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Impact Wrestling Results (4/5/12) - Hogan Puts The Impact In Impact Wrestling

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/5/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package of the whole situation about Sting/Dixie Carter/Hulk Hogan and the GM position. It has Hogan saying that he ended this chapter in his life. Well, he finally makes up his mind and he becomes GM of Impact Wrestling.

The video ends and the camera shows Dixie Carter and Sting in the middle of the ring and the entire roster circling the ring on the outside. Dixie Carter has a mic as she welcomes everyone to Impact Wrestling. She then introduces someone who really doesn't need an introduction. SHe introduces Hulk Hogan! Hogan's music plays and here comes the man! He comes on stage with fireworks exploding behind him. He does his famous taunts and walks down the ramp. He greets the fans and some stars and then gets in the ring. The crowd is loud once again for Hulk. He hugs Dixie and gets her mic. Hulk says it is nice to be GM and to be back. He thanks Sting as he wouldn't have taken the job if Sting did not watch his back. He thanks Dixie for giving him a second chance. Hogan then states that he met with creative and there are new segments happening that will make Impact better. He goes right into Lockdown where he announces Matt Morgan vs. Crimson in a Steel Cage at the PPV. He brings up Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. He says he does not know who is the actual #1 Contender. Well, there will be a Knockout Contenders Match and then the real contender will come forward. He needs to bring someone out here right now before he goes any further. He calls out Eric Bischoff. Well, Ric Flair from ringside says he is not here. Ric then goes to tell Hogan that he can't tell anyone what to do. Hogan says Ric better bring Eric here then. Ric continues to back talk the GM. Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes out on stage with officials in suits behind him. While Hogan says he is late, Roode states he is on time. He then goes on to tell Hogan that he better not get in his way as he can ask Sting how that turned out for him. He says the only obligation he has is to compete against James Storm and win. Until then, the champion is gone. Hogan stops him. He tells him that things are changing around here. He brings Mr. Anderson in the ring. The fans wanted Anderson back and they got him back. The fans also want to see Roode face Anderson and that is happening tonight. Roode is furious. The officials behind him tell Hogan no. Well they can't have any say. They walk up the ramp and leave. Hogan changes to Kurt Angle. He says Kurt Angle will not be wrestling Jeff Hardy at Lockdown. Well, the fans want that match now and they are going to get it NOW! Kurt bangs on the apron as Hogan tells the roster to clear out.


Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

The lock-up and Kurt takes Jeff right to the corner. He backs up and tells Jeff to come at him. They move around the ring and lock-up again. Jeff applies a side headlock. Kurt backs up and whips Jeff into the ropes. Jeff comes and hits him down with a shoulder. Jeff runs into the ropes but Kurt gets up to attack but Jeff does a arm drag and then an arm bar. He works on the arm. Kurt gets up and tries to get out of it but he can't. Kurt tries to whip Jeff into the ropes, but he reverses it. Kurt comes back and Jeff still works on the arm. Kurt backs Jeff in the corner. He rakes the eyes and is able to get away. Jeff walks over to another corner. Kurt walks up and does a huge right hand. He whips Jeff into the opposing corner and Kurt runs, but Jeff lifts his legs and does a hurricanrona. Kurt slides out of the ring. Jeff does a baseball slide and Kurt flies back into the steel guard rail neck first. Jeff goes outside and continues as he rams Kurt's head into the steel steps. He brings Kurt into the ring. Jeff goes to follow, but Kurt does a huge kick to the gut and Jeff falls back. Kurt is now bleeding from the head. Jeff slowly gets up and Kurt drags him in. He does a great suplex and covers but Jeff kicks out. Kurt applies a headlock. Jeff gets up and elbows out of it. He runs into the ropes, but Kurt elbows Jeff right in the face and he falls. Kurt has all the control now.


