Impact Wrestling Results (3/22/12) - The Real Hulk Hogan!


Impact Wrestling Results - 3/22/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with footage from Victory Road, which was this past Sunday. It shows the main conflict between Sting and Bobby Roode. While Sting was going to take care of Roode, Roode won the match and continues his wrath. After the footage, another video plays showing the moments after the match where he brought Dixie Carter in the ring. He taped Sting the ropes and let him and Dixie suffer. He pulls her away from Sting so he can hit Sting with a chair helplessly, but Dixie crawled bak to Sting to protect him. Roode gets in the face of Dixie and pushes her down. After that footage, the camera shows Dixie Carter walking backstage as she comes through a door. The entrance video for Impact Wrestling plays showcasing the top talent in this company and all over the world. It ends and here comes Dixie Carter. She gets on stage and walks down the ramp. Her face shows multiple emotions from being upset to worried. Dixie grabs a mic and gets in the ring.

Dixie has trouble speaking, but she finally does. She says Bobby Roode disrespected the company and the fans for the past six months. The crowd starts to chant, "Fire Bobby, Fire Bobby!" For what Bobby did at Victory Road, he has crossed the line. Dixie talked to attorneys and management. Dixie says there is only one option for Roode to do. Just then, music plays and here comes Sting! Dixie looks like she doesn't want him to show up. As he comes to the ring, she claps for him though. He gets in with a mic and they hug. Sting begins to speak. He says firing Roode will let him go off on the easy way. He shouldn't go like that as he is set to fight Storm at Lockdown and the fans want to see that. The crowd chants, "We Want Revenge" and Sting agrees. Sting says he needs to talk about the Gm position. He says it is not working!


The show returns with the continuation of the segment in the ring. Sting says Dixie has put all her trust and faith into him to run this company. Sting did his very best. He did what he could do. At Victory Road, the company came alive. Sting came alive! Sting can't be part-time GM and part-time wrestler. He can't do both. The crowd chants, "You still got it." He can't do both if he is going to compete at the Bobby Roode level. Sting reveals that he suffered a concussion from the PPV. Sting will leave and get better and stronger and he will come back better than ever. He promises Dixie that. Sting will put on his boots and be nothing else but a wrestler. Sting will continue to fight for this company and Dixie. He tells Dixie sorry, but he has to step down as GM of this company. Dixie is about to tear up as she asks what she should do. Sting says he is not going to let her and the fans hanging. He has been talking and he found the right person to take this company to the top. He can read everyone's personality like the back of his hand. He calls this person one of the greatest people. Sting needs to transfer power over to.....the REAL Hulk Hogan! Sting goes right to Dixie and says that she has to trust him. He says it is going to work. The crowd is going crazy. The are pumped.

Bully Ray is backstage in a room. He states that he is super angry. He is going to take people hostage. He doesn't care who it could be. It is not the night to be standing in his way. He has the chain wrapped around his hand and leaves the room.

Kid Kash and Anthony Nese are already in the ring. Zema Ion comes down the ramp with his cocky walk and face as he comes to the ring.


Austin Aries comes on stage and makes his way down the ramp. He has the X-Divisio Title around his waist as he has been carrying that title longer than anyone in the history of the company.

Kid Kash vs. Anthony Nese vs. Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries (Champ) in a 4 Corner Match for the X-Division Title

