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Impact Wrestling Results (4/19/12) - The Total F'n (Fight) Show

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/19/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

This episode of Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package recapping Lockdown, which aired this past Sunday. It shows the main event match between James Storm vs. Bobby Roode. It was a back and forth battle filled with blood and steel. James hits the Last Call once and then again and Bobby gets sent through the cage. He retains. The video has James Storm talking as he says he doesn't know what to do after this. He is going home to his family to think about this.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Music plays and here comes the TNA World Champion. He has his new look! He comes out in a suit with the TNA World Title over his shoulder and his new hair style as it is short and sweet. He gets in the ring carefully as the crowd boos him. He grabs a mic and begins speaks. He said his appearance has changed, the champion hasn't. Roode is still the "it" factor of professional wrestling. He is still the leader of the selfish generation. He is still the TNA World Champion. The crowd chants, "Shut the hell up." He says it feels great to be our champion. He came out several weeks ago and made a promise that he would defeat James Storm at Lockdown in his hometown. That promise was successful. He said he gives James credit as James said he would give Roode the Last Call super kick. He did nail him. But, with that kick, he destroyed his dreams as James couldn't get the championship. Roode has defeated everyone like Storm, Styles, Sting, Hardy.....and as far as the champ is concerned, there isn't anyone else to defeat. Well, not so fast Roode! Music plays and here comes Mr. Anderson. He walks down the ramp rapidly and gets in the ring with a mic. He goes right to Roode.

Ken tells Roode to shut the hell up. Anderson says he is going to beat Roode's @ss and take his title away from him. He will not need a bat or a beer bottle to take the title. Roode laughs and laughs. While Anderson was sitting in his home, Roode became the best champion in TNA in history. He tells Anderson to grab a ticket and go to the back of the line. Music plays and Jeff Hardy comes out. The crowd pops. He walks down the ramp limping while having his great face paint in tact. He gets in the ring with a mic in hand. Hardy says Roode is champion because of Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is out of Jeff's way and now it is time to take out Roode for the title. Ken interrupts and says he was here first. Jeff refuses. Ken says he found Roode first and he keeps him. He says he doesn't want to do to Hardy what he will do to Roode. Roode tries to tell Ken, but he tells him to shut up. They verbally fight back and forth. Just then, Hulk Hogan appears on the titan torn. Hogan tells Roode that he wants him and all of the champions out in the ring tonight. He makes Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson in the main event tonight to see who Roode will face. Hogan loves it. His music plays. Roode gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp as he raises his title. Jeff and Anderson looks on.


Christy Hemme is in the ring to announce the first match. Crimson comes out first. As he does, pictures are shown from Lockdown where he defeated Matt Morgan. Bully Ray comes out on stage and the crowd boos. He makes his way to the ring. After him, Matt Morgan comes out on stage and fireworks explode. He stays at the bottom of the ramp as Austin Aries' music plays. He has the X-Division Title around his waist. He takes it off and both slide in the ring.

Crimson and Bully Ray vs. Matt Morgan and Austin Aries

The bell sounds and Austin goes after Bully as he chases him out of the ring. Matt goes right after Crimson. He takes total control with multiple punches and then a fallaway slam. Austin and Bully get to their corner. As Crimson gets up, Matt goes for a big boot. Crimson ducks and Matt's leg lands on the top rope. Ray walks over and brings it down. Matt quickly falls as his leg is in pain. Crimson takes advantage. He goes after the leg. He tags in Ray. Bully enters and stomps on Matt and then punches him right in the head. He takes his leg and smashes it down on the mat. He does it again. Ray grabs it again and this time stretches it to Matt's head and punches the hamstring. Ray tags in Crimson. Ray goes after Matt as Crimson enters. He then exits. Crimson grabs Matt's leg and lays down as he stretches it. Matt reaches for the rope to release the submission. Crimson tags Ray. He enters and wrenches the leg up. Ray brings Matt to the center of the ring and tags Crimson. Both are in and grab each of Matt's legs. They pull them apart. Crimson bounces off the ropes and Matt is able to get up and knock Crimson down. He tags Austin in and Crimson tags in Ray. Ray enters and he and Austin battle it out. He is able to take Bully to the corner. Crimson gets up and Austin uses him to take out Ray. Austin continues to attack Ray in the corner. Crimson runs to him, but Austin moves and Crimson spears Ray. Matt gets in and helps to knock Crimson out of the ring. Austin does a suicide dive. He then enters the ring and continues to beat up Ray. He goes for the brain buster, but Ray slides out of it and does a roll-up with a handful of trunks. He covers and wins. Winners: Bully Ray and Crimson

