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Impact Wrestling Results (6/21/12) - I Am An Addict!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 6/21/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA's Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package about the recent stories on the show. It brings up James Storm as he came back at Slammiversary. He is not on a winning streak. It changes to Austin Aries as he has to decide whether he wants to go for the World Title or keep his X-Division Title. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode from the entrance stage and above the ring. The crowd is going wild. Tonight's show is also Open Fight Night and the Bound For Glory Series is going to be based around that tonight. Music hits and here comes The Hulkster. Hogan comes out and the crowd goes wild. Fireworks explode on stage as Hogan does his famous taunts. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Hogan grabs a mic. He says people better be ready for change as it's happening. When change occurs, you make friends and enemies. He brings up the incident with Sting last week. He says they do not know who they are yet, but he doesn't want to encourage them and doesn't even want to show the footage. TNA will find out who they are though. Hogan talks about change again as it is Open Fight Night and you have the Bound for Glory Series. The crowd keeps chanting for Hogan; therefore, it is tough for him to talk. Hogan changes directions and brings up Austin Aries. He says he gave Austin till 8pm tonight for a decision and it is a little past 8 (8:05 right now). He is waiting! Well, he doesn't have to wait for long as Austin Aries' music plays and he quickly comes down the ramp with his title.

He is in the ring with a mic. The fans chant his name. Austin says he knows his name and tells them to quiet down as he has something big to say. Austin restates his thoughts from last week. He can either go for the World Title and give the X-Division Title or keep the X-Title and be the most dominate in that division. He says Option A seems easy, but the X-Title is the title that this company was built on. He says there are huge names that sacrificed to get the title. He wonders what he could do in order to keep the title in existence and give it importance. He says he thought of Plan C. Hogan doesn't like this. He says he laid it out. Option C better be good if he is going to pitch it. Austin says that he will go after Bobby and give it up, but the same thing has to happen each year this time of year. Whoever the X-Champion is can cash it in to go for the World Title at Destination X every year. Hogan likes the idea and thinks the title will be even more important then. He shakes hands with Austin as they have a deal.

Suddenly, Bobby's music hits. He comes out with a suit, his title, and a mic. He can't believe it. He doesn't understand why Hogan is letting Austin set things up now. He calls the X-Division Title a paper title. Bobby holds the real title. Also, Bobby is not a X-Division wrestler. Austin won't be able to keep up. Roode is the longest reigning champion in this company's history. He will beat Austin and embarrass his @ss. Austin laughs and says that this is Open Fight Night and if he thinks he can embarrass him, then come down and try. Bobby quickly takes off his coat and loosens his tie. He comes down the ramp as Austin exits the ring. They rumble! They exchange punches and then hang onto each other. Officials and referees come out and break them up. They pull them apart as a few swear words are exchanged. NOW, music hits and here comes Mr. Anderson. He comes on stage with spotlights on him. The mic comes down from the rafters. Anderson states that he can watch them fight all night and will allow them to continue to fight, but Anderson will win the Bound for Glory series and will compete for the World Title! Yes, it will be him!.....him! Austin and Roode are still on opposite sides of the ramp as Anderson is on top.


The show returns and they show the Point System for the Bound for Glory Series. The top point is a Submission victory with 10 points. You can see the full list on their site.

Mr. Anderson is in the ring. He has a mic. He welcomes everyone to TNA Impact Live. He says there is some guy he likes to call out. This guy likes to destroy a person's family. He calls out Christopher Daniels. The camera shows the back where all the stars are standing around a monitor. Daniels has a drink in his hand. He can't believe this. He comes out with his drink. He sips it and then gets in. He pushes Ken but Ken returns with a huge punch that knocks him down.

