Impact Wrestling Results (12/15/11) - I Now Pronounce You Mr. and Mrs. Fired


Impact Wrestling Results - 12/15/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video promo that highlights some of the events that took place at Final Resolution. It shows the match with Jeff vs. Jeff and then AJ vs. Roode. Hardy is now #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. Roode keeps the title at the PPV as the match was a draw. Sting is shown as he says this show is going to kick off with a bang. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. It shows the fans screaming and cheering.

Right off the bat, they announce a 5 minute overtime match for the TNA World Title between AJ and Roode. Christy Hemme announces it. AJ's music hits and here he comes. He gets to the ring as the fans are pumped. After he is in the ring, the TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode, walks down the ramp with the title in his hand as the crowd boos with all their might.

AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode, Champ, for the TNA World Title in a 5 Minute Overtime Match

The match finally begins after Roode stalls to get in the ring. As soon as AJ goes after Roode, Bobby leaves the ring. He walks around the ring, but AJ catches up and punches him right in the head. He brings Roode in the ring. AJ jumps up for a springboard closeline right on Roode. He gets Roode up and whips him in the corner multiple times. He then levels him and goes for a cover, but Roode kicks out. AJ does a headlock takeover, but Roode applies a side head scissors. AJ gets out of it and applies a headlock. Both get up as Roode breaks away, but then applies it again as both are on the mat. Roode then applies the head scissors. It's back and forth. AJ gets out and they are up. He applies the headlock, but Roode had enough as he lifts AJ up, but he flips over and goes for a pin, but Roode kicks out. Roode is in the corner and yells "NOOOO!" He gets up and he goes after AJ, but AJ comes back and puts Roode in the corner and punches and kicks him. AJ backs away and then comes back, but Roode kicks AJ right in the knee. AJ goes down. Roode wraps AJ's legs around the ring posts, but AJ pushes him back and Bobby sails into the railing. He comes back, and AJ gets out of the ring. Roode goes after the knee again and he is hurting. Roode enters the ring and AJ slowly follows. Roode attacks the leg some more. He then does some punches to the head. AJ fights back as Roode stumbles. He then does a hurricanrona to Roode. AJ gets up and goes to the corner. He does a flip for an amazing reverse DDT. He covers, and everyone thought it was three, but Roode put his leg on the ropes. Roode gets up as AJ is there. He then pokes the eyes of AJ. Roode then leaves the ring when there is 20 seconds left. AJ hurries out of the ring. As Roode tries to run away, AJ does a pay lay from the ground to the ring. He then does a 450 splash, which lands right on Roode with his knee. AJ goes to cover, but the time runs out!!!!

As they are in the ring waiting, Sting's music hits! Here comes The Icon! Sting says that he can do this all night long.....and then states that whoever gets the first acceptable win wins the match. The referee rings the bell. Well, Roode does a great chop block and then applies the half boston crab. He wrenches it back. AJ had no choice but to tap! Winner and Still Champ: Bobby Roode

Roode stands as he gets handed the title. He kisses it as it's still his!


Bobby Roode is backstage right beside an ambulance. He talks about what happened as he said he can take Aj again and it doesn't matter what time, he will still win. AJ is then shown as he says that Bobby took a cheap shot as he did a chop block to him right after the bell. Bobby comes back on and says he doesn't care about authority as he spits in the face of authority.

The camera faces the stage as Rob Terry and Hernandez come out with Sarita and Rosita. This is a tag team tournament match. After they are in, Abyss' music hits as he comes out with......well before he comes out, Scott Steiner is backstage with him. Scott tells Abyss that Eric Bischoff was right as they need Abyss and that they are a team. He then tells Abyss to follow him. Abyss and Scott walk out. Steiner leads the way.

Rob Terry and Hernandez vs. Abyss and Scott Steiner in a Tag Team Tournament Match

The bell sounds. Scott and Hernandez start the match. They walk around the ring and then try to talk to each other, but Steiner kicks Hernandez right in the gut. Scott takes advantage as he puts Hernandez in the corner. He does some knife edge chops and then whips him across the ring. Scott runs to him for a closeline in the corner. Hernandez falls on the mat in the corner. He then tries to kick Scott, but Scott picks him up and puts him on the top corner. He then climbs up and does a great belly to belly suplex!!!! Rob enters the ring and Scott does a belly to belly to him. Scott goes to cover Hernandez, but stops to do some push-ups. Scott gets up and goes to tag Abyss, but he just stands there. Scott turns around and he gets run over by Rob. They then beat up on Scott. Rob goes to the apron and Hernandez tags him in. They double team Scott. After they do, Hernandez is tagged back in. They go to double team again. After doing a double suplex, Abyss finally comes in and attacks Rob and Hernandez. He puts him in corners and smashes them. He chokeslams Hernandez. He then hits the black hole slam on Rob. Abyss then turns to Scott and stares at him. He then tags him. Scott comes and covers Rob for the victory! Scott is about to leave the ring, but Abyss stops him. He then raises Scott's arm in victory. Abyss then leaves with a smile. Winners: Abyss and Scott Steiner

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He says he has had enough with Sting and he is going to do something about it.


