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Impact Wrestling Results (2/16/12) - Titles, Contenderships, And A Return!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 2/16/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package from Against All Odds. It starts with the Eric Bischoff and Garett rivalry. Garett lost. It switches to the main event of the night. It shows the whole controversial ending at the end as Roode retains the title. Jeff is sick of Roode finding a way to win it all the time. Roode states that he will be the TNA World Title for a long time to come! The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Christy Hemme speaks as she announces Roode to the ring.

Bobby Roode's music plays and here comes the TNA World Champion. He has the title around his shoulder as he slowly walks down the ramp. He has his huge ego strut. He is not in a suit this time. He takes each step and gets in the ring as the crowd boos. He grabs a mic. He thanks the entire crowd. He then mentions Christy as the whole crowd is cheering so loud....cheering his name, "ROODE". He tells Christy to announce him again. She does. He loves it. He emphasizes the TNA World Champion part. While many doubted him to win this past Sunday, he won. He beat Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, and James Storm all at the same time to retain the title. He switches to Sting. It was so sweet to see Sting raise Roode's hand in victory. Roode says he played Sting in the fool that he is. Sting can never get the job done. Since Roode has been champion, Sting kept pointing blame to Roode. He should point it to himself though. Roode is the "it" factor. Sting can try all he wants, but he can't do anything about it. Well, maybe he can as Sting's music plays. Here comes The Icon. Sting walks down the ramp as the crowd pops. He gets in the ring with a mic. He has his famous sunglasses and a jean jacket on.

Sting admits that Roode got under his skin at Against All Odds. His anger made Jeff Hardy get screwed in the match. Now it is time to get even. Sting is glad to that Roode is a fighting champion because Jeff is coming his way! Roode vs. Jeff Hardy tonight! Roode is flipping out. He doesn't like it one bit. Sting mentions that there is no time limit.....and no DQ!!!! Roode flips out. Sting's music plays and he exits the ring. Sting walks up the ramp, turns around and tells Bobby that he is glad he has his gear on as his match is after the break!!!


The show returns and Brandon Jacobs is in the crowd as well as someone from MMA Uncensored Live. Jeff Hardy's music starts and here comes the #1 contender. He makes his way down the ramp with a split face (face paint style) and he slides right in the ring.

Bobby Roode (Champ) vs. Jeff Hardy in a No Time Limit and No DQ Match for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds and Jeff Hardy gets whipped into the ropes from Roode. Jeff comes back with an elbow hit to Roode's face. Jeff stays on attack as he plants a double leg drop on Roode's chest and then puts him in the corner and jumps right on him. They come out and Roode is able to grab Jeff, pick him up on his shoulders, and flip him for a flapjack style move. Both get up and Jeff is able to toss Roode out of the ring. Roode stands on the outside and Jeff does a flying cross body from the crowd, over the ropes, and right on Roode. Jeff gets up and grabs a chair. He brings it into Roode's gut and then smashes it on his back. Jeff gets up and brings Roode rib first into the steel guard rail. He gets him up and makes him go face first into the railing. Hardy stomps on Roode a couple times and then interacts with the fans. Jeff smashes Roode's head into the apron and then the steel steps. The crowd is loving this. Jeff takes Roode and goes to smash his head into the steps again, but Roode blocked. He hits Jeff in the gut and goes for a suplex. Jeff blocks it and he does a suplex. Roode lands right on his back. Jeff brings Roode to the steps and aces him go face first again. Roode falls.

Roode finally gets up. He turns to Jeff and Jeff is on the steps and jumps to Roode for a closeline. Bobby starts to crawl away to the ramp, but Jeff grabs a chair and throws it to the back of Roode. Roode pleads for Jeff to stop. He doesn't as he kicks Roode to the gut and then ramps him into the railing and then the apron. All rib and kidney first. Roode is brought up to his feet and then thrown into the apron once more. Roode falls on his face as he is in pain. Jeff gets him up and Roode is able to hit Jeff in the face a couple times. He goes to whip Jeff, but Jeff reverses and Roode goes knee first into the steps. He flips around them. Jeff moves the ring steps and tells the fans to get back from the railing. Bobby gets up and Jeff runs, jumps and lands right on Roode. A high flying impact maneuver! Both are down.


