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Impact Wrestling Results (11/10/11) - Roode Becomes Rude

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Impact Wrestling Results - 11/10/2011
From Macon Coliseum in Macon, Georgia
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package of Beer Money, Bobby Roode and James Storm. It shows their relationship throughout the years as one of the best tag teams to have ever formed in TNA. It then goes to their title match last week. As the referee is injured, Bobby takes full advantage as he smashes the beer bottle over the face of Storm. Bobby wins and becomes the new champion! This is what he dreamed about for over a decade!!! Roode spits on Storm as he is lying on the mat and then puts his foot over as he conquered the Storm! It then shows James backstage as he was angered like never before. He then pushes the camera out of his face.

The video ends and the camera cuts to the arena. It shows another great crowd at a TNA show. It is jam packed. All of a sudden, Bobby Roode's music hits. He comes on stage as the fans boo him. He has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He walks down the ramp and into the ring as the fans continue to boo! He grabs a mic and begins to speak!

He asks if the fans are really booing him. He is a bit surprised. He then asks if they are booing him or are they chanting, "Roooode, Roooode." He then calls them morons as they chanted his name last week. He then asks why the fans hate them. Is it because he killed Beer Money or is it because he did something that was for him? Roode then states that he is the leader of the new generation. He calls the world a "dog eat dog" world and he ate Storm for lunch. He calls Storm stupid as he didn't see it coming. Roode goes on to talk about his 13 long career and as he talks about it, Storm is shown backstage watching this whole thing unfolded. Storm had enough of Roode's talking as Storm punches one of the security guards. He then makes his way on stage but he is stopped by other guards. He pushes and punches his way through. He gets in the ring and Roode slides out before anything bad happens. As Roode is going up the ramp, Sting's music hits and here comes the icon on stage!!!

Sting asks where Roode is going. Sting then talks about Roode and how he took the easy way out as he is nothing more than a shellfish person. Sting then announces that he prefers James Storm as he announces Bobby Roode vs. James Storm in a World Title Rematch tonight!!!!! Roode is angered! Roode is furious, but the crowd loves it. James doesn't show emotion but you know he wants to get in this match. You know he wants revenge. Roode holds the title up as he thought he was untouchable!

Eric Young and Ronnie are walking backstage as they are chatting away. Each hold a title in their hand as they walk down the hallway.


Dixie Carter is walking backstage was a CEO mixed martial arts company (I think). They continue to talk as they walk out of the picture.

A video plays hyping up the Matt Morgan and Crimson match at Turning Point. Crimson is undefeated for 11 months, but Morgan thinks and knows he can put a stop to it!

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the first contest. The Pope's music plays. He comes out on stage as the crowd cheers. He hands his sunglasses off to some kid. He gets in the ring wand waits for his opponent. Music plays and it's Crimson's! The undefeated machine comes on stage and walks down the ramp. The crowd cheers for him too. He gets in the ring.

The Pope vs. Crimson

The bell sounds! They stare at each other. They get closer and then lock-up. Crimson locks his arms around Pope's waist, but Pope gets out of it and then twists Crimson's arm around. Crimson sends Pope into the ropes and then knocks Pope right down on the mat. Pope gets up as he is surprised by the power. They lock-up again. Crimson puts a side headlock. Pope gets out of it and puts a side headlock of his own. He then twists around and plants Crimson down with a DDT. Pope covers, but Crimson's kicks out. Pope then lands a couple of fist drops as he ends the series with a second rope drop. He covers, but Crimson kicks out again. Both get up and Crimson tries to fight back, but Pope does a huge uppercut and it sends Crimson down on the mat. Pope climbs to the second rope and jumps, but Crimson catches him. He lifts him up and hits the red sky finisher!!! That move becomes the "impact of the night" as that gave him the win. Winner: Crimson

Gunner is backstage. He is talking about Eric Bischoff's son, Garrett, as he talks about destroying him. He brings up his days in the military and then states that Eric is an authority figure. This is not going to be a walk in the park for Garrett.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as the announces the next match. Gunner's music plays as he comes on stage. As he is on the stage, Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair appear with him. As they walk down the ramp, a video plays showing Garrett beating Eric down last week. Gunner is in the ring as he waits for his opponent. Christy announces Garrett Bischoff. He walks down the ramp without any music and without any great ring gear. He gets in the ring.

