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Impact Wrestling Results (7/14/11) - Sting Champ: Step Closer To Hulk And Eric's Departure

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/14/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video recap of the recent Sting character change. It has Bully Ray talking to Mr. Anderson as he wants to know if Anderson is with Immortal or against them. As the video package plays, it shows Anderson turning on Kurt Angle and jumping into the arms of Abyss as he holds the World Title above his head. The video ends.

The camera goes to the iMPACT Zone as it shows the entire arena. Immortal's music plays and here comes Hulk Hogan in a very smashing suit. Behind him is Eric Bischoff, Abyss, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner. They are all in suits too. With them are gorgeous ladies as they all walk down the ramp. Abyss customized his own suit. As they get in the ring, Eric Bischoff has a mic in hand.

Eric dismisses the ladies as he will see them later on. Eric says he is in a great mood. There is a card table in the ring. Eric says Immortal is going to play Truth or Dare later tonight. Eric goes on to say that Immortal is going to gamble with people's career tonight. Eric asks Hogan why and he says because they can. Eric says Mr. Anderson threw a party couple weeks ago and no one showed up. Eric says they are going to make it up to him. Eric is going to through a party for Anderson. Eric introduces the TNA World Champion and here he comes! his music hits and he comes on stage. He has a camo suit on as the title is hanging from his arm. He joins Immortal in the ring. He knuckle punches the members and grabs a mic.

Hogan says that he loves the look. He says Anderson has been called a lot of things since he has been in the wrestling business. Even though Ken and Hulk haven't seen eye to eye, it sure it rocky that they do now. Both of them thrived to be the best they can be. Hulk calls Ken a champ and welcomes him into the family. They go on to hug. Ken gets on the mic and says all of them are too kind. He says Hulk is right. They probably won't see eye to eye all the time. It may be a gamble to join Immortal, but as long as he is on top, he will join them. The lights go out. They come back on and Sting is sitting at the card table in the ring.

He heard the word gamble and looks down at the card table. Eric says he saw Sting as a stand-up guy. He calls Sting the cancer in TNA. Mr. Anderson will take the cancer out once and for all and then calls Sting a freak. Sting asks if Eric wants to bet on that. Hey, he has a poker game right in front of him. Sting says he sees something differently. That is that he will be World Champion once again. That will be one step closer to have TNA be back to Dixie Carter. Hulk gets on the mic and tells Sting not to push it. Hogan says that Sting will be going out of this building in a stretcher tonight. Sting jumps up from his seat and says.....NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! Sting says Hulk is wrong.....he is so wrong. Sting says he has the network and lifts up an Ace card. The network says that Hulk and Eric are on thin ice. Just a little bit of nonsense and they could be out of there. Sting then says that he WILl leave the show tonight as World Champion. Even Hulk says he will leave the building in a stretcher, Sting has the Aces. He pulls up more and more. They are the magical ones. He tells Hulk not to blink. Just then, he points up. In the rafters is a person in a clown suit with a clown face. Eric calls Sting a freak. Sting says thanks and then the camera shows more clowns.....more evil clowns. He turns over the table, the lights go out, and Sting has vanished. Immortal looks around and circle around the table.


The show returns and Taz talks while a video plays recapping the Bound for Glory Series as matches went on during house shows this past week. Bully Ray and Matt Morgan are shown talking about the series as they want to win. Crimson is in the lead.

Pope vs. Bobby Roode vs. Samoe Joe

The camera goes to the ring and all three men are already in the ring. The bell rings and all three look at each other. Joe then goes after Roode and pounds him in the corner. He then does multiple punches to his head. Joe backs away. Pope then goes to cover Roode but gets a two count. Joe grabs Pope and throws him out of the ring. Joe works on Roode. He applies an armlock on him. While Roode was about to tap, Pope comes in and breaks the lock. Joe quickly gets up and it scares Pope out of the ring. Roode gets to his feet. Joe goes after him, but Roode hits Joe with a spinebuster. Roode gets up and Pope goes after him. He goes for a cover, but gets a two. Pope still works on Roode as Joe goes out of the ring. Pope works on the arm of Roode as he twists it around. Roode comes back with punches to the head. Pope then kicks him in the gut, does a huge uppercut, and then a cover, but gets a two. Joe tries to get in the ring, but Pope dropkicks him and Joe falls. Pope goes after Roode again and goes for another cover but he doesn't get a three. Pope now goes to the second rope, jumps, and drops his fist right on Roode. He covers, but nope! Pope is about to go for the double knee hit in the corner. As he gets ready, he knocks Joe off the corner again. He runs to Roode in the corner, but Roode moves. Roode comes back with closelines, atomic drop, and then side russian leg sweep. Joe gets to the apron and Roode knocks him down again. Roode goes to the second rope, jumps, and hits a neckbreaker on Pope. He covers, but Pope kicks out. Roode puts Pope in the corner. He then whips him in the opposing one. He runs to him, but Pope kicks him right in the face. Roode comes back and puts Pope on the top corner. Joe gets to the apron, knocks down Roode, and sets up the muscle buster on Pope. As he gets him up, Roode kicks Joe in the gut. Roode gets Joe down with a fisherman suplex. He has a cover, but Pope breaks it up. Pope puts Roode in the corner, but Roode lifts him up and he lands on the apron. Joe grabs Roode from behind with the rear naked choke hold. Roode goes forward and kicks Pope off the apron. He goes back and Joe lands on his back. Roode flips over and makes Joe have his shoulders down. The referee counts and he gets the win. Winner: Bobby Roode