The show returns as both are in the ring. Jeff brings Roode up and plants him down for a front suplex. He covers, but Roode kicks out and crawls to the corner. Jeff follows and stomps on him a couple of times. Roode gets up and whips Jeff into the corner. Roode runs to him, but Jeff elbows him and then runs up the corner for whipser in the wind, but Roode pushes the referee and it causes him to go into the ropes and Jeff falls right on the corner. OUCH. Roode gets Jeff and throws him outside. Roode slowly gets to Hardy. He stomps on him several times. The crowd starts to chant, "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy." He gets up, but Roode smashes his head into the steel guard rail. He gets Jeff up and sets up a power bomb on the ramp. He lifts him but goes for a piledriver, but Jeff lands on his feet and does a back body drop to Roode. Bobby lands right on the ramp! Bobby starts to crawl away. Jeff gets up and hits Roode and then does a leg drop. Roode's face goes right into the ramp. Jeff gets Roode up and brings him to the top of the stage. He gets Roode to his feet and then tosses him off the stage. Roode breaks his fall but falls on the concrete. Bobby slowly gets up and Jeff jumps and lands right on Roode. Jeff gets Roode up and whips him into the guard rail, rib first. Jeff quickly sets up the twist of fate, but Roode pushes him away. Roode then runs to Jeff, but he moves and Bobby goes shoulder and head first into the side of the stage. He is down and out. Jeff is sitting on the floor to regroup. He slowly and finally gets up. He gets Roode up and rams him into the stage, gut first. He then brings Roode to the ring and rolls him in. Suddenly, Kurt Angle comes out!!!! Kurt kicks Jeff in the gut and then slams him into the steel steps. He rolls Jeff in. Jeff slowly gets up and Roode runs and SPEARS Jeff. He covers and wins! Winner and Still TNA World Champ: Bobby Roode

Jeff is down on the mat as Roode hugs his title on the other side of the ring. Kurt Angle looks on from the ramp.


Bobby Roode is backstage. He says the "it" factor, once again, retained his title. How many times does Jeff Hardy need to fight for the title? Roode continues to be on top. Just then, Sting comes into the camera shot. He says Roode is not done yet. He says people still want Roode and want that title. He is setting up a #1 Contender's Match for tonight. Roode tells Sting "Good." Sting leaves. Roode turns from happy to angry as he can never get away.

Eric Young is backstage. The camera man asks Eric what he is doing. He turns around and has a guitar in his hands. He is talking about Valentine's Day and how it is ODB/Eric's first. Well, it didn't turn out so well. Eric is going to win ODB back though. He leaves.

Sting is backstage and is talking to people. He states that he picked them two because he knows they want a shot. The camera shows it's Bully Ray and James Storm. Bully and James talk to each other as they deliver more smack talk. Sting seals it as it's Storm vs. Bully tonight.


Impact Wrestling returns as they show a video package. It talks about Jesse Sorensen's match against Zema Ion. It shows Jesse getting severely injured. He gets checked on and taken out. Someone who is so bright and young is lying motionless on the ground. He broke his neck and couldn't feel anything. He is recovering and can feel more each day. Let his process continue and recover without any problem.

The video ends. Christ Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Music plays and here comes the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries, and Zema Ion. They walk down to the ring together as the fans boo. They clearly show their ego. After they get in the ring, music plays and here comes Alex Shelley and Shannon Moore. They come to the ring.

Austin Aries and Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley and Shannon Moore

The bell sounds and Shannon starts off for his team while Austin demands that Ion gets out of the ring. Both move around the ring and lock-up. Austin applies a headlock and then gets whipped into the ropes. He knocks Shannon down, jumps over him, does some magic and hits a dropkick to Shannon who is sitting down on the mat. Austin gets to his corner, lays down and then brings Ion into it. He goes to Shannon, but Shannon takes control. He brings him to his corner and tags Alex. Alex climbs the corner, drops down right on Ion as Shannon holds him. Alex continues as he goes for the arm of Ion, but Ion fights back. He gets whipped into the ropes and does a hurricanrona. He then does a dropkick. Ion goes to Austin and they talk back and forth. Shannon is tagged in and kicks both of them. Both of them enter the ring. He goes against Ion and Austin in two separate corners. Austin exits. Shannon does a baseball slide and then a springboard moonsault. He takes Austin down. Moore uses Ion's hairspray. He doesn't like that as Ion does a huge baseball slide to Shannon. Ion climbs the corner, but Alex knocks him down. Shannon gets up and brings Austin in. Shannon tags Alex. He climbs the corner, jumps, but Austin rolls away and Alex is able to roll through the move. He goes for sliced bread, but Austin pushes him away. Ion tags himself in, does a roll-up with a handful of tights and gets the victory. Austin is pretty dumbfounded on how Ion got the win. Alex isn't happy though as he pushes Ion.Alex exits the ring and Austin gets in the face of Ion with his title raised. Winners: Zema Ion and Austin Aries

