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Impact Wrestling Results (7/19/12) - Claire Has The Evidence!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/19/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It talks about the AJ/Claire/Daniels storyline. It has Daniels telling the world that AJ is the dad of Claire's future child. AJ and Daniels fought at Destination X. AJ won. Claire tells AJ herself that he is the father of her child. The video changes to the Aces to Eight storyline. The group attacked Hogan and Sting.

After the video ends, Taz and Mike Tenay are shown on camera. They discuss the Aces and Eights and how they attacked Hogan and Sting last week. They don't know who these people are and why they are doing what they are doing. Hogan underwent surgery from a fractured pelvis. They show pictures of Hogan in the hospital. Sting's injuries are unknown. Sting and Hogan aren't in the Impact Zone tonight.

The show plays the opening video package concerning Impact Wrestling and Open Fight Night. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks shoot from the stage and above the ring. The entire crowd stands and cheers. They are ready for Open Fight Night! The show shows the leadership board for the Bound for Glory Series. James Storm is now #1 with 43 points and Samoa Joe with 37 points. The people with the highest points will be calling out others in the series tonight. The show has a great transition as James Storm's music hits and he comes on stage. He walks down the ramp as fireworks explode on stage. He gets in the ring. James Storm grabs a mic. He wants to address a few things. He mentions the new World Champion....Austin Aries. He says congratulations like a man. People ask Storm where that leads him. Well, he is first place and he is on the fast track to the World Title. He hasn't forgot about Roode though. Winning the title his business as he wants to carry the company on his back but Roode is personal and he wants to beat him up. That leads him to the group Aces and Eights. They run around like the wild west. It isn't as Storm would be the sherif of the place. He is not like them as he wouldn't attack anyone from behind. He tells Hogan to get well soon. James changes focus and wants to face the best....and that is Kurt Angle! Kurt's music hits but he doesn't show up! James is wondering what is going on. Kurt's music plays again. Kurt still doesn't appear. The music stops again and James walks back and forth in the ring. The crowd is chanting, "Angle, Angle, Angle!" The camera man walks up the ramp to go backstage to get Angle. There is a strange pause. The camera rolls and it shows Aces and Eights attacking Kurt backstage. Kurt is on the ground as they stomp and beat him with a pipe.


Mike Tenay and Taz are on camera. They discuss Aces and Eights and their attack on Kurt Angle. They replay the footage of the attack. Here comes another Bound for Glory Series Match. Samoa Joe's music plays. He comes through the curtain. Joe walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He knows there isn't a man alive back there who would call Joe out. So, Joe would call his own man out. He calls The Pope out. He wants to make him tap. Pope is backstage watching the monitor where the other Bound for Glory Series stars are. Pope's music hits and he comes out. Pope gives his shades to a kid in the audience and then enters the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. The Pope in the Bound for Glory Series Match

Both walk around the ring and lock-up. Joe pushes Pope right in the corner. Joe unlocks and does punch after punch to the face of Pope. Pope gets up and puts Joe in the corner. He punches Joe multiple times in the head. Pope goes to whip Joe, but Joe knees Pope in the gut and puts Pope in the same corner. Joe does his pele kick in the corner. Pope falls down in the corner. Joe gets him up but Pope is able to come back with a shot to Joe's face. Pope comes back with more offensive moves. He puts Joe in the corner. Joe slides out of the ring as his jaw is really hurting him. Pope slides out and kicks Joe right in the head. He brings Joe back in. Joe gets up in a corner. Pope follows and knees Joe in the gut many times. Pope walks away as the referee counts to 4. Pope turns and Joe does punch after right hand punch to Pope's head and then takes Pope down. Pope is able to bring Joe's arms behind him and lock then in a body scissors. Joe is able to roll back and touch the ropes. Both get up. Pope bounces in the ropes. He comes back and knocks Joe off his feet with an elbow shot to the head. He does multiple elbow shots to his face. Joe is able to grab Pope's arm and head and lock in a submission move. He wraps his legs around Pope's upper body and Pope quickly taps. Joe gets out of the ring and holds his jaw. Something is bothering him. Winner: Samoa Joe for 10 points

Video plays that was filmed earlier today. Roode is walking backstage. The camera man asks Roode about Aces and Eights. He doesn't know why he is asking him. He thinks because he is the last person who was with Hogan means he is part of the group. He has bigger things to worry about. The camera guy brings up Aries. Roode flips out as Austin will pay and he will show Austin and his win was a fluke. Roode throws his bottle as he yells the whole thing was a fluke.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as Jeff Hardy's music hits. He comes down the ramp as the crowd pops. Jeff shows his great face paint. Who is he going to call out?