Kurt Angle's music plays and here comes the Pittsburgh resident. He walks down the ramp and into the ring quickly. He grabs a mic and says that he isn't asking but telling Sting to come down right now as he has a few things to get off his chest. After a little pause, music plays. Here comes the the current decision making person of TNA. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring with a snazzy new black and white jacket. He grabs a mic. Kurt talks again and says Sting is going to shut up and listen for the first time in his life. He goes to tell Sting that he had to face Storm with less than 90 minutes of preparing. He then had to face him again as James had a loaded boot. Sting, do you know who he is? He is Kurt Angle....the master of all submission olympic holds. He can take Sting down and make him cry for his mom. He wants a rematch. Sting begins to talk and says that Storm is moving upwards and on as he going up to face Bobby Roode. It's time to toughen up. He then mentions his jacket is from James. He says tah tah, but Kurt doesn't let him go just yet. He says that he might just go to Storm's hometown and just beat everyone up there until he gets to James. He is not messing around....tah tah for now as Kurt says it this time. Kurt's music plays as he walks out of the ring. Sting is left there.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the the new contest. Anthony is already in the ring.

Anthony Nese vs. Zema Ion in a X-Division Tournament

The bell sounds and they move around the ring quickly. They lock up and Anthony takes Zema down. Zema gets up and breaks free. He runs in the ropes, but Anthony does an arm drag. Zema sits up and Anthony does a great shot to the head of Zema. Both stand and they keep moving faster and faster. They run into the ropes faster than I can type. Anthony is taking are of Ion. He knocks him down and then does a huge moonsault form the top rope. He goes to cover, but Zema kicks out. Ion gets up in the corner and Anthony runs to him and smashes him. Ion leaves the ring to regroup, but Anthony runs and jumps over the ropes and does a huge summersault. He gets Ion back in the ring and then does a springboard cross body. He covers, but Ion kicks out. Ion gets back in the corner and tries to fight back with kicks to Anthony, but he puts Ion to the top. He does a great kick to the head and then goes to the top, but Ion pushes him off. Anthony runs back up, but Ion pushes him back and then does a missile dropkick. He comes back with a couple ground and pound moves and goes for a cover, but he lifts the shoulder up. He gets Anthony up and drops him face first on Ion's own knee. He covers, but lifts the shoulders up again. Ion climbs the top rope and does a sensational 450 splash for the 1-2-3! Ion is all cocky as he gets the victory. He leads the ring. Winner: Zema Ion

Karen and Jeff Jarrett come through a door. They state how it's the worst day of their life. Jeff says that Hardy should leave this company, not any Jarrett. Karen then states that she will leave because Jeff has been there longer and he deserves to be there. Jeff then states he will go as Karen is the VP of the Knockouts and is the future. Some guy then walks up and says that Sting wants to see Jeff. He says he knows what it is about and is glad, but Karen wants to talk too so she is going to go. They talk back and forth about this whole situation.

Zema Ion is backstage as he comes through the curtain. He shows how cocky he really is as he talks about himself, himself, and himself as he loves his look and everything else!


Christy Hemme announce the next match. She announces Jesse Neal. After that, Gunner comes on stage with Ric Flair at his side. They walk down the ramp as the crowd boos them.

Jesse Neal vs. Gunner

The match quickly starts with a Gunner assault. He pounds Gunner to the mat with nonstop punches. He then rams him in the corner and does multiple gut checks. He walks away and Neal falls. He gets Neal up and rams him face first into another corner. Neal falls again. Gunner kicks him and then throws him out of the ring. Gunner goes out as Ric Flair is right beside them. Gunner slowly gets Neal up. Earl Hebner comes over, but Gunner just tosses him back. All of a sudden, he calls for the bell for the DQ. Ric then low blows Jesse. Ric then rips the mat up. Gunner gets Neal up and does a painful DDT on the concrete. As they show a replay of it, EMTs come down with a stretcher as it's deja vu from last week. Winner: Jesse Neal

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage as he is prepared to come to the ring next.