Kurt whips Jeff into the ropes and runs to him. Jeff hits him with an elbow and then hits a successful whisper in the wind. Both are down. The referee counts. Both stir and get up at almost the same time. Kurt runs to him but Jeff closelines him several times. Kurt is able to whip Jeff into the ropes but Jeff hits him with an elbow and forearm to knock him down. Kurt gets up and is able to go behind Jeff and deliver three german suplexes! He covers but Jeff kicks out. Kurt eyes Jeff as he gets up. He goes for the angle slam but Jeff gets out of it, kicks Kurt in the gut and a twist of fate. He goes to the top, but Kurt runs up the corner and hits a huge belly to belly suplex. Kurt covers but Jeff kicks out. Kurt gets up and takes down his singlet. He applies the ankle lock. Jeff is screaming in pain. He goes for the ropes but Kurt pulls him back. Jeff is holding on for quite a long time. Jeff flips and pushes Kurt back. The submission is broken. Both get up and Jeff goes for a kick but Kurt holds it and Jeff flips for another kick. Jeff goes up to the top for a swanton bomb but Kurt grabs the referee. Jeff drops and goes to Kurt. Kurt pushes the referee back and goes for a low blow. Jeff blocks it. He goes right after Kurt with offense move after move. He goes for the twist of fate but Kurt pushes away and exits the ring. He walks up the ramp screaming and flipping Jeff off. He spits in his direction and goes backstage. The referee counts to 10. Winner: Jeff Hardy

Kurt walks backstage. Hogan is right there behind the curtain clapping. Hogan says he can't hid anymore. He is locking Kurt Angle up with Jeff at Lockdown in the Steel Cage. Kurt is furious. You can't do that to him!!!

Ric Flair is backstage. He is calling someone. He has Eric Bischoff on the phone. Eric asks him how he is. Ric says it is not going great and asks him where he is at. He tells Eric that Hogan is changing everything up. Eric says they need to pull Hogan's legs out from under him. Ric says it is emergency. Call 911!

Bully Ray is backstage. He mentions his huge calves (Calf-zilla) and says it is trending worldwide and he is not even on Twitter. He goes on to talk and then mentions Austin Aries as he is going to the ring. He is not happy about him at all. He then wants the camera on his calves.


Bully Ray is in the ring with a mic. The fans boo loudly. He ask them if they know who he is. They say, "You suck"! He is Bully Ray! He is calf-zilla. He then turns his focus to Austin Aries. He is confused. Why would a small kid like him want to get a big man furious. Ray ate chicken wings bigger than him. Ray went to the bathroom and had waste bigger than him. Music plays and here comes Austin Aries. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He has a mic. He "Shhhh" everyone. He goes up to Ray. Suddenly, he smashes the mic right in the head of Ray. Ray backs up to the corner and Austin nails him with shot after shot. He takes off his coat and climbs the corner to do the 10 punches to the head, but Ray lifts him up and SLAMS him down for one powerful powerbomb. Ray gets on the mic and asks if he knows who he is. He ask Austin one more time. He throws the mic down and his music plays. Ray exits the ring and walks up the ramp. What a big bad bully.

Video that was filmed earlier today shows Mr. Parks backstage. He is looking at the catering area. The guy who does the catering says they do not open until 30 minutes. Mr. Parks says his brother, Abyss, loved food. The guy didn't see him but he only has been there for a month. Parks gives him his card and leaves.


AJ Styles is backstage. He gives his prediction for Lockdown. He says Roode is on the top while James has been climbing. He has that super kick. James comes into the camera shot and says Hogan told him that he has a match to get ready for Lockdown. James says he needs an opponent tonight. That opponent needs to be amazing. AJ says he knows who that can be. James says if he can hit AJ with the last call, then he can hit Roode with it. AJ says IF he can hit it on him.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Mickie James comes on stage first. She makes her way to the ring. After her, Winter walks out. After she slowly makes it to the ring, Tara comes out. Angelina Love makes her way down the ramp next. After her, Madison Rayne appears with her crown intact. She makes her way down the ramp slowly. Finally, Velvet Sky shows up. She comes down the ramp and enters.


Mickie James vs. Winter vs. Tara vs. Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky to determine the #1 Contendership for the Knockout Title

Winter and Tara start the match off. They lock-up and Winter works on the arm of Tara but Tara switches it to work on Winter's. Winter switches it back. Tara is able to whip Winter into the ropes and she knocks her down as she comes back. Winter gets up and Tara hits a body slam. She then does a standing moonsault. Tara covers and the others interrupt the pin. Tara goes to the apron as Love enters the match. Her and Winter walk around. They go to battle but Winter tags Mickie in. They lock-up and are both equal. They lock back up and Love applies a side headlock and then takes her over to the mat. Mickie gets out of it and applies the scissor lock around the head. Love gets away. Both get up and Mickie applies a side headlock. Love pushes her away. Mickie goes into the ropes and does a cartwheel and then a dropkick to knock Love down. Both get up and Mickie does a neck breaker. She covers but Rayne enters and breaks it. Both get up and Love hits a side walk slam. She covers and Tara breaks the hold. Love walks over to Rayne and talks some trash. She turns around and Mickie does three uppercuts. Mickie bounces off the ropes and Sky tags herself in. Sky enters and hits Love on the mat. Mickie is forced to go to the apron. Sky continues with kicks to the chest. Love comes back as she body slams Sky. Love slaps Rayne hard on the hand. She complains as she doesn't want to e touched. Tara tags herself in with Mickie. She enters and hits Rayne against Love. Love falls out while Tara continues to go after Rayne. She spins her and plants her on the mat. She covers while Rayne kicks out. Sky is back in the ring by tagging Tara.