Jeff Hardy is in the ring. He holds a microphone. He says hello to his creatures. He welcomes them to Open Fight Night. He has someone in mind that he wants to call out. Music hits and Robbie E with Robbie T come out. Robbie E. has a mic. He says everyone is ducking Robbie E. He is calling Jeff out tonight and he can't do anything about it. You want to know why?! Because he is not on the list! Ohhh!

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E. in the Bound for Glory Series Match

Robbie quickly hits Jeff in the ring while the match didn't start yet. Robbie T gets out and the match begins. Robbie E. gets Jeff up. Jeff is able to come back with a spin kick to Robbie. He is able to continue his offense. Robbie is able to whip Jeff in the corner. Robbie runs to him but Jeff kicks him right in the face. Robbie falls back. He holds his face and complains to the referee. As he does, Robbie T pulls Jeff out of the ring and throws him against the steel steps. Jeff gets in the ring, but Robbie isn't able to continue the attack. Jeff comes back. Robbie is able to whip Jeff in the corner, but Jeff runs up the corner and hits whisper in the wind. Both get up. Robbie is able to get Jeff down and catapult Jeff out of the ring. Robbie T goes by him but the referee yells for him to get back. Jeff hops up and goes after Robbie T. He hits him in the face and chest. Robbie T walks backwards up the ramp. Jeff rips his shirt in all. The bell rings. Robbie E bounces up and down in the ring. Jeff Hardy got counted out! Winner: Robbie E. for 5 points

Sam Shaw is backstage. He is gearing up for his GutCheck Challenge.


ODB is on the phone backstage. She is wondering where E.Y. is as she sent him for beer and chicken months ago. Eric Young is walking right behind her. He says he is getting close. They meet. Eric tells an insane story about how people took him while he was trying to get the food. He was trying to text her and all but they wouldn't allow him. Eric makes up for it as he kisses her right on the lips. ODB sends Eric out to get the beer and fried chicken. Eric goes to get it.

Video plays showing the whole storyline with Claire/AJ/Daniels. Claire has proof. Everyone will know sooner or later.

Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. The camera man asks them what kind of proof Claire has. Daniels and Kaz would like to see. They insult AJ as he should have just stuck to himself. They sure want to know. Daniels takes a drink while Kazarian says he can use that.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He hypes up this GutCheck Challenge guy. Sam Shaw comes on stage and hops/runs down the ramp. He looks really confident but arrogant. He gets in the ring and Jeremy asks him about this opportunity. Sam says he wanted this chance his entire life. He will show why he deserves this spot on the Impact roster. Jeremy says he has to be different than other people. The crowd starts to make noise. Here comes....Aces and Eights! They come through the audience. They get in the ring and attack Sam Shaw. Borash quickly leaves the ring while the camera man backs up and has no idea how to use the camera anymore. He is panicking! Aces and Eights beat the rookie down easily.


The GutCheck judges are in the ring as well as officials and referees are checking on Sam Shaw. They get Sam up. As they do, they replay the beat down that just occurred. The footage ends and they are able to get Sam out of the ring. He slowly walks but needs help doing so. Sam is in tremendous pain. The crowd claps for the guy though. As they bring him in the back, the show changes gears and has Mr. Anderson's music play. He comes on the stage. He walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He wants to talk about d$%chebags. He called out Daniels a couple weeks ago. Some person cheers in the ring. Ken questions that person in the audience. Anderson wants to challenge someone else. He calls out AJ Styles! AJ is shown backstage. He puts his hood on and comes through the curtain as well as the sparks that fall from above. This has nothing to do with personal vendettas but all about mutual respect.

Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles in the Bound for Glory Series Match

Both move around the ring. They slowly lock-up. AJ is able to twist the arm of Ken. Ken gets out of it and twists the arm of AJ. AJ backs Ken up and then whips him in the ropes. Ken comes back. AJ is able to jump over Ken, but Ken is able to knock AJ down and work on him on the mat. AJ is able to counter with a scissor lock to Ken's head. Ken pops out of the hold and apply a side headlock to AJ. AJ is able to roll and pin Ken, but Ken kicks out. He still applies the headlock. Both get up. AJ is able to get out of it and lock onto Ken's arm. He gets Ken down continuing the lock. Ken gets up. He is able to grab AJ's arm. AJ pushes Ken back into the ropes. Ken comes back and AJ does a shoulder block. Ken reacts as he bounces back. He goes through the ropes to the outside. He lands on his feet. AJ grabs the top rope for a cross body, but Ken slides in as AJ flies out. AJ lands on the apron. Ken turns and AJ jumps over and hits Ken right in the chest. AJ is in control for now.


Ken is in control as he has a headlock applied to AJ as he is on the mat. AJ gets up and throws Ken into the ropes. Ken keeps going back and forth. He finally comes back to get a dropkick right to the face. AJ covers but Ken kicks out. AJ gets Ken up and body slams him. AJ bounces off the ropes. He plants his knee right into the face. AJ covers but Ken kicks out again. AJ gets Ken up. Ken punches AJ in the gut a couple times but AJ elbows Ken in the back. Ken comes back and whips AJ in the corner. Ken goes to him, but AJ kicks him in the face. AJ comes out but Ken ducks, twists AJ and hits the neck breaker. He covers but AJ kicks out. Ken locks in another headlock to AJ as he gets to his feet. This headlock brings AJ down to his knees. AJ gets to his feet. He rolls to the other side as Ken releases the hold and gets flipped across the ring. Both get up and Ken applies the headlock again. AJ rams Ken into the corner three times and it breaks the lock. AJ whips Ken into the opposing corner, but Ken reverses. AJ hops up in the corner. Ken is able to hold him. AJ is able to do a hurricanrona. Ken gets up and AJ kicks Ken. Ken backs up into the corner. AJ goes to him, but Ken flips him over the ropes. AJ lands on the apron. AJ jumps up and does a springboard cross body. AJ covers but Ken kicks out. Both get up. Ken is able to come back as he has AJ on his shoulders and rolls through. He covers but AJ kicks out. Both slowly gets up. Anderson goes for the Mic Check, but AJ is able to get out and hit a Ken right in the back of the head with a kick. Ken falls. AJ climbs the corner. Ken is able to get up and follow AJ. He hits the huge superplex!!!!! Both are down. Anderson rolls and covers: 1-2-OH! AJ is able to roll and cover Ken now! Ken kicks out. Ken gets to his feet. AJ slowly does. Ken runs to him, but AJ does the pele. AJ gets Ken up and goes for the Styles Clash. He couldn't get it locked in. Ken rolls out and goes for the cover, but AJ rolls away. Ken is able to ground him and cover: 1-2-3! Both get up. AJ is upset with the loss but both shake hands at the end. Winner: Ken Anderson for 7 points

AJ stays in the ring as he looks down to the outside. All of a sudden, Claire comes out from backstage. She has a mic and yells AJ's name. She says she been calling AJ all week and he didn't answer nor get back to her. She tells AJ to get down there. AJ does and says she doesn't need to do this right now. Claire says this heeds to happen. Claire says they went to the bar and had drinks. AJ doesn't remember. Claire says they both drank. Claire says she has pictures on her phone. She blew them up. She gave AJ the mic. She shows AJ the pictures. It is of them in bed together. AJ is knocked out while Claire takes the pictures. It is of both of them and of his tattoo. There is no denying that it him. She tells AJ to think about it. She gives him the pictures and she runs off. AJ is shocked, stunned, and dumbfounded!


