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Impact Wrestling Results (5/31/12) - The First Live Show Ends With Love

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Impact Wrestling Results - 5/31/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package that recaps last week's main focus. It was Hulk Hogan's decision to pick AJ Styles to face Bobby Roode for the TNA World Title. After Roode won, he became the longest reigning champion in history. Sting returned and attacked Roode. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode and the camera shows the crazy fans in attendance. It shows TNA stars lined up around the ring as the first match starts off right away.

Bobby Roode's music hits and the TNA World Champion walks on the stage. The title is around his waist. He slowly walks down the ramp as he glares at the fans. He makes his way up the steel steps quickly as he doesn't want to be touched or attacked. He gets in and climbs the turnbuckle to show off his body. After, the lights fade and spotlights are turned on. Music hits and here comes, The Icon, Sting! Sting comes back after a 7 month vacation. The crowd is going crazy. Sting comes down the ramp and looks at the fans. He climbs the steps and gets in the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Sting in a Lumberjack Match

The match quickly starts right after Sting comes out of the corner where he posed. Roode went after but Sting counted with multiple punches and a take down. He gets Roode up and closelines him in the corner. Roode flips upside down and lands on his neck and head. He gets up with Sting's help. Roode tries to fight back as he attacks Sting. He puts Sting in the corner and tries for knife edge chops, but there is no affect. Sting comes back with a scream and a couple hits. He hits a closeline. Roode is down and Sting grabs his legs. Roode squirms his way to the ropes. He gets on the apron. Sting brings him to the post and then on top of the ropes. He kicks him right in the gut and Roode flips over to the outside. Stars like RVD and Devon attack him. They throw him in. Sting tosses him back out and the stars attack him again. Sting puts Roode in the corner and he goes for a stinger splash, but Roode moves. Roode grabs Sting and tosses him over the ropes. Sting is on the outside and he tries to get back in, but some stars give him a shot to the back. He gets in. He goes after Roode but Roode attacks Sting. He is able to fall down while grabbing Sting's tights. He pulls him forward and Sting goes through the middle rope to the outside. Robbie E. and others attack Sting for quite sometime. Crimson is also at ringside. There are stars trying to help out like Garett. Sting is able to get back in. Roode continues the assault. He place Sting in the corner and attacks. He is able to take Sting down and then jump up and down for a knee to the chest and head. Roode covers but Sting kicks out.

Roode locks his arms around Sting's chest. The crowd is trying to get Sting back into the match. Sting is able to get up and he elbows Roode in the face multiple times to get out of the lock. Sting grabs Roode and whips Roode in the corner. Sting runs for a stinger splash, but Roode kicks Sting right in the face. Sting falls. Roode comes out of the corner and kicks Sting in the chest. He then throws Sting outside. Robbie E. and Daniels go after Sting, but Sting fights back. He knocks Daniels down. Crimson tries to attack him from behind.


Roode is still in control as he has Sting laying down in the corner. He stomps on his chest and then gets him up. He lifts him up and slams him down for a suplex. He covers but Sting kicks out at two. Roode knees Sting in the back. Sting gets on his hands and knees. Roode tosses Sting out of the ring again. Robbie E. and Crimson attack him again. Rob Van Dam comes to the rescue and pushes Sting back in. Roode puts Sting in the corner and does punches and knife edge chops. It doesn't fade Sting. Sting comes out and blocks a shot and gives Roode his own. He whips Roode in the corner and finally hits the stinger splash. He whips Roode in the ropes. Roode stops and slides out. He goes where Crimson and Robbie E. are so they won't attack him. Sting comes to that side and jumps over the ropes. He takes Roode and the lumberjacks down. Sting gets up and rolls Roode in. He goes for the scorpion death lock, but Roode is able to reverse it. He takes Sting down and locks in the cross face. Sting crawls and grabs the ropes. Roode gets up and stomps on Sting. He gets him up again and goes for the fisherman suplex. Sting floats over and lands on his feet. He hits the scorpion death drop. He then does the scorpion death lock. Roode can't handle it anymore. He taps. Winner: Sting

The crowd is on fire and the lumberjacks clap, well, most of them. Sting climbs the corner as the crows goes crazy. Just then, Hulk Hogan's music hits. He comes out and starts clapping. He does his hand to ear pose and fireworks explode behind him. The crowd is cheering. Hogan has a mic. The music stops and Hulk says Sting is the #1 man. We just got a piece of what is to come. Hogan says it's going to be Roode vs. Sting at Slammiversary. Roode gets up as Hulk announces the match. Hulk then states the match will be for the TNA World Title. Roode is on the outside as he glares at Hogan and Sting. He is worried.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera. They welcome everyone. AJ Styles will face Daniels tonight. Also, Devon's Television Title will be on the line against one of the four members that you can vote for. Brooke Hogan will appear tonight! Stay tuned!