Garett Bischoff is walking backstage with a smile on his face. He is making his way to the ring.


Jeff Hardy is backstage limping his way forward. The camera man asks Jeff if it is his turn or Anderson's turn. Jeff says it is his turn as he beat Kurt Angle in a brutal match and one of the best matches of his career. He believes Ken could also have his turn, so he is glad Hogan made the decision he did.

Garett Bischoff's music plays. He makes his way to the ring along with AJ Styles, Anderson, and RVD and as they walk, pictures from Lockdown where his team faced his dad's team. Garett, of course, won. He has a mic in hand and says Lockdown was one of the biggest nights in his life. He turns to the three and thanks them and then thanks Austin in the back. He says they finally got rid of Eric Bischoff. AJ is given the mic and he states that Garett has some balls. He took a huge beating but got up and took a guitar to his dad's head. Suddenly, music plays and it is the Nature Boy! Ric Flair walks on stage and has a mic in hand. He tells the crowd to shut up as they do his famous "Woooos". He says Garett is so nervous, he is stuttering all over the place. He says there is talent in this company because of Eric. He then compliments Eric by saying he is one of the most innovative people in wrestling. He questions Garett calling Eric old man. That is totally disrespectful. Ric then states that Ric is hosting a tribute party for Eric Bischoff. He says none of them are invited so they can find something else to do. Ric's music plays and he leaves. Ken, Rob, AJ and Garett talk in the middle of the ring. WHile Eric's name is used, his last name is bleeped out.

Kazarian and Daniels are backstage. Daniels goes to Kazarian and they say they are going out there tonight and revealing the meaning behind everything from the past couple of months.


Devon walks up to Magnus and Samoa Joe backstage. He asks them why they have to meet in the ring on Hogan's orders. Magnus states that they are the very best and they have the titles to show it. Devon tells them that he will see them out there. He walks away and the team follows him.

Music plays and here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. He makes his way to the ring. After he is in the ring, music hits and sparks fall down from above. AJ Styles goes through them as he appears on stage. He continues his way to the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. They lock-up and they go back and forth. AJ breaks it as he grabs the arm of Kurt. He wrenches and twists it around. Kurt is able to hit AJ and he lets go of the arm. He goes in the corner. Kurt grabs AJ and whips him, but AJ reverses it. AJ runs to Kurt, but he gets away. Kurt is able to grab AJ from behind and wraps his arms around his body. My television goes black and nothing is showing. It comes back on to a commercial. Figuring they were able to get away or someone went out of the ring.


The show returns and AJ is taking control of Kurt with multiple closelines and then a spin kick. Kurt goes into the corner and AJ continues to attack him. They get out of the corner and Kurt is able to push him away. AJ goes to the apron. He jumps on the top and does a springboard forearm. Daniels and Kazarian are at ringside now. AJ and Kurt get up. Kurt goes after him with an Angle Slam, but AJ slides out and does an arm drag. AJ gets up and meets Daniels and Kazarian on the apron. They give him an envelope. As he grabs is, Kurt grabs AJ and does a roll-up. He gets the win. Winner: Kurt Angle

AJ gets out of the ring and holds the envelope. He looks on as Daniels and Kazarian walk backwards up the ramp. Kurt stays in the ring to celebrate.

Mr. Parks is backstage. He is talking to someone. He tells them if they heard anything, let him know. The guy walks away. Parks walks forward and Gunner appears. Parks is glad to see him. Gunner says he doesn't know anything, so he wants him to leave him alone. Parks says he is not going anywhere until he finds his brother. Gunner says he doesn't know. The last time Abyss was around here, he fought Bully Ray. He then rips the hand of Parks' off of his own shoulder. Gunner leaves and Parks repeats Ray's name.

