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Impact Wrestling Results (7/12/12) - The Double A Era

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/12/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package containing content from Destination X. It showed the main event where Austin Aries won the World Title. That short video ends and another video plays. It shows the Bound for Glory Series. It plays clips of past matches. The video skips to the Bully Ray/Mr. Parks rivalry. Parks had enough and challenged Ray to a match. Ray discusses the restraining order that he put on Abyss. The video ends.

The show kicks off with the ending of the video as Bully Ray makes his way down the ramp as his entrance music plays. Christy Hemme is shown announcing this match. Ray brings down the restraining order. After Ray is in the ring, Mr. Parks walks down the ramp. He has a towel in hand while coming down just by the audience's applause.

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Parks in an Anything Goes Match

Parks wipes his face off with the towel and takes off his glasses. Ray is in the middle of the ring as he is yelling Parks to come to him. Parks actually has his head held high and goes right to Ray. Ray walks around as Parks turns to face him the entire time. Parks throws a shot, but Ray backs up. Ray is able to slap Parks in the face and then on the back. Parks goes into the corner. He comes out and Ray spits right in the face. Parks can't believe he just did that. He wipes it off and then goes right after Ray with a punch. Bully backs up and then goes forward and knocks Parks right off his feet. Just then, Ray grabs a phone and tweets from it. He says he will be trending worldwide in 3-2-1! He puts the phone down and goes outside. He grabs a trashcan into the ring. The can has weapons in it. He scatters them all through the ring. He picks up a chair which was in there, but Parks jumps up and takes Ray down. He is on top of him and punches him in the face. Parks gets away as Ray goes to the corner. Parks grabs the chair. He holds it just like he doesn't have any experience. The crowd goes wild and Parks looks around. Suddenly, Ray jumps forward and knocks Parks down. Ray grabs a trashcan lid and smacks it right to Park's back. He then does it again. Parks gets on his hands and knees and Ray rams his elbow right in the back. He then brings Park's face to a trashcan lid on the mat. Ray jumps up to smash him, but Parks moves and Ray lands right on the lid. Both get up and Parks is able to knock Bully down multiple times with closeline and elbow shots. Ray gets up and Parks goes to him, but Ray does a big boot and knocks Parks down. Bully Ray slides to the outside and grabs a bag. He brings it in the ring as fans express their hatred towards him. Ray lifts the bag in the air and turns it over. Thumbtacks pour all over the ring. Ray grabs a mic. He tells Parks that he is going to go after Parks like he should have went after Abyss. He then asks the fans if they know who he is. Ray puts the mic down and grabs a kendo stick. He goes to Parks. Parks hits him with a low blow and then grabs the kendo stick. He smacks it right over the head. Ray falls. Parks covers him but Ray kicks out. Both get up. Ray tries to fight back, but all of a sudden, Parks lifts him up and chokeslams Ray down right on the tacks! He covers after being scared to go by the tacks. Ray is able to kick out. Parks gets up and walks over to grab a weapon. Ray is able to crawl over to the side of the ring where his steel chain is. Ray wraps it around his hand. Parks walks over and Ray nails Parks right between the eyes. Parks falls and Ray covers for the win. Winner: Bully Ray

Ray gets up and he grabs a kendo stick to finish Parks off. Parks crawls over to the corner and gets up. He grabs his head and sees the blood on his hands. His eyes get big. He goes into a different trance. Ray marches over to him, but Parks quickly comes out of the corner and does a Black Hole Slam. Parks crawls away and can't believe it did that. The crowd chants, "That was you!"

Sting is walking backstage with cards in his hands. He talks about "dead men walking" as he tries to figure out who attacked him.


The show returns and they show a replay of what just happened at the end of the match.

