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Impact Wrestling Results (11/17/11) - Who Attacked Storm?

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Impact Wrestling Results - 11/17/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

A video plays and it showcases he rise of Bobby Roode. He rose to the top after beating James Storm for the World Title. It then shows AJ Styles wanting some revenge and wanting to give Roode a taste of his own medicine. Roode beat AJ at the PPV and still is champion!

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Bobby Roode's song plays and here comes the TNA World Champion! He walks down the ramp with the title over his shoulder. The crowd is booing at him. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He starts off by staying that it is embarrassing to be a member of Fortune in the past. Roode says he was the star of Fortune. He was also the leader of the faction. He has always been the future of this wrestling company. Roode says it is his fault....that he helped and lead others, but he says it was a matter of time that he got rid of the garbage and went on his own. Roode knows that others are listening, current Fortune members he means. He says that no one is going to be able to stand in his shadow anymore. Just then, James Storm' music hits. He comes on stage as the crowd cheers. He has a mic in his hand.

James talks as he questions if he is he type of person who is going to stand in the shadows of someone.....stand in the shadows of someone stupid and idiotic too. He then states that he is going to give 3 seconds until he goes to the ring and beats Roode to a pulp. Storm counts to three and then walks down the ramp. Roode tells him to stop and tells others to stop him.....just then, guards come out and hold him back. Roode then states that he wasn't the one who beat Storm up backstage last week. He says he doesn't need any advantage into beating him in a match. Storm gets on the mic again and states that he will find the person who attacked him. Storm tries to push through the guards, but there are too many as they hold him back. As they are doing that, AJ Styles comes in the ring. He is right behind Roode. Roode turns and AJ attacks him. As AJ assaults him, guards come in the ring and pull each other apart. They go in their separate corners, but AJ gets away and jumps on Roode. They hold him back. They then go at it again, and the guards push them away. AJ grabs a mic as he is about to speak.


AJ begins to talk as he questions if that is what it has come down to. He calls Roode a piece of trash, but Roode yells that he is champion. Aj says Roode screwed James and then he did it to AJ. AJ wants to cause pain to Roode. Roode can take a hit, but the thing that will hurt Roode will be taking the TNA World Title from him. Roode asks how as he beat AJ 1-2-3 this past Sunday. He tells AJ to go back to his trailer park and wait for a call. AJ can't take it anymore as he goes after Roode again. The guards pull them apart and just then, Sting's music hits. He comes on stage and the crowd cheers. Sting begins to speak as he tells Roode that he did call AJ. He then tells Roode that he double crossed everyone. Since Roode thinks he can beat AJ all night long, Sting announces that it will be Roode vs. AJ in a 30 minute Ironman match at Final Resolution. Storm can't believe it. Sting reminds Roode of AJ being a grand slam champion. Sting is surely making an impact.

As Sting's music plays, he leaves. While he goes, Roode comes out of the ring and goes right to Dixie Carter, who is sitting in the audience. Roode starts to get in her face. Just then, AJ comes to the rescue before anything dangerous happens. Just then, AJ grabs Dixie to get away. Roode then pushes AJ, which causes Dixie to go with AJ. Dixie almost falls....but then she does fall as Roode pushes AJ again. Just then, Roode attacks AJ. Bobby attacks the guards and then goes after AJ some more. Roode is out of control.

James Storm is walking backstage. Someone calls his name and it's Samoa Joe. Joe says that it wasn't Roode who beat Storm up last week. How does he know? He seen Roode the entire show through the locker room. Storm then asks if Joe has something to do with it. Joe says if he had something to do with it, then Storm wouldn't have got up. Storm didn't like that statement at all. He throws his beer bottle at Joe, but Joe ducks. Joe then grabs Storm and rams him right into a steel chain linked wall. Storm starts to pound on Joe. Both are fighting. They go for quite sometime before guards come to try to break them up.


Roode is backstage. Just then, Roode turns around and Sting pushes him up against the wall. Bobby tells Sting that he shouldn't touch an employee. Sting says touching Dixie is like touching him. Roode then states that if Sting touches him again, he will sue Sting for everything he is worth!

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces the first contest. Devon is already in the ring. The Pope is at ringside to help him out. Pope is talking to Devon's sons. Robbie E.'s music plays. Rob Terry comes out with him. Robbie has the Television Title around his waist. The crowd boos them as they get in the ring.

