Impact Wrestling Results (12/22/11) - The Naughty and Nice List


Impact Wrestling Results - 12/22/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package that shows Bobby attacking Dixie Carter. It then has Sting getting some revenge on Roode by placing him in a match with AJ. The video shows the matches that they had against each other. Ultimately, Roode is able to keep his TNA World Title. Roode is shown as he states that AJ tried for the title but didn't succeed. Now it's Jeff Hardy's turn. Bully Ray is in the video as he states he has Roode's back, so no one take the title off Roode. The title belongs to Roode....and no one else!

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Music plays and Bobby Roode and Bully Ray walk down the ramp. Roode has the TNA World Title over his shoulder while Ray has a huge santa hat on. Happy Holidays! They get in the ring and Roode begins to speak. He states that he loves this time of year. While Roode is talking about the holidays, the crowd is chanting "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy"! Roode hopes that everyone loved their early Christmas gift....and that was what happened at the end of Impact Wrestling last week. Giving is better than receiving. Bully gets on the mic and he states all the things he to on and so forth....but he loves to give beatings to people. That is what he gave last Sting and Jeff. Roode gets back on the mic and talks about Sting. Roode did hurt Sting, so he is probably on Santa's naughty list as well as Sting's naughty list. He then says that Sting should come down the ramp and tell Roode that he is suspended. Roode could use the time off, so he says Sting should do the right thing. Just then, music plays and it's no Sting, but it's Jeff Hardy! Jeff walks down the ramp and the crowd is going crazy! He grabs a mic on the outside and stays there. He tells Roode to calm down. The crowd chants Jeff's name and it makes him get pumped. Jeff states that it's not about Roode and Sting, but it's about Bobby and Roode. He tells Roode that he isn't going to be suspended as he will take the title in three weeks. He says he will end Roode's era. Jeff then states that they are going to be in a tag match....Roode and Bully vs. Jeff and a partner of his choice. Bully talks back and tells the fans to shut up. Bully tells Jeff that he doesn't have any friends. He says no one likes Jeff. Unlike Jeff, Bully is loved all over the world. Jeff stares on without saying a word. Well, music talks for him as Sting's entrance plays. Sting comes on the stage and has a Jeff Hardy's t-shirt on. He walks down the ramp and is beside Jeff. Sting grabs a mic. Sting says Jeff is loved all over the world and he is loved by the Stinger. Sting will be honored to be his partner tonight. Tah-tah! Sting's music plays and Jeff and Sting walk backwards up the ramp. Bully and Roode are furious as they rip off their jackets and throw them to the ground.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the first match of the night. She introduces RVD and Daniels. RVD's music plays. Both stars walk out together. RVD makes the fireworks explode on the stage. They get in the ring and they already start to get in each other's way as RVD does a taunt and gets in the way of Daniels. AJ's music plays and Kazarian walks to the ring with him. The crowd cheers them on.

Rob Van Dam and Daniels vs. AJ Styles and Kazarian in a Wild Card Tag Team Tournament

RVD and Kazarian start the match off. They move around the ring and then lock-up. RVD grabs the arm of Kazarian and tries to lock it up, but RVD slides out, and grabs the arm of Kazarian. He then brings Kazarian back for a roll-up, but Kazarian holds onto the ropes. They stand up and go against each other but they are dead even. Kazarian tags in AJ and RVD goes to tag in Daniels but he says that he has this. They lock-up and RVD applies a headlock on AJ. AJ goes to throw him in the ropes but RVD keeps it locked. AJ does it this time and jumps over and then under RVD. He then does a great dropkick to RVD. He gets RVD in the corner and hits his head off the corner. RVD whips AJ in the corner, but he moves out of it, but RVD jumps on the second rope and does a flying kick. He grabs AJ's arm, works on it, and goes to tag Daniels, but Daniels turns away at the last second. AJ takes charge and the tag didn't happen. AJ goes to his corner with RVD and he tags Kazarian in. He gets in and Kaz goes after him, but RVD fights back and puts him in the corner. RVD does a huge monkey flip. He then goes for a cover, but Kaz kicks out. Kaz then sets a headlock in. He backs RVD up in the corner and tags AJ. AJ does a suplex and pins Rob, but he kicks out. AJ continues to attack Rob with a shot. RVD fights back with fists and then a huge kick to the head. RVD goes for a rolling thunder, but Daniels tags himself in. RVD can't believe it. Daniels gets in and AJ tags in Kazarian. Daniels goes after him, but Kaz comes back with multiple offensive moves. Daniels gets some time and goes to tag RVD, but Rob kicks Daniels right in the head. Daniels goes back to the center of the ring stumbling. Kaz grabs him and drops him down right on his head. Kaz covers and gets the win. Winners: AJ Styles and Kazarian


A video plays showing the newest X-Division star, Anthony Nese. He talks about his career and what he is great at. Looks like he is wants to showcase his talent. Zema Ion is then shown as he talks about himself in a huge way. It's all about him, himself, and I-on!