Bully Ray is shown backstage picking tacks out of his boots. The camera man asks him about Joseph Parks. Ray stops what he is doing. He walks to the camera man and asks who was that. He asks it again. The show shows the Bound for Glory leadership board as Samoa Joe is now on top. James Storm is right below him.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this next match. Samoa Joe's music hits and he walks down the ramp. As he comes to the ring, pictures are shown from his match at Destination X. Joe won that. After Joe is in the ring, Rob Van Damn's music plays. He comes out and the crowd pops just like they did with Joe. Rob walks down the ramp and fireworks explode behind him.

Samoa Joe vs. Rob Van Dam in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The crowd is chanting for RVD right off the bat. Both move around the ring and Rob is able to take Joe down after a kick to his leg. He then kicks him in the back and Joe goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rob pulls him out and tries to lock his leg up and grab his head, but Joe is too large to do so. Rob backs away. Joe gets up and Rob tries to attack but Joe fights back with punches. He whips Rob in the corner. Joe walks over and Joe goes for a punch, but Rob moves out of the way. Joe goes into the corner and Rob swings with a huge kick to the face. Rob backs up to the middle of the ring. Joe runs out and closelines Rob right down. Rob rolls to the outside. He regroups. He gets back up. He goes to Joe, but Joe kicks Rob in the legs and RVD falls down this time. Joe works on Rob on the mat. He then locks his leg up and lays down. Rob screams in pain but Joe releases it. Both get up. Joe whips Rob in the ropes. He comes back and Joe does a quick scoop powerslam. Joe then locks in arm bar. He releases it. Rob crawls away. Joe goes to him, but Rob punches Joe in the gut. He gets up and is able to get Joe down to his knees. Rob backs up and comes forward with a dropkick to the head. Joe falls to his back. Rob does rolling thunder after that. Joe crawls away to the corner. Rob gets up as Joe is in the corner. Rob rolls to him and goes for the monkey flip, but Joe grabs him and drops him right down. Joe goes for a figure four lock type submission, but Rob Van Dam is able to get out of it. Joe gets up. He walks around and goes back to Rob, but RVD grabs him for a small package. Rob gets the win. Winner: Rob Van Dam with 7 points

A video plays that was recorded earlier today. The camera man is outside. They go up to a car that is driving into the scene. It's Claire. The guy asks her if she talked to Dixie, Daniels, or Kazarian lately. She states that she hasn't talked to Dixie since the whole incident happened and she says she has to go. She drives off as smoke is coming from the window. Back to addiction?


Hogan is backstage. He talks about Aces and Eights and how they called him out. Well, he is here and so it Sting, so let's dance.

Video plays showing the recap of Destination X's PPV with the AJ Styles vs. Daniels match. AJ won that with one amazing ending. As the recap ends, AJ is shown backstage as is part of the video. He states that he did what he said he was going to do and that was to be the last man standing.

The video ends and Kazarian and Daniels are in the ring. Kaz has a mic. He says he congratulates AJ on the win, but they are not done yet. They are far form being done with him. Daniels gets on the mic. He has a patch on his head from being busted open on Sunday. Daniels says AJ always tries to hide things. He isn't going to hide much though. Daniels calls out Claire. Claire comes out from backstage. She doesn't know what is going on. Kazarian goes out and helps her in the ring. She goes right to Daniels. Daniels says he isn't trying to be a monster. He knows Claire needed help and needed to grab a hand, so she grabbed AJ's hand. While being helped by someone and being around them, accidents do happen. Claire's face turns red as she starts to cry. AJ Styles' music hits and he quickly comes down the ramp. He gets right in the ring with a mic. He has a bandaid on his forehead. First, he states that he is surprised Daniels is able to stand. He then states that this story has been over weeks ago. Daniels says it is not over. Claire told him something so he wants her to say it right now. AJ starts calling him names. Claire tries to step into this argument. AJ says this has nothing to do with Claire. She gets on the mic and says it does. She says AJ is the father of this baby! AJ's mouth drops. He steps back. His hand with the mic drops down. AJ looks on at Daniels and Kaz. Claire is right by AJ telling him as she cries.