The camera shows the arena as the TNA Tag Team Champions, Magnus and Samoa Joe, walk to the ring together. After them, Gail Kim, the TNA Knockout Champion, comes forward. The Television Title, Devon, walks to the ring next. All of the champions are coming out for Hogan's announcement.


Impact Wrestling returns and Bobby Roode is making his way to the ring. He makes his way in the ring as the crowd boos. Just then, Hulk Hogan meets Rob Van Dam backstage. He thanks Rob for being at Lockdown and taking care of Eric Bischoff. He then tells Rob that he wants to make the main event tonight a three way, but he wants to find the perfect person. Rob says that he should just do the honors. Hogan says it will be R-V-D! Rob is stoked while Hogan walks away. His music hits and he makes it on stage. Fireworks explode as the crowd roars. He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says that change is in the air as he is right and money is coming in. Hogan says there will be a special episode each month called "Open Fight Night". Stars will come in from outside of TNA. If they can impress Hogan and his judges, they will get an Impact Wrestling contract. Hogan states that anyone who gets challenged who is on the Impact Wrestling roster, they will have to come out and fight. Roode interrupts Hogan and asks him who the hell he is. Hogan asks him if he really wants to answer that. Roode states Sting, the former GM, never did any of this. Hogan says the champions will have to be on alert too because they could fight and defend their title. Gail Kim asks who decides all of this. Hogan says he decides all of this. He then states that he wants to hear from the fans. He tells them to Tweet him and Facebook him and tell what champion they want to see. Devon talks to Hogan and says he agrees what Hogan is doing and says he is thankful for having a title. Hogan says that the Television Title use to be put on the line every week and now he is bring that back. Devon loves the idea! Hogan's music hits and not everyone is happy with it, aka Roode and Kim. Roode leaves the ring furious.

Taz and Mike Tenay recap what Hogan just stated and then state that James Storm will be here later tonight.

Gail Kim is already in the ring. She waits for her partners as Sarita, Madison Rayne, and Rosita walk down the ramp. After they are in the ring, Tara and Ms. Tessmacher come out. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. After them, Mickie James appears. She skips down the ramp and slides in the ring. Finally, Velvet Sky walks out. She gets to the ring and legs the pigeons loose!


Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Sarita, and Rosita vs. Tara, Ms. Tessmacher, Mickie James, and Velvet Sky

The bell sounds and Sarita and Sky fight first. Sarita is able to do a back suplex, but Sky gets up and quickly runs into the ropes. She does a hurricanrona. Sarita gets up and tags Rosita. She gets in and they double team Sky, but it doesn't work as Sky makes Sarita leave the ring and Rosita has her face smashed into Sky's knee. Rosita goes over and tags Gail Kim. She enters and goes after Sky. She does several stomps. Gail taunts by blowing kisses into the crowd. Sky gets up and does chops to Gail and kicks to the gut. Gail goes over and tags Rayne. She enters and Sky tags Mickie. Mickie takes control with several offense moves like a flapjack. Mickie goes to the top rope, but Sarita walks over and pushes her down. Rosita enters and covers Mickie, but she kicks out. Rosita continues the attack with a hurricanrona that makes Mickie go face first into the mat. Rosita tags in Sarita while Tara comes in for her team. Tara does many moves like closelines and a body slam. She then shakes her booty and does a standing moonsault. She covers but Rosita enters to break it up. Ms. Tessmacher tags herself in and they double team Sarita but Sarita gets away. They are able to attack her though. As Tessmacher nails Sarita face first into the mat. Sarita goes to her side and tags Gail. As she enters, every knockout enters and they all get knocked out. They fight around the ring. Gail is in the corner regrouping from an attack. Tessmacher goes over to her, but Gail does a roll-up and then uses the ropes for leverage, but Sky pushes her legs down. Sky and Gail meet on the apron. Tessmacher grabs Gail from behind and does a roll-up of her own, a clean one, and gets the win. Winners: Ms. Tessmacher, Tara, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James

The winning team exits the ring and walks up the ramp while Sky and Gail, from the ring, argue back and forth.

