Impact Wrestling Results (3/15/12) - Sting Looks In A Mirror That's Called Roode


Impact Wrestling Results - 3/15/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with Sting walking through a door backstage. As he continues to walk, the camera switches to Bobby Roode, with the TNA World Title over his shoulder, walking through a door backstage. After they show them, a video plays showing Bobby Roode's great title reign. Sting hasn't been pleased with Roode though. They are going one-on-one at Victory Road, but tonight is the contract signing.

The video ends and music starts. Here comes James Storm! He walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He grabs a mic and walks up the ring steps. He gets in the ring with his long flowing hair and Elvis sunglasses. He starts talking about the TNA World Title. The fans start to chant, "It's your time!" James says Roode is selfish. That is the problem with the world as there are too many wanters and takers but not enough givers. James is going to be all three of them though as he is going to destroy Roode. He wants that title and is going to take that title from Roode at Lockdown! James only has one more thing to say....."Sorry about...." No, he is not sorry about that as Roode will need as much luck as he can get! Well, now comes the big bully.....Bully Ray as his music hits. He comes on stage and halfway down the ramp. He has a mic and says James is on fire right now. He is steaming. But, James probably doesn't know where he is at right now. Ray is the one who kicked a steel chair into his face. James said that he is the one who knocked teeth down Ray's throat in order to get the title shot he has. James says they should do what they do best and that is to fight. Ray tells him to kiss his calves! (Oh yeah, they got even bigger!) Ray says Storm is not going to Lockdown as Ray will face Storm at Victory Road and he will not survive beyond that. James is outside of the ring now as he walks up the ramp. Ray backs up. James says that they should fight right now. They are merely five feet away from each other. Ray doesn't understand if Storm wants to fight. Ray says that James is not going to fight calfzilla but he is going to face one of the baddest people to walk the Earth....and that is Gunner! Gunner's music comes on as he walks right to James. They are face to face. James makes a snappy comment and then hits Gunner right with the mic on the head. They battle back and forth until TNA officials break up the fight. As they hold James, Ray turns around and nails James right in the head. He falls. Gunner and Ray walk up the ramp and leave. James is furious as he tips over the steel steps.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are backstage. They are arguing back and forth. They see Sting standing there and go up to him. They are telling each other's side of the story. Sting can't take it. He says Gail will fight Mickie James while Madison will face Velvet Sky. Sting leaves. Madison and Gail continue to argue, but not as loud.


Bobby Roode is backstage. He asks who Sting thinks he is. Sting hasn't wrestled in months. He is putting himself in the main event while there are so many other stars in the back who would love his spot. Roode is going to embarrassing Sting and going to take him out.

Madison Rayne's music plays. She comes out on stage. She makes her arrogant way to the ring. She walks like a princess and waves like one too. Velvet Sky's music hits and she walks down the ramp. Here she comes. She gets on the apron and before the pigeons become loose, she jumps in and tackles Madison.

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

Sky continues the attack as she gets Madison up and puts her in the corner. She then takes her in the opposing owner and does multiple shoulder hits right into Rayne's gut. She brings Madison down to the mat and kicks her back as Rayne is sitting. She then runs in front of her and kicks Rayne in the head. She covers, but Rayne kicks out. Rayne comes back and gains momentum. She does one huge kick to the head that knocks Sky down. She covers, but Sky kicks out. Velvet gets up and Rayne works on the head, but Sky elbows her way out of the little submission. Sky backs up into the ropes. She runs toward Rayne, but she sidesteps and pushes Sky through the ropes to the outside. Sky slowly gets up. She gets on the apron, but Madison grabs her and drops her on her head. Sky bounces up and is down. Rayne covers, but it's only a two. Rayne continues the attack to the head. Sky is able to get away as she goes in the corner. She is sitting there. Rayne walks to her, but Sky lifts up and kicks her in the gut. She does it again and then hits Rayne with some closelines and a bulldog. Both get up and Rayne comes back to try to hit Sky's head with her knee, but Sky blocks it. She goes for a rollup but Rayne reverses it and grabs the tights. Winner: Madison Rayne

Earlier today has Crimson and Matt Morgan backstage. They talk about their match last week. Crimson says he got the job done last week while Matt wonders why he tagged himself in. Crimson says it's not about his winning streak, but it's about winning the titles. Matt still doesn't believe him. Crimson says you have to make a lot of money by winning a lot of matches and that is what he has been doing. Undefeated for 13 months. Matt and him join hands and walk away.