The show returns and video plays recapping what just went down in the ring. The video ends and AJ is walking backstage. The camera man follows him and tells AJ that this is the biggest bombshell that has been dropped. Is it true? AJ turns around and yells that he doesn't know.

A video plays hyping up the Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle match that will air later tonight. In the beginning, Kurt and Anderson had a heated rivalry and it wasn't good for either of them. He says it has changed and hopefully Kurt feels the same way.

Another video plays recapping Destination X and the whole X-Division tournament. Zema Ion wins it all. He calls Jesse Sorensen a jack@ss and running away with a resource. He says everyone else who he beat at the PPV is just like Jesse. Ion tried to win a contact last year and now he is part of TNA a year later. The video ends and Dakota Darsow is backstage. He says Jesse Sorensen is his friend and he can't stand Zema Ion as he broke Jesse's neck and did not call or apologize at all. He has to worry about Jesse later, but Ion has to worry about him now. The guy leaves the scene and goes through the curtain. He walks down the ramp as his match is next.


Zema Ion comes out to his music. He has his hairspray in his hand and the X-Division Title around his waist. The crowd boos him the entire time. He comes down while fixing his hair.

Dakota Darsow vs. Zema Ion

Both are right in each others face. Zema talks about his face and how good looking it is. Dakota doesn't care. He knocks Ion right down. Ion goes right into the corner. Dakota continues to attack him. He punches him time after time. He then whips Ion into the opposing corner. Ion bounces out and Dakota closelines him down. Zema rolls right out of the ring. He walks around the ring and goes up the ramp. Dakota follows him. He attacks him and brings him in the ring. Ion gets up and runs into the opposing ropes. He comes back, but Dakota goes through the middle rope with a shoulder tackle. Both get up and Ion is able to hit him. It knocks Dakota down. Dakota gets up and Ion is behind him. He grabs Dakota from behind. He lifts him up on his back. They are back to back. He lets go of his arms and Dakota goes down face first into the mat. He covers and wins. After the match, Ion grabs Dakota's arm and whips it down. He locks in an arm bar as well as smashing Dakota's face into the mat. It's so quick, it could have snapped the arm out of the socket. Ion gets out of the ring and gets on the mic. He states that not only is he f'n good looking, but he is also f'n dangerous. He is going to hurt every one of Jesse's friends.

Video plays showing Austin Aries winning the World Title. He is coming up!


Impact Wrestling returns with a video from Destination X. It has Aries winning the World Title after hitting his Brain Buster.

The camera shows the Impact Zone. The fans are on their feet as music hits. Austin Aries comes on stage with the TNA World Title in his hands. He comes down the ramp holding it high in the air. The fans are going crazy. He gets a huge pop. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He thanks the crowd. Aries says he guesses you can say he had an okay week. No, he had a great week! He woke up today and told himself that it is a great day to be great as he is the new World Champion. He is suppose to come out here and talk how this is a great achievement for him. He proved everyone wrong. This is a great moment for him and TNA, but also for the professional wrestling industry. The crowd is still going crazy. He thanks them as he can't hear himself speak. He tells them to quiet down. He states wrestling is a cycle. They have down times and boom periods. In the past 8 months, they have been climbing. The wrestling fans around the world want to see the next boom period and Aries is ready to lead that. Aries states that he got calls and texts from Hollywood celebrities and athletes. He also got congratulations from champions from other wrestling companies! CM Punk shootout! Aries says the TNA World Title is the most prestigious and biggest championship in wrestling today. TNA is the best company and best thing going today. Aries starts a new sentence, but music plays. Here comes the It Factor. Bobby Roode ones out. He has his great suit on and a dead stare. Aries says Roode is use to coming out whenever he wanted, but he is not the world champion anymore, so what the hell is he doing. Roode continues to stare as he comes down the ramp. He looks at the fans before he gets in the ring. They are all booing him. Roode gets right in the ring looking like he was going to attack Aries, but he stops. He looks at that title. He goes away and grabs a mic. He comes right to Aries again. He wants to speak but can't talk. He says, "All this".....but can't finish his sentence. Roode starts to scream. He says the same thing again and still can't finish. Roode takes off his jacket in frustration. He paces around he ring. He points at Aries and says, "You, you, you, you! This!" Roode walks away to another part of the ring. Roode comes forward and says, "You, all this, the win at Sunday, this, all this, one word, one word!" Roode screams. Aries wants him to finish his thoughts because he has things to do. Roode says, "Fluke!" Roode drops his mic. He was all a fluke. Roode gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Aries calls Roode and says he has three words for him. "New World Champion!" Roode screams and smashes his face with his hand. He can't stand the fact. He is flipping out. Aries shows off the title to the fans from the ring.