Austin talks to Kash first and then Ion and then Nese, but Ion goes behind Aries and goes for a roll-up, but he gets out of it and both roll out of the ring. While they fight outside, Nash attacks Nese inside of the ring as he lifts him up and drops him down. He pins him, but Nese kicks out. Nese comes back as he jumps in the corner and flies back, but Kash moves out of the way. As he gets up, Nese tosses him over the ropes. As he is down, Austin enters the ring. Austin goes right after Nese as he does a knife edge chop in the corner and then whips him into the ropes. Nese comes back as he whips Austin in the corner and smashes him. Austin sits in the corner and Nese hits him with a huge knee. Ion enters and is able to throw Nese out of the ring. Ion goes after Aries, but Aries is able to fight back. Just then, Nese climbs the corner and jumps on him. Austin is able to bring him to the mat as well as Ion. Austin throws both out of the ring. He joins him by delivering a suicide dive. Kash gets on the corner and jumps right on Aries. Ion now gets up on the corner and he does a huge moonsault. Nese gets in the ring and jumps right on Ion. All four are slowly getting in the ring and in one particular corner. It becomes a Leaning Tower as each climb each other and they all fall down. What an impactful move! As they get up, Bully Ray comes out of nowhere and enters the ring. He knocks down the stars in the match and the referee calls for the bell. Ray continues the attack until Aries gets in this face questioning the situation. Ray knocks him down and gets on the mic. He asks if anyone knows who he is. He asks them one more time. He answers himself as he is "Bully Ray!!" His music plays and he walks around the ring. He exits. No Contest

Hernandez and Anarquia with Sarita and Rosita are in the parking lot. They meet someone from the television show, Repo Games. He asks them if they are ready. The Repo Man is about to tow their car. He then asks them a series of Mexican questions. They get the first one right, but they missed the second one. They lowered the car but then raised it. He asks them how to spell some word. They couldn't spell it at all. Looks like their car will be towed. Anarquia says they are competing for the TNA Tag Titles and if they win, then they will give him money so he won't tow the car. He wants actual bills, not pesos. They say that they will bring it back. Leave the car there!


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this contest. Mexican America's music plays as Sarita and Rosita come on stage. They walk down the ramp while swaying their hips from side to side. They get in the ring and wait. ODB and Eric Young come on stage and the crowd cheers. Fireworks explode behind them as they are on the ramp. They get in the ring and Eric kisses ODB. Eric starts off the match as he goes after the referee for a hug.

Sarita and Rosita vs. Eric Young and ODB (Champs) for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles

The bell starts and Eric goes against Rosita. Eric starts acting up and walks away from Rosita as he tags in ODB. She enters and just knocks Rosita down with her chest. She gets up and ODB whips her in the corner. ODB runs and smashes her. Rosita sits in the corner. ODB goes to jump on her, but she moves. Rosita tags Sarita and she goes right after ODB. She attacks her in the corner and then brings her to the middle of the ring. ODB tries to crawl to her corner, but Sarita elbows her in the back. She gets ODB up and tags Rosita. She enters and stomps on ODB. ODB gets in a corner as Rosita continues to stomp and punch. ODB pushes her away. Rosita runs back but ODB kicks her. She steps back and ODB closelines her down. Sarita comes in to help Rosita to pull ODB away to get a tag, but ODB pushes both of them and tags Eric. Eric enters and does some summersaults and then takes off his pants. Sarita and Rosita develop a plan and try to hit on Eric as they rub him and like his look. ODB sees this and smacks her face. She goes after Rosita and knocks her down. She then attacks Sarita and Sarita rolls out of the ring. ODB goes to Eric and questions what that was about. She says he isn't wearing his wedding ring and there are lots of knockouts in the back that he could go after. She then kisses him and pushes him down on Rosita for the pin. Winner and Still Champs: Eric Young and ODB


Clips are shown from Victory Road that reveals the TNA Tag Team Title match. After the clips, Crimson is backstage watching the Direct Auto Insurance commercial that has Matt Morgan in it. Crimson pauses it and stands up. He says Matt is working on his Hollywood career at his expense. Crimson reveals the problems of Matt like him dropping the ball with the Tag Titles. He took Matt out like he takes his trash out. Crimson feels way better. He wants to have him and Matt next week. Well, they don't have to wait as Matt enters the camera shot. He pushes Crimson into the wall and then tosses him into chairs. He attacks him on the floor. Officials and guards come and pull Matt back.

The camera shows the audience as they play the segment with Dixie and Sting from earlier tonight. The video ends and Dixie is backstage. She says she doesn't know how to feel yet. She sees where Sting is coming from, but she doesn't know about this situation. She excuses herself as she has business to attend. The camera switches to James Storm as he is walking backstage. He is coming to the ring!