Christy Hemme is in he ring as she announces this next match. Matt Morgan comes out with Crimson. They walk down the ramp together as Crimson raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. After they are in the ring, Samoa Joe comes out. He has the TNA Tag Team Title over his shoulder. Magnus comes out with him as they make up the Tag Team Champions. They get in the ring.

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe

The bell sounds and they walk around the ring. They lock-up and Joe pushes Crimson back, but Crimson reverses it and puts Joe in the corner before Joe can put him in. They release the lock and Crimson hits Joe in the head a couple times and then backs up. Joe grabs Crimson and puts him in the corner and does many shots to his head and chest. He then whips Crimson to the opposing corner and smashes him and then does a huge kick to the head. He brings Crimson out and does a huge chop that knocks Crimson down. He then bounces off the ropes and falls right on Crimson back first. Joe goes against the ropes again, but Matt hooks the leg of Joe. Crimson gets up and takes advantage. He now has control as he snaps Joe over his body, knees him in the back and then runs forward. He comes back and does a huge knee or boot to the head of Joe. Crimson continues as he gets Joe up and hits a neck breaker. He covers, but Joe kicks out. Crimson applies a headlock. Joe gets to his feet and elbows his way out. He whips Crimson in the corner. Joe runs, but Crimson kicks him in the head. Joe then lifts Crimson up for an atomic drop. He then bounces back into the ropes and comes forward with a big boot. He then jumps up and lays down on the fallen Crimson. Both are up and Crimson bounces into the ropes. Joe is able to hit a snap scoop powerslam. Crimson gets up and is able to come back. He knocks Joe down and covers, but it's only a two. He starts to complain, which allows Joe to grab him and put him in the corner. He goes for the muscle buster, but Matt grabs Magnus outside and whip him into the steel steps. Joe sees this. He turns back around and Crimson spears him. He covers and wins. Crimson and Matt walk up the ramp together with their arms raised as they seem to be on the same page. Winner: Crimson

Austin Aries is backstage as he has his suit and sunglasses on. He has a battle of champaign in his hand as he looks at it. He is coming to the ring.


Austin Aries is already in the ring. He tells people to be quiet. It is a great day to be great and break records, Austin states. He says there has been 53 different X-Division Title reigns and held by 25 different men. He says he is the greatest and longest reigning X-Division champion of all-time. He then reveals a video for this special occasion. The video plays and it showcases the great man, Austin Aries. He dances in the ring while the video plays. (It isn't a bad video at all, in my mind. Actually reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels.) The video stops and Austin wants to thank people. He first thanks himself, of course. Then, without the x-division starts, he wouldn't have a reign as they are great but not that great. He raises his glass with the wine in it. Just then, here comes Zema Ion. He makes his way down the ramp in his cocky style. He gets in the ring. Austin says that he didn't send an invitation to this event. Austin then says Zema beat him at his own game so he can appreciate that. Zema says that he beat Austin at his (Zema's) game. Zema says that Austin should hand him his title right now as if they face at Victory Road, then Austin may become the next Jesse Sorensen. Austin thinks that is a bit impressive as he is all talk now. He says no one beats him at his game though. He gives Zema the glass and tells him to make the toast. Zema says that this is for a great title reign but Zema will end it. Zema is F'n pretty but he is also pretty F'n dangerous. He then throws the campaign at Austin's face. Just then, Austin lets go of the champaign bottle and it sprays all over Zema's face. He then tosses Ion out of the ring. Ion can't believe what went down.


Gunner is backstage. As he walks down a flight of stairs as Mr. Parks is right there. Gunner introduces himself. So does Mr. Parks. He then realizes that he use to be with Abyss in Immortal. He asks if he knows where Abyss is. Gunner doesn't know and says that he has a match to get ready for. He continues his way down the steps.

A video plays showing the huge proposal from Eric Young to ODB. After that, ODB and Eric are in a room. Eric says they have a lot of planning to do. They don't know where to hold the wedding. They discuss to have the wedding at a bowling building or at a carnival. They could have it on top of the ferris wheel. Eric says that the wedding as to be as great as his ring on his finger.....a ring...that is where the wedding will be held! In the wrestling ring where they first met....and ODB says where they first did it. They will have the wedding on Impact Wrestling.

Kurt Angle is backstage. He is sitting on a couch as he states that he hates young stars like Garett Bischoff. He can't stand him and then mocks his last name. He says he has a 5 minute match with Garett and then says his wife told him Garett can't even go 3 minutes. Actually, he did talk to his wife!!! Kurt does a great laugh. He switches gears and talks about Jeff Hardy as he hates him too. He is going to take him down at Victory Road.