Sting and Hogan are backstage. Sting says has been in the gyms but he isn't 100%. He thinks he and Hogan should go old school. Hogan says this time is different. Just then, there is a knock at the door. Devon and Garett Bischoff walk in. Devon tells them that he thanks Hogan for he Television Title and making it mean something again and he wants to help in return. Hogan says he doesn't need them, but thanks them anyway. They leave. Sting turns back to Hogan and tells him old school once again. Hogan tells him that this is different.


A video plays showing Kurt Angle backstage. He talks about the match tonight. He talks about getting the submission to get the most points. He says Ken Anderson is a tough opponent, but if he can beat him, he will get the World Title. The video ends and it shows Kurt Angle backstage warming up for his match.

Another video plays showing Madison Rayne revealing her crush....and that is Earl Hebner. The video ends and another one airs where Madison is backstage. She calls Earl intelligent. It's not weird because women fall for older guys now. They both love wrestling, so they are great partners.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as music plays. Brooke Hogan comes out as she will be the special guest commentator for this match. Gail Kim's music hits and she walks down the ramp. Here comes one of the best woman wrestlers in the world. After her, Ms. Tessmacher comes out. She has the Knockout Title around her shoulder.

Gail Kim vs. Ms. Tessmacher (Champ) for the Knockout Title

Tessmacher gets right in the ring and goes right after Gail. She puts Gail in the corner and kicks her multiple times in the gut. She backs off. Gail gets up and comes out and Tessmacher knocks her down with a closeline. Gail gets up in another corner. Tessmacher continues the attack. She lifts the legs up and pulls Gail out of the ring. Gail falls right to her back. Gail rolls to the apron. Tessmacher goes after her, but Gail is able to hit Tessmacher. She gets in the ring and is able to knock Tessmacher down. She works on the arm of the fallen Tessmacher. As this is happening, Brooke is giving some interesting commentary about having Hulk as her dad and what she knows. Gail goes around the ring and taunts to Brooke as she blows a kiss. She grabs Tessmacher up and hits a back suplex. Gail continues to work on the arm. She puts her knee on it and snaps it back. Gail locks both arms of Tessmacher behind her as Gail does a bridge. Gail rolls back and is on Tessmacher now. It is turned into a cover, but it is only a 2. Gail continues the attack as she gets Tessmacher up and whips her in the corner. Tessmacher comes out and fights back. She closelines Gail. Gail gets up in the corner. Tessmacher runs at her, jumps up, and then jumps back to ram her face down in the mat. Tessmacher covers but Gail grabs the ropes. Tessmacher reaches down for Gail, but Gail does a roll-up. She uses the tights but Tessmacher kicks out. Both get up and Gail puts Tessmacher in the corner and up to the top. Gail joins her. She goes for the foot to the face at the very top, but Tessmacher pushes her away. Gail falls back. Tessmahcer flies and plants the elbow into the chest of Gail. She covers and keeps the title. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner and Still Knockout Champion: Ms. Tessmacher

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He is coming to the ring. The camera changes to show Mr. Anderson coming to the ring too. Their mach is coming!


Another video plays recapping from the bombshell announcement that AJ is the father of the baby. After the video, the camera is behind Claire backstage. The camera man asks her if she has proof. She defiantly has proof (inside her). She then looks in the camera and tells AJ he better do the right thing. She also has other proof too.