Rayne is able to knee Sky on the back of the head and Sky rolls out of the ring. Love enters and hits Rayne with a knee to the back. Tara enters and hits the widows peak. After Tara, Winter enters and knocks her down with her finisher. Mickie enters and plants her famous DDT. Sky enters the ring again and knocks Mickie down for a cover and a win. Winner: Velvet Sky

Mr. Anderson is backstage. The cameraman asks for his prediction. He laughs and says the same scenario will happen. He will beat Roode tonight as well as James will beat Roode at Lockdown. Just then, Roode enters the locker room along with his men in suits. Roode tells Ken not to face him tonight as he will not beat him. Ken says they should just wrestle right now. The men in suits block Ken off from Roode. Ken says they are pretty thick guys. He will just wait until later.


Video plays showing Jeff Hardy and James Storm appearing on the red carpet of an award show filled with famous stars.

Another video plays that was filmed last night. It shows Eric Young. He talks to three guys. This is his Bachelor Party. What goes on here stays here. He has some candy and drinks. Each have a computer. Eric says this is going to be a fantasy baseball thing. ODB enters. She brings in the beer and chicken wings. She gives the guys cigars. They leave. ODB is glad that there aren't any girls there. ODB tells Eric that every night will be a Bachelor Party for him once they are married. She sticks Eric's head into her jugs. She brings his face out and he enjoyed that moment.

The camera shows Christy Hemme in the ring as she announces this next match. James Storm appears as his music plays. He walks down the ramp and talks to a few country stars at ringside. He then gets in the ring. AJ's music plays. He comes through the sparks that fall down from above. He continues to the ring. They shake hands before the match.

James Storm vs. AJ Styles

They move around the ring and tie up. James goes behind AJ and AJ goes behind James. James grabs the arm of Storm and AJ is able to get out as he flips around. Both stand and Storm goes for the super kick but AJ backs up quickly. They lock-up again and James applies a headlock. AJ sends him away and Storm comes back knocking AJ down. James bounces off the ropes but AJ gets up and kicks the legs of Storm. Both back up. They move around again. AJ locks his hands around Storm from behind. Storm gets out of the grip and runs into the ropes. AJ hits a dropkick. Storm rolls to the outside. AJ grabs the top rope and jumps, but Storm slides in. AJ lands on the ropes. Storm goes for a punch but AJ gets off the apron. He gets in and they lock-up. Storm takes AJ over with a headlock takedown. Both get up to their feet. AJ breaks out of it and works on the arm of Storm. He then does a knife edge chop. Storm repays him with one. AJ grabs Storm and does a backbreaker. He then does a body slam. He jumps in the air and drops his knee to Storm's head. AJ runs after Storm after he tries to get away. He applies a headlock. Both get up and Storm elbows his way out of it. He goes for the super kick but AJ blocks it. He puts Storm in the corner and AJ punches him. He whips him but Storm reverses. AJ goes hard into the corner. Storm runs but AJ lifts him up. Storm lands on the apron and does a huge kick to the back of AJ's head. Storm climbs the corner. AJ jumps and kicks Storm. AJ climbs the corner now. James slides out quickly. He then lifts AJ up and hits the eye of the storm after spinning him all around.

Both get up and Storm goes for the knee to the face codebreaker style, but AJ grabs his legs and applies the figure four leg lock. AJ breaks it and then locks the single leg boston crab. James gets out of it. Both get up and AJ hits the pele. Storm is in the corner. AJ jumps to him, but Storm moves and AJ goes right into the corner. AJ continues to stand and then jumps on the ropes for a springboard move, but James ducks. AJ lands on his feet and Storm hits the last call super kick. James covers and wins! Winner: James Storm

He gets AJ up and they both celebrate. Storm gets on the mic and says he wants to meet Roode in the ring next week. He wants to look into the eyes and see his fear before he faces him.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are backstage. Hogan tells Sting to go home and get some rest. He needs Sting to be 100%. Sting says he does not like to do this as he always likes to be here but he needs to rest. Hogan needs Sting at 120%! Hogan tells Sting he will call him if he it becomes chaotic. Sting leaves the shot.


