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Impact Wrestling Results (2/9/12) - Kissing His Title Good-bye

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Impact Wrestling Results – 2/9/2012
From Wembley Stadium in London, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off this week with a video. It has TNA coming from London, England. Not only that, but it is set to Star Wars music. It it a Star Wars theme as they transition to Eric Bischoff as Darth Vader and Garret as Luke. The video goes to the Roode and Storm rivalry along with Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray. It shows TNA stars as long as Star War characters. The video ends and they show outside of the arena in the beautiful place called London. The show shows inside of the arena as it shows another huge crowd. After they go wild, music plays and it's Bully Ray. He quickly comes down the ramp and into the ring. He marches up to get a microphone. He tells the producers to shut his music off. He then tells the fans to shut their mouths. He says he does not want to talk to James or Jeff or Sting....but he wants to talk to the TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode. Bully is not happy at all. Roode's music plays and he comes on out. He has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. As he gets closer to the arena, Bully gets out of the arena and tells the producers to shut his music off too. He says he is not going to wait until Roode gets in the ring. He asks Roode if he was ever there for him. Bully has been there for Roode, but Roode hasn't been there for Bully. Roode gets on the mic and says to get in the ring where they can talk about it. Ray gets in the ring and continues talking. Bobby states that he has Bully's back. Ray comes back and says the last time he had his back, he stabbed it. Roode goes on to talk about how they travel with each other, but Ray says Roode gets trained by Ray. Roode changes focus and says that Ray has a problem with Sting, not him. Music plays and here comes Sting. Sting walks to the ring with his cricket bat that he brought last week. Sting gets in the ring. Ray begins to talk, but Sting goes over him. Sting says that he knows a very special enforcer for their match at Against All Odds.....Sting himself. Sting then states that it will be Bully and Roode vs. James and....the insane icon....Sting! Tah Tah for now! Ray and Roode do not like this at all. As Sting's music hits and he leaves the ring, Roode and Bully start to talk back to each other.

The camera switches to backstage as it shows Hulk Hogan and Garret Bischoff walking together.


The show returns and it shows the arena. It then shows the main event tonight but a video quickly plays. It showcases the huge rivalry between AJ Styles and Daniels and now Kazarian. It shows Kazarian turning on AJ in one of their matches. He turned because of Daniels. Daniels has been telling Kazarian what to do, and Kaz allowed it. It has Daniels saying that he will request a match of AJ Styles vs. Kazarian at Against All Odds. As the video ends, Christy Hemme is shown in the ring. She announces Daniels to the ring first for the first match of the night. Kazarian comes to the ring with him. The crowd boos them. After they are in the ring, AJ Styles' music hits. The crowd roars. He makes his way to the ring.

Daniels vs. AJ Styles

As soon as AJ gets in the ring, Daniels attacks AJ. AJ fights back with a couple of punches. Daniels then whips AJ in the ropes, but AJ flips over Daniels. Daniels comes back with a shot that knocks AJ down. AJ gets up and he whips Daniels into the ropes. He does a dropkick. Daniels rolls out of the ring to recover. AJ gets up, jumps over the ropes and does a huge summersault on Daniels. The crowd pops. AJ gets Daniels back in the ring. He jumps over and either goes for a sunset flip pin or the Styles Clash, but Daniels gets out of it. Daniels goes to the corner and gets some type of object. He goes to use it, but AJ is able to get away. Daniels throws it to Kazarian and he holds it. AJ is flipped over the ropes and lands on the apron. Daniels knocks him down and AJ falls right on the edge of the ring. Daniels goes outside, attacks AJ and then rolls him in. Daniels jumps up and plants a leg drop. He covers, but AJ kicks out. Daniels continues the attack with a couple punches and then applies a head vise. Daniels stops and plants a knee to AJ. He covers, but AJ kicks out. He reapplies the head vise. AJ is getting the energy from the crowd. He gets up and elbows his way out of it. AJ runs into the ropes. Daniels is able to hit an enzuigiri. AJ falls. Both get up and AJ is able to fight back. They suddenly hit each other and fall down. The referee counts. He is up to 7 as both get up. AJ fights back with elbows and a spin kick. He then goes into the corner, jumps to the second rope, flips back and hits the reverse DDT. He then goes on the apron and does a springboard forearm. He sets Daniels up for the Styles Clash, but he pushes AJ back. Daniels goes to the corner for the BME, but AJ gets out of the way and Daniels lands on his feet. AJ hits the pele.