Magnus is backstage. He discusses the Open Fight Night that will happen next week. He can't wait as the Bound for Glory Series is continuing and he saw someone who has a weakness. He is going to capitalize on that. He goes on to talk about James Storm as he fights James Storm this weekend at a house show event.

Mr. Anderson's music plays as the camera shows the entire arena. Anderson comes on the stage. He reaches up and grabs the mic. He introduces everyone as ladies and gentlemen and @ssholes. He introduces this match by saying it has a 20 minute time limit (Yes, he said 20 minutes)! He introduces himself and his name twice. He continues down the ramp to the ring. After he is settled in the ring, Kurt Angle rises to the stage. He raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers for him just like they did with Anderson too.

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The match starts and Kurt goes for a quick single leg takedown, but Ken backs up into the corner. He comes out and they lock-up. He backs Kurt into the corner. Ken backs up. They go to lock-up again. Kurt grabs Ken's head and does a takedown. He has the headlock still applied as they both get up. Ken punches Kurt in the gut and then whips him in the ropes. Kurt comes back and knocks down Ken with his shoulder. Kurt runs into the ropes, but Ken gets up and does a hip toss. He then does an arm drag takedown. Kurt gets up and pushes Ken in the corner. Kurt goes to back up, but he punches Ken in the face and then kicks him in the gut and knee. Ken is on the mat now as Kurt chokes Ken with his boot. Kurt backs up. He goes back to Ken, but Ken puts Kurt in the corner and punches him. Kurt is able to whip Ken into the opposing corner. Kurt comes out and Ken does a standing dropkick. Ken runs into the ropes as Kurt gets up. Kurt grabs him and does a belly to belly suplex. Kurt stands and stomps on Ken. Kurt is slowing the pace down. He chokes Ken on the middle rope.


Kurt comes back with a shot to Ken's gut. Ken falls to the mat. Kurt stomps on Ken.


Kurt has a headlock applied. Ken does several shots to Kurt's gut and then lifts him up for a back suplex. Both are down. The referee counts. Both get up at the count of 7. Both run to each other, but Ken hits several closelines on Kurt. Kurt gets up and whips Ken into the ropes. He goes for a bak body drop, but Ken kicks Kurt right in the chest. He goes for the mic check, but Kurt gets out of it. Kurt locks his arms around Ken and hits 3 german suplexes. Kurt is up and tells Ken to. He does and goes for the Angle Slam. Ken is able to slide out. He lifts Kurt up on his shoulders and does a roll through. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Ken goes for the mic check, but Kurt trips him and goes for the Ankle Lock. Ken pushes Angle away. Both get up and Ken goes right into the corner, sternum first. Ken bounces out. Kurt picks him up for a great Angle Slam. He covers but Ken kicks out. Kurt drops his straps and applies the Ankle Lock. He has it locked in. Ken tries to go to the ropes, but he can't. Kurt pulls him away. Ken is right in the middle. Ken rolls forward and the lock is broken. Both get up. Ken grabs Kurt and hits the Mic Check out of nowhere. Ken covers. Kurt kicks out! Both get up! Oh, they are tired! Ken stalks Kurt. Kurt turns and Ken goes for the Mic Check. Kurt pushes him away. He is able to grab him, lift him up, and hit the Angle Slam. Kurt gets the cover and the win. Kurt is shown bleeding from the mouth. Winner: Kurt Angle with 7 points

Ken Anderson rolls out of the ring and holds his ankle while Kurt walks out of the ring holding his pectoral muscle. Tazz states that Kurt may have lost a tooth. Kurt celebrates on the stage. The updated leader board shows Kurt Angle in third place.

Hogan and Sting are backstage. Hogan is wrapping his hands. He tells Sting that he shouldn't be afraid to throw him that bat. Sting is holding that bat as he is practicing swinging it. Bobby Roode comes through the door. He walks around Sting while staring at him. He turns to Hogan and gets right in his face. He tells Hogan that they need to talk.


