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Impact Wrestling Results (11/8/12) - Austin Aries' Ladder To Success

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Impact Wrestling Results - 11/8/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package about the Turning Point match between AJ Styles, James Storm, and Bobby Roode. One will get a title shot from the match. It switches to the Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy rivalry as they will compete in a Ladder match at the PPV. It goes to the Aces and 8s story. They attacked Kurt Angle two weeks ago. Mr. Parks wants to fight the group, and did, as he took the mask off of Luke Gallows.

The camera is in Aces and 8s clubhouse. It has Luke Gallows getting yelled at by another Aces and 8s member. The guy said Luke is not even an official member yet. He is still a prospect. He needs to change things. He can't even keep his mask. Devon is at the table where the discussion is taking place. Devon says Kurt Angle and Sting will fight two Aces and 8s members tonight. Devon says it should be him and Luke. Luke will prove himself tonight.

Fireworks explode above the ring and on the stage as the show starts. We see Jeremy Borash and Todd Keneley as they give us the line-up for tonight. It is the final show before the PPV. James Storm's music plays. He comes out, looks around from the stage, and then moves to the right as he joins the commentator's desk. Two of his opponents will be fighting tonight. Those opponents will fight James at Turning Point. Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first match. AJ Styles' music plays and he walks out and through the sparks that fall from above. The crowd cheers as he comes down the ramp and into the ring. After he gets in the ring, Bobby Roode's music plays. The It Factor comes out with his gear on plus a shirt. He stands on the top of the stage and then slowly walks forward. He gets in the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

Both move around and lock-up. Roode goes to twist the arm of AJ and then puts the headlock on. AJ is able to get out and drop Roode to the mat as he works a headlock in. Roode gets up, gets out, twists the arm of AJ and applies the headlock. AJ pushes Roode off. Roode bounces off the ropes. AJ goes for a dropkick but Roode holds onto the ropes. Roode goes after AJ, but AJ is able to get the upper hand. He knocks Roode down. Roode rolls out of the ring. He walks to the other side. AJ springs over the top rope, but lands on the apron. Roode takes the legs out from AJ and he lands face first on the apron. AJ is able to come back and whip Roode into the steel steps. Roode gets up and AJ rolls him in. Both get up. AJ hits Roode with a body slam. AJ gets him back up. Roode tries to comeback, but AJ puts Roode into the corner and hits a couple punches and knife edge chops. He whips Roode into the opposing corner. AJ runs to him, but Roode elbows AJ. AJ stumbles back. Roode comes back. He knocks AJ down, plants an elbow, and covers. AJ kicks out. Roode grabs AJ and applies the headlock.


AJ and Roode are on their feet. AJ hits Roode in the chest and runs into the ropes. He comes back and hits Roode. Roode falls back into the corner. AJ continues the attack. He takes Roode out of the corner, but Roode picks AJ up and hangs him off the top rope. AJ flips back onto the mat. Roode climbs the corner to the second rope. AJ gets to his feet. Roode jumps. Roode his AJ with a flying neck breaker. He covers AJ, but he kicks out. Roode gets up and walks around. He goes to AJ, but AJ punches Roode in the gut. AJ gets up and continues to punch. Roode backs up into the corner. AJ whips Roode into the opposing corner, but Roode reverses. AJ hits and falls right down. Roode grabs AJ to get him up but he does a snap mare. He applies a headlock on the mat. AJ slowly fades but then gains energy. He gets to his feet. He elbows Roode into the chest. The hold is unlocked. AJ punches Roode and then hits the enzuigiri. Both are down. Both slowly get up. Roode gets in the corner. AJ runs and smashes Roode. He does back and forth punches and chops. AJ whips Roode, but Roode reverses. Roode runs to him, but AJ lifts him up and tosses him over the ropes. Roode lands on the apron. Both fight back and forth. Roode walks away and climbs a corner. AJ follows and knocks him on the corner. He climbs and his the hurricanrona. AJ gets him up. He goes for the Styles Clash. Roode pushes AJ back into the corner to get out of it. Roode backs up. AJ runs to him, but Roode hits the spine buster. Both get up. Roode runs to AJ for a spear type move, but AJ moves and Roode goes right into the second turnbuckle face first. AJ does a roll-up but continues to roll and turns it into the Styles Clash. Roode kicks his way out of it. Both get up. AJ goes for the pele but Roode moves. Roode grabs AJ and hits the fisherman suplex. He has it in a bridge, but AJ kicks out. Roode rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. James Storm will not allow this. He leaves the desk and comes down the ramp. Roode stares at him. He turns around. AJ jumps on the top rope and sails in the air. He lands right on Roode. He gets Roode up and brings him in the ring. AJ gets on the apron. He turns back and starts talking to James. He doesn't need his help. AJ turns back to the ring. He jumps on the top rope, but Roode hits AJ and he crashes and burns. Roode covers and wins. James shakes his head back and forth. Winner: Bobby Roode