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are walking backstage. Gail talks about how great she is as she gave many knockouts a title shot, but they each failed. Rayne says they aren't on the same page recently, but she talks about the Battle Royal later tonight. She tells Gail that she doesn't want to fight anymore. She tells Gail just to sit back and watch it as whoever wins will not be able to beat her. Gail tells Rayne that she loves her. They continue to walk.


A video shows the recap of the first match of the night. It was a great match between Jeff and Roode, but Kurt came out and ruined it. Roode picked up the win and still is champion.

Knockouts are in the ring. As Christy Hemme announces this match, Tare and Ms. Tessmacher come out on stage as Tara's music plays. They make their way to the ring with the crowd cheering. ODB comes on stage and makes her way to the ring next. After her, Mickie James makes her way on the stage. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Velvet Sky enters the arena. She comes down the ramp and gets in the ring with the "pigeon loose!" Rayne's music plays. Here comes Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. They come arm and arm down the ramp. Gail talks to Christy while Madison grabs a mic and gets in the ring. She tells the knockouts that they all need to understand how great Gail is as champion. She does not need to owe anyone anything. But, she is so kind. She is giving the knockouts the chance to be #1 Contender for the Knockout Title. She then yells for the bell.

Tara, Ms. Tessmacher vs. Angelina Love vs. Winer vs. Sarita vs. Rosita vs. ODB vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky in a Knockout Battle Royal to be #1 Contender for the Knockout Title

The match begins and there goes the knockouts. They all go after each other. Winter quickly is tossed up and on the apron. She gets punched and gets knocked down. Elimination: Winter Quickly after that, Ms. Tessmacher is out. Elimination: Ms. Tessmacher. Rosita is then lifted up by ODB and tossed out onto Winter and Tessmacher. Elimination: Rosita Mickie James gets knocked out after fighting in the ring for a little bit. Elimination: Mickie James. ODB, who was on a role, gets knocked down as she was on the apron. Elmination: ODB. Tara is then knocked down as she holds her leg on the floor. Elimination: Tara. Love, Sky, and Sarita are still in the ring. Sky whipped into the ropes, but Sarita and Love get knocked down by a double closeline. They get up and attack Sky. They form an alliance as they beat Sky down. Sky is able to come back though. She knocks down each one by one. She then lifts Sarita up and tries to eliminate her, but Love comes along and tries to eliminate Sky. Sarita stands back. She then comes and tries to eliminate Love. Sarita turns to Sky and kicks her. She asks Love to help get Sky over. They then whip her and hit a double elbow to the upper part of Sky. Love whips Sky into the ropes and does a great super kick to the head. Sarita screams to Love to get her out. Love lifts Sky up and tries to eliminate her, but Sarita lifts Love and tosses her out. Elimination: Angelina Love Sarita works on Sky now as she whips her into the ropes and does a dropkick. Sarita runs from the opposing side, but Sky holds the ropes down and Sarita sails over. Elimination: Sarita Just then, Madison Rayne enters and lifts Sky over the ring. Elimination: Velvet Sky. Gail asks Madison what is going on and why she did that. Madison starts to wave at Gail. Madison stated that any of the knockouts in the ring when the bell rang is eligible to win. She was in the ring when the bell sounded. Winner: Madison Rayne

James Storm is backstage. He is talking about his match later. He says it is not just a #1 Contender's Match. He talks about Bully and how vicious he is. Bully punches and James punches right back. As he says that, he punches the wall and leaves a hole into it. He is ready for his match.

