Impact Wrestling Results (12/29/11) - These Knockouts Aren't Like The Divas


Impact Wrestling Results - 12/29/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package of the story of the Jarrett firing. It shows Sting firing both Jeff and Karen. It then goes onto show Madison Rayne as she becomes the new VP of the Knockouts. She makes the match of Tara vs. Ms. Tessmacher. They wrestle but turn and team up to attack Madison. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Mike Tenay welcomes us to the final TNA before 2012. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim come on stage and down the ramp. They enter the ring.

Madison grabs a mic as she holds one half to the TNA Knockout Tag Title while Gail holds the Knockout Title and the other half of the TNA Knockout Tag Title. Madison gets on the mic and yells for Tara and Tessmacher. Tara's music hits and here she comes with Tessmacher at her side. Both walk down the ramp and get into the ring. Madison gets back on the mic and questions if they are ladies. She then states that the longer they go through with this, the longer the disease on Tara and Tessmacher will be spread. Madison says that if Tara and Tessmacher messed with Madison last week, then they would be fired.....WELL, they are FIRED! Tara and Tessmacher can't believe it. She tries to shoo them away, but music plays! It's Sting! Sting comes out on stage with a hoodie and his famous glasses. He comes into the ring as the crowd cheers. Madison tries to suck-up to Sting. She says she has this under control. Sting says it's not over until he says it's over. When Karen was VP of the Knockouts, she actually had the power as it was in her contract, but Madison doesn't have that at all. Madison starts to scream. Sting starts to scream back. They scream back and forth. Madison is furious. Sting then screams to Gail Kim as she has to defend her title tonight. Gail asks who and Sting's Mickie James! Mickie's music plays and she comes on stage. Madison screams more while Gail is at Sting's face trying to tell him otherwise. Sting walks away and then makes fun of Gail and Madison. Sting says he is going to watch Madison and he will scratch her eyes out if she isn't careful.

Scott Steiner and Abyss are backstage. Scott tells Abyss they are a great tag team. He tries to get in the mind of Abyss. Well, he does as Abyss tells him that they are the best tag team.


Christy Hemme is in the ring with a New Years hat as she announces the first match of the night. Abyss' music hits. He comes to the stage. He looks back and here comes Scott Steiner. They come down to the ramp as video from two weeks ago play which shows Abyss and Scott teaming up and winning their tag team match in this tournament.

After they are in the ring, AJ Styles' music plays as he comes on the stage with Kazarian at his side. As they walk down the ramp, video plays from last week's bout as they won their tag team match in this tournament.

Abyss and Scott Steiner vs. AJ Styles and Kazarian in a Wildcard Tag Team Tournament Match

Kazarian starts the match against Scott Steiner. Abyss wanted to start but Scott said he will take it. They move around the ring and Scott flexes his arms. He then starts to talk trash to AJ. Kazarian goes up to him and they lock-up, but Scott pushes him back. Kazarian gets up and Scott grabs him, throws a couple of punches and then whips him in the corner. Kazarian comes out and Scott dooes a couple knife edge chops. He throws Kaz in the ropes, but Kaz twists around and goes for a roll-up cover. Scott kicks out. Kaz stays in control as he attacks Scott. Scott falls to the mat and Kaz goes for another cover, but he kicks out. He tags in AJ and Aj continues to work on him. He throws Scott in the ropes and AJ does a great dropkick to the face. Scott gets up and comes back. He grabs AJ and tags in Abyss. Abyss comes in and AJ breaks free. He goes to Abyss and does a couple knife edge chops and kicks, but Abyss doesn't move. Abyss then grabs AJ and pushes him in the corner. AJ comes out to get some speed, but Abyss does a huge big boot. Abyss now pounds forearms right into the back of AJ. AJ gets up and is able to get a paylee type kick to Abyss' head. AJ steps back into the ropes, but Scott is able to distract AJ. AJ turns and tries to hit him, but that opens an opportunity for Abyss as he attacks. Abyss tags in Scott. He enters and does a smooth belly to belly suplex. He covers AJ, but he kicks out. Scott gets AJ up and pounds him in the back. He then does a chop and whips AJ in the ropes. AJ comes back and goes for a roll-up on Scott, but he kicks out. AJ then does a small package but Scott kicks out again. Scott is able to hit AJ and regain some energy. AJ gets up and, out of nowhere, does a paylee kick. Both crawl and get to their corners. Abyss is now in and Kaz is in. Both attack, but Kaz is able to get out of Abyss' way. He is able to climb the corner and do a dropkick. He then jumps on the ropes and hits a tornado DDT. Kaz gets up and goes for another springboard move, but Abyss grabs him for a chokeslam. Kaz is able to get out of it and tries to cover Abyss, but he gets out. Abyss then hits the chokeslam. Abyss turns around and nails AJ right in the face. It looked like a knockout blow. Abyss goes to Scott and tags him. Scott thinks he is going to get the pinfall again. Well, Abyss spins Scott into a black hole slam. Kaz crawls over and gets the pin! Winners: Kazarian and AJ Styles

Bully Ray marches down the ramp and gets into the ring. He can't believe it. He checks on Scott and helps him get up. He starts yelling at Abyss. All three are in the ring.


