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Impact Wrestling Results (11/1/12) - Luke, You Are A Member

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Impact Wrestling Results - 11/1/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

As Impact Wrestling starts, they put a remembrance of Brad Armstrong graphic on the screen. It's there for a several seconds. As that fades away, a video package airs. It shows last week's episode where Bully Ray confronted Devon and he will call his brother out this week while Kurt Angle went on to fight Jeff Hardy. Kurt lost and got attacked by Aces and 8s as he was their target person for the night. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and then on the stage. We are welcomed and Mr. Parks is in the middle of the ring with a mic.

He asks if he can go and then starts. He is flustered. He says he has been around here long enough to know what this Open Fight Night show is all about. Since day one, Parks said he is not a wrestler. He is an attorney and a pretty good one too. Well, with him being attacked by the Aces and 8s, it doesn't matter if he is a wrestler or an attorney. He is a man. He is going to stick up for his rights. He asked Hogan for a match against the Aces and 8s, but since Parks is not an active wrestler, Hogan did not give him an answer. Parks and his company found a loophole. That is Open Fight Night. He gets ready and challenged any person from the faction. He is ready. Music hits and here comes Aces and 8s from the audience. They pass the security railing and there are four members. One member goes to each side of the ring. They then get in. Parks only said one. As they get in the ring, Kurt Angle's music hits and he runs down. Kurt slides in and he starts attacking the faction. Aces and 8s retaliate and join together against Kurt. Sting's music plays and he comes out. He has his bat in his hand. Aces and 8s run. Sting grabs a mic as he is in the ring. He tells Aces and 8s that there will be someone who gets attacked and have their mask ripped off tonight. Sting's music plays as Aces and 8s leave.

Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley are commentating tonight as they give us the line-up for the show. After they do, they show the GutCheck Challenger tonight. He is stretching out backstage.

Magnus is walking backstage. The cameraman asks him if he is going to call anyone out. Magnus will be and he won't be revealing it. It's live TV and that's why you have to watch.


Jessie from Big Brother is backstage with Tara. Jessie is saying he has an ear infection because of ODB. He is a man and shouldn't face ODB tonight. Tara says she fought ODB before and she has his back. He wants her to sterilize him as they were about to kiss. She gives him hand sanitizer. She talks about kids either if they should have them or adopt them. They kiss at the end.

Magnus' music hits and he comes out to the ring. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He calls out Samoa Joe for the Television Title. As he says it, the fans chant, "Joe is gonna kill you." Magnus has an issue with Joe being the Television Champion. Joe doesn't have the image for TV. He is the Howard Stern of wrestling. People like him but he has a radio face. Magnus does not. Magnus goes on to talk, but Joe's music stops him. Joe is seen walking in the back. He comes through he curtain and walks right down the ramp.

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe (Champ) for the Television Title

Joe gets right in and punches Magnus in the face. Magnus backs up to the corner. Joe rips Magnus' shirt and then whips him in the opposing corner. Joe runs to him, smashes him and then does the pele kick. Joe continues the attack in the corner. He whips him in the other corner. He goes after him. Magnus tries to fight back. He goes to the second rope. He jumps but Joe hits the atomic drop and then kicks Magnus right in the head. Joe jumps and lands right on Magnus back first. Joe gets Magnus up. He whips him in the ropes, but Magnus comes back with a knee to the chest and head. He continues the attack on the mat. He covers but Joe kicks out. Magnus gets him up. He knocks Joe down again with a boot. He covers but Joe kicks out. Magnus applies the headlock. Joe gets up and out of it. He spins to the back and goes for the Rear Naked Choke Hold, but Magnus is able to fall down and hit chin breaker. Joe backs up to the corner. Magnus, up, runs to Joe, but Joe lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. Magnus gets up and Joe closelines him out of the ring. Magnus is on the ground and looks for something under the ring. Joe comes down and bets Magnus to his feet. He lifts him up and slams his back into the steel post. Joe backs away. Magnus looks under the ring again and grabs a wrench. He slides in the ring. Joe gets back in the ring and goes to Magnus. Magnus turns and hits Joe right in the face with the wrench. Earl Hebner calls for the bell. Winner and Still Television Champ: Samoa Joe

Sting is backstage with Mr. Parks and Hulk Hogan in Hogan's office. Sting has his bat and starts swinging away. He is smiling while doing so. Just then, Kurt Angle comes in. He demands Hogan to give him Devon. He wants Devon. Bully has Devon tonight. If Devon is still around, Kurt can have him at Turning Point. Kurt is fine with that. He also brought stars to help. He has Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco beside him. Kurt praises Wes as he is part of the Brisco family. Hulk likes it. Sting is thrilled to have young guns on their side. He tells them to follow him. Sting leads the way with Kurt, Garett, and Wes behind him.


