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Impact Wrestling Results (2/23/12) - Follow The Yellow Brick Road To Victory Road

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TNA Impact Results - 2/23/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package, as usual. It showcases Bobby Roode and his great TNA World Title reign. He keeps on sliding on by to keep the title. He is the "it" factor of professional wrestling. While he is at top, there are tons of people in his way like Storm, Hardy, Ray, and Sting. Roode now has to go against Storm in a Steel Cage at Lockdown. Roode doesn't like that announcement as he attacked Sting (Happened last week). The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone and the fans. Mike Tenay and Taz announce some of the stuff that is going on tonight. After that quick hype, music plays and here comes Bobby Roode! He comes out with his suit on this time. He has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. As he walks slowly down the ramp, they do a split screen of Sting on the mat from the attack by Roode last week. The screen then shows some tweets from TNA stars on the beat down. Roode gets in the ring, grabs a mic and the fans boo.

Roode begins to speak about the attack he beat-up Sting last week. Roode then addresses the tweet Sting made on Twitter as it stated, "I'm done." Roode states that Sting is done with professional wrestling. The fans start to chant, "Sting, Sting, Sting". Roode says they will be able to say their farewell later on as Sting will appear later tonight. Now onto something more important.....Bobby! Roode goes on to list his accomplishments in the past 7 months. He won the TNA World Title and kept the title day in and day out. Ending Sting's career is the top accomplishment in Roode's career and LIFE! Sting faced stars from Hogan, Flair, and Race, but only Roode was able to finish him. In all seriousness, when Sting says his farewell, Roode wants Sting to remember one thing, from deep down in his heart..... "Do not let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out!" Roode smirks as his music plays. The crowd boos as he gets out of the ring.

Matt Morgan and Crimson are backstage as this video was filmed earlier tonight. Matt talks about being tag team partners. Crimson states that this is why they are where they at. It's their time to get the tag titles back. Matt says they win as a team and lose as a team. The video ends and the camera goes inside the Impact Zone. Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces Crimson and Matt Morgan to the ring. The crowd cheers. After they are in the ring, Samoa Joe's music hits and here comes the TNA Tag Champions. They make their way down the ramp and in the ring.

Matt Morgan and Crimson vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

As Magnus gets down off the corner and Joe turns around, Crimson and Matt go right after them. Magnus is thrown out and Matt and Crimson whip Joe in the corner and hit a double elbow. Matt goes on the apron. Crimson gets Joe up and tags Matt. Matt quickly does some damage to Joe and then tags Crimson. He gets in, but Joe quickly comes back as he hits Crimson and tags Magnus. He comes in, but doesn't last long as Crimson attacks him. He does several hits and kicks. He brings Magnus up. He lifts him up and drops him on his head and chest. Crimson gets him up and whips him in the corner. Crimson runs to him, but Joe walks over to the corner and pulls Magnus away. Crimson goes shoulder first right into the steel ring post. Joe goes back to his corner and tags himself in.


Joe has Crimson tied up with his arm behind his back. He backs Crimson up in his (Joe's corner). He then takes Crimson out, but Crimson is able to lift Joe up and hit a spine buster. Crimson and Joe crawl. Both tag their partners. Matt comes out full force with multiple takedowns of Magnus with closelines and a knee lift. He then knocks Joe down with a closeline. Magnus tries to come back by running into the ropes, but Matt holds him and does a fallaway slam. He covers, but Joe breaks the hold. Crimson gets in the ring and Joe and Magnus whip him in the corner. As he comes out, he goes for a closeline, but the opponent ducks and Crimson hits Matt. Joe throws Crimson out of the ring. Joe gets Matt up in the corner and does a kick to the head. He snaps him over on the mat. Magnus is up on the corner as he flies. He plants the elbow drop and gets the win. Winner and Still TNA Tag Team Champs: Magnus and Samoa Joe

Brandon Jacobs will be appearing next! Footage from last week plays as he got involved with Bully Ray.


