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Impact Wrestling Results (12/6/12) - Roode Invests In Aces & 8s

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Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Results - 12/6/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with Kurt Angle's retreat of Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. They teamed with him to take on Aces and 8s. Wes ends up getting a TNA contract as he competed in Gut Check. D-Lo had the deciding vote as Al Snow couldn't be found. The video switches to the Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray story as Ray and Brooke have been spending time with each other lately. Austin Aries is getting involved as he takes shots at Ray and Brooke. Hulk has had enough and wants answers and revenge. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode in the air above the ring and then from the stage. Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes out with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. They walk down the ramp before Roode as Roode takes his slow walk. They get in the ring. Daniels and Roode shake hands while Kaz grabs a mic.

He insults the fans in attendance and announces this as Throw Back Thursday as this is was once the most dominate group in TNA and that was Fortune. That is in the past though. They are worrying about the future. The future is Final Resolution. They are worried about victory...something no one has had from the people in attendance. Roode gets on the mic and talks about guarantees. When he makes them, they are fulfilled. He will be the TNA World Champion on Sunday. He made an important investment in the title. Jeff Hardy will find out that it does indeed "pay to be Roode/rude." Daniels grabs the mic. He makes a guarantee that he will beat AJ Styles on Sunday. In fact, he wants to talk to AJ before the match. He invites AJ down so two buds can talk. Daniels waits. AJ's music hits and he comes out. He walks up the steel steps and gets right in the ring. He grabs a mic. The crowd chants, "AJ, AJ." AJ gets on the mic and says he knows what Daniels is going to say. Daniels is jealous of AJ. He was since day 1. AJ is better then him. On Daniels' best day and AJ's worst day, AJ will still win. Since AJ wants to talk bout facts, let's talk about facts. Daniels brings up AJ's loss record recently as he lost the BFG Series and at Turning Point. AJ is not going anywhere. It's reality. The reality on AJ's side of things is that Daniels talks too much. AJ tackles Daniels right down. Roode and Kaz defend Daniels as they stomp on AJ. James Storm and Jeff Hardy run out and stop the attack. Roode, Kaz, and Daniels leave the ring and walk up the ramp. The two sides stare at each other as Jeff's music plays.

Video plays showing Austin Aries vs. Rob Van Dam. It shows the part where Austin talks about RVD lying on the mat. He's sweaty and so on...which is like Brooke Hogan. That didn't sit well for Bully Ray. He runs out after Austin. Hulk then comes out and stares Austin with the stink eye.

Austin Aries is backstage. He describes his plan last week. His plan was to get the X-Division Title and then cash it in for the World Title. Bully Ray ruined that though. Austin says it is personal now. He wants Ray at the PPV. If Hogan does the right thing, this match will happen. Austin knows how to push buttons.

Samoa Joe is walking backstage as he is gearing up for his title defense.


The show returns and it shows Christy Hemme in the ring as she introduces this match. Music hits and Devon comes through the crowd. He has a black baseball bat in hand. The crowd boos as he enters the ring. After he does, Samoa Joe comes out. He has the Television Title over his shoulder. The crowd pops for him.

Devon vs. Samoa Joe (Champ) for the Television Title

The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They lock-up and Joe pushes Devon right in the corner. He releases the hold and backs up. Both walk around and lock-up again. Devon pushes Joe in the same corner. He releases the hold but punches Joe in the face. Joe comes back with multiples punches. Devon pokes Joe's eyes and whips him in the corner, but Joe reverses it. He smashes himself in Devon and then hits the pele kick in the corner. Joe takes Devon down and drops his knee right on the head and chest. Joe gets up. Devon uses the ropes to stand. Joe runs to him, but Devon pulls the ropes down and Joe falls out of the ring. Devon goes out and brings Joe back in. He kicks and punches Joe as he is on the mat. He covers. Joe kicks out. Both get up. Joe comes back. He runs into the ropes, but Devon attacks Joe and has him down on the mat. He covers but Joe kicks out. Devon gets up and continues the assault. He climbs the corner. He jumps for a flying headbutt but Joe moves. Both get up and they punch back and forth. Joe takes the lead but Devon pokes the eyes again. Joe comes back with an atomic drop and then a big boot. He hits the senton and pins. Joe covers but Devon kicks out. Devon gets up in the corner. Joe runs to him. Devon moves out of the way. Devon runs to Joe, but Joe lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. Devon gets up and Joe does the rear naked choke. As he does, a lady climbs on the apron. She distracts the referee. Doc gets on the other corner and hits Joe with the ball peen hammer on the back. Joe goes down. Devon covers and wins. The ladies meet Doc and Devon joins them to celebrate. Winner and New Television Champion: Devon

