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Impact Wrestling Results (2/2/12) - See It To Believe It

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Impact Wrestling Results - 2/2/2012
From Wembley Stadium in London, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

This historic Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showing why this episode is historic. It's historic because it was filmed in London! TNA went global as they filmed this show in Wembley Stadium. It shows the fans and the top superstars in TNA today. The video ends and the camera shows the huge crowd that filled the arena. There has to be at least ten thousand people in attendance. I wouldn't be surprised if the number is close to twenty thousand. As they show the wild, crazy, and pumped up fans, music begins to play. Here comes the TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode, and his big sidekick, Bully Ray. They come through the curtain of a new entrance stage for this huge show. They show their egos right away. They walk to the ring in a cocky way as the fans boo them loudly. They get in the ring. They look around at the fans as they chant, "You Suck." Bully then holds Roode's ears so he doesn't hear them. Bully gets on the mic.

He sees if the mic is working and then asks if the fans came there to see Jeff Hardy. The crowd cheers. Bully informs them that they won't see Hardy tonight. They made sure they won't see him again as they picked him up and put him through a table last week. They will not see Jeff Hardy again, Bully states. Roode gets on the mic and says it is great to be back in the country of.....Ireland!!! The fans boo. He doesn't see a difference between Ireland and England. He goes on and says that he and Bully do not suck. He points to Bully and says he has the largest calves in the world and that he is the mean, big, bad friend. Roode says that he (himself) is the "it" factor. He is Bobby Roode, the TNA World Champion. Roode states that they did not get the damage done though. As he says that, the crowd chants, "We Want Devon." Roode calls out James Storm. He is not going to wait around as he quickly calls him cowgirl. Just then, James' entrance music hits. Here comes James. He walks to the ring and gets in it with his beer bottle in hand. The crowd cheers. Bully protects Roode as he tells Storm to not get anywhere close to him. Storm puts up his beer bottle and is about to smack Bully with it. He doesn't but Bully flinches. Now, Sting comes out as his music plays. The crowd does a huge pop. He walks to the ring and gets in it also. He has a mic as he does his famous "Woooooo". He says it is "Showtime". Sting says this is a perfect time to talk about Jeff Hardy. Bully says that they took out Jeff. Sting tells him to shut up. He says Jeff will be fine by Against All Odds. Sting then mentions that it will be James vs. Hardy vs. Bully vs. Roode at the PPV for the title. Sting then mentions a match....but James whispers to him. Sting says he calls the shots but James has spoken. Tonight, it will be James vs. Bobby Roode and James vs. Bully Ray in two separate matches. Bully and Roode aren't happy about the decision at all. They leave the ring together as James stays in the ring along with Sting as The Icon's music plays.


The show returns as they show the London Tower bridge. The camera goes backstage. It's Garret Bischoff. He is on the phone as he is walking backstage. He says he is at the arena and tells the person to let him know when they get there. The camera goes to the arena as music plays. Here comes Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus. They walk to the ring together. Magnus gets a great ovation as he is welcome home. After they are in the ring, Matt Morgan and Crimson come out. They walk around the ring and get in.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as they announce a Buckingham Brawl match. Borash tosses a coin and Matt calls heads, but it is tails. Joe and Magnus are in the match together like it is a handicap match but Matt and Crimson have to fight like it is a tag team match (tag in and out).

Samoa Joe and Brutus vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson

Crimson is in the ring with both Joe and Magnus. Joe and Magnus attack Matt on the apron and then go after Crimson. Crimson fights back, but he doesn't last long as Joe and Brutas take care of him. They have him on the mat as Joe jumps right on him. They get him up and put him in the corner. They continue to attack him. They then whip him in the ropes. They go for a double back body drop, but Crimson kicks them in the chest. They won't stand for that as they knock down Crimson and Joe lands a huge knee to his chest and throat. They get him back up and Joe does multiple punches to Crimson. Brutas scrapes the face of Crimson along the ropes. Matt comes into the ring, but he is forced out. Joe and Magnus double whip Crimson in the corner. He comes out and is able to attack and tag Matt. Matt gets in and is cleaning house. He attacks Joe and sends him to the outside. He works on Brutas as he hits a side walk slam and covers, but Joe comes in and breaks it up. Crimson enters the ring and spears Joe. They leave the ring and fight on the outside for a bit. Matt is attacking Brutas. He goes for his carbon footprint, but Magnus moves. Matt's leg is caught on the top corner. Joe enters and runs into Matt and then does a jumping kick him right in the head. He brings him out of the corner. Brutas is on the top rope and does a flying elbow. He picks up the pin. They leave on a huge high note. Winners: Samoa Joe and Brutas

