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Impact Wrestling Results (4/12/12) - All Will Be Locked Up At Lockdown

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/12/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package that showcases Hulk Hogan in charge of Impact Wrestling. It shows him making Roode vs. Anderson and then finally ending the Bischoff rivalry at Lockdown.

The camera shows the Impact Zone with the entire audience on their feet. Music plays and Eric Bischoff comes out on stage. As he walks down the ramp, the crowd boos him. Eric gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He insults the fans in attendance and they boo even more. He says he has business to take care of things. He says his kid and Hogan are pretty snotty lately. The crowd tells Eric exactly what they think as "They Don't Care"! Eric states that the name "Bischoff" will live on in this industry all by Eric's legacy. Eric says Hogan questioned Eric's leadership ability. Eric then states that he created one of the baddest teams in TNA history with just a snap of his fingers. He introduces his team. Bully Ray's music plays and he comes out on stage. He, Gunner, Daniels, and Kazarian enter the ring. Bully Ray gets on the mic. He asks the crowd if they know who Eric Bischoff is. The crowd boos. Ray asks them again. He says that he is Eric Bischoff!!!!! Ray says he is proud to stand next to Eric. He is proud to go to war for Eric. As great as Eric is, he has made one mistake. Eric is pretty shocked to hear that. Ray has the guts to call him out on it. His mistake is his son Garett. Eric took a sigh of relief after hearing that. Eric says he will take care of that at Lockdown. Eric says there will be a Best of 3 Series to have one man advantage at Lockdown and Eric knows it will be his team. He states Gunner will take out anyone so let's get this started! Just then, music plays and it's Garett Bischoff.

Garett comes out on stage with a mic. He says his dad has been hard at work. His team is ready to go and that is good. He hopes Eric has chosen wisely as he will need it. He has his team finalized and they want to get their hands on each member of Eric's team. One is foaming at the mouth as he wants to fight. Music plays and it's Mr. Anderson! He comes on stage. He is ready while Gunner gets set by confronting his team. Anderson walks down the ramp.


Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson in the Best of 3 Series

The match already started and Mr. Anderson whips Gunner right into the corner. He attacks him in the corner and then backs away. As he comes forward, Gunner drops Anderson down and he goes face first into the second turnbuckle. Gunner takes charge as he attacks Ken with multiple punches in the head and kicks. Ken rolls out of the ring and Gunner follows him. Gunner rakes his back and then does punches. Gunner lifts Ken up to drop him down on the security railing, but Ken slides out and pushes Gunner into the steel steps and ring post. Gunner falls down. As he gets back up, Ken whips him into the railing. Ken continues the assault. Gunner rolls in to get away, but Ken elbows him in the face when both stand. Ken lifts Gunner up, but he slides out and does a roll-up. Ken kicks out. Both get up and Ken pushes Gunner. Ken knocks Gunner down and elbows him multiple times in the chest. He then stomps on the sternum. Gunner makes his way to the corner. As Ken walks towards him, he stops the momentum as he hits Ken and knocks him down on the mat. Gunner pounds fists right into his head. He gets Ken up and smashes his face into the corner. As he continues to work on the head, Ken starts to bleed from the forehead. Ken tries to fight back, but Gunner does a roll-up. He uses the tights again but Ken kicks out. Both get up and Ken does a huge right hand. Gunner fights back but Anderson does another huge fist. He then slams Gunner into the corner face first and then makes him go shoulder first into the ring post. He brings Gunner into another corner and has Gunner sit down. He stomps on Gunner and chokes him with his foot. The referee counts and Ken doesn't leave. He has to call for the bell. As Gunner is announced the winner, Ken raises Gunner's hand with a crazed look on his face. Ken leaves the ring as the referee checks on Gunner. Winner: Gunner


Eric Young is backstage. He has a full blue suit on with glasses on as he is looking divine! He looks himself in the mirror. He is liking what he is seeing. Just then, Mr. Parks comes out from the side. He introduces himself. Eric starts to talk about dogs. Mr. Parks changes the subject and asks if Eric knows where Chris (Abyss) is. Eric says he only knows that he was last scene messed up with the Immortal group. Parks gives Eric his card and walks away.