Madison Rayne is backstage. She is ironing her sash. She is talking about Brooke Hogan. She knows she is coming and can't believe she actually is. She then talks about looking good on camera.

The camera shows the ring and Bully Ray is getting in the ring. He gets on the mic and asks if the people know who he is. He then turns and addresses Mr. Parks. He is in the crowd enjoying his soda and popcorn. Bully says Mr. Parks is pretty tough as he comes to the show after what Ray did to him last week. Ray demands to show the replay from last week. He wants to fight Mr. Parks. He calls Parks into the ring. Parks is worried and scared. He is not a fighter. The crowd roars though. He slowly walks down the steps. He comes to the railing. Parks says he doesn't want to fight. Ray says that is cool because Parks is a coward. Ray states Parks is a coward, his mom is a coward, his dad is, and his brother, Abyss, his a coward. Parks isn't going to take it anymore. He climbs over the railing. Guards come and hold Parks back. Ray tells the guards to back off or he will bash their heads in. They back off. Parks gets on the apron. He gets in the ring. Ray wants to fight him right now. Parks holds his gut and looks around. He tries to get out of this. Ray wants Parks to punch him right in the face. Parks is not a fighter though. Ray says he doesn't want to fight, but may want to after changing his mind after changing his plea to guilty. Changing it as he left Abyss to die. Parks turns and grabs Bully by the throat. Ray is on his knees. Parks has his fist up. Ray states that he will sue if Parks hits him. Parks lets go of Ray and backs way. Parks will not stoop to Ray's level. He has class. He is an attorney. Ray says that isn't true as he is just like his brother.....a coward! Ray drops the mic and gets out of the ring. Parks picks the mic up as Ray is walking up the ramp. Parks says he will fight Ray right now. He tells Ray to get back in. Parks takes off his coat and his glasses. He puts his fists up. Ray grabs a mic and says he will fight Mr. Slammiversary.


A video plays showcasing Crimson's impressive undefeated streak as did not lose in a single's match in over a year. After the video, Crimson is backstage watching his video on a monitor. He says he can't be beat. He laughs.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announce this championship match. Chris Sabin appears first. He walks down the ramp as the crowd does a small pop. He gets in the ring. He's a 4 time X-Division Champion. After he is in the ring, Austin Aries is finishing getting ready backstage as he sprays his hair and talks to some backstage producer guy. Aries quickly makes his way to the ring.

Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries (Champ) for the X-Division Title

The bell sounds and they lock-up. Austin grabs Sabin's arm and twists it. He applies a headlock. Chris gets out of it and then goes after Austin but it's nothing short of special back and forth moves. Chris is able to do an arm drag after whipping Austin into the ropes. Austin gets up and is able to come back after missing a kick to Sabin. He has Sabin down from a kick to the face. He covers but Chris kicks out. Austin continues to fight. He goes for a closeline but Chris kicks him in the shoulder. He then goes for a crucifix pin. Austin kicks out. Both get up and Austin is able to take Sabin out of the ring. Austin runs into the ropes, comes to the side where Chris is located and delivers a suicide dive. He brings Chris in and places him upside down in the corner. Austin runs for a dropkick but Chris lifts his torso up. Sabin goes to another corner to rest. Austin runs to him for a dropkick but Sabin moves. Austin goes outside. Sabin jumps over the ropes and lands right on Austin. He brings him in and goes for a cover but Austin kicks out. Austin tries to come back, but Chris goes for the Cradle Shot, but Austin is able to roll out and roll for a cover. He gets the pin. This match features the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and Still Champion: Austin Aries

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Taz. This is filmed earlier. Hogan is glad to welcome Taz to the Gutcheck judges. He says Taz doesn't sugar quote anything as he tells it how he sees it. Taz thanks Hogan and tells him that he is going to give the real Taz and some people don't like that. Hogan doesn't care. He knows Taz can see things. Hogan calls Gutcheck the future of this company. Both thank each other.