Karen is backstage with Sting. Karen tries to win Sting over as she gives him compliment after compliment about his jacket and how he looks. Sting says thanks but then goes onto ask what she wants. Karen changes the convo and states how Jeff is an ordinary wrestler, but a great one, but the lord broke the barrier when he created her. She is special. Sting says he knew Jeff for quite some time, but he wants to hear both sides of this. Karen says that he must know where she is coming from as she runs the Knockouts while he runs the other side. She asks him if he knows where she is coming from and he says yes. She gets ecstatic. She hugs him and then leaves. Sting says, "Poor Jeff."

Jeff Hardy's music plays and here he comes. He walks down the ramp as they show a replay of his match with Jarrett at Final Resolution. Jeff is in the ring with a mic. He thanks the audience. He then says his neck and body is still hurting from the cage match. He bit his lip before he came.....but he is the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. He says creatures will become champions at Genesis. He says he is going to try to make 2012 the most memorable year of his career.....well just then, a sound of a firework hits and it's Bully Ray's theme. He gets down the ramp like he sees some prey to stalk. He gets in the ring with a mic. He asks if Jeff got the memo and tweets.....he goes on to insult Twitter and Jeff's life on there. Bully goes on to talk about himself as he is the most feared guy in this company. Bully knows Jeff the best as he smashed Jeff's head in for years. Bully says he is not mad at Jeff, but has to thank him. Bully recalls last year's incident with Jeff's PPV situation last year. The next day, Ray took over Jeff's spot. He is going to show Jeff why he is who he is as Bully is the train and Jeff is standing on the tracks. He walks forward as he drops the mic and shoulders Jeff. Bully's music hits as he walks up the ramp.

Samoa Joe is backstage talking to Brutus Magnus. Joe talks to him about the inside business and how he doesn't deal with politics but deals with fighting. Magnus says he doesn't care what is between him and Joe, he doesn't care about any friendship at all....he just wants to go out there and wrestle. Magnus leaves.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as the show returns. Robbie E.'s music plays as he comes out to the stage. Douglas Williams is beside him. Douglas walks on his own as he goes through the gate himself. He is not a Rob Terry! After they are in, Samoa Joe's music hits and here he comes with Magnus. Magnus walks right past Joe. Joe looks at him and then continues walking. All four are in the ring.

Robbie E. and Williams vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

The bell rings and both teams are wondering who should start. They decide it will be Magnus and Williams. They lock-up and Williams gets the upper hand as he works on the arm of Magnus and then leg, but Magnus reverses it as he twists Williams' arm. Douglas gets out of it and tags in Robbie E. He enters and goes after Magnus. He tries for a shoulder tackle but Magnus doesn't go down. Robbie does his taunt. He goes into the ropes again, but Magnus takes care of him. Robbie then slides away and tags in Douglas. He comes in and works on Magnus as he throws him in the corner and hits a knee to the chest. He knocks Magnus down and tags Robbie in. He goes up the corner and jumps down on Magnus. He covers but Joe breaks the count. Robbie continues the assault as he goes for another cover, but Magnus kicks out. Robbie goes after him some more, but Magnus hits a back body drop. Robbie tags in Williams. He enters to gets Magnus before he covers, but he can't stop him as he tags in Joe. Joe enters and he takes out Williams with multiple kicks and ground moves. He covers Williams but Robbie enters. Joe gets up and is taking charge. Robbie tries to get on top of him as he goes to the top rope, but he flies and Joe moves right out of the way. He leans back and lands back first on Robbie. Magnus then comes in the ring as he plants an elbow drop on Robbie. Williams climbs the top rope, but Magnus makes him fall in the corner....Joe comes over and sets up and hits the muscle buster. Joe picks up the pin. Magnus and Joe get their arms raised as they win. Winners: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Jeff and Sting are backstage. Jeff says he and Sting knew each other for 25 years. He tells Sting he is looking good. Jeff then goes on to talk about Karen. He says that women doesn't have a role in the wrestling business. Plus, Jeff is the Mexican Champion and she wants to be home to take care of the kids. Sting asks him if he is sure that she wants to stay home. Jeff says oh yeah as she been on the road for years. Sting needs to think about this. Jeff compliments the jacket again as he walks away.


Eric Young is backstage. He says that Sting called him and tells him that he is in the tag team tournament and he can find his partner under the china hat. While he thought it was a chinese restaurant, he learns the name is a ceiling lamp. Just then, ODB comes from behind. He hits Eric in the butt as she takes a swig of her drink. Eric thinks she was sent there to tell him his partner, but she is his partner. He finally gets it and he loves it. They practice looking up and she throws him against the wall. Now she has strength!