Gunner vs. Garrett Bischoff

The referee calls for the bell. They walk around the ring. Gunner then gets closer and closer to Garrett. Gunner tells him that he messed with the wrong guys. Gunner then turns to Eric and Ric and they talk to Gunner. Gunner turns around and Garrett does a very good and quick amrdrag. Gunner gets up and he is shocked. Gunner runs to him and he gets an arm drag again. Gunner gets up and Garrett does a hip toss. Gunner is up again and Garrett does a back body drop. Gunner raises to his feet, but doesn't want anymore as he quickly exits the ring. Ric Flair then enters the ring and makes this match a DQ. Garrett leaves the ring as he walks up the ramp. Because Garrett fought in the match, Sting is now allowed to rewrite Eric Bischoff's contract!Winner: Garrett Bischoff

Robbie E. and Rob Terry are backstage. They knock on the door of Eric Young's room. There is a guard in front of the door that is telling them not to enter. Robbie knocks on the door and Eric cracks it open and asks if they want t-shirts. Ronnie then shows himself in the room and Robbie gets excited as he wants to attack him right now. Rob lifts Robbie up and takes him away before Robbie gets in any trouble.


Someone opens the door to the locker room and it shows James Storm knocked out! He is on the ground with blood all over his face. He is motionless. The guy calls for help as he checks on Storm. Storm moves a little but he doesn't know what is going on. They help him up so he can get up.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Ion is already in the ring as she announces Jesse to the ring. Jesse comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Last week, Jesse beat Austin Aries!

Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

The bell sounds and Jesse has total control as he does a couple amrdrags. He then applies an armlock, but Ion gets up and gets out of it. He runs into the ropes, but Jesse does a great dropkick. Ion slides out of the ring to regroup. Jesse doesn't allow him as he jumps over the top rope and lands right on Ion. Jesse brings Ion in. He goes to the corner. Jesse whips him in the opposing corner, but Ion climbs the corner and jumps right on Jesse. He covers, but Jesse kicks out. Jesse grabs Ion for a back suplex, but Ion gets out of it. He then lifts Jesse up for a back suplex, but turns and smacks Jesse's head and chest right on Ion's own knee. Ion climbs the top rope, jumps, but Jesse moves out of the way. Ion crashes and burns. Jesse gets him up and does a spinning type move as he rams Ion's face in the mat. He covers and gets the win. Winner: Jesse Sorensen

As his music plays, Kid Kash comes on stage. Kid is on the mic as he talks trash once again. He gets in the ring as the music stops. Kash tells Jesse that he is very impressive since he has only been in the business for well....not long at all while Kash has been in it for 20!! Kash is fed up with Jesse. Kash then tells Jesse that he will be given a X-Division Title Match against Austin Aries at Turning Point!.....but Kid Kash will also be in it to make it a triple threat! Kash hands Jesse the contract as he is the only one who needs to sign it. Jesse takes the contract and signs his life away. Kash tells him that he made the biggest mistake of his life. He then tells Jesse that his mom is very proud of him and to tell her thank you. Jesse doesn't appreciate that as he lands a right hand right into Kash's head. As he attacks Kash, here comes Aries. He attacks Jesse. Kash gets up and they both assault Jesse. Kash then lifts Jesse up and drops him right on his head....OH, what a sick move! Kash and Austin are standing over Jesse in their final act to show him who are the experienced ones.

Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and Karen Jarrett are backstage. They are talking bout how amazing they look. As they talk, Traci Brooks is behind them. As Karen tells Gail that she would have the Knockout Title....IF IT WASN'T FOR TRACI.....Gail would have all the gold. Well, she will get her chance at the PPV. Yet again, Traci gets yelled at!


Christy Hemme announces this title match! Velvet Sky and Mickie James come on stage as Sky's music plays. The crowd cheers as they come down the ramp and into the ring. Remember, it is all about the pigeons! Sky holds the Knockout Title as she gets in the ring.

Karen comes down the ramp with Rayne and Gail. The Tag Champs get to the ring. Karen makes Madison start the match first. She doesn't look like she wants to start.

Velvet Sky and Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim (Champs) for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles

Sky turns around and spears Madison down. The bell rings and Sky has full control. She pounds Madison with a couple of punishes. They get up and Sky throws Madison in the ropes. Sky hits Madison and then tags in Mickie. Mickie gets in and does a great dropkick to the face of Rayne. Mickie climbs the corner, but Karen knocks Mickie down. Mickie falls and lands flat on her back. Because of that, Madison goes over and tags Gail Kim. Gail enters and beats Mickie down. She smashes her head into the mat and then applies a headlock. Mickie gets up and tries to get out of it. She does. She punches Gail and then tries to tag Sky, but Gail pulls Mickie down by her hair. Gail gets her up and goes for a closeline, but Mickie ducks and hits a neck breaker. Both are crawling to their corner. Sky gets tagged in while Gail gets up to fight. Sky comes and knocks Gail down with a closeline. She then rams Gail's head into Sky's own knee multiple times. She then knocks Gail down and goes for the cover. Madison enters and breaks the count. Mickie jumps in the ring as she lands right on Rayne. As Mickie gets knocked through the distraction of Karen Jarrett, Sky life Rayne up and slams her on her face and chest, but Gail gets up and rams her foot right in the face of Sky. Gail gets the pin. Karen, Gail, and Madison join in the ring as they all raise their arms in victory! Winners and Still TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne


James Storm is getting checked on by a doctor. Sting comes in the room and checks on Storm. Storm tells Sting that he is fine. Storm tries to stand up, but he stumbles and almost falls. The doctor catches him and puts him back on the chair. Sting says he doesn't even know what city they are in. He asks Storm if he knows.....Storm yells at Sting as he states he is fine!!!

A video plays showcasing the rivalry between Robbie and Terry and Eric and how Ronnie was thrown into the mix. The video ends and Christy Hemme announces this match.

Robbie E.'s music plays. Rob Terry comes with him. They come down the ramp and get in the ring. The crowd boos him. After they are in the ring, Eric Young and Ronnie from The Jersey Shore come on stage. Eric has two titles around his waist. He comes to the ring and so does Ronnie. Both get in.

Robbie E. and Rob Terry vs. Eric Young and Ronnie

There is some confusion on who is going to start. Robbie E. knows he is starting, but Eric doesn't know if he should or not. he then tells Ronnie to get in. Robbie and Ronnie go at it, but before anything major happens, Robbie gets scared and tags Terry. Terry comes in and is about to go after Ronnie, but Eric tags himself in. Eric suddenly goes after the referee. Rob then goes after Eric, but Eric moves and Rob goes in the corner. Eric does a dropkick to him. He then tries to continue the assault, but Terry is too big. He lifts Eric up and drops him down with a hard slam. Terry tags Robbie in. Robbie attacks Eric down. He then gets Eric up, but Eric tries to fight back and get away, but Robbie pushes Eric in his corner. He tags Terry. Terry picks him up and does a high vertical slam. Eric's holds his back in pain. He gets Eric in a side slam position. he tags Robbie in and he drops down on Eric with his elbow. Robbie then taunts Ronnie. He tries to come in as he wants to join the action. Meanwhile, Eric comes back as he lifts Robbie up and drops him down. FINALLY, Eric tags in Ronnie. Ronnie comes in and picks up Robbie. He does a body slam. Eric, from the top rope, does an elbow drop. Terry comes in and tries to stop this, but Eric makes him go over the top rope. Ronnie covers Robbie and gets the win! Eric and Ronnie celebrate in the ring. Winners: Eric Young and Ronnie