The video ends and Zema Ion comes out on stage. The crowd boos him. He gets to the ring and puts some hairspray on his hair. Anthony Nese comes out now and goes to enter the ring, but before he does, Ion does a baseball slide. Both are outside and the bell sounds.

Zema Ion vs. Anthony Nese in a Best of 3 Series Match

Ion then goes on the ring and does a huge moonsault on Nese as he stands up. Ion gets up and puts Nese in the ring. As he gets in Nese does a hurricanrona and turns it into a pin, but Ion kicks out. Both get up and Nese is taking control as he whips Ion in the corner. Ion comes out, but Nese climbs the corner, jumps back, and lands right on Ion for a cross body. Both get up and Ion tries to come back. Ion goes to the apron, but Nese applies shoulder blocks. He brings Ion in and then Nese does a springboard moonsault. He covers but Ion kicks out. Both get up and Nese does a german suplex. It doesn't keep Ion down. Nese continues as he goes to the apron and tries for a springboard cross body, but Ion moves and Nese crashes and burns. Ion kicks him and then goes up the corner to finish it. Nese gets up and knocks Ion down. He covers Ion, but he kicks out. Nese grabs Ion for some type of move, but Zema flips him around and hits a pretty cool move. Zema gets up and he is about to finish it. He goes to Nese, but Nese lifts his legs up and does a head scissors. He turns it into a pinfall and gets the win! Ion can't believe it. Nese is ecstatic. The direct impact of the night is the face breaker that was right after the cool flip from Ion. Winner: Anthony Nese

Madison Rayne is backstage. The camera man says that Madison has a big announcement. Madison says no...she has a huge announcement. Sine Karen is on her way out of TNA, she appointed Madison to lead the Knockout Division. Impact Wrestling will never be the same. The camera man then comments on Madison's shirt as it's a referee shirt. Madison says that he has to wait to find out.


The Pope is backstage. He talks about Devon and how he helped Devon through tough times. He was the father to Devon's kids. He is the father of everyone. He wants and likes to help. The Pope goes on to talk about how he is pimpin. He talks about how he dresses and how great he is. Don't stomp on The Pope. He announces that it will be Devon vs. Pope at Genesis. As soon as he states that, Devon comes into the picture and asks Pope what he wants to say about him and his family. He grabs Pope and shoves him against the wall. Just then, Devon's kids come from behind and hit their dad with a chair in the back. Devon falls to the ground. Pope goes to him and says that those are his boys. Pope and Devon's sons leave together.

A video plays that was taped earlier. It is Eric Young and ODB eating at some place. Eric is talking to ODB and she suddenly asks for a beer. She then starts yelling a lady because she is staring at ODB's extra large chest. Eric says that she is a man. Eric then talks about their upcoming match. The waiter comes by and Eric starts to attack him. He then lets him go. Eric mentions how he and ODB are on a date. ODB says they aren't because she didn't get any flowers or chocolates. Eric understands and leaves the table. ODB starts to ask where the bar is.

Madison Rayne is shown backstage as she is coming to the ring next!


The show returns as music of none other than Madison Rayne. SHe has the TNA Knockout Tag Team Title around her shoulder. She walks down the ramp waving to her fans as they boo at her. She gets in the ring and continues to wave. She grabs a mic and calls out Tara and Ms. Tessmacher. She said please and she means right NOW!!!! (She screams the ending if you couldn't tell.) Tara's music plays. Both her and Tessmacher walk out. They get in the ring. Madison tells everyone to be quiet. Before Karen left, Madison was appointed Executive VP of the Knockouts. That job has great responsibility. It allows her to destroy every person beneath her. She is starting with both of them tonight. The niceness and matching outfits makes Madison want to throw-up. Madison is going to make their tag team go away as she makes Tara face Ms. Tessmacher ONE ON ONE! And, to make sure they do have this match, she appoints a special guest referee. It will happen soon as advertisers need to pay Madison's salary. She then reminds them that there is only one queen.....HER (Rayne)!