The country stars that James Storm talked to at ringside before his match are now in his locker room. Storm enters and sys he will take his shower and then they can go out in town. Just then, Bobby Roode and his suit men appear in the camera shot. He introduces himself but they don't care. Roode says he was friends with Storm before but he cracked a beer bottle over his head. He asks if they drink beer like him. They do. He drinks water like a real athlete and then takes a swig of H2O and sprays it in the guys face. The other guy goes after Roode but the suit men hold him back.

Mexican America (Hernandez and Anarquia) with their ladies are in the ring. Music plays and the crowd roars. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin appear on the same stage together. The Motorcity Machine Guns are back!

Mexican America vs. Motorcity Machine Guns

Alex Shelley starts off against Anarquia. The crowd is excited for the return of the MCMG. Anarquia takes a shot at Alex, but Alex backs him up in the corner. Anarquia sits down in the corner and Alex applies his foot with stomps and chokes. Alex gets him up and tags Chris in. Anarquia is able to get away to tag Hernandez. Hernandez gets in but Chris does a kick to his gut and then a bull dog. He covers but it's a 2. Chris tags Alex in. They do a double team as they whip Hernandez into the corner. Alex jumps on Chris as he is on his hands and knees and splashes right on Hernandez. As Chris leaves, Hernandez takes control as he takes Alex down. He tags in Anarquia. Anarquia runs to Alex and smashes him into the ropes. As they try to do a double team move, it fails as Alex hits both of them and then tags Chris. Chris comes in and knocks Hernandez down. He then turns Anarquia upside down in the corner. He runs and does a dropkick to the face. He gets Anarquia up but Hernandez enters. He drops Anarquia down. He lifts Chris up, but Alex pulls him down. Alex and Chris are beside each other. Hernandez runs to them but they hold down the ropes. Chris stands on the middle rope while Alex runs into the ropes and does a suicide dive on Hernandez. Chris grabs Anarquia for a neck breaker. Alex goes to the top and jumps planting Anarquia down from their finisher. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Motorcity Machine Guns

Chris gets on the mic as Alex is beside him in the ring. He says they are the MCMG and they want one thing....the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Ric Flair is backstage. Eric Bischoff enters the parking lot. He gets out and Ric confronts him. He tells Eric that Hogan is making Lockdown matches. He tells Eric that Hogan is talking back to him and everything. Eric says Ric is a 2X Hall of Famer. He doesn't know who Ric is! Ric says they have been working so hard to get this company. Eric says he is going to put Hogan in a tiny little box by tonight and he won't be able to get out. They laugh.


Hulk Hogan is already in the ring. He is on the mic and says everyone is hyping up for Lockdown. The stars can't wait. He then changes the subject and talks about Eric as he wasn't here earlier but someone birdie says he is here now. He wants Eric to come down. Eric's music plays. He comes on stage and blows kisses. He stays on the stage. He grabs a mic. He starts off by saying it is quite ironic where they are at right now. They are now on opposite sides of the company. He says it makes sense though. There are a lot differences between them, but one main thing is being a leader. Hogan is not a leader but an opportunist. Eric, on the other hand, is a true leader. Hogan says he is also a leader of blowing hot hair in a room. Hogan says he is taking care of all of the Lockdown business tonight. Instead of Garett and Gunner in a Steel Cage....let's see how much of a leader he really is. He wants Garett to put together a team and Gunner to do the same with Eric. If Eric's team wins, Garett will not be on the TNA roster and he won't come back. But, if Garett's team wins, then Eric will leave TNA and he will not be able to use the "Bischoff" name again and it doesn't matter wherever he goes. Eric says they have a deal! Hogan says the thing between him and Garett will finally end at Lockdown. Eric can't believe this situation Hogan put him in. The crowd chants Hogan as they are right on his side.


A video plays hyping up the Roode vs. Storm match at Lockdown. It shows James Storm holding his kid. It's weird how they were on the same side last year and now on the complete opposite side. It shows Storm's wife, brother, and cousin. They talk about Storm and how upset he was after Beer Money separated. Storm knows Roode better than anyone else. Storm says Roode should be scared at Lockdown. Not just the match but walking to the ring for the match with that audience as it is in Storm's hometown. The match is 10 days away!

