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Impact Wrestling Results (3/29/12) - Hogan Back In Town?; (Is Wrestlemania Hurting This Show?)

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/29/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off this week with a video package showcasing the whole story with Sting. Sting is shown facing Bobby Roode at Victory Road, but lost. Roode then attacked him at the end while bring Dixie Carter into the situation. It shows Sting stepping down as GM and saying that he wants Hulk Hogan as GM.

The video ends and Dixie Carter is backstage. This was taped earlier. She says Hogan did not make a decision last week, but she gave him a week to decide. They are scheduled to meet later and he will give her an answer. She walks away.

The camera shows the Impact Zone and the entire crowd. Music starts and it's the TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode. He has security guards in front and behind him as he walks down the ramp in a fancy suit with the World Title over his shoulder. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring and the guards follow his actions. Roode gets a mic. He calls out all of the fans who e-mailed, tweeted, sent letters, etc, etc....who wrote how they want Roode fired....well he has a message for them. They can kiss his championship. Without Roode, Impact Wrestling is nothing! The crowd boos. At Victory Road, Roode accomplished what he said he would accomplish. He beat Sting physically and mentally. He won the fight and won the war since Sting stepped down. Roode is a better man, champion, and wrestler than Sting was in his career. He changes direction to Dixie Carter. He states that Dixie got hers after sticking her nose into Roode's business. Nothing and no one is going to stop Roode. He changes direction again and talks about his lawyer from last week. He says he doesn't need to be there. All he has to do is show up at Lockdown and face James Storm. After Victory Road, this place has been very sketchy. That is why the guards are there. They are there to protect James, not Roode. James wants to fight before Lockdown, but that should be the last thing he wants. Roode states that James knows that Roode his better than him. He is going to prove that at Lockdown. Bobby says he doesn't need any luck. Just then, music plays saying, "Sorry about your damn luck!" James Storm walks on stage and down the ramp. He walks up the steep steps and gets in the ring with a mic. The guards are right there in front of James. Roode is backed up to the opposite side of the ring.

James says Roode is suppose to be a man. What man lands their hands on a woman?! James says Roode sent an idiot to do a man's job. Roode now wants to bring his mall cops. He isn't there to steal shirts....he is there to beat up Roode. As James inches closer, Bully Ray comes out and attacks James from behind. James falls. Roode confronts Ray as he tells him what to do. As Ray goes after James, James hits Ray and he falls out of the ring. He goes for his super kick to Roode, but Roode backs up and leaves the ring. The guards follow. Roode and Ray meet on the ramp. James gets back on the mic and says he wants both of them tonight. Roode yells at him saying that he is crazy. He then looks at Ray and then states that he says it will happen....2 on 1!

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are backstage. Rayne sits down and looks away from Gail. Gail puts her hand on Rayne's shoulder and she pushes it off. Gail says she knows it has been rocky lately, but she has something for her. Gail gives her a box. It's opened and a crown. Gail says she is her queen! Madison can't believe it. She puts the crown on and stands up. She starts to wave like the queen. They hug and make up. Gail says she knows she can beat Sky tonight.


The show returns and Christy Hemme is in the crowd. She announces the match. Music plays and here comes Madison Rayne. She walks down the ramp as the crowd boos She has her crown on her head and she waves like a queen. After she is in the ring, Velvet Sky comes on stage. The crowd cheers. She gets on the apron and lets the cage open to let the pigeons loose.

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

As Sky was about to go up on the corner to taunt, Rayne attacks her from behind and the bell sounds. Madison hits her on the back and then whips her in the ropes. Madison does a dropkick. Madison gets up and smashes Sky's head in on the mat. She then hits Sky's back. Sky is able to get up and come back as she his Madison a couple of times with her knees. She takes Rayne forward and has her sit on the mat. Sky runs into the ropes and kicks her in the face. Both get up and Rayne fights back as she backs Sky in the corner and talks trash to her. Rayne backs up and then runs into her smashing Sky in the corner. She comes back and Rayne brings Sky face first into the mat. Rayne gets her up and goes for the knee to the back of the head, but Velvet stops it. She fights back with a combination of moves. She gets Madison down with a huge bulldog. Sky waits. Madison finally gets up and Sky kicks her in the gut. She sets up and goes for "In Yo Face"! Winner: Velvet Sky

Christy Hemme is outside. Sky gets out of the ring and confronts Sky about this match. Sky says Madison has been to occupied with her BFFFFF. No one realizes that she did not get her rematch. So Gail, watch out!!!!!


