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Impact Wrestling Results (12/20/12) - Austin Aries Vs. Jeff Hardy III

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Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Results - 12/20/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a tribute message to all of the families that were effected by the tragic elementary shooting last week. It is set to some emotional music. The message fades away and it leads to the opening video package. It has the knockout division as Velvet Sky returns and one of the knockouts will face Tara for the title tonight. It switches to the Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan story as Hogan can't trust Ray while Ray and Brooke have a thing going. It changes to Aces and 8s as Austin Aries paid them off (after Roode paid them) and Austin paid them to get back his title. He will get his title shot tonight as him and Jeff fight.

Footage is shown that was taped earlier today. It shows Jeff Hardy coming to the arena as well as Austin Aries at a different time. The camera shows the Impact Zone and fireworks explode above the ring and on the stage. The crowd is shown and then we see the three commentators as they run down the line-up. We start off the show with the Television Title Match.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as Kurt Angle's music plays. He rises from under the stage, raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. He slowly limps down the ramp as his knee his taped and his thigh his taped on the other leg. Kurt gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he is looking for a title match because it is Championship Thursday. The only title he wants is the one Devon has because they attacked him enough. It's's damn real. Aces and 8s music plays and the group comes out through the crowd. Devon leads them with the title around his waist. Kurt grabs a mic again. He says Devon brought his team with him...and that isn't a surprise. He has his own group. Garett, Wes, and Samoa Joe walk down the ramp to even the odds.

Kurt Angle vs. Devon (Champ) for the Television Title

Both move around the ring and then lock-up. Kurt pushes Devon into the corner. Devon comes out and knees Kurt in the gut. He applies a headlock now. Kurt pushes him in the ropes. Devon comes back and does a shoulder block. He drops a forearm, but Kurt moves out of the way. Both get up and Kurt comes back as he hits Devon down. Devon gets up and Kurt punches him several times. He backs up. Devon runs to him, but Kurt moves out of the way and Devon goes right through the ropes. Aces and 8s meet Joe, Wes, and Garett. They stare but then the war begins. They start punching each other. It's a brawl. Kurt waits in the ring while Devon gets away. The referee tells Aces and 8s to leave the area. As he does, Devon comes in the ring. He is right behind Kurt. He does a chop block to his knee and Kurt falls right down. Devon stands up and is ready to dissect.


Devon still has control of Kurt as he works on the leg. He gets up and plants his elbow right to the knee. He wrenches it back. He gets up and puts Kurt's leg on the bottom rope. Devon jumps up and lands right on it. He covers but Kurt kicks out at 2. Devon wrenches the leg again. Kurt is hurting. Kurt is able to use his other leg and kick Devon. Devon breaks the hold. Kurt slowly gets up, but Devon does another chop block. Devon walks around yelling at Kurt. Kurt tries to get up, but Devon pushes him. Kurt gets up and throws a couple punches, but Devon pokes him in the eyes. Kurt backs up to the corner. Devon runs to him. Kurt elbows him in the face. He climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick from the second rope. Both get up. Kurt closelines Devon down twice. Devon gets up in the corner. Kurt runs to him, but Devon hits him. Kurt is able to grab Devon and hits the belly to belly suplex. Both get up. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but he slides out and hits the spine buster. He covers. Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Devon goes for a closeline, but Kurt ducks and hits three german suplexes. He gets up and takes down his singlet. He limps over and applies the Ankle Lock. He is right in the middle of the ring. Aces and 8s come back out and distract the referee. Devon taps. Joe, Wes, and Garett come out and go to Aces and 8s. One member comes in and hits Kurt right in the back of the head with a pipe. Kurt falls right down. Devon covers and the referee counts. Winner and still Champion: Devon

Devon celebrates with the group while Joe, Garett, and Wes help Kurt up.