Mr. Anderson vs. Daniels in the Bound for Glory Series

Anderson puts Daniels in the corner, but Daniels comes out and whips Ken into the opposing corner. Anderson goes on top of the corner where Daniels knocks him down stomach first on the turnbuckle. Daniels gets him down and continues as he bends Ken's arm back. Ken tries to get out of it and he does. He does a hip toss. Daniels gets up in the corner. Ken runs to him, but Daniels moves and Ken goes sternum first into the corner. He comes out and a closeline occurs that knocks both of them down. Both get up and Daniels does some punches but Ken does some of his own. Ken gains momentum as he does a couple closelines and elbow shots that knock Daniels down. He then lifts Daniels up on his shoulders and rolls through. Daniels gets up and Ken goes for the Mic Check, but Daniels reverses it. He takes Ken down and goes for the BME, but Ken holds onto his leg. He goes for a roll-up but there is a kick out. Both get up and Ken hits the Mic Check for the win. Winner: Mr. Anderson for 7 points

Dixie Carter and AJ Styles are backstage. Both of them are emotional. Dixie asks if AJ is ready for this. AJ brings up Daniels and Kazarian. Dixie says she doesn't care about them. AJ says it doesn't have to happen. They talked about it already. AJ thinks there is another way. Dixie wonders what way there is. She doesn't see one. She leans against the shelving behind her in stress.

The camera changes to Brooke Hogan's office backstage. The Knockouts are in there as they are ready for Open Fight Night. We see Brooke come to the door. She enters.


The camera is in Brooke's office. She is talking about the music video with Sky. Others tell her that she called them for a meeting so let's get this thing under way. Brooke asks them why they want to face for the Knockout Title. She starts with ODB. ODB states she is different than any other diva. Rayne talks trash to her. ODB asks where her crown is. Brooke asks Rayne. Rayne states she held it for the longest. James states the held every women title in wrestling. Brooke states that their accomplishments will not help her make up her mind. She says Rayne is leaning for an imaginary guy. Rayne should be focused on her wrestling. Tessmacher is. Brooke eliminates Rayne. She tells Madison to train. Rayne leaves in disgust as she will train with her boyfriend. Brooke needs to make another elimination later. ODB asks if they can stay there and Brooke allows them.

Robbie E. is in the ring as Robbie T. is behind him. Robbie E. calls out any fighter from Open Fight Night to challenge him. The camera in the back shows Kurt Angle. He takes off his shirt as he comes through the curtain. His music plays. Kurt quickly comes down the ramp and into the ring.

Robbie E. vs. Kurt Angle in the Bound for Glory Series

Robbie quickly stomps on Kurt, but Kurt gets up and quickly hits the 3 german suplexes. He gets Robbie E. up and hits the Angle Slam. Finally, he takes down his singlet and applies the Ankle Lock. Robbie E. taps. Winner: Kurt Angle for 10 points

A Taeler Hendrix video is played. She is the Gut Check worker for tonight. She talks about being on television while wrestling. She was champion. She goes on to talk about having cancer when she was 21 years old. She talks about the hardships from that. She finally states she wants to be the big knockout star in this company.

The video ends and Magnus comes out. He has a mic in his hand. He is in the Bound for Glory Series. He states that he knows who he wants to call out. He will face them and beat them now. Magnus continues to the ring.


Magnus continues on with the mic as he is now in the ring. He says there are a lot of women who want him when they go to different cities, but he knows where to draw the line. He is calling out the man who is with the person who sleeps with the lady who signs the paychecks. He is a home wrecker. He is AJ Styles. Styles is shown backstage with his hat on his head. He turns and comes through the curtain as his music hits. Sparks come down from above. He goes through them and then runs to the ring.

Magnus vs. AJ Styles in the Bound for Glory Series

AJ quickly goes after Magnus. Magnus is able to grab AJ and whip him in the corner. Magnus runs after AJ but AJ kicks him in the head. He attacks Magnus until he has him down. AJ goes to the apron, but comes back in to continue the attack. He then climbs the corner. He jumps as Magnus is up. Magnus catches him and slams him down. Magnus gets him up. AJ gets away as he goes for the pele, but AJ misses. Magnus gets him up and locks a sleeper hold. AJ backs up to ram Magnus in the corner. The hold is unlocked. AJ brings Magnus to the opposing corner. AJ runs to smash him. Both come out and AJ hits a huge kick head. Magnus falls on his stomach. AJ goes to the apron for the finish. Just then, Daniels and Kazarian come out. Daniels has an envelope in his hand. AJ jumps on the ropes and then lands on his feet. He goes across the ring and tells them to bring it to him. Magnus gets up and brings AJ to him. He lifts AJ up and plants him on his back and neck. Magnus gets the pin. Winner: Magnus for 7 points

Taeler Hendrix is backstage as she is gearing up for her match, next!