The show returns and it replays the huge and epic moment of Claire exposing the pictures of her and AJ. The video ends and the camera is backstage showing AJ looking at the pictures. He puts his hand to his head and then takes it down as he goes from picture to picture.

Mike Tenay, Taz and Shean Wheelock are at the commentator's desk. Sean is from Bellator. Rob Van Dam's music hits and he comes out. He walks down the ramp, raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. He rolls in the ring and grabs a mic. RVD states that he is tickled pink to be here on Open Fight Night as he wants to fight. There is no one who he wants to fight than the scumbag Daniels! Daniels is backstage. Bully Ray tries to grab the drink that Daniels is holding, but Daniels won't allow that nonsense. Daniels comes out. He finishes his drink and sets it down. He walks down the ramp with the TNA Tag Title over his shoulder.

Rob Van Dam vs. Daniels in the Bound for Glory Series Match

RVD does his point to the shoulder taunt. Daniels doesn't care and hits RVD. The bell sounds and RVD goes crazy. He closelines Daniels down. He gets him up and turns him upside down in the corner. RVD runs away. He runs back and dropkicks Daniels in the face. Daniels drops down. RVD continues with the attack. He is able to wrench in the abdominal stretch. Daniels is able to fall back and get out of the hold. He gets out of the ring. RVD slides out. Daniels quickly grabs RVD and rams him back first into the apron. He continues the attack and then slides RVD back in the ring. Daniels jumps over the ropes and plants an elbow in the heart of Rob. Daniels continues and covers but RVD kicks out. Daniels sits Rob up and kicks him in the back. He then knees Rob. Daniels takes his time, which is dangerous as RVD fights back with kicks. Daniels takes care of him as he stops Rob. He bends Rob's head back into another submission. Rob is able to get out. RVD finally comes back. Both get up. Rob goes for the super kick, but Daniels backs up. Rob does it again and connects. RVD continues. He goes to the top for the Five 5 Frog Splash. Daniels rolls as RVD lands on his feet. RVD is able to kick Daniels again. He goes for a pin, but Daniels rolls RVD up and uses the ropes to get the win. Winner: Daniels for 7 points

Austin Aries is backstage. The camera man asks Austin what he thinks about Roode calling his win a fluke. Austin makes fun of Roode's speech last week. He states that it was actually a fluke as Roode should have never been champion. He will show Roode that anything Roode can do, Austin can trump it. He trumps Roode's belt with the World Title while he trumps Roode's suit with a cape. As he grabs the cape, cards fall. The cards are Aces and Eights. Austin says he trumps them too. He throws the cards away and calls it cr@p.


Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on the camera. They have Brooke Hogan on the phone. They ask her about the condition of Hulk. Brooke says he is in rough and bad shape. He has been in surgery. Taz gives her thoughts and prayers. She takes it as it means a lot.

Footage plays showing the Mr. Parks vs. Bully Ray match. It shows Mr. Parks doing the Black Hole Slam. The video ends and Mr. Parks is backstage sitting down with Garett Bischoff. Parks says he is carrying the Bischoff name. That means he is carrying a lot of legal power. Garett has the power and iron to do things. Garett asks Parks about his match last week. Parks plays it as he says he finally gave it to Ray. Garett asks about the Black Hole Slam. Parks laughs and says that was Parks himself. He says Garett may have took too many shots in the head. He tells Garett to think about what he just told him.

The camera changes to Bully Ray and Magnus backstage as they are the last two people who did not fight yet in the Bound for Glory Series. Both stare eye to eye. Magnus' music plays. He leaves. He comes out and walks down the ramp. Ray is stalking him. He comes quietly from behind and knocks Magnus down. He brings Magnus up and to the guard rail. Magnus comes back and takes Ray into the rail and face first into the steel steps. Magnus punches Ray multiple times in the face. Magnus rolls Ray in and the bell sounds.