Brooke Hogan is backstage is in her office with the four knockouts: Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Ms. Tessmacher, and ODB. Brooke asks why Sky shouldn't get it. Tessmacher says she hasn't been here for awhile. Sky says she was here for the start of the division. Brooke says ODB has a husband who is in bed with a bad foot. ODB make some remarks and gets up from the couch. She leaves the office after smacking her butt. Brooke says she will make another elimination soon.


Kenny King is backstage. He says he won last week...that's all that happened. It was him and RVD and it was a dream match. They will team up tonight. It's all friendly, but neither will have any teeth left after they are done.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the stars in this match. Matt Morgan's music plays. He comes out with Hulk Hogan's cape while Joey Ryan is lying on the ramp. Fireworks explode on the stage. They continue down the ramp. Joey looking sleazy while Matt has a big frown. Kenny King's music plays and he comes out. He is full of smiles and dance moves. Rob Van Dam's music plays. He comes out with the X-Division Title over his shoulder. Fireworks explode behind him as he raises his arms.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan vs. Kenny King and Rob Van Dam

Joey Ryan starts the match with RVD. Joey moves closer as they are about to lock-up, but Joey does a kick to Rob's leg. Ryan does some ninja taunt and kicks RVD again. He does the taunt again. He goes to whip RVD, but RVD reverses it. He hits Joey and then kicks him. Ryan falls. RVD does a standing moonsault. He covers but Ryan kicks out. RVD tags Kenny. He gets in. Joey is able to apply an armlock to King, but Kenny does a Japanese armlock. Joey spins around. He gets up. Ryan is able to tag Matt. He gets in and does a huge closeline to Kenny. Matt slowly gets Kenny up and brings him to the ropes. He brings his arms back while putting his foot to Kenny's back. Kenny screams in pain. He releases and tags Joey. Joey gets in and puts Kenny in the ring. He chokes Kenny with his boot. He turns and punches RVD right in the face. Joey goes back and continues to attack Kenny. King gets out of the corner and fights back. Joey grabs the referee while Kenny moves back. Matt grabs Kenny, lifts him up and plants him face first into the turnbuckle. He falls. Joey comes out and tags Matt. Matt enters and puts Kenny in the corner and chokes him with his boot. He whips him to the opposing corner. Kenny comes out and Matt does a side walk slam. He tags Joey. Joey gets in and shows off his body. Kenny gets up. He puts Kenny in the corner, but Kenny jumps up and goes for a roll-up behind Joey. He kicks out. Kenny gets up and tags RVD. RVD enters and takes his foot right to Joey. You can hear the shot. Kenny enters and talks to RVD. They run together and hit a double dropkick to Matt. Kenny exits the ring as Matt enters the ring. Morgan does The Carbon Footprint to Rob. He is down and out. He brings Joey over and covers him. Winners: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Matt and Joey celebrate while Kenny looks on from the ramp. He yells, "How's your face?" to RVD.

A 1.3.13 hype video plays.


Footage plays from last week's Impact Wrestling. It shows AJ Styles' segment in the ring as he says he is going to do his own thing. He leaves the ring and ultimately the arena.

Kazarian is backstage and the camera man asks about AJ Styles leaving. Kazarian says AJ's boots are made for walking and that's what he did. Besides that, it's 5 days till Christmas and he is going to show everyone how great he is...and how great he is to his friend. He looks down at his phone and says he has to take it as it is Nicholas, his friend. He picks it up and starts asking about how reindeer are doing.