Robbie E. (Champ) w/ Rob Terry vs. Devon w/ The Pope for the Television Title

The bell sounds and the action starts right away. Devon goes right after Robbie with some punches. He then throws him in the ropes flapjacks Robbie. Robbie gets up and Devon closelines him down. Devon puts Robbie in the corner and continues the assault. While Devon attacks him, Robbie rakes the eyes of Devon to get some time. Robbie runs to Devon then, but Devon throws Robbie over the top rope. Pope is outside and starts talking trash to Robbie as he gets to his feet. Just then, Devon comes out and attacks Robbie. He brings him in the ring. Rob Terry comes around and lays out Pope on the ground. As Terry attacks Pope, Eric Young comes out and smacks Terry with a chair right to his back. As Eric is after Terry, Robbie gets the upper hand as he does a roll-up right to Devon for the victory. Robbie and Terry leave the area as Eric looks on with his chair in hand. Devon comes out of the ring and sees his own sons checking up on The Pope. He pushes his sons back and wonders why they are there.

Sting is backstage and is talking to Garett. Sting wonders how he can keep a secret and everything go against his own dad. Garett then tells Sting that he wants another match. Sting chuckles and doesn't really want that to happen again. Sting then says that he will decide. Garett leaves. Just then, Matt Morgan is with Crimson. They are walking and talking. Sting turns and says the tag team division is flat. He then says that Morgan and Crimson should team up against Mexican America tonight. Sting says Meixcan America are threatening to leave because there isn't any company. Crimson then states that he is all in. Morgan is hesitant, but then agrees to it. They will have a tag team title shot tonight!


Eric Bischoff is backstage as he is talking to Ric Flair. Flair is then questioning what Garett is doing and up to. Suddenly, Sting comes out of nowhere and calls both of them out. Sting tells Eric that he can change his contract. Eric then states that he is not going to sign it, so he has one upped Sting. Sting then states that he can't legally remove Eric, but he can drop a cement block on Eric's head and he can be out for a month. Sting then announces that he will give Garett his match against Gunner. He then goes on to say that Garett will be better than Eric has ever been....why.....because he can wrestle!!!!! Eric and Ric will be in Gunner's corner while Sting will be in Garett's corner.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next contest. Kid Kash and Austin Aries come out together. They walk down the ramp together as they have a conversation. Austin has the X-Division title around his waist. As they are in the ring, Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen come out together. They get in the ring and goes to their separate corners.

Austin Aries and Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen.

As Kash is in the ring and Austin on the apron, Kash has his back turned to his opponent as he is talking to Austin. Kash then turns and Sorensen is right there as he hits Kash with a huge right hand that sends him down on the mat. Kash gets up and Jesse continues to be on the offensive as he does several moves. He then climbs the corner and does a flying cross body. He covers Kash, but Kash kicks out. Jesse gets Kid up and tags Brian in. Brian and Jesse do a double team move as Jesse holds Kash's head up and Brian does a baseball slide right into Kash's face. Brian continues to attack Kash, but Kash comes back. They go to Brian who is lying on the mat, but Brian does an inside cradle, but they kick out. Just then, Brian sends Kash out of the ring. Brian then does a flying cross body on Kash. Just then, Austin gets in the ring and mocks Jesse. He then does a great suicide dive. Austin gets Brian in and then goes for the pin, but Brian kicks out. Austin gets up and tags Kash in. Kash comes in while Jesse enters. Jesse goes after Kash as he controls the match, but Kash comes back with an attack in the corner on Jesse. Kash goes to Austin and slaps him right in the face for a tag. Austin gets in and then does a slap to Kash's back for a tag and Austin quickly leaves the ring. He has had enough. Kash enters and Jesse attacks him. He sets up and does a swinging reverse neck breaker as Jesse picks up the pin. Brian enters and he celebrates the win. Winners: Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen

Karen Jarrett is backstage. She sees Traci Brooks and says that she is glad she covered up, but Traci turns around and she clearly didn't. Karen then congratulates Gail Kim for winning this past Sunday. She then tells Kim that she has the night off. Karen tells Traci to get champagne. Traci gets it for herself, but Karen forcefully says that it's not for her!


Mr. Anderson is backstage playing Madden on a huge flat screen TV. He is talking to himself as he can't believe what happened (on the game that is). He has his Green Bay shirt on while playing the team on the game. James Storm enters and says that he is not here to play video games, but he knows Ken is an @sshole, so he would do something like that. Ken tells Storm that he would know if he got attacked by him. Ken asks Storm if he wants to play. Storm does. He reaches over and....unplugs the game. He then walks away as Ken stares at him.

Rosita is in the ring as Christy Hemme announces this match. Her first opponent is Velvet Sky. She comes in the ring as Rosita tasks trash to Sky.