Bully Ray has a mic. He asks Abyss if he is really serious. He asks what was that. He is tired of all of this....tired of him pushing Scott around....tired of Abyss posing his will around. He calls Abyss a bully. He points his finger right in his face. There is no reason why he did what he did. They gave Abyss girls and wins. What, does he want money? buy more rags? Bully goes on to insult Abyss' face. Abyss grabs the mic from him. Bully says he isn't done talking. He asks what he wants. Abyss asks Bully if he really wants to know what he wants. Bully does want to know. Abyss wants you! He wants Bull Ray. Ray's face looks dumbfounded. He wants Ray at Genesis. If Bully beats Abyss, then Abyss will come back into Immortal. Bully says he will beat him as he is bigger and smarter. Abyss calls Bully's name, but he looks at the crowd. Abyss swings Bully around so he can look at him. Abyss says the match will be under his rules. Abyss vs. Bully Ray in Monster's Ball! Abyss drops the mic as his music plays. Ray's face looks like he seen a ghost. Abyss leaves the ring.

Sting is backstage as he is talking to Kurt Angle. Sting gets a real laugh from what Kurt did last week. Kurt says he did exactly what Sting wanted. Sting says he now wants to see Kurt in a wrestling match. Since Kurt is in a kicking mood, he will face a kicking buy. Kurt says he will fight two X-Division guys. It would be great! Sting about a man who split Kurt in the head with a kick. How about Rob Van Dam. Kurt doesn't like the idea anymore. Sting says it's going to happen. Sting then tries to make Kurt jump and he succeeds. It is not Kurt's night.


Ric Flair is backstage with Gunner. Ric is talking to the camera man as he talks about Gunner. He says how great he is. Gunner begins to talk as he talks about the ambulance that is behind him. He says someone else is going to be riding in there tonight. Ric says Gunner is going to be the man.

Austin Aries is at the commentator's desk with Mike and Taz for this match.

Zema Ion comes on stage and down the ramp as the crowd boos him. Video plays from two weeks ago of his match with Nese. After he gets in the ring, Anthony Nese comes on stage and the crowd cheers. Video plays showing their match last week.

Third Match: Zema Ion vs. Anthony Nese in the Best-Of-3 Series; in a Contract on a Pole Match

Nese and Ion walk around the ring and then run to the corner where the pole is. They stop and lock-up, but Nese gets pounded in the back. Ion runs to the corner, but Nese comes back. Nese then hits Ion and goes up the corner, but Ion pulls his leg and Nese falls on his face and chest. Nese and Ion battle it out as Nese hits a couple of kicks and finally a kick to the head that sends Ion down on the mat. Nese tries to walk, but Ion grabs his leg. Both get up and Nese sends Ion in the corner. He attacks him which sends Ion down in the corner. Nese goes to the corner with the pole, but Ion gets up, runs, and dropkicks Nese right in the back. Ion is now in control as he puts Nese in another corner and does some shoulder blocks. They get out of the corner. Nese is on the ropes. Ion runs to him and Nese sends him over. Ion gets up and Nese gets outside. Ion tries to come back with punches, but Nese jumps on the apron, moonsaults, and lands right on Ion. Nese goes and gets up on the corner and starts to climb the pole. Ion gets in and hits Nese, which sends him tumbling down on the corner. Ion climbs over Nese, but Nese grabs Ion and hits an amazing german suplex. Nese keeps his foot wrapped on the corner. He gets up and starts to climb. Ion gets up again and pushes Nese. He crashes down on the steel guard rail. Here goes Ion....climbing the pole and grabbing the contract. Winner: Zema Ion

Zema slides down and gets in the ring as he jumps up and down. He bits the contract as he shouldn't be too surprised that he won on account of his huge ego.


