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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/27/2011

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/27/2011
Report by: Kyle Policastro of

TNA opens with a video package on Storm winning the title last week.

James Storm enters the Impact Zone with the TNA World Championship in hand.

Storm gives a speech to open the show. He says his dad is one of the people who always believed in him, but a lot of others said he would never make it. He says that he has made it and now he'd like to thank the crowd and another group of guys... Enter Fortune.

Storm offers Roode the first shot at his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. But Samoa Joe isn't so sure about that and he makes his way down to the ring. Joe says that he used to be a part of their little group, when they all fought against the system who kept them down. He congratulates Storm but then insults him to nullify that, and then says he deserves the title shot. Storm throws an insult back at him that was a little more blunt. Storm says these guys in Fortune deserve a shot more then he does. Sting breaks up the party and says that it should be Roode vs Joe for the #1 contender's spot. Ta-ta for now...

Daniels is backstage giving a ridiculous excuse for losing the I quit match.

Commercial Break.

Daniels is out to the ring to face RVD.

RVD vs Daniels
Lock up into some quick back and forth moves leading to a roll up by RVD scoring a 2 count. Side headlock by Daniels before rolling RVD up. AJ joins us at commentary. Daniels picks RVD up but gets a kick to the head followed by a standing moonsault. RVD tries to follow up but gets a drop toe hold from Daniels and falls headfirst into the turnbuckle. Daniels with elbow strikes to the back and then a running STO. Daniels back on the attack and RVD and Daniels start trading blows before Daniels hits a Ura-nage, follows up with the BME but misses it, letting RVD take control. RVD gets Daniels in the corner and monkey flips him across the ring. Flying RVD kick from the ropes, then goes for Rolling Thunder. Daniels rolls out, Van Dam slingshot crossbody to the outside then puts him over the rail... Goes up to the apron and spinning leg drop to the back of Daniels! Both men trying to get to their feet, but Daniels grabs some kind of box from under the ring and hits RVD with it. He pulls out a screwdriver but before he can use it AJ Styles storms the ring and saves the day.
Winner by DQ: Rob Van Dam

Karen and her associates are seen backstage headed our way...

Commercial Break.

We're hearing Gail speak for the first time in I don't know how long. She's saying she owes no one an explanation, but she'll give us one anyway. She says Karen taught her it's not about the fans, it's about her (Gail) being the center of attention, and being the main eventer that she always will be. Karen takes the mic and gives Gail a title match against Velvet Sky at Turning Point. Gail says she's not going to let Karen down, or herself down, so she wants a piece of "fresh meat" to fight right now.

Gail Kim vs Tara
Gail takes the fight to Tara right away with shots to the head, followed up with a big clothesline. Tara gets knocked to the apron and then flipped over the rope back in as Gail dominates the match. Commercial Break We come back from commercial and Gail is wrapping Tara in an unfamiliar submission. Well, Tara dropped her and the hit a rolling neckbreaker to gain a near fall. Tara tries to build some momentum but Gail hits her move formerly known as "Eat Defeat".
Winner: Gail Kim

Hardy is talking about how his match with Bully Ray is a real test and such.

Flair and Bischoff are walking and talking about Tough Love.

Commercial Break.

Having some TV trouble here... Bear with me please.

Daniels on the phone as we're back from commercial. Kaz meets him backstage and tells him that this feud between Styles and Daniels has to end. Daniels reluctantly agrees. Now to Bully Ray who tells Jeff Hardy that rehab is for quitters (lmao, what?) and my TV went out again.

Unsure what exactly happened but I called my friend and learned this match took place while my TV went out:

Eric Young vs Robbie E. w/ Rob Terry
Winner: Eric Young

After the match Eric Young was attacked by Terry and Robbie, and it was announced that Ronnie from the Jersey Shore will be here next week.

I greatly apologize for anything I've missed while my television service went out.

Flair talking to Bischoff's son, giving him the old heart to heart, telling him to do the right thing tonight.

Video package for Jeff Hardy again.

Jarrett making his way to the ring now... Not in wresting gear either. Jarrett has harsh words for Hardy and suggests that they air the footage of the main event for Turning Point 2006. Hardy wasn't in it because he didn't show up. Double J tries to continue talking but Hardy makes his way down to the ring to shut Jarrett up. As security separates the two, Bully Ray sneaks in from behind and attacks Jeff Hardy, starting their match.