Jeff Jarrett is backstage as he states he is going to take out Jeff Hardy tonight. Bully Ray is then shown as he talks about Ken Anderson as he is going to take him out too. Scott Steiner is then shown as he is going to take both of them out. He then goes in the bathroom and Bully makes a wise joke to do a friendly flush because he ate a lot of eggs today!


Mexican America are walking backstage. They go up to Ink Inc. They start to pick on them. Well, Jesse and Shannon and their mystery girl are not going to take that. Ink Inc. start to attack them. They smash them on tables all over backstage. The girls fight this mystery girl. Mexican America make their way out of the attack. Jesse and Shannon tell them to bring their TNA Tag Team belts at the PPV!

The CEO who was with Dixie Carter earlier is now the special guest commentator for this match.

Daniels' music plays and he walks down the ramp. The crowd boos him, without a doubt. After he is in the ring, AJ Styles' music hits and the crowd pops. He gets in the ring.

Daniels vs. AJ Styles

They quickly lock-up and Daniels pushes AJ right into the corner. Daniels goes after AJ, but AJ reverses it and takes the attack to Daniels. He puts him in the corner and does multiple shots at Daniels. AJ walks away and then comes back. That was not smart as Daniels kicks AJ. He is now on the offensive. He continues to attack him, but AJ reverses it. It doesn't last long as Daniels elbows AJ right in the face. AJ falls to the mat. Daniels applies a headlock. AJ gets to his feet and whips Daniels in the ropes. AJ goes for a dropkick, but Daniels holds on to the ropes. AJ crashes and burns. Daniels runs in the ropes, but AJ gets up and hits the dropkick to perfection. AJ then attacks Daniels on the ground. AJ goes on the apron and goes for a spring board move, but Daniels knocks AJ down. AJ flips and falls on the mat. Daniels is now in control. He covers, but AJ kicks out. Daniels lifts AJ up and does a body slam. He then does a quick moonsault after bouncing off the ropes. Daniels locks in the body scissor as it cuts off the air. AJ elbows Daniels to get out of it. Daniels gets up and goes to AJ, but AJ does a quick hurricanrona. Both get up, but Daniels does a quick cover and uses the ropes to his advantage, but AJ kicks out. Both get up. AJ jumps to the second rope and flips over Daniels for a reverse DDT. Both get up and AJ is coming back more and more as he kicks Daniels multiple times in the leg and then jumps on him as Daniels leans in the corner. AJ brings him out and goes for the styles clash, but Daniels gets out of it. AJ hits the pay lay and covers, but Daniels puts his leg on the ropes. Daniels slides out and wants to leave, but AJ does a baseball slide. It sends Daniels in the steel guard rail. AJ goes after Daniels, but Daniels drops AJ right on his head on the outside. He sends AJ in the ring and grabs a screwdriver. He gets in the ring with the weapon, but out of nowhere, Rob Van Dam is at ringside and takes the weapon. Daniels can't believe it. He then turns to AJ. AJ lifts him up in a fireman's carry and then drops Daniels on AJ's own knee. AJ then hits the styles clash for the win!!!! RVD enters the ring and celebrates AJ's win. Winner: AJ Styles


Mike Tenay and Tazz are shown on camera. They announce the matches for Turning Point, which his this Sunday! To find the matches for Turning Point on Sunday November 12th, read it right here on!!!