As Roode leaves the ring, Joe gets furious. He starts yelling at Earl Hebner for the call. As Joe swears, other referees come to the ring to break up any potential fight. Earl leaves as he has a disgruntled face while Joe is angered.

The camera goes to the back where Karen and Jeff Jarrett just arrived. They have their luggage and huge sombrero hats. Karen and Jeff are smiling as they are happy to be back. They wheel their bags down the hallway.


The show comes back and Hulk is sitting behind his desk as Eric Bischoff is behind him. In front of the desk are Immortal. Hulk says he wants Sting to have his head cut off. Hulk then says he wants the rest of Sting. Abyss says it will happen. Eric starts to yell at Abyss as he failed to demolish the X-Division. Abyss leaves. Just then, Karen and Jeff walk through the door as they are yelling with joy. They give hats to Immortal members. Jeff starts to bring out the presents. He opens the briefcase and reveals a title. Hulk is astonished. He can't believe it. Surely he is happy. Jeff shows off his title he won from Mexico. Karen is starting to want drinks as she wants to party!

The camera changes to Pope as he talks to Devon's sons backstage. They try to cheer up Pope from his match. Devon then comes behind his sons and tells them not to talk to that clown. Pope tells them to leave. Devon says that they shouldn't take orders from Pope. He calls Pope a con. He has seen what Pope has done in the ring with other wrestlers and he doesn't want his sons to be around him. Pope says he gave Devon 7 points in the series, but Devon does not care! Pope says that if they turn their back on their own dad is not going to be Pope's fault. He is just telling Devon that. Devon tells him to get out of here. Pope puts his hands up in an innocent way as he walks away.


The show returns and it shows a video recap of this past Sunday's AMAZING Destination X PPV. It recaped each match and just some of the huge and impressive moves that came out of each match.

The camera shows the ring and it has Shannon Moore in the ring. As he is in the ring, the camera shows the Spanish Announcers. Just then, the newest TNA star, Austin Aries, comes to the ring.

Shannon Moore vs. Austin Aries

The bell rings and both walk around the ring. They soon lock-up and Moore hits Austin with a couple of armdrags. They step back. Austin then comes forward and extends his hands. Shannon hits it away. Austin is not going to take that, so he puts Moore to the mat. Austin then jumps up as he lays on the top rope to wait for Moore. Moore gets up and goes after Austin, but the referee breaks it up in the corner. They come out of the corner and Austin takes control, but Shannon comes back as he was whipped into the ropes and hit Aries with a spining heel kick. They get up and both run to the corner, and then the opposing corner. As they keep running, Shannon gets behind Aries for a back slide, but Austin flips him up over him. Shannon puts Austin through the second rope. As he says there, Shannon does a baseball slide right into him. Austin goes out of the ring. Shannon then does a suicide dive as it connects successfully. He brings Austin in the ring. Shannon gets to the top rope. He jumps and does a huge flip. He lands right on Austin as he stands up. As Shannon walks away, Austin goes to something he brought to the ring. He goes to the ring apron. He has his chain and hits Shannon in the head with it as the referee wasn't looking. He then flips over the ropes on Shannon and gets the cover. Winner: Austin Aries

As he holds the chain, Alex Shelley comes out and says that everyone saw that. Austin says not everyone as he means the referee. Austin gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp as he won his first match on Impact Wrestling.

