Impact Wrestling Results (12/1/11) - Jeff Finally Gets Jeff!


Impact Wrestling Results - 12/1/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package of Bobby Roode. It shows his entire family and what they think of him. They are not pleased with him at all. The video ends and the camera shows the arena. Just then, the music of Sting plays. Here comes the man in charge as he comes down the ramp and into the ring as the crowd roars.

Sting grabs a mic and begins to speak. He starts off by saying that there are a lot of people trying to take charge of this company, but Sting is in charge and he wants to talk to them. First, he calls out Bobby Roode! Roode's music plays. Here comes the TNA World Champion! Roode slowly comes down the ramp as the crowd boos him. Just like his family, the fans aren't pleased with him either. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He tells Sting that he is the world heavyweight champion. Roode says his calendar is filled as time is money, so he tells Sting to make it quick. Sting doesn't care. Sting told Roode that it will be run his way, not Roode's behavior. Sting says everyone is fine except for Roode. He then brings up Roode's selfish ways by attacking people from behind. Roode talks back as he states it is good for television. He took out two people with his title.... "what an amazing way to go off the air," Roode states. Roode then goes on to say that Sting only wanted him out there to say thanks to Roode for carrying this company and to bring it into the year 2012. Sting says he didn't bring him out to say thanks. He tells Roode that for every bad thing Roode does, there will be even worse consequences! Just then, AJ Styles' music hits and here comes the phenomenal one! He walks down the ramp as Roode is shocked and a bit nervous. Roode starts backing up in the corner as AJ gets in the ring. Roode says that Sting is fighting AJ's battles for him. Sting says he isn't done. Now, Jeff Hardy's music plays and here comes....Jeff Hardy! He makes his way down the ring. He gets in the ring as the crowd cheers for him just like they did with AJ. Jeff gets in the ring as Roode can't believe it. Jeff gets on the mic. Jeff says him and AJ respect Sting, but Roode doesn't. Roode comes back and says "screw Sting and his decision making." Sting says "screw you" to Roode as it will be Roode vs. AJ vs. Hardy tonight!!!! Tah Tah! Sting leaves the ring as his music plays. Roode is furious!

A camera is backstage from earlier and it shows the knockouts talking pretty loud. Karen Jarrett comes in and tells them to shut up. Karen mentions the Thunder Thong Match last week and Karen isn't too happy about it as some people didn't listen. Karen then states that the knockouts will wash six of the wrestlers' cars. Karen wants them on their hands and knees getting every inch. They can do the rest later. The knockouts complain, complain, complain. Karen leaves and Madison Rayne shows off her stuff under her robe but then tells the others to take off their robe! She screams at them like always!


Jeff Hardy is backstage as he holds his shoulder. A camera man comes up to him asking him about his match later tonight. Jeff states that Roode is on his bad side while him and AJ will team up tonight. Just then, Jeff Jarrett comes into the shot as he starts yelling at Hardy. He tells Hardy to leave this company as he screwed up more times than any. Hardy tells him that this is his last shot. Jarrett asks if that is all he wants? Just then, Jarrett throws his coat at Hardy and then attacks him. He slams him into the wall and some furniture back there. Hardy comes back as he attacks Jarrett. Jarrett runs away.

Eric Bischoff is backstage as it's a new camera shot somewhere backstage. Bully Ray walks up to him. Eric talks about his son as he can't stand him and wants him out. Bully tells him that he will do whatever Eric wants involving Garett. Eric then goes on to talk about Abyss. Bully states that he put him through a table and popped right back up. No one has ever done that before. Eric says you need to talk to him and get into his mind. Bully says he will talk to Steiner about the situation. Eric and Bully shake hands. Bully leaves.

A video package plays showcasing Roode once again as his family talks about him. They have no idea what is going on with him.


The knockouts are in the parking lot washing cars. Tara is totally against this though as she didn't take off her robe. She then takes it off after some convincing. ODB comes into the shot where Karen talks to her. Karen states that ODB will go against Mickie in a Street Fight and if ODB can take her out, then she will be the #1 Contender for the Knockout Title.

