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Impact Wrestling Results (6/28/12) - Who's The Daddy?!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 6/28/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package. It shows the confrontation between Austin Aries and Hulk Hogan. It shows the deal they made about the X-Division Title. Austin gave up the title in order to face Bobby Roode. Roode doesn't like it one bit. The video changes to the AJ/Dixie storyline. They couldn't come clean, but the truth came out anyway. A lady comes out and reveals she is an addict. This all happened last week.

The video ends and AJ and Dixie are backstage. Dixie is glad they can move on. AJ says he is certainly moving on by beating Kazarian and Daniels up. He is going to put the nail in the coffin. It's going down tonight and he can't wait. Dixie likes it.

The camera shows the Impact Zone. The crowd is on their feet while fireworks explode above the ring as well as on stage. The camera shows Dixie Carter and the lady from last week walking together. They enter the building. This was certainly filmed earlier today.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone again as we start off with a Bound for Glory Series Match. The lights go out and Mr. Anderson's music plays. The spotlights are on him as he reaches up for the mic. The music stops. He asks if there are any @ssholes in the building and then goes to introduces himself. Anderson continues to the ring. After he is in the ring, Rob Van Dam's music hits. He comes out as the whole F'n show! All of the Bound for Glory Series Matches will be 15 minutes long now!

Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam in the Bound for Glory Series Match

Both move around the ring before they lock-up. The crowd is chanting for RVD. They do lock-up and RVD quickly moves behind Anderson with his hands locked around his waist. Anderson goes right behind RVD with his arms locked. They move around as a roll-up occurs. The count stops at 2. Both get up and Anderson gets Rob down for a cover, but nothing. RVD does another cover but Ken kicks out. Both get up. They go to shake hands. Anderson quickly slaps Rob in the jaw. RVD returns with a couple of punches to the face. RVD stays in control with a couple of offensive moves. He has Ken down on his stomach. RVD grabs Ken's leg and then does a bridge over Anderson's body and then grabs his head for a submission hold. Ken gets to the ropes. RVD locks in an adominal stretch. RVD drops him down and locks his legs around Ken. Ken breaks out of it and gets up. Ken runs into the ropes and tries to get away from Rob by jumping up, but he drops down and lands right on Rob's knee for an atomic drop. RVD runs into the ropes and Ken hits him with an elbow. Both get up and go back and forth. RVD is able to hit a belly to belly suplex bridge, but Ken kicks out. RVD has him down and goes for a split legged moonsault but Ken puts his knees up. He gets RVD up for the mic check, but RVD elbows his way out of it. RVD goes off the ropes but Ken hits a swining neck breaker. He covers but RVD kicks out. Both get up and Ken has a rear naked choke but RVD leans forward and Ken slides over him. Ken gets up to go on the attack, but RVD ducks and does a crucifix cover for the win. Winner: Rob Van Dam with 7 points

They show the leadership board for the Bound for Glory Series and James Storm is first with 36 points while Samoa Joe is second with 17.

Music plays and it's Austin Aries. He walks down the ramp with a casual outfit and sunglasses on. He has the X-Division title in his hand. He will speak next!


Austin Aries is in the ring with a mic. He asks who wants some extra dose of greatness. The crowd cheers. He revisits last week's memory about being in the ring with Hogan. He says that relinquishing the title is not easy to do. He beat starts like Samoa Joe, but he needed to go after bigger. He respects that title. He wants the respect to continue. Hogan chose Option C as anyone who holds the X-Title this time of year when Destination X comes, that person can opt out of the title to go after the World Title. Aries reveals there will be a tournament to determine the new X-Division Champion. Aries went from not having a contract last year to fighting for the World Title. Thanks to him, anyone can do that now. Just then, Bobby Roode's music plays. He walks down the ramp in a slow pace. He gets in the ring after grabbing a mic. Aries has the X-Title hanging from the second rope of the ring. Roode gets on the mic and says Aries is pathetically confident tonight. He tells Aries to look at him. The World Title is the real title. It's the real one because Roode made it that way. He made that title the most important title in this company. He is the most dominate champion in Impact Wrestling. Roode says there are 12 men fighting for an opportunity to face Roode. Those 12 men are in the Bound for Glory Series. The only reason why Aries has the main event match is because of Hogan. Roode brings up Option C. Option C is nothing but a failure. Austin is setting himself up for failure and he is setting up the X-Division up for failure. Aries is not even in Roode's league. He calls Austin a kid and to get the hell out of his ring. Aries chuckles about being called ring. Aries says that this should be his ring. If he wants him out of his own ring, then he has to make him. A mic is hit and falls to the mat. One drops their mic while Aries takes off his shirt and Roode takes off his jacket. They put their hands up for defense. Roode suddenly backs away as he grabs his title from the mat. He leaves the ring. Aries smirks as Roode walks backwards up the ramp.