The show returns. Music plays and here comes Brandon Jacobs! He walks on stage as the crowd cheers. He walks down the ramp as he interacts with the fans. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He asks Impact fans, "What is up?" He goes on to explain himself by mentioning that he won the Superbowl. After winning the bowl, you come to Impact Wrestling, that is what you do. He then talks about last week. He and James are beer drinks, which is why they are friends. It was great for him to celebrate with him, but he shouldn't have been over the railing. It was his fault. Bully shouldn't have spit in his face though. Brandon is here to let Bully know he is in his backward one more time. The crowd pops. Brandon says he has unfinished business. Why not make it one-on-one in this ring. No one is holding him back. He calls out Bully. Just then, Ray's music plays. Here comes Ray on stage. He has a mic in hand as he tells "Brenda" to calm down. He states that they may have got on the wrong foot last week. Bully now introduces himself and his calves. Guys like Ray and Jacobs have a lot in common. They are both champions. He is a 2 time champion while Ray is a 23 time champion. Jacobs plays for New York while Ray resigns from there. The crowd chants Brandon's name. He sits down on the rope to open it up for Ray. Ray can't believe the fans like this guy. There is nothing more Ray would like than beat up a Superbowl champion. Ray walks down the ramp, but stops. He mentions he has a tag team match tonight and is not going to waste his time with someone who got 59 yards in the Superbowl and didn't even score. If Ray is standing there, Brandon will come to him. Brandon gets out of the ring and starts running up the ramp. Ray hightails it as he runs through the curtains. Jacobs follows.


Brandon Jacobs is walking backstage. He says Ray can run but can't hid as he is going to beat him up. Just then, James Storm and Jeff Hardy show up on the camera and whisper something to him. Jacobs understands and continues on his way.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Zema Ion walks down the ramp as the fans boo. He gets in the ring. Alex's music plays and he makes his way down the ramp as the crowd pops.

Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley

Alex is at ringside, but Ion does a baseball slide and it knocks Alex down. He slides Alex in and goes up to the top rope. Alex gets up and Ion jumps with a missile dropkick. The bell rings and he covers, but Alex kicks out. As he goes to take off his coat, Ion sprays his hair. Just then, Austin Aries comes down the ramp with some snacks. Alex gets up and attacks Ion. He gets on the apron as Ion is on the mat. He jumps over the ropes and lands right on Ion. He covers, but Ion kicks out. Both get up and Ion runs to Alex, but he does a drop toe hold and Ion goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Alex climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick of his own. Ion rolls to the outside. Alex goes to jump over the ropes, he does, but he lands on the apron. Zema comes back as he takes the legs out from under Alex. He hits his head on the apron. Ion brings him in and works on the arm. Alex comes back. Both get up and Alex does several kicks and then a kick to the head. Ion rolls out of the ring. Alex runs into the ropes and comes with a huge suicide dive. What a move! Austin is seen cheering. Alex rolls Ion back in. Alex climbs the corner. He jumps, but he rolls through. Ion gets up and Alex goes for sliced bread, but Ion pushes him away. He almost hits the referee, but stops. Alex turns and Ion sprays him with hairspray that he put in his tights when he was outside of the ring last. Alex falls on the mat. He sits there as Ion runs to him and hits a double knee to the face. He covers and picks up the win. Winner: Zema Ion


A video package plays that compels all of the footage from the rivalry and story between Eric Bischoff and Garett. The video ends and Garett is backstage. The cameraman is talking to him. Garett talks as he says Eric is trying to keep him away from the Impact Zone, but he is going to keep fighting. Hulk Hogan enters the picture. Hogan says he knew he would say that as it is in his DNA. He takes off his sunglasses. He asks if Garett knows he has a bullseye on his back because of Eric. Eric is going to try to make Garett's life a living hell if he stays. He has nothing to prove here. Garett thanks Hogan for what he has done. Hogan says people are going to try to take him down if he walks around this place.

Madison Rayne is backstage as she talks about Sting. She states that she hopes he is done because he has not been fair to her. She switches to Gail Kim. She said she did what champions would do. She is giving competition for Gail and that is what she deserves!


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Eric Young comes out with ODB. The crowd really gets into them. They get on stage as fireworks explode. They come to the ring while ODB slaps the butt of Eric. After they are in the ring, Gail Kim comes out. She is one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions and the Knockout Champion. She gets on the apron and makes a pose as the fans boo.