Eric Bischoff is backstage. He is walking as everyone may find out what he found out last week...Garret's trainer!


Eric Bischoff's music plays. He walks through the curtain and the crowd quickly creates boos. Eric walks down the ramp while some bow down to him. It's a mixed reaction as there is one person flicking Eric off. You never know what to expect! Eric gets in the ring as you can clearly hear the boos now. Eric gets on the mic and he states that he though the Brits were civilized. Anyway, Eric goes on to talk about his son, Garret. He says he has been working and trying to become HALF a man Eric was in this business. Eric is going to give him a little shot of reality as he is calling out his son. He isn't showing. Eric is not going to ask twice. He then uses some insults with a couple choice words. Finally, Garret's music plays. He comes out. He gets in the ring with a mic. He has a little smirk on his face mixed with a smile. Eric gets back on the mic and says this will be the last time Garret will be in front of an audience. Eric says that Garret doesn't know the line with fantasy. If Garrett is going to bring in a trainer, then they are wasting their time. Garret gets on the mic and states that Eric should just talk to his trainer if he wants to tell him otherwise. Eric says he will not travel to London just to back him up. Just then, Garret gets on the phone. He is talking. Eric doesn't know what is going on but then cracks a smile. Garret says when Eric is right, he is right....but when he is wrong, he is so wrong! His trainer is in the building and he wants to meet Eric later tonight!!! Garret's music plays again and he leaves. Eric puts down his mic and waves at the fans.


Impact Wrestling returns and they show Big Ben, the huge clock in London. A video plays hyping up Mark Haskins. He does the commentary as the video shows footage of him in action. He states that he loves high flying styles. He talks about his way to the top and how he will be the X-Division Champion.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Mark Haskins comes out as the crowd cheers. After he is in the ring, the X-Division Champion, comes out. Austin Aries has the title around his waist. The crowd also cheers for him. He gets in the ring.

Mark Haskins vs. Austin Aries

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They lock-up and Austin applies a headlock. He then moves around and trips up Mark. He twirls around on his back. He gets up and plops himself on the corner. Austin gets down as the crowd cheers him on. They lock-up. This time, Mark lifts up Austin and plants him on the mat chest first. He then does a few taps to Austin's back. Austin gets up. Mark tries to get into the mind of Austin, but that is not going to work as he knees Mark in the gut. He then tries to toss Mark outside of the ring, but he holds on and then does a hurricanrona type move. Mark gets Austin up and he goes to toss him out of the ring, but Austin holds on. He tries to come back, but Mark dropkicks him in the gut. He falls. As Mark tries to do a flying cross body, Austin comes in. Mark lands on the apron. Austin makes him fall off. Austin then climbs the corner and flies to Mark outside. He takes him out. Austin gets Mark in the ring as the fighting continues. Austin gets Mark up on the top. Austin joins him. Mark knocks Austin down, but Austin hits the ropes and Mark falls on the top. Austin then goes for a dropkick, but Mark moves and Austin hits the corner. It's like a back and forth battle from here as Mark gets down and runs after Austin, but Austin hits Mark, but Mark comes back. Finally, Mark is able to take control as he knocks Austin down and goes for the cover. Austin kicks out. Mark climbs the corner and goes for the shooting star press. Oh boy, Austin moves and Mark goes face first into the mat. Austin then does either a kick or punch to Mark's face. He then lifts Haskins up and does the brain buster. He locks in the submission move and Mark is forced to tap. Winner: Austin Aries


A video plays hyping up the Lockdown PPV coming this April. It is the most violent PPV of the year in TNA!

