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Impact Wrestling Results (3/8/12) - He Is Back......Back!!!!!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/8/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA's Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package that is telling the whole Garett Bischoff and Eric Bischoff story. It shows the segment last week that had Ric tell Garett to not show up. Will he show up though? The video ends and a camera is backstage in the parking lot. This was shot earlier today as Garett drives up in a Jeep Wrangler with the top down. He stops and gets out. The camera man asks him about what Flair said last week. Mr. Bischoff heard him and said he is not going anywhere. He wheels his suitcase into the arena.

The camera switches to the Impact Zone. Music plays, Ric's music, and Eric, Gunner, and Flair himself walk on stage. The crowd boos as Eric thanks them for the support. They walk down the ramp slowly while looking at the audience. They get in the ring and Eric grabs a mic. He first says that he loves that entrance music. He switches gears and says he has to deal with family business right in front of everyone tonight. He goes on to say that he talked to Sting earlier and had him make a match. It will be Gunner and his partner of his choosing and Garett and a partner of his. Eric turns to Ric and says that he and Ric have been up and down, but Ric looked to Garett like his own son as he warned him of what could happen to him in the future. Ric did that out of love and respect. He did that because he is a true professional. A camera shot backstage shows Garett backstage watching them on television. Eric states that no one would team up with Garett. Just then, Kurt Angle's music plays! Eric can't believe it. Gunner is ecstatic. Kurt walks down to the ring smiling. He gets in the ring and meets Ric and then hugs Eric and Gunner. Garett is shown backstage shaking his head. Eric is on the mic and still doesn't believe it. Kurt grabs the mic and says he is glad to give him his services and be the partner of Gunner's. He turns to the camera and says he does not like Garret. He hates him because he does not respect his father. Kurt, on the other hand, listened and respected his father, and he went on to be an olympic gold medalist. Kurt says that everyone hates the people who have the last name, Bischoff, (no respect to Eric as Eric makes a face) and he will beat down Garret and make him tap, tap, tap! Kurt's music plays as he celebrates with the others.

Sting is backstage. He is in the bathroom putting on some paint on his face. He is looking in the mirror as he is turning to his crazy side. He says Roode has ten days left....TEN DAYS until the PPV. As he continues to talk, Eric Young enters the picture. Eric talks about his girl to Sting and says he wants to do something special for her. He asks Sting for permission to do something later tonight. Sting says ODB wants jewelry and other items. Sting tells him that it's a done deal. Sting says he is ODB's partner, not anyone else's. Eric says he knew he can count on Sting. The Icon puts some paint on Eric's face and tells him to go. Eric turns to walk away. Sting turns to the mirror and continues his crazy side. He talks to Bobby (but really to himself in the mirror).


The TNA Tag Team Knockout Titles are on the line as ODB and Eric Young walk down the ramp. The crowd cheers. They interact with the fans and then enter the ring. As they wait, Kim and Rayne come out. As they walk to the ring, a video is played showing last week's match between these stars.

Eric Young and ODB vs. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Knockout Titles

The bell sounds and Eric ties up with Earl Hebner, the referee. He lets go and goes to tie up with Gail, but he backs to his corner and ODB is tagged in. She gets in and goes after Gail by knocking her down. She then whips Gail in the corner and then smashes her. She falls and ODB does the bronco buster. Gail kicks ODB away. Gail gets up, but ODB does a falloway slam. Gail is able to retaliate and tags in Madison. She gets in and goes after ODB. ODB is up on the corner, but ODB is able to grab Madison's head and rams it in the turnbuckle. She then jumps from the corner. There is a cover, but Madison kicks out. Eric distracts and it makes Madison take control. She tosses ODB out of the ring. Gail gets down and stomps on her and then slides her back in. Rayne covers, but ODB kicks out. Gail is tagged in. She hits ODB a couple of times and then tags Rayne back in. They double team as they whip ODB in the corner and both run into her. Madison grabs ODB and rams her face into the mat as she came out of the corner. She covers, but ODB kicks out again. She gets ODB up, but ODB is able to lunge herself and it knocks Rayne down. Both are down. Both reach for their corners and both tag in their partners. Gail goes after Eric, but he moves and grabs the referee. Kim runs to him, but he moves around and puts her on the top rope. Madison comes over and he lifts her up as long as Kim and does the airplane spin. Everyone stumbles around and falls. He tags Kim, but Madison breaks it up. They attack Eric now, but they can't put him over the top rope. ODB enters and attacks both of them. Madison rolls out of the ring and ODB follows. Just then, Madison whips ODB in the steel steps. Madison grabs the tag title and gets in the ring. She hits Eric from behind as Gail is right in front of her. He falls forward, as does Kim, and lands right on him. This all happens as Earl checks on ODB. Eric covers Kim and Earl turns to count. Winner and New TNA Tag Team Knockout Champs: ODB and Eric Young

As they celebrate in the ring, Eric grabs the hand of ODB. The music stops. The fans start to cheer. Eric then goes down to one knee and brings up his other hand that has a ring in it. ODB is stunned. Her mouth drops. She steps back staring at it.