ODB vs. Gail Kim

The bell sounds as ODB and Gail talk back and forth. Eric gets on the apron and Gail tells him to get down. So does the referee and he does. As Gail turns to ODB and continues the trash talk, ODB shoots her chest out and it knocks down Gail. ODB then slams her butt. Gail gets up and brings ODB to the corner. She does shoulder blocks, but ODB comes back as she puts Gail in the corner. Gail falls as she sits in the corner. Gail comes and does the buster style move. Gail will have a funny taste in her mouth now! They get out of the corner and ODB knocks her down. She covers, but Gail kicks out. Gail rolls to the apron. As ODB walks over, Gail hits ODB and she falls. Gail comes in and stomps on her. ODB tries to come back as she stands, but Gail knees her and tosses her out of the ring. ODB holds onto the ropes though. Gail turns around and sees it. She brings ODB through the second rope and smashes her head down in the mat. Eric stands up on the apron but then gets down. Gail gets ODB back up and whips her in the corner. Gail runs and smashes right into her gut. Gail goes to ODB and locks a submission hold, but ODB drops and does a side walk slam. Both slowly get up. Both charge to each other, but Gail hits her with a closeline. Gail gets ODB in the corner and continues the assault. Just then, Rayne walks down the ramp to get a better look. Gail turns and sees her. Just then, Eric goes to ODB and gives her something. Gail turns around as ODB comes back with multiple closelines. She then climbs the corner and smacks Gail's head in the corner a couple times and then jumps on her. She covers, but Gail kicks out. ODB tries to finish it, but Gail grabs ODB and drops her face down on her knee. She covers and gets the win. Madison grabs Gail's titles and brings them in. She gives them to Gail and raises her arm in victory. Winner: Gail Kim

AJ Styles is sitting on the ring as it was taped earlier today. He states that he is done and over with Kazarian as he is going off to do something that he is for. He is going after the Television Title as he wants to get back on his track.


A video plays about Jesse Sorensen. It has his mother in it as she states she was watching the PPV. It then shows Jesse in a neck brace at the hospital and what he remembers. His mom states that she got a call from Dixie telling her what happened. Jesse says it felt like he was floating. He couldn't feel his arms though. He couldn't move. His mom's reaction was being helpless and what she could do. Jesse is released from the hospital, but is still recovering. We continue to hope for the best!

Music plays as AJ Styles makes his way out. He walks through sparks falling from above. He comes down as he is ready to get another title. After he is in the ring, Robbie T. comes out with Robbie E. He has the Television Title around his waist. They make their way down the ramp with his fist pumps.

AJ Styles vs. Robbie E. (Champ) for the Television Title

The bell sounds and Robbie goes right after AJ, but AJ ducks. He comes back and AJ does a hip toss. Robbie gets up and AJ brings him to the corner and then does a backbreaker. Robbie gets up and AJ punches him and then whips him in the ropes. Robbie holds onto the ropes. He then goes to AJ, but AJ picks him up, spins him and does another backbreaker. AJ puts Robbie on his chest, facing down, and does a great submission as he spends his body back. Robbie is able to get out of the hold. He walks outside. AJ is about to jump over on him, but Rob T. stands in front of Robbie E. AJ gets out and tries to get Rob T. to move, but Robbie E. gets in the ring. AJ follows and Robbie E. is able to get him. He brings AJ in the corner and knocks him down. He continues to work on him. He then picks him up and whips him chest first into the corner. AJ falls down as he is hanging over the ropes. Rob T. takes a shot to AJ's face. Robbie climbs the corner to the second rope. He jumps and lands successfully. He covers, but AJ kicks out. He holds his face as Robbie gets him up. He whips him in the corner, but AJ elbows him as Robbie comes. AJ gains momentum as he does multiple punches and a whip into the corner. He grabs Robbie in the middle of the ring and does a pump handle slam. He covers, but Robbie kicks out. AJ sets up the Styles Clash, but Rob T. gets on the apron. AJ focuses on him. Robbie gets up and hits AJ from behind. He tries to capitalize, but AJ hits the pele. He then gets on the apron to do a springboard move, but Daniels and Kazarian come out. Kazarian grabs AJ's feet and knock him off the apron. He then whips AJ right into the steel post. Kazarian turns and walks back up the ramp. Daniels is stunned as Kazarian took control like never before. Winner: AJ Styles BUT Still Television Champ: Robbie E.


