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Impact Wrestling Results (11/15/12) - You Do Always Get What You Want

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Impact Wrestling Results - 11/15/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

This week's Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package from Turning Point this past Sunday. It starts with the Triple Threat Match where James Storm will get a World Title shot while AJ Styles won't for at least one year. It switches to Aces and 8s as Bully Ray saved the day against Mr. Parks while Kurt Angle beat Devon. Finally it shows Jeff Hardy retaining the TNA World Title.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as fireworks explode above the ring and on the entrance stage. We are welcomed. James Storm's music hits and he comes out. He has a huge smile on his face while sunglasses cover his eyes. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He starts off by saying that it has been a long road the past year but he did it. He doesn't think this is an acceptance speech, but he wants to say thank you to a few people. He first thanks the fans from the Impact Zone to the fans watching on TV. He thanks his family and then thanks the people who said James Storm couldn't do it. Those are the people who kept this crazy guy going. Now he is #1 contender for the TNA World Title. His moment doesn't last long as Bobby Roode's music plays. James turns and sees The It Factor come down the ramp. He has two beers in his hand. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He isn't here to fight or ruin the party. He is here to join it. He brought two for Roode and one for James. Since James is toasting people, Roode wants to toast too. He toast James who is now #1 contender. James defeated AJ Styles on Sunday and not Roode. James keeps on achieving because of Roode's hard work. He toasts to the James Storm fans around the world because they will have to watch James lose. He also toasts James' wife and little girl because they will have to help him through the depression that he will go through when he loses again. Roode clings the beer bottles and drinks his. James asks if Roode is done and then gives him a hard right hand. James continues the punches. Roode falls down and rolls out of the ring. Roode runs up the ramp. James asks if he really wants to fight. Roode says he is done with him. There isn't anything good to get out of it....unless James Storm puts his #1 contender's spot on the line. James worked too hard to put it up. Roode tells Storm to tell his little girl to call Roode when she turns 18. James slides out of the ring and runs halfway up the ramp. Roode starts to run away. James tells him he doesn't need to run because he accepts the match. They will fight tonight.

We see a trio commentator desk with Taz, Todd and Mike. They talk about AJ Styles losing the match this past Sunday. The show switches to Hulk Hogan who is in his office. He is commentating on the AJ Styles loss. He says it's hard for AJ as he has been in the same spot as he has been for awhile. He won't be able to get a title shot till at least Bound for Glory next year. He hopes AJ can pull out of it.


Video plays showing the horrible attack on Sting from Aces and 8s last week as they put him through a table and then hit him multiple times with a hammer.

Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse. They are sitting around the table. The leader asks if Doc proved himself. He did what he said he was going to do and that was to beat Sting. He did that. The leader isn't too satisfied. He asks for the leather jacket of Doc. Doc hesitates but then takes it off. He slowly hands it to the masked leader. The leader than takes it. Devon turns and tells the leader that they have business to take care of. Devon gets up, grabs a dart and throws it at the board. He says that guy deserves it. Aces and 8s laugh.

Kid Kash is in the ring as he waits for his opponent. RVD's music hits and he comes down the ramp. He raises is arms and fireworks explode behind him. He continues to the ring as he has the X-Division title with him.

Kid Kash vs. Rob Van Dam (Champ) for the X-Division Title

RVD gets in and Kash quickly stomps on him on the mat. RVD gets up and tries to fight back but Kash continues to punch him. RVD is able to grab Kash and throw him in the ropes. Kash comes back and grabs RVD, but RVD slides around and takes the legs out from under Kash. Both get up and RVD grabs Kash and kicks him right in the head. Kash falls. He gets up. RVD continues to go after him. He is able to throw Kash in the ropes. Kash comes back, but is able to hit RVD. He jumps up and wraps his legs around RVD's head. He does a hurricanrona that sends RVD right out of the ring. RVD slowly gets up. Kash jumps over the ropes and lands on Rob. He gets Rob back in the ring and covers. Rob kicks out. Both get up and Kash whips RVD into the corner. He hits him and then goes into the other corner. RVD comes out and runs, but Kash jumps and hits a cross body on him. Kash gets up and goes to the corner again. He does a moonsault but RVD rolls out of the way. RVD sets him up and hits the rolling thunder. He covers but Kash kicks out. RVD gets him up. He punches but Kash punches back. RVD lifts him up, but Kash slides behind him and applies a headlock. RVD slides away and pushes Kash into the corner chest first. RVD does a spinning heel kick to the back of Kash. Kash falls. RVD gets him up and throws him in the opposing corner. RVD runs and hits the monkey flip. He jumps to the top rope, flies, and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash. He gets the win. Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