Jeff Hardy is backstage. He talks about his match with Kurt Angle. He says he needs Kurt Angle one more time and he issues a challenge against Kurt at Lockdown. Mr. Parks enters the picture and introduces himself. He says that Jeff and Abyss had a big history. He asks Jeff if he knows where his brother is. Jeff doesn't know. Mr. Parks gives Jeff his card and Jeff leaves.

A video package plays talking about Lockdown. It switches to Bobby Roode and Team Canada. It's a video hyping up the Roode vs. Storm match. James Storm is then shown and his tag team he was in years ago! It switches to Team Canada again. These are the early memories of TNA for these stars. James Storm and AJ Styles are the only ones who has been with TNA since day 1. Both, James and Roode, worked the very hardest to get to the top of the company. Both are tag team greats but they are also main event caliber stars!

The video ends and music plays. James Storm walks on stage and the crowd pops. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. James has a mic as he begins to talk. He states that people in the back forgot the difference between right and wrong. James talks about it being like an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He goes on to talk about football as it should be all year long. He then goes on another rant about gasoline prices. He switches gears to Bobby Roode. What Roode did at the end of the PPV was wrong. James' dad told him that man who hits a woman is not a man at all. James gets in front of the camera and says he will face and beat Roode at Lockdown for his title. He will right Roode's wrong at Lockdown. He calls out Roode now just so he can beat him up. Music hits, Roode's music, and someone walks down the ramp. It is some guy in a suit. He walks up the steel steps and gets in the ring with a mic. James walks around the guy and asks him, "Who in the blue hell he is?" The guy introduces himself as Roode's legal advisor. He is here to read a statement. The guy pulls out a piece of paper. It states that Roode will remain in his hometown, Canada, until further notice. It is not safe in TNA for him at this time. The only obligation he has is to fight Storm at Lockdown. He knows he will win that match. If Storm wants a fight tonight, then he has an option to fight people as two stars contacted Roode to fight Storm. It can be Daniels or Kazarian. He can choose. The guy reads that Roode is sorry for all of his fans who thought they would see him and Roode will see everyone at Lockdown. Storm asks the guy again if he has the option to pick who he fights. He states he will fight both of them just so he won't have to worry about it next week. James takes the paper that the guy read and asks to give Roode a message. He asks for a pen but the guy didn't have one. He goes to asks the fans. Just then, he does one huge last call super kick to the guy. He fell instantly!!!! Storm tells him, "Sorry about your damn luck!"

Kurt Angle is backstage. He questions why Jeff wants a rematch at Lockdown. Kurt states that he beat him at Victory Road. The camera guy states that he did not win to Garett Bischoff though. Kurt can't believe it. He walks over to Garett who is standing around. Garett says he beat him last week in that 5 minute challenge. Kurt gets angry and says that he won't be able to beat him in 3 minutes. He tells Garett to get ready. Kurt walks away as Garett looks pretty shocked.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this challenge. Garett Bischoff comes on stage as the crowd cheers. He makes his way to the ring. The lights are turned off as Kurt's music hits. Kurt Angle rises from under the stage. He raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He makes his way down the ramp as the crowd boos. He gets in the ring.

Garett Bischoff vs. Kurt Angle in a 3 Minute Challenge

The referee signals for the bell and the time ticks away. Kurt and Garett walk around. They get close and start to talk to each other. Kurt pokes Garett in the chest. They talk more and Kurt pushes him back. He then does it once more. After Garett goes to Kurt again, Kurt slaps him. One minute has passed. Kurt goes for a closeline, but Garett ducks and he closelines Kurt. He does it multiple times and then does a flapjack. He kicks Kurt in the gut and drops him right on his face. He pins but Kurt kicks out. As Garett gets Kurt up, Kurt goes behind him and throws him between the ropes. Garett lands on the outside. Garett stays outside as the clock ticks down. Kurt goes outside and Garett goes inside. They then reverse. As the time is ticking more, Gunner comes out and rolls Garett in the ring. Kurt stomps on him and Gunner joins him. The bell sounds. They attack Garett. Just then, Jeff Hardy runs down. He saves Garett as Kurt and Gunner leave the ring. Jeff's music plays as Kurt and Gunner are on stage. They trash talk Jeff. No Contest


A video is shown to promote and hype the return of the MotorCity Machine Guns!