The show returns and Eric has a mic. He states that he has a lot of support on his right for this (meaning the crowd). They are champs and they just got that apartment they wanted. He then asks ODB if she will marry him. The crowd chants, "Say yes!" She aces the ring and looks at it. She then has him stand up. She turns her back to him and then turns around and kneels down. She holds her hand up to him with a ring of her own. Eric yells, "Yes, yes, yes!" He gets out of the ring and runs around. He gets back in and jumps on ODB. They fall on the mat and start kissing.

The camera is backstage. Mr. Parks is outside talking to one of the guards. He says he is here to see TNA officials. The guard checks and then lets him go through. He is in a suit and all.

Bully Ray is backstage. He talks about concussions and memory loss. He says he knocked out James and he won't be going after any title as Ray will take care of him. He says Sting will do the ring thing, trust him....hopefully!

Austin Aries is backstage. He is on his phone. He says that Sting is now e-mailing. He first Tweets and now e-mails. The e-mail reads that he is giving Zema Ion a X-Division Title shot. Austin says that he is giving away a great match for free. He should be doing it on a PPV. He says he doesn't have to be there as he can go down to south beach. Austin leaves still enraged.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next contest. Zema Ion comes on stage as the fans boo. He comes down in his cocky, arrogant way. He gets in the ring and grinds while he applies his hairspray. His hair looks to be flatter than normal. Austin Aries comes on stage. He walks down the ramp as he does it in his own cocky way. He lays on the apron and then jumps in.

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries (Champ) for the X-Division Title

The bell sounds and Zema goes for a quick kick, but Austin blocks it and hits Zema with a punch. He then applies a headlock. Zema tries to throw him away, but he holds onto his hair. Austin makes him fall and then does a dropkick to Zema's face. Austin slides out and bows to the fans around the ring. He gets on apron and is able to knock Zema down. He spins over the ropes and lands on Ion. He covers but Ion kicks out. He whips Ion in the corner, but Ion jumps up. He is able to get Austin's number and almost does the same thing outside as he gloats. Austin then grabs Ion, but he brings Austin out of the ring. Austin gets in the ring as Ion gets on the apron and to the top rope. Austin climbs it and Zema falls down. Austin flies off, but Zema moves out of the way and Austin goes right into the steel guard rail. Zema takes control as he slides Austin in. Zema goes for the 450 splash, but Austin moves away. He tries to get Zema out, but he grabs his hairspray and hides it in his trunks. Austin knees Zema in the gut and puts him in the corner. They get out of the corner and Austin puts Zema in it, but the referee is there. As they fumble around, the referee moves out of the way. Ion takes out the spray and goes to, well, spray Austin, but he ducks. He kicks Ion and he loses the can. Austin has it and sprays Ion in the eyes with it. The referee turns around and sees it and calls for the bell. As Austin looses, he still raises his arm with the title in his hand while Zema has his arm raised by the referee. Winner: Zema Ion, but Still X-Division Champ: Austin Aries

Mr. Parks is backstage. He goes to Velvet Sky and introduces him as Joseph. He asks Sky if she has seen Chris, aka Abyss. She didn't even know he had a brother. She hasn't seen him. Parks thanks her for her time and walks out. You learn something new everyday, she says.


Bully Ray is in the ring. The crowd boos him, like always. He says Calf-zilla is here! He shows off his calves once again. Ray goes on to say what he has done to James, including bashing his head in and taking him out. He is also the guy who should be #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. He then tells the General Manager, Mr. Sting, to come out and name him contender. Well, here comes The Stinger! The crowd pops! He walks down the ramp with his crazy ways as he now adds red paint to his face. The Joker is coming back! Sting gets in the ring and Ray backs up to the corner. Sting gets on the mic and says he feels so alive! He says Ray can't just name a match just because he injured someone. Ray says he can do anything he want. Name him contender as he wants Bobby Roode. Sting couldn't hear him. Ray says it once and twice. Ray says it three times....and now four! Sting says no one does Bully like him. He also comments on his calves and says he will give him Roode. Sting lifts up his hand and Ray gives him a high five. Ray is thrilled. He said he knew he would do what he wanted. Sting leaves the ring. He gets on stage and says he will get him right after the break. Meanwhile, Ray drops his mic and claps for Sting. A referee comes to the ring as the match will happen soon!