Eric Young and ODB are backstage. Eric is talking about his time while he was away. He explains all of the weird things that have happened to him. He has been peed on. ODB asks if he likes that. He doesn't. EY says that is in the past and this is now. They are awesome. EY will fight Jesse tonight while ODB will beat all of the skinny knockouts to be #1 Contender. They are the power team. #1 for the title and #1 in Eric's heart. EY and ODB kiss. EY stops and looks around to see if anyone is looking. ODB mentions the red light and then continues kissing.


Kurt Angle is in the locker room with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. Kurt says he has a tag team match against Aces and 8s tonight. Garett says he can be his tag partner. He teamed with Devon and knows him. He wants payback. Wes was trained by Kurt since high school. He knows Kurt for years. Kurt thinks and picks Garett. He tells Wes that he has big plans for him. Garett leaves and Kurt continues to talk to Wes.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Tara and Jesse come out. They walk down the ramp together. They get in the ring and Jesse presses Tara as she poses. Music hits and here comes Eric Young and ODB. They come down to the ring together in a better and happier fashion than Jesse and Tara. Eric gets in the ring and Jesse leaves.

Jesse vs. Eric Young

Eric turns his back on Jesse as he interacts with the fans from the ring. Jesse hits Eric from behind and he falls to the mat. Jesse attacks Eric on the mat and thing goes for a cover. Eric kicks out. Jesse gets up and stomps on Eric as well as putting his knee to Eric's chest. He gets Eric up and throws him in the ropes. He does a scoop powerslam. He gets up and shows off his muscles. He then goes for a cover. Eric kicks out. Jesse brings Eric to the ropes and chokes him on the middle one. He stops and then slams his forearm into the back of Eric. He gets Eric up in the corner and punches him in the head. Eric slowly crawls away. Jesse follows him with punches and then hits a huge dropkick. Eric is down. Jesse gets him up and puts him in the corner. He does several punches and kicks and then twists his arm. He whips Eric into the opposing corner. Eric does a Shawn Michael's upside down turnbuckle move, but he goes over the ropes and lands on the apron. Eric tries to come back, but Jesse is able to grab Eric and wrench and twist his abs and chest. Eric is able to fight out of it. He gets this rage and takes his shorts off to reveal his American speedo. He fits Jesse to the core with punches and slams. Tara gets on the apron and tries to come in the ring, but she stops as she has Eric's attention. He turns and keeps Jesse down. He goes to the apron as he sets up the flying elbow. Jesse gets to his feet though and pushes Eric off the apron. He lands right on the steel guard rail. Tara and ODB are fighting on the outside after Tara got in the ring, but Tara got the better of ODB. She is able to grab Eric and roll him back in the ring. Jesse grabs Eric and has him in the stunner position. Tara tells Jesse that she loves him. He jumps up and then comes down for a huge chin breaker. He covers and wins. Jesse gets out of the ring and celebrates with Tara. Winner: Jesse

Gail Kim is backstage as she is stretching for her match later on.


The show returns with a video package of Doc. He explains that he did what he was suppose to do. He went after Sting last week and then attacked Mr. Parks during the PPV. He is the deadliest and most destructive guy on the Impact roster. Do not mess with him. Mr. Parks beat Doc but Doc got the last word on Sunday against him.