Bully Ray's music plays. He comes out on stage. The crowd boos loudly. He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the face of some small kids. He gets in the ring and taunts as the fans still boo. After him, music plays and here comes Kurt Angle, the only olympic gold medalist. He lifts his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He walks down the ramp and into the ring to meet with Bully. After him, Jeff Hardy makes his way out. He comes with his crazy face paint. Paint over his eyes looks pretty great! Finally, James Storm walks out with his cape and hat. He comes down the stage as fireworks explode. He gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce this main event. As he announces Bully Ray first, Ray takes the mic and introduces himself. He puts the mic down for Borash to pick it bak up. He continues the introduction. After he finishes the introduction, James gets on the mic and asks if there are any beer drinkers in the crowd. He says he has a friend who is a beer drinker who has unfinished business with Bully Ray. The crowd cheers. James introduces Brandon Jacobs! Music plays and Bully can't believe it. Jacobs comes down the ramp quickly. Bully gets out of the ring and Kurt follows. Jacobs stays in the ring and then gets on the apron. He gets down and stays at ringside.

Bully Ray and Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy and James Storm in a NO DQ Match

The bell sounds and James battles Kurt. James quickly gets the start as he whips Kurt in the ropes a couple of times and follows up with a knee and closelines. James goes to run into the ropes, but Ray hits James in the back. Kurt comes back and attacks james. He puts him in the corner and stomps on him. Kurt backs up. James gets back up and goes to James, but James puts Kurt in the corner. He goes to whip him across the ring, but Kurt reverses. James bounces out of the corner and closelines Kurt. James tags Jeff in, but Kurt quickly gets to his feet and runs. He tags in Bully and gets out of the ring. Bully stares from the apron as Jeff stares back.


Bully whips Jeff Hardy into the corner. Ray runs to him, but Jeff elbows him and then hits the whisper in the wind. He covers, but Ray kicks out. Ray and Jeff get up and Ray delivers a huge closeline. Ray gets up and talks smack to Jacobs. Jeff gets up and Ray whips him into the corner of Kurt Angle. Jeff knocks Kurt down. He comes out, but Ray whips him in the corner again. Kurt gets up and takes the legs out from Jeff and pulls him back into the post. Jeff Hardy's leg is worked on around the post. Jeff falls out of the ring. Kurt gets him and rolls him back in. Bully continues the attack. He goes to drop a shoulder, but Jeff rolls. Ray holds his elbow in pain. He goes to his corner and tags Kurt. Kurt gets in and stomps on Jeff. He gets him up and does a suplex. He covers, but Jeff kicks out. Kurt does a reverse gut wrench as he squeezes the air out of Jeff. Jeff squirms to get up. He does and elbows Kurt in the head. He runs into the ropes as he gets out of the hold. Kurt locks his arms around Jeff as he comes back and does a great belly to belly suplex. Kurt tags in Bully. Ray slowly walks toward Jeff. He gets him up, but Jeff kicks him in the gut. He does it again, but Ray grabs his leg and Jeff spins to kick him in the head. Jeff tags in Storm. He enters and attacks Ray. He does multiple moves as he finishes with a neck breaker that knocks Ray down. Ray gets up in the corner, but Storm continues to attack. Kurt Angle gets in the ring. He goes after Storm. Jeff now gets in and it's all chaos. Bully gets up and does a huge big boot. Bully is the only man standing. Kurt gets up and they exit the ring. They grab a table from under the ring. Jeff and James stand and do a double baseball slide. It knocks Kurt and Ray down. James and Jeff get the table and set it up in the ring.

Kurt and Ray get in and attack James and Jeff. As Kurt goes after James, James hits the super kick and it knocks Kurt down. Ray goes to James, but Brandon Jacobs enters the ring. They stand as Ray calls him on. Just then, they bend down and about to run to each other like football. But Storm gets up, taps the back of Ray. Ray turns and James gives him a huge uppercut. Ray turns around stumbling. Brandon grabs him, picks him up and puts him through the table via chokeslam. James covers. Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy

The finish was the Direct Impact of the Night. Brandon gets a beer to celebrate the victory. Brandon gets on the mic and tells Ray, "Sorry about your damn luck." James and Brandon leave the ring together as the crowd is going crazy.