Daniels falls by the ropes and holds on. As AJ tries to pull him away, the referee tells AJ to get back. Kazarian comes over and hands Daniels the object from earlier, but he was hesitant about doing so. Daniels gets up swings, but AJ ducks. He lifts Daniels up for a power bomb, but Daniels hits AJ right in the head with the brass knuckles. He covers and gets the win. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night! Winner: Daniels

Eric Bischoff and Gunner are backstage. He is talking to Gunner about Garret and Hogan as Hogan returned and was at Garret's side. Eric wants Gunner at his side. Gunner agrees to to it. Eric says to attack one kneecap at a time. They shake hands and Eric smiles.


The show returns and the camera zooms out on the huge crowd once again. After that, music plays and here comes Magnus and Samoa Joe. They walk down to the ring together. They get in the ring and go to the corners and the crowd cheers. Obviously they are supporting Magnus. Magnus grabs a mic. He starts off by saying how it feels to be in London and in the arena that they are in. Magnus needs to say something though. Magnus has nothing against any country, but he is in England....his home!!! Magnus goes on to say that he brought his tag team partner. The crowd cheers. In the tag team tournament, Magnus and Joe were drawn. There were people who said that it was not going to work. They proved that theory wrong! When talking about team work and chemistry.....and a well oiled machine....they are talking about Magnus and Joe! Magnus switches gears and talks about Matt Morgan and Crimson. The only reason why they are a team is because they are afraid to face each other. Magnus and Joe do not fear each other or anyone. They will face and beat Matt and Crimson to be the tag champs! Just then, music hits and here comes Matt and Crimson! They march down to the ring. They slide in and get right in the face of Joe and Magnus. Matt gets on the mic and says that there is only one thing to say. "Talking is done." Matt and Crimson attack! They hit Joe and Magnus. They knock Joe outside of the ring. As Matt and Crimson go to finish Magnus, Joe pulls him out and gives both of them the finger. Joe and Magnus walk backwards away from the ring as both teams continue to stare at each other.


Impact Wrestling returns with an image of London, England which is set to Star Wars music. After that, Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces Douglas Williams to the ring. The crowd cheers. He gets in the ring. After him, Alex Shelley walks to the ring. The crowd cheers again. Finally, Austin Aries comes out. He has the X-Division Title around his waist. The crowd boos him. He brings his cocky attitude to the ring with him.

Douglas Williams vs. Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries

The bell sounds and they all join in to the middle of the ring. Austin gets involved as he is flipped around, but then he gets away and it's back where they started. Alex and Williams work together as they kick Austin in the gut and then have him sit on the mat. Alex does a dropkick to the back of the head and Austin goes to out of the ring. Alex and Williams battle now. It's back and forth with them as Alex whips Doug into the ropes and kicks him in the gut. He goes for sliced bread but Williams pushes him away. He then throws him over and Alex slides out of the ring. Williams goes to fly out, but Austin trips him. Alex gets in, but not for long as everyone goes to the outside in high flying fashion. Austin gets in control as he attacks Williams on the outside. He rolls him back in and puts him in the corner. Williams reverses it and does some chops to Austin. Austin then reverses it. He brings Williams up to the top rope. He goes for a superplex, but Alex gets in and hits Austin in the back. He goes for the electric chair, but Austin slides behind. He pushes Alex into the corner and then does a back suplex type move to Alex. He goes for his swinging elbow, but Alex moves. Douglas now jumps and hits into Austin. Alex gets up and goes after Austin in the corner. Williams comes and does the rolling german suplex. Austin breaks up the cover. Austin goes for the brain buster, but Alex gets out of it. He grabs Austin and hits sliced bread. WOW! He covers and gets the win. Winner: Alex Shelley


Garret and Hogan are backstage. Hogan tells him not to worry and to only think of what he wants to think as he is on his own now. Sting enters the shot. He is ecstatic. He hugs Hogan and is thankful that he is back. Hogan turns to Garret and dismisses him. He turns back to Sting. He is thankful to be friends with Sting and what he has done recently. He is rising young stars. BUT, he tells Sting that he has a target on his back and they are gunning for him. Hogan states that this business and Sting are the only two things that were there for him. Hogan says he is there for Sting. Sting says that Hogan just lifted weight off his shoulder. Hogan continues to talk, but turns to the camera man and tells him to back away and give them a minute. He then backs them up outside to the hallway and closes the door. He goes on to talk to Sting.