MotorCity Machine Guns are in the ring. Chris has a mic as the crowd chants them on. Chris says what is in the past is in the past and now they are looking in the future and the future is Samoa Joe and Magnus. He gives the mic to Alex Shelley. He takes it and says MCMG have been a team for 6 years while Joe and Magnus have been a team for 6 months. They beat the team of Matt and Crimson who would rub baby oil over their body before their matches. MCMG state that they traveled all over the world and beat Beer Money and retired Team 3-D. He says they are not Sharkboy and they are going to take their titles at Lockdown. Just then, Samoa's music hits as Joe and Magnus walk to the ring. Magnus has a mic as they are all in the ring. He states that Chris has been part with one of the best teams ever. Coming back from an injury gets Magnus' respect. This is about the best tag team on the planet and MCMG are looking at them. The two best teams will face off at Lockdown. Whoever wins will deserve to be TNA Tag Champs. Magnus say they look ready and him and Joe are always ready. If they want to go now, they will! They drop the mic and titles and go to fight but music plays and here comes Hernandez and Anarquia. They walk down the ramp with Anarquia on the mic talking. They said they were tag champs and on the top for 6 months. If they are going to leave them out, they have one thing to this time they are in the ring and go after the others but they are no match Joe and Crimson attack them and then MCMG attack Anarquia as they hit their high flying impactful crossbody neckbreaker finisher. Anarquia rolls out of the ring. MCMG stand in the ring while Joe and Magnus are on the opposite side. They will fight each other this Sunday!


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next contest. Music plays and here comes Daniels. As he jogs down the ramp, the crowd boos. He has a very cocky look on his face as he can already predict he will win this match. Music hits and here comes the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. The crowd cheers as he comes to the ring. He has the title around his waist as he enters the ring.

Daniels vs. Austin Aries in the Best of 3 Series

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They lock-up and Austin works on the arm of Daniels and then applies a side headlock. Daniels gets out and works on the arm of Austin. Austin rolls out and works on the arm and then applies the side headlock again. Daniels lifts him up and Austin lands on his feet behind Daniels. He applies the headlock again. Daniels whips him into the ropes. Austin spins around and then hits Daniels in the head on both sides to band the ear drums. Daniels backs Austin up in the corner and applies the shoulder blocks. They get out of the ring and Daniels quickly loses his steam as Austin does a arm drag takedown. Austin gets up and taunts as he lays down on the top rope in the corner. Daniels runs to him and Austin gets out of the way. He continues to attack. He gets to the top rope and Daniels runs over to him to make him fall on the corner. Daniels does a huge right hand and Austin falls off the top. Daniels does a hard irish whip and Austin falls after hitting the corner. Daniels continues with a headlock and then a backbreaker hold. Austin hits Daniels in the head with multiple knees and gets out of it. Austin rolls out of the ring. Daniels gets on the apron and does a split legged moonsault and misses as Austin slides in the ring. He runs and does a suicide dive. Austin gets in and gets Daniels up. He rams him into the corner. He gets Daniels down in the middle of the ring and elbows him. He covers but Daniels kicks out. Daniels is put in the corner and Austin runs to him but Daniels jumps up and does a roll-up. He uses the tights and the referee notices.

Austin then counters with a roll-up but he uses the tights too. Both get up and Daniels levels Austin. He runs to the corner and goes to the top for the BME but Austin rolls out. Both get up and Austin puts Daniels in the corner. He runs to him and does a huge dropkick or double knee into the chest/head of Daniels. He brings him out, lifts him up and drops him down on his head. Austin covers and wins! Austin gets his arm raised as he holds his title with the crowd cheering in the background. Winner: Austin Aries


The steel cage is being set-up in the middle of the ring. As it is, Jeff Hardy's music hits. He comes out as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring with the cage being set-up. Jeff grabs a mic. He thanks the fans for cheering. He says it all started when Kurt Angle cost him the TNA World Title. It will all end inside the steel cage. Kurt will not be able to run or hide. It's only them two. They will make history. They will hurt each other. He says he loves it. He calls out his creatures and they cheer. He drops the mic and lets his music plays. He leaves the ring and interacts with the fans.

A video plays that was filmed last week. It has James Storm in the back with his two country friends behind him. Roode attacked them last week. James says he can't wait to get his hands on Roode. His friends then speak as they can't wait for Storm to attack him. James tells them they should go and get some cold ones.

The camera is in the back with Eric Young as he is gearing up for his wedding. Just then, Sarita and Rosita walk up to Eric. They mention how he will no longer be free after he is married and he won't be able to look around. They try to convince him not to go through with it as they start to loosen their robes. He is hesitant and then knows that he is marrying ODB for sure and leaves quickly. Both say bye.