Douglas Willams vs. Gunner w/ Ric Flair

The match begins and Douglas tries to get the attack on early, but Gunner battles back. Douglas is able to put Gunner in the corner though and is able to get a few shots in, but Gunner pushes him back. He makes Douglas fall to the mat. He then drags Douglas to the ropes and chokes him. Douglas gets up and tries to get a few more shots in, like a european uppercut, but Gunner is just out of control. He sends Douglas outside. The referee goes near the ropes, but it looks like he got in Gunner's way. Gunner pushes him out of the way. The referee falls and calls for the bell. Gunner goes outside, grabs Douglas from behind and Ric low blows him. Ric then grabs the ring mats up and Gunner nails a DDT. There goes Douglas, but he got the win. WInner: Douglas Williams

Bobby Roode is walking backstage as he is coming to the ring. He has his TNA Title over his shoulder with his cocky smile.


A video plays showcasing Bobby Roode's career since Bound for Glory. He trained so hard for his match, but then lost it to Kurt Angle. He then cheated his way to win the title. Ever since then, he has turned on everyone. His family doesn't know who he is anymore. It's Roode's time and era! He is the champion! The video ends and Bobby's music plays. Here comes the TNA World Champion. He is on stage with a suit. He raises the TNA Title and the crowd boos. He slowly comes down the ramp and into the ring.

Roode grabs a mic. He said a lot of people expressed their opinions about Roode over the past couple of weeks like James Storm and Roode's family. There is one person in particular that said Roode was selfish. He knows that he is selfish though. He is the "it" factor of professional wrestling. He is the World Champion! He actually spent some of his money and sent his friend in to give him a little tour of Roode's life. His friend then can tell Roode what he thinks about him in his face. They have been friends for over 20 years. He is actually a professional lacrosse player. He asks where his friend is at. His friend stands up and comes over the railing as Roode told him to do so. Tracey or Tracy comes into the ring. Roode says it's great to see him. He knows Tracy called and text him, but Roode is champion and is pretty busy. He wants Tracy to tell Roode exactly how he feels about him. He gives Tracy a mic. Tracy gets on the mic and says he hasn't been the only one who called him. His wife is even trying to get in touch with him. He says Roode is the least selfish person he knows. Roode would score goals and pass it for someone else. He misses his friend Bobby and he is sure that his wife misses him and his parents miss him. Roode's kids even miss him. He tells Roode that he can still go home and make it right. Roode laughs at that. He is wearing a couple thousand dollar suit and a gold title over his shoulder. There is nothing wrong. In high school, Tracy has always been behind Roode. Tracy rose up only because of Roode. Roode wants to talk about his family now. He calls his parents old hags. Where have they been? They just want his money and success now. His sister....she wants him back but he wanted her back for 15 years. He then goes on to say to never talk about his kids again. Roode says Tracy's fame is over. Roode is about to leave, but Tracy puts his hands on him. Roode is not going to stand for that and starts to choke his friend. He then pushes him down and stomps away. Music plays and here comes Jeff Hardy. He runs down the ramp and into the ring. Roode leaves the ring and walks backwards up the ramp. He says Jeff has nothing to do with this. Roode holds the title high while stating that Jeff will never get it.

Eric Young is backstage with ODB as she takes a swig of her canteen. He asks if ODB is ready for this as they are going to have their second match. Eric keeps talking and ODB asks if he ever breathes. Eric goes on to talk about their game plan and then talks about their love. ODB holds her head as she says to focus on the match first. Eric says they are a tag team. They finally agree and calm down.


Kurt Angle is in the locker room as he talks about Sting and his match he made. He then goes on to talk about his match with RVD later tonight as he remembers what Rob did to him years ago. He said his career turned south ever since Sting took control. Kurt is a wrestler and is better than everyone. He doesn't need to face them. If they want to get in the ring, then they have to wrestle wrestle Kurt.

Samoa Joe's music plays and he comes on stage. He is joined with Brutas Magnus. Magnus walks on his own. They both get in the ring as a video plays of their last tag match. After they are in the ring, Eric Young and ODB enter the stage. Eric meets up with Mike Tenay. ODB continues her way to the ring. After Eric stops goofing around, he joins ODB.

Samoa Joe and Brutas Magnus vs. Eric Young and ODB in a Wildcard Tag Team Tournament Match