Abyss is backstage . He talks about how Eric and Hulk are upset with him as he lost the title to Brian Kendrick. That is going to change though as he will get the title back and take out Brian and the X-Division. He turns around to walk away. Just then, one of those evil clowns from earlier tonight is standing in his way as they have a baseball bat in their hand. He swings and hits a home run shot right to Abyss. Abyss stumbles and then falls down as he becomes motionless. The clown then grabs the bat with a firm grip and runs away.


Alex Shelley is backstage with Shannon Moore. Moore says he had the advantage in the match as he just about had it won, but Aries had to cheat to win.

Austin Aries is in a different part backstage as he talks about his win as he says a win is a win and it doesn't matter how you win it.

A video clip plays recapping the rivalry between Tara and Madison Rayne. Rayne brought Tara into this business, but Tara is now going to take Rayne out.

Rayne is backstage as she talks about her upcoming match. She says that Tara's first match in TNA was Rayne and she beat Rayne, but she won't do it tonight.

Tara is backstage and talks about the match and her gift that she has for Rayne. She can't wait to give it to her! The match is coming up next!


A video plays talking about the city of Philadelphia as Bound For Glory will be headlined in that city this year! It has the top stars of TNA in the video as they talk about their time to showcase their talent on October 16th as that will be TNA's biggest PPV, Bound for Glory!

Scott Steiner is backstage talking to So Cal Val as he wants to show her his large muscle arms. Just then, an evil clown comes from behind. She screams and runs away. He turns and the clown attacks him with the black bat. The clown leaves Scott lying on the ground. The clown looks away and then leaves the scene.

Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the stars of the next match. She introduces Madison Rayne to the ring first. She comes to the ring as the fans boo her as she has the crown on her head and as she waves to the audience like a queen. Christy then welcomes Tara as she comes out on a motorcycle through the crowd. Tara brings her present to the ring.

Tara holds the present as Rayne extends her arms as she wants it now. Tara says that she will get it after the match. The bell rings.

Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Madison tells Tara to lay down so Madison can cover and get the three count. She demands Tara to do so. The crowd starts to chant, "Tara, Tara, Tara". As Madison gets in the face of Tara, Tara slaps her right across the face. Tara then does several offensive moves as she knocks Rayne down. She then does the standing moonsault. She then grabs Rayn'e head and pounds it into the mat. As Tara gets Madison up, Rayne knocks Tara down and starts to trash talk. Rayne gets Tara up, but Tara comes back with a closeline. Both get up and Tara grabs Madison and hits a spinning side slam. Tara then sets up for her finisher, but Madison hits a back body drop. She then kicks Tara right in the chest/head. She gets Tara up and whips her to the corner. Rayne runs to her, but Tara kicks her. Tara goes to the apron. Rayne then knocks her down. Rayne goes out and whips Tara right into the steel steps. Madison gets in the ring and the crowd boos. Madison then looks at the present and she can't wait anymore. She grabs it. She tosses the bow and opens the box. She lifts the thing up and Madison sees the ugly spider poison in a case. Madison puts the case down. Tara gets in, gets Madison up and hits the widow's peak. She covers Rayne and gets the win. Winner: Tara

Tara goes to the case and opens it. She grabs the spider in her hand as she gets closer to Rayne. Rayne gets up and runs around the ring to get away. She then goes outside. Tara follows her up the ramp. Tara turns and lifts the spider up to the fans and they cheer. Madison is scared all the way through the back.

The camera changes and it shows Kurt Angle walking backstage as he is coming to the ring next!


Douglas Williams and Brutas Magnus are backstage. Williams states that Rob Terry saved both of them last week. Magnus states that they need to get focused and go after the TNA Tag Team Titles. Williams agree. Magnus compliments Williams as he likes his jacket and Williams comments back as the same jacket is over Magnus' shoulder.

The camera goes to the ring and Kurt Angle's music hits. He comes to the ring as the fans cheer loudly. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He stands in the ring as the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. His title match will be at Hardcore Justice. He then wonders who is opponent is going to be. Either Sting or Anderson. If he could pick, he would pick Anderson as they have a huge history. Kurt talks about Lockdown and their match. He then brings up last week as Anderson turned on Kurt and went with Immortal. Kurt says he will go after Ken if he wins or looses tonight. He then talks about Sting. They have a lot of history. He brings up the Main Event Mafia. He brings up the empty arena match. Some say that the match was one of the best. There was no winner though. The problem is that Kurt never beat Sting. It gets Kurt upset and it makes him want to beat him. Kurt will be watching the match tonight and at Hardcore Justice, he will be walking out as TNA World Champion. It's Real! Kurt's music hits and he leaves the ring. He walks up to the ring and raises his arms as the crowd cheers again.