Jeremy Borash is in the ring. Hendrix is there too. Borash introduces us to this segment as it is GutCheck time! He introduces Taeler Hendrix. She gets a nice applause. Here comes her opponent. Music plays and it's Tara! Tara comes down the ramp as the crowd cheers for her too.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Tara in the GutCheck Challenge

THe match begins and Hendrix goes right after Tara, but Tara ducks and locker her hands behind Hendrix. She lifts her up and plants her down. She starts talking to her. She continues to go after Hendrix as she has her on her back now. She continues to talk to her. Hendrix pushes her away. Taeler gets up but Tara hits her with a closeline. Tara grabs her and gets up on the corner. She lifts Hendrix up for a chokehold. Hendrix is hanging. She is able to bring her feet on the mat. She lifts her leg up and kicks Tara right in the head. She knocks Tara down. Hendrix brings the offense now. She knocks Tara down with a closeline. She applies a headlock. She wrenches the head back. Taeler releases it. Both get up. Taeler raises her arms for the fans. She turns around to a Tara kick in the gut. She lifts Hendrix up and smashes her with the Widow's Peak. She covers. Winner: Tara

Taeler gets up as Tara is already standing. They go to meet in the ring.

The camera is backstage as it shows the remaining Bound for Glory Series stars left. The stars are Joe, Hardy, Pope, RVD, James, and Bully (From what I saw).


An official is bringing Joseph Parks backstage. The official doesn't know what is going on and Parks doesn't know either. They meet up with Bully Ray. The official leaves the scene. Ray tells Parks that he should be glad he is in the Bound for Glory Series. Parks brings up Abyss throwing him out of the ring last week. Ray grabs Parks. He states that he does not want to see Parks or Abyss out there. Parks can't do anything about his brother. Ray does not care. He leaves with Parks shaken up.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they talk about Austin Aries and his decision earlier. It ends quickly as Samoa Joe's music plays. He walks down the ramp and gets right in the ring. He grabs a mic. Since nobody in the back has the guts to challenge Joe, he is going to challenge somebody. He says: James Storm. Storm is back and had a great time last week, but how will he do with Joe? James Storm comes through the curtain as his music hits. James comes out as the fans cheer.

Samoa Joe vs. James Storm in the Bound for Glory Series

The match begins with a quick bounce off the rope. James comes running from that right into Joe. Joe knocks him down and knees him in the head. He gets James up and brings him in the corner. He whips him into the opposing corner. He runs to him and then hits the pele type move. James is down. Joe gets him up and puts him in another corner. Joe continues to attack James as he works on his shoulder and arm. He does a snapmare takedown. He works on the shoulder and neck of James. James gets up and elbows his way away. He runs into the ropes. Joe is able to hit a quick scoop powerslam. He covers but James kicks out. Joe applies a key lock. James grabs the ropes to break the hold. Joe works on James with elbow shots. He gets James up with a forearm shot. James gives his own. Joe brings his knee to Storm's gut. He then applies a headlock from behind. James gets out of it and does multiple punches. Joe tries for a knockdown, but James ducks. He bounces off the ropes and hits Joe. He then runs into another set of ropes and hits Joe right in the head with his elbow and knocks him down. Joe gets up in the corner. James runs to him, but Joe lifts him up to the corner. He hits him and then does a snapmare takedown from the top. James gets up. Joe goes to him but James is able to pull out the Last Call Superkick for the finish. Winner: James Storm for 7 points

James celebrates in the ring. As he does, Samoa Joe grabs a beer bottle. He was going to James, but James turns around and sees this. James backs up. Joe goes to him and hands it to him. Joe leaves the ring while James sprays the bottle. This match gets the Direct Impact of the Night. Joe looks on but still doesn't look happy.