Devon enters the stage and walks to the ring as the crowd cheers. As that happens, they show a replay of what happened at Final Resolution with Pope and Devon's kids.

Devon gets on the mic and said that he was going to talk to Pope some day about the current situation and he thinks it's time right now. He wants Pope to come down. Well, Pope's music hits and here he comes. He enters the ring. Devon begins to talk as his sons are now in the ring. Devon says that their safety is #1 in his eyes. He was there when they were born and when they came home in the hospital and from school and gave them shelter, food, and clothes. Devon is the one training them now. He knows Pope can do what he wants to do, but Devon is going to bring them up how he wants to bring them up. He stares directly in the eyes of Pope. He doesn't mean to disrespect Pope, but it's over. They are Devon's sons and he is the one that will be around them. He grabs his sons and is about to leave the ring with his kids, but Pope tells him not to leave. He listened to Devon so now Devon needs to listen to Pope. Pope says they want a cool dad who is with the time and who is current. Devon wants to chauffeur them to parties, but Pope would give them cars so they can chauffeur themselves. He says that Devon's kids are tired of living the boring lifestyle. Devon will never be as pimpin as The Pope. Devon doesn't have to hear this so he goes to walk away....but Pope says that he shouldn't walk away like his wife did to Devon. He rushes back in the ring. He then makes another remark and Devon has had it. He punches Pope which knocks him down. Devon grabs his sons and goes to leave, but Pope gets up and low blows Devon. Just then, as Devon is lying on the mat, his sons smile at Pope. Pope punches Devon and then tells his sons to get their dad up. They do. Pope grabs some powder and does some backhands and then a full right hand to the face of Devon. His kids are Pope's now!!! The kids and Pope join hands and raise them high over Devon. Like father not like son!


Jeff and Karen are backstage. They talk about how stressful this situation is. Karen says that Jeff can't be replaced while Karen can be replaced. She can be home with the kids.....but Jeff disagrees. Jeff told Karen that he told Sting that Karen is a star as he knows stars when he sees them. Women in this era can go far. The same guy comes along and says Sting wants to see the both of them. Karen and Jeff are surprised as he wants to see both. They walk away.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. First, Traci Brooks comes down the ramp. She gets in the ring. After that, Madison Rayne comes on stage. WELL, Traci isn't waiting as she runs up the ramp and does a spear like move to Madison. She attacks Madison on the ramp. She then gets her up and whips her down the ramp against the ring. She then slides Madison in and the bell rings.

Traci Brooks vs. Madison Rayne

Madison gets whipped into the corner. Traci attacks her as Madison falls down. Traci chokes Madison. The referee tells her to let go. She does. Madison gets out and is against the ropes. Traci goes to her, but Madison fights back. She knocks Traci down and chokes Traci on the ropes while screaming with her huge voice in her ear. Madison puts Traci on the apron and then does a hurtful neck breaker through the ropes. Traci flashes back and then goes forward as she falls off the apron and down on the outside. She slowly gets up and in the ring. Madison continues to attack her. She chokes Traci with her foot in the corner. She then gets Traci up. She moves away and then runs to her in the corner. Traci moves and then does a jaw breaker to Madison. Madison is against the ropes. Traci runs to her and chokes her on the ropes. She walks back. Suddenly, Madison comes back as she knees Traci right to the back of the head. She covers Traci, but WOW, she kicks out. Traci is on her hands and knees as she crawls, but Rayne isn't going to take this. She winds up and kicks Traci right in the head. It was a knockout kickball kick. She covers and gets the win. Madison grabs her title and raises it as she waves to the crowd. Winner: Madison Rayne


Sting is in his room as Jeff and Karen sit down. Sting is standing. They mention how it has been a stressful night. Jeff says 2012 will be the year of Karen in TNA. Karen says he is crazy as she wants to be home with the kids. Sting says they probably didn't see one segment of the show tonight. Karen and Jeff kiss. Sting then says what Jeff and Karen said earlier and how they said differently earlier. Jeff wants Karen out and Karen wants Jeff out. They deny all of it. Sting says he has footage. He plays the segment with him and Karen. Karen jumps up and is trying to shut it off. Jeff then jumps up and says "100 Jeff Jarretts".....he is furious. Karen and Jeff fight back and forth. He is outraged. Sting then shows Jeff and Sting. Karen starts yelling at Jeff for what he had said. Sting starts to yell as he tells them to be quiet. He says he will solve can't have Jeff without Karen and Karen without we won't have either of them....they are both fired. Sting laughs and leaves while Karen hits her head off the door. Karen starts to yell at Jeff as she says it is all his fault.