The camera goes backstage to Karen and Jeff. Jeff tells Karen to hurry up as she is wheeling and holding all of the bags while Jeff just carries his briefcase. He tells Karen, who is wearing the huge hat. Jeff tells Karen to hurry.....TO HURRY! Jeff gets in his car already. Karen opens the trunk and another evil clown is there. She drops the bags, screams, and runs away. The clown gets out. Jeff gets out to fight him. The clown hits the briefcase that Jeff holds up to defend himself. The clown hits Jeff in the gut with the bat and then chokes him with it as he takes Jeff away as Karen screams and screams.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the next match. She introduces Hernandez and Anarkia as they come down to the ring. The crowd boos.

They get in the ring and Hernandez grabs a mic. He speaks spanish the entire time as the crowd boos. Anarkia then gets on and calls the crowd stupid Americans. Anarkia still talks, but he gets interrupted by British Invasion's music.

Mexican America vs. British Invasion in a #1 Contender's Match

They run down the ramp and the bell sounds. They get Hernandez out of the ring quickly. Douglas and Magnus both work on Anarkia. Douglas then works on Anarkia by himself. He knocks Anarkia down and runs into the ropes. Hernandez hits Williams from behind. Anarkia takes advantage. He whips Williams into the ropes and tags in Hernandez. Williams comes back and Hernandez jumps over the ropes right to Williams. He works on Williams for a little bit and then tags in Anarkia. Anarkia attacks Williams and then tosses him outside. Hernandez attacks him outside as the referee is busy talking to Magnus who is arguing. Hernandez brings Williams back in the ring and Anarkia continues to work on him. He had a headlock. The crowd gets Williams back to his feet. He tries to fight out of it, but Anarkia tags Hernandez. Anarkia puts Douglas on the top rope. Hernandez jumps right to William's back. He continues to attack Hernandez. He puts Williams in their corner, but Williams knocks down Anarkia and then knocks down Hernandez. Williams is bleeding from his head as he crawls to his corner and tags Magnus. He comes in and Magnus cleans house as he attacks Anarkia and Hernandez. Hernandez already tagged in Anarkia, so Williams comes back in and they double team on him as Hernandez is outside. Magnus covers, but Hernandez breaks the count. They put him out of the ring again. British Invasion do another double team move and Magnus gets the cover. The referee is distracted though as Rostia comes to the ring apron. Hernandez breaks the cover. He attacks Magnus and then has Anarkia lay down on him. Hernandez gets out of the ring and Rosita off the apron. The referee counts the pin. Winners: Mexican America

Mexican America leave the ring as Magnus can't believe what just happened.

Eric Bischoff is backstage and says they are running out of time as Gunner and Bully Ray are the only ones left. They need to get rid of Sting and need to do it fast. Eric leaves. Gunner says he has had enough. He wants to be the hunter, not the hunted. He tells Bully to find these clowns. As Gunner leaves, Bully stays in the office as he is thinking on what to do.


Impact Wrestling returns and a video plays showing Brian Kendrick's title victory at Destination X. It then goes to Alex Shelley who won the Ultimate X match as he gets a title shot against Kendrick. Each talk about the match. Brian says if Alex takes away the title, it will cut off what he is planning to do with the division. They will be facing off next week for the title.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera as they recap the show with the clown attacks on Immortal. The title match against Ken and Sting is coming up next.

The camera changes to Gunner who is outside with a baseball bat. He calls out the clowns. Just then, they come out from the corner. There are four of them. They bang their bats on the floor. They circle around Gunner. Gunner gets ready with his silver bat and goes to strike one clown, but they all go after him. They hit him with their bats and then attack him with punches and kicks. They have him lying on the floor. The clowns take off their masks and they are revealed to be AJ Styles, Kazarian, Daniels, and James Storm. One asks about Bully Ray and Styles says he has it covered. They walk away.


The show returns and it's time for the TNA World Title Match. The lights go out as Sting's music hits. The #1 Contender, Sting, comes on stage with his joker face. He comes down the ramp as the crowd is going crazy! He gets in the ring. Just then, the lights go out as Mr. Anderson's music hits. The spotlight comes on and he is on stage with the title over his shoulder. He motions up for the mic to come down. As it comes down, he hits it away. He then wants it lowered as it went back up. He grabs it, but then throws it away. He walks down the ramp. Sting opens the ropes for him to come in. Ken stands outside of the ring. He then walks up the steps and slowly gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he announces the main event after three bell rings.