Bully Ray and Bobby Roode are backstage. Ray tells Roode to take his eyes off of that title. Ray says they better start getting their act together. James took out Daniels and Kazarian. Roode says they got this and extends his hand, but Ray does not take it.

A video plays from earlier today where Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan are sitting together. Dixie says it's ironic how this has come about. Dixie says two years ago was the highlight of her life. She states that she never trusted Eric. Hulk stops her and says they were both at fault. Dixie is glad that he separated himself from Eric. She is also glad that he and Sting have been talking. Dixie needs the real Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he seen the path Eric was taking and did not want to go the same way. He wants everything to be at peace. Dixie is not at peace though. Hogan can fix that though. Hogan says Sting should be the GM. Dixie says he can't do both. Hogan does not want to bring go into the dark cloud and bring it back. He sees Roode turning the company on its side. Hogan says Dixie is very persuasive. For Hogan to step back in now.....he....Dixie interrupts and says that the fans want him back. Hogan says his ship has sailed far enough, but he will think about it because of what Dixie and TNA did for him and his family. Hogan will think about it and states he will be at the show tonight. Dixie wants it to be right. They end their meeting with Hogan walking away.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone with all of the fans. A video plays showcasing the rivalry of Crimson and Matt Morgan. They were once a great tag team, but everything fell apart. Crimson called out Matt last week saying he wants a match with him. Their match is coming up next!


Kurt Angle is backstage. He says he will not accept Jeff Hardy's rematch at Lockdown because he is a cry baby. He is worse than Kurt's son. He beat Jeff at Victory Road and now he wants another match. He says he will give him his match if Jeff can win his match and then he will give something else for Jeff to cry about!

Christy Hemme is in the ring to announce the next match. She is interrupted by Ausitn Aries. He walks out and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and says this isn't suppose to be his time but his time is always taken and it doesn't leave him a spot on the show, so he is going to do the same thing. He says that he faced everyone and now doesn't have any challenge. He begins to attack Bully Ray. He insults Ray and how James kicked his taste buds down his throat in seconds. Austin says Ray interrupted his match at Victory Road. He has a problem with Ray since he stuck his nose in his business and his boot into his face. Austin says what is on his mind and speaks the truth. He stands up for himself....just like Storm. He respects Storm. He says James wants Roode while Austin wants Ray. While James wants to go 2 on 1, he has a better idea and that is to fight beside James. He drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Christy Heme announces this match. Music plays and here comes Matt Morgan. Fireworks explode as he is on stage. He gets in the ring as the crowd cheers.


The show returns and Crimson and Matt Morgan are already fighting. They are punching back and forth on the ramp. Matt takes advantage and is able to roll Crimson into the ring. Crimson is able to attack Matt as he slides in.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

The bell sounds and Crimson continues his attack, but Matt comes back as he knocks Crimson down and punches him in the face ten times. Both get up and Crimson puts Matt in the corner. He hits Matt in the face and chest and then pounds on his back. Crimson whips Matt in the opposing corner, but Matt reverses it. Matt runs into him and smashes him. He then runs into the ropes and hits Crimson. He falls back through the ropes to the outside. Crimson pulls Matt out of the ring and attacks him. He brings him back in. Crimson is now in control as he whips Matt in the ropes and drops him down on the mat. He covers but Matt kicks out. Crimson gets him up and does multiple strikes and then a swinging neck breaker. Matt slowly gets up in the corner. Crimson is on the opposite side. Matt gets up and Crimson runs. Matt side steps and Crimson goes right into the steel ring post. Crimson comes out and Matt hits several closelines and then a side walk slam. Crimson gets up and Matt runs to him, but Crimson side steps and Matt goes over the ropes. Matt pulls Crimson out of the ring and hits his head off the apron or steel post. He then hits it off the steel guard rail and chokes him on it. They walk away and Crimson goes to do a piledriver on Matt on the ramp, but Matt does a back body drop. The bell sounds. Crimson gets up and they are fighting back and forth. They continue to fight until they go through double doors into the back. Nothing has been settled. No Contest