Samoa Joe is backstage holding an ice pack on his head. Joe is furious. He tells Magnus that the DQ is not going to stop him. If Magnus wants to play it like this, then Joe will. There won't be any DQ....there won't be any rules. Joe is going to kill him.

Footage plays showing last week's confrontation between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries in the ring. After that, Jeff Hardy is backstage. He is putting his make-up on while he talks about Open Fight Night. Anyone can call him out tonight. He has to be ready. He brings up Austin Aries. Jeff is ready for anything.

Kazarian and Daniels' music hits. They come down the ramp and get in the ring. Kaz grabs a mic. He saying Sting is going to unmask an Aces and 8s member....but Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are the ones that should be unmasked. Kaz and Daniels talked last week about the two people and some people in the back got mad. That the amigos for you. Daniels grabs the mic. He says it's Open Fight Night. They are calling out two latino people. The two people have great ties. They call out...the Spanish announce team. The commentators look at each other. They aren't sure what is going on. Daniels and Kaz tell them to come down.


The two spanish commentators are on the apron now as Daniels and Kaz insult and mock them. Are they mexiCANS or mexiCANTS? They get in the ring now. They says they are amigas and then push Hector's co-worker. Hector is not going to take that. As the guy falls down in the ring corner, Hector attacks Daniels and Kaz, but they come back and knock him down to the mat. They slowly hit him. Music hits and Chavo and Hernandez run down the ramp. They get in the ring. Daniels and Kaz leave. They go on the ramp as Daniels says they want them now but not last week. They finally got to them. Chavo is furious. He and Hernandez check on Hector.

A video package plays describing the Gut Check Challenger Christian York. He was in TNA in 2002 but was let go after a short period of time. He has been wrestling for over a decade and this is his last opportunity. It is his time. The video ends and we see Mr. York backstage. He is gearing up as he will compete next.


ODB is backstage. She is calling Eric Young and it goes straight to voice mail. She wonders where he is but says she will be calling out Tara's boo and she wants him there. She wants the fried chicken too. She loves him.

Jeremy Borash is in the middle of the ring as he introduces Christian York. He comes down the ramp and interacts with the fans along the way. He slides in the ring and taunts as he climbs in the corner. This is his Gut Check. Zema Ion's music plays and he walks right down the ramp with his cocky smile and hair. He gets in the ring and uses the spray paint as goes right in the face of York. York throws the spray paint away. Ion can't believe it.

Christian York vs. Zema Ion in the Gut Check Challenge

York goes right after Zema with punches to the face. York grabs Ion and whips him in the ropes. He grabs him and twists him around. He continues the offense but Zema fights back with a whip in the corner. York comes back as he hits Zema. Zema backs up and York goes for a kick but Ion blocks it. York flips and hits Zema right in the head with his boot. He does a full nelson suplex. York goes to climb the corner. As he does, Zema rolls to the side of the ring. York jumps down and grabs Zema by the hair. He pulls Ion in the ring, but Ion does a swinging DDT. He stays in control with punches and kicks. He whips York and then hits a suplex. Zema jumps to the top rope and flies back for a moonsault, but York is able to block it. Zema stands to hold his gut. York gets up and runs to Ion. It knocks him out of the ring. Ion gets in the ring. York grabs him and hits his finisher of a swinging neck breaker. Ion kicks out though as York goes for a pin. Ion slowly rolls away. He goes to the outside. York does a baseball slide but he doesn't hit Ion. Ion is able to fight back. He brings York in the ring. He knocks him down and brings the arm back for a submission lock. York taps. Winner: Zema Ion

Austin Aries is walking backstage. The camera guy asks if Austin still has the TNA World Title. Austin does. It's still his title. Jeff doesn't deserve it. It's his. He has business to take care of now. He knocks on the door. It opens. Robbie E and Robbie T are there. Austin compliments their yellow and grey sweaters. He likes the color on them. He goes on to talk about 5 points. He closes the door.