Music hits and here comes Mexican America. Hernandez and Anarquia walk out and Sarita and Rosita are at their side. They all get in the ring as a family. Joe's music plays and he comes out with Magnus. They have the TNA Tag Titles.

Hernandez and Anarquia vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Joe starts the match with Hernandez. They lock-up and Hernandez backs Joe in the corner. He lets go at the count of the referee. Joe turns and puts him in the corner and does multiple punches. He tags in Magnus. The whip Hernandez in the ropes and Joe does an atomic drop while Magnus elbows him when Joe drops Super Mex. Joe jumps up and lands back first on him. Magnus gets Hernandez up and he is able to tag Anarquia. He fights Magnus, but Magnus comes back to work not he arm of Anarquia. He fights back against Magnus. He is able to knock him down. He puts Magnus in the corner and tags Hernandez. He lifts Magnus up on his shoulder and drops down for a great backbreaker. He covers but Magnus kicks out. He puts Magnus on the ropes and tags Anarquia. He runs into the opposing ropes, jumps over Super Mex as he holds the legs of Magnus and drops on the gut and torso. Anarquia continues the attack. He puts him in his own corner and tags Hernandez. He brings Magnus out and applies the bear hug. Magnus punches Hernandez in the head to get out of it. Super Mex is able to do a battering ram that knocks Magnus down. He tags Anarquia. He has Magnus in the corner and Anarquia jumps to Magnus, but he moves and goes right into the turnbuckle. Magnus is able to fight him and Mex off as both are in the ring. Joe is tagged and he goes after Anarquia. He is able to get away and climb the corner. Anarquia jumps but Joe simply moves out of the way. Super Mex enters, but Joe attacks him. Joe gets Anarquia into the rear naked choke hold. He is tapping, but Rosita and Sarita are on the apron. The guy from Repo Games walks down the ramp and grabs both of them and carries them away. Joe lets go and Magnus enters. They attack Anarquia as Joe gives him a huge jumping face kick when he was in the corner. He rolls Anarquia down on the mat and Magnus delivers a flying elbow. Joe covers! That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and Still Champs: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Hulk Hogan arrives backstage. The camera man asks Hulk how he feels about being the new GM. Hulk has no idea what he is talking about as Sting just called him to show up. Hogan walks away.


The man from Repo Games has Sarita and Rosita in the parking lot. He drops them down at their car. They beg him not to take their car. Hernandez and Anarquia run to the scene and beg also. They do not have any money though. He goes to leave, but Anarquia goes to attack him, but he ducks and pushes him back. He takes Rosita and Sarita with him, without force this time, and all three walk away.

A video plays playing James Storm's music. They are at his hometown and the people in a bar discuss his music as they like it. The music video for the song will be revealed next week.

Kazarian and Daniels are on stage together. Daniels tells Kazarian something. Kazarian continues to the ring while Daniels hides on the stage. Daniels says that Kazarian says he is smarter than The Cowboy. James' music plays and he walks on stage. He walks down the ramp. Fireworks explode behind him. He walks down the ramp and Daniels runs up behind him. James finds out and turns around. He does a hip toss to Daniels on the ramp. Kazarian goes to James, but he whips Kaz into the steel steps. The bell sounds and James gets in the ring.