A video plays showcasing the whole Dixie/AJ relationship dilemma. Daniels and Kazarian reveal some huge information about their relationship. Dixie is not happy one bit. Her husband even shows up and punches AJ. Kurt Angle even confronts AJ. This is a huge situation.

AJ and Dixie are backstage. AJ says he is messed up. He is falling apart. He can't do it anymore. They are doing this tonight. They have to. Dixie agrees with everything he says as she touches him on the chest.


Brooke Hogan is in her office. She says a great quote, "Talking smack gets you nowhere as talking business gets you somewhere." Brooke brings ODB's husband up. He is just too insane for her right now. Until he gets that under control, then Brooke will bring ODB up strong. ODB asks where her dad's office is. She is standing in it. Brooke messes up by saying boyfriend about Eric Young. ODB goes onto to say he will watch and does her BANG!

Bully Ray comes down the ramp with a huge strut. He gets right in the ring. He grabs a mic and yells for his music to be shut off. He then states that he is the most hated bully in the world. He asks where Mr. Parks is. He is nowhere to be seen. Good. Ray asks who is left. RVD, Pope and Hardy are left. Ray wants this to be easy. Pope spent too much time in Hollywood. He will face, beat, and get his 10 points on an easy Pope. Pope's music plays. He puts on his entrance gear. He comes through the curtain. The crowd cheers. Money drops from above as he comes to the ring.

Bully Ray vs. The Pope in the Bound for Glory Series

Ray quickly knocks Pope in the head. Pope falls to his knees. Ray gets him up and whips him right into the corner. He goes hard. Ray plants his head into the corner and then knocks him down with a closeline. He covers him twice but Pope kicks out of both of them. He gets Pope up and continues the assault with punches a rake to the eyes. Pope is on his knees as he can't see. Ray kicks him right in the head. Ray gets him up and splats him back first into the corner. Pope falls. Ray jumps up to land on him but Pope moves and you see the splat. Ray gets up and Pope starts the huge return. He does punches after punches. He then knocks Ray down with a huge shoulder tackle. Ray gets up and Pope does double time with elbow shots to Ray's head. Ray lands throat first on the middle rope. Pope runs and lands right on him. Pope slides through to the outside. He gets to the corner. Ray gets up and hits the top rope for Pope to fall. Ray runs over to him and smashes him. Ray gets up and does the punches from 1-10! Just then, Abyss slowly walks down the steps from the fans. Ray sees him and can't believe it. Ray gets down from the corner. Pope hits him from behind and Ray falls through the ropes. Abyss goes right by the security railing. Ray gets up and turns. Abyss is right there. Abyss grabs him and throws him down. Abyss comes through the railing and hits Bully. Ray goes back into the ring. Pope is right there to plant him down on his head. Pope gets in the win. Winner: The Pope for 7 points

Abyss gets in the ring and and scares Bully out. Bully runs through the fans. Abyss slowly follows him.

Jeff Hardy and RVD are waiting backstage. Hogan meets up with them. He says they must be the favorite to win since no one wants to face them. He has to do something with them though. He announces that they will fight each other in the main event. Jeff and Rob look at each other. Jeff leaves as RVD stays there.

Brooke Hogan is in her office. She has a notebook that has the last two choices left. Who will she pick?


Impact Wrestling returns! The music video with Velvet Sky that was made a couple weeks ago airs. It's some type of country song from some country band. I don't listen to country, but it's a nice tune. Watch the full video on their site.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this title match. Ms. Tessmacher comes to the ring first. She has the Knockout Title over her shoulder. The crowd is loving her. She gets in the ring. The camera shows Brooke backstage with Sky and Mickie. She praises both of them. She says both of them are amazing. She says Sky has a great chance, but she is giving something Mickie deserves. Sky agrees as she claps. Mickie's music plays. She comes out as the crowd cheers. Here she comes.