The camera shows the Tower Bridge that is in London. After the great picture, it goes to Ms. Tessmacher as she is in the final eight for the Hooter's competition. Vote for her!

Eric Bischoff is outside as he is ordering a cab to pick him up. AFter difficulty speaking the same language, Sting comes behind Eric and grabs his phone. He says not to bring a cab. He then tells Eric that Garret's trainer is not least that is what Eric said earlier. Sting brings Eric back in the arena as he holds the door open for him.

James Storm's music plays. Here comes the cowboy! He makes his way to the ring. After him, Roode's music plays. He has the TNA World Title around his waist. He slowly makes is way down the ramp. Roode gets in the ring and holds up his title in a corner.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

The bell sounds and the match begins. They move around the ring. They then stare at each other. James moves closer. They then lock-up and it's an even battle. All up until Roode applies a headlock and then a hammerlock. James gets out of it and applies a hammerlock himself. Roode is able to apply a headlock, but Roode gets whipped into the ropes. It's back and forth but Roode is knocked with a hip toss and a body slam. James hits Roode while he is on the ground with a knee to the chest and throat. He then covers, but Roode kicks out. Roode gets up and James goes for the super kick, but he backs up and slides out of the ring before he got knocked out. Roode waits outside to regroup as the referee counts.


The show returns as Storm has Roode in the corner. He does knife edge chops and slaps to Roode's chest. Roode gets out of the corner and is able to attack James. He knocks him down. James gets back up, but Bobby backs Storm in the corner and does shoulder blocks in the corner. Storm falls from the impact. Roode is able to lift him up and drop him right on his chest and face. Roode is in total control. He kicks James in the gut. James is in the corner. As Roode goes for a punch, James fights back with a couple punches. Roode is able to grab James up, twirl him and hit a flapjack style move. He covers Storm, but James kicks out. Roode grabs James' legs and stomps right on his sternum. Bobby falls to the mat as he has a reverse gut wrench submission locked in. James is able to get out of it with a couple elbows. Roode fights back though, but James twists around and does a roll-up. Roode kicks out. Both get up and it's a punch for a punch and kick for a kick. Back and forth. Crowd does the "Yay" and "Boo" chants. James is able to whip Roode in the corner and then plops him up on the top. James goes to the top too and hits a hurricanrona. James puts Roode in the opposing corner. He goes to the apron and hits a Roode in the back of the head with a kick. Roode comes out as James gets in. He hits a closeline. Roode gets up and James hits a backstabber. James climbs the ropes and does a flying elbow. He covers, but Roode kicks out at the last second. James gets Roode up, but Roode knees him in the gut. He whips Storm, but Storm kicks him and then hits a side russian leg sweep, but Roode grabs the arm and locks in the cross face. Is Storm going to tap?? James is able to roll through and grab the ropes. Roode lets go of the hold. He gets Storm up, kicks him in the gut, and then sets up the fisherman suplex, but Storm is able to reverse. He lifts Roode on his shoulders and goes for the eye of the storm. Roode lands on his feet and then hits the fisherman suplex. Storm kicks out!!!!

Roode isn't happy one bit. He is in the referee's face. Well, the referee pushes Roode. It makes him even more angry. He leaves the ring and grabs his title. Roode goes to hit James with it as he gets up, but Storm hits the codebreaker (Oh yeah, Jericho's move). James waits for Roode to get up. Just then, Bully Ray runs down the ramp and is able to distract James. As James turns around, Roode was right there and is able to knock James down with a spear for the win. Bully gets in the ring, grabs Storm and hits the rock bottom as James lands back first on the title. Sting runs down the ramp as Bully and Roode quickly exit. Roode grabs his title and Bully leaves with him as Sting helps James to his feet.


TNA is back as they show another picture of the great city of London. The camera then shows the ring as Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces this match. Tara is on her way out to the ring. She enters the ring and is ready for this match. Madison Rayne comes out with Gail Kim. Gail holds both of her titles as Rayne holds hers.