Brooke Hogan is backstage. She is on the phone. She can't get good reception but then finds the perfect spot. She tells the person on the other line that the contract is signed and they are good to go. She is all hers. Brooke then tells her to let her know when she comes. Brooke hangs up and walks away.


D-Lo and Al Snow are walking backstage. D-Lo asks about Al's whereabouts last week. Al says he doesn't remember match. He came to Orlando last week, but, on Friday, he woke up in the hospital. He doesn't know what happened. D-Lo says they will get to the bottom of this. Al thanks him.

Mickie James' music plays and she comes through the curtain. The crowd does a big cheer. She gets in the ring and grabs a mic. She says this is the first time that she can address everyone since she came back. The fans chant, "Welcome back." Mickie thanks everyone for being there for the humblest part of her life. While she was sitting at home, she was thinking and made a pact. She will become the new Knockouts Champion. Tara's music plays. Mickie wasn't finished but Tara does a pretend cry. Jesse comes out with her. Mickie can't hear Tara because the fans are booing her out of the arena. Tara says they are cheering her. Jesse and Tara get in. Tara says she had an amazing year. She dropped Ms. Tessmacher and got Jesse. Mickie doesn't think that's great seeing what Jesse's shoes are. Tara also got the Knockout Title. Well, suddenly, Velvet Sky's music plays. She comes out and the crowd does a huge cheer. She gets on the apron and let's the pigeons loose. She gets in and takes Tara's mic. She thanks the fans as she missed them. She wants to publicly thank Brooke Hogan for doing everything to get her back here on Impact Wrestling. She switches gears and wishes good luck to Tara and Mickie as 2013 will be Velvet Sky's year. If you didn't know, now you do! Sky's music hits and she taunts.

Robbie E is backstage. He is on a tablet. He is getting furious. Robbie T comes into the shot and tells Robbie E that they have a match. Robbie E knows but he wants to pay for his insurance via Direct Auto Insurance and it's not letting him. Robbie T tells him it's touch screen. Mr. T does it for him. Mr. E didn't know it was a touch screen. He's been doing touch screens since 1987. Robbie tells Mr. T to follow him as they have a match.

A video plays showing an apocalypse type setting. The date 1/3/13 appears.


Robbie E and Robbie T are in the ring already. Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero make their way out from backstage. The crowd cheers as the TNA Tag Team Champions walk down the ramp. As they come down, the camera shows the Spanish Announce Team.

Robbie E and Robbie T vs. Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

Chavo and Robbie E start the match. They lock-up and Chavo goes right behind E and then applies a headlock. He takes him over and then kicks Robbie in the back. E gets up but Chavo does a back suplex. Chavo tags Hernandez. They do a double team whip. Hernandez locks in the bear hug. He turns it into a belly to belly suplex. He tags Chavo back in. Chavo gets in and goes after E, but Robbie kicks Chavo and punches him. Chavo stumbles back. Robbie T hits Chavo in the back. E runs and tags Mr. T. Robbie T gets in and kicks Chavo in the gut as he leans in the corner. Mr. T gets him out and does a powerslam. Mr. T gets him up and puts him in the side walk slam. He walks to Mr. E and tags him. Robbie T does the side walk slam. Mr. E climbs the corner and flies. He drops the elbow. He covers. Chavo kicks out. Robbie continues to fight and applies a front headlock. Chavo does a northern lights type suplex. Chavo gets up and tags Hernandez. Robbie gets up. Hernandez jumps over the ropes and shoulder tackles Robbie. Hernandez gets him up. Robbie T gets in and attacks Hernnandez. He puts him up for a power bomb, but Chavo gets in and dropkicks Mr. T in the face. Hernandez closelines Mr. T out of the ring. Hernandez does a huge battering ram into Mr. E. He tags Chavo. Chavo climbs the corner and does the frog splash. He gets the pin. Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

As they celebrate in the ring, Joey Ryan walks on the stage. He tells them to wait because they won't be champions for long. Just then, Matt Morgan attacks Chavo and Hernandez from behind. He beats them up. Joey gets in the ring and grabs a title while Matt grabs the other tag title. This could be what it will looks like at Final Resolution.