A camera is in the TV production area. Mr. Parks walks into the truck. He introduces himself and says he is Abyss' brother. He comments on the truck and how amazing it is that everything is controlled there. He changes the subject as he asks if they seen Abyss at all. They haven't. He leaves his card with them, tells them to have a good show, and walks away.

Music begins and the lights go out. The crowd starts to cheer. The spotlight turns on and here is Mr. Anderson! He is on the stage. He reaches up for the microphone to fall. He asks all the @ssholes how they are doing. He then introduces himself and continues to the ring. After he is in the ring, music plays and here comes Jeff Hardy! He walks on the stage as the crowd roars. He is rocken' another interesting and neat face paint style. He interacts with the fans around the ring and finally gets in.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

The bell sounds and they lock-up. Anderson pushes Jeff right into the corner and he backs up. They then lock-up again and Jeff applies a headlock. As they go against the ropes, Anderson applies a headlock now. He then spins around and works on the arm of Jeff. Jeff twists and works on the arm and then a headlock and Anderson sends him away. Jeff knocks Anderson down though. He gets up and is able to knock Jeff down and apply the headlock on the mat. Both get up and Jeff gets away. He runs into the ropes and does a shoulder block. Anderson gets up and Jeff whips Anderson in the corner. Anderson sits down on the mat. Jeff runs and goes for the double swinging foot stomp into the chest, but Ken moves out of the corner. Ken takes advantage as he applies a headlock to Jeff. Jeff is finally able to get out and hit several closelines on Ken. He covers, but Ken kicks out. Both get up and Anderson is able to lift Jeff up after running into the ropes and drops him down. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Anderson hits several elbow drops. He waits for Jeff to get up and goes for the mic check, but Jeff elbows his way out and kicks Ken in the gut and goes for the twist of fate, but Ken pushes him back. Jeff backs into the ropes, comes forward and they bump heads. Jeff falls back outside of the ring while Ken falls down. As Jeff gets up on the outside, Kurt comes out and hits Jeff. He low blows him and then slams him into the steel post. He rolls him in the ring while Kurt hides by the ring. Ken goes over and gets the win. Winner: Mr. Anderson

James Storm's "Longnecks and Rednecks" music video airs. Catch it on TNA's website or their Youtube channel. It could quite possibly be posted on here with the video highlights of this episode. The song and music video isn't bad.

The video ends and a camera is in the parking lot. It shows Dixie Carter getting out of a limo. The camera changes to show Eric Bischoff walking backstage.


Eric Young and ODB are together picking their wedding plans. They are meeting a wedding planner. She enters. She welcomes and introduces herself. ODB says they have three weeks to get married so let's get moving. As they discuss, Eric wants to wear a dress. ODB declines and says she is the one wearing it. The lady shows them her pillows for the rings. Eric likes her other pillows though. ODB is offended and throws the pills away. The lady goes on to talk about how many guys he is going to have in the wedding. Eric asks her how much she can handle. ODB shoos her away. It is all about them two. ODB sits down and says they are going to get married three days before a Steel Cage!!! Eric can't believe it! They kiss on the lips!