Bully Ray is walking backstage. Garett Bischoff meets up with him. He know Bully is calling Devon but Devon turned Garett as they were tag partners. Bully thanks him but it will take more than someone who has been in the business for 2 years to tell him what to do. Someone rushes up to them and tell them that Aces and 8s are through the door. Ray and Garett run. They meet up with Sting and Kurt. Aces and 8s are across from them. Just then, the two sides collide. They fight back and forth. Aces and 8s leave the area. Sting yells that someone will lose their mask tonight.

ODB's music plays. She has one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Titles around her waist. ODB gets in the ring with her flask in her hand. She grabs a mic. It's Open Fight Night and she's calling out the 6 pack freak who fake tans, protein shaker, egg white beater eater, Tara's boo who doesn't have a big battery, and Big Brother Jessie. She tells him that he should meet his big sister. BOOM! Tara's music plays. The two are seen walking backstage. They come on the ramp as they kiss. They continue down the ramp as Jessie says he is a man. Tara does a pep talk and then slides in the ring.

ODB vs. Jessie

Jessie runs and goes for a closeline, but ODB ducks and punches him as they turn around to face each other. ODB then does a few open hand slaps to the chest. It even hurt her hand. He screams. He slides out of the ring. Tara confronts him. He gets back in. ODB continues with punches and then claps to the chest. Jessie goes to the corner. ODB tries to whip him but he stops her. She kicks him in the gut and then gets on top of the corner. He is right there and pushes her down. Jessie says something to Tara and then drops an elbow but ODB moves. Jessie crawls out of the ring. ODB follows. Tara grabs Jessie and they run around the ring. They slide in. Tara slides out while ODB grabs Jessie by the legs. She lifts him up and right down to the mat. He gets up and she takes him to the corner. She climbs and sits on the top. She smashes his face into the top turnbuckle multiple times. Jessie stumbles back. ODB jumps but Jessie moves. Jessie says something to Tara again. He turns and lifts ODB for a body slam. Jessie and Tara meet on the apron and they kiss. They get done and Jessie turns. ODB is right there and hits a body slam. She then puts hi over her knee and slaps his butt. She goes over to Tara. Tara gets on the apron and they exchange words. Tara swings at ODB, but she ducks. ODB grabs Tara to knock her out, but Jessie crawls over and does a roll-up. Winner: Jessie

Jessie gets out and celebrates his huge victory with Tara. They skip up the ramp. Camera shows the commentators desk. Jeremy Borash meets us with the second hour as he will call the action with Mike Tenay. Taz is out because of Superstorm Sandy. They hype Bully Ray and Devon for later tonight.

Robbie E and Robbie T's music plays. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Robbie E grabs a mic while Mr. T has a clipboard in his hand. Mr. E brings up the victory he has over Jeff Hardy during the Bound for Glory Series. He calls Jeff out tonight to he can beat him again. Jeff's music plays. He is shown backstage. He comes through the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp as the crowd roars. He interacts with fans around the ring.

Robbie E vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff gets on the apron and Robbie goes right after him, but Jeff blocks the punch and punches Robbie right in the head. Jeff gets in and takes Robbie down. Jeff grabs his legs and does the leg drop in between them. Jeff continues the attack as he climbs the corner and hits the leg drop as Robbie is still on the mat. Robbie rolls over and gets out of the ring. Jeff follows him. He attacks Robbie and then whips him in the steel steps. Robbie walks over to the other side after getting up and leans against the guard rail. Jeff sets up the steps and runs to the, jumps on them, and flies to land right on Robbie. Jeff gets up and takes Robbie back in the ring. Jeff gets on the apron, but Robbie T grabs Jeff and slams him back into the guard rail. Jeff is down.


Robbie and Jeff are standing in the ring. Jeff goes to run into the ropes, but Robbie grabs his hair and slams him down in the mat. Robbie is liking his spot right now. He yells at Jeff to come back. Robbie gets him up and whips him in the ropes. Jeff comes back with an elbow shot to the face. Both get up and Jeff goes into the ropes again. Jeff passes Robbie E and does a baseball slide kick to Mr. T. Jeff gets up. Robbie E kicks Jeff and hits a DDT. Robbie gets Jeff up, but Jeff lifts Robbie up for a front suplex. He takes his shirt off. Robbie gets up. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate. He climbs the corner and hits the Swanton Bomb. He covers and wins. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night.Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff has his title and celebrates in the ring while Robbie T helps Robbie E up the ramp. Austin's music plays and he comes out. He has the TNA World Title in his hand and a mic in the other. He says he is still the best wrestler in the universe. Jeff did knock Austin off of the stool, but he will come back at Turning Point. He will be champion and that will be his title again. Jeff looks at his title and then tells Austin to hold on. Jeff gets out of the ring. Jeff says they should do it right at Turning Point. Jeff pulls out a ladder. He climbs the ladder. Austin thinks he is going to put shingles on a roof. Jeff gets on top and makes it a ladder match between the two. Austin is a wrestler! He is not doing it! Jeff's music hits as he holds his head and then raises the title up. Jeff comes down the ladder and interacts with the fans more.