The camera changes to fans inside the arena as they talk about TNA Impact Wrestling being filmed there and how they love it. A video then plays showcasing Tara fighting backstage. It will continue.


A camera shows the crowd in the arena and then changes to video about Tara. She is in the arena, but backstage, filming the great time she is having. Gail Kim comes behind her and tells her to turn. Tara turns and Gail just nails Tara. She slams her into the wall and punches her multiple times. She slams Tara into double doors. Tara falls on the ground. Now that is home footage for Tara.

A video plays showing Hogan's backstage promo from last week as he praises, praises, and praises TNA. After the video, his music plays and Hogan appears in front of the crowd. Garret Bischoff is at his side. They walk to the ring together as the crowd cheers. Hogan grabs a mic and then walks up the steel steps to the ring. Both get in. Hogan continues to play to the crowd. The music stops. The crowd is going crazy. He plays to the crowd again. Amazing reaction! Hogan then gets on the mic. He tells Garret that he expected that as the UK are the best wrestling fans in the world. Hogan didn't know what to expect when he came out to the ring last week as it has been 18 years. He explains it as love and respect as the greatest fans are there. Hulkamania will live forever. Hogan states that the crowd does not surprise him at all. He knows what happens when people give up so much for this business. Everything the fans gave to Hogan should be transferred to Garret. Hogan knew Garret since he knew Eric. Eric is on the opposite side of the spectrum though. Garret is on Hogan's side. He has the wrestling blood. Since the beginning, Eric stood in his way. Well, speaking of the plays and here comes Eric Bischoff. He has Gunner at his side. They get in the ring as the crowd boos. Eric grabs a mic and begins to speak. He says he has one simple question to ask. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" What gives Hogan the right to interfere in his family's business. Hogan talks back and says it's not about Eric anymore. It's about his son and his future. Eric says he won't have a future, nor will Hogan, if it goes Eric's way. It's time to Hogan to ride off in the sunset. Hogan does not have the right. Hogan says Eric does not understand the business as much as he thought he did. Hogan says he has the Hulkamania stroke. Since Hogan is in good hands of the UK fans, he talked to a real good friend of his. That friend runs this show. That is Sting. He allowed Sting to book a match. It will be Garret vs. Gunner at Against All Odds. As Hogan continues to talk, Gunner pushes Garret. Hogan stops. Gunner then attacks Garret. He stomps him down and continues to kick him. Just then, Eric low blows Hogan. As there is no hope, there is some. Hogan gets up and punches Eric right in the face. He then punches Gunner in the face and Gunner sails out of the ring. Hogan checks on Garret and then turns to Eric as he is slowly crawling. Garret and Hogan get him up. Hogan holds him from behind. Garret brings his fist back and nails his dad right in the head. Eric falls and rolls outside. Gunner and Eric help each other as they walk away from the ring.


More images of London are shown and then a preview of the new Star Wars movie airs.

Bobby Roode is backstage gearing up for his match. Bully Ray is standing above him as he states how angry he is right now. He is red hot. Roode stands up and is tired of Bully talking. Bully says Roode is a great tag team star, but Ray is the best. Bully then states that they will team up and beat Sting and James. Roode agrees. Bully goes to do a handshake, but Roode says they hug. They do so.

Hogan is backstage talking to Garret. He talks to him about his dad. He says his dad will get his way at anyway possible. Hogan says he will not let Eric interfere in Garret's match this Sunday as Hogan will be in his corner.

The camera changes to the arena as Mickie James' music plays. She makes her way to the ring as the crowd cheers. After she is in the ring, Velvet Sky's music hits. The crowd pops. She gets in the ring.

Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky

The match begins and they move around the ring. They lock-up and Mickie puts Velvet in the ropes, but they switch off. Velvet then gets out and works on the arm of Mickie. She then knocks Mickie down. Mickie gets up and is able to work on Sky. Sky reverses and continues to work on the arm of Mickie. She then applies a side headlock. Mickie pushes her away. Sky hits her with a shoulder. She runs into the ropes and Mickie puts her feet up to flip her, but Sky denies is. They finally get to their feet. Sky extends her hand for a handshake, but Mickie takes it and works on the arm of Sky. She whips Sky into the corner. Sky comes out of it and does a great airplane spin to Mickie. Both get up and Mickie comes back. She knocks Sky down and covers her once....and twice. She puts Sky in the corner, hits her in the gut with her shoulder and then backs up. Mickie takes Velvet out of the corner, snaps her down and works on the ribs of Sky with a submission maneuver. Mickie rolls back for a cover, but Sky kicks out. Mickie gets Sky up, but Velvet fights back with a couple punches and a jawbreaker. Sky then hits a series of closelines. As Mickie gets back up, she does a spin kick to Sky's gut. Velvet is able to counterattack as she knocks Mickie down and goes for a cover. Mickie kicks out. Both get up and Velvet knees Mickie in the face. Mickie bounces back but knocks Sky down. She gets back up and Mickie goes for her jumping DDT, but Sky twists out of it. She does a roll-up and gets the victory. Winner: Velvet Sky

Video plays showing more fans in the arena and they are associated with TNA.


More video play showing the impact TNA had on the UK since their tour started in early January. It has been an amazing ride! It showcases all the superstars involved and lots of fans as they comment on how much they enjoy TNA and the shows.

Another video plays hyping Bobby Roode's character and the match at Against All Odds. Roode faced many opponents but still has his title and is keeping it safe. Now he is facing the odds as he goes against three superstars: Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and Bully Ray. Each superstar comments on the match and becoming champion. Roode has a huge target on his chest as everyone wants to take him down. Not only that, but they want the title that he has.

Sting and James Storm are backstage. Sting comments on teaming up with Storm and how it is.....SHOWTIME! James talks and says that it is his time to leave his mark. Sting and James hug as the match is next.


Bully Ray's music plays. Here comes the big man. As he walks to the ring, he grabs a sign from a fan and rips it up. He gets in the ring as the crowd boos. Bobby Roode comes out after him. He has the TNA World Title around his waist. He makes his way slowly to the ring. The crowd boos him too. Roode still doesn't trust Bully, but Ray states that they hugged in the back earlier. Roode finally gets in. After they are settled, James Storm's music hits. The crowd pops. Here comes one of the contenders for the TNA World Title. He drinks his beer to the ring. He interacts with some fans and then enters stands on the apron. Sting's music plays and he is shown backstage. He then comes through the curtain and the arena lights up. Here comes Sting. The crowd loves him. He gets in the ring with James Storm. Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce this main event.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode vs. James Storm and Sting

After some debating, Roode starts the match off. He goes against Sting. Before any fighting, Bully gets in the face of Roode to tell him something. Sting and Roode move around the ring. Roode goes to Bully to tag, but Bully walks on the opposing side of the ring. Bully turns and says that he has his back. Roode and Sting lock-up and Roode puts Sting in the corner. He does kicks and punches but Sting does not budge. He whips Roode in the ropes and does a huge back body drop. Roode gets in the corner and Sting jumps to him with a stinger splash. He takes Roode out and locks in the scorpion death lock. Bully comes in and breaks the submission. James enters and sends Bully out of the ring. Roode and Bully are on the outside as they try to regroup. James and Sting look on.