Mr. Anderson is backstage. He is talking about Fight Night and how he can challenge anyone. He loves it. He then goes on to discuss his match tonight and he says he will go on and make sure Roode did not forget that bottle shot he gave Ken recently.


A video plays that was made earlier this week. It shows Eric Young and ODB on their honeymoon. They are by the pool. They are talking about their wedding. They are all about love and trust. Just then, an attendant comes forth and goes to see if they need help, but Eric jumps up and fights him off. He strips to his underwear as he fights better that way. The guy walks away. Eric is not going to take anyone looking at his girl. He lays back down and ODB puts the icepack that Eric had on his crotch back on it. Now, that's cold!

Gunner's entrance hits and he makes his way to the ring. He is ready for action. After he is in the ring, the Television Champion, Devon, comes out. The title is around his waist. He makes his way to the ring.

Gunner vs. Devon, Champ, for the Television Title

Devon hands the title to the referee and Gunner hits him right from behind. Gunner goes after Devon as he puts him in the corner, nails him in the gut with his shoulder and fists and then punches him in the head. Gunner takes him to another corner and smashes his head into the corner. Devon fights back with several punches and then brings Gunner to another corner. He whips Gunner into the opposing corner. Gunner comes out of it and knocks Devon down with a closeline. He continues as he does a cover, but Devon kicks out. Gunner brings Devon to the ropes and plants his knee on Devon's neck to choke him on the middle rope. Devon gets up and fights back with punches. He bounces off the ropes, but Gunner elbows him in the head. Devon falls. Gunner covers him but Devon kicks out. Gunner jumps up and stomps on the chest of Devon. Devon crawls away. Gunner follows him. He continues the attack. He gets Devon up and whips him in the ropes. Devon returns with a huge shoulder block/spear. Gunner slowly gets up and Devon punches him in the gut. Devon gets to his feet and knocks Gunner down with closelines and elbows. He whips Gunner into the ropes and hits a shoulder block. He whips him again and knocks Gunner down. He drops an elbow. Gunner slowly crawls up in the corner. Devon runs and smashes him. He then shoulder blocks him down again. Gunner gets up and tries to closeline Devon, but Devon ducks. Gunner comes back from the ropes and Devon lifts him up for a spine buster. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and Still Champion: Devon

James Storm's music plays and he walks out. He meets Devon on the ramp. they hug and he continues on his way.


James Storm is in the ring. He states that he just wants to say something to his family, friends, and everyone watching. He is sorry. He feels like he left everyone down. He said he was going to win the title, but he didn't. He really thought he was going to win it. He discusses Roode. He says he wanted to hurt Roode. His ego got to him though. When the medics checked Roode, he felt satisfying. He went to the back and he actually thought about it and asked if he should continue. He went home and tucked his daughter in. She asked Storm where the title is as she wanted to see it. He never wants to let his children down. He looked in the mirror on the next day and saw someone who got beat. He lost, but that is it. James is the one who beat himself. He wrestled through everything. He does it for the people. He loves to do this. He thanks everyone for making him have this life. He then thanks his dad as he is still proud of James in Heaven. He calms down and says Roode said something to him that could be right. Roode told him that his luck ran out. Maybe it has. Storm drops the mic and walks out. He leaves the ring as the crowd chants "Cowboy". He pushes the camera on the ramp as he walks past it. He goes to the back.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this match. Rob Van Dam's music plays and he comes down the ramp. Fireworks explode behind him and he gets in the ring. The lights go out and he spotlight appears on stage. Music hits and Mr. Anderson walks out. He introduces himself after calling for the mic from above. He continues his way to the ring. As he walks, footage shows him getting hit from a beer bottle by Roode recently on Impact Wrestling. Finally, Jeff Hardy appears. The crowd pops as he makes his way to the ring with his crazy, but amazing, face paint. He interacts with the fans around the ring and finally gets in.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy in a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Title