A video plays showing Ms./Mrs. Claire from last week. She is the addict lady that got help from AJ and Dixie. After the video, Dixie and Clay are backstage. Claire is being interviewed by the camera man. Clay says her mom is great friends with Dixie and her family. Claire talks about being helped by AJ and Dixie. Claire finally says she doesn't know Daniels or Kazarian at all. Dixie says she may have seen them passing by sometime but that was it.

Kazarian and Daniels are backstage. They are in their locker room as Kaz is fired up. He says he went on to listen to Daniels for 6 months and now look what happens. He doesn't want to be part of this anymore. Kaz leaves as Daniels tries to talk him down. Daniels and Kaz are teaming up tonight, so they need to get on the right page.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Sonjay Dutt comes down the ring as he makes his return to Impact Wrestling. After he is in the ring, Rubix comes to the ring. He has a mask on as he will fights lucha libre style.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Rubix in the X-Division Tournament

They lock-up and Sonjay is whipped into the ropes, but he knocks Rubix down. he gets up and jumps on the ropes. He comes back right to Sonjay. Sonjay is able to get up and knock Rubix down and dropkicks him in the face. Both get up and Rubix runs into the ropes. He comes back and Sonjay does a hurricanrona. He slides out of the ring. He comes back and Sonjay is knocked out of the ring. Rubix does a suicide dive. Both get back in. Sonjay comes back as he does a leg drop on Rubix as his throat was resting on the middle rope. Rubix falls to the middle of the ring. Sonjay does a springboard splash. He covers bur Rubix kicks out. Both are up. Rubix does a kick to Dutt's head and then does a german suplex. He has the bridge but Dutt kicks out. Dutt gets up. Rubix goes for the german again, but Sonjay gets out of it. He runs into the ropes. He spins and twirls around Rubix to do a DDT. Rubix is down. Sonjay goes to the top rope. He does a moonsault but lands on his feet for a double foot stomp. UNBELIEVABLE! He covers and wins! Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Christy Hemme interviews Dutt. She asks how he feels to be back in the Impact Zone. He is back here for one thing. There is one thing he didn't accomplish when he was here and that was to win the X-Division Title. No one has the swag like him. He is going to win it.

A video preview shows the GutCheck judges in an office as they discuss Taeler Hendrix. Taz is shown by saying he hates her attitude. That attitude in general is disgusting to him. Al Snow agrees with him.


The show replays clips of Taeler Hendrix's match last week. The video airs that was filmed last week as the judges meet to discuss her. They first discuss Tara as she showed Hendrix what she is about. Taz says Hendrix is fast, but wasn't fast enough to get out of the Widows Peak. Taz wonders if they are looking for a potential star or a star now. Bruce Prichard wants someone who is hungry. Taz thinks everyone should be hungry. Taz talks about her attitude as we seen earlier. Taz says he won't buy a PPV because of her now, but maybe in the future. Snow says he may. He would like to see what the future brings. Bruce says he is torn. He always is.

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces the next match. Bully Ray's music plays. He comes down to the ring. As he does, video plays from last week where Ray threatened Mr. Parks to not show up in the arena. Parks didn't show up. He actually listened. Ray is in the ring now showing off his calves.


Music plays and here comes the Samoan Submission Machine. Samoa Joe comes on the stage as the crowd pops. He walks down the ring as he stares right at Ray.

Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe in the Bound for Glory Series Match

BBoth are looking around the arena. Ray looks a bit scared at first. He then gets right up in the face of Joe. He starts trash talking. Joe walks forward and backs Ray right in the corner. Ray goes under the ropes so Joe has to back up. He does. Both quickly move around the ring now. They go to lock-up but Ray goes through the ropes again. He comes out and moves around once more. They go to lock hands but Ray goes on the apron. The crowd chants, "Joe is going to kill you" and Ray gets right in. Joe grabs his arm and twists it. Ray is able to reverse and twist Joe's arm. Joe applies a side headlock now. Ray pushes Joe in the ropes. He comes back and they hit shoulders. Both don't move. Joe goes in the ropes and both hit but nothing happens. Joe goes once more and Ray finally hits Joe down. Joe goes to the corner. Ray kicks him. Joe gets up and punches Ray in the face but Bully rakes the eyes of Joe. Joe goes down to one knee with that shot. Ray gets him up and hits a suplex. Ray is now in control. Joe turns to be on his hands and knees. Ray gets on top of him and works the head.