Magnus vs. Bully Ray in the Bound for Glory Series Match

Magnus gets Ray up. Ray is able to come back as he does a big boot to the face of Magnus. Bully walks away. He spits in the air and then tries to catch it as it comes down. Ray goes back to Magnus. Magnus is in the corner and Ray continues the assault. He kicks him and punches him. He whips Magnus into the opposing corner. He walks up and does a huge slap to the chest. Magnus walks away in pain. Magnus falls down. Bully pulls Magnus from being close to the ropes as he drops an elbow to his heart. Ray continues with an elbow shot to the head of Magnus. He gets Magnus up and body slams him. Ray is controlling the pace of this match. Ray bounces against the ropes. He jumps for a splash, but Magnus rolls away. Both get up and Magnus does a right hand. Ray does another right. They go back and forth repeatedly. Ray does one punch, but Magnus ducks and is able to lift Ray from behind for a back suplex. He covers but Ray kicks out. Both get up and Ray fights back but Magnus knocks Ray off his feet. He locks in a leg submission hold. It is almost like a sharpshooter. Ray is able to crawl to get the ropes. Both get up. Magnus whips Ray. Ray comes back and Magnus lifts him up and drops him right down in a powerslam. Magnus covers but Ray kicks out. Magnus gets up. He points to the corner. He climbs. He flies for the elbow drop but Ray moves out of the way. Ray gets up and waits. Magnus stands and he hits the Bully Cutter. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Bully Ray for 7 points

They show the Bound for Glory leadership board as Samoa Joe is on top with 47 points and James Storm second with 43 points. After that, a video plays hyping the debut of Chavo Guerrero next week! Yes, Chavo is with TNA and will be debuting next week!

The camera shows the Impact Zone. Music hits and it is The It Factor! It is the former World is Bobby Roode! Roode gets on the stage. He has his robe on and with a mic in hand. He says one word....only one word.....FLUKE! He says it is Open Fight Night and he is calling Austin Aries out! Roode's music continues as he walks slowly down the ramp.


Roode is in the ring and tells Aries to get his @ss out here now. Aries' music hits and he walks out with the TNA World Title around his waist and cape over his shoulder. He quickly comes down and gets in the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

The bell quickly rings and Roode runs right to Aries. Aries moves and sends Roode into the corner. Roode turns and is able to hit Aries. He knocks him down and grabs Aries arm to work on it. Aries gets up whips Roode in the ropes. He comes back and Aries works on the arm of Roode. He gets Roode face down on the mat. He tries to lock in his Chancellor submission move, but Roode is able to get out. Both get up and Aries continues to work the arm as Roode goes from the corner to the middle. Roode fights Aries off. He gets up. Aries fights back as he goes from the apron to inside. Aries is too quick to even watch. He knocks Roode down and runs into the ropes. He jumps in the air and drops an elbow. Roode holds his chest as he rolls outside. Aries goes to the apron. He runs, jumps, flies and lands right on Roode with an elbow. It knocks Roode down. Aries gets him up and continues the attack.


Austin is still in control. He rolls Roode in the corner. Austin climbs the corner. Roode quickly gets up and hits Aries. Aries falls. He hits the apron and lands flat on the floor.