The match begins and everyone moves closer. They talk to each other. Ken and Jeff are going at it first while Rob stands back. As Jeff and Ken walk around, Ken runs and Jeff ducks. Ken continues and closelines Rob. Ken then goes over to attack Jeff. As he does, Rob gets up and attacks Rob. He then attacks Jeff. Ken is knocked down and Rob does a monkey flip on Jeff as he was in the corner. Rob goes to the top and flies. He kicks Ken right in the face. Jeff gets up and pins Rob. He kicks out. Rob sits down in the corner and Jeff jumps up and does a double feet stomp in the chest. Jeff brings him out and lifts him up. He drops him on his head. He covers but Ken stops it. He then whips Jeff into the corner. Jeff collapses and he goes rib first into the ring post under all of the ropes. Ken applies a rear chin lock to Rob but he gets out of it. He bounces off the ropes but Ken attacks him. He covers but Jeff comes back and breaks it. He continues the attack on Ken. He does whisper in the wind. All of them are down. Ken and Jeff get up. They go after each other and Ken does a neck breaker. Ken gets up and Rob does and Rob does a huge kick to Ken. It knocks him down. Rob sees Jeff and hits rolling thunder. Rob gets up and Ken grabs him on his shoulders and drops him down on his back. Ken stands and Jeff hits the twist of fate. He has trouble standing after that but he is able to get up and hits the swanton bomb. He gets up, but RVD does a spinning heel kick to Jeff. RVD jumps to the top rope and hits the 5 star frog splash. He bounces up. Jeff walks up and goes for the twist of fate on him, but RVD spins around and does a backslide. The shoulders are down: 1-2-3! Winner and #1 Contender: Rob Van Dam

RVD gets his arm raised in victory. He checks on Jeff. Jeff gets up and they shake hands and hug. He leaves the ring and Rob stays in the ring. He looks around at the crowd and climbs the corner to raise his arms in victory again! The show fades.

Top 5 Ranking:

1. Bobby Roode- Same as last week
2. Rob Van Dam- New from last week
3. Bully Ray- Down from last week
4. Hulk Hogan- New from last week
5. James Storm- Down from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I decided to title this result show as it is because of the two main points in this show. We have Rob Van Dam, The Total F'n Show, win the #1 Contender's Match tonight and we have the (Fight) in the title for the huge news of the "Open FIGHT Night". The F in F'n is shared with Fight. Anyway, this show, as a whole, had lots of stuff to wrap our heads around. We have Roode start the show with his new look. He is fine wit his hair cut but I think the long hair made him look more of a heel and it will be missed. Least it will be easier to tell if the person is James or Roode if/when they fight again. Roode is growing on the mic and I am a fan of his mic work while James Storm also had a great promo, which makes him clinch spot on the Top 5 Ranking! We have Hogan making the contendership match early and then added RVD to the mix (Which I am completely against). RVD just came back from a huge break of not even appearing on I.W. He suddenly goes after the title. It is not fair. I stated that I liked seeing Rob back and his work in the ring, but that doesn't mean I want him to go after the title. From now till the PPV, it could change. While the main event match was solid, the Knockout match was pretty mind boggling. It just had way too many knockouts and a quick change leads a hard to follow match. Austin Aries is the best in his match while AJ vs. Kurt was a match that I was looking forward to, but knew it couldn't provide much with Kurt's current condition. It was nice to add Daniels and Kazarian to the mix to move that rivalry along. Not sure when Kurt will take a break. I hope he does as I want him to come back and be 100% to work amazing matches that we are use to seeing. Hogan had so many announcements that it was hard to follow. While we will see Devon a lot more, not a bad thing, we are going to see a special I.W. show once a month. It brings some excitement to the every week show that just builds story lines. It's almost like the guest host thing for Raw, but not that frequent and will be more interesting. Looks like we got something interesting to look forward to next week. My question is, who could they bring in to have fight.....bigger stars or just developmental? We shall see next week! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blogs (link also below in my bio).

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