Ray runs into the ropes to do a closeline but Joe ducks. He goes into the ropes and knocks Ray down. Ray gets up and Joe hits him again. Bully gets in the corner and Joe does his pele move. Ray comes out of the corner as Joe gets up and Ray knocks Joe down with a closeline. Joe slowly gets up. Ray does a huge chop to Joe's chest. Joe does a forearm shot. Ray does another chop while Joe hits Ray nonstop with the shots. Just then, Ray is able to knock down Joe and both are down. Ray turns and puts his arm over Joe for a cover, but Joe kicks out. Ray does an arm bar while using the ropes. Joe won't tap so Ray sits on his arm. Joe gets in the corner and Ray continues to work on the arm as he tries to pull it out of its socket. Ray walks away and Joe goes to another corner. Ray still works on it. Joe falls as he holds his arm in pain. Joe leaves the ring and tries to get the feeling back into his arm. Ray goes to the ropes. Joe pulls him out of the ring and goes for punches, but Ray grabs Joe's arm and smashes it into the steel steps. Joe gets in the ring. Ray comes in. He goes for a big splash, but Joe moves. Both are up and Joe comes back. He does an elbow and then an atomic drop. He kicks Ray right in the face. He then drops down on Bully. He covers but Ray kicks out. Both get up. Ray is able to hit the Rock Bottom type move on Joe. He covers but Joe kicks out. Ray gets up to the middle rope. He flies to sit on Joe, but Samoa moves. Ray slides out of the ring. Joe bounces off the ropes to do a suicide dive, but Ray moves out of the way. Joe gets out. Ray turns and hits a big boot. Joe falls. Ray gets in and Earl Hebner counts Joe on the outside. Just then, Mr. Parks runs down the ramp. He gets on the apron. Ray turns and sees him. He goes to Parks, but Parks slaps Ray right in the face. Joe is up and in the ring. He applies the rear naked choke. Ray taps. Winner: Samoa Joe for 10 points

Mr. Parks is clapping on the ramp. He then asks for a microphone. He says he is Mr. Parks and Ray is the jack-@ss little boy. Parks says it is no longer about his brother, Abyss. It's about them two. Ray complains that he slapped him in the face. Parks says he watched Ray bully everyone and he is sick of it. The fans are sick of it. If Bully Ray wants, why not settle it once and for all. Give Mr. Parks two weeks to get together and he will fight Ray one more time. He will bring the fight to Ray. Let Mr. Parks know. Parks walks away while Ray is dumbfounded.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown at their table. They say that the full phone call between AJ and Dixie is up on their website. Listen to it!

Dixie and Claire are backstage again. The camera man asks about the picture. Dixie says it was when AJ confronted Dixie about how bad Claire was. Dixie then brings up an elevator and how Clay was there when they were together. Claire is furious that Daniels and Kaz would make something look so bad but really it was so innocent. Dixie finally reveals that the phone call between her and AJ was about a birthday party. Claire had nothing to do with that party though. She was having trouble at that time , nonetheless.

Kazarian is in the office of Hulk Hogan. He says he made a big mistake. He says he had no idea about what was going on. He just listened to Daniels. Hogan says Kaz has to be accountable. Kaz had no idea. Hogan says Kaz knew it would be bad. Kaz is not the same from when he first met Hogan. Hogan states that if Kaz would fight AJ and Kurt, then he would be murdered. The match is booked and he has to fight it. We will see what Kaz is made up of tonight. Hogan has another meeting so he sends Kaz away.


Madison Rayne is backstage. She walks right up to Garett Bischoff who is on his phone texting someone. Rayne says hi. Rayne states that she has a crush. She asks him what he is like. What who is like? Rayne whispers it into Bischoff's ear. He tells her good luck. He leaves.

Brooke Hogan is backstage with Ms. Tessmacher. She reveals a Direct Auto Insurance promotion for Tessmacher. Tessmacher loves it. Gail steps into the scene. Tessmacher says Gail is jealous of her. Gail says all of the knockouts are wannabe Gail Kims. Brooke states that she was talking to the champion, but since Gail rudely interrupted her, she will talk to her now. Gail asks about her rematch. Brooke states that she will get her rematch next week so Gail better be ready and better be serious.

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She announces this match. Rashad Cameron comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring. After him, Mason Andrews comes to the ring.