The steel cage is finished being built around the ring. The ring is all decked out and with a pastor in the ring behind a podium. Soft music plays as Eric Young comes on stage. He walks down the ramp. He checks out the cage and then walks up the stairs. He has a blue jacket and pants on. He styled his hair and his beard is rocking! He has his stylish glasses on and is ready to make this happen. The wedding music plays for the bride. She doesn't show up though. The music stops and the crowd boos. ODB's music plays and she finally comes out. She raises the flowers and fireworks explode behind her. She walks down the ramp in her camouflage dress. Eric holds down the ropes for her as she enters. After both are in, the door is locked behind them. Eric checks the door as he is curious to see if he could get out safely or not. He moves to the center of the ring. They join hands as the pastor introduces them with their bizarre names. He goes on to state the steel cage is quite symbolic. He says it is their marriage about locked up and sturdy. Before they get to the vows, both prepared a video to show their love for each other. It plays to some love music and different affects on the film. It shows all of the incidents in the past between both of them. They made it a long way. The video was a big hit. After it ends, the crowd chants, "ODB, ODB, ODB". The pastor states that both prepared vows for each other and they will read them now. Eric says he will be with ODB always and cherish her, even if she farts. He will also allow ODB to run his feet whenever she wants. He knows she is into that and he cares. He vows to be her tag partner in wrestling and in life. The TNA Knockout Tag Titles are below them. That statement is for now and forever. ODB gives hers now. She promises to not take his last name but will take his ring music. She promises to slap his @ss whenever necessary as he is into that. He promises to give him a buffet of "BAM" whenever he wants. The crowd chants her name again. The pastor asks if anyone is against them being married, speak not or forever hold your peace. Well, here they come! Sarita and Rosita come on stage as Mexican America's music plays. They object. They said they tried to show Eric what real women are like. Would they rather be with ODB or the best knockout tag champs ever!

Just then, music plays and Rosita takes off her robe. She shakes her thing. Eric looks on while ODB is getting teary eyed. Sarita then takes off her robe and shows her stuff. ODB cries as Sarita shakes it. ODB says she gets it from what both of them have, but they don't have what she has. She pulls down her dress and shows gives her "BAM"! Eric looks back and forth. The crowd chants, "ODB". Eric turns and joins hands with ODB. Rosita and Sarita can't believe it. Eric says she is perfect for him. He has been dreaming of this since he was a little boy. He knows the secret ingredient to make this a perfect wedding. Just then, he takes off his coat and shirt. He then turns around and takes off his pants! Eric turns around to face ODB and the crowd likes what they see. ODB then tells the pastor to strip down. He doesn't understand and then takes off his coat and shirt. He takes off his pants. Eric says this is perfect. The pastor asks Eric if he takes ODB to be his wife. He says, "Abso-freakin-lutely"! He asks ODB the same and she says, "yeah, BOOM"! They are husband and wife and he can kiss the bride. ODB jumps to Eric and they fall on the mat kissing.

Eric Bischoff's team is backstage with Ric Flair. Ric talks to Bully while the others are cheering him on. Ric says it is time to take down Hulk-a-mania. Bully can do it. The team agrees as his match is next.


Bobby Roode is backstage. He has the suit men behind him again. Roode says he has no problem meeting James Storm tonight. He says it is personal and he doesn't have any problem with that.

The camera shows the ring as Bully Ray is already in the ring. AJ Styles' music plays and here comes AJ. He comes out as sparks fly down from above. Garett Bischoff comes behind him along with Anderson and Austin Aries. They meet AJ with hand shakes and fist pounds. AJ goes to the ring.

Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles in the Best of 3 Series

The bell rings and they move around. They get ready and go to lock-up but Ray hides under the ropes. It shows Eric Bischoff's team out at ringside too, along with Eric. AJ and Ray lock-up this time and Ray puts AJ in the corner. He goes to slap AJ's chest, but he moves and Ray hits the corner. They go to tie up again and Ray puts AJ in the corner. He goes for another chop but AJ missed. He turns around and punches Ray. Ray looks on at his opposing team. They go to tie up again and AJ applies a side headlock. He works on it but Ray lifts him up and hits a back suplex. Ray gets up and punches AJ right in the head. Ray goes into the ropes and AJ is able to slide away. Ray comes back and AJ hits a huge dropkick. Both get up and AJ goes to closeline Ray over the top rope, but AJ can't. He goes to the apron and Ray does a huge big boot. It knocks AJ down. AJ slowly gets up and Ray pulls him in the ring. He applies a bear hug. AJ tries to get out of it by hitting Ray in the head. He does multiple times. He runs back into the ropes and Ray lifts him up for a huge back body drop. AJ gets up and Ray goes after him but Ray can't attack and falls right down on the mat. Both slowly get up and AJ hits Ray in the head. Ray fights back but AJ continues with punches and closelines. Ray goes into the corner and AJ runs and jumps to smash him. He climbs it and goes for the tornado DDT but Ray pushes him away. AJ comes to him but he lifts him up and smashes him down. He covers but AJ kicks out. Ray climbs the corner. AJ gets up and climbs too. He does a hurricanrona from the top. He covers Ray but he kicks out!!