A video plays that has Sting talking about his career in TNA and how he hasn't fought in quite sometime. He says he may even surprise himself.

Mickie James' music plays and here comes the former champion. She runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. After her, Gail Kim comes on stage. She has the Knockout Title around her shoulder. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

The bell sounds and they move around the ring to quickly lock-up. Both fall to the mat and Mickie applies a leg scissors. Gail is able to get out and pin Mickie, but she gets her shoulders up. Both get up and Mickie bounces off the ropes. She hits Gail. Gail is able to come back and whip Mickie into the corner. Gail runs to her and goes to fling her body into Mickie's gut, but she moves. Gail flies out of the ring. She grabs her title and goes back in the ring. The title is taken from her. Gail is able to fight Mickie and take advantage. She gets Mickie in the corner and is able to attack her knee. Mickie screams in pain. Gail now works on the knee of Mickie. She drops it on the mat and then kicks it multiple times. Mickie is in the corner as Gail wraps her leg around the middle rope and bends it. Mickie tries to fight back and get out of the corner, but Gail jumps on her leg as it was still caught on the rope. Gail brings Mickie down and applies a submission to the leg. Mickie fights Gail away. Both get up, but Gail takes Mickie down again and then wraps James' leg around her (Gail's) head. The submission is stopped. Both get up. As Gail goes to attack her, Mickie ducks and spins around to hit a neck breaker. Both are down but Mickie pops up like Shawn Michaels. She gets to the corner and climbs. Gail gets up and Mickie puts both of her knees onto Gail. She covers, but Gail kicks out. Gail slides out of the ring. She grabs her title which is on the floor. Mickie goes through the second rope, her arms and head only. The referee tries to pull her away, but Gail lifts the title and hits Mickie right in the head. The referee didn't see. Mickie bounces back and falls instantly. Gail covers and wins. Winner: Gail Kim

Mr. Anderson is backstage. He talks about his match tonight and AJ Styles. Just then, Kazarian and Daniels come into the shot. They go by a water or lemonade cooler to have a little talk like it's in an office. Daniels doesn't understand why Ken is even here as this whole situation has nothing to do with him. They say they are going to talk about this later as Daniels knocks over a cup of some liquid. Kazarian and Daniels walk away as Anderson becomes the king of the cooler.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Daniels comes on stage first. He walks down the ramp as the crowd boos. He gets in. After him, music plays that we haven't heard in 4 months!!!! It's Mr. Anderson! He appears on stage and the crowd roars. The spotlight is shined on him. He reaches up as the mic falls from the rafters. He asks where the fans have been. He then states that he missed the @ssholes. He introduces himself and then continues to the ring.

Daniels vs. Mr. Anderson

As soon as Anderson gets in the ring, Daniels attacks him. He puts him in the corner with multiple punches and kicks. He chokes Anderson with his boot. He rips Anderson's shirt and then whips him in the ropes. Anderson comes back with right hands to Daniels' head. He falls and gets back up. Anderson whips him into the corner and then smashes him in it. Anderson quickly goes for the mic check, but Daniels spins out of it and goes outside. He is bleeding from his face. Anderson goes outside and attacks Daniels as he smashes his head into the steel guard rail. He rolls him back in. Anderson continues the attack. Daniels is down and Anderson drops an elbow. He pins, but Daniels kicks out. He gets up in a corner. Anderson hits him and then whips him into the opposing one. Anderson runs to him, but Daniels moves. Anderson goes right into the corner. Daniels then hits Ken with a huge knee. Ken falls and Daniels stomps on him. He gets him up and whips Anderson into the ropes. He hits Ken with his knee in the gut. He covers Anderson, but it's only 2. Daniels continues, but Ken does a rollup. Daniels gets out. Both get up and Daniels hits a northern lights suplex. He then hits a body slam. Daniels goes to the ropes, bounces off the top to do a moonsault, but Ken brings his knees up. Both slowly get up and they exchange right hands. Ken whips Daniels, but Daniels reverses it and Ken hits him with a closeline. He hits him again. As both are up, Ken goes to kick Daniels in the head, but he ducks. He does it again and succeeds! He covers, but Daniels kicks out at two. Both are up and Ken has Daniels on his shoulders. He rolls him through. He goes to cover but Daniels holds onto the ropes. Just then, Kazarian comes down the ramp. He gets on the apron. AJ Styles appears and pulls Kazarian away. He attacks him to the back. In the ring, Anderson grabs Daniels and hits the mic check. It becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Mr. Anderson


Jeff Hardy is backstage. He states that it has got pretty personal. He can go out and say why he is not champion, but Kurt Angle is the main reason. He will meet Kurt at Victory Road.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the two stars who will come out. Kurt Angle's music plays. Here comes the only olympic gold medalist. He gets in the ring. Garett Bischoff now comes out and the crowd cheers. He gets in.