The camera shows the Impact Zone as Eric Bischoff's music hits. He comes out and the crowd boos. Eric feels the love. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He has a smile smirk on his face. He grabs a mic. He thanks all of the fans multiple times. They continue to boo him and he continues to say thanks. Eric talks about how amazing it is to be him. He is thankful to be himself everyday. He is able to exert change wherever he goes just by having a clause in his contract saying that he can have camera time whenever he wants. He states that he gets up everyday and makes a checklist. He wanted Sting gone as GM. Check! He wanted someone to replace him with someone who is less than him. Check. He wants to increase his personal wealth. Check, check, check, check! There is one thing that he can't get done though. It has to do with his son. He calls out his son. Garett Bischoff comes on stage with his music playing. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He meets his dad in the ring. Eric calls him punk and says he will give him an opportunity to live his life as a happy person who will move on with his life. If he does not take it, he will get hurt. At Lockdown, he wants Garett to face Gunner in a Steel Cage. NO interference. Just them two. He knows Gunner and how he can destroy him, but he can avoid that by walking away from this company. Garett gets on the mic and calls his old boy a Jack@ss. He says he also has a thick one too. Garett states he is not going anywhere. If Eric thinks putting Gunner in a Steel Cage will scare Garett, then he is dumber than we thought. He tells Eric to tell Gunner to bring it all. Gunner leaves the ring with his music playing. Eric goes to jump at him, but it was all for scare and it failed.


There are 17 days away till the James Storm vs. Bobby Roode match at Lockdown. With that being said, a video plays hyping up the match. It shows an old building in the woods. Inside is James Storm training and working out. James talks about his dad and how he helped him grow. James talks about him and Roode joining as a team. He says they weren't anything alike. It changed as they were one of the greatest tag teams in TNA history. James is training harder than he has ever done in his life. He will earn the right to be #1 Contender and earn the right to be TNA World Champion.

The video ends and the camera shows Hulk Hogan entering the Impact arena. He is here!

The camera switches to Christy Hemme in the ring as she announces this match. Bully Ray comes out on stage. The crowd boos. He shows his calves and continues to the ring. Bobby Roode's music plays. He walks down the ramp with the TNA World Title around his waist. The crowd also boos him. Two of the biggest heels in this company join together. Austin Aries enters the stage. He has the X-Division Title around his waist. The crowd cheers as he stands on the ramp. James Storm comes out and the crowd roars. He meets Austin on the ramp as fireworks explode behind them. He brings his beer bottle to the ring. Both enter and Roode backs out as he exits the ring.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries and James Storm

Ray and Austin start the match. Austin moves around the ring while Ray stands there like a statue. He then slowly walks as Austin moves at a constant pace. Ray says Austin has a huge mouth for such a small man. If Austin wants to face Ray so bad, he won't let it happen. Ray tags in Roode. Roode gets in and he meets Austin face to face. Austin turns to tag in James, but Roode attacks him from behind. He brings him in the corner and does shots to his gut. He then whips him to the opposing corner, but Austin moves. Roode then whips him in the ropes but Austin does spins to get out of the way. Austin plays these games with Roode, but he finally catches up as he hits Austin in the gut and goes for a back suplex, but Austin lands on his feet from behind. He bounces off the ropes, spins and fists Roode right in the head. He falls. Austin stands there as Roode slowly stirs. Ray is a bit surprised.


Austin is in the ring with Ray. They lock-up and Austin is able to get all over Ray with a headlock and then an armlock and then takes him down on the mat. Austin pounds on his head and back and then Austin lays on the corner. Ray is embarrassed. He runs over, but Austin moves out of the way and then smashes Ray in the corner and hits ten elbow shows right to the head of Ray. Austin backs off and then runs to him, but Ray does a huge big boot to Austin and it knocks him down instantly. Ray gets him up and does a huge chop to the chest. Austin falls. Ray is in control. Ray jumps up and lands right on Austin. Ray trash talks. He gets up and lifts Austin up and puts him in his corner. He tags Roode. Roode enters and punches Austin and then hits a suplex. He then plants a knee to Austin's throat and chest. Roode does something that gets James fired up. Roode quickly takes Austin to his corner and attacks him. As Roode goes back over to James, Ray hits Austin in the head multiple times and chokes him on the ropes. Roode turns around and gets Austin in the middle of the ring to stomp on his gut. He tags in Ray. Ray comes in and pounds Austin to the mat. He then mocks the fans who are cheering for Austin to come back. He brings Austin back to the corner. Austin suddenly fights Roode in the corner with an elbow. He then goes up to the top rope and does a missile dropkick to Ray and it knocks him down. Austin rolls through and tags Storm. James enters and he hits Ray multiple times with several closelines and an atomic drop and more closelines. He brings Roode into the ring. As Roode tries to tell him to get away, James goes closer but Ray is able to hit him from behind and Roode leaves. James is able to fight back. Roode takes a swig of James's beer and gets in the ring. As James sets up for the last call super kick, Roode goes to him and sprays the beer, but James ducks and it goes right in the eyes of Ray. Roode can't believe it and leaves the ring quickly. James hits the last call super kick and gets the pin. The ending becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. As James celebrates, Roode looks on from ringside. Winners: James Storm and Austin Aries

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage as he is coming up next!