There are girls dancing with each other backstage. There is commentating while they do and the commentating is from Aces and 8s. They are drinking beer while the blond lady is with Devon who came into his match earlier. Devon turns to Doc and says they got him covered tonight. They now need to get the dart. One member gets Devon's attention and opens an envelope. There is tons of money in there. Devon loves that. Everyone is having a great time.


Video plays showing Gut Check last week. Wes Brisco now has a TNA contract. As he celebrates, Kurt Angle came out and joined in.

Kurt Angle is backstage with Wes and Garett. Kurt is so proud of Wes. Wes thanks Kurt and says he is there for him. Kurt also tells Garett that he is doing a great job. Kurt tells them that Doc is after him. He's dangerous, as what he did to Sting, but he doesn't know why they are after him. They are messing with the wrong person. Wes and Garett are with him.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez are backstage. They aren't going to let this go. If Joey and Matt want to fight, they will fight. They will see them at Final Resolution. It will be a fight. They are messing with the wrong team.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone. Kurt Angle's music plays but stops and restarts as the first time played over Chavo's audio. Kurt rises from under the stage and then walks down the ramp.


Kurt is waiting in the ring as the Aces and 8s music hits. Doc comes through the crowd as they boo him. The Director of Chaos gets in the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. Doc

Kurt goes right after Doc as he gets in the ring. Kurt punches him and then kicks him right on the knee. Doc goes in the corner. Kurt continues to kick him pin the knee. Doc falls. Kurt pulls him out of the corner and then locks Doc's leg up as he pounds on the knee. Doc tries to break the hold. Kurt releases and then punches Doc in the face. Kurt gets up. Doc does and Kurt does a chop to the knee. Doc falls slightly. Kurt gets up and stalks Doc. He runs to him, but Doc closelines Kurt right down. Doc kicks him as he is on the mat. Kurt gets up and Doc whips him in the ropes. Kurt holds on the ropes. Doc walks to him and tries to kick him in the gut, but Kurt kicks Doc in the knee. Doc is able to closeline Kurt out of the ring. Doc gets out. He continues the attack. Kurt tries to come back with by whipping Doc, but Doc reverses and Kurt goes right into the steel steps. Doc gets him in the ring. He whips him in the corner. He runs to him, but Kurt kicks him in the face. Kurt climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. Both are down as the referee counts. Both get up. Kurt locks his arms and hits three german suplexes. Kurt gets him up and goes for the Angle Slam, but Doc gets out and pushes Kurt in the ropes. He does a big boot. He covers, but Kurt kicks out. Kurt is able to grab the ankle before Doc gets up, but Doc kicks away. Both get up and Kurt hits two german suplexes. Doc holds onto the ropes before a third one can take place. He kicks behind him to do a low blow. He then closelines Kurt down. He covers. Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Doc goes for the closeline, but Kurt gets out and takes Doc down for the Ankle Lock. Doc kicks away but Kurt holds onto the ankle. Doc finally pushes him away. Both get up but Doc chokeslams Kurt. He covers and kicks out. Both get up and Kurt hits the Angle Slam. He takes his singlet down. He goes to finish the match, but an Aces and 8s member, a masked one, enters there ing. They attack Kurt, but Kurt fights back. The member goes down and exits the ring. Devon is out there too. Just then, Samoa Joe, Wes, and Garett run out to help Kurt. Kurt grabs a mic and says he has a pact of his own. It will be the four of them against any four members of Aces and 8s. It's real!