Tara vs. Gail Kim

The match begins and Tara just whips Gail down. Gail gets up and she goes right after Tara. She pushes her in the corner. They get out of the corner and Tara does a couple hip tosses and arm drags. She then takes off her shirt and does the standing moonsault. She covers, but Gail kicks out. Both get up and Gail whips Kim in the corner. Gail runs to her and goes right into her gut. Gail now folds Tara in the ropes as she is in control. She untangles her and then whips her in the corner. Gail runs and smashes her. She knocks Tara down and covers once...then twice as Tara kicked out twice. Gail works on the leg of Tara now as she bends it back. Tara is in great pain as we know her legs aren't the best. Gail releases the lock. Tara gets up and Gail closelines her. She then blows a kiss to the fans. Gail goes to Tara, but Tara punches her in the gut. Gail does several kicks to keep Tara down. She then gets Tara up and works on the face with a front face lock. Tara is able to get out. Gail his Tara again and then does a neck breaker. Gail climbs the ropes now. She jumps from the top, but Tara moves. Gail crashes and burns as she lands right on her back. Both get up and Tara comes back with a couple offense moves like kicks and punches, but then she whips Gail in the ropes and does a back body drop. Gail gets up and goes in the corner. Gail comes out and Tara does a scoop powerslam. Madison is on the corner. Tara turns and knocks her down. As Tara gets Gail up, Madison enters the ring and hits Tara in the back. Tara grabs Madison and throws her out. She then does widow's peak right on Gail and picks up the win! That finishing moment is the Direct Impact of the Night! Winner: Tara

Garret is backsage. He is walking backstage as he is coming to the ring. Who is his trainer?


TNA shows the city once again as it is booming! The camera changes to inside the arena. As it does, Garret is walking to the ring as his music plays and as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He starts off by saying "Thank You" as he thanks everyone for supporting him through all of this. Now, the person who trained him and who he looked up to.....oops....Eric Bischoff's music plays. Here comes Eric...along with Gunner. Eric and Gunner get in the ring as Garret isn't quite happy. Eric grabs a mic and talks about spies with eyes as he says his trainer is not here. Just then, music plays and a smile appears on Garret's face and a frown on Eric's face. It's Hulk Hogan's music and it is Hulk! He comes out and the crowd roars!!! They are going crazy!!! Truly an awesome atmosphere! He gets in the ring as Eric holds the shoulders of Gunner to either hold him back or....well yeah! Hogan gets in and Gunner goes after Hogan. Hogan punches him though. Gunner turns and Garret punches him. He turns and Hogan punches...and then Garret and then Hogan and he throws Gunner out of the ring. Hogan and Garret turn to Eric. They are about to go after him, but Eric leaves the ring. He is with Gunner as they walk away together. Hogan and Garret shake hands as it looks like it's the trainer and trainee! Hogan's music plays and he gets the crowd crazy with all of his taunts and his ripping of the shirt. They leave the ring go backstage.


After another shot of the city, cameras are backstage with Hogan and Garret. Hogan speaks about Eric and how Eric can run but can't hide. Eric has nothing against them. Garret then speaks and mentions Eric's face and how he didn't believe it, but he should have. Hogan says Eric is a mark man. He says Eric doesn't have much time left. Hogan has all of the followers and they will sniff Eric out. They will pick him and Hogan will pick the rest. Hogan says he smells the blood of TNA as they are so close on becoming the best company in the world. They have it and they are doing everything right. Greatness is their destiny. TNA will have nothing but total greatness!

The camera goes to the ring as Christy Hemme announces this match. Bully Ray's music hits and here he comes. He walks down the aisle. He shows off his calves as the crowd boos. After he is in the ring, James Storm's music plays. Here he comes. His rips are taped up. He comes to the ring and gets in it.

Bully Ray vs. James Storm

The bell rings and James goes after Ray, but he backs up in the corner. Ray talks trash to James about his ribs and how he is going to bust them. Ray gets out of the corner and James goes to lock-up, but Ray backs in the corner. Ray comes out again and they go to lock-up. They do and Ray pus James in the corner. He steps back, but he hits Storm in the gut before he does. James comes out and is like a machine as he does multiple punches and then whips Ray and hits a back body drop. Ray gets up and James goes after him, but Ray hits James in the gut and Storm falls in pain. Ray gets James up and in the corner. He dissects James' mid-section with punches and kicks. He then lifts James up and drops him on the top rope, gut first. He then has James lay flat on the mat. Ray steps and stands on the ribs of James. He gets off and now does a camel clutch. He gets off, gets Storm up and hits a body slam. As he is in total control, Bobby Roode comes out. He slowly walks down the aisle as he watches his boy dominate this match.