Ms. Tessmacher vs. Mickie James for the Knockout Title

Both walk around the ring as they stare at each other. They lock-up and push back and forth but Mickie has Tessmacher in the corner. She breaks it up. Tessmacher goes right to her to lock-up again. Tessmacher does an armlock. Mickie does a summersault to get out of it. She does an armlock on Tessmacher and takes her down. She applies the hammerlock. Tessmacher is able to change out of a new front face lock that Mickie had on. Both get up and Mickie now is in control as she twists the arm of Tessmacher. Tessmacher gets out of it. Mickie gets up and Tessmacher locks her hands around Mickie's gut. Mickie gets to the ropes and elbows Tessmacher right in the head. She falls. Mickie goes to her but Tessmacher hits James in the gut. Mickie is able to counter back as she knocks Tessmacher back and kicks her with a running low dropkick. She covers but Tessmacher kicks out. She chokes Tessmacher on the rope. She does a snapmare and locks the arm in again. Tessmacher gets up and elbows her way out of it. Mickie whips Tessmacher in the ropes. Tessmacher holds onto the ropes. Mickie runs but Tessmacher kicks her in the face. Tessmacher runs to her, but Mickie hits the flapjack. Mickie climbs the corner. She jumps but Tessmacher was about to hit her from the corner. Both turn and Tessmacher gets hit with a closeline. Mickie brings Tessmacher to the corner. She tries to jump onto Tessmacher's shoulders, but Tessmacher wouldn't allow it. Tessmacher brings James out and smashes her face first into the mat. Both get up and Mickie is able to hit that spinning kick. Mickie covers but Tessmacher kicks out! Mickie is surprised. Both are worn out. Both get up. Mickie grabs Tessmacher, but she rolls Mickie up for the pin. Mickie is not happy one bit! Winner and Still Champion: Ms. Tessmacher

Rob Van Dam is walking backstage. Jeff Hardy is also walking backstage. They are making their way to the ring.


RVD's music hits and he comes out. Christy Hemme introduces this main event. Rob raises his arms on the ramp and fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring and waits. Here comes his opponent. Jeff Hardy comes and the fans pop. He has his great face paint. He walks around to interact with the fans. He gets in the ring.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy in the Bound for Glory Series

The match starts. They go to lock-up but RVD wraps his legs to scissor Jeff for a pin, but both get up. RVD brings down Jeff and drops down but Jeff moves. Jeff goes to plant an elbow but RVD moves. Both get up and Jeff brings RVD to the corner. He drops RVD down and then hits the double feet drop to the chest. RVD slides out to regroup. RVD reaches in and grabs Jeff. He takes him down. He pulls Jeff's head over the apron. RVD gets on the apron and goes for a leg drop, but Jeff moves. Both get in the ring. RVD knocks Jeff down and hits rolling thunder. He covers but Hardy kicks out. RVD gets up and hits the split legged moonsault. Another cover and it's ineffective. Both get up and Jeff comes back. Jeff goes for a kick but Rob holds it. Jeff uses his free leg to spin kick Rob. Jeff climbs the corner after taking off his shirt. He hits the Swanton Bomb. It fails. RVD crawls and gets up on the corner. He does his thumb points for "Rob Van Dam". He goes for the 450 splash, but Jeff moves. Jeff gets RVD up for a spike DDT. He covers but RVD kicks out. Jeff gets him up and hits the Twist of Fate. Jeff gets the 3 count. Winner: Jeff Hardy for 7 points

Dixie and AJ are walking backstage. AJ continues to look and stand right by Dixie as she wants to go out there and do this. AJ is severely nervous.


The Bound for Glory Series Leadership Board is shown and James Storm has a huge lead against everyone else with 27 points. Kurt Angle is second with 10 points.