We see Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley and Taz as they hype the main event match. They also bring Austin Aries up with Bully Ray. Hulk Hogan is shown backstage in his office. He is on the phone. He says he has visited every internet site and talked to Al Snow. He is talking to Joseph Parks. If OVW will allow him, then Hogan will bring Parks in for Impact Wrestling. Bully Ray enters the scene. Hogan tells him to knock before he enters. Ray says he wants to fight Austin Aries. Hulk gave Ausitn vs. RVD last week. He wants his match. Hulk starts to laugh. He says he doesn't know who he is talking to. He fought Andre the Giant 10 times and now this bully wants something. Why listen to him? Ray says it is going to happen tonight as he is taking over his show. Hulk tells him to think of what he wishes for. Ray leaves.


Jeff Hardy and James Storm are backstage. They talk about their six man tag match tonight. James says he has Jeff's back. But there's Bobby Roode. Roode talks about James' family and James doesn't want that to happen to Jeff. Jeff's inner thoughts are heard. He says that he doesn't know who to believe. As champion, you can' trust anyone...not even James Storm. You have to trust the creatures.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the three stars who are already in the ring.

Kenny King vs. Kid Kash vs. Zema Ion in a #1 Contender's Match for the X-Division Title

Kash tries to lock up between Kenny and Ion, but Kash goes right after Ion and then goes to Kenny. Ion comes back and goes after Kash. King helps up and Kash goes to the outside. Ion does a roll-up, but King kicks out. Both fight it out now. Ion runs into the ropes, but King does a jumping leg kick to the face of Ion. Kenny continues the atter as Ion is on the mat. Kash pulls Ion out of the ring. He gets in but King hits Kash. King goes for a suicide dive of some type. He runs into the ropes and runs back, but Ion gets in and takes Kenny down with a closeline. Kash gets in and goes after Ion. He does several shots to the face. King gets up and attacks Kash. He then goes after Ion. Kash tries to come back, but Ion takes Kash out. Kash goes into the corner. Ion puts King in the corner and stomps on him. Kenny gets up and comes back as he throws Ion in the air. Kash gets up and attacks King. Ion is on the outside. Kash jumps over the ropes and lands on the shoulders of Ion. He does a hurricanrona. Both are down. Ion gets up and Kenny jumps over and lands on Ion. Ion is able to get up and he gets in the ring. He runs in the ropes and then to the side of the action. He jumps over the ropes and lands on Kenny. Ion gets Kenny up. He puts him in the corner. Ion climbs up. Kash enters. It is a superplex power bomb. Kash locks in the boston crab, but it is broken. Ion has Kash and covers, but Kenny breaks it up. Kenny attacks, but Kash throws King out of the ring. Ion and Kash fight it out. Kash takes Ion down with a huge move. He covers but Ion kicks out. Kash climbs the corner. Ion gets up and pushes Kash off. Kash lands on the outside. King gets up and goes right after Ion. He takes him out with the Royal Flush. He gets the pin. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and #1 Contender for the X-Division Title: Kenny King

Bully Ray is walking backstage. He is on his phone. He is talking about Hulk Hogan to the person as he says Hulk is stubborn and says no and no two weeks in a row. Ray is going out to the ring and taking over the show. The person tries to talk him out of it, but Ray is doing it. He'll talk to him later and Ray hangs up.

The video for 1/3/13 plays again.


Video plays showing the recent segments between Austin Aries and Brooke Hogan as well as Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan. Ray wants Austin Aries but Hogan won't allow him. Austin takes shots at Brooke and Ray isn't going to take it. Hogan and Ray can't see eye to eye at all.