Mr. Parks is in Hulk Hogan's office. Mr. Parks says he wants one more match. He wants Aces and 8s again. Hulk Hogan says he can't do that. Parks tries to move but he is screaming. Hulk brings that up. Parks can't fight. Hulk's job is on the line and TNA is on the line. Aces and 8s are attacking the entire roster. We need to take Aces and 8s out. Parks can't fight. He isn't ready. He needs more training. Mr. Parks thinks Hulk told him to go to wrestling school. Parks likes that idea. He is going to go, come back, and fight Aces and 8s. He leaves. Hulk says he won't be back as it's a bad idea.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Magnus' music hits. He slowly walks down the ramp.He gets to the end and looks around. Just then, Aces and 8s come in front of him and then more behind him. Devon runs behind him and hits the back of the leg with the baseball bat. Magnus falls. Devon directs traffic. He tells Aces and 8s to hold Magnus down. They do. Doc grabs the hammer and hits Magnus in the leg with it. Right leg first and then left leg. They sit him up and Devon grabs a black baseball bat. He aims to hit him right in the head with it. As he is about to swing, Bully Ray runs down the ramp. Aces and 8s scram. TNA officials come to the aid as they check on Magnus. He is screaming and holding his leg in agony.


TNA officials and EMTs are helping Magnus as they put him on the stretcher. As they are trying to take him to the back, we see footage of what just happened. That ends and Magnus is being wheeled to the back.

Video plays from this past Sunday as it is the TNA World Title Ladder Match. It was a tremendous match. Jeff is shown after the match and says Austin is a fighter. He gave it his all. He is a tough person to fight. Jeff came out the winner though.

Austin Aries comes through a doorway. He is taking off his jacket. The cameraman asks Austin how he is feeling. Austin says that is a stupid question. Look at him. Austin takes off his shirt and shows his back. There are quite a few bumps. Austin says he has a massage. He walks up the stairway and is about to go through the door. The cameraman asks him if he is done with Jeff Hardy. He says he isn't. Austin goes through the door and Jeff is in there as he is getting a massage. Austin explains how great he is to Jeff. He is greatness. He may have beat him, but Austin isn't done with him. He has the champions and he will let him have it for now. Austin leaves. We hear voice over of Jeff's thoughts. He says Austin will never be at his level. Austin will not be able to beat Jeff.

Music hits. It's Kurt Angle. Kurt and Garett come down together. They get in the ring. Kurt grabs a mic. He says he doesn't need a dart to figure out who he wants to hurt. Aces and 8s may want Sting, Parks, and Magnus, but they won't be able to take out Kurt Angle.


Aces and 8s are introduced and they come through the big doorway behind the audience. They make their way through the crowd. Devon leads, there are some masked members, and then Doc is behind them all. Devon talks to the members as to who will fight.

Kurt Angle and Garett Bischoff vs. Devon and Aces and 8s Masked Man

Devon and the masked man slide in. Kurt goes after Devon while Garett fights the masked man. The masked man quickly leaves the ring. Garett goes to his corner. Kurt is able to take care of Devon. He kicks and punches and then hits a belly to belly suplex. Devon gets up and is able to get away from Kurt. He tags in the masked man. This huge guy comes in and he puts Kurt in the corner. He punches and kicks him several times, but Kurt comes out of the corner with punches and kicks of his own. He tags Garett in. He enters and the masked man takes care of little Garett. He has him down. Garett is able to get up and hits a dropkick. The masked man leans back against the ropes. Garett gets up and tags Kurt. Kurt enters and goes for punches. He goes into the ropes, but the masked man hits Kurt and he falls right down on the mat. He almost took Kurt's head off. He tags Devon. Devon enters and continues to work Kurt. He has him in the corner and punches him. He throws him in the ropes. He hits a closeline. Kurt is down. Devon tags the masked man. He enters. He gets Kurt up. He whips him in the corner and smashes him against it with his own body. He brings Kurt out and applies a front headlock. Kurt tries to fight out of it with punches to the gut, but the masked man hits Kurt on the back. Kurt, suddenly, slides behind the man and hits a german suplex. Devon gets in. Kurt hits a german suplex to him. Devon rolls out of the way. All of a sudden, Garett is attacked on the apron by an Aces and 8s member. Kurt looks and sees this. The masked man gets up and puts a full nelson on Kurt. Doc enters with the hammer. He goes to hit Kurt, but Wes Brisco runs down the ramp and slides in the ring with a steel pipe. He starts swinging at Doc. Doc leaves. Kurt kicks the masked man via low blow. He rolls him up and gets the win. Kurt quickly leaves the ring as the Aces and 8s member. Garett meets up with him. They walk up the ramp as Aces and 8s look on.Winners: Kurt Angle and Garett Bischoff