The camera shows the Impact Zone. The lights go out and the spotlight shines. Mr. Anderson is on stage. He reaches up for the microphone from the rafters. He introduces himself by saying his name twice. He then continues to the ring. Bobby Roode's music plays. He walks out with the TNA World Title around his waist. The suit men are behind him. He slowly walks down the ramp. Brian Hebner, the referee, goes outside and sends the suit men in the back. As he does, Mr. Anderson slides out of the ring and attacks Roode. He brings him over and smashes his head on the apron and then the steel guard rail. He rolls him in the ring. Anderson enters and the bell sounds.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode

Mr. Anderson puts Roode in the corner, but Roode comes out and whips Ken in the opposing corner. Ken bounces out and closelines Roode. He gets up and changes direction. Roode attacks Ken with boots to the gut and throat. He gets Ken up and hits Ken's head right into the turnbuckle. He does it in the opposing corner and then scrapes his back. He whips Ken hard into the corner and he falls down. Roode continues to assault him by smacking Ken's head around. He brings Ken up and does a huge right. Ken fights back with a right. It's back and forth with punches. Ken gets whipped into the ropes and closelines Roode as he comes back. Ken hits Bobby with a back body drop and covers but Roode kicks out. Roode is able to set up the fisherman suplex, but Ken gets away. He spins around and pushes Roode. Roode goes right into the referee. He is down. Ken lifts Roode up and drops him on his back. Roode rolls out of the ring. He grabs a beer bottle that was nearby. Ken exits the ring and rolls Roode in. Both stand up and Roode HITS the beer bottle right over the head of Ken. He bleeds from that hurtful attack. The referee slowly crawls as Roode covers. He gets the 3. Winner: Bobby Roode

James Storm walks down the ramp and Hulk Hogan is behind him. Roode's music plays as he won but it stops. He slides out of the ring. Storm and Hogan get on the mic. Hogan says he is reversing the decision since he is GM. Winner: Mr. Anderson Roode yells from the ring apron as they can change that but they won't take his title from him. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. James Storm- Same as last week
2. Hulk Hogan- Same as last week
3. Velvet Sky- Same from last week
4. Mr. Anderson- Same as last week
5. Motorcity Machine Guns- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This Impact Wrestling actually turned out to be one interesting show. With Hulk Hogan being the GM and with this being the first week of his new position, you knew he was going to appear on television quite a lot. It is weird though as a month or so ago, he wasn't even on television. Now he is on the show about 7 times. Do I mind him being on the show? No. It is just like every show like Johnny on Raw and Teddy on Smackdown in the past. Hogan is just doing his job. I just find it strange how fast his appearance on the show changed. Besides Hogan making an impact through the entire show, we have seen some great action. I watched Wrestlemania and I know that is one show out of the year that I can see amazing wrestling matches. I saw them on Sunday, but I still wanted more wrestling. I watched Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels from Vengeance 2005. Amazing match, by the way and recommend everyone watch or re-watch it! I got caught up in Angle's matches then and went out to buy Wrestlemania 19 today so I can own Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle (With Brock coming back, it got me interested in his matches too). All this leads to Kurt Angle's match tonight. I didn't know he was going to wrestle, but when Hogan announced it, I got excited. What a match it was! Kurt keeps impressing me each time! I can't even tell that he is getting older. Even with his injured hamstring, I couldn't tell. Hopefully he can successfully complete the olympic trials! Storm vs. AJ was another great match. Very nice ending to it. Roode vs. Ken was nice but wasn't long enough, but I can see them battling in the future. I love seeing MCMG back! They are, without a doubt, the best tag team in all of WWE and TNA! The knockout match confused me, to say the least, as I heard it was an elimination match. Well, that was no elimination match. Even if it was, who knows how long that match would have gone on for. What they gave was nice, yet sloppy. Sky keeps on getting her push though. Finally, the Roode vs. Storm rivalry keeps getting hype. I love the videos about Storm. I think the rivalry played out with all you can do before the show. It is time for them to fight. I know they will confront each other next week and it will probably give it added fuel to the flame to excite everyone for Lockdown. Lockdown looks to be pretty interesting. I am looking for more great wrestling when that show comes about. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my blogs (link also below in my bio).

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