Immortal music plays as Bully Ray, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett come down the ramp. Karen is with Jeff, as always. They come down the ramp as the crowd boos. They all get in the ring. Jeff has the title he got from Mexico still around his waist. After they are in the ring, Mr. Anderson's music plays. The lights go out and he comes on stage. He reaches up as the spotlight is on him. The mic comes down. He introduces himself once......and allows the audience to do it the second time. He comes to the end of the ramp. Jeff Hardy's music plays. Here comes the one of the most controversial men in wrestling history.....Jeff Hardy! He meets Ken at the bottom of the ramp. Who will their partner be?


The show returns. Who will their partner be??? It is picked. Here comes.....THE MONSTER.....Abyss!!! The bells sound from his entrance music. He comes down the ramp as Immortal can't believe it. Abyss gets right in the ring and goes after them, but Immortal exit the ring immediately.

Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray, and Scott Steiner vs. Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, and Abyss

This is Immortal vs. former Immortal members!! Immortal gets on the apron and in the ring as they do not know what to think. The bell sounds and Abyss is in the ring. Jeff Jarrett is in. He gets a strong boo from the crowd. Abyss goes after him, but Jeff ducks. Abyss then looks at Hardy. He tags him in as he knows Jeff wants Jarrett. Hardy gets in and Jarrett quickly tags Steiner. Scott gets in and shows his muscles. They lock-up. Scott puts Jeff in the corner. He knees him in the gut and does multiple punches to his head. Scott takes him out with a hip toss. Jeff slowly gets up. Scott pounds on his back. Scott closelines Jeff in the corner. Jeff jumps up and goes on the shoulders of Steiner. Jeff slides out and kicks Scott right in the face. He tags in Ken. Ken enters, but Scott gets the upper hand as he hits Ken and tags in Jarrett. Jarrett gets in and whips Ken in the ropes. They meet and twists around. Ken hits a neck breaker and covers Jeff, but he kicks out. Ken gets up and Karen interferes, which causes Jeff to tag Bully Ray. Ray attacks Ken as he nails him to the ground. He drops elbows right on the chest of Ken. Bully tags in Scott. Scott enters and continues to beat down Ken. Scott does his famous push-ups. He gets up and so does Ken as he does a short closeline, which knocks Scott down. Ken tags in Jeff. Scott tags in Bully. Both enter and Jeff has all of the momentum as he knocks Bully down and plants a flying leg drop. He goes for the swanton bomb, but Jarrett knocks Jeff off the top. Scott climbs the corner and does a fallaway slam to Jeff from the corner. Bully covers, but Hardy kicks out. Bully now applies the body scissors. He locks them in as Jeff appears to be in pain. Jeff elbows Bully right in the head to release the hold. Bully quickly gets up and drops elbows on Hardy. Bully tags in Jarrett and it's the battle of the Jeffs! Jarrett has control. He whips Hardy in the corner, but Hardy runs up it and does a whisper in the wind. Both are down. Both then crawl and Hardy tags Abyss and Jarrett tags Scott. Abyss enters, but so does all of Immortal. Abyss knocks down Scott, Bully, and Jeff who tries to help. Jeff gets up and kicks Abyss and tries for the stroke, but Abyss pushes him away. He then lifts Jarrett up and hits the shock treatment. Karen screams. Hardy enters and hits the twist of fate on Bully. He then climbs and hits the swanton bomb. Hardy gets up, but so does Jarrett and he does the stroke. Ken is now in the ring and does the mic check. Ken gets attacked by Scott. As Scott is standing, Abyss enters and hits the black hole slam! What action....and what a pin! Abyss helps Hardy up. Ken enters and they raise their arms in unison as they get a huge win. Winners: Abyss, Jeff Hardy, and Ken Anderson

Mike Tenay and Tazz are on camera as they talk about what happened to James Storm earlier. They are not sure how he is doing right now. They then show Sting confronting him. He is going to have to face the's time!

Bobby Roode's music plays. He comes on stage. Roode has the TNA World Title around his waist. He has a stride as he struts down the ramp. The crowd boos him incredibly. He gets in the ring as the match is next!