Tara vs. Ms. Tessmacher with Madison Rayne as Special Guest Referee

Madison starts to yell at Tara and Tessmacher to start the match. They lock-up and Tara applies an armlock. She wrenches on the arm, but Tess gets out of it and twists Tara's arm. She then releases it. Madison gets in the face of each and threatens them their jobs. They then start to go for a pin. They roll-up and Madison starts to count, but the other kicks out. Then the other gets a pin (either Tara or Tess), but they kick out. They then go back and forth and start rolling on the ground. Madison has had enough as she stops counting. They get up and Tara and Tess lock-up and Tara puts Tess in the corner. Madison hits Tara in the back of the head and blames Tess for it. Tess then places Tara in the corner and lock-up, but Rayne hits Tess' head this time and blames Tara. They don't know what's going on. They get out of the corner and lock-up. They then go after each other and Tess knocks Tara down. Madison liked it. Both get up and Tara attacks Tess now. She knocks Tess down and Tess holds her back. Tess gets up and she had enough. She tackles Tara down. Both get up and Tess gets thrown into the ropes, but Tess flies and knocks Tara down. They get up and Tara lifts Tess up, but she lands on her feet and hits Tara with multiple closelines. She then climbs the corner and does a flying cross body. Tess covers but Madison does a real slow count. Tara kicks out. Both get up and Tara and Tess both get knocked down by each other. Rayne starts to count slowly and stops....she is not too good as a referee. Tara and Tess get up and get in each other's face. They talk to each other. Madison gets in the middle and says, "Will somebody hit somebody!" Tara and Tess look at the crowd and then elbow Madison. She falls and then gets out of the ring. Rayne is furious. She starts to scream as Tara and Tessmacher kneel in the ring. No Contest

Sting and Jeff Hardy are backstage as this is a video that was taped earlier in the show. Sting is honored to be teaming with Jeff as he waited for awhile. He is a mark for Jeff. Sting says he endorses Jeff. He gives Jeff a second chance as Sting was given a second chances before. The camera man asks Jeff question. Jeff states that he doesn't care about Bully Ray, but they will fight it out tonight. Sting and Jeff walk away.


A video plays and it has Eric Young looking for a gift for ODB. This video was taped earlier in the week. Eric looks through food, but wants something expensive. He finds some mustard. A cook then comes and tells Eric he can't be back in the kitchen. Eric grabs the cook. The cook gets away and says he is calling the cops. Eric grabs a plastic container that dries dishes and says it's a foot massager and then grabs a fan because ODB is hot and needs to calm down. He runs out.

James Storm's music plays and here comes the cowboy. He comes on stage and down the ramp while drinking some beer. The crowd cheers him on as he gets in the ring. James Storm gets on the mic and says Kurt Angle is running around asking where Storm is. He even asked Sting for a rematch against him. Storm is either at this arena or at the local bar. Unless Kurt needs a GPS to tell him where to get beat up by Storm, then he shouldn't have any problem finding him. James is not scared of Kurt at all. There is no mystery that Kurt attacked and beat up Storm, BUT 3 quarters was all Kurt, but in the 4th, Kurt got was coming to him all curiosity of Storm. Just then, a video plays that shows Kurt Angle at a bar in Tennessee. He is talking to a girl. A waitress comes up and gives Kurt a drink that James usually drinks. He then tells the girl that he is sitting with that she reminds him of the horse he rode in on. She gets up and leaves. Kurt takes a drink and spits it out as he hated it. He then addresses James about being at his hometown. He then gets up and goes around to mess things up for people.

Shannon Moore is backstage and talks about Mexican America. He says he doesn't know what to do. He has to team up with Anarguia. They are enemies but he can't help it as he is forced to team up with him. He will do what he did for 19 years and that is to wrestle.


Bully Ray is backstage as he has a kendo stick in his hand while Bobby Roode is beside him. Bully says two of the biggest and best stars today are teaming up tonight.....him and Roode. Bully goes on to talk about himself and how bad he is and then says Roode is the future of this company. Roode talks and can't believe Sting makes their tag match a Street Fight. Bully says someone is going through a table.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this match. Moore's music plays as he comes running out. Anarguia comes out as Sarita and Rosita come to the ring with him. All get in. Moore doesn't want anything to do the Mexican America posse. After they are in, Eric Young and ODB enter the place. They run down the ramp and get in the ring. What a dynamic duo.