Bruce Prichard, Taz, and Al Snow are backstage. This was filmed yesterday. They welcome Taz to the judge panel. Taz talks about his relationship with Bruce and Al from the past. Bruce goes in to talk about the worker. Al states that he doesn't have the great body that they are looking for. Bruce states he looks like a porn star from the 1970s. Taz thinks that is a gimmick. Bruce states that people from Twitter thought Joey Ryan was better than Silva, who they give a contract to. Taz says Ryan didn't look like he was in a fight for his life when he say Austin come out. It bothered Taz. Taz says it's hard to get an opportunity and they don't know where to be. Bruce thinks he needs the total package. Al thinks he took it seriously. Bruce thinks he did a good job, but really didn't blow him away. He will remember him though. You have to weigh the positives and negatives. They need Ryan to convince them on their decision. Al thinks he didn't see heart in this match, but he may as he cuts his promo later.

The video ends and Brooke Hogan will be next!


Jeremy Borash is backstage with Jeff Hardy, RVD, Mr. Anderson, and Robbie E (w/ Robbie T.). One of them will face Devon shortly. The fans can vote on who will face Devon for the title.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone where music hits. It's Dixie Carter! The TNA President walks down the ramp with a huge smile on his face. She makes her way to the ring as the fans clap. She has a mic in her hand. She asks how everyone is doing. She says it is a great evening. In 10 short days, TNA will be 10 years old. She is proud of the success they had. She is proud of every star who entered TNA. They made a huge impact. They couldn't do it without the fans though. Dixie promotes Slammiversary. Dixie goes on to announce that the PPV will be the start of when the first inductee of the TNA Hall of Fame will be announced. She goes on to talk about the live shows every week and other changes they are making, like this one: Dixie wanted to bring someone new in TNA. She has been under Dixie's nose for years and always wanted to bring her in. She welcomes the new Knockout Executive, Brooke Hogan. Brooke's music plays. She makes her way to the ring and hugs Dixie. Dixie grabs her a mic. Dixie welcomes Brooke again. Dixie remembers when she called Brooke. She said, "yes" at first and then said, "You tell my dad". Dixie gets excited when Brooke talks about being part of TNA and helping the best woman division around. Brooke thanks Dixie and the fans for welcoming her with open arms. Brooke knows how much the knockouts mean to Dixie. That is Brooke's passion. She has some big yellow boots to fill, but she is taking this seriously. She says the knockouts are amazing. She will work hard. She thanks everyone again. Dixie introduces her one last time. They hug again.

Kazarian and Daniels are backstage. Kazarian states that Dixie did not mention anything about AJ Styles. She could have in front of millions, but she didn't. Daniels says he can do whatever he wants on live TV, so he is going to go and show more after his match with AJ. No one can stop him.


A video hyping Slammiversary plays. The #5 biggest moment in TNA history plays. It is from 2005. It is....the debut of Christian Cage!!! He signed with TNA because he loves wrestling. What a moment that was!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match. Devon enters the arena first. He has the title around his waist. He has been Television Champion for three months. He walks to the ring as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and waits for his mystery opponent (1 of the 4). Jeremy Borash is backstage with the four opponents. He says the winner with 44% of the Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy has his amazing face paint as he walks backstage to the stage. His music plays as he comes to the ring. He interacts with the fans and then enters.

Devon (Champ) vs. Jeff Hardy for the Television Title

The bell rings and both stars join hands out of respect. They move around the ring and lock-up. Devon quickly works on the arm of Jeff. He twists it. Jeff comes back as he works on Devon's arm. Devon is able to apply a headlock. Jeff pushes him away. Devon bounces off the ropes and does a shoulder block. He knocks down Jeff. Jeff gets up and Devon continues the attack. Jeff gets up and both are equal. Devon whips Jeff in the corner. Devon runs to him, but Jeff jumps up and locks his legs around Devon's head. Jeff flips. Both get up, but Devon hits Jeff and it flats him out. Jeff gets up and tries to come back. He attacks Devon and then climbs the corner. He hits whisper in the wind. He goes for a cover, but Devon kicks out. Devon gets up in the corner. Jeff runs but Devon moves. Jeff lands right on the second corner. Devon grabs Jeff's head and does a running, jumping neck breaker. What a move. Devon continues as he works on the neck of Jeff. He then gives Jeff an elbow drop. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Devon applies a headlock. Jeff gets up to his feet and elbows his way out. Devon tries to lift Jeff, but he rolls over. He kicks Devon in the gut and plants him down on the mat. Devon is now flat on his back. Jeff climbs the corner and goes for the swanton bomb. Suddenly, Robbie E. and Robbie T. run out and knock Jeff off the corner. They come in and attack Jeff and Devon. Christy Hemme announces that this match is thrown out. Devon is able to fight back. Jeff comes to and they double team against the Robbies. They are thrown out of the ring. Jeff and Devon stand strong in the ring. They hug as the Robbies look on. No Contest