The camera goes backstage to producer/time restraint guy. He knocks on the door of Sting's office. He opens it and says, "It's showtime." He leaves. Is Sting going to leave?


Sting's music hits! He walks out on stage. The crowd does a huge pop. The Icon walks down his ramp and gets into the ring. He looks to be in a serious mood. Sting gets on the mic and first states that he made it public that he is done. He says he is slipping. Things are pushing through his fingers all because of Bobby Roode. Just then, Bobby's music plays. He comes on stage with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He starts clapping and wipes the tears away from his eyes. He gets in the ring slowly. He continues to wipe his eyes. He grabs a mic and starts talking. He says he apologizes as he does not want to interrupt Sting's farewell speech, but he had to. It was emotional, but he had to be right there as Sting tells the world that Roode is the better man. Sting talks again. He tells Bobby did not win any war. He didn't win any battle. Sting takes off his glasses. He says Bobby helped him out. Just then, Sting takes out paint and puts it all over his face. He puts black face paint over his paint and he gets his energy back. He says he feels alive! Sting says he is not going to do half way or part-way. He is not going to be nice anymore. He is not going to the same pile of vomit. Sting, though, is going to put on his boots and hits tights. Sting is crazier than ever. He is going to put on his war paint. Guess what he is going to do at Victory Road?!?! He gets in the face of Roode and says he is going to kick the living crap out of Roode. Roode's mouth drops as he is dumbfounded. He is stunned. He drops his mic from the announcement. Roode turns and then goes to kick Sting, but Sting blocks the kick. Sting slowly drops his leg down. Sting says it's fine.....but then low blows Roode. He falls instantly. Sting gets over Roode and says "Follow the yellow brick road....follow the yellow brick road to Victory Road." He goes from "It's Showtime" to "Tah Tah". He goes back and forth. He finally tells Roode that he will see him at Victory Road. He throws the mic on Bobby. Sting exits the ring as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Sting- New from last week
2. James Storm- Down from last week
3. Bobby Roode- Down from last week
4. Zema Ion- Same from last week
5. Brandon Jacobs- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

As noted last week, I simply thought it was a great episode. It had everything and more. I stated that it was one of the best Impact Wrestling from the Impact Zone in awhile. Well, this week was another strong show. I felt there was some difference though. It seemed like there were less commercials. I know that is probably false in reality, but TNA spread everything out to make it pretty simple and easy to follow. It went from one storyline to another. It actually was an interesting show. The show had great action and great videos. One video that I have to respect is the one for Jesse Sorensen. I am pleased that they keep updating us on his condition. It's great to see progress. As far as the matches, the X-Division match was another back and forth battle. The Tag Team Title match was good and so was the Television Title. The main event was nice. There wasn't any amazing match like last week, but this week had such a great ending. I knew the whole tweet from Sting was part of a storyline after hearing they would address it on the show. Once he turned from serious to his psycho persona, I fell in love with the segment. Sting is amazing on the mic. He always knows how to get the fans interested. There are few people who I absolutely love and envy on the mic and Sting is one of them. I love the crazy stuff! We haven't seen that in awhile, and I missed it. He gave Roode a hard shot and ended with the yellow brick road thing. Another performance! I have no idea when Victory Road is, hopefully not too soon, as I like this build (plus there aren't any other matches announced.) I hope TNA allows Kurt Angle to explain his actions on why he attacked Jeff. Hopefully soon so the story can continue. I tweeted about Raw this week and how much I liked it (Which is very rare), but I am glad TNA did not totally disappoint. Kudos to Sting! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (Link below in my bio) and visit my personal blog where you can explore my many different projects and writings I am doing (one about fantasy wrestling and that link is below in my bio). Update: Just checked TNA's Facebook and they upload graphics for Victory Road and several matches.

Weekly Question: What did you think of the final segment between Roode and Sting?

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