Hulk Hogan's music plays. He comes on the stage and fireworks explode in the air. He comes down the ramp as fans cheer for him. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. They chant, "Hogan, Hogan." Hulk asks if it is 2012 because we make him feel like he is 18 years old. Hogan says it has been a great year for TNA. He saw TNA as a small company, but now they grew and it is a monster. He sees so much talent and the Impact Zone is on fire. That is why they are letting the fans vote for the Impact Star of the Year. The voting goes till the end of the year. The winner will be announced on January 3rd. Aces and 8s' music hits and here comes the group. They come through the fans again. Hogan looks on. Devon has a mic in one hand with the baseball bat in the other. He speaks, but Hogan says Devon should come out by himself if he thinks he is so tough. Devon says Hogan tells enough lies that he believes them. It has not been Hogan's year...but the year Aces and 8s were born. They represent the truth...not the garbage Hogan has been talking about. 2013 will also be the year (Devon stops as the fans chant Hogan's name again)...but Devon says 2013 will be Aces and 8s year as they will be revealed and gold will be taken. Hogan won't be around to see it though. Aces and 8s surround the ring as Devon gets in the ring. Bully Ray runs out with his chain. He slides in the ring and starts swinging. They leave. Ray tells them to come back. Devon yells back. They go through the fans. Hogan turns to Ray and stares. He looks back at Aces and 8s. Hogan continues to stare and then walks right past Ray. His music hits and leaves the scene. Ray puts his hands on his hips and wonders what he has to do to get his approval.


We see a replay of the run in from Bully Ray as Aces and 8s were about to attack Hogan. Hogan leaves without any thanking.

Jeff Hardy is backstage. He talks about his matches with Austin Aries. Aries puts his body on the line to get the title...but he also paid people to get what he wants. Jeff isn't hard to find. He will beat Austin tonight.

Brooke is in her office with the three knockouts. Brooke wants to wrap this up. They think there is someone in the closet as she wants to end this early. There isn't. Tessmacher says she has been here for awhile and never quit. Mickie came back before Sky but Sky took all of the momentum away from Mickie. Brooke says Tessmacher has been there awhile but it has to be down between the two stars who have been on a roll with wins recently. Tessmacher understands and leaves the office. It's down to two.

Kazarian is walking backstage as he has presents in his hand. He is making his way to the ring.


A video package plays showing the rivalry between AJ Styles and Daniels throughout the years. It shows the story with Dixie Carter and Claire Lynch. Daniels beat AJ in their last match against each other. AJ is now going to do his own thing.

Music hits and Kazarian comes out. He brings his gifts out as some fans clap while others boo. He gets in the ring and puts his presents under a Christmas tree that is in the ring. A throne is also in the ring. Kazarian says no one can bring his spirit down. Christmas is almost here. Kazarian points to the tree and says it has two stars on it...those stars are pictures of Kazarian and Daniels. Kazarian wants everyone to welcome his friend. This guy is the face of Impact Wrestling, a great dresser and the guy who beat AJ and made AJ lose his smile. Daniels comes out with his music and starts dancing his way down the ramp. He grabs a martini that they hand him at the bottom of the ramp. He sips it and says it's fantastic. He gets in and Kazarian tells him that he can sit there for now. Daniels sits. Kazarian says Daniels is a dear friend of his. Daniels is honest and a saint. Kazarian arranged for a special visitor. Here is the man with the biggest sack that Kazarian knows. It's Santa Claus. Here comes Santa and Daniels is smiling ear to ear. He comes out as Daniels pops out of the chair. Santa gets in with his bag. Santa sits in the chair and yells, "Merry Christmas." Kazarian says Santa goes around and gives presents for everyone...but they want to give Santa a present. He opens the gift and it's some purple stripped yoga pants or a shirt. Either way, Santa is happy. Daniels sits on the lap of Santa and Kazarian takes a picture. Santa grabs a mic and asks Daniels if he has been a good boy this holiday season. Daniels looks around and says he has been so good. He got rid of the biggest loser in Impact history...AJ Styles. Santa says Daniels and Kazarian gave every fan what they wanted, so he will grant Daniels his wish. Daniels says it's not about what they want or have. He will give his wish to AJ Styles. He tells Santa to give anything AJ Styles' kids want because AJ is such a loser, he can't provide for them.