The camera turns back to the arena as Bobby Roode's music plays. Here comes the TNA World Champ. He walks to the side and takes a seat to be guest commentator for this match. Bobby talks about AJ and then Sting. While he talks, Bully Ray's music plays. He comes down the ramp as the crowd boos. After he is in the ring, Jeff Hardy's music hits. Here comes Jeff down the ramp. The crowd cheers him on. He walks around the ring for a quick meet and greet session with the fans. He gets in. Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce this main event.

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff throws his shirt in the audience. As he has his back turned, Bully attacks him. The bell rings and Bully has full advantage. He puts Jeff in the corner and pounds him with shots into the gut. Bully walks away and Jeff falls down to his knees. Bully comes back and puts him in another corner as he pounds more fists and elbows to Jeff's gut. He then attacks his head. Jeff gets picked up and locks Jeff's leg onto the top corner and has him upside down. Bully smashes his chest and head in with ore shots. He walks around the ring as Jeff gets out of the corner. Bully lifts him up for quite some time and then drops him down for a suplex. Bully is on his hands and knees as he stares right at Jeff. He then gets Jeff up and applies a bear hug. He wrenches it more and more. Jeff is gaining energy as he elbows Bully in the head. Jeff runs into the ropes and Bully hits a back body drop. He covers not once but 3 times but Jeff kicks out each time. Bully gets him up and hits a body slam. He goes up to the second rope to jump on him, but Jeff rolls out of the way. Both get up and Jeff attacks Bully with punches. Bully whips Jeff in the ropes but Jeff knocks Bully down with a closeline. He hits a couple more and then covers, but Bully kicks out. Bully whips Jeff in the ropes, but Jeff jumps up and does a hurricanrona. Both get up to their feet and Jeff hits the twist of fate! He covers but Bully kicks out. Both get up and Bully does a quick side walk slam. He covers but no. Bully then goes for a big splash, but Jeff rolls away. Both get up and Jeff does another twist of fate. This time he gets i! Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has his arm raised as he gets the win. Jeff then faces Roode and tells him that time is ticking. Roode stands up at the table. Bully is up and Jeff turns around but Bully attacks him. As he does, Roode runs down the ramp and goes after Jeff. Bully gets a table from under the ring as Roode stomps on Jeff. Bully sets the table up in the ring. Roode gets Jeff and gives him to Bully. Bully lifts him up and......powerbomb through the table!!!! Just then.....Sting runs down the ramp and into the ring. He was about to attack Roode but then stops. Roode walks away as Sting follows his eyes. Bully gets closer to Sting. Sting turns and goes after Bully, which makes Roode attack Sting from behind. Jeff and Sting are down. Roode grabs his title and goes right to Jeff as he states, "You can't beat me Jeff." The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode - Same as last week
2. Jeff Hardy - Up from last week
3. Abyss and Scott Steiner - New from last week
4. The Pope - New from last week
5. Zema Ion - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

While I knew what I was going to deal with during last week's Impact Wrestling, I did not know what was going to happen this week. I knew Karen and Jeff would be of them, but didn't expect both. TNA came off a PPV, which created talk from everyone. After having Roode win in a draw, I have to say that I liked the whole 5 minute overtime thing....while it was still a draw after that, Sting said it will continue. Now, there is something I wouldn't have done. AJ vs. Roode is so great that they can really go far with make it into a steel cage or ladder match. They could have an amazing match....but ending it like this is not my favorite move. Jeff Hardy is now going after the title....which is something I disagree with. While I love Jeff in the ring, I can't forget what he has done in the past. I can understand making mistakes once or twice but when you don't learn is when it gets to me. I read that Jeff is a better person now, but as I say....only time will tell. Other than that, the show was pretty good. The matches were good.....not the best as there wasn't any that lasted long, but there was enough action that would make most people happy. I am glad to see them putting time into the X-Division and tag team division as they are setting up a tournament. First they focus on the Knockouts, then the main event picture to push stars, and then focus on the X-Division and tag teams. Finally, Karen and Jeff are both I like both of them....Jeff as heel is great and Karen is someone you love to hate (even though I am a fan of hers). While I expect them to be back sometime, I am not sure when....but I will be waiting! Thanks for reading and if you want to hear more, follow me on Twitter at the link below!

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