Bully is waiting in the ring as the camera goes to Bobby Roode and Sting backstage. Roode is complaining and whining as he is not up for this. Sting says he will defend his title at Lockdown against Storm and Sting one-on-one at Victory Road, but now he will face Ray. His music is playing so he better go. Roode leaves. He comes onstage as the crowd boos. He makes his way to the ring. He has the TNA World Title around his waist. He asks Ray about this as he stands on the apron. Ray wants to do this. Ray tells Roode to take his belt off and get ready to fight. Roode takes it off, but doesn't want to at all.

Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode

The bell rings and Roode tells Ray that he doesn't need to do this. Ray walks around the ring, which makes Roode. Ray tells Roode he is going to be a punk. When is Roode going to be an actual champion?! Just then, they lock-up and Ray backs Roode in the corner. He backs up and goes to punch him, but Roode hits in the corner. Ray tells him to, "LET'S GO!" Roode gets out and they do a series of moves, but it ends up to have Roode applying a headlock to Ray. Ray pushes Roode away and does a shoulder block. Roode gets up and does a huge slap to the face. Just then, Roode regrets it. Ray looks on as he can't believe it. Ray goes to him, but Roode kicks him in the gut and then punches him in the head. Ray backs up in the corner. Roode does a knife edge chop and then a punch. He brings him out of the corner and elbows him in the back. He puts him in another corner and then whips him in the opposing corner. Ray slowly gets out. Roode bounces off the ropes, but Ray does a back body drop. He then hits a side walk slam. He covers, but Roode kicks out and rolls out of the ring. Ray reaches over and grabs Roode's hair. Roode grabs Ray's head and chokes him on the top rope. He bounces back. Roode gets in and brings Ray to the rope for more choking. Both get up and Ray fights back with punches. He then whips Roode into the corner. Ray runs to him, but Roode elbows him. He goes to the second rope and does a flying elbow to Ray's head and chest. It knocks him down. He covers, but Ray kicks out. As Roode stands, Ray kneels. Ray then does a huge slap to Roode's chest. Not once, but twice or three times. Ray gets up and does a back body top and then a series of closelines. He puts Bobby in the corner and runs to him, but Roode lifts his foot up. Ray takes him out, lifts him up, and plants him down on the mat. He covers, but Roode kicks out. Ray eyes him as Roode slowly stands. Roode turns and Ray goes for the big boot, but Roode ducks and does a spear. He covers, but Ray kicks out. Bobby goes outside and grabs Ray's chain. He runs to Ray, who is leaning in a corner. He does a big boot to Roode. Ray gets the chain and goes to use it when Roode would stand. Just then, James runs into the ring through the crowd. Ray gets out of the ring. Roode stands and James does a super kick right to Bobby. He falls instantly. James grabs the TNA World Title and looks at it. He then puts it on the body of Roode and walks away as his music plays. No Contest

Garett Bischoff is backstage. He says this is a big night for him. He says he knows Gunner but Kurt Angle is different. The camera man asks Garett who his partner is. He says he is confident on the person, but he is not going to spoil the beans.


Matt Morgan and Crimson are backstage. They are talking while Mr. Parks enters the locker room. He introduces himself and shakes their hand. He then asks if they know where his brother, Chris is. They do not know what he is talking about. He says Abyss and they are shocked. They state they haven't seen him in a couple of months and do not know where to direct him to find the monster. Parks leaves and Crimson says that Matt lost the shot for the titles, but it's time to regain it. Matt says they are a team and need to go get them back. They agree and leave.

Rob T. and Robbie E. come on stage as Robbie's music plays. He has the Television Title around his waist. They enter the ring with Robbie's fist pumping. Crimson and Matt Morgan come out and the crowd pops. They walk down the ramp to get in the ring.

Rob T. and Robbie E. vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson in a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Tag Team Titles

Crimson starts the match with Robbie. Robbie does his taunts to the crowd. As he turns around, Crimson knocks him right down. He continues the assault as he throws him around. Robbie basks up in his corner and tags Rob in. He enters and locks up with Crimson. Rob knees Crimson in the gut and does a forearm on his back. He then does a body slam. Crimson slowly gets up but Rob hits Crimson's back. Just then, Crimson gets up and fights back with punches, but Rob grabs the throat of Crimson, but he breaks it. Just then, Crimson gets hit with the clipboard and is able to give Rob the advantage. Robbie jumps from the corner. He elbows/knes Crimson in the face. They put Crimson in the corner and double attack him. They both run into him. Rob continues the attack. As he taunts, Crimson lifts him up and hits a spine buster. Both are down. Both crawl to their corner. Both partners are tagged. Morgan goes right after Robbie as he knocks him down several times and then does a running knee left. Rob gets in and Matt throws Rob into the corner where Robbie is. Matt closelines Rob out of the ring while doing the carbon footprint to Robbie. Crimson tags himself in and gets the win. The ending becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Matt talks to Crimson about him tagging himself in. Crimson shrugs it off. Winners: Matt Morgan and Crimson