The camera goes to the ring as Ink Inc. come on stage. The crowd cheers. They get into the ring. After them, Mexican America come out. It's all of the faction too. They go to the ring as the crowd boos. After them, Devon and Pope walk out together. They run down the ramp and slide into the ring.

Ink Inc. vs. Mexican America vs. The Pope and Devon in a Three Way to be the #1 Contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles

The match begins and everyone goes after attack. While all of the teams go at it, slowly one leave the ring at a time. Pope and Devon are the last men standing in the ring. While Pope stays in the ring, his opponent comes in. Pope keeps the advantage as he attacks Jesse Neal. Jesse goes back and Anarquia tags himself in. He gets in but the Pope continues the momentum. Anarquia changes it as he knocks Pope out of the ring. Just then, Hernandez closelines him down on the outside. Pope gets back in and now he is on the defensive side. Hernandez tags in and he takes it to Pope like no tomorrow. He does multiple offensive powerhouse moves. He tags in Anarquia and he does some offensive as he works on the arm of Pope. He tags Hernandez back in and he comes back with power, but Pope reverses and closelines Hernandez. Both crawl to their own corner. Anarquia gets tagged and so does Devon. Both enter and Devon attacks Anarquia like he was nothing. Hernandez climbs up the top rope, but Devon takes him over. As Hernandez gets up, Neal tags himself in. He gets in and goes for the spear, but Devon moves and Neal hits Hernandez. Devon then attacks Neal and gets the win. Winners: The Pope and Devon

Austin Aries is walking backstage moving his head back and both like the cocky man he is. He is coming to the ring next!


The show returns and Austin Aries' entrance music plays. Here comes A.A. down the ramp with the X-Division Title around his waist. The crowd boos him! He gets in the ring with his cocky smile, sunglasses, and title. Austin gets on the mic and tells everyone to be quiet. He then tells them to boo loudly. Austin goes right into his problem that he has. Austin said that he was the greatest man to ever life. A.A. succeeded his own expectations. He had a plan when he came to TNA and that was to make the X-Division better. Austin says his level of greatness is a whole different league compared to the others. Austin said he beat every X-Division wrestler here, so he states that they should call the division....the A.A. Division. Austin goes on to compliment himself in the sport of wrestling and his looks. Just then, music plays and it's Kid Kash! Kash walks down the ramp. While he does, Austin tells him to hold on. Kash gets in the ring and right in the face of Austin. He then takes his mic. Kash questions if he heard Austin correctly about beating everyone in the division clean. Kash said they had an agreement to take out Sorensen, but there was no agreement afterwards. Kash then brings up last week's match. Kash says he is confused on what A.A. is saying. He tells Aries to make it more clear. Austin says that Kash confused him with Jesse. Austin says he is champion. He then asks where is Kash's belt. Kash says he worn that title longer than anyone before Austin came here. Austin takes off his title, lays it on the mat, and then tells Austin to shake his hand...and if he does, he will get a title shot. Kash puts down his mic after Austin did. Kash shakes his hand. Austin smirks...and then goes to punch Kash, but Kash gets the hand in first as he knocks down Austin. Aries grabs his belt and quickly leaves the ring as he holds his mouth.

Gunner is somewhere. He goes into some building as he calls out Garett. Where is he?


AJ Styles is in the locker room as he is getting ready. The camera man says AJ has his hands full tonight. AJ agrees and says Roode is on the top of his game, but so is AJ and he will show Roode what he is about.

Gunner is seen in a gyms. There is someone working out. He gets in the face of Gunner. The guy says it's not his turn to watch Garett. Gunner pushes him over with ease. Gunner goes to another room. This guy gets attacked by Gunner too. He throws the guy into different things in the gym. Someone comes up to Gunner, but Gunner attacks him. Some guy in the ring talks to Gunner, but Gunner doesn't want to hear him. He gets in the ring and throws the guy around with pleasure. He gets out and the guy he first saw comes back up to him. Gunner attacks him and then someone else who is quite bulky. Gunner puts him on the ground and works on his arm. "Where is Gunner," Gunner asks!