Austin Aries is walking backstage. Hulk Hogan is in the same area. Austin starts talking to Hogan like he owns this place. Hogan quickly stops him. He tells Austin that he isn't the champ and better stop acting like it. Austin is not the GM either as Austin tries to talk his way out of the Ladder Match. Hogan tells Aries to turn in the World Title belt that he is carrying around. If he doesn't turn it in by the end of the night, Hogan will find a new opponent for Hardy. Hulk leaves. Austin says Hulk is drinking the Jeff Hardy kool-aid.

Jeremy Borash announces more matches for tonight, but the audio and video is very glitchy. It turns into a Halo-4 invasion commercial.


Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco are backstage. Kurt tells Wes, in order to make it into this business, he needs to learn that it is all about timing. Sting appears in the shot. He says Wes is in the shadows as he will help with Aces and 8s. He says it is all about timing. The time is tonight and tells the two to follow. They leave the scene.

Mr. Parks is backstage. He says it took him an hour to get out of bed today. He learned last week that people aren't meant to go through tables. He has been through a lot, but he still wants a match. He wants a match with Aces and 8s. The only person who can give it to him is Hulk Hogan. He asks GM Hulk to give him the shot. Parks has been on Hulk's side since he came into the company. He wants this. Please, Hulk. Well, Hogan's music hits and Parks' face looks like he sees a ghost. Hulk comes out, taunts, as the crowd roars. Fireworks explode. He comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring and gets a mic. He starts by saying that Parks gave them momentum to fight against Aces and 8s. Parks pulled the mask off of the bike member and said he was lucky. He thanks him for doing so, but him being in a match only makes Hulk think of the reliability. He doesn't want to be responsible. Suddenly, Bully Ray's music plays. He comes out and marches right too the ring. He doesn't waste any time. He gets in the ring with a mic. Ray says he doesn't want to interrupt but he has to. He knows Hulk will tell Parks no, but Ray tells him not to. Ray knows that because Hogan told Ray no for awhile. Parks wants revenge. He knows Aces and 8s. He's been in their clubhouse. Ray tells Hulk to give it to Parks. He believes in him. The fans believe in him. Hogan says he is running this company, not Bully. Ray knows that. He tells that these are Hogan's fans. These are his Hulk-a-maniacs. They want Parks. Why say no when it feels so good to say, "Yes." Parks tells Hogan that he is ready for this. Please. He wants this. Hulk turns to Parks and says, "Joseph, yes, just this one time." Parks and Hulk shake hands and then hug. Hulk's music hits. Ray puts his hand out. Hulk hesitates. He then shakes the hand of Ray.

Jessie from Big Brother and Tara are in their locker room. Jessie starts bragging. His match last week was awesome. He did the shooting star press, the shining wizard. It was awesome. As he talks, Tara is rubbing Jessie's arm muscles. ODB enters and says he didn't hit her with any of that. He did the little school girl move. She tells them that Eric Young isn't there tonight, but she wants to take both of them on. She beat Tara before and she knows she can beat Jessie. Boom! She leaves. Tara and Jessie need hand sanitizer now. ODB is disgusting.


AJ Styles is backstage. He is talking to the camera man. He is furious. Who made the call for James Storm to be out there commentating? AJ didn't need James. James comes into the scene. James doesn't know why he was there, but it doesn't matter. He asks how AJ will feel when he (James) kicks off the face of TNA in. James leaves the scene.

ODB's music plays and she comes in the ring. Tara's music hits. She and Jessie get in the ring.