Earlier today, AJ Styles is taped backstage. He says Kazarian and Daniels are former friends. AJ says he knows how to handle this and they are not going to like it at all. He chuckles and smiles.


Gunner is backstage. He talks about Kurt Angle as he says anyone would pick him. Kurt states that he doesn't like Garett and he is going to beat him up. "It's real, it's damn real!"

A video package plays showing the whole feud between Daniels, AJ Styles and Kazarian. The video ends and music plays. Here comes AJ Styles. The crowd roars. He makes his way down the ramp. He interacts with the fans and then gets in the ring. He grabs a mic while the fans are chanting his name. He says that the crowd could be chanting, "Tenth Anniversary TNA!" He states that he is glad to be part of this company the entire time. He thinks of all of matches he fought in and all of the alliances he made. He states that it is hard to believe that Brother Ray, now Bully Ray, was part of the Front Line. These are the memories that he would want to forget. Just then, Daniels and Kazarian come on stage. Daniels talks about coming back into the company and staying on AJ's side. While Daniels fought for him and it made AJ better, Daniels just got a pink slip. He decided to put himself first and so did Kazarian. AJ states that Daniels' firing is one of the better things that AJ remembers. Kazarian says that AJ has terrible qualities and that is why people are turning their backs on him. You can see right through AJ as the problem lies with him. Maybe AJ is a disease that needs to be cured. OH, he is the phenomenal AJ Styles and no one blames him for anything. With AJ looking for answers, maybe that is why he can't get it because it is him. AJ says they are the reason why he is not going to associate with friends anymore. He would rather associate like an @sshole! Just then, music plays and here comes Mr. Anderson as that was his voice finishing AJ's sentence. He comes down the ramp while AJ gets out of the ring. They bring Daniels and Kaz into the ring and attack them. They exit the ring while Kaz wants to continue fighting. Daniels pulls him away though as they walk up the ramp. Mr. Anderson is back!

Garett is backstage as he knocks on a door. He asks someone if they are ready. He then says that he will see him out there. Who is Gunner's opponent? We will find out!


A video plays that shows footage from fans talking about TNA's shows as they love the matches and wrestlers. They have their own brand and style and love it!

Gunner's music plays and he comes out on stage. He walks down the ramp as the crowd boos. After he is in the ring, music plays. Here comes Kurt Angle, rising up from below the stage. The olympic gold medalist makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd boos. Very few in the front row are shown clapping for him. Gunner comes out next. The crowd pops. He makes his way down the ramp. He is at the end and is waiting for his opponent. He has a little smirk on his face as Kurt and Gunner look on. Well, music hits and here comes his opponent.....Jeff Hardy! Kurt doesn't believe it. Gunner is dumbfounded. Jeff walks down the ramp as the crowd roars. They walk to the ring together. Jeff has his crazy face paint on with his eyelids painted over with painted eyes. Another great "mask". Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces this main event.

Kurt Angle and Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff and Jeff Hardy

As Jeff and Garett go to their corner, Gunner and Kurt run to them. Kurt and Gunner double team Jeff as the referee holds back Garett. Kurt then tells Gunner to go on the apron as he wants Jeff. He does some stomps and kicks to the gut and then chokes him on the apron. As he backs up and Garett distracting the referee, Gunner goes after Jeff. Kurt gets Jeff up and does a snap suplex. He covers, but Jeff kicks out. Angle looks his arms around Jeff for a front face lock. Jeff gets up as he uses the crowd's power. He elbows his way out of it. He bounces into the ropes and kicks Kurt as he was bending over. He then takes Kurt down. Jeff follows. As Jeff crawls to his corner, Gunner runs in and knocks Garett off the apron. Kurt gets up, pulls Jeff to the opposite side and tags Gunner is. Gunner attacks Jeff as he rams his head into the turnbuckle. He then chokes him with his foot as Jeff lies on the mat. Gunner gets him up and goes for a body slam, but Jeff slides out. He punches Gunner and goes to Garett, but Gunner picks him up and rams him into the corner so he can tag Angle. Kurt gets in and keeps the momentum going as he punches Jeff to make him fall.


