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Impact Wrestling Results (12/27/12) - Final Show Of 2012

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Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Results - 12/27/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package. It shows Aces and 8s attacking Kurt Angle and then their attempt to go after Hulk Hogan. Bully Ray saved Hulk. Aces and 8s need bodies and Devon thinks he has someone who can help. It switches to the AJ Styles situation where he is losing and can't fight for the World Title till Bound for Glory next year. He will do things his own way. It switches to Austin Aries paying off Aces and 8s and wanting his World Title back. Roode took the opportunity away from him. This is the last Open Fight Night of 2012.

The video ends and fireworks explode above the ring and on the stage. The fans are shown around the arena as they are standing and cheering. Music plays and it's Bully Ray. Ray walks down the ramp in his flannel shirt. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says it is obvious that the past couple of months and weeks that him and Hulk can't get along. He doesn't know what he has to do to prove to him that he is trustworthily. He has a lot of respect for Hulk and since tonight is Open Fight Night, he wants to call Hogan out. He doesn't want to fight though....he is calling him out to talk. Ray walks around the ring and looks at the entrance stage. Sure enough, Hogan's music plays. There is no Hulk though. Ray looks around the ring wondering where he is. Just then, Hogan appears....but it's Brooke Hogan. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. She goes to Ray. He asks her where her father is. He wants to talk to him. Brooke whispers something and then says, "He knows." Bully doesn't get it. What does he know? Brooke says he knows about them. Brooke wants both of them to go and to show Hulk that Ray is the man that she knows. Ray paces around the ring and then exits it. Brooke follows. Ray turns and says there is nothing to know. He walks further and then says something about how did anyone see it. Brooke doesn't know. They continue up the ramp.

Taz, Todd Keneley, and Mike Tenay are shown on the camera as they are the commentators for tonight. They talk about Open Fight Night. Music hits while they are talking and it's Austin Aries. He comes down the ramp and walks around the ring. The fans boo him as he raises his arms. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring. He thanks the fans for the kind words. He is going to make this short and simple as he doesn't get paid by the hour. Everyone knows Austin Aries should be World Champion as he had Jeff Hardy beat. He says he is the main event. He had Jeff down and out, Roode came out and messed everything up. He can't be mad at Roode because Austin did they same thing. They are 1-1. Austin says they are going to break this tie in the ring tonight. They are men, unlike Jeff Hardy. Whoever wins will be the #1 Contender for the World Title. They aren't going to do it now though. It's going to be in the main event. It will be the last main event in 2012. The It Factor vs. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. It's going to be electric! Austin's music hits and he taunts and then tells a fan off.


Samoa Joe's music hits and he comes right through the curtain. He marches his way in the ring and grabs a mic. He paces around the ring and then speaks. Tonight is Open Fight Night and Joe has come to pick a fight. Aces and 8s....when they can't handle their business individually, they send a masked man. He is calling the masked man out and he will beat him, take his mask off and reveal who this mo-ped riding guy is. The Aces and 8s music hits and the masked man comes through the crowd.

Samoa Joe vs. Masked Man from Aces and 8s

The masked man gets in the ring and Joe goes right after him with knees and punches. The guy goes into the corner as Joe continues the attack. He whips him in the opposing corner and Joe runs to him. He smashes him and then hits the pele. Joe gets up and continues the attack, but the masked man pokes the eyes of Joe. He sends Joe in a corner and stomps on him. The referee tells the guy to move back. He does. Joe gets out of the corner. The masked man puts Joe on the second rope and chokes him. He runs into the opposing ropes and then jumps right on his back. He covers Joe as Joe bounced back. Joe kicks out at two. The guy continues as he gets Joe up, but Joe comes back. He pushes the guy into the corner. Joe runs and does a running knee to the chest. He lifts him up for the Muscle Buster, but the guy pushes Joe away. He is on the second rope and jumps. Joe does an atomic drop. Joe bounces off the ropes and does a big boot. He jumps up and lands on the guy. Joe gets up and the masked guy does too. Joe goes behind him and does the choke hold. The guy finally taps. Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe sits on the mat and motions to take off the mask. He goes to take it off, but Aces and 8s run out. One guy gets in but Joe attacks him. Other members get in and Joe turns and runs right out of the ring. Doc is there with another big guy. Joe goes up the ramp.