ODB vs. Tara and Jessie

Tara and Jessie join hands and go for a double closeline, but ODB ducks. She hits Jessie and then Tara. She joins them for a double headbutt. Jessie and Tara bounce off of each other. They come to and hit ODB. They knock her down. They slowly work her as she is lying on the mat. They get her up and push her back in the ropes. Both duck for a double back body drop, but ODB holds onto the ropes. She kicks Jessie and Tara in the chest. She knocks them down. ODB pounds her chest. She has Jessie down. She lifts Tara and body slams her right on Jessie. She puts Jessie into the corner. He is sitting in the corner. ODB grabs Tara and rams her face first into Jessie's crotch. Oh, he is in pain. Tara turns and sits in front of Jessie. ODB goes to the opposite side of the ring and then runs. She does the bronco buster to them. ODB takes Tara out as Jessie rolls out of the ring. She covers Tara and gets the pin. Winner: ODB

ODB celebrates in the ring. As she does, Jessie slides back in the ring behind her. He goes to punch her, but she turns around just in time. Jessie tries to act incident. Tara slides in behind ODB now and has ODB's flask in hand. She hits ODB with it. ODB falls down on the mat. Tara and Jessie stand on above her. They drink from the flask and then pour it on ODB.


A video plays with Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan. It's a video form where they promote a shirt that will help the Hurricane Sandy victims.

ODB is backstage. She is on the phone. She wants Eric Young there Sunday. She had it. She tells him that they poured her drink all over her. She wants to team up with him to face the TMZ wannabes. This is all on voicemail.

A Christian York video plays from last week as he fought Zema Ion.

The camera is backstage with Al Snow, Bruce Prichard, and Taz. Bruce and AL tell Taz to watch the match because he wasn't there last week. Taz couldn't watch it because of the storm, so he can't be attacked for it. Taz wonders why York hasn't gotten to the big times yet because he's been in the business for so long. Al and Bruce weigh that suggestion and continue to discuss York. They then talk about Al's coat he has as it is certainly unique.

The camera switches to the Impact Zone. Kurt Angle's music plays. The crowd pops. He comes down the ramp as fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring. After, Sting's music hits and The Icon appears. The crowd roars. He has his bat in his hand. He points it and does some taunts as the show takes a break. Taz and Mike Tenay will be on the show for the second half.


The show returns as Aces and 8s music hits. Devon and "Luke Gallows" come through the doorway behind the audience. They are calling Luke "Doc" as he is the Director of Chaos. Devon and Doc come to ringside. Kurt and Sting aren't waiting around. They come right out of the ring. Kurt goes to Devon. They fight. Sting and Doc fight. Sting smashes Doc's face into the steel steps. Kurt smashes Devon's face into the steps a little after that. Kurt follows Devon as he tries to crawl away. Sting and Doc get in the ring. The bell sounds.

Kurt Angle and Sting vs. Devon and Doc

Sting gets up and attacks Doc as he jumps and hits a DDT. Doc gets up slowly. Sting puts him in the corner. Sting runs to him. He smashes him. Devon gets on the apron and hits Sting in the face. Doc tags Devon in. Devon gets in and is able to be on the offense. He works on Sting. He brings Sting down on the mat. Devon tags Doc in. Doc gets in. Kurt wants in but the referee tells him to get in his corner. Doc stomps and elbows Sting as he is still on the mat. Doc gets Sting up and whips him in the ropes. Sting comes back and Doc elbows him in the face. Doc tags Devon. Devon gets in. He hits Sting and then does some taunting. He turns and hits Kurt on the apron. Kurt falls. Devon turns and puts Sting in the corner. He hits the chest of Sting. He then tags Doc. Doc enters and does punch after punch to Sting's chest. Sting falls forward. He covers. Kurt gets in and breaks the cover. Doc continues to work on Sting. He gets him up and but knocks him down again. He chokes Sting with his boot. Doc has there referee's attention as Devon uses is boot to choke Sting as Sting is right by the ropes. Doc gets Sting up and continues to work, but Sting comes back. He goes into the ropes and is able to grab the head of Doc and hit the DDT. Sting turns and slowly tags Kurt. Kurt gets in and goes right after Doc. He knocks him down. Doct get up and he tags Devon in. Kurt knocks him down too. Kurt goes to the second rope. He jumps and hits the dropkick. Kurt grabs Doc and hits the german suplex on him. Doc rolls out. Kurt is pumped. He gets Devon up, attacks him and then hits the Angle Slam. He covers. Doc gets in and breaks the count. Kurt works on Doc now. Devon leaves the ring. He grabs Sting's bat. He gets in and hits Kurt and then Sting as Sting was in the ring locking the Scorpion Death Lock. The bell sounds.