Ray tells AJ to back up. AJ stands there while team Eric pulls AJ's leg and he falls on his face. Team Eric and Team Garett fight at ringside from that. AJ and Ray get up and Ray hits the pele. He covers and the referee finally notices. He covers but Ray kicks out. AJ gets up and goes a baseball slide to the opposing team. As he does, Ray pulls out a chain that he had on him. AJ gets on the apron. He jumps on the ropes and flies. He goes to closeline Ray but Ray punches him with the chain. He then throws it on the floor. He covers AJ and gets the win. Eric and his team celebrate. Winner: Bully Ray

Just then, Hulk Hogan's music plays. He comes out and the crowd roars. Hogan gets on the stage and has a mic. He says the match at Lockdown will no longer be a 4 on 4 but a 5 on 5 now. He gives Eric 3 minutes to come up with another person. Eric is panicking as he says that is not enough time.


Impact Wrestling comes back and Hogan is in the ring. He tells Eric that the time is up. Ric wants to attack Hogan. He wants to get in there and attack him. Eric tells Ric that he knows Flair can take Hogan out. He knows Ray, Gunner, and the others can take him out, but he asks Ric to let him (Eric) be the 5th man so he can watch Garett's body crumble in the ring at Lockdown. Hogan says that is predictable Eric. Hogan states that he is taking his GM spot very seriously. He says he accidentally told Garett about him changing the match to 5 on 5. Garett got a little extra time and he picked him. He does the signal for R-V-D! Music plays and here comes The Whole F'n Show! Rob Van Dam comes out ons tags and down the ramp as the crowd cheers. Eric and his team are quite nervous now. They look on while Garett smiles.

A video plays hyping up the Bobby Roode vs. James Storm match at Lockdown. This is just another video in the great series of videos promoting the match. It has James Storm speaking about Roode. He states that he carried Roode to the titles and made him who he was. It has Roode speak after and says he has accomplished more without James than with him. There is nothing he won't do to keep that title with him. Roode is not going to hold back. At Lockdown, it is over. James Storm says it has been 10 years to build a company. 4 years to build a friendship. It was only one bottle to end it all. In three days, the the talking is over.


The show returns and Mike Tenay and Taz run down the card for Lockdown, which will air this Sunday! To find out the full line-up of TNA's Lockdown, check right here on this weekend!

Gail Kim's music plays and she comes out with the TNA Knockout Title over her shoulder. Madison Rayne is at her side with the crowd on her head. After they are in the ring, Mickie James comes out. The crowd cheers. After she gets in the ring, Velvet Sky makes her way out. The crowd cheers again. No pigeons are let out tonight!

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Rayne and Mickie start the match. The crowd chants, "Mickie" while Madison waves like a queen. They lock-up and Madison grabs Mickie's arm, but she does a cartwheel to get out of it. She hits Rayne, but Rayne comes back and knocks Mickie right down. Rayne tags Gail in. She enters and Mickie drops Gail right down on the mat and Mickie pops up. She tags Sky while Gail gets up and tags Rayne. They fight as Sky is whipped into the ropes and then kicks Rayne right in the chest as she was bending over. As the referee goes over to Mickie, Gail enters and knocks Sky down. Madison continues the assault and then tags Gail. Mickie is tagged in too. Gail gets in and attacks Mickie. Mickie is whipped into the corner as Gail and Rayne both work on her. Gail is whipped into Mickie but Mickie moves and Gail goes right into the corner. Mickie slowly comes to and tags Sky. Gail is up and sets back. Sky attacks Gail. As she does, Rayne gets in to stop the cover that she has on Gail. Sky gets up and DDTs Rayne. Gail rolls out and grabs her title to leave but Mickie grabs her and rolls her in. Mickie hits Gail with the In Yo Face and gets the win. That ending becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winners: Velvet Sky and Mickie James


James Storm's music plays. He comes on stage as the crowd pops. He has a suit jacket, a different style, but still has his sunglasses. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Bobby Roode's music hits and here comes the TNA World Champion. He gets on stage with the suit men behind him. He slowly walks down the ramp. The crowd boos him as he gets in the ring with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He has the style of the suit he always wears.