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter come on the stage together. They walk down the ring together too. Dixie is wrapped around AJ's arm. The crowd is chanting, "TNA, TNA, TNA." They get in the ring and look around. AJ says something to Dixie. She walks over and grabs a mic. She comes back to him and he says something else to her. Dixie speaks. She says this has been going on for sometime. There is no positive outcomes from this stuff. Lives are changed and altered. Dixie doesn't know what else to say. AJ stops her. He says they do not have to do this. They can leave right now. In fact, they walk to the ropes. They continue to talk in the ring. Just then, some lady walks down the ramp. She gets right on the apron. She talks to Dixie and AJ and says she wants to do this. AJ opens the ropes for her. She grabs the mic. She says her name. No one knows her and AJ and Dixie wanted it to stay like that. This lady goes on to talk about each other's family and how they were always there for her. She praises both of them. She says she needs to tell the truth. She states that they did not have an affair. They then state that she is an addict. She is trying to get clean. She would take money from her family. This is why she came to Dixie and AJ. They helped her. AJ took her to rehab. They were here for her. She even woke up with stranger guys. She tells that the photo is from them helping her. She is crying and crying. Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. They didn't know she was here. Daniels yells for her to shut up. They leave. The lady says Daniels is a lier. She goes to Dixie and AJ's shoulders.

Daniels runs out and gets in the ring. AJ hits him with a huge elbow. He continues to attack him. Kazarian enters and AJ attacks him too. AJ takes out Kazarian and then gets right on top of Daniels in the ring and punches him nonstop as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. James Storm- Up from last week
2. Jeff Hardy- New from last week
3. AJ Styles and Dixie Carter- New from last week
4. The Pope- New from last week
5. Tara- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

As the hours were drawing closer to Impact Wrestling tonight, I thought about the show and knew it was another Open Fight Night. I remember the very first episode of Open Fight Night and it was quite "all over the place". Now that this is #3, TNA figured out what they wanted and developed it. Everyone is allowed to challenge anyone and there needs to be one champion that puts their title on the line against someone who the Hogans pick. Also, you have the GutCheck Challenge. I like all of these ideas. The O.F.N worked really well with the Bound for Glory Series. It gave you a heads up on who exactly is in the series, unlike last year where it was pretty insane. They did a nice job with that. You had the Knockout Title on the line tonight and that match was a good match (Compared to WWE's), but I can see that it was getting very worn at the end. Both were tired and could barely move. Actually, that is good. It shows they were working hard as they had a lot of mat moves from those locks and reversals. Tessmacher is actually getting a little better in the ring. You also had the GutCheck Challenge. I am glad her last name was Hendrix because I will actually remember her name and how to spell it (Unlike the others who I always forgot their names). Ms./Mrs. Hendrix, in my mind, did not show enough in her match. I hope she doesn't get the title of being a Knockout. I just don't see her being able to face ODB or Gail Kim. Since the GutCheck Challenge started, I agree on both decisions. We yet have seen Silvia since he got a contract. On a different note, the matches tonight were nice. This show was all about matches plus the AJ/Dixie storyline and the Austin/Roode segment at the beginning. We had a lot of matches. The matches weren't long in length (Angle winning in about 40 seconds), but it could be filled with a segment that no one can understand. Finally, the ending segment was very different as it had a huge swerve. I thought that lady would turn out to be AJ and Dixie's daughter as Dixie stated this went on for a long time. Anything is possible. That wasn't the case though. This swerve really changes this whole storyline. You knew Dixie and AJ would have to explain soon enough, but didn't know this explanation would occur. It was so compelling and sudden, I didn't even get the lady's name (Plus I couldn't understand her). I have no idea where they will go from here or if they will even continue this. I wonder what other scenarios they had to pick from for this storyline. It almost makes me dumbfounded. Speaking about scenarios, I wonder where they will go with the Sting Assault from last week. Hogan mentioned it for 30 seconds and that was the end. I liked how he stated that he does not want to encourage them, but thought we would see something else. From the show, doesn't look like there was anytime. Next week should be full of questions and answers!

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