Doc and Devon work on Sting and Kurt. Kurt goes into the steel post. Just then, Bully Ray runs down the ramp. He enters and fights Aces and 8s. He gets out of the ring, looks under the ring and gets a table. He brings it in and sets it up. He goes for Devon, but Devon leaves the ring. He goes through the fans. Bully Ray follows. Sting is able to take control of Doc. He sets him up for a power bomb that will have him go through the table. Just then, other Aces and 8s members enter the ring. About two come in and attack Sting and Kurt. They toss Kurt out. One member has a hammer. He uses it to hit Sting. Sting goes down. Doc gets Sting up and slams him through the table. He grabs the hammer and hits Sting in the arm, back, gut, head, and hand. You can hear the smack. You can feel it. Finally, TNA stars come out like Samoa Joe and Chavo Guerrero. Aces and 8s leave. Officials come out and check on Sting. They help him out of the ring and take him slowly to the back.


The show returns and we see a replay the attack on Sting.


Mike Tenay is shown on the camera as he plays the Sting attack very well. We see a replay of the him going through the table and then the hammer shots. Officials are checking on him now and we will be updated if there is any updates on Sting.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as it is time for the Gut Check results. Jeremy introduces Christian York. Music plays and he comes out. He interacts with the fans and then gets in the ring. York is so close to a TNA contract. He is three people away. Those three people are the judges. They are Taz, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow. Jeremy asks York if he put his on his very best to get a contract. York knows he put forth his best effort and the Impact Zone knows he did too. It's time for his Gut Check!!!! Jeremy starts with Taz. Taz thought York did a great job. He has a great look. Taz has been doing this for awhile and so has York. York has the it factor and that gives him the Yes, without a doubt. It's Bruce's turn. Bruce says York has to ask himself. York has been in the business for 16 years, but he hasn't broken through the glass ceiling. Why isn't he in the big leagues. They might know the chance. Maybe he hasn't been giving the chance. Bruce says Yes. Christian York has a TNA contract! He is ecstatic. York celebrates. Jeremy asks him about this moment. York says to follow your dreams and they will come true. Keep working at them. York continues to celebrate.

Austin Aries is backstage. He is on the phone. He is talking about loopholes. Just then, we see Bully Ray talking to a woman in the back. Austin stops talking and turns to them. They split ways. He gets back on the phone and continues to talk about loopholes.


Taz and Mike Tenay are in a video promoting headsets. They say where they can be bought as it is for a great cause. All of the details can be found on


A video package play promoting the Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries story. It has Austin speaking as he doesn't think Jeff can repeat the victory he has over Austin. Jeff may be champion, but Austin will take the title back as it is his. Jeff says anything can happen in the Ladder Match. The odds are against Austin. Aries says he will get the title back as he will be the best man that has ever lived. The video ends and Mike Tenay and Taz talk about the Turning Point line-up. We will have the full line-up for TNA's Turning Point right here on

Hulk Hogan is in his office. He is on his phone. He says he wants updates about Sting every 5 minutes. He needs to know how he is. He hangs the phone up. Joey Ryan comes into the office. He tells Hogan to congratulate him on his victory against RVD. Hogan says Joey doesn't deserve it yet. Hulk walks to Matt Morgan, who is sitting in Hulk's chair. Hulk tells Matt that he won't be at ringside in Joey's match this Sunday. Matt stands up and gets in the face of Hogan. He says something to him and then walks away. Joey follows him. Hulk mumbles something and then laughs.

The camera shows the stage as Magnus' music plays. He comes out. After he is in the ring, Daniels and Kazarian come out together. They come down to their new music as Daniels gets all into the beat. He dances as he makes his way to the ring.


Samoa Joe's music plays and Christy Hemme introduces him. He gets in the ring.


Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero walk out. Chavo has the TNA Tag Title around his waist while Hernandez has his hanging from his chain around his neck. As they go to the ring, we see the Spanish announce team.