Impact Wrestling returns. Roode is in the ring. James Storm's music hits. It looks like he is going to fight! Well, there is no sign of him! His music plays but he's not coming out. His music then stops. Roode starts to smile and laugh. The music then starts again and Roode looks a bit surprised. He turns and looks. Well, Storm doesn't show again. Roode tells him to come out. OH, the screen lifts and James Storm is behind it. He is stumbling all around. He can barely stand. Blood is all over his face. He then gets to the bottom of the ramp. He then slides in quickly and tackles Roode down.

Bobby Roode (Champ) vs. James Storm for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds as Storm attacks Roode like there is no tomorrow. Storm gets Roode up and lifts him for a back body drop. After all of that, Storm can't hand it anymore. He falls instantly. Storm isn't moving. The referee calls for the "X". The doctor comes out and he told the referee that Storm shouldn't be out here. He then stays that he needs to go to the hospital. As they check on Storm, Roode looks on. He then kneels down and checks on his former partner. Storm is slowly moving. The referee and Roode help Storm to his feet. Roode then asks the referee is he rang the bell.....the referee said he didn't. Roode thought he did. If it isn't over....there should be a winner! Roode slides back and does a roll-up. The referee has to count: 1-2-3! Roode quickly leaves the ring as AJ Styles and RVD run down the ramp and into the ring. As Roode is going up the ramp, Sting comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring. AJ gets on the mic and says he is fed up with Roode and his recent actions. If Roode wants a fight, then he will get a fight. AJ wants Roode and he asks Sting for it. Sting grabs the mic and says.....IT'S ON!!!! Roode is angry and furious. He holds up his TNA World Title and says he is champion and the title is his! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. AJ Styles- New from last week
3. Jesse Sorensen- Up from last week
4. Abyss- New from last week
5. Garrett Bischoff- Same as last week

Alex's Assumptions:

First off, I would like to thank everyone who interacted with me this past week either on here or on my Twitter. If you haven't yet, you can join in on the talks. You can find the link to my Twitter at the bottom of this. Anyway, this week's show seemed, to me, to be a very fast pace and a "keep on going" show. While we seen some "talked about" Impact Wrestling shows lately, one show having more than enough segments for some people....this show was filled with wrestling. While I like segments, I do not mind the wrestling at all. Wrestling gives people all sorts of air time that normally do not see it like Ion and Rob Terry. This show had more matches than usual. In fact, it had the amount of matches as a PPV would have. Anyway, there wasn't one terrible match (even though Ronnie in the ring was pretty interesting). The main thing the show did was improve stories and hype up the PPV, which is this Sunday. The best thing a show can do before a PPV is hype it up, and that is what this show did. It featured all of the matches that are going to happen at the PPV. They ending really interesting and I liked it. While it gave Roode more heel power, it also built the story with him and James, but it also built hype for the PPV as he is now facing AJ Styles. Personally, I can't wait for that match. While no one knows how it will end, we can figure that the beginning and middle will be a great wrestling contest. Hearing from people across this site and on Twitter, there are a lot of mixed reactions. One fan wrote to me and states how he is loving Impact Wrestling. He was skeptical about their decisions at first, but now he is becoming a huge fan. He was against Beer Money breaking, but now sees the point; whereas others think it was a huge mistake. In my opinion, Beer Money was one of the best tag teams in the world (if not the best) and one of the best in years. They had it all (and I mean it all).....but everything has to come to an end. While I loved their tag team matches with Motor City Machine Guns and other tag teams, I like seeing Roode and Storm elevated to the top. That is what they been waiting for. That is what they deserve. They deserve to main event and have the World Title. It's what they worked for. It's nice to see a change of pace. While that is what I think, I want to share your thoughts via the weekly question. To interact with me, comment and/or follow me on Twitter and tweet me. I love hearing from others. Follow me on Twitter: click here

Weekly Question: Do you think TNA should have broke up Beer Money?

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