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson, Champ, for the TNA World Title

The bell sounds after the introduction and the crowd chants, "Let's go Stinger". They go to lock-up, but Anderson runs around the ring. They go to lock-up again, but Ken slides behind Sting. Sting turns around and Ken hits Sting with multiple punches to the face, but it doesn't hurt Sting at all. Sting screams and Ken exits the ring. He comes in. Sting backs him to the corner. Ken tries to get away, but Sting grabs him, puts him in the corner, and hits shot after shot to the head as it knocks Ken down. He gets Ken up and does a huge dropkick. It knocks Ken down and he rolls out of the ring. Ken gets up and is not sure about this. He gets on the apron. Sting goes to him, but Ken hits a shoulder block. Ken rolls over Sting and tries for a sunset flip cover, but Sting grabs the ropes and hits Ken with multiple punches to the head. He gets Ken up and puts him in the corner. Sting hits the splash in the corner. Sting walks away and then goes again, but Ken does a low dropkick to Sting's knee. Sting falls instantly as he goes out of the ring. He gets back in and Ken continues to work on the leg. He drives his own knee into the knee of Sting. The crowd starts to boo. Ken then goes to go for the scorpion death lock......he turns over and locks it in. Sting's face shows he is in pain. Sting then crawls and crawls and reaches the ropes. Ken releases the lock. Ken then works on the leg some more. He puts the leg on the bottom rope. He jumps up and sits right on the knee. Ken brings Sting to the middle of the ring and covers, but it's only a two. Ken now applies a half boston crab. Sting twists around and uses his free leg to push Ken back. Sting gets to his feet. Ken goes for a punch, but Sting blocks it and hits Ken with his own punches. He then attacks him some more and then finally knocks him down with closelines. He then puts Ken into the ropes. He comes back, lifts Ken up, and drops him down on the top rope. Sting then drops Ken with the scorpion death drop. He covers, but Ken kicks out. Both get up. Ken lifts Sting up on his shoulders. Ken turns and it knocks the referee in the head. Sting slides out and pushes Ken. Ken goes right into the referee and he gets knocked out of the ring. Sting then gets Ken and applies the scorpion death lock. As Ken taps out, Bully Ray comes down the ramp and hits Sting right in the back of the head. Bully they takes out his chain. He tells Ken to hold Sting up. He does. Bully twists the chain around his hand. Just then, the lights go out. The lights come back on and another clown is in the ring. Bully runs to him and he attacks him with a baseball bat. Ken goes after the clown. The lights go out. They come back on and the clown is on the stage. Ken looks around for him. Sting then comes in, hits the scorpion death drop. He covers and the ref comes in. He counts and Sting wins! Winner and New TNA World Champ: Sting

As the fans jump up and down as Sting won, the clown takes off his mask. It reveals to be......Kurt Angle! He is smiling on stage as Sting holds the title up above his head. The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Sting- New from last week
2. Kurt Angle- New from last week
3. Austin Aries- New from last week
4. Tara- New from last week
5. Mr. Anderson- Down from last week

My Thoughts:

Coming off a huge, impressive, and amazing Destination X PPV, I was not sure what TNA had in store for us. The PPV was huge. We seen some great matches and a wrestler got a TNA contract and that is Austin Aries. I was not sure how TNA would react to the PPV for this week's show. I am glad to say that it was very nice to see them have Austin Aries in action. That shows that, not only are they going to use him, but they are going to focus on the X-Division. They already have him set in some sort of storyline. Not only that, they have Brian Kendrick and Alex Shelley as they are working on that match which will air next week. That match should be pretty cool to watch. We really didn't hear/see most of the stars that were part of that show. Yes, we seen Joe in action as he looses again. We then see Kazarian in a small clip as he attacks Gunner....the same goes with Styles and Daniels. We did not see RVD at all. I actually don't think they needed to go any further with what happened at the PPV as it wasn't really about rivalries, but about wrestling. To transition, it seems like Tara and Madison Rayne are over with. TNA is transitioning into new rivalries as we see the rivalry between Sting and Kurt appearing. It looks like Immortal is slowly dissipating in their strength on Impact Wrestling. It's nice to see new things come up. I don't think it will be the last with Ken and Sting going at it as I do think he will find his way after the title again. Lastly, I think TNA is working on each division as they are working on their tag team division, X-Division, knockout division and heavyweight division. The wheels are in motion. While I have seen better TNA shows, it looks like TNA is really working on developing new stuff while improving each part. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at:

Weekly Question: Will Immortal regain the power that they once had, or is it downhill from here?

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