As the show returns, Bully has Storm in the corner. Sting now comes down the aisle. He does not have his baseball bat, but a black cricket paddle. Now the sides are even. Bully has a bear hug locked in. James is fighting back as he hits Bully in the head multiple times. He releases the hold but knocks James down. He then bounces off the ropes and lands elbow after elbow before some hand signals. Bully gets James up and whips him hard into the corner. James bounces out and lands face first on the mat. Bully now works on the arm of James as he lands right on it. He gets James up and Storm hits right after right. He is coming back....BUT, Roode knocks him down. Bully runs into the ropes, jumps, and plants a huge big splash. He covers, but Storm is able to kick out. Ray gets Storm up and plants him face first into the corner. Ray does a chop to his chest and then a suplex. Ray climbs to the second rope. He jumps and lands flat on his back as James moves out of the way. Sting is getting the fans into it as they get Storm into it. Both get up and Storm knocks Bully down with a series of closelines. He then whips Bully in the corner. He hits him and then kicks him in the back of the head as Storm is on the apron. He then grabs Bully and chokes him on the top rope. Storm gets in and covers, but Ray kicks out. Both get up and Bully hits a side walk slam. Ray whips Storm in the corner, but Storm puts his leg up and bounces out, but he bounces back into Ray, which makes him go back into the referee. All three are down as they bumped heads. Roode comes in to help out, but Sting enters and it scares Roode away. Sting baks Roode up the aisle. Ray gets to his feet, as does Storm, and he hits Ray with a super kick. He falls and Storm covers. The referee counts and gets the win! Winner: James Storm

Sting goes back in the ring and raises the hand of James Storm. James goes to the corner as Sting circles the inside of the ring as the crowd is loving this! The place is like no other! What is even better.....they are back next week! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- Up from last week
2. James Storm- New from last week
3. Tara- New from last week
4. Austin Aries- New from last week
5. Hulk Hogan- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

Well, this is one episode that I have been waiting for all week long! Once I found out that TNA was taping Impact Wrestling in England, I was excited. Learning that it was this week, I was pumped. I followed coverage of the entire event as TNA released several videos for the event. It just hypes the whole thing. With it actually happening, I was astonished, first of all, to see the crowd. When I first saw pictures, I was amazed. They never said how many fans were there, but there had to be at least ten thousand. At least! It is great for TNA! This is what they need every week! After seeing the filled arena and the huge reaction tonight, seeing them in the Impact Zone in a few weeks from now is going to be pretty sad. I can clearly tell the difference....from the production to the actual show. You see a lot more filler segments when they are in Orlando...filler like backstage segments and crazy stories like Eric Young and ODB. On this show, you barely saw that. It was action! I really enjoyed it. Great matches through the night. Not only were the matches great, but the show as a whole. One of those things that made the show great....Hulk Hogan! Hogan coming out and getting that great reaction reminded me of him being in WWE and in WCW. There was never a time where he got that huge of a reaction in TNA. The only time might be when he first appeared on that Monday night show. I can never forget that show!!! Anyway, the crowd makes all the difference. They need to start getting this in the United States. One thing that I found funny is the backstage segment with Hogan. He said how TNA is almost to the top. He says that while not being involved to much with TNA recently and while TNA isn't getting a reaction in the U.S. at all like they do in the U.K. I do understand that TNA has it all (Talent and show production), but they need to market and advertise! One thing I heard on the show that I do like is....they will be in England next week! Can't wait! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blog where I am having a new wrestling project (link below and easy to follow links on my site). The wrestling project is where that never happened before will actually happen and matches you want to relive will occur again all through the power of writing!

Weekly Question: What are your thoughts about the taping in London?

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