Hogan is in his office. He thanks Sting and tells him he will be there in 5 minutes. Hogan has Roode in his office. He knows Roode wants his rematch. He will get it at Hardcore Justice. Roode wants him sooner. It was a fluke. He can prove it. Hogan was going to say that. Next week is Open Fight Night. He can call him out next week. If it is a fluke, then he will take out Aries and tear him apart. Roode says it is a fluke. Hogan wants to see him prove it.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone as Sting's music hits. We hear this music again after being out for a month. Sting walks down the ramp with his bat. The crowd is going crazy. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says it is awesome to be in the Impact Zone, as always. There is a crew that wants some action. That crew is the Aces and Eights. This is a good time and place. He isn't alone this time. He brought Hulkamania. Hulk Hogan's music plays. Well, there is no sign of Hogan! Sting looks on. He doesn't know what quite is going on. The music stops. He tells Hogan to come out. These people want him. The music plays again. Still no Hogan. The music stops. The crowd chants, "We Want Hogan!" Sting doesn't know what is going on. He looks at the entrance stage. No, he stares at the entrance stage. Just then, Hogan's music plays again! The music stops. The titan tron plays. There is a camera in the back. The Aces and Eights just attacked Hogan in his office. They run out as Brooke Hogan enters. She checks on her dad. He is bleeding. He says it's his knee as he is lying on the ground. The camera shuts off. Sting gets out of the ring and heads up the ramp. The Aces and Eights are right behind Sting now. They attack him from behind. He falls instantly. They stomp on him as the show fades. The Aces and Eights win this night!

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Austin Aries - Same as last week
2. Rob Van Dam - New from last week
3. Bully Ray - New from last week
4. Kurt Angle - New from last week
5. Claire - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

TNA has been producing some amazing television lately. The last couple of weeks have been great and Destination X blew it out of the water. We saw great wrestling and a new era begin. Austin Aries is the new champion and I am happy with the result. I really like Roode as champion and I love long title reigns, but Roode is now an established main eventer and it is time to push someone new. They pushed Aries and what a job they did. It's nice seeing these guys in the main event in TNA. It may have taken them awhile, but they are moving right along. I enjoyed that whole segment between Aries and Roode. Roode did great playing off his loss. I really want to see Roode try to prove how the match at the PPV was a fluke. Anyway, this show had some good matches too. The Knockout match was good, but the main event with Kurt and Ken took the wrestling trophy tonight. This Bound for Glory Series actually has me interested in TNA this year while last year I found it a complete mess. It's good that they have a system now. I thought Joe would pick up the win against RVD, but I am thinking TNA will be having stars be neck and neck through the entire series and it will lead to one match to decide the winner. That is actually a good idea! Another good idea is putting the X-Division Title on Zema Ion. I stated that I was a fan of Ion when he first came to TNA. His whole character won me over. Now that he has the title, it just adds to the fire. Ion plays a great heel and he can certainly take the Sorensen's injury to the bank and capitalize off that. Finally, the Aces and Eights storyline only just begun. When they attacked Hogan, I tried to look at them to see if I can identify them. I can't. It might not be awhile until we actually know who they are, but I like the suspense. There is also a suspense with the AJ/Clair storyline. I am intrigued by this whole thing. First it was Dixie/AJ/Daniels and then Kaz was brought into it. It then turned to Dixie/Claire/Daniels/Kaz and then it was AJ/Daniels and now Claire/AJ with Daniels added to the mix. This keeps on going and not only do I love long title reigns, but I also love long story lines. As long as they keep interest and move on each week, you can keep going. Next week is already Open Fight Night. I have to say, knowing OFN is once a month.....these months are going way too fast! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and also check out my blog (link also in my bio). I want to give a shoutout to Kurt Angle and Dixie Carter as I had a great convo with each of them this past week.

If you want to hear my full thoughts about TNA's Destination X PPV, check out my podcast right: Here

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