James Storm's music plays and he comes out. He has a mic in his hand. He says he has been listening to them. They can talk about AJ if they want, but if they are going to run down Christmas, James will not let it go any further. Daniels says James is the person who made AJ out of a World Title Match for a year. He should be on the naughty list. James says he will be on the naughty list after doing this. This is where James gets in the ring to go after Daniels. Daniels grabs a Christmas tree decoration and throws it at James. Santa says, "Whoa" and tells James to stop. James asks who he is. He's Santa and tells him to sit on his lap. James says he asked for a rifle but Santa said he will shoot his eye out. James asks Santa what he wanted for Christmas last week. Santa says it was something country. Daniels and Kaz whisper in his ear and Santa says some country star album. James says he wanted a case a beer. He does the Last Call Superkick to Santa. He falls back in his chair. He is out. James takes the hat and the sack. He starts throwing merchandise that was in the sack to the fans. His music plays.

Austin Aries is backstage. He is looking right in the camera. No thoughts are heard. Austin says you don't need to hear his thoughts. He faced Jeff twice before but he will get the job done tonight. He will prove why he is the best wrestler in the universe.

Brooke Hogan is walking backstage with papers in her hand. She is reading them as she makes her final decision on who will fight Tara soon.


A 1.3.13 hype video plays. It shows Sting as he is the person behind it. He is coming for Aces and 8s. 1.3 will be his day and he will put an end to Aces and 8s.

Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse. They can't believe Sting is coming back. The leader pounds on the table and asks what happened earlier. They had Hogan right there. They need bodies. They need muscle. Devon says he knows who can fill this spot. They need smart muscle. Devon says this guy is arrogant but he could do this. They take a vote and they all say, "Yay."

Brooke is backstage with Sky and Mickie. Brooke says Sky only had one match since she returned. She really can't fight for the title yet. She tells Sky to watch Tara as she could be next. Mickie is the pick. She tells her good luck and Sky says it with disgust.

Mickie James' music plays and she comes out. She skips to the ring. Tara's music plays and she has the Knockout Title around her waist while Jesse is beside her. He carries her and then let's her down. They get in the ring.

Mickie James vs. Tara (Champ) for the Knockout Title

The bell sounds and they lock-up but Mickie rolls behind her for a roll-up. Tara kicks out. Mickie has her down again for a cover, but Tara raises her shoulders. She pops up. They hit each other back and forth, but Mickie wraps her legs around Tara and does another roll-up. She kicks out. Mickie does a snap mare. She runs into the ropes and kicks Tara in the face. She gets Tara up. Tara fights back. She hits Mickie and then whips her around by her hair. She covers but kicks out. Tara covers again but kicks out again. Tara grabs Mickie's face and rams it in the mat. She does it again and then wrenches her head back. Tara turns her around and covers, but Mickie kicks out. Tara gets her up and puts Mickie in the corner. She applies her shoulder right into the gut. She does it twice and then whips her in the opposing corner. Mickie falls after hitting the corner. Tara kisses Jesse and then covers. Mickie kicks out. Tara wrenches Mickie's arms back. The crowd gets behind Mickie. Mickie gets up and elbows her way out of the hold. Tara pushes Mickie back. She bounces off the ropes. Tara grabs her up on her shoulders. She spins her for a side slam, but Mickie locks her legs around Tara's head and does a hurricanrona. Both get up and Mickie does a crucifix. Taryn slowly goes to the cover as she wasn't ready. She counts but Tara kicks out. Both get up and fight back and forth. Tara knees Mickie and whips her in the corner. She stops before hitting it. Mickie comes back with kicks and closelines. She does a neck breaker and covers. Tara kicks out a two. Both get up. Tara knees her and then goes of the Widow's Peak. Mickie slides out. She grabs Tara and hits the DDT. She covers. Jesse reaches in and grabs Tara's leg. He pulls her out. Jesse walks with her around the ring. Mickie climbs the corner and jumps right on Jesse. He is down. Mickie brings Tara in the ring. They get up, but Tara picks Mickie up by the neck and drops Mickie down right on her (Tara's) knee. She covers and wins. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and still Knockout Champion: Tara

Austin Aries is walking backstage as he is gearing up for his title match.