Jesse and Tara are backstage. They are walking through the hallway. They get to a door. They try to have the other person open the door. They don't want too. They then open it and we see Brooke Hogan with Bully Ray. They are sitting on the couch together. Ray pops up. He quickly leaves the office after looking at both of them. Brooke asks what Tara is doing. She wants to know exactly what is happening in the knockout division. She heard of the battle royal through Twitter. She needs to be informed more. Brooke would like to be informed by a knock at the door before they just enter her office. Tara and Jesse tell her to lock the door. Brooke can't deal with this now. Brooke says it's called privacy.

Dixie Carter is backstage. The cameraman asks her how she feels about AJ Styles. She says she hasn't seen him in this shape for awhile. He is really down. She doesn't know what to do.

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces the following match. Gail Kim enters the ring first. After her, Madison Rayne comes down the ramp. After her, Mickie James makes her return. She gets in the ring.


Ms. Tessmacher's music hits. She comes out and enters the ring. ODB comes out with one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Championship. Fireworks explode as she is on stage. She comes right to the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James vs. Ms. Tessmacher vs. ODB in a Battle Royal to Determine the #1 Contender for the Knockout Title

The match behind and Mickie goes right after Madison. She puts her in the corner and hits several shoulder blocks. Tessmacher has gail in the corner and chokes her with her foot and then punches her. Madison is able to come back and put Mickie in another corner. She kicks and punches her. ODB is sitting in the corner as she was knocked down by Madison. Gail turns and kicks ODB as she is on the mat. Madison continues to go after Mickie. She has her down. Madison rests. Gail lifts Tessmacher up over the ropes, but she lands on the apron. She stays there. Gail turns and goes after ODB. Madison comes and helps Gail against ODB. Tessmacher enters and she goes after Gail and Madison. They are able to come back and Tessmacher is thrown over the top rope. Elimination: Ms. Tessmacher Mickie and ODB are on one side while Gail and Madison are on the other. They run to each other. Mickie and ODB jump on them and have them down on the mat. They have control. ODB gets up and grabs her flask. She then jumps on the top rope. She sits on the corner. Mickie brings Madison over and slams her face into the corner where ODB is sitting. ODB takes care of her. She releases her and Mickie brings Gail over. ODB hits Gail's face into the corner multiple times. Gail is forced down. Madison gets up. Mickie grabs her and tosses her over the rope. She lands on the apron. ODB drinks her flask and spits on the face of Madison. She falls. Elimination: Madison Rayne ODB jumps from the corner as Gail gets up, but she moves an ODB lands on Mickie. Gail grabs ODB and tosses her out. Elimination: ODB Mickie and Gail fight back and forth. Gail runs into the ropes and comes back with a flying closeline. She continues the attack on Mickie with kicks and punches. She gets Mickie up and tries to toss her out, but Mickie stops her. Mickie jumps up to get on the shoulders of Gail. She rolls back for a hurricanrona. She sends Gail over the ropes, but Mickie goes too. They both land on the apron. They fight back and forth. Mickie is able to get in the ring. She does a back kick and it knocks Gail off the apron. This becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Mickie James

James Storm is backstage. The cameraman asks about Bobby Roode. She says it's time to end this. It's time to put this aside and move on. He will go on to fight for the title. As he talks, AJ Styles slowly walks behind him. AJ stops and stares at James. James asks if AJ needs any help. AJ stares and then continues on his way. James is done. He leaves the scene.


The Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse again. The leader calls Doc "Prospect" and tells him, "Do not let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out." He doesn't want to tell Doc again. Doc gets up and stares at the members. He gets up and slowly goes to the door. Out of nowhere, he comes back and celebrates with Aces and 8s. They celebrate with beers in their hands. They are all full of smiles again.

A video package plays focusing on the Triple Threat match from Turning Point where James Storm won as he pinned AJ Styles. James goes on while AJ will not get a title shot till at least Bound for Glory.

AJ Styles' music plays. He comes out. He just walks down the ramp and gets in the ring without any interaction. He grabs a mic. He recaps the match for everyone for anyone who missed it. He explains how, if you lose, you do not get a title match till at least Bound for Glory 2013. AJ lost. This is the kind of year he had. He was accused of banging Dixie Carter. He was accused of having a baby with a crack head. The worst part is that people didn't think he could do it. AJ was so close in the Bound for Glory tournament. He could have gone to be champion then. There is something to be thankful for though. The holidays are coming up. He has nothing to be thankful for this year. Music hits and here comes Daniels and Kazarian. They come into the ring with their wacky yet catchy theme song. Kaz grabs a mic. In the words of Elvis, AJ is nothing but a hound dog.....crying all of the time. Daniels gets the mic now. He tells AJ that he is right. AJ has not seen the light at the end of the tunnel. He goes and complains, but he needs to look to see. He needs to look in the mirror. It's AJ's fault. He made the decisions he did. He is a broken flawed person. AJ and whine to all of the crazy fans, but he is a failure. Daniels told him that all year. AJ asks if he is really a failure. If you look in the record books, AJ beat Daniels more than Daniels beat AJ. Maybe Daniels needs a reminder. Maybe they have to do this one more time to determine who the better man is. Kaz grabs the mic. He says Daniels has nothing to prove. The problem is, AJ is stale. AJ doesn't know what AJ is about. Kaz and Daniels know what they are about. They are on the top and they are champions. Daniels grabs a mic. He doesn't want to disagree, but he thinks it's right to have AJ Styles vs. Daniels one last time. We will see who the real failure is. "Let's do it," says AJ. Styles' music hits. They are face to face. Kaz pulls Daniels away.

There is a split screen as Roode is walking backstage on the right and James is walking backstage on the left.


Austin Aries is backstage by the room of where the massage takes place. Austin says his favorite thing in school was non-verbal communication. He mentions that Open Fight Night is next week. He knows exactly who to call out. You do not want to miss it.

Kurt Angle runs up to Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and D-Lo Brown. He gives them the suggestion of Wes Brisco for Gut Check. D-Lo says Wes is a blue chipper while the others really aren't sure about it. Kurt tells them that Taz likes it. They didn't know that. Kurt quickly thanks them and goes to tell Wes. Al and Bruce are pretty stunned.

Bobby Roode's music hits. He slowly comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring and climbs the corner to taunt. James Storm's music plays. He comes out and the crowd pops. He raises his arm and fireworks explode. He continues down the ring with the cowboy hat, sunglasses, and trench coat. He gets in the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm to Determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title

James goes right after Roode with punches as Jeremy Borash introduces each person. James backs Roode up into the corner. He leaves and Roode comes out, but James goes right back after him with punches. He does an atomic drop. Roode is able to turn it around and closeline James right out of the ring. Roode walks over and rips the top turnbuckle off the corner. James gets in. They go after each other, but James goes into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle, but he stops. He turns to Storm. Storm runs to Roode, but he moves out of the way. Storm goes into the corner, but he stops right before he hits it. Roode knocks Storm down. Roode slides out of the ring and pulls Storm to the steel post as he is on the mat. He slams Storm's arm right into the post.