Shannon Moore and Anarquia vs. Eric Young and ODB in a Wild Card Tag Team Tournament

Eric starts the match off with Shannon, but Shannon tags in Anarquia. He gets in and they move around the ring. The crowd chants Eric on as he starts to break dance. He then runs up to Anarquia and applies a headlock. Anarquia throws him off in the ropes, but Eric does a shoulder tackle. He then runs and while Anarquia turns on the mat, Eric jumps on him and rides him as a surf board. Just then, as he gets off, Anarquia gets off and Shannon tags himself in. They fight, but Eric gets out of the ring and goes to Saria and Rosita. He then takes off his trunks and wants to give it to them, but there is no way they are taking them. Shannon gets in the ring and Anarquia is the legal man again. He attacks Eric, but Eric comes back for a cover. Rosita and Sarita come on the apron to distract the referee. Anarquia gets up and he goes after Eric. He gets all control. He then tags in Shannon. Shannon doesn't stay in there long. Anarquia is tagged back in. They start to argue. Just then, Eric gets to his corner and tags ODB. ODB yes in and starts pounding her butt. Anarquia doesn't care as he does a body slam. Shannon gets in and tells Anarquia that he is leaving as he has no idea what he is doing. ODB gets up and attacks Anarquia. She does a body slam and Eric does a flying elbow drop. Rosita and Sarita start to distract the referee, but Eric goes to them and they move back. Anarquia stands up and ODB low blows him. He falls instantly. She covers and gets the win! Anarquia rolls out of the ring as he is in severe pain. ODB and Eric join hands and raise them as they move on in this tournament. Winners: ODB and Eric Young


Matt Morgan and Crimson are backstage as the camera man asks Matt about the tag team division. He tells what tag teams have moved on. Crimson says that no one should want to move on because of the challenge. Crimson is still undefeated. He has been to hell and back. Matt says he doesn't care what tag team from where....they will face them.

A video plays of Kurt Angle in the bar. He asks some guy if he knows James Storm. The guy does and he knows Kurt. He goes after Kurt, but Kurt attacks him. Kurt then pulls out a gun. He says it's fake but he will bash it over the head of the other people. A guy attacks him, but the guy doesn't stand a chance. He then super kicks a line of drunks. They are all sitting on stools watching Kurt. They do nothing. They fall quickly after the kicks. Kurt then pushes a Christmas tree down on someone. No one stands a chance against Kurt. He sends a direct message to James Storm.

The camera goes to the arena as Bully Ray's music plays. He walks down the ramp as the crowd boos. He has a kendo stick. He gets in the ring and starts swinging the stick like he is a professional. After him, Roode's music plays. He has the TNA World Title around his waist. He walks down the ramp after fireworks explode in the air. Bully meets him on the ramp. They high five and then gives Roode the stick. Both get in the ring. Jeff Hardy's music plays. Jeff Hardy comes out and Sting is right there beside him. The crowd is electric. They walk down the ramp together. Both with facepaint and the same shirt. They look pretty identical. Jeff goes around to the fans and interact with them. Sting is on one side of the ring and JEff is on the other. Roode and Bully are starting to panic. Jeff meets up with Sting. They talk and then slide in.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy and Sting in a Street Fight Tag Team Match

Jeff goes after Roode and Sting after Bully. They put them in corners and Roode falls to the mat. Jeff gets him up and hits his head off the corner and then does shoulder blocks. Sting hits Bully in the head with multiple shots. Bully gets out of the ring and Sting follows. Sting grabs Bully and makes him go face first into the steel guard rail. Sting then hits Bully's head off the steel steps. Roode takes control of Jeff now and does multiple body shots and then plants Jeff's head in the corner. Sting grabs a trash can and hits Bully with it...right on top of his head. Bully is dazed. Sting puts Bully's head to the steel guard rail again. Jeff Hardy closelines Roode over the ropes. Roode crawls on the floor as he meets up with Bully. Both of them get up as Sting and Jeff meet in the ring. They both jump over the ropes and do a flying cross body. They land on their opponents. Jeff and Sting get up and they are in control!