Magnus, Daniels, and Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero, and Hernandez

Joe, Chavo, and Hernandez enter the ring at the same time. They attack Daniels, Kaz, and Magnus. Those three leave the ring. Chavo follows Daniels. He attacks him on the outside and then rolls him in the ring. Chavo enters. The match starts with these two. Chavo works on Daniels as he smashes his head into the corner and does several punches and kicks. Daniels walks parallel to the ropes. Daniels goes to his opponent's corner. Joe hits Daniels. Chavo continues the attack. Chavo tags in Hernandez while Kaz comes in as Chavo tags him. They come in. They fight back and forth. Kaz is able to do a spinning heel kick. Hernandez stumbles back. Joe reaches and tags him. Kaz backs up and tags Magnus. Both get in but Magnus leaves. Joe rolls out and follows him. Magnus slides back in but Joe grabs his leg. He gets in and is able to hit Magnus. Magnus tags in Daniels quickly. Daniels gets in but Joe has complete control of him. He puts him in the corner and punches him until he is black and blue. Daniels slides down the corner. Joe gets him up, whips him in the ropes and knocks him down. He has Daniels sit on the mat and kicks him in the chest and back. Joe is all over him. He tags in Hernandez. He enters and applies a bear hug. He turns it into a belly to belly suplex. Hernandez stomps on Daniels and then tags Chavo. Chavo enters and has Daniels up. He takes him down. Daniels gets up. Chavo punches him and then whips him in the corner. Chavo runs to him and smashes him. Daniels goes down. Kaz walks over on the apron. Chavo punches him. Daniels grabs Chavo and throws him out of the ring. Kaz works on him. Chavo fights back. Daniels gets out and takes Chavo right down. He brings Chavo back in. Kaz and Daniels work him. Kaz leaves. Daniels tags Magnus. Magnus puts Chavo in the corner and hits him with hard right hands. He takes him out and knocks him down. Magnus gets him up and slowly works him along the side of the ring. He tags Daniels in. Daniels knocks Chavo down and does a simple heat taunt. He covers but Chavo kicks out. Daniels tags Kaz. They do a double team. Kaz covers Daniels but Hernandez enters and breaks it up. Kaz brings Chavo's arms back as he works the shoulder. Chavo is able to get up. Kaz whips him in the ropes. Kaz goes for a closeline, but Chavo ducks. They come back and Chavo is able to hop up and hit the hurricanrona. Chavo rolls through and tags Hernandez. Hernandez jumps over the top rope and hits Kaz down. Daniels enters but Hernandez knocks him down. Magnus enters. Hernandez hits him. He falls back in the corner. Hernandez runs and smashes him. Hernandez runs into the ropes. He comes back and does a huge brick wall challenge to Daniels that sends him flying back. Daniels gets up as Kaz tries to keep Hernandez down. They try for a double suplex, but Hernandez hits bot of them with it. Hernandez gets up and tags Joe. Kaz tags in Magnus. They fight, but Joe hits the atomic drop and kicks Magnus down. He falls on him. Everything collides as Daniels and Kaz come in. Chavo enters and attacks the two. Hernandez enters. Daniels is thrown outside. Hernandez jumps over the ropes and lands right on Daniels. Chavo tries to take care of Kaz in the ring, but Kaz comes back. Joe gets in and goes after Magnus. He puts Magnus in the corner, but Daniels enters, does a chin breaker and then takes Joe down with a closeline while Kaz takes the legs out from under Joe. Magnus flies in the air from the corner with the elbow drop. Magnus covers and gets the win. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Magnus, Daniels, and Kaz

Austin Aries is talking backstage with the TNA World Title around his shoulder. He will be out next.


We see the video play of Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan again as they promote the shirt to help the victims of Sandy.

Bobby Roode is backstage as the camera follows him. He says his plan has worked. He put both of his opponents there and now they are against each other. Roode will face them Sunday. He compliments the camera guy and then walks away with his wheeling suitcase.

We see a video of the Sting attack tonight. We learn that Sting has been taken to a medical facility.