James goes into the ropes. He comes back and Roode tries for a back body drop, but James lands right on his back on the mat, but goes under Roode. He tries for a roll-up. Roode is able to get out of the possible pin as he hits Storm. He goes right after the arm of Storm as he is on the mat. He stomps on it. Roode looks around and then applies a wrist key lock. James gets up and punches Roode into the chest to get out. Roode is able to whip Storm into the corner. James falls in pain. Roode covers. James kicks out. Roode applies the key lock again. James is in pain. He is trying to get back. He gets to his feet and punches Roode in the gut and then in the head multiple times. Roode comes back with punches. They stumble. Storm does a headbutt. He stumbles more but then goes into the ropes. He comes back and Storm knocks him down. Storm slowly gets Roode up. Roode hits Storm, but Storm closelines him a couple times. James hits a neck breaker and Roode crawls to the corner. He gets up. Storm runs to him. Roode lifts him over the ropes. Storm lands on the apron. He does a huge enziguiri. Roode falls forward. James climbs the ropes. Roode turns and knocks him off. James lands on no man's land. Roode climbs, but Storm pushes him away. Roode comes back and hits Storm with a forearm shot. He climbs the corner. He goes for a superplex, but Storm fights back with punches and head buts. He does a sunset flip and turns it into a power bomb on Roode. He covers. Roode kicks out. Storm lifts Roode up for the Eye of the Storm, but Roode slides out. James turns and Roode does the spine buster. He covers. Storm kicks out. Roode applies the cross face. James squirms and has his leg on the ropes. Roode breaks the hold. He kicks Storm in the head and then twists his arm. He goes for a hammerlock slam. Storm slides out. He does a double knee backbreaker and then a double knee drop to the face of Roode. Storm sets up the Last Call Superkick. He goes for it, but Roode grabs the referee to put in front of him. Storm stops. Storm pushes the referee away. Roode grabs Storm and smashes his face into the exposed turnbuckle. He does a roll-up with the grab of the trunks. He gets the 1-2-3. Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode leaves the ring and celebrates on the ramp while James Storm on on his knees leaning against the ropes. He can't believe it. He holds his head in shame. He lost his shot. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode - New from last week
2. Kurt Angle and Garett Bischoff - New from last week
3. Mickie James - New from last week
4. Jesse and Tara - Up from last week
5. Aces and 8s - Down from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

A taped version of Impact Wrestling really doesn't appeal to me anymore. I am not sure about anyone else, but I could definitely tell the difference between the live and taped version just through the opening of the Impact Zone. I certainly hope the two week tapings will not hurt the ratings too much. Anyway, the beginning with James Storm and Bobby Roode was solid. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After seeing that, I thought TNA will roll right off that for a great show. I actually think that was the best segment of the night though. The show wasn't bad at all, but wasn't the best one either. The great thing about TNA is that we don't need to see Jeff Hardy, the champion, in a lot of segments or see Austin Aries wrestle during the show. TNA has so much talent that they don't even need the two main eveners from the PPV. Speaking of talent, I thought about Mr. Anderson and quickly asked where he was. I know he got attacked, but it looks like he can't have any luck with booking in his favor. Tara and Jesse really did not connect with me this week while I was surprised Eric Young was there. He and ODB will always connect though. One thing that I honestly did not like was the Mickie James booking. She returns and already becomes #1 contender. I know she had surgery as I reported here on WNW, but least give it to ODB or someone who has been fighting recently. Let's face it, the Knockout Tag Titles aren't doing anything. On the bright side, the AJ Styles vs. Daniels match is something I am for. There were quite a few people on Twitter that were against it. It's Daniels vs. AJ though. They fought in the past, but their matches are top notch. Saying no to them is saying no to wrestling. I do not mind them fighting at all. Plus, they are involved in a true long story that goes back, honestly, for years. You don't see that much. The last thing I want to bring up is Roode vs. Storm. This was the match of the night, but I honestly did not expect Roode to win. It's quite astonishing. Storm can't get the upper hand. I wouldn't mind Storm vs. Hardy or Roode vs. Hardy but I would much rather see the first. Maybe Triple Threat. We shall see. Thanks for reading and if you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio). I love to interact and to hear your thoughts.

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