Mickie James vs. Tara vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Rosita vs. Ms. Tessmacher vs. ODB vs. Madison Rayne vs. Winter vs. Sarita

The match begins and Sky quickly grabs Rosita and plants her fight on her face in an "X-Factor" type move. She covers Rosita and gets the pin. Pinfall: Velvet Sky Sky gets up and waits for her next opponent. It's Ms. Tessmacher. She runs to the ring and slides in. As she gets in, Tessmacher closelines Sky on the mat. Sky sits down in the corner. She goes for the stink face type move. Sky gets up after that, but Velvet attacks Tessmacher and gets the pin. Pinfall: Velvet Sky Sky gets up and now Angelina Love runs to the ring. She enters and she actually is competition for Sky as she does a body slam to Sky along with other high impact moves. Sky gets up and Love goes for a roll-up, which gives her the pin. Love stands and her next opponent is Mickie James. Love doesn't look that happy. As Mickie is coming own the ramp, Love leaves the ring and does a huge big boot to James on the ramp. Mickie is down.


Love is in the ring with Mickie as it shows Love having control. Love backs away as the referee yells at her. She then goes to Mickie, but Mickie hits Love right in the gut with fists. Mickie gets up, but Love goes back under control as she does a huge side slam move. It is not a successful pin. She gets up, but Mickie comes back. She goes for her DDT move, but Love slides out, but Mickie attacks her and does get the win. Pinfall: Mickie James Mickie gets up and here comes Sarita. She comes in and she takes it right to Mickie. She knocks her down. She then gets Mickie up and wraps her body around. Mickie does a slick slide down for a cover, but Sarita kicks out. Both get up and Sarita is back to control as she does punches and knife edge chops to Mickie's chest. Mickie reverses the closeline from Sarita. Sarita jumps on the ropes and comes back for a springboard, but Mickie moves out of the way. Sarita gets up and Mickie does her DDT move and then gets the pin. Pinfall: Mickie James Mickie gets up and Tara is the next one out. Tara enters and both go after each other. Both are down on the mat and then get up. Tara goes for her widow's peak, but Mickie slides out. Tara then gets Mickie down and does a figure four type leg lock on Mickie. Mickie reachers the ropes. Tara gets up and does her standing moonsault. She covers, but Mickie kicks out. Tara lifts Mickie up and has her upside down in the corner. Tara does shoulder blocks and then backs away. She runs to Mickie, but Mickie lifts herself up and Tara goes right into the steel post. Mickie gets down and does a DDT for the pin. Pinfall: Mickie James Just then, Winter comes down. Mickie needs to catch her breath. Winter gets in and she has Mickie. She does a great suplex and then covers. Mickie kicks out. Winter continues the offense, but Mickie tries to fight back with a couple punches. Mickie runs into the ropes, but Winter grabs her and does a backbreaker. Mickie gets up, but Winter lifts Mickie up on her shoulders. Mickie gets down on her feet and does a huge kick to Winter's face. Winter is down and out as Mickie gets the pin. Pinfall: Mickie James ODB now comes down the ramp. She gets in and she is the huge powerhouse. She beats down Mickie James. She does a falloway slam. Mickie slowly gets up in the corner. ODB runs to her and does multiple attack moves in the corner. ODB brings her to another corner, but Mickie climbs the corner and jumps on ODB. She does a successful pin. Pinfall: Mickie James As Mickie gets up, ODB does too and attacks Mickie from behind. Mickie is motionless. Madison Rayne now comes out. She slowly walks down the ramp as she waves to all of the audience. She finally gets in. She slowly lifts Mickie up, but Mickie does a sneaky hold on Rayne to get a pin and to get the win! Pinfall: Mickie JamesWinner Mickie James

Bully Ray is backstage. He is with some girl. He then starts to yell at her. He tells her that he will not go out with her as she is ugly with her hair and everything else. Just then, James Storm walks in the camera shot and says that all fingers point to Bully Ray. He then tells Bully to take his best shot. Storm turns around and waits for it. Bully then states that he has a huge monster named Abyss after him. Bully then states that he knows who did attack Storm. Storm leaves, but before he gets too far, Bully asks Storm if he wants to join Immortal. Bully says they don't need Hogan anymore. Storm says that he will join Immortal once Bully gets laid.....just look at him!

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage as he is making his way to the ring.


Garett is backstage and he states that he is excited. He says he faced Gunner last week, but he is going to finish it and finish it right. The camera man asks him if Garett thinks he is going to be under-estimated. Garett states that he was last time and he hopes so again.