Eric Bischoff and Gunner are walking backstage. They are both smiling as they obviously like what happened at Against All Odds.


Samoa Joe and Magnus are backstage with the TNA Tag Team Titles are backstage. They talk about winning the titles and how they are the best. They beat a 7 foot tall person and an undefeated person. The camera man states that they will have to defend their titles against those people next week. Joe states that it could be next week or today. They are ready and will win.

A video plays showing the match of Gunner vs. Garett at Against All Odds. Hogan was about to give in, but Garett refused. Gunner picked up the win and it made Eric a happy dad. The video ends and music plays in the Impact Zone. Eric Bischoff comes on stage. Gunner comes out with him. Ric Flair is there too with Chelsea at his side. Whatever is left of Immortal is out. All of them enter the ring as the crowd boos, but do the "Woooo" for Ric.

Eric grabs a mic and thanks the crowd. He also thanks Chelsea. He says she reached out to them after Gunner's victory at Against All Odds. Garett will no longer want to follow in Eric's footsteps. Eric says it has to be done. He then states that it had to be done. He asks for some cigars and then tells Chelsea to pour some champagne. He knows Garett is sitting at home in bed. He says that Garett will never accomplish anything Eric has done, even though he has his DNA. Eric tells Garett to NEVER, EVER step foot in his business again. Good luck in your future endeavors, Garett! They pour, lift glasses and drink champagne.

Bully Ray is backstage. He is showing off his calves. He says they are the best in the business. He goes on to state that he never should be in this match as he should already get a title shot. But, he will fight in the match, hit the Bubba Bomb and go on to fight for the title. He tells the camera man to shoot his calves once again. Awesome!


Christy Hemme is backstage with the guy from the crowd who is hosting the MMA Uncensored Live. He promotes the show as he describes what it is about. Tune in if you want!

Eric Young is backstage and meets up with ODB. Eric states how he didn't call ODB or do anything on V-Day. Then, to top it off, she lost her match. He tells her to sit down. She tells him to sit down in reaction. She then sits down, even though she has to go to the bathroom. Eric starts to play the guitar and sings. He sings (not too bad at all). At the end, she slaps him in his behind and then says him that it is time for his gift. She grabs his shirt and leads him off camera.

The camera changes to the arena as Bully Ray's music plays. Here he comes. He walks down the ramp as he shows off his calves again. The crowd boos. He starts to argue with a lady and then rips a fan's sign. He gets in the ring. After him, James Storm's music hits. He comes on stage with his hat, sunglasses, and trench coat. Fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring with the crowd behind him.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm in a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Title

The bell rings. Bully yells and turns around and locks up with James, but James works on the arm of Bully. Ray gets to the ropes and James breaks the hold. James walks back. He goes forward to lock-up, but Bully goes back and hides in the corner. Bully comes out and they lock-up and he puts James in the corner. He goes for a chop, but James leaves the corner and attacks Bully. He then whips Ray in the opposing corner. Ray comes out and James does an arm drag takedown. Both get up and Storm goes for a kick, but Bully catches his leg, makes James fall and works on the leg. He drops his elbow and then slides out of the ring. He hits his leg and then unties his boot. He then takes it off. Bully gets back in, drops down on the leg and continues to work on it. James crawls to the ropes to releases the hold. Bully gets up and James is hurting. Bully kicks James' leg from behind and he falls. Bully stands on the knee and now takes off the kneepad of Storm. He lifts it up and slams it to the mat. James is in trouble. The crowd boos constantly. Ray is in total control. He then applies a half boston crab. Ray releases and then drops his elbow on the knee. He covers, but Storm kicks out.

Storm crawls to get away, but Ray grabs him like pinchers in a stuffed animal toy machine and pulls him to the middle. He continues to work on the knee.