The show returns and Bully is in the ring with Sting. Ray talks trash to James. Sting turns to James and tags him in. James gets in and battles Ray. They lock-up. Bully puts James in the corner. Bully slowly backs up. He goes for a punch to the head, but James ducks. He then does a series of arm drags and locks in an arm bar. Bully gets up, but James elbows his arm. Ray crawls to the ropes and the corner. James has to break the hold. James swings his arms and wails it....all for a poke to the eyes. He tags in Sting. The icon gets in and works on the arm of Bully. He pounds it out of his socket and then makes him land flat on his stomach on the mat. He then steps on his hand. Sting tags in James. James climbs the corner and elbows Ray right in the head as Sting holds him. Ray is able to reverse a whip and James goes into the ropes. Roode knees James in the back. Bully tags Roode. He is able to stomp on James. Roode then mocks and insults Sting and tags in Ray. Ray gets in and has full advantage as he rips the shirt off James and hits a body slam. He drops an elbow and then gives multiple shots to the ribs of James. Ray tags in Roode. He gets in and continues to attack James' ribs. He then plants his knee on Storm and covers. Storm kicks out. Roode locks in a reverse gut wrench. James gets to his feet. He breaks out of it with elbow shots to the head of Roode. Bobby grabs James' head and pulls him down to the mat. Roode tags in Ray He enters and applied a bear hug. James is in pain. He is getting out of it. He does. He bounces into the ropes. Ray hits a big boot. Just then, Bully grabs his steel chain. Sting enters and the referee tells him to get out. Bully wraps his chain around his hand. James gets up and is able to miss the shot and hit a side russian leg sweep on Ray. Both try to go to their corner. Both tag their opponents. Sting knocks Roode down and Bully down. He goes back and forth multiple times. He does a stinger splash to Roode and Ray and then to Roode, but Roode gets out of the way. He climbs the corner, but Sting flings him off. He covers. Ray goes for an elbow drop, but he hits Roode. He puts both in the same corner and does a stinger splash. He has Ray fall. Roode then falls and he lands right on Ray's area where the sun doesn't shine. Ray rolls to the outside. Roode gets up and comes back. He tries to go for the fisherman suplex, but Sting twists out of it and hits the scorpion death drop. He then has the scorpion death lock. Just as he has it looked in, Ray comes into the ring with the title. He is about to hit Sting with it, but he bends down and tells Roode that he will see him in 3 days. Ray leaves the ring. Roode taps!!! Winners: Sting and James Storm

James enters the ring and celebrates with Sting as Roode slowly rolls out of the ring. Ray looks on from the ramp. Roode kisses his title on the outside....but is he kissing it good-bye? The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Sting- New from last week
2. James Storm- Same as last week
3. Alex Shelley- New from last week
4. Garret Bischoff- New from last we
5. Bully Ray- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I posted on my Twitter while the show was airing, about 3/4 through the show, saying that you may want to read my thoughts about this show. I never really promote or hype my thoughts about the show, but more try to have people read the results. With that being said, this week is pretty different. Last week's show was great. It got great reviews from all over. Last week had the matches and the crowd. It has the production and everything in between. This week is completely different. I found this show, to my dismay and sad to say, very low in my standards. Let me start with the theme. With it being in London, I expected it to be another huge show, just like the crowd. That was not the case. This show was marked with video after video. I like watching videos, but it was just about TNA's UK tour. I know it was huge, but you got a PPV this Sunday!!! This week's episode did not even mention the matches for Against All Odds. TNA, the PPV is this Sunday and you didn't mention the card. Why??!! Instead of hyping up the PPV (the only thing they hyped heavenly was the main event match for the TNA World Title), they say this is a Star Wars theme show. It is? I liked the Star Wars video in the beginning with Eric displayed as Darth Vader and Garret as Luke. But, I thought I would see Eric dress up as someone or have a Luke vs. Darth match. Nothing really special or anything dealing with the theme at all. The matches were fine. The X-Division match was good, as always, but the main event was cut short with the commercial. Speaking about the main event, Bully Ray's heel character was shown in full force throughout the show. He is one of the top heels in this company, if not the top heel. He is doing one tremendous job. Anyway, this was just a disappointing show. I do not know what TNA was thinking. I will be watching the PPV though and hopefully we will see a good show there (It usually only consists of just wrestling). They will be in the Impact Zone next week. That just may be fine with me after this week's show. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at the link in my bio below. Also, check out my personal blog along with a couple projects I am doing like a wrestling fantasy company that showcases never-before-seen matches and classic revival matches. A new match airs every Friday night. It's OFWC!

Check back here at for the final line-up for TNA's Against All Odds pay-per-view!

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