Sting is backstage talking to Jeff Jarrett. Jeff tells Sting about Hardy and how he doesn't want him in this business as he ruined it during the spring-summer. Sting tells Jeff not to get involved in the match tonight. Otherwise there will be consequences. Tah, Tah! Sting leaves.

A video package plays that shows more of Roode and his cheating ways. It has his wife on there talking about Roode and his children as they ask their own mom why their dad would cheat.


The knockouts are backstage as they are really getting into the car washing theme. Madison is directing the others, which starts to get them annoyed.

Bully Ray comes into Steiner's locker room. Steiner starts yelling about how it's a private room. Steiner then calms down and Bully talks about Abyss. Steiner says that Abyss is a pure bread American and that means he wants girls, but more so freaks. Bully and Steiner talk about freaks they know. Steiner then sprouts an idea as he leaves and Bully follows after taking a swig of something.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. ODB comes on stage. The crowd cheers. Just then, Mickie James' music plays and she comes on stage. Just then, ODB spears Mickie on the stage.

ODB vs. Mickie James in a Street Fight

The bell sounds and ODB has all of the momentum. She gets Mickie up and throws her in the railing and beats her down. She then gets Mickie in the ring. ODB enters, but Mickie comes back and pushes ODB in the corner. ODB then gets out and attacks Mickie. Mickie goes into the opposing corner. ODB runs to her, but Mickie slides out of the ring and ODB goes right into the corner. Mickie gets ODB out of the ring. Mickie knocks her down and covers, but ODB kicks out. ODB comes back as she puts Mickie in the steel steps and then the steel guard rail. Mickie holds on and tries to kick ODB, but ODB lifts her up and power bombs her on the outside mat. ODB is in total control. She drinks some water (that's a first!) Mickie goes through the crowd. ODB follows her. ODB gets her up, but Mickie slams ODB right into the wall. It put a hole in it. ODB comes back and attacks Mickie. They go backstage more as ODB hits Mickie in the back with a trashcan lid. She then hits Mickie in the head with a trashcan. She covers Mickie, but Mickie kicks out. ODB then plants a tray right into the head of Mickie. Mickie is falling apart. ODB brings her back more and pushes her against some walls. Mickie pushes ODB back to regroup. Just then, she hits ODB with a broom. ODB walks away as Mickie follows. ODB then grabs the weak Mickie and slides her in the ring. ODB brings a chair in the ring. ODB goes for it, but Mickie does a roll-up. ODB kicks out. Mickie is coming back with several offensive moves. She is gaining momentum. Mickie drops ODB down and covers, but ODB kicks out. Both get up and Mickie goes for her finishing DDT, but ODB reverses it with a fallaway slam. ODB then grabs the chair. Mickie slowly gets up. She turns around, ODB swings, Mickie ducks, and then does a roundhouse kick to the chair which hits ODB right in the face!! ODB falls instantly and Mickie gets the pin. Winner: Mickie James

The camera shows James Storm getting a mic set-up on him as he is sitting in his home. It looks like he is going to speak next!


Taz and Mike Tenay are shown on the camera as they speak to James Storm. Storm states that he feels like he is getting better each day and week. James says he is not cleared to wrestle yet, so he doesn't know when he will be back. James says the first person he wants is Kurt Angle. Just then, Kurt comes out and gets on the headset to ask James some questions. Kurt asks James how he feels with his head bashed in and to have his daughter know. James says Kurt will know once James is cleared. Kurt says James robbed him out of the title. Kurt then gets inside James' mind and Storm says that he will be here next week to go after Kurt! Kurt throws the headset down and leaves.

Two pretty young girls are walking backstage. They can't wait to meet a wrestler as wrestlers have those great bodies from top to bottom. They know this is going to be good. The two girls continue to walk, but they don't know what is in store for them! Steiner and Bully have their verdant people!

A video plays talking about Roode with his family's commentary.