Bully Ray's music hits. He comes right out with a steel chair. He throws it in the ring. Ray grabs a mic after getting in the ring. He tells everyone to shut it. He is taking care of business. He isn't going anywhere until he gets his way and what he wants. He sets the chair up. He tells Hogan that he doesn't understand. He wants to fight Aries and Aries wants to fight Ray. Most of all, the fans want to see them fight each other. The crowd does a huge pop. Ray is going to sit down till he gets what he wants. Ray does sit down and music hits. It's Austin Aries though. Is Aries suppose to believe this? He has a mic in hand as well as a chair in hand. Austin doesn't believe Ray wants to fight him. The last time they fought, Aries dropped Ray on his head and Ray tapped. People fight for their love. They defend the people that they love. That is what Ray is doing. Ray wants him and the fans want him. Austin doesn't care what the fans want. Austin sets the chair up at the end of the ramp and sits down. He is taking over the show now. Hulk's music plays and Austin jumps up. He grabs his chair and sits somewhere else. Hogan walks down the ramp. As he does, Austin insults the fans around the ring. Ray isn't moving from his seat. Hogan gets a mic as he is in the ring.

He wants his music cut. For 30 years, has has been nothing but business in this ring. He is not going to make this match. He tells Ray to get up. If he doesn't, he will fire or kick his @ss. Ray gets right up and kicks the chair. Ray gets right in the face of Hogan. Aries chants, "FIGHT, FIGHT." Brooke runs down the ramp and gets in the ring. She tells Hulk to stop. She calls Ray, "Mark." Hogan can't believe it. Brooke tells him to let it go. Hogan says this has become too personal. The match is on! Hulk's music hits. Ray starts to yell. Brooke tells him to stop. Austin is on the outside running his mouth.


Todd, Mike, and Taz go through the line-up for TNA Final Resolution. Check out the full line-up right here on

A video plays hyping the Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode main event match for the TNA World Title at Final Resolution. Roode does commentary in the video as he says he carried the company for the year and there is no better way to start off 2013. He will be champion.

Bobby Roode's music hits and the It Factor comes out. Daniels and Kaz are behind him with some pink stripped pants and fanny packs. They all taunt on the stage and then Daniels and Kaz walk forward as Roode slowly walks down. They enter the ring. Jeff Hardy's music plays. Here comes the TNA World Champion. AJ Styles and James Storm walk out with him. All three walk down the ramp. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces everyone.

Bobby Roode, Kazarian, and Daniels vs. Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and AJ Styles

Kaz starts the match against Storm. They walk around the ring. They lock-up and Kaz takes Storm into the corner. He backs up. He pushes James but James pushes back and Kaz falls right down. He gets up and Storm punches him right in the face. He goes after the other opponents but they duck. He turns back to Kaz and he takes him right down. He punches him multiple times in the face. He whips Kaz into the corner and smashes him. He comes out and tags Jeff. They do a double team whip and hit the double elbow. Jeff goes after Kaz by himself, but Kaz tags Daniels in. Daniels tries to go on the offense, but Jeff comes back and knocks Daniels down with a dropkick. Both get up and Jeff does an armlock. He tags AJ in. Daniels is able to run away as AJ runs in. He tags Kaz. AJ goes after Kaz with the hurricanrona and multiple punches. He tags Jeff in. AJ whips Kaz in the corner. He gets on his hands and knees. Jeff is on the opposite side. He runs, jumps on AJ and then lands on Kaz in the corner. AJ exits. Jeff continues the fight by knocking Kaz's head right into the turnbuckle.


