon during the time. While they may not think so, it hurt Ray. Ray was there to cut a promo that would really push him to the next level but the fans go and voice their opinion. Not sure about most, but it affected the way I thought about the segment. The other stories the show revolved around was the tag team title match at BFG. They had a nice story for that match tonight with the whole Kurt doesn't want to team up with AJ to the pushing and shoving at the end of the match. I can't wait for that match. Sadly, I felt that the tag team story was brought up more than the TNA World Title story. TNA will need to really push the Jeff/Austin story next week as well as Aces and 8s. Those would be my focus. I was quite surprised the crowd booed Austin Aries at the end. I did like it though as TNA could play that off as mind games that would affect Austin. James Storm and Bobby Roode is that one story that I love. I love long story lines. They have a strong and nice development. This is that rivalry. It has been going on for almost a year. I never not wanted to see these two battle. Their match at the PPV should be top notch. Al Snow vs. Joey is finally set up. To make this terse, TNA could have done a better job keeping this story present each week but maybe that would have been too obvious. Speaking of Al, Bruce showed D-Lo a video of Matt Morgan. I don't understand this at all. This happened weeks ago. I don't know what will come from this but I am interested. That's for sure. Samoa Joe got the win and that easily put a smile on my face. Zema continues to be a nice heel character but Tara's heel character makes me scratch my head. It looks like she is trying to be a Hollywood person wanting all of the scoop. I can't see that in her. Her calling A-Rod was just a little phony for me. I didn't like that, but it looked like she got a new phone. It's about time she upgraded. Nice show leading up to Bound for Glory, but even though it is their biggest show of the year, it does not have that Wrestlemania feel at all. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) as I always love to interact.

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