Video plays showing the opening of Hogan's Beach Shop. Hogan is there as he is thankful that show many people have showed up. Someone yells out Terry. It's Matt Morgan. He gets right in the face of Hulk. Hogan tells him that this is not the place. This is his store. Matt looks over and takes a cape that Hogan wore during his career. Hulk tells him no but it's too late. Matt takes it and tells Hogan to not embarrass himself in front of his fans. Matt walks away.

Hogan is backstage watching a screen. He says he finally got it. James Storm walks up behind him. He tells Hogan that he understands why he picked Kurt Angle last week but he told James to clear his head as he has something for him. James cleared his mind through the entire year. Hogan asks if he is a betting man. Hogan has something for him.


Bobby Roode's music plays. The It Factor slowly comes down the ramp. He has a shirt on as well as his wrestling gear. No suit this time. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. It's Open Fight Night, but Roode is not here to fight. He is here to make a fact. It's a fact that Roode is getting screwed again. Last week, Hogan had 4 men in his office and one of those stars would fight for the TNA World Title. Roode knows Hogan put a clause in his contract that he can't face for the TNA World Title as long as Austin is champion. Austin is not champion and Roode should have faced Jeff. If he did, he would beat Jeff all over the arena. He would be the new champion then. AJ Styles' music plays. He comes down the ramp in his gear and a shirt. He grabs a mic when he hits the ring. He asks if he is seriously going to cry and whine about getting a title shot. AJ should get the title. During the year, Roode held the title longer than anyone in history. He should be proud of that. AJ was in a dilemma. Not of his, but of someone else. There were pictures of him and Dixie going into elevators....but there other other pictures of people in elevators and it must be all of AJs in the wrestling business. AJ had enough of Roode and calls him out right now. AJ takes off his shirt. Roode tells AJ that he is not here to fight. The answer is no.

Roode walks away. AJ turns around. Roode turns back and runs behind AJ. He knocks him down. Roode turns back and prepares to leave the ring, but he turns back. AJ is up and runs right to him. He closelines him right out of the ring. AJ runs into the ropes and is about to jump over them, but he stops as Roode backs up. Hulk Hogan's music plays. He comes out and James Storm is by his side. They can decide their own fate. They will see who will get a title shot. Three men will have the turning point in their career. It will be James Storm vs. Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles. The winner will go for the title while the one who gets pinned will not have a title shot until next year's Bound for Glory.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are walking backstage. They are coming to the ring, next.


The show returns and we get a line-up for Turning Point. We will surely had the matches for the pay-per-view right here on

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan come out. They walk out to some music that must be Joey's theme. Matt has the cape that he stole from Hulk's shop. Joey grabs a mic and holds it up to Matt's mouth. Matt begins to speak. He says TNA has ignored him and his talent. They did not want to give him the ball. Well, he took the ball. He went from house show to house show knocking people's head off. He still didn't get noticed. He will be noticed. Matt will make history with this cape unlike Hogan did with it. Matt will eat through the roster and will go right to the TNA World Title. Joey brings the mic down as Matt walks away. He calls out Rob Van Dam as he says the X-Division Title can be X-Rated. RVD's music plays. He comes out. He walks down the ramp. He raises his arms and fireworks explode. He gets in the ring with the title.

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam

Joey goes right after RVD, but RVD attacks back. He looks at Matt. Joey hits RVD down and Matt gets out of the ring. Joey continues, but RVD brings Joey to the corner. He punches him and kicks him. He takes him out and down to the mat. He hits rolling thunder. He climbs the corner and goes for the Five Star Frog Splash. Matt pulls Joey out of the ring. RVD crashes and burns. RVD gets up and goes to Matt. He talks to him from the ring, but Joey rolls RVD up from behind and uses the trunks. He gets the win. Winner: Joey Ryan

RVD gets up. He doesn't like this. He turns his focus to RVD, but Joey gets up. He turns RVD around and punches him. RVD punches back and knocks Joey down. Matt gets in the ring and waits. RVD turns and Matt hits The Carbon Footprint. RVD is down and out.