Kurt Angle continues the beat down on Jeff as he stomps on him. Jeff is close to his own corner, but Kurt gets him and applies a sleeper hold. Jeff fades, but tries and comes back as he elbows out of it. He runs into the ropes, but Kurt locks his arms around Jeff and does a belly to belly suplex. Kurt goes to Garett and doe some mocking and insulting. Kurt gets Jeff up and brings him to Gunner. Gunner is in now and knocks Jeff down. He covers, but Jeff kicks out. Kurt is tagged in again. Kurt gets Jeff up, but Jeff fights back with punches. He whips Kurt into the corner. Kurt is able to kick Jeff as he comes. He then tosses Jeff out of the ropes. As Kurt messes with Garett, Gunner attacks Jeff outside as he slams him into the steel guard rail. Gunner slides Jeff in the ring. Suddenly, Jeff tries to quickly crawl through the legs of Angle to get a tag, but Kurt grabs the ankle for the submission, but Jeff grabs the ropes. Kurt tags Gunner in. Gunner does a suplex. He covers, but doesn't get the win. Gunner gets him back up and tags Kurt. Kurt kicks Jeff in the gut. He gets him up and hits a body slam. Kurt taunts as the crowd chants Hardy. Gunner distracts Garett on the apron. He leaves his apron as Jeff was coming. Just then, Kurt gets caught into an inside cradle. The referee turns and sees it. Kurt kicks out. Kurt tags Gunner in. Jeff is thrown into the ropes and Gunner puts on the sleeper hold. Jeff fades once again. He lies on the mat. He now comes back and elbows his way out of it. Gunner stops him. He whips him into the corner. Gunner runs, but Jeff elbows him, climbs it and does whisper in the wind! Both are down.

On the outside, Kurt and Garett are talking back and forth. Garett wants to fight him. Jeff is looking for a tag, but Gunner brings him back. He tags in Kurt as he gets on the apron. Kurt attacks him, but Jeff is able to knock Kurt down. He gets up, dives, and tags in Garett. He gets in as Kurt stands. He knocks down Kurt multiple times with elbows and closelines. He then does a flapjack to Kurt. He dropkicks Gunner off the apron. Garett covers Kurt, but Gunner enters and stops the count. Garett is able to fight both of them with a double shoulder block or closeline. Before he did it, when he bounced off the ropes, Jeff Hardy tagged himself in. As Gunner and Kurt are down, Jeff hits the swanton bomb on Kurt. He picks up the win! Winners: Jeff Hardy and Garett Bischoff

Gunner and Kurt walk up the ramp backwards as they look on to see Jeff and Garett celebrating a huge win in the ring. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Garett Bischoff and Jeff Hardy- New from last week
2. Bully Ray- Same from last week
3. ODB and Eric Young- New from last week
4. James Storm- Down from last week
5. Mr. Anderson- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This is one episode that I am glad I did not read what people thought about it through the spoilers. I never read TNA's spoilers in the first place, but I do see people talking about it and it's hard to not to read what they say. I am glad I didn't read anything as seeing Mr. Anderson return was surprising! I had no idea he was returning and it made the show! (Well, not only that!) It was really nice seeing Anderson back and I can't wait to see him in action with Daniels next week. Another thing I liked was the appearance of Sting. I love his crazy gimmick. Every time I see him and when he is finished with his promo, it makes me want more. I love it! Not only was seeing Sting great, but seeing Kurt Angle was nice. Seeing him in action was even better. It's always a pleasure seeing Kurt in action and hearing his introduction! So pleasant! The Bully Ray vs. Roode match was pretty good, but knew something would happen at the end. Got to say, Bully Ray is one amazing heel! The X-Division match was interesting and I am starting to grow on Zema Ion. It was interesting seeing a heel vs. heel match, but I still had to go with Austin for this match. He is still higher than Zema for me. The main event was different as Garett was only in the match for about 1-2 minutes. With the domination through the whole match, I thought Garett would pick up the victory, but he didn't. The small things make the show unpredictable. Where was Samoa Joe and Magnus? They were in the main event last week and not on the show this week. I know you can't fit everyone, but still. The whole ODB and Eric story is entertaining. It looks like there is going to be another wedding that will be planned. Weddings in wrestling are the platforms of disaster. Wonder how this will turn out! Next week marks the final show before Victory Road as well as Anderson's return match! Make sure you tune into the show and here! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio). Also check out my personal blog where you can find everything I do and keep it as updated as possible (link also down below in my bio).

Weekly Question: What feud are you liking the most on Impact Wrestling right now?

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