Sting is on the ramp attacking Bully with multiple punches. They then move to ringside and Sting hits Bully with the trashcan on the head again. Jeff whips Roode right in the steel ring steps. Sting hits Bully one more time with the can. Just then, Bully comes back and hits Sting and puts him in the ring. He grabs a kendo stick and hits it on the back of Jeff. Bully gets in the ring with it. Roode grabs another stick and hits Jeff multiple times in the back with it. He then chokes Jeff with it. Bully hits Sting with it in the ring. Sting is lying on the mat as he hits his back. Roode throws Bully a trashcan lid. He places it on the groin of Sting and smacks it with a kendo stick. Roode continues to assault Jeff on the outside. The Immortal members are in control. Bully rams Sting in the corner while Roode whips Jeff in the guard rail. Sting gets out of the corner as Bully climbs it. Sting climbs the corner and they are on the very top rope.....OH MY....superplex!!!!! Roode looks at what just happened and then comes in after Sting covers Bully. Bully kicked out. As Sting rolls over, Roode hits Sting with a kendo stick......more than once. Multiple times. He then covers, but Sting kicks out. Bully goes outside as he grabs his famous chain. He puts Jeff's leg on the steel steps. Bully whips the chain and it cracks on Jeff's leg. Roode continues to beat down Sting as Bully raises his arms. Bully goes on to choke Jeff with the chain. Roode covers Sting, but he kicks out. Roode then gets the chain and wraps it around his fist. He goes to punch Sting, but he blocks. He whips Roode in the corner and goes for the stinger splash, but Roode moves and Sting goes right in the corner. He stumbles and falls. Ray brings in some hazard sign and chases the referee out of the ring. Roode now goes outside and attacks Jeff. Bully gets a trashcan and does a suplex to Sting right on that can. Bully then moves all around for an elbow drop. He covers, but Sting kicks out. Roode gets in the ring now and punches Sting right in the head!

Roode waits in the corner as Sting gets up. Bully and Roode run to Sting, but Sting ducks and they hit each other. Sting does the scorpion death drop to Ray, but Roode does a spine buster to Sting. Jeff comes in and kicks Roode down, but Ray gets up and kicks Jeff down. Ray goes outside and grabs a table. Roode gets up and helps set up the table. Both Jeff and Sting are down. Bully grabs Jeff and Roode joins in. They do a double suplex, but Sting gets up and moves the table. Sting plants Bully in the corner and does a stinger splash and then he does one to Roode on the other side. Sting brings Ray down and does a scorpion death lock. Roode comes in with a trashcan, but Sting breaks the lock and attacks Roode. Jeff gets up and sets the table up. He goes outside as Bully did and attacked him. He then gets another table and brings it in the ring. The other table's leg broke. Both he and Sting put Roode on the table. Jeff climbs the corner as Sting holds Roode. Jeff jumps and does a big splash on Roode through the table. He covers him and gets the win! Winners: Jeff Hardy and Sting

Sting an Jeff get their arms raised as the crowd roars. Sting and Jeff hug and then climb the corners to show off for the fans. Sting leaves the ring as Jeff stays in to continue! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jeff Hardy- Up from last week (Nice and Naughty)
2. Bobby Roode- Down from last week (Naughty)
3. Sting- Up from last week (Nice)
4. Madison Rayne- New from last week (Naughty....and nice)
5. Eric Young and ODB- New from last week (Nice, Nice and Naughty)

Alex's Assumptions:

First off, I want to say Happy Holidays to everyone. Second, I want to remind everyone that Festivas is tomorrow (If you are a Seinfeld fan, then you should know what I am talking about!) Happy Festivas! Anyway, this holiday edition of Impact Wrestling, really didn't have anything holiday about it, but that didn't matter. This show had some pretty good matches. One that comes to mind is the X-Divison match. A back and forth battle. While Ion has been there longer than Nese, I am liking the style of Nese. A pretty good in-ring preformer. As far as Ion, he is more talk. He is also good in the ring. It's nice to see TNA push these stars. The other match that was good was the main event. Now, I know there might be some complainers about the split screen. While it may have been hard to watch, it was very easy for me to type the coverage. So, I thank you TNA! Anyway, it's nice to see weapons being used once in awhile. I may get sick of them all the time, but I haven't seen a kendo stick and a trash can in awhile, so that made the show in my mind! Now, you can tell there is a different direction on TNA. We haven't seen Hogan in awhile and now Jeff and Karen are off. The show is changing focus. While Bischoff didn't show this week, I am sure he will come back soon. But, Karen is gone and Madison replaced her. I was a fan of Karen as she was a true heel character. Now we got to "suffer" with Madison. I wouldn't really say suffer as I don't mind Madison...especially her voice. I love any loud person (hence her and Vickie Guerrero). Anyway, it should be interesting to see what Madison does. Too bad her planned back fired on this episode! Anyway, Jeff gets a pin over Roode, which made him take the #1 spot on the Top 5 Rankings. It should be interesting to see who goes over at the PPV. By the way, it looks like Roode is still on Sting's naughty list...and Santa's too! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter and/or check out my personal blog as the links are in my bio at the bottom!

Weekly Question: With Madison Rayne taking charge of the Knockout Division now, who wants Karen Jarrett back?

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