Bully is still in control as Storm is plopped up in the corner. Bully runs right to him and does a splash. Both come out of the corner and James is able to fight back with a couple punches. He goes to knock down Bully, but Ray hits Storm in the leg and he falls. Ray is back in control. He starts to talk trash and then blows his nose on Earl Hebner. Ray grabs Storm's leg, pulls it and then snaps it up. Ray gets Storm up, but Storm hits Ray in the right. Storm falls. Ray stumbles. Storm gets up and is able to do a knee to the face. Ray stumbles back. Storm falls. He gets up again. Ray comes to him and goes for a big boot, but James ducks. He then does a huge super kick. The last call. Storm covers and wins!!! That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: James Storm

Storm gets on the corner and celebrates. He grabs a beer and spills it on So Cal Val. He then gets more and goes outside of the ring. Brandon Jacobs comes over the railing and gives a beer to Jacobs. They spray it on the crowd and then drinks some. Just then, Bully Ray comes around the ring and knocks James down. James goes into the steel railing. Bully turns to Jacobs. Jacobs doesn't want to get involved. Ray takes his beer bottle from him. He asks Brandon where his ring is. Brandon is in Bully's house. He then drinks his beer and sprays it right in Brandon's face. Jacobs whips it and then pushes Ray. Ray goes back first into the apron and falls. Storm quickly gets up and holds Jacobs back. Officials come out like D-Lo Brown and Al Snow also hold Jacobs back. Bully is stunned. He is shocked!!! Brandon and James both get in the ring now. They continue to celebrate as both raise their arms.


The camera shows the crowd and then quickly shows the recap of the last match and how Brandon Jacobs got involved in the show. The camera is in the back and James and Jacobs appears. Jacobs says he came to the show to see James beat up Bully. He talks about Jacobs beating up Ray like he did to New England. Brandon states that he couldn't believe Ray did that. He went off. He gave him a great push. They tried to hold Brandon back, but he got the last word. The cameraman asks what will happen next week. James says that no one can't stop Jacobs. Brandon says pay pack is coming to Bully.

Sting is in the ring at this moment of time. His has a mic and says that he needs to talk to Bobby Roode. Music plays and here comes the TNA World Champion. Roode slowly walks down the ramp. He doesn't want to be here right now. He does not have a pleasant look on his face as he stares at Sting. He gets in. Sting gets back on the mic and says that he is glad to mention this match. It's going to be Bobby Roode vs. James Storm where no one can run or hid. It will happen at Lockdown. Roode heard enough. He low blows Sting. Sting bends over in pain. He then low blows him again and Sting falls on the mat in agony. Roode then kicks Sting in the gut. Roode grabs his title as Sting slowly gets up. He uses Roode as the ropes. Roode puts on Sting's glasses, gets Sting to his feet and plants the title to Sting's head. Sting is bleeding from the head. Roode gets on The Icon and punches his head multiple times. He then places the sunglasses back on his face, punches him one more time, and then stands over him. The crowd boos in disgust. Sting is motionless. Roode grabs his title, gets down to one knee and tells Sting that he should really learn to mind his own business. He gets up and walks away as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- New from last week
2. James Storm- Same as last week
3. Kurt Angle- New from last week
4. Zema Ion- New from last week
5. Madison Rayne- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I am very pleased to write that this Impact Wrestling was a huge difference from last week's show. This show was way better than last week, in my mind. Last week was filled with videos and some action. This week was filled with action. I was a little happy that the show was in the Impact Zone as it felt like "Back to normal". It's pretty bad though if that is the normal. The show had great action, with the TNA World Title match along with the X-Division match to the main event. It was a very solid show. Not only that, they had segments and promos from in the ring to backstage. The best match was the first match. Sting appeared a lot tonight, but it's always great when he is on camera. The Knockout match was fairly interesting. While I was cheering for Sarita, I thought Sky was the winner. Madison made a very clear statement that made her part of the match without anyone knowing it. It should be very interesting to see how Gail vs. Madison turns out. It's nice to see James going for the title again as he and Roode have great chemistry. Better yet, it will be in a Steel Cage. Finally, Kurt Angle made his return. I did not expect him to return tonight, but it is always nice to see him. We know Kurt Angle does not accept Jeff Hardy since he returned and he made that clear in the past. While some may be confused, it's obvious as to why he attacked Jeff. TNA is heating up as we continue through the year. It also seems like Brandon Jacobs is returning next week, but I will stay on top of that next Thursday. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (Link in my bio below) and go to my personal blog (link in my bio) where I have lots of writing that would please everyone (even fantasy style wresting matches, titled OFWC).

Weekly Question: How do you feel about Lockdown's main event being Roode vs. Storm?

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