Robbie E and Robbie T are backstage. They are talking about tonight and how it is Open Fight Night. Jesse, on the phone wearing yellow sunglasses, walks past Robbie E. Robbie stops him and asks him where his lady is at. Jesse tells him not to worry and asks about his lady...aka Robbie T. Robbie E can't believe he is going to call Mr. T a girl to his face. Jesse meant Mr. E. Robbie E says he is stupid... "S-T-O-O-OHHHHH." Jesse says those are fighting words in Hollywood. Robbie E says they should have a Bro-Off....yeah, that is what they are going to do.


Kenny King and Christian York are backstage. Kenny talks about his matches recently and how he did a great job. Kenny tells York to take notes while Kenny beat RVD again tonight. Kenny leaves and Christian asks himself where they find these guys.

Music hits and here comes Robbie E and Robbie T. They get in the ring and Mr. E grabs a mic. He states that it is not Open Fight is Open Bro Night. He is calling out the wannabe Robbie E and the fake Robbie E....Jesse. He tells Jesse to get out as he will show him what a real bro is about. Music hits and Jesse comes on the stage with Tara, the Knockout Champion, at his side. They come down the ramp. Jesse gets on the apron and lets Tara in through the ropes. They get in. Jesse goes to Robbie E's mic and says he is Mr. Pec-tacular. Robbie E says this is a Bro Off. There are three things to be a bro. One is to be themselves. "B" is to have everything end in, "Bro." Robbie E goes first. His music plays and he starts dancing. He finishes and the crowd boos. Robbie E tells him to top that. Jesse asks for his music. Jesse dances to his music, but more so poses to his music. He shows his muscles while Tara models him. He lifts Tara up and down and then let's her down for a kiss. Jesse tells Robbie that is how you do it, "Dude." Robbie says it wash't bad but there are two problems. One problem is this that it is a Bro-Off...not a Hoe-Off. And two, Jesse ended it with dude, not bro. Robbie E goes to announce himself as the Bro Champion of the Year, but Robbie T tells him there is another bro. Robbie T flexes his muscles and then lifts Robbie E up. Music picks up and he starts dancing away. Robbie E and Jesse can't believe it. Robbie T grabs the mic and says, "Bro." Robbie T exits the ring.

Rob Van Dam is backstage and is getting ready for his match.


Rob Van Dam's music plays and he comes down the ramp. He raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring as he holds the X-Division Champion in his hand. RVD grabs a mic. He says that he has elevated the X-Division since he became champion. He wants to bring someone out who everyone has been talking about. He wants to give him the chance. Come on out...Christian York. York and King were waiting backstage. Kenny can't believe it. York shakes his hand and then makes his way to the ring.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York

They lock-up, but York slides behind RVD, but RVD slides down and York goes right over him. They get to their feet and York does a low dropkick to RVD's leg. York gets up, but RVD is able to fight back. Both go down. York gets up and jumps on RVD's shoulders. RVD moves to the ropes and York sends him over the top rope. Both fall to the ground. York gets RVD up and rolls him in the ring. York climbs the corner. RVD gets up and York flies in the air. York has RVD down. RVD gets up though. RVD sends York into the corner, but York goes to the top rope. RVD runs to him, but York flies off with a knee to the face. He covers but RVD kicks out. York goes to the top rope again, but RVD pushes him off. York hits RVD and then climbs the corner. He does a double stomp to the back of Rob. York continues the attack. Both get up but RVD takes over as he knocks York down and then does a split legged moonsault. He does rolling thunder and then Five Star Frog Splash. He covers and wins. Winner: Rob Van Dam


Devon is in the clubhouse. He is drinking a beer. The other members are there. Devon states that this person is hard to work with, but they need someone. once they get to know him, it could work out. He calls Doc out. Doc comes through a door and meets two ladies. They are all over him. Devon asks if it will work and Doc says, "Oh yeah." Devon laughs and drinks his beer.