James talks and brings back a time where they both traveled together. He tells a story of when they where going to Japan and mentioned about challenging for the TNA World Title. They both laughed then because they thought it wouldn't happen. James brings up their success as a tag team and footage is shown then being a team. Roode gets on the mic and says he is not going to forget about Beer Money. He says it was one of the best times in his career and in his life. There is another proud moment in his life though. It was just last year. It was when they put their tag team aspirations to the side and both were entered in the Bound for Glory Tournament. They were in the Final Four. Footage shows the matches back then. Roode says he went on and defeated the man that defeated James. He went on to wrestle at Bound for Glory for the title while James sat in the back and didn't do anything. James said he remembers doing something. He says he was sitting there, drinking beer, watching the monitor and seen Roode lose. He then beat the man who beat Roode in a record time. Roode says he actually does remember that as James' title reign was so short. James remembers it like it was yesterday as he beat James for the title. He became the "It" factor of professional wrestling and the voice of the selfish generation. James says he is glad he brought that up as that was the night Roode hit James with the beer bottle. That was the point where he destroyed Beer Money and the friendship. Roode yells and says there wasn't any friendship. 10 years ago, they hated each there. The only reason why Beer Money was successful was because of each other's passion. They hate each other and James knows it. James supported his family off of Roode's talent and James is jealous of it.

James says family and friends still mean something where he comes from. He starts to yell. He doesn't sell out for money. He does this for his family and for all of the fans. He says his super kick leg is getting tired of going back down memory lane. In 3 days, they will face each other inside a Steel Cage and it will be in James' hometown and his family and friends. Roode doesn't care about his hillbilly wife and redneck kids. Both take off their coats as each get heated up. James says Roode will need a miracle to walk out of the cage. Roode brings up James' famous quote and says he will need all the luck he can get to beat him as he will have to do it for his dead brothers and dead father. Both drop their mics and get right in the face of each other. Both are nose to nose as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. James Storm- Same as last week
1(tied). Bobby Roode- New from last week
2. Bully Ray- New from last week
3. Austin Aries- New from last week
4. Velvet Sky and Mickie James- New from last week
5. Eric Young and ODB- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This is the last Impact Wrestling before Lockdown and I have to say that it was a real good show. I know I criticized TNA before for not promoting and hyping their PPVs this year, and they deserved it, but this time they deserve credit. We seen everyone revolve around the Lockdown PPV, minus the wedding, but that was for entertainment purposes and that was in a steel cage so it did have something to tie in with. I will miss the video packages of the James Storm and Roode rivalry as TNA did create some great and special videos promoting that rivalry. It was a real treat. The ending segment with both of them gives you the idea of the future of TNA. I like the future as I like both men. Both rose up the same way but took completely different paths recently. It is a very interesting story and actually a nice one. Both are successful in their respected areas (heel and face) and their match at Lockdown should be one of the top matches, if not the top. The match that could steal the show is Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy. I know Kurt is hurt and just pulled out of the Olympic trials (I was pushing for Kurt the entire time, but can't do everything), but he always tries to give it his all. I am curious what these two will pull out in their match. It is nice seeing RVD come back. I miss his action in the ring. He comes back and Eric Bischoff is going to enter the ring. Should be an interesting Lethal Lockdown. I always liked that match with the whole weapon situation. The wedding between ODB and Eric Young was something we have never seen before. We have seen plenty, and I mean plenty, of weddings in wrestling history but this one is going to be rememberable. Only Eric and ODB would have such a weird one. It was entertaining and I actually enjoyed it! Finally, we have seen some great wrestling tonight. The match that sticks out is the Aries vs. Daniels. What a great back and forth battle. That is what I love! Actual wrestling is great to see! AJ vs. Bully wasn't bad but nothing beat the A.A. vs. Daniels. Lockdown should be an entertaining PPV and I am actually looking forward to this because of the steel cage matches. All of the matches in a cage, including the tag match and knockouts! I expect to see some great wrestling and blood! Tonight was a great night with Impact Wrestling, a cup of coffee, and Eric Bischoff tweeting me. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blogs (link below in my bio).

Weekly Question: Which match are you looking forward to the most at Lockdown?

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