Roode has Aries in the ring. He also has him in the corner as he stomps on him. Roode walks away. Aries gets up. Roode comes back and punches Aries. Aries fights back. Roode grabs Aries and whips him in the ropes. Austin comes back and Roode does a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He gets Austin up and puts him in the corner. He gives him a knife edge chop. he then whips Aries in another corner. He sends him again. Roode runs but Aries kicks him in the face. Roode backs up. Aries runs to him. Bobby lifts Aries up and hits the spine buster. Roode gets Aries up and hits a suplex. He goes in the corner, goes toward Aries and plants a knee to the face. He covers Austin but it is only a 2 count. Roode locks in a rear chin lock. Aries gets to his feet as the fans clap for him. Aries hits Roode in the mid-section. He runs into the ropes. Aries comes back and Roode elbows him in the face. Aries falls. Roode stomps on the fallen Aries. Roode is taking his time now. Aries slowly gets up. Roode punches Aries in the face. Aries returns. They go back and forth. Roode brings in the knife edge chops while Aries does a full hand slap to the chest. They continue to go back and forth. Aries runs back and goes for the disc-et forearm, but Roode grabs the arm and goes for the cross face. Austin is able to get out and get Roode down. He locks in the Chancellor submission move. Roode breaks out of it. Aries gets up. He runs to Roode as he stands. Roode spears him. Roode covers: 1-2-OH! Roode is surprised. Roode gets up. He puts Aries in the corner. He pushes his shoulder into Aries' gut and then takes him to the top. He punches him in the face and climbs. Roode sets up for the superplex. He has him up, but Aries knees Roode in the gut and then rings Roode's eardrums. Roode falls. Bobby gets up. Aries flies for the missile dropkick. Roode gets up in the corner. Aries runs and hits the running dropkick in the corner. Aries has Roode in the middle of the ring. He lifts him up for the brain buster, but Roode gets out and locks in the cross face. Aries is able to grab the ropes. Both get up. Aries runs to Roode and hits the disc-et forearm. It knocks Roode against the ropes. Aries closelines Roode but he didn't have enough strength to make him go over. Aries grabs him and then tosses him out. Aries goes to the outside. As he does, Aces and Eights come out. They attack Aries. The bell sounds. Aces and Eights bring Aries in the ring. They continue. Roode gets in and is across the ring from them. He is smiling and laughing. Aces and Eights turn to Roode. Roode claps for them. Roode slowly walks closer. He goes to handshake the guy in Aces and Eights. That guy doesn't want that. He kicks Roode in the gut and the others gain on Roode. Three attack Roode while three hit Aries. They are in control of the show and making their own path to success. No one can stop them!

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Samoa Joe- New from last week
2. Aces and Eights- New from last week
3. Claire- Up from last week
4. Bully Ray- Down from last week
5. Robbie E.- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

Looking at tonight's show, I have formed quite an opinion about a lot of the stuff going on. First off, I want to mention the Bound for Glory Series. I knew it would be this back and forth battle for the top spot. Joe is now #1 and I am more than happy to see that. Joe deserved to be in the main event for years. It is great seeing him actually be used and win, win, win! As far as the BFG Series as a whole, I am really liking how they incorporate into the Open Fight Night and how they will with Hardcore Justice. It is going to be a long ride till the end, but I am enjoying these matches every week. The matches tonight were off and on. We didn't see any X-Division matches nor Knockout matches and I can see why. They focused on the BFG Series for the matches and that took up a lot of time. I would rather have matches that are 10 minutes long compared to short 5 minute matches that give us a 5 minute Knockout match. The Daniels vs. RVD match fell short, in my opinion. I saw a lot of mistakes and it was messy. I hope these two get another chance as I think they could really go. Ray vs. Magnus was nice and probably the best match in the BFG Series tonight. Aries vs. Roode was great for what was aired. I am excited to see these two fight at Hardcore Justice! What I am pretty confused and a bit upset about is the whole idea of the Open Fight Night. First off, we are suppose to see the Television Title get defended each week. Well, we didn't! Also, when a champion gets called out on Open Fight Night, the title is on the line. The World Title wasn't tonight. I think TNA messed up a lot of what they said in the past just to make things work this week. The GutCheck Challenge is next week, which will throw my entire schedule off, but Sam Shaw has the look and I am curious to see how he does! The whole Claire/AJ storyline got a huge boost tonight. I didn't expect her to reveal the evidence already, but I am glad she did as I wouldn't like them to stretch it out. TNA is doing a real fine job with this whole thing. It went from AJ/Daniels, AJ/Dixie/Daniels/Kazarian, AJ/Daniels/Dixie/Claire/Kazarian, AJ/Daniels, AJ/Dixie/Kazarian/Claire/Daniels, Claire/Daniels/AJ/Kazarian, AJ/Claire. It brought people in and out. The evidence tonight really set the storyline to a new level. I have no idea how AJ is going to try to cover this up or what he is going to say for that matter. I would love to see Dixie come back and see the pictures. I know TNA knows what they are doing. They keep on going (which is good and bad), but I hope the future is just as good as what we seen. I can't understand how people don't like this storyline.

Finally, the Aces and Eights look promising and powerful! They attacked everyone you can think of. While Roode could have been behind it, I had a feeling he wouldn't be. Word on Twitter tonight throughout the show is Luke Gallows is part of the group as well as Chris