Rashad Cameron vs. Mason Andrews in the X-Division Tournament

Rashad goes right after Mason. He continues to attack him but Rashad goes into the ropes and Mason does a dropkick. He then does another one and does a back body drop. Rashad goes over the ropes with that. Mason bounces off the ropes and hits a corkscrew flip right on Rashad. Both get in. Rashad is whipped into the ropes. Mason jumps over him and Rashad continues. He comes and both do a dropkick to each other. Both get up and Rashad whips Mason in the ropes. He hits him with a knee to the gut. He covers but Mason kicks out. Rashad gets him up. He lifts him for a front suplex but drops him on the ropes. Rashad climbs and goes for a moonsault but Mason moves. Both get up and Mason is whipped into the ropes. Rashad goes for a kick but Mason catches it. He hits Rashad to knock him down. He covers but gets a 2. Both get up and Rashad hits Mason with a dropkick to knock him out of the ring. Rashad runs and flies in the air. He lands right on Mason on the outside. Rashad brings him in for a cover. Mason kicks out. Rashad is on the turnbuckle. Mason jumps up. He does a body scissors from the corner. He covers Rashad, but kicks out. Both get up and Mason is whipped into the corner. He puts on the breaks as the referee is there. The referee moves and Rashad kicks him in the back. He goes right into the turnbuckle. Mason comes out and Rashad jumps and nails Mason face first into the mat. That is the Direct Impact of the Night and the win. Winner: Rashad Cameron

Christy Hemme asks Rashad how he feels about going to Destination X. Rashad says the people in TV land are seeing the new X-Division Title. Rashad says the fans in attendance are looking at the new champion. He then talks about Philly and adds some numbers to the city. Alright!

Taeler Hendrix is backstage as she will hear her fate soon!


Hogan is on the phone. He is talking about Sting. He says he talks to Sting everyday. He will continue to check. James Storm and Jeff Hardy are there. James asks what that was about. Hogan says they need to find out who the people who attacked Sting are. They aren't people who work there or people who did work there as no one would do that. Hogan then states that he needs weekly check-ups on James Storm since he left and his career was in jeopardy. He says that these two are his biggest stars now and will fight in the main event next week.

The camera switches to the ring. Bruce Prichard, Taz, and Al Snow are in the ring. Jeremy Borash introduces each. He then introduces Taeler Hendrix. She gets in the ring. Borash says people voted on their website on what they think of her, but what does Taz think. Taz, Snow, and Bruce all say they seen enough to vote. Hendrix states that she showed her best. She is here to shine and show her best. This is Hendrix's GutCheck. First we go to Taz. Taz says Yes for Hendrix. We ask Snow. Al Snow states that he knows Hendrix for a long time. He seen her grow to a professional and an entertainer. Just then, Taz gets out of the ring. Joey Ryan is in the front row. Taz hits the camera out of Ryan's hand as Ryan got him on camera. Taz and Ryan are arguing back and forth. Snow comes in to back him up. Guards come out and take Ryan out. Snow and Taz gets back in. Snow gets back on the mic and says No as she is not ready yet. Hendrix has one more chance. Here is her promo. She says someone, someone where gave them a chance. She wants to fight to get here and fight to stay here. She wants this. She will fight to prove she can shine. Borash as Bruce on what he has decided. He says he likes her. He doesn't love her, but likes her. She is green while being rough around the edges. He doesn't know if she has a mean streak in her. He doesn't know if he is ready for prime time yet. She has heart and desire. They can work with that. His answer is Yes. Hendrix gets a contract! She is the newest member of Impact Wrestling. She thanks everyone.

Kurt Angle and AJ are backstage. Kurt says what happened between Dixie and him are over. Kurt has respect for him. AJ says he has Daniels at Destination X in a Last Man Standing Match. It doesn't get much better than that. Kurt says they will put their titles on the line. AJ says Daniels and Kaz are so divided. They are going to win this.


They show the Bound for Glory Leaderboard as James Storm is still #1 while Joe is inching closer to #1, but still at #2. We will have James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy next week. We will hear Chris Sabin about his injury he sustained. The camera shows Dixie and Claire sitting in the audience for this match. Daniels comes out. Kazarian is right there but passes him right up. Daniels doesn't understand. Kazarian goes right to the apron. Daniels is pretty furious about this right now. Music hits and here comes Kurt Angle. Angle comes down to the ring as he holds the TNA Tag Title. He gets right in the ring. AJ's music plays. He comes out through the sparks that fall from above. The Tag Title is around his waist. He gets right in the ring.