Kaz has Hardy down as he locks Hardy's arms around himself. As it is locked, video plays showing what happened during the commercial break. Jeff has been on the defense all break. Kaz let's the lock go now but applies a headlock. Jeff gets up and tries to push his way to his corner. He tags, but Earl Hebner did not see it. Kaz brings him back to his ocnrer and he tags Daniels. Daniels enters. He gets on the corner. He holds Jeff. He jumps and stomps right on Jeff's chest. Daniels and Kaz start the Gangnam style dance, but they stop and don't do it. He tags Roode in. Roode continues to work on Jeff. He takes him down and covers. James Storm enters and breaks the cover. Roode gets in and tags Daniels. Daniels enters and continues the offense. He takes Jeff down with a closeline type move. He steps on Jeff's hair and looks around. He tags Kaz. He enters. Daniels lifts Jeff up as Kaz runs into the ropes. They hit the heart attack. Kaz talks to the referee as Jeff is on the apron. Daniels and Roode work on Jeff. Kaz turns and chokes Jeff with his foot. He turns around and Roode grabs Jeff. He takes him outside of the ring and rams him back first into the apron. Kaz gets him up. He tags Roode. Roode enters. Jeff rushes to his corner, but Roode stops him and applies a headlock. Jeff gets to his feet and elbows his way out. He runs into the ropes, but Roode elbows him right in the face. Jeff is down. Roode stares at Jeff. He grabs his legs and then stomps right on the gut of Jeff. He rubs his foot in. Roode tags Daniels in. He enters and applies a headlock. Jeff gets to his feet and rams Daniels into the corner. He does it again and the headlock is no longer in existence. Jeff crawls to his corner, but Daniels stops him. He brings him to his own and tags Roode in. Roode gets in and punches Jeff right in the gut. He falls. Roode climbs to the middle rope. He stalks Jeff. Jeff slowly stands. Roode jumps, but Jeff kicks him in the gut and hits the Twist of Fate. Roode falls. Jeff is down. he slowly goes to his corner as well as Roode. AJ is in as well as Daniels and Kaz. AJ goes after both of them with clsoelines. Daniels rolls out while Kaz is the legal guy. AJ hits him with a spinning back suplex. He covers but Roode stops the cover. James Storm enters and goes after Roode. Daniels comes over as James goes to the outside. Daniels throws James into the steel steps while Kaz and Roode are against AJ. AJ has both of them and hits a DDT to Kaz and a reverse DDT to Roode. Daniels gets in and goes after AJ. AJ fights back though. He climbs the corner, but Daniels makes him fall on the top. Daniels grabs him, but AJ rolls him over. James gets in and talks to AJ as Daniels is down. Jeff is on the apron and tags himself in. He enters and grabs Daniels for the Twist of Fate. He covers. Winners: Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and James Storm

Jeff Hardy is in the middle of the ring as he has the two titles. He holds them up as the fans cheer with his music playing. Aces and 8s quickly run out to the ring. They enter and attack Hardy. Jeff is in trouble. James Storm comes into the ring with a steel chair and Aces and 8s flee the scene. They stay at ringside as Roode, from the ramp, looks on. He has a smile on his face. Aces and 8s have their arms up giving the thumbs up sign. Roode does the same. Roode then states, "It pays to be Roode." The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jeff Hardy - New from last week
2. Devon - New from last week
3. Kenny King - New from last week
4. Bully Ray - Down from last week
5. Velvet Sky - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I may have a problem with some things that happened on this show. One of those things is the Samoa Joe defeat. Joe lost against Devon and lost his title. Joe's title reign really wasn't anything special. I was looking for this reign to put Joe back on the map. I would see him carry this title for a long way...demolishing all of his opponents and then going to the main event, which is the place he deserves to be. Joe hasn't fought for weeks on the show, which is something that should be done with the Television Title. Devon is champion, and I have no problem with it as I think he proved himself since he became a member of Aces and 8s. I hope Samoa Joe continues to be on TV as well as in a storyline as he does bring something to the show that TNA creative may not see. Another little problem is Velvet Sky. Now I love having her back as she is one of those knockouts who really put the whole division on the map with The Beautiful People. Sky is already going for the title though. TNA likes giving people who just come title shots. That can be seen by Chavo Guerrero, Mickie James, and now Sky. Sky deserves to be shown in the division, but give her some matches first. Other than that, the show had a great flow. The matches were nice and the whole show was wrapped around Final Resolution. They tied loose ends together and finalized the card. One segment that was cheesy yet good was the Robbie E and Robbie T with the tablet. Robbie E is such a character. Lastly, the whole Aces and 8s investment with Roode was so clever. I was wondering who invested in them. My mind was thinking of Bischoff or someone else on top....but not Roode. I should have caught it the first time when he said, "It pays to be Roode." Roode has the money, he is about the money and about business....and that is a great investment. Don't think they will put him as a full member of Aces and 8s in the future, but there is a possibility. Love the ending and it makes Final Resolution more intriguing. I'm looking forward to the show as it has a sweet line-up. Usually the final PPV of the year for TNA goes great, well I'm pretty sure it did last year, so hopefully it happens again. Thanks for reading. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on my Twitter accounts. The links are below in my bio.

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