Footage plays showing Joseph Parks training in the ring. He runs the ropes while stars are around the ring watching. The trainer yells at Parks as he is big and can't do anything. He says his 12 year old daughter can do it better. Parks can't throw a punch or knock someone down. The guy shows Parks and nails him right in the face. He starts to bleed. Parks sees the bolo and closelines him down and then hits the Black Hole Slam. Everyone looks on and the trainer asks him if he is okay.

Austin Aries' comes out as his music plays. He has his cape on. He makes his way to the ring as the fans boo. Jeff Hardy's music hits and he comes out with his customized title around his waist and the TNA World Title over his shoulder. Jeff has his face paint on as the fans cheer. He interacts with the fans around the ring. Jeff gets in the ring and Jeremy Borash introduces these two for the main event.


Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy (Champ) for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds and Austin pops right out of the corner while Jeff still stretches. They move around now and lock-up. They push back and forth. They move around the ring till Austin has Jeff against the ropes. He breaks the hold. Jeff claps to get the fans involved. They move around and lock-up again. Jeff puts Austin in the corner. He releases the lock, but Austin knees Jeff in the gut and punches him several times. Jeff comes back and hits Austin's head in the corner and takes him to the other corner to do the same thing. He covers but Austin kicks out. Both get up and Austin comes back with punches and then a body slam. He goes to the apron and flips over to land on Jeff, but Jeff puts his knees up. Jeff covers but Austin kicks out. Both get up and Austin goes in the corner. Jeff punches him 9 times. Austin sits on the ropes. Jeff turns and punches him more and Austin falls right through to the outside. Austin gets up and calls a time out. Jeff gets on the apron. Austin walks around the ring and then gets in. Jeff comes back in too. The fans clap and Austin tells them to stop. They walk to each other and Austin kicks Jeff in the gut. He whips him in the ropes and knocks Jeff down with an elbow to the head. He covers but Jeff kicks out. He gets Jeff up and goes for a suplex, but Jeff punches his way out. Austin walks backwards to the ropes. Jeff runs and closelines him over. Austin slowly walks around. Jeff gets on the apron, runs and flies, but Austin moves and Jeff goes right into the guard rail. Austin rolls into the ring. He is lying on the mat while Jeff tries to crawl to the ring. The referee starts to count.


Jeff Hardy is lying on the mat. Austin is on the apron. He flips over and lands right on Jeff's chest. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Austin gets up and continues to work on Jeff as he kicks him right in the back and then chokes him with his foot. Austin jumps up and twists in the air to plant his elbow into Jeff's heart. He covers. Jeff kicks out. Austin plants his knee into Jeff's back and then applies a headlock. Jeff gets up and elbows his way out. He runs away, but Austin grabs the hair and pulls Jeff down. The referee yells at him. Austin makes an excuse. Austin jumps up and lands on Jeff again. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Austin plants another knee into Jeff's back and applies the headlock. Jeff elbows his way out as he walks to the ropes and corner. Austin pounds his forearm into Jeff's back. Jeff is down on the mat. Austin works some punches to Jeff's head and then walks around. Jeff gets up in the corner. Austin punches him more and then taunts. Austin grabs Jeff and whips him in the opposing corner. He runs to him, but Jeff hops up and does a hurricanrona. Austin goes right into the corner. Both get up. Jeff is in the corner. Austin runs but Jeff kicks him right in the face. He falls. Jeff climbs the corner. He jumps, but Austin puts his knees up. He covers but Jeff kicks out. They get up and Austin goes for the brain buster. Jeff is able to lift Austin up and plant him down face and chest first into the mat. Both get up and Jeff comes back with closelines. He picks Austin up and slams him down. Jeff climbs to the second rope, jumps, and hits the splash. He covers. Austin kicks out. Both get up. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but Austin pushes him away. Jeff goes to the corner. Austin runs, but Jeff pops up again. This time Austin pushes Jeff away. He bounces off the top rope and lands right on his head. Austin puts Jeff into the corner. Austin runs and hits the running dropkick to the face. He covers. Jeff kicks out. Austin goes for the Brain Buster, but Jeff slides out. He grabs Austin from behind. He turns him around. He sets up a power bomb, but drops Austin down on his face and chest. He covers. Austin kicks out. Both get up. Jeff comes back, but Austin whips him in the corner. Jeff climbs and goes for Whisper in the Wind, but Austin moves. Austin gets him up. It's Brain Buster time, but Jeff knees him. He puts Austin's face into the corner and then kicks him in the gut. He hits the Twist of Fate. Austin bounces back. He slowly gets up. Jeff goes for it one more time. Austin pushes him away. Jeff runs to him, but Austin elbows him. Austin climbs to the second rope. He jumps, but Jeff does an atomic drop. He takes the legs out from under Austin. Jeff goes for the double leg drop to the gut, but Austin pushes him away. Jeff goes back right into Brian Hebner, the referee. He is down and out. Jeff gets up and checks on him. Austin comes over and low blows Jeff. He hits the Brain Buster and calls out a referee. Austin covers. A referee comes out. He counts, but Bobby Roode pulls the referee out. Roode counts: 1-2. He stops. Austin turns and Roode gives him the finger. He hits Austin with the spine buster and leaves the ring. Jeff gets up and so does the referee. Austin slowly gets to his feet. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate and then the Swanton Bomb. He covers and wins. Winner and still TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