A video plays showing Joseph Parks training in OVW. He talks about his brother Abyss and then another family member, great-great grandfather was part of the wrestling business. He is getting there. The main trainer says there is nothing there for Parks, but once he got it and bled from the nose, he snapped. There could be something there. Is Parks giving everything he far, no.

Christopher Daniels is walking where the fans usually are. He meets Kazarian in a merchandise stand. Kazarian is seeing if their merchandise is there. Daniels says they have one last thing to show everyone. He talks about a dance. Daniels leaves and Kazarian follows, but he throws all of the AJ Styles' shirts in a trashcan.


The show returns showing a video replay from last week where Hulk Hogan talks about being in TNA. It was a small company and now it is off the tracks. There are so much talent. You can vote for the 2012 Impact Star of the Year. The video ends and the camera is backstage with Roode. Roode says he is the Impact Star of the Year and then says Austin Aries is so predictable as he knew he would call him out. Roode has to get ready and leaves the area.

The 1.3.13 video plays as it is Sting and he is coming back on the date.

Daniels' music plays. Daniels comes out and he dances his way down the ramp. He has some nice moves as he makes his way in the ring. He grabs a mic and greets all of the ham sandwiches. They all know him...he is not just the face of Impact Wrestling, but he is the ring general and has the rear that makes the girls cheer. Daniels had a great 2012 and wants to give back to the little people. It's OFN and AJ Styles is not here. He feels somewhat responsible. He reads your tweets and Facebook things, so he calls out AJ Styles. AJ's music plays and AJ walks through the sparks that fall from above. AJ takes off his hat to reveal that he is Kazarian. Kazarian gets in the ring in the actual AJ ring gear. Daniels asks "AJ" if they will do this one last time...again. Kazarian gets on the mic. He mocks AJ and how he talks. AJ knows he can't beat Daniels. Daniels beat him with his own move. He says Daniels is better looking than him. Daniels is overall better than him. The fans cheer, "We want AJ." and Kazarian tells them that he is right here. Kazarian, aka AJ, says he will find Claire Lynch and....but Daniels stops him from talking anymore. Daniels says they won't do Daniels vs. AJ one last time....again. Daniels hugs AJ and then says everyone can praise them. Music hits and here comes Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Chavo has a mic and says they are making jokes again and then says they had a better 2012 than Daniels/Kazarian.

Daniels and Kazarian vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Chavo and Hernandez get in the ring and Daniels and Kaz go after them, but they send Daniels out of the ring. Hernandez works on Kazarian and then tags Chavo. They do a double team move. Chavo goes after Kazarian but he tags Daniels. Daniels goes after Chavo, but Chavo tags Hernandez. Hernandez jumps over the top rope and knocks Daniels over. He picks him up and does a bear hug. He turns it into a belly to belly suplex. He tags Chavo in. Chavo gets in and brings Daniels in his corner. He stomps on him as Daniels sits in the corner. He brings Daniels out and tags Hernandez. He gets in and body slams Chavo right on Daniels. They do another double team as Daniels is getting squashed. Hernandez puts Daniels in the corner and chokes him with his boot. He whips him into the opposing corner and Hernandez runs to smash him. He applies a front face lock and then whips him in the ropes. He hits a back body drop. Daniels is almost dead. Hernandez grabs him, but Daniels squirms away and begs Hernandez for a break. Hernandez slowly walks closer to him.