The show returns and a video plays. It goes back to Bound for Glory this past year. It has Roode talking about his loss to Kurt and how it brought him down. It shows his family talking about Roode's cheating ways all of a sudden to win the title. They don't know why he did it. Roode says that he is putting the food on the table and paying the bills. He says it is his time. Roode will do what he wants. No one knows Roode anymore.

Roode is backstage as he talking about his family and the wrestlers. He says they are all users....users of him. They are using him. Roode states that AJ and Hardy have nothing like him. Roode is at the top of the mountain!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next contest. Rob Van Dam's music hits and here comes RVD! The crowd cheers as he comes to the ring. Rob Terry walks out with Robbie E. Robbie has the title around his waist. The crowd boos them as they get in the ring.

Rob Van Dam vs. Robbie E. (Champ) for the Television Title

Rob leaves and and the match begins. Both look at each others. They then start to taunt and mock each other's taunts. Rob smles and kicks Robbie, which knocks him back and into the corner. RVD puts Robbie in the opposing corner and does a great monkey flip. Robbie gets up and is closelined out of the ring. RVD does a baseball slide and Robbie goes right into Rob. RVD then mocks Rob Terry as Robbie gets back in the ring. RVD knows it and kicks Robbie, which knocks him down. RVD does rolling thunder and then goes for the 5 star frog splash, but Rob Terry distracts RVD. Robbie gets up and attacks RVD. Robbie is now in control as he knocks down RVD and puts knees right into the body. Robbie gets RVD up and whips him in the corner. He runs, but RVD kicks Robbie in the face. He comes out and Robbie whips him back. This time, RVD comes out of the corner as he does a spinning heel kick. Robbie gets up and throws RVD out of the ring. Just then, Eric Young runs down the ramp with some type of weapon in hand. Robbie watches from the ring while Rob blocks off Eric. RVD gets back in and does a kick to the face. RVD does the 5 star frog splash and goes for the cover, but the referee is outside to get Eric Young away. Just then, Daniels enters and hits RVD with the angle wings. Robbie turns him over for the cover. The referee gets in and counts to three. Winner and Still Champion: Robbie E.

The camera is backstage as the two young girls Bully and Steiner sent in are messed up as their hair is all over the place. They are dazed and confused as they ask each other what just happened. They hold their heads as they walk away.


The show shows the knockouts cleaning cars still. They are starting to get enough as Madison is directing traffic. Just then, Tara starts to get mad at Sky. Tara starts to attack her. Just then, every knockout goes after each other with the sponges and water. The wrestlers like Pope come over to either look at their cars or watch the action. The fighting does not stop with the knockouts.

Jeff Hardy's music plays and he comes out. The crowd cheers as he comes to the ring. After him, AJ's music hits and he comes down the ramp. The crowd goes wild for him. After he is in the ring, Bobby Roode's music airs. He comes on stage with the TNA World Title around his waist. He raises his arms and fireworks shoot in the air. He slowly makes his way down the ramp as the crowd boos. Roode gets in the ring as Jeremy Borash does the introductions.

Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

The bell sounds and the match begins! Each are in a corner and them move around. Roode quickly slides out and he tells Jeff and AJ to start the match. AJ and Jeff look at each other. AJ then goes on the apron where Roode is going to walk. Roode backs up. AJ then is on the outside as he walks closer to Roode. Jeff gets out and sandwiches Roode in. They attack him until he falls down. They get him up and slide him in the ring. Roode tells AJ to get away, but he forgot about Jeff as he is right behind Roode. Jeff does multiple shots to Roode. AJ comes in and they double team Roode with a double back drop and then double closeline. Roode is out of the ring now. Jeff goes for the flying cross body over the ropes, but AJ says he will do it. He does it, but Roode moves. AJ lands on the apron and Roode holds onto the leg of AJ. Jeff does a baseball slide and Roode goes back. Both AJ and Jeff attack Roode again!