A video plays about James Storm. He talks about being part of a small town. He loves being in the country and in an open field. He is a simple man. He wants to raise his daughter like how he was raised. Roode is the "It" factor of professional wrestling, but this is James "It" factor. The video changes focus as he talks about his match with Roode. No one thought he would lose. He let everyone down. He did it all in his hometown as they thought he would win. He states that he doesn't want to upset Dixie. He does it for her. His daughter is there and asks her dad if he is going back to wrestling. James turns and tells the camera guy to shut it off.


A video plays showcasing the whole Daniels/Kazarian/AJ Styles storyline. It shows Kurt Angle winning as they showed AJ the pictures. Kurt is not happy with Daniels and Kazarian. It then shows Kazarian/Daniels showing the whole world the pictures and videos. Then, last week, he fought Roode and AJ's mind was still on Daniels and Kazarian. Mind games!!!

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He introduces Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and Taz, who are in the ring with him. Borash asks Bruce if he can give his decision based on the match of Joey Ryan. He says he has his decision, but isn't sure of the others, but he hopes they do too. Borash introduces Joey Ryan. Ryan comes out in his pure gimmick form. He gets in the ring. The crowd chants his name. Borash asks if he put forth his best last week. Joey states that he is a big deal. His name is trending worldwide and 80+% of the fans think Joey should get a contract. Everyone knows who Joey is. Bruce starts. He says he has a good look, but after being in the business for over 10 years in the business.....he says his decision is a: NO! Borash goes to Al Snow. He asks Snow about Joey's future. Al says he doesn't like Joey. He doesn't like his attitude. He acts like he has a contract already, but he doesn't. He doesn't like his strut, but it doesn't matter what he likes. It matters on Joey and he says: YES! Borash goes to Taz. Before he does, he goes to Joey to cut a promo. Joey talks about TNA being a social media giant and how they are so focused on it....getting 87% of the votes sure doesn't get Bruce's attention. He says Taz knows what he is thinking. Taz states that if that was the promo to save his life.....then he is out of his mind. Joey says he is a color commentator. He is not a suplex machine. Taz says Joey doesn't know what he is talking about. He says: NO! Joey gets furious. He says he is going to prove Taz wrong. Taz says he can keep bouncing the ropes until he can prove him wrong. Wonder when that will be!


A video plays where Bobby Roode is in front of a London crowd on a street in front of Big Ben. He cuts a promo to them. This is the day after defeating AJ Styles last week. Roode announces that he officially is the longest reigning champion in TNA history.

Mike Tenay and Taz hype up the line-up for Slammiversary.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring. She announces the main event of the evening. Music plays and here comes Daniels. He has one half of the TNA Tag Team Titles around his waist. The fans boo as he gets in the ring. Music hits and sparks fall from above. AJ Styles walks through the sparks and makes his way down the ramp. He looks focused.....focused right on Daniels.

Daniels vs. AJ Styles

They move around the ring and quickly lock-up. AJ puts Daniels in the corner. Earl Hebner counts and AJ backs off. Daniels slaps AJ right in the face. AJ goes after Daniels. Daniels exits the ring and runs around as AJ follows. He slides in the ring. Both are in as Daniels is knocked down after a huge hit from AJ. He gets Daniels up and hits a huge dropkick. Daniels goes to the corner as he holds his mouth. AJ whips Daniels into the corner, but Daniels whips AJ in the corner. AJ goes for a pop up, but Daniels doesn't run through. AJ turns and Daniels nails him with a huge fist to the face. Daniels gets AJ up and continues the attack. AJ tries to come back. He is put on the ring apron. Daniels is able to knock him off. AJ sails through the air and lands hard on the steel guard rail. He bounces off chest first and lands on the floor. He slowly gets up using the guard rail. Daniels slides outside. He kicks AJ in the chest.