Hernandez picks Daniels up. Kazarian gets in, but Chavo does too and fights him out out of the ring. Hernandez continues to have Daniels up and then drops him for a suplex. Hernandez moves around the ring, but Kazarian grabs him and holds his arms. Daniels gets up and runs to him, but Hernandez moves and Kazarian falls. Hernandez turns and closelines Daniels over the ropes. Daniels and Kazarian get up and are able to take advantage of Hernandez. He is down as Daniels slides in. He stomps on him and then tags Kazarian. Kaz kicks him and stomps on him and then tags Daniels. Daniels gets him up and whips him in the corner. He continues to work on him. He brings Hernandez down to the mat and tags Kazarian. Daniels drops his elbow while Kazarian does a leg drop or another elbow. Kazarian continues to work on Hernandez as he applies a front face lock. Hernandez pushes his way to his corner, but Daniels enters and hits Chavo down. He helps Kazarian to bring Hernandez back. Kaz tags Daniels and he continues the attack. He puts Hernandez in the corner and punches and kicks. He moves back, but Hernandez moves forward and does a battering ram. He tags Chavo while Daniels tags Kazarian. Both enter and Chavo aces it to Kazarian with many offensive moves. He hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then three amigo suplexes. He covers but Daniels breaks the cover. Daniels and Kaz go at it, but Kazarian grabs Chavo in a bear hug. Daniels runs behind him and then comes to for a closeline spine buster. Hernandez enters and tosses Kazarian right over the ropes. Daniels goes to the outside too. Chavo flies over the ropes on Kazarian while Hernandez does a suicide dive on Daniels. Chavo brings Kazarian in the ring. He flips around the ropes to land on Kazarian. He hits a couple more offensive moves and then climbs the corner as he has Kaz down. Chavo hits the Frog Splash and wins. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Jeff Hardy is backstage and the camera man asks him about his respect for Roode and Austin. Jeff says he doesn't like the selfishness of either of them. He can't wait to see them beat up each other but he will get his revenge very soon.


They hype the Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries match. Taz gives his thoughts on each of them and their key to victory. A video plays showing Aces and 8s and their destructive path since they came into TNA. They took out Eric Young, Sting, and Kurt Angle. Kurt came back and fought Devon for the Television Title. Devon retained. 2012 is the year Aces and 8s attacked the TNA roster.

Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse. One of the masked man talks to someone in front of him and then turns to Devon. The camera pans out to show Mr. Anderson. Ken says he knows what they did to him in the past but Devon told him that he will be safe in the group. Devon says they are physical and physical and have an agenda. Anderson isn't sure if this is for him or not. The ladies are wrapped around him and whisper in his ear. Anderson says he will think about it. He turns and leaves with them.

Music plays and here comes Gail Kim. Kim gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Gail says she knows who she is calling out. 2012 was her year. She was the longest reigning Knockout Champion in TNA history, but lost the title in a fluke. She calls out Ms. Tessmacher. Tessmacher comes and makes her way to the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Ms. Tessmacher

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They lock-up, but Gail does an arm drag. Both get up and stare at each other. They lock-up again and Gail applies an armlock. Tessmacher rolls through, but Gail takes her down and has a key lock. Tessmacher is able to roll through it. Both go to each other, but Tessmacher does a quick cover to Gail. Gail kicks out. Both get up. Tessmacher puts Gail into the corner and kicks her. Gail sits in the corner while Tessmacher runs and smashes her butt in her face. Gail rolls out of the ring. Tessmacher slides out and brings her in. Both get up and Gail knocks Tessmacher right down. Gail gets her up and does a back suplex. She covers but Tessmacher kicks out. Gail gets her up and puts her face first into the corner. She brings her up to the top rope. Gail climbs and does a hurricanrona, but Tessmacher holds on and Gail lands right on the back of her head. Tessmacher grabs Gail as she slowly gets up. Tessmacher applies a dragon sleeper. She let's go and Gail is down. Tessmacher climbs and Gail kicks out. Both get up and Gail whips Tessmacher into the corner. Gail runs and smashes her body into Tessmacher's gut. Gail slides through the ropes to the apron. She pushes Tessmacher down. Gail gets in and brings her butt to Tessmacher's face. Both get up and Tessmacher slowly comes back. She gains momentum as she does several offensive moves and then whips Gail in the corner. Tessmacher climbs and puts her crotch into Gail's face. Tessmacher lifts Gail up and drops her right down. Tessmacher climbs and does a flying elbow, but Gail moves. Both get up. Gail hits the Eat the Feet and gets the pin. Winner: Gail Kim

Austin Aries is walking backstage. The camera switches to Bobby Roode walking backstage. Their match is next.


A 1.3.13 video of Sting plays again.

Next week, Impact goes live and we will see who the Impact Wrestler of the Year goes to as well as the return of Sting. Finally, Aces and 8s will fight Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe in a Steel Cage.