Austin Aries' music plays. He comes down the ramp with a huge cocky smirk and the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He passes a ladder that is by the ramp. He moves it and chuckles. He gets in the ring with a mic in hand. The crowd chants, "We want Hardy." Austin says he wants Hardy too so we hope it happens. Austin says Jeff calls himself the best on planet earth. You can say that or the best in the world, but Austin is the best man that has ever lived....anywhere in the universe. Austin says Jeff can't beat him in another wrestling matter where or when. It is said that Jeff's career is described as the ladder. He is the dare devil. He may be one of the best risk takers this business has ever seen. He climbed high and fell high, but this Sunday, this will be his great fall that he won't be able to recover from. That is physically and mentally. As Austin continues to talk, the fans chant, "What." Austin tells them to listen so they won't have to say that. He is speaking english and doesn't know what they want him to speak. Austin will melt Jeff's title down and wear it as a belt buckle so Jeff's face can be at his crotch. Austin will hand the title over to him because Hulk wants him to. Hogan is doing the dirty work for Jeff now. Actually, Austin won't hand it over. If he wants, he can be a man and take it from him. Jeff's music hits. Jeff comes out. He has his designed TNA World Title with him. He walks down and then runs to the ring. He slides in. Austin goes right after him. He punches and kicks him while Jeff tries to get up. Austin grabs him and tries for the brain buster, but Jeff grabs Austin and goes for the Twist of Fate. Austin is able to get away. He stumbles all the way back and falls through the ropes. Jeff grabs both of the titles and puts them on the hook. The hook rise in the air to the position they will be on Sunday. Jeff grabs the ladder that is in the ring. He climbs to the top. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Austin hits the ladder. He moves it and Jeff falls down. He lands back first on the mat. He may have clipped the leg of the ladder right on his back. Austin stomps on him and then puts the ladder right on top of Jeff. Austin climbs the ladder. He grabs the titles. Jeff is forced to watch this. The show fades with Austin around the gold.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Austin Aries - New from last week
2. Daniels, Kaz, and Magnus - New from last week
3. Aces and 8s - New from last week
4. Christian York - New from last week
5. Jessie and Tara - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This was the final Impact Wrestling before Turning Point. Week's just fly by now, in my mind anyways. I mean we have Championship Thursday in TNA and then Open Fight Night. We have around one, maybe 2, regular shows and then the PPV. It's hard to build a PPV with two different specialty shows but TNA is able to do that. Kudos to them. As far as this show goes, I think TNA did a fine job building the PPV. The 6 man tag team match was a 2-1 deal where they put two stories together to build and keep them relevant for the PPV. They did an excellent job building the TNA World Title as that ending segment was well done. Austin's promo was top notch. I don't know why they didn't have him do that when he was champion. I knew he had it in him. TNA just didn't give him the time. The Jeff Hardy fall was brutal. Jeff is one of those rare people who would actually land flat on his back while others would use their feet and then roll down. Since Jeff turned around, I find his passion for wrestling to be on the rise. He is there and loves the business. I personally can't wait for this match at Turning Point. The other great story developer tonight was the Aces and 8s segment after the tag team match. While it will only be Devon vs. Kurt Angle at the PPV, they continue to build the Aces and 8s rampage and destruction. Those hammer shots from Doc, aka Luke Gallows, looked real. Doc did a fine job swinging and bashing into Sting's body. I could actually feel the hammer hits. Sting sold it nicely, as he always does. I am not sure how long Sting will be out of the story, but that is a huge loss on Hulk's part. While I thought Aces and 8s were losing steam, they gained it right back tonight. Kudos again. The Jessie, Tara, and ODB match seemed rush. It didn't work well with me. I questioned the whole match because it didn't deal with the PPV, but now those three have a match and Eric Young will join them. Great set-up. Christian York got a contract through Gut Check. I am not surprised. I praised the guy last week on here as I thought he was the best one from Gut Check yet, look wise. It is his time to prove himself. I hope they groom him in the ring. If so, I can see some great X-Divisoiner or mid-card worker in his future. One thing I did notice was Samoa Joe's Television Championship streak end. He did not defend the title. I could see TNA having him defend and then have Magnus interfere. I would have done that. They didn't. That knocked Joe right off the Top 5 Rankings. Overall, while I felt like the show was rushed at some points, but we seen a very nice built for the PPV. I am excited for it. It is this Sunday. Thanks for reading. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (Link below in my bio). Let me know what you thought of the show and if you thought it was a nice built for the PPV.

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