Eric starts the match with either Joe or Magnus. Magnus is finally the go-to guy. They move around and Eric tags in ODB. ODB enters. She gets warmed up. Brutas slowly walks around ODB as he checks her out. He then touches her hair. She puts her finger to her mouth to be quiet. She then checks him out and gives him a pat on his butt. She then does a slap to the face. Brutas is stunned. She puts him in the corner and does more slaps. Brutas gets out of the corner and goes for a closeline, but ODB ducks. She then plants his face into her boobs. She then whips him in the ropes and she jumps on him. She punches him while on the mat. ODB gets up and Eric tags in. He unzips and takes off his shorts. He enters as Brutas doesn't know what to think. Eric attacks Magnus with a couple of shots. He falls down to the mat. Eric runs into the ropes, but Joe hits Eric in the back. Eric turns and tries to retaliate but Joe moves. Eric turns and Brutas does a big boot. He gets up and tags in Joe. Joe gets in and he takes everything by control. He sends Eric in the corner and does multiple shots. He ends it with a flying kick to the head. He sends Eric down on the mat and Brutas jumps off the corner for a flying elbow drop. Joe covers, but Eric kicks out. He continues to attack Eric with a couple shots. Eric comes back though as he knocks down Joe. He covers Joe, but Brutas breaks it up. ODB enters and sends Brutas out of the ring. Eric leaves somehow. ODB and Joe are left. She grabs her canteen and starts to drink while pounding her chest and yelling. Just then, Brutas gets in, grabs ODB and throws her in the corner....the same corner that Eric was climbing. Joe gets up and grabs Eric from the corner and hits the muscle buster. He gets the pin and that finisher becomes the direct impact of the night! Winners: Samoa Joe and Brutas Magnus


The camera man asks Mickie James as she goes into her match with Gail Kim. Mickie states how she knows about Gail after fighting her before. Mickie states that she knows Gail is good, but Mickie is better. Mickie wants the title. She didn't get it at the PPV, but she wants it more now. She is ready.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Kurt Angle's music plays. He is on stage as fireworks explode in the air. Kurt walks down the ramp as the fans boo him. He gets in the ring and he looks ready for this match. RVD's music plays. He comes on stage and the crowd cheers him on. He walks down the ramp. He raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. RVD rolls in the ring and Kurt makes his way out of the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell sounds and the match begins. They move around the ring. They go to lock-up, but RVD applies a headlock. He wrenches it hard, but Kurt pushes RVD into the ropes. RVD comes back and goes for a kick to the gut but Kurt holds his leg. RVD goes for a spinning kick to the head, but Kurt moves back and out of the ring. He reenters and they lock-up again. Kurt backs Rob in the corner and pokes him right in the eye. Kurt then whips Rob into the opposing corner, but Rob gets out of the corner and goes for a kick, but Kurt ducks. Rob goes for another kick, but he gets out of it again. The third time and Kurt may have caught some of it. Kurt stumbles back into the corner. Rob kicks Kurt this time and then plants a dropkick to his head while Kurt is sitting on the mat. He gets Kurt out of the corner and does a rolling thunder. RVD continues the assault as he gets Kurt up and puts him in the corner, but Kurt comes back with a belly to belly suplex. Both get up as Kurt does a snap suplex. He then locks his arms around Rob's chest. Rob gets up from the crowd's chant. Rob gets out of it with elbows to Kurt. Kurt whips Rob in the corner. Kurt runs to him, but Rob does a spinning heel kick and it knocks him down. Both get up and Rob does a couple closelines. Kurt gets up in the corner as Rob goes for a monkey flip, but Kurt gets out of it as he drops Rob on the mat. Kurt takes down his straps and goes for a super kick as he pounds his foot into the mat. He goes for it, but Rob moves out of the way. He knocks Kurt down and goes for the five star frog splash. Kurt moves and Rob crashes and burns. Kurt now goes the ankle lock. Rob wants to tap as he is hurting. But, James Storm enters the ring and is in the corner. Kurt releases it as he turns to the side. There is Storm as he plants Kurt with a huge super kick. Kurt falls to the mat as he got the kick of the night. The referee calls for the bell. James leaves as he walks up the ramp. Winner: Kurt Angle


Rob Van Dam is backstage. He states that he wanted to win. He then talks about being in a league like Kurt. He doesn't know exactly what happens, but he didn't win the match. Kurt is then shown as he calls James' move not a wrestling move. If he wants to wrestle, get in the ring and actually wrestle. James Storm is shown backstage. He talks about Kurt as he states that he doesn't like anyone messing with his family. He then says you get what is coming to you. Kurt got what he deserved. Kurt is shown again as he says the first kick wasn't a big deal, but the second one is as that is the one that counts. Looks like he will be getting payback.

Mickie James' music plays and she comes skipping down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd cheers her on. After she is in the ring, Gail Kim's music plays. She comes on stage with both titles over her shoulder: the TNA Knockout Title and one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles. She gets in the ring as the crowd boos. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he announces this main event.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim (Champ) for the TNA Knockout Title

The match begins and Gail goes right to Mickie, but Mickie twists and goes for a cover, but Gail kicks out. Both get up and they go at it. Mickie hits Gail a couple of times and then whips Gail in the ropes. Mickie jumps on Gail and punches her right in the head. Both get up and Mickie continues the attack. She knocks Gail down again and does a low dropkick to her face. Gail rolls out of the ring. Mickie slides out. Gail goes for a closeline, but Mickie ducks, slides around and does a great neck breaker on the outside. Gail holds her neck in pain!