Devon is backstage with Aces and 8s. He is ready for this. He talks to the other members as the confrontation is next.


Mike Tenay tells us that next week's official match will be AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode.

Bully Ray's music hits and he comes right down the ramp. He is ready. He gets in the ring and taunts. He grabs a mic and tells people to shut up. First he is thinking of everyone in the Northeast. He tells them to stay strong. This is for them. Now, he wants Devon out here and wants to kick his @ss. Bully sets the mic down and waits. Music hits and Devon comes through the doorway. He walks through the fans and goes back the guard rail. He slowly walks up the steel steps. He takes off his vest and gets in the ring.

Bully stomps his foot and runs right to Devon, but Devon quickly goes through the middle and top rope to exit the ring. He walks around the ring. Ray wants this. He exits the ring and takes a table out from under the ring. He brings it in the ring and sets it up. He tells Devon to get right in. Ray backs all the way up. Devon gets on the apron. Ray runs to him, but Devon gets down. He signals for someone. A kid from the crowd touches him and Devon turns and yells right at the kid. Aces and 8s come out. There are tons of members. They get right in the ring. Ray grabs his chain and starts swinging. There is at least 9 or 10. Just then, TNA roster comes out. It is led by Sting. There's Kurt Angle, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero. They fight the members. They exit the ring and continue to fight. Devon and Ray are the only ones in the ring now. Devon doesn't know as his back is towards the ring. He turns and sees Ray. Devon goes for a punch, but Ray punches Devon and he falls right down. Ray brings the table over. He sets up a power bomb, but some member comes in and pushes Ray outside of the ring. Devon leaves the ring. The member stands there while Mr. Parks slides in now. He meets the Aces and 8s guy. Aces and 8s guy turns around and he and Parks fight it out. Parks doesn't last long. He has Parks down on the mat. He leans forward, but Parks grabs the mask. He rips it off. It's Luke Gallows! Luke grabs Parks and chokeslams him right through the table. Kurt Angle slides in the ring, but Luke quickly leaves. The show fades as we learn a new member of the faction.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jeff Hardy - Same as last week
2. Samoa Joe - Up from last week
3. Mr. Parks - New from last week
4. Joey Ryan - New from last week
5. Jessie - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

First off, I really liked how TNA started the show off by remembering Brad Armstrong. We learned about the death this earlier today and it's a real shame. TNA doing that was very nice and I have to give them props. Other than that, the show itself was very different for me. Some may say that I am a huge TNA fan, but I honestly like what they do other than WWE. I watch TNA every week and even catch a show later in the week if I can't watch it. I was pretty excited for this episode as I even said that last week. Throughout the show, it just didn't click for me. I don't know if it was the crowd (I think they were part of the problem) but just the overall feel. Don't get me wrong, I loved some of the segments. I liked Mr. Parks at the beginning as I didn't expect to hear from him at the top of the hour. Jessie vs. ODB was entertaining. No matter how many people dislike Jessie, that was fun to watch as ODB can certainly fight anyone. BAM! The Daniels/Kaz segment with the spanish commentators didn't do anything for me. It was different but the hype wasn't there. I would blame the crowd. The Gut Check match was alright. I do think Christian York has the best potential out of most of the others we've seen before. He might need some improvement in the ring with moves but his look is top notch. He's one of the more muscular ones from the others. Joey Ryan is clicking for me while I am becoming a fan of Matt Morgan again. He should have never been dropped off television. Someone on Twitter mentioned that the Aces and 8s attack backstage during the show had Sting standing on top of an Aces and 8s member saying he was going to rip off a mask later. Why didn't he do it there? And if he couldn't do it, how could Mr. Parks do so? Parks did surprise me in the past though so it shouldn't be that big of a surprise. The member was revealed as Luke Gallows. We pretty much found that out long time ago. I am worried that Aces and 8s will go down hill fast. TNA need to speed it up with more reveals as well as seeing if Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff are involved. I think they may turn later but I like how they are with Kurt now. If anyone can write in the comments when Aces and 8s formed, that would be great. We still have to reveal the members, the main guy of the group and then somehow get rid of the whole faction. I sense this to go on for awhile and that might not be a great thing. Lastly, that shot AJ Styles took against WWE was true and sly. Nice squeeze in. If you want to hear more from me, follow me or interact with me on Twitter right here.

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