Bobby Roode's music hits and here comes The It Factor. He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Austin Aries' music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Both stars move closer to each other while Austin tells the fans to quiet down. They move around the ring and then lock-up. Roode pushes Austin in the corner. He backs up and goes for a punch, but Austin ducks. Roode backs up. Austin comes out and they lock-up again. Austin goes for an armlock and they move around each other. He has the armlock in but Roode does a drop toe hold, but Austin is able to turn Roode over to his stomach and then slide over him. They get up. They stare at each other and then kick each other in the gut. Both hold their gut. They go to fight each other again but Austin falls down and holds his leg. He says he is hurt. Roode doesn't believe it. Suddenly, Austin is able to knock Roode down and kick him out of the ring. Roode is on the ground. Austin goes for a suicide dive, but Roode gets in the ring as soon as Austin runs toward him. They stare at each other.

Jeff Hardy is watching from the crowd. He says these two aren't larger than life, but the creatures are larger than life. Who will walk out the winner and fight him. Jeff can overcome it.


Austin punches Roode in the head and he stumbles back to the corner. He punches him again and Roode goes to another corner. Roode comes back with a punch and then a body slam. He drops a knee to the face, but Austin moves. Both get up and Aries does a low dropkick to Roode's knee. Both get up and Roode is able to come back as he puts Austin in the corner. He lifts him up and then climbs. Roode goes for a superplex, but Austin claps to hurt Roode's eardrums. Roode does the same. Austin punches Roode while Roode hits him back. They do more claps to the ears. Roode finally falls. He gets up and Austin misses the missile dropkick. Austin gets to his feet and Roode goes for the spear, but Austin grabs his head and drops him down. He locks in the chancellor move as he chokes him with his head back. Roode breaks out of it. Both get up and Roode applies the cross face. Austin turns him over for a cover, but Roode kicks out. Both get up. Austin is in the corner and Roode goes after him, but they just go back and forth with punches and chops. Roode has Austin in the corner and does several chops but Austin does a chop of his own. Roode backs up and then falls to his knees. He begs him for a break. Austin walks to him, but Roode takes his legs out from under him and then pins him. Roode puts his feet on the ropes. Earl Hebner, the referee, sees it. Both get up. Austin does a roll-up and uses the tights. Roode kicks out. Both get up and Roode hits the spine buster. Bobby leaves the ring and grabs a chair. He brings it in. Earl takes it away from him. Austin hits Roode with a forearm to the head. He covers but Roode kicks out. Austin gets out of the ring and grabs the chair. He brings it in. Earl takes it from him and drops it. Roode and Austin get up and Earl yells at him. He is sick of them. He is tired of them. Just then, Roode and Austin kick Earl in the gut and toss him out of the ring. They stare at each other with a smile and then rush to get the chair. They are fighting over it.

Jeff Hardy's music hits and they stop what they are doing. They turn to the entrance stage and wait. Jeff comes from behind. He waits for them to turn around. They turn and Jeff attacks both. He sends Austin out of the ring while hits Roode with the Twist of Fate. His music plays as he looks on. Aries peaks above the apron to see Hardy standing tall. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode - New from last week
2. Mr. Anderson - New from last week
3. Robbie T - New from last week
4. Gail Kim - New from last week
5. Rob Van Dan - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I was going to put Mr. Anderson in the title, but I really don't think it should be done yet. Mr. Anderson made his return, but it was a taped show and it really did not have a full impact yet. We don't know if he will join Aces & 8s, but I certainly have to keep my eye on it next week. Speaking of next week, it is a loaded show as it will be live again. Lots of things are happening next week, so we shall see what exactly becomes the big story. As far as this week, it was a decent show. I like Open Fight Night and I liked the matches that happened tonight. Most of them were short, aka the Samoa Joe match, but I do give props to Gail Kim vs. Tessmacher and Austin vs. Roode. Those matches were my favorite and stood out the most. While tonight was the last episode of 2012, I feel like TNA should have some video packages to recap the year. There are a lot of things in 2012 from TNA that I forget and I always like to re-live them. I can't believe 2013 is next week. I am not sure what 2013 has in-store for TNA, but hopefully it will be something record breaking....aka ratings boost. Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

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