Roode has the advantage as he is attacking AJ in the corner. Well, AJ is coming back, but Jeff is getting on the apron and is knocked off by AJ getting whipped. Roode then does a back suplex to AJ and is back in control. Jeff gets in and Roode goes after both stars. He goes to Jeff then to AJ and then to Jeff, but Jeff puts Roode in the corner and punches the hell out of Roode. Aj comes over and attacks Roode too. Roode pokes the eyes of AJ and then slaps Jeff, but Jeff thinks the slap to the back of the head was AJ. AJ and Jeff stare at each other and then push and shove. Just then, they go after each other. AJ does a back body drop, a cover, but Jeff kicks out. Both get up and Jeff does a spinning kick, a side russian leg sweep and then a cover, but AJ kicks out. Both get up and AJ does a pay lay. Jeff is down and out. AJ gets up, but Roode gets in and pushes AJ shoulder first into the steel ring post. Roode stomps on Jeff and then elbows him in the chest. He covers, but Jeff kicks out. Roode gets Jeff up, puts him in the corner and punches him, but Jeff comes back with some punches. Roode pushes Jeff in the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow and then drops a knee to the face. AJ tries to come in the ring, but Roode does a baseball slide right into AJ. It knocks him down. Roode is in control!!! Roode goes right to Jeff to attack him and weaken him more. He gets Jeff up but Jeff comes back with some punches. Roode lifts Jeff up and hits the spine buster. Roode covers, but Jeff kicks out!!!!

Roode gets Jeff up, but AJ springboards and knocks Roode off his feet. AJ comes back, but Roode whips him in the corner. AJ stops in his tracks, jumps up and does a moonsault as he grabs Roode and does a reverse DDT. AJ gets Roode up for the styles clash, but Roode lifts AJ up and puts him on the apron. Jeff gets up and Roode pushes Jeff back while AJ jumps on the ropes. AJ falls right on the ropes while Jeff is down. Suddenly, each are in the ring while Jeff attacks Roode with a closeline, dropkick and whisper in the wind. He goes for the swanton bomb, but Jeff Jarrett runs out and distracts Hardy. Hardy falls on the corner. He flips over and lies on the mat. Roode covers and gets the pin before AJ an break it. While Jarrett is walking up the ramp while Roode is in front of him....Sting's music hits!

Sting comes out and says that there will be consequences.....and that is Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett at the a Steel Cage....and if Hardy losses, he will leave the company, but if Jarrett losses, then Hardy becomes #1 Contender for the title. Karen then ones on stage as she starts screaming at Sting that he can't do that and who does he think he is......Sting then states that Jeff Jarrett's "husband" won't interfere in the match because Sting will handcuff himself to Karen. Karen starts to scream, shout, and yell. Sting mocks her cry baby ways as Roode and Jeff Hardy look on. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Jeff Jarrett
4. Pope and Devon
5. Mickie James

Alex's Assumptions:

Everyone, I am finally back to writing coverage here for I was never gone, but just had a break last week for the holiday. Anyway, I am back and I want to quickly talk about each show. First off, I watched Impact Wrestling last week, and I have to say, I am glad I didn't write last week's coverage as that show wasn't great at all. I, of course, was distracted from other things, but I still thought it would be better. Again, it was the holiday, so I didn't expect they would make a big deal about it. As far as this week's episode, it was way better! First off, I loved the videos they did about Roode with his family talking. They had almost all of his family members at once. It was great to see something that is a real life situation as nothing is more real than having someone's own family in it. I also liked the segments TNA had this week from Sting's multiple segments (the last one where he mocked Karen was fun) to Eric Bischoff's to Austin Aries. The knockout situation was interesting. While some may not like the knockout segments because it's not wrestling, we did see wrestling with ODB and Mickie and the segments reflected on the whole style of Karen as she is power hungry. I don't mind Karen at all as I think she is a great heel! The best match tonight probably has to be the main event. Roode and AJ have it for their PPV match while Jeff looked on key too. TNA satisfies me tonight with a good show!

Weekly Question: How do you feel about the way TNA grew Bobby Roode's character?....Do you like it?

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