Jeff gets his titles while Bobby Roode looks on from the stage. Jeff takes off his shirt. The replay is shown.

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. The camera asks Hogan about the title picture. He says it is crazy and that is one of the main things he is going to work on in 2013. He is glad the year is almost over. The camera guy asks him about Aces and 8s as well as Hogan and Bully. Hogan doesn't want to talk about either of them. He turns and sees Brooke and Bully Ray packing a car. Brooke grabs Ray by the head and pulls him to her for a very long kiss. Hogan gets right in his car as he doesn't say another word. He starts it and drives off as they continue to kiss. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jeff Hardy - Same as last week
2. Bully Ray - Up from last week
3. Tara - New from last week
4. Aces & 8s - New from last week
5. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

The show started and I seriously tell that the show was taped and in the Impact Zone. It was just a very weak crowd reaction. If I wasn't a TNA watcher and writer for the show and I saw that as the opening, I would say that the show isn't very interesting. The crowd really changes how the show comes across on TV. While the crowd was poor, the introduction video was well put together. I like these opening videos as it takes you back last week of the important stories as well as hyping this week's show. Before that, we saw a tribute message for the tragic elementary shooting that happened last week in the United States. WWE and TNA did a classy thing this week. Kudos to both of them. Now, it is Championship Thursday. The show started off with a nice match. The match wasn't anything great, but Kurt Angle was in it and he can work better than anyone. Looking at Kurt, both of his legs were wrapped. I am glad Kurt has a nice break from these shows to heal. He is a tough guy but you can only do so much. He is a machine. Everyone needs to rest though. It looks like Aces and 8s are coming back as there were featured several times during the show. The part in particular was the segment with Hogan. Aces and 8s will continue through 2013 and they said that will be their year. If it is, they really need to look credible again. They been losing almost every match. The Knockout Title match wasn't anything special. Didn't think Tara would lose. Finally Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan win. What was TNA waiting for? Jeff and Austin had a great match tonight. They can really work well together. They are like James Storm vs. Roode. It's just that chemistry against each other. The ending of the match was very intriguing. Roode helping Jeff is something new, but it's more of Roode not helping Austin. Triple threat for the next PPV? Finally, Brooke pulling Bully Ray in for a kiss sealed the deal. She is all over him. She can do what she wants. She wants Ray. What will Hulk say now? The last 2012 Impact Wrestling show is next week. They had a great year (with going on the road and being live) but not as great as Hogan said during the show. If they were a monster, we would see a rating increase. I sure hope they will actually put a dent into 2013. And oh yeah, Sting is coming!

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