Gail and Mickie are on the outside as both punch back and forth. Mickie is able to grab Gail and toss her in the ring. Mickie gets on the apron, but Gail hits Mickie right in the leg. Mickie falls off the apron but lands on her feet. Gail then slides and hits Mickie. She falls down. Gail waits on the inside as Mickie climbs back on the apron. She slowly comes through the ropes, but Gail grabs Mickie's head and rams it on the mat. Gail gets her up and rams her face first into the corner now. She gets Mickie up, runs, and SMASHES her far into the middle turnbuckle once more. Mickie gets up and tries to fight back, but Gail closelines Mickie. She covers, but Mickie kicks out. Mickie uses the ropes to get up, but Gail kicks her in the gut. Mickie tries to fight back with a couple body shots, but Gail whips Mickie's head back and it goes right into the mat. Gail locks Mickie's arm now. The crowd chants "Mickie" and she is able to get out of the lock. Both are up and Gail hits the double ax right to Mickie. It knocks her down. Mickie is on her knees as Gail slaps her in the face. Mickie must have gotten fired up from that as she hits Gail in the gut a couple of times. She then gets to her feet and whips Gail in the corner. Gail runs out though, twists around Mickie and does a submission move. It's some type of move that cuts off the airway. Mickie is able to get to the ropes to break it. Both get up and Mickie whips Gail in the corner. Gail hits Mickie with an elbow to the face and goes for that submission move again. Mickie backs up and rams Gail in the corner, but Gail doesn't release. Mickie gets down and suddenly goes for a pin, but Gail releases it before the three. Mickie slowly gets up, but Gail does a kick to the head and Mickie is down. Both get up and Gail whips Mickie in the corner. She rams right to Mickie's gut. She climbs the corner and does a flying cross body. She covers Mickie, but Mickie kicks out. Mickie uses the ropes to get up. Gail goes for her finisher of that boot to the face, but Mickie pushes the leg down and hits Gail right in the face with her own backward kick. Both fall down. Both slowly get up. Gail runs to Mickie, but Mickie moves and Gail goes into the corner. Mickie rams Gail in the corner again and then hits several offensive moves that make Gail fall. Mickie climbs the corner, but Gail rolls out of the ring. Gail turns to Mickie and Mickie FLIES! She lands right on Gail. Mickie gets up as she hobbles. She may have injured her leg. She brings Gail back in the ring. As soon as Mickie gets in, some masked person enters the ring. She plants a knee to Mickie's head. The masked person rolls out and goes under the ring as they first entered through the fans. Gail gets in the ring, as well as the referee. Gail covers and gets the win. Winner and Still Champ: Gail Kim

Gail leaves the ring and meets back up with her titles. The masked person opens the ring apron and peeks through. Oh Madison Rayne! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Up from last week
2. Kurt Angle- New from last week
3. Gail Kim- New from last week
4. Zema Ion- New from last week
5. Samoa Joe and Brutas Magnus- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

With this being the last TNA show to air for 2011, I want to take a look back. This year was up and down for TNA. While I liked it the entire time, TNA had problems internally and externally. Internally would be the power struggle and the new creative writer. Externally would be stars coming and going as well as their ratings. There is no lying that their ratings haven't gained at all this year. It's a shame. As far as their show, they had a rivalry that played out for a year (The whole Immortal take control and then take back story). We had Hogan get back in the ring to end the story and we got Dixie back on television. To wrap up this year, new stars rose to the top as James Storm became champion and now Roode. It's nice to see different faces in the main event scene. One thing we do see is Jeff Hardy though. He came back and is now going after the title. Some like it, some don't. If 2012 is Jeff's year, then make it his year staying clean! TNA is growing their X-Division and is trying to get their tag division back up. As far as their Knockout Division, they are already high as they ended the show...the last show of 2011 for TNA. Do you see WWE doing that? It's a pretty nice sight to see. I loved the match, but hate the ending. Do we really need interference? If we absolutely needed it, then I want to see Gail vs. Mickie in a Steel Cage. I want to see them main event again. They ended 2011 with a bang! Happy New Year everyone and you will hear from me in 2012 where I will continue my writing here on as this site continues to grow, grow, grow! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at the link in my bio below and check out my personal blog! From there, you can see my new project: Reviews!

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