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy
Ray immediately takes control and lands several blows to Hardy's head as we go to a Commercial Break. We're back and Bully Ray has Hardy down on the mat as he locks in a nerve hold onto Hardy's traps. Hardy fights out of it but gets his head thrown to the mat, then gets thrown into the corner and Bully Ray runs at him and squashes him. Bully Ray back in control and lays in a couple crossface shots. Jeff fights through it still but gets a massive chop from Ray. Ray puts him in the corner and charges at him again, however, this time, Hardy gets his feet up and knocks Ray down. Hardy follows up with a leg drop and gets a near fall. Hardy runs at Ray but gets a back body drop, then dodges a big splash by Ray and hits the Twist of Face and then a massive Swanton Bomb on Bully Ray for the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

A post match interview with Hardy doesn't last very long before Jarrett comes out of the crowd and attacks Hardy, then throws him into the ring with an aggravated Bully Ray. Jarrett throws a table in the ring and it looks like they're setting up for a big powerbomb through the table. Anderson comes to Hardy's rescue though, and runs Ray and Jarrett out of the ring.

Commercial Break.

Samoa Joe vs Bobby Roode - #1 Contender's Match
Formal introductions by Jeremy Borash. The bell rings and we're underway. Joe and Roode go back and forth in the corner trading shots before Roode comes at him with an explosive clothesline. Roode quickly tries to lock in the crossface but Joe rolls out and lures Bobby out of the ring. Joe chops him to the ground and rolls Roode back in, following up with a powerslam and then a quick boot to the head. Joe hits a senton splash on Roode after that and covers him for 2. Roode fights back but gets a back elbow from Joe and falls flat to the ground. Pointed elbow to the back of Roode by Joe and now he's stuck in a chinlock. Roode fights back out again and eats punch after punch by Roode. Joe hits an inverted atomic drop on Roode and comes at him but gets hit with a spinebuster by Roode, and now both men are down. The two fight back to their feet and are trading blows back and forth until Roode comes back with a couple of big flying forearms and suddenly is now in control. Roode tries to finish him off now with the fisherman's suplex but Joe counters and lands a Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Joe follows up looking for a musclebuster, but Roode slips out and locks him in the crossface. Joe turns it into a pin and Roode kicks out, breaking up the hold. Samoa Joe hit him with what looked like a modified gutbuster but they called it a kneebreaker. In any case, Roode got back to his feet and when he looked to finish it, Roode hit the fisherman's suplex from out of nowhere and pinned him for the win.
Winner and NEW #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode

After the match, Storm appeared at the top of the ramp and applauded Roode.

Bischoff on his way to the ring now.

Commercial Break.

We're back and it's the "moment of truth". Bischoff is on his way out and expecting his son to apologize to him. His son's name is Garrett, I don't know if I've mentioned that. Anyway, Bischoff calls his son down to the ring. As Garrett makes his way to the ring, Eric says he forgives Garrett for all the trouble he's caused him recently. He tells him to go ahead and apologize, and when Garrett seems reluctant, Eric gets mad. Growing more and more irritated, Bischoff starts smacking Garrett around... Well Garret has had enough and grabs Eric's hand. Flair has seen enough and tells Garrett to apologize and then kiss his ass. Flair says he won't screw around with him like his dad, Flair will really mess him up. Garrett still won't apologize, and Flair strikes him. Well, Garrett strikes him back. That doesn't go over well and Flair low blows him. Flair lays in some classic flair chops and stomps Eric's son to the ground. Bischoff stands there and watches on as Flair beats him down. Then Flair and Bischoff hug in an anti-climactic ending.

Kyle's Corner:
I apologize for my television service going out. Again. I know it's not the first time. I'm very sorry to all, but I'm fairly sure the only thing I really missed at first was EY vs Robbie E. In any case, tonight's episode bored me, and it didn't make me want to tune in next week. I'm very interested to see what the ratings look like after last week's spectacular amount of viewers. It was great getting to write results for all of you again; now I'm off to watch the replay of the B&B debut haha. See you all again soon!

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