Daniels and Kazarian vs. James Storm

Daniels is in there and James attacks him. It doesn't last long as Kazarian enters the ring and it's two on one as they beat him down. James tries to fight back, but they continue to hit him. They work on him separately as Daniels does multiple head shots and then rams his face into the corner. Kazarian has his turn now as he pounds on the back of Storm. Daniels goes back and brings James down for a cover, but James kicks out. Daniels locks James' hands behind him and Kazarian attacks him from the front. Kazarian brings him to the ropes and chokes him. Daniels doesn't like it as it's not what he is directing. As Daniels and Kaz talk, Daniels turns around and runs to Storm. Storm moves out of the corner he is in and Daniels goes right into the turnbuckle. Storm does the last call to Kazarian. He turns and Daniels stumbles out. Storm does the last call super kick to Daniels and he pins him for the victory! James celebrates in the ring with his classic beer. Winner: James Storm

Sting is walking backstage. Dixie is also walking backstage. And so is Hogan. All of them are going to the ring.


Impact Wrestling is back and Sting's music plays. He comes on stage and down to the ring. The crowd cheers just like they did earlier in the night. He has a mic. He wants to keep this ball rolling. He tells Dixie Carter to please come out. Dixie's music plays and here comes the President of TNA. She comes down to the ring with an actual smile on her face. She has brighter spirits then she did earlier. Sting says he knows Hogan for 20 years. Since Hogan cut Eric Bischoff out of his life, we have seen the real Hulk Hogan. Sting looked into his eyes and he knows his heart. He trust Hulk Hogan. In return, he asks Dixie to trust Hogan. The fans chant, "Hogan, Hogan, Hogan." Dixie says she has always trusted Sting. If Sting believes in Hogan, she believes in Sting, then it is the right thing. "Let's do this!" Sting says he has been running with Hogan all day. He knows he is here. He welcomes and introduces the real Hulk Hogan! Hogan's music hits and here comes Hulk-a-mania! He gets on stage and walks down the ramp as fireworks explode behind him. The crowd is going insane. He gets in the ring and shakes the hand of Sting. He hugs Sting and then Dixie Carter. The music stops and Sting has his hand on Hogan's shoulder. The crowd continues to chant Hogan's name. Sting says it is obvious that Hogan made Stinger a believer and made Dixie a believer and that is a believer of Hulk Hogan. It's time to hear that the fans believe in Hogan too. The crowd chants and chants while Hogan looks on. He has a puzzled look on his face as seems unsure on the situation. Dixie looks at Hogan and to see the reaction as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Sting- New from last week
2. James Storm- Same as last week
3. Magnus and Samoa Joe- New from last week
4. Eric Young and ODB- New from last week
5. Bully Ray- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I am glad to say that this Impact Wrestling was an exciting and good show, in my mind. I saw the matches announced by TNA for the show earlier and I wasn't sure if that was it as they only gave 3 matches. I knew those matches would be pretty interesting though (especially the X-Division but that turned out to be the one with a no contest). Kurt Angle's Twitter spoiled the whole GM situation for me as he revealed Sting was stepping down. I didn't know who was going to be the new GM though. I was thinking Dixie would be back on camera full time. It's Hogan though and I am not complaining. BUT, he did not answer. It is a GREAT lead to next week's show. Something like that, leading from one show to the next is great and I think it should be done almost every week. It makes for interesting and unpredictable television. The matches this week were good. Nothing amazing though. One thing that I did like was TNA's videos this week. The video where it talked about the beginning of TNA with Roode and Team Canada and James Storm was a compelling story. I enjoyed seeing the old TNA and I remember those times like it was yesterday. It is hard to believe that was so long ago! Next week's music video for James Storm should be interesting. The whole Repo Games guy was for pure entrainment. I had no idea who that guy was, which was a downfall, but knowing that Mexican America's car would be towed keeps you watching. Even though Mr. Anderson did not appear and Bobby Roode wasn't on the show, the show had a great set-up and status that made it fine they did not show. The main question is how Hogan will answer the GM position. I will be waiting for it! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link in my bio) or check out my personal blogs (link also in my bio down below).

Weekly Question: How do you feel about Sting dropping his GM position?

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