Dixie Carter is in the ring. She has a mic. She says she knows Hogan has made it to the building. She wants Hulk Hogan to come out now. The crowd roars when his music plays. He comes on stage and fireworks explode and shoot in the air. He walks down the ramp and looks at all of the fans. He comes into the ring and meets with Dixie once more. The crowd chants, "Hogan, Hogan, Hogan!" Dixie says taking over the GM spot is a huge decision for the both of them. Dixie failed to tell Sting that she believes in Hogan. She wants him to take this position. She needs an answer now. Hogan thanks Sting. He says he came here when a lot of great things were happening, but he caught up with some stuff that wasn't great. He says that he realized after Bound for Glory that he closed his books on this part of his life. Sting's music plays and here comes The Icon. He gets in the ring and the entire TNA roster is following him (at least all of the baby faces). They get in the ring too. Sting has a mic. He wants to get right to the point. Hogan is not going to deny Sting, Dixie, and the fans (The chant louder than ever). He asks it yes or no?!?!?! Hogan looks around and feels the energy from the fans. He asks Sting if it involves totally clean slate. He says they are making this tough. He needs to know one thing though. He says Impact Wrestling has a dark cloud over them. No matter how deep and violent it can get.....will Sting forever watch Hulk Hogan's back? Sting says that is easy as he says yes. He then asks if the real Hogan with the eye of the tiger take the GM spot? Hogan says, with Sting's back, Impact Wrestling has a new GM spot. The crowd roars. Dixie and Hogan hug. The stars shake hands with Hogan. Hulk says what are they going to do while he, the new GM, runs wild on them?! There is a new person in charge! Sting, Dixie, and Hogan join hands and raise their arms as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. James Storm and Austin Aries- New from last week
2. Hulk Hogan- New from last week
3. Velvet Sky- New from last week
4. Mr. Anderson- New from last week
5. Bully Ray- Same as last week

Alex's Assumptions:

With Wrestlemania days away, that becomes the topic of conversation in the wrestling world. With that being said, that is why I added that to the title of the results. With Wrestlemania days away, I feel like no one will be talking about this show. Yes, they may discuss it tonight and tomorrow, but nothing more. Wrestlemania is in full gear with one of the best cards in history (maybe the best line-up). It's real hard to compete with that....almost impossible! Even though I am getting excited for the show, any wrestling right now will get me excited and that means Impact Wrestling. It is not going to have Triple H vs. Undertaker, but it still is wrestling. Tonight's show was pretty good, in my opinion. There are a few quick things I did like. They are: Jeff's face paint (So stylish and so unique that he keeps it looking awesome), Austin's promo (I know he is great on the mic, but getting a short amount of time and discussing stuff so fast to get to the point was fantastic. Love his mic work), Bull Ray (He tries to be the worst person in the world and I love it. He is one amazing heel), and ODB and Eric Young (Eric is making me laugh again and that is all because of ODB. These two crazy characters are perfect for entertainment). It will be interesting to see how Kurt Angle's rivalry will go with Jeff Hardy since he may have injured his leg. I figured Hogan will be GM, but I didn't think he would have doubt about it. The question is how the show will change with him in "charge". Will Roode try to take advantage of him like he did to Sting? Finally, MotorCity Machine Guns are coming back next week and I can't wait! I love this tag team! Sadly they won't be able to face Beer Money. Them facing Joe and Magnus should be different, no doubt! As the main event match and Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff had the only good wrestling back and forth battles tonight, there were a few nice segments. I know there will be people talking with Hogan being in charge. It seems like TNA always keeps people talking (Which is always good).

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