Daniels and Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Kazarian and AJ start this off. AJ pushes Kaz right into the corner. AJ then does a headlock takeover. He gets up and has Kaz down. He kicks him right in the back. He gets Kaz up and tags Kurt. They double whip him in the ropes. They hit Kaz in the head and he falls. Kurt goes after him but Kaz tags Daniels and gets out. Daniels gets in. Kurt whips Daniels in the corner. Kurt runs to him but Daniels kicks him right in the face. He has Kurt down while he goes to the apron. He jumps over the ropes and plants an elbow to Kurt's chest. Daniels tags Kaz. Kaz gets in. He doesn't want to be in. He tags Daniels again. Daniels gets in and Kurt does a huge T-bone suplex. Daniels slides outside. Kurt tags AJ. AJ drops down and attacks Daniels. He throws him against the ring. He smashes his head into the apron and then whips him into the steel railing. AJ gets in the ring as Daniels is now on his side of the ring. Kaz drops down and goes to Daniels. Both are talking. They can't agree on anything.


Daniels is in controla s he had a headlock on AJ. As he does, they show what happened during the commercial break. AJ hit Daniels with an amazing dropkick, but Daniels came back for a closeline. That is how he is in control. Both are up now and Daniels knocks AJ down and goes for the cover, but AJ kicks out. Both get up and AJ goes into the corner. Daniels does a body slam to AJ. He does a springboard moonsault but AJ puts his knees up. AJ tags Kurt. Kurt runs in. Daniels goes and tags Kaz. Kurt brings Kaz right in. He goes right after him with offensive move after move. He does three german sulexes to Kaz. Daniels comes in. He does 2 german suplexes and then a inside out suplex as Daniels lands right on his chest. Kurt gets up. Kaz lifts him up. He spins him around into a cutter. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Kaz lifts Kurt up. Kurt slides out. He knocks Kaz down. He goes for the ankle lock, but Kaz gets out of it. Kurt tags AJ. AJ springboard closelines Kaz. Kaz flip flops around. He tags Daniels. AJ goes right after him. Kaz gets up in the ring. AJ turns as Daniels is up. AJ closelines Kaz as Daniels ducks. AJ gets knocked down by Daniels. Kurt comes per and goes after Daniels, but Daniels knocks the referee and Kurt outside. Daniels goes outside and grabs a chair. He comes in. He goes to hit AJ with the chair, but Kaz enters and takes the chair away. He stares at AJ and tells him to finish Daniels. He then leaves the ring. AJ grabs Daniels for the Styles Clash. Kaz enters the ring again and hits AJ right in the back with the chair. AJ falls. Daniels covers him. Kaz gets the referee in. He counts for the win. WInner and New TNA Tag Team Titles: Daniels and Kazarian

Daniels gets on the mic. He says he is grateful to be the tag team champions again. He is not just saying that. Dixie should be happy for them too. While Claire told the truth....she did not tell the whole truth. There is one thing she left out. Claire is pregnant. The father of that baby is.....AJ Styles! Daniels laughs and laughs while Dixie is shocked. She really doesn't believe it. Claire falls back in her chair. She holds her head. Dixie checks on Claire after yelling at Daniels. Claire is crying. Dixie tells Daniels that he is finished. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Daniels and Kaz- New from last week
2. Samoa Joe- New from last week
3. Claire- New from last week
4. Sonjay Dutt- New from last week
5. Taeler Hendrix- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

Another Impact Wrestling week during the Summer of 2012 and that means it is live! Impact Wrestling live seems to have these added twists in the show than when it was taped. For instance, the whole Joey Ryan scenario. After thinking about that segment, I have to say that it was probably planned, but it was a quick "What just happened". I liked it and I can see they are keeping Mason around for this GutCheck storyline. Speaking about GutCheck, I don't agree on the hiring of Hendrix. She was alright on the mic (I liked how she started it), but her ring work was not to my liking. I hope she will train and improve before they put her back on television. Like I stated last week, I can't see her facing ODB or Gail Kim. While I did not like her wrestling, I did like this episode's wrestling. We seen two X-Division matches, which I always enjoy watching. We witnessed two Bound for Glory Series Matches. One of the reasons why I like the Series is the matches it produces. I mean we will see Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle at Destination X! That should be amazing. We will see James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy next week. Is that the first time ever? I am thinking Jeff may have fought Storm while the whole Immortal thing was around. Finally, I have to discuss the ending. While I had second thoughts about the ending last week, I liked this week's ending. Last week seemed like the whole storyline was going to end. I wouldn't have been great, but now they add that swerve (which is what Impact Wrestling live is all about) and the story is back. I am interested to see what Dixie will say next week. Didn't I say that I thought this Claire lady would be the daughter of Dixie and AJ? Well here is where the baby comes in! By the way, Sting is getting better (Keeping the storyline intact (Nice).) If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (Link below in my bio) as I love discussing the shows with others!

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