The camera changes to the ring as Jeff Hardy's music plays. He comes down the ramp and not the ring as the crowd cheers. As he walks, they show recaps of his three matches against Double J at Turning Point. Jeff has a mic in hand as he is in the ring. He says hello to the creatures in the arena. He says it is great to be back and he thanks the audience for being there for him and he states that he will always be there for them. Jeff then states that he thinks he should have his eyes on that World Title. Just then, Karen Jarrett's music plays. She walks down the ramp and questions what he just said. Karen gets in the ring. She then says that Jeff has a set for doing what he did, but Karen says she has the biggest set around. Karen asks Jeff if whining about coming back is a man thing to do. Karen says she is not going to defend her husband as he can do that himself. Jeff looks away while Karen talks and she screams at him to look at her. Karen tells Jeff to be a man and step up. He should be like her husband who built a company to give wrestlers a chance to make a living. Karen then states that she was friends with Jeff Hardy's wife.....well, pretended to be her friend. Jeff Hardy's wife (Beth) really wanted a friend to share things with. Well, she shared it with Karen. She then uses that against Hardy as he couldn't live up to that much while they went at it. Karen tells Jeff to beat hit her. Karen says he didn't beat her husband fairly. Hardy then grabs Karen and calls out for the creatures of the night. Jeff Jarrett comes out of nowhere and tries to hit Hardy with his Mexican belt. Karen then tries to low blow Hardy, but he stops her. He reaches down, but Jarrett hits him right in the head with a fist. As Jeff goes after Hardy, Hardy comes back and whips Jarrett in the ropes. Jarrett gets out of the ring and Karen joins him. They walk up the ramp backwards as they stare while being dumbfounded.

Mexican America is backstage as Hernandez says that their group is powerful. Anarkia, Sarita, and Rosita then speak spanish as they try to threaten their future opponents. Their match is next.


Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff are backstage as they are talking to Gunner. Ric tells Gunner to destroy him as this could destroy his career if he doesn't get the job done by taking out Garett. Gunner understands and Ric ends the segment with "Wooooo"

Hernandez and Anarkia are in action, but as they come down to the ring, Rosita and Sarita join them. They come down and tamp and into the ring with them. They do their taunt in front of the huge Mexican sign that comes down from the rafters. Matt Morgan's music plays and he comes out. Fireworks explode as he makes his way. He waits at the end of the ramp as Crimson's music pals. Crimson gets fire as he comes down the ramp. He and Matt enter the ring at the same time. Sarita and Rosita quickly leave.

Mexican America (Champs) vs. Matt Morgan vs. Crimson for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Anarkia and Crimson start the match. They lock-up and Crimson quickly does a headlock, but Anarkia sends him in the ropes. Crimson does a shoulder block and covers, but Anarkia kicks out. Crimson remains in control as he does another closeline and then a great vertical suplex. He gets Anarkia up and knees him right in the face. As Anarkia gets up in the corner, Sarita and Rosita get on the apron. Hernandez then closelines Crimson down as he goes to the girls. Anarkia tags in Hernandez. He isn't in for long as he hits Crimson and then tags Anarkia back in. He grabs Matt's legs and allows a double team move as Hernandez jumps right on Crimson's body. Anarkia works on Crimson. He then tags Hernandez and he does the same as he wrenches Crimson's head sideways. Crimson breaks out of the head vise. He then bounces into the ropes, but Hernandez hits Crimson and he falls down instantly. That doesn't happen much. He goes in his corner and they both work on Crimson. Hernandez gets him out and goes to another corner. Hernandez backs up, but Crimson comes out and closelines Hernandez down. Both crawl and both get to their corners. Morgan gets in the ring while Anarkia does. He attacks Anarkia with closelines. Hernandez gets in and Matt does a falloway slam. He then attacks Anarkia again and then Hernandez. He chokeslams Anarkia to finish the match, but Hernandez breaks the count. He and Anarkia join up and attack Matt, but Matt comes out and does a double closeline. Crimson then enters as Matt knocks Hernandez out of the ring. Crimson attacks Anarkia and the final point was made as Matt does the carbon footprint for the win! The ending is the "Direct Impact of the Night". Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champs: Matt Morgan and Crimson

James Storm is backstage. The camera is with him. He can't get away from the cameras today....their everywhere! Storm says he is going out after the next match and say who he "thinks" attacked him last week. Just wait and see!

Garett is backstage as he is ready for his match. Sting begins to talk to him as they both walk to the stage.


The show returns as Christy Hemme is shown in the ring. She announces Gunner to the ring. As he comes to the ring, Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff are behind him. The crowd boos loudly as they get to the ring. After Gunner is in the ring, Garett Bischoff comes on stage. He is joined by Sting. As they go to the ring, the crowd cheers loudly.

Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff

The match begins as both are in the ring. Eric tries to distract his own son. Gunner runs to him to get the advantage, but Garett moves and goes the other way. Eric is furious. Gunner turns and tries to back Garett up, but Garett attacks Gunner with some kicks and punches. Gunner lifts Garett up and plops him down on the mat. He drops an elbow, but Garett moves. Garett tries to come back, but Gunner takes advantage as he beats down Garett to a pulp. As Garett is getting beat up, Eric starts to cheer and yell at his own son. Garett tries to come back at one point, but Gunner smashes Garett into the corner. He then dissects him in the middle of the ring with a back suplex. He then whips Garett in the corner. He then whips him in the opposing corner. Gunner runs to him and does a huge shoulder tackle. He does it again. Garett falls and can barely stand. As he gets up, Garett locks his arm around Gunner's head. Gunner goes for a back body drop, but Garett holds on and plants a DDT. He covers and gets the win. Eric is so upset and angry!!!! He is about to get in the ring, but Sting gets in. Eric stops in his tracks. He and Ric walk away as they don't want to get into any battle. Sting stands with Garett in the ring for the victory. Winner: Garett

James Storm is shown backstage as he is walking. He is going to speak next!


James Storm's music plays and here comes the former World Champion. He walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring quickly and begins to speak on the mic. He says it doesn't matter where he matter what country......just because he talks the way he talks and dresses the way he dresses.....he should be passed over for someone who is more "correct". This is wrestling and he has been doing it for 15 years!!! He is the cowboy James Storm. He is as tough as you get. He goes on to talk about people coming out there and acting tough, but James knows what tough is and has been part of beer fights like no other. He then states that he is going to identify the attacker from last week. He calls out..... AJ Styles! the place is silent! AJ's music hits and here comes AJ. He gets in the ring and is confused. He asks Storm if he is kidding. James isn't kidding. AJ, after all he has been through against Roode, James thinks he was attacked by him? AJ calls Storm paranoid. Storm then states that AJ weaseled his way through 2 title chances. AJ says Sting made the call. AJ ends it as he is done talking about it. He drops the mic, but Storm doesn't want him to leave. AJ then gets right in he face of Storm. AJ backs up as Kazarian enters the ring. He pushes AJ and then pushes James. Kazarian leaves with AJ as he can't believe the allegations. As they are out of sight, James Storm gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. As he does, out of nowhere.....Kurt Angle comes from behind....attacking James Storm. He gets Storm up and smashes his head in the steel steps. He puts Storm in the ring and hits the angle slam. Kurt gets on the mic and tells Storm to tell his daughter when he wakes up.....if he wakes up.....that he (Kurt) was the one who gave daddy a concussion!!! Kurt stands to his feet as Storm holds his pain in a very serious situation as the sound of hard and tense beats rise up as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. James Storm- New from last week
2. Matt Morgan and Crimson- New from last week
3. Mickie James- New from last week
4. Garett Bischoff- Up from last week
5. Kurt Angle- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

While last week's Impact Wrestling show was the wrap up to hype TNA's PPV, which occurred this past Sunday, this episode is the fall-out of that PPV. This week's episode was pretty good. I must say, there was not one thing that was amazing, but the huge part of the show was the ending. I had no idea why Storm called out Styles. I did not think AJ would turn heel at all, I wasn't even thinking it, so I knew he couldn't have done it. While Storm was leaving, I didn't think we would know who attacked him, but we did find out and it was one of my favorite stars....Kurt Angle. Kurt is back on Impact Wrestling, still a heel, and still making an impact. While I.W. is really focusing on the younger talent (Storm/Roode/AJ/Kazarian/etc), they have Kurt to....not take the spotlight, but to help rise the stars of the future. It looks like it's going to be Roode vs. AJ and Storm vs. Kurt. Kurt can make anyone look good, so I expect their rivalry to be great. Roode vs. AJ should be just as awesome as both are young and bright and the future. To change gears, it looks like TNA knows their tag team division is in a slump as Sting straight out said it on television. I do miss those Beer Money vs. MCMG days, but they moved on to better things. They do need more and new tag teams. It should be interesting how far they have this go. As far as the is getting more spotlight and time and I am glad to see stories come out of it. Finally, the knockout division is getting as strong as it was years ago! They have some great talent and a lot of divas who can make a difference no matter what they do. It's nice to see things coming together. Next week is Thanksgiving and that reminds me of TNA as it's always on a Thursday. Thinking of it always reminds me of their huge feast they had on the show and it all blew up and exploded. Those were interesting times! Keep the comments and the interactive frenzy coming! If you want to here more from me, follow me on Twitter: right here

Weekly Question: Did you expect Kurt Angle to be the attacker?

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