Daniels has an armlock right on AJ in the middle of the ring. AJ is screaming in pain. Daniels lets go and hits AJ in the ribs. He gets AJ up and body slams him. Daniels bounces off the top rope for a moonsault. He covers but AJ kicks out at two. Daniels pulls AJ's head forward to Daniel's knee. The crowd tries to get AJ back into this. AJ puts his foot on the ropes and Daniels lets go. Daniels gets AJ, but AJ hits Daniels in the gut. He does punches right to the head and then knife edge chops to the chest. Daniels pushes him back and then whips him chest first into the corner. Daniels lifts him up, but AJ lands on his feet behind him. Daniels runs into the ropes. AJ hits a spinning heel kick. Both are down. AJ gets in the corner. Daniels is up and runs to him. AJ elbows him. He then knocks Daniels down multiple times. He lifts Daniels up on his shoulders for a backbreaker/torture rack.....and then spins him for a power bomb. Both get up and AJ is on top of the corner. Daniels goes to him and tries to throw him off, but AJ fights him away. AJ goes on the apron and hits a springboard forearm smash. Both get up and AJ tries to hit Daniels, but Daniels counters. Daniels is now on the apron. AJ backs away and hits the pele. Daniels falls in the ring. AJ goes to finish him, but Kazarian comes out. AJ punches Kazarian off the apron. Daniels gets up. AJ jumps on the second corner and then moonsaults back. He does a reverse DDT. He covers and wins. Winner: AJ Styles

Kazarian enters and attacks AJ. Daniels gets up and helps his partner. Just then, Kurt Angle's music plays. He comes out and places the ankle lock on Kazarian after AJ fought Daniels and Kazarian off. Daniels goes over and low blows Angle. Kazarian and Daniels drag Kurt to the ropes. They tie his arms up. Daniels goes after AJ as he hits AJ right in the head with the title belt. Daniels goes back to help Kazarian lock Angle up, but they can only get one arm. Daniels hits Kurt right in the head with the title. He is out. Daniels gets on the mic. He says, "you're welcome." Daniels says that they showed everyone pictures and videos, but people still don't believe them. Well, hear it for ourselves. They play audio that has Dixie and AJ talking. AJ says he is coming into town and Dixie can't wait. Dixie doesn't want him (husband) to know. AJ asks how much time they will have to be with each other. Just then, Dixie appears at the commentator's desk. She rips off the headset of Taz. She yells to hit the button and turn off the audio. She yells and yells. The show fades to the closing while Dixie starts to swear. She ends by saying, "You are finished!"

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Daniels- New from last week
2. Sting- Up from last week
3. Bobby Roode- Down from last week
4. AJ Styles- Down from last week
5. Bully Ray- Down from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I was looking forward to this show for quite sometime, but more so the week as it was finally coming! TNA being live gives the show a much better feeling. It really changes them production wise. Filming in a different arena does that even more, but that is not the case here. I have multiple things to say about this show and will base it upon the Top 5 Rankings. First off, Daniels is #1 because he ended the show. When can you say Daniels ended a TNA show? Not for a long time. It's really nice seeing him a huge storyline. Daniels revealed the audio tape that ended the show in love and in anger (Dixie)! Dixie's reaction to the end is what she has been talking about as the show feels less scripted. Next up is Sting. Sting returns and defeats Roode. Many people have a problem with that, but I don't see the big deal. Roode lost through his title reign, but he always kept his title. He is the longest reigning champion and that overshadows any loss he suffered/suffers. Roode is the top guy. Roode losing drops him down in the rankings, but he is still around. Next is AJ Styles. It's great seeing AJ headline TNA two weeks in a row....and that is in the main event too! AJ lost last week but won this week. Even though he won this week, I couldn't help but lower him in the rankings with the others above him. AJ is on a great path though. Finally is Bully Ray. One thing to say about him: one amazing heel! I think he is the best heel today. Roode is great but Ray is that much greater. He's fantastic. This show had some downfalls. There was not a knockout match. I am guessing Brooke took up that time, but still think they should have given them some time. The Gutcheck segment was entertaining. It seems real with the Taz incident. It is nice to see these type of segments. There was a lot of segments and not as much match time, but the matches were alright. It's nice seeing TNA getting more attention. I hope it continues and grows. Next week will bring another live show! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blog (link also in my bio).

Weekly Question: What did you think of the first live show?

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