Kurt Angle vs. Garett Bischoff in a 5 Minute Challenge

The bell sounds and Kurt goes right after Garett. He does a huge right to the head and Garett backs up to the corner. Kurt does some kicks and uppercuts. Garett slowly comes out and Kurt kicks him in his leg. Garett falls to the mat and flops around. Kurt gets him up and does a great snap suplex. He covers but then pulls his shoulders up. Kurt applies a headlock. He then lets go and elbows Garett in the head. Mr. Bischoff stands up and Kurt kicks him in the gut and he falls down. Kurt chokes him with his boot. Angle backs up and Garett slowly gets up. Angle walks back to him and Garett fights back with punches, but Kurt attacks him back and he drops immediately. It's about at the half way mark. Garett gets out of the ring and Kurt follows. He continues with more strikes and then a snap suplex on the outside. He slides Garett in and goes for another cover but he lifts up his shoulders again. Kurt stands and stomps on Garett's head. He goes to get him up, but Garett tries to fight back with punches to his gut. Angle grabs him and does a huge belly to belly suplex. He gets his opponent up and Kurt knocks him down again. He plants a leg drop. Kurt gets up, takes down his straps and goes for the angle slam, but Garett slides out. Kurt runs to him, but Garett sidesteps and pushes Kurt out of the ring. Kurt is down. He gets up and quickly gets back in the ring. He grabs Garett and hits the angle slam. He covers, but the time runs out when the referee counts one. Garett Survives

Kurt is not happy at all. He gets up and applies the ankle lock on Garett. He wrenches the ankle more and more. Just then, Jeff Hardy runs out. He hits Kurt, but Kurt quickly leaves. Jeff's music plays as Kurt walks away. Both look on at each other.


Robbie E and Rob T. are backstage. They are more like at a concession stand. They talk about the merchandise and how there isn't any great merchandise about them. The camera man then talks about an open challenge. Robbie E. states that there will be an Robbie E. Invitational 2 at Victory Road.

Mike Tenay and Taz talk about Victory Road and all of the matches. You can find the full line-up of TNA's Victory Road right here on this weekend!

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces this man to the ring. Gunner comes on stage with Bully Ray at his side. Ray is yelling as he states Gunner is the man who will stop James Storm from coming to Victory Road. After they are in the ring, James Storm's music hits. The crowd roars. He comes on the ramp as fireworks explode behind him. He walks down with this sunglasses, cowboy hat, and trench coat on. He takes off his entrance gear and gets in. James Storm goes to one corner. He goes to stand on the other, but Gunner blocks him. He can't get around him, so he does the simple thing...punches him right in the face.

Gunner vs. James Storm

The bell rings and Gunner is sent outside after the attack from Storm. James follows and nails him into the guard rail. He brings Gunner back in. As James gets in, Gunner takes advantage with a kick. He goes to attack James more as he gets to a vertical base. He puts James in the corner, but Storm fights back. As he does, it doesn't last long as Gunner knocks him down. Storm gets up and Gunner brings him down with a closeline type move. Gunner stays on top as he does a headlock and multiple shots. He works on the head of Storm. Storm gets to one one and then gets to his feet. He elbows his way out. Gunner grabs the hair of Storm again, but James twists out of it and closelines Gunner down. Gunner gets up and goes to the kneeling Storm, but James punches Gunner multiple times. Both are up and James closelines Gunner multiple times. He whips Gunner in the ropes and hits a back body drop. James looks to end it soon as he does closing time (knees to the face). Gunner gets up and Storm hits the last call super kick perfectly! He covers and gets the win. Winner: James Storm

James looks at Ray as he goes up the ramp. Ray turns his hat backwards. He asks if this is what he wants. Ray then runs down the ramp and goes to slide in the ring, but backs away. He will see Storm in three days!

A video package plays hyping the whole Sting and Bobby Roode rivalry. Roode has been here for 8 years and Sting looks like he wants to take that away from him. The video ends and it becomes a split screen as it shows Sting and Bobby Roode both walking to the stage at different areas of the building. They are coming to the ring next.


As the show returns, another video plays to hype the rivalry between Roode and Sting. It has Sting and Roode talking about each other and Roode's own title reign. Sting says Roode will learn what respect is as he will learn to respect this business and respect him. Roode could care less. Sting says he is done being mr. nice guy. Roode states that he is going to dominate this wrestling company forever.

The video ends and Sting and Bobby Roode are in the ring. The table is between them. Jeremy Borash says the match is one fall to a finish in a No Holds Barred Stipulation. They sit down. Borash tells Sting to sign. He goes ahead and signs. The crowd cheers. Roode gets the contract and the fans boo. He signs the contract. Jeremy states that it is official. Suddenly, Roode takes the mic from him and sits back down. Borash leaves the ring with the contract. Roode states that he remember November 3rd, 2011 like it was yesterday as Roode became the "it" factor of professional wrestling and the TNA World Champion. Since that day, Sting has been a pain in Roode's @ss. For months, he wondered why Sting has so much hatred toward him. Bobby thinks he figured it out. Roode states that Sting is jealous of him. Roode says 22 years ago was the time when Sting beat Ric Flair for the title for his first reign. Sting had it all back then. He was on top of the world. Roode wanted to be just like him. 22 years later, Sting sees himself in Roode. Roode has the same traits that Sting had long ago, but he is much better. Sting looks on as Roode speaks. Bobby states that he is just overall better at everything. It's also Sting's ego. Sting is one of those people who steals the young talent's spotlight. He tells Sting to let it go. The business has passed him by. This Sunday, Sting will step into the ring with the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. In the morning, Sting doesn't get up as fast as he use to. When he walks, he can't get around like he use to. And that stupid face paint he puts on doesn't scare Roode at all. The reason why he puts it on is because he has to mask himself as he knows he doesn't have what it takes to hang in this business so he has to cover himself up. Roode will expose Sting for who he really is. That is just a washed up wrestler who should have retired long ago. Sting just sits there. Roode asks him what it wrong. For the first time, Sting has nothing to say. Roode gets in the face of Sting to ask what his problem is. Roode drops the mic and grabs his title. He stares at Sting and walks away. Just then, Sting flips the table over and pushes the chair out of the way. Sting takes out the pain and puts it over his face after taking off his sunglasses. Red and black face paint. Roode says that the paint doesn't scare him. Just then, Sting smears black paint on the face of Roode. He yells, "Boo!" and Roode jumps. Sting goes right after Roode with punches. He backs him in the corner. He rubs more paint on him. Sting attacks Roode even more with kicks to his leg. Roode flip flops around. Roode gets up finally and Sting closelines him out of the ring. Sting's music plays as he is still in the ring doing his famous taunts. Roode sits on the ramp as he is stunned and shocked. They will continue the fight at Victory Road. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Bobby Roode- New from last week
2. James Storm- Up from last week
3. Garett Bischoff- Down from last week
4. Mr. Anderson- Up from last week
5. Crimson- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This was the last episode before TNA's Victory Road. Sadly, I can say that this was not the best Impact Wrestling this year. There was many ups and downs during the show that really kept me less interested than normal. I was pretty excited going into the show as it was the last one before Victory Road, but as TNA's last (I think it was their last) PPV, the show before was very weak. They had a very nice build to the show with Storm/Bully, Kurt/Jeff, the X-Division, tag titles, and Sting/Roode. In fact, it was a great show to hype up the PPV, but I didn't find it all that amazing. The matches, for one, weren't great. Madison vs. Sky was pretty sloppy and slow paced. While Gail and Mickie was nice, they had better matches. James was great in the ring and Kurt doing his suplexes is always nice to see. The thing that I liked the best, no doubt, was the ending segment. Roode cut a very nice promo in the ring as he talked about Sting, his past, his present and future as well as comparing himself to Sting. It was well done. Sting, who we heard in recent weeks, didn't need to say anything as his actions speak for themselves. Speaking about Roode being Sting, Aries reminded me a bit like Shawn Michaels in his video he played. Is that just me? Share your comments. Once again, Ray keeps on being one of the top heels of the show. Finally, it was nice to see Mr. Anderson back in action. I never realized how much I missed him in the ring. Well, Victory Road is this Sunday. Can anyone confirm that last's year V.R. was the PPV where Jeff Hardy showed up in a really terrible state that almost got him fired? Has it been a year already? I am looking forward to the PPV and can't wait to see some of the matches. Hopefully Jeff will not ruin this one and hopefully it becomes a real treat for wrestling fans! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blog (link below in my bio) for all of my different writing projects.

Speaking about Sting, I wrote a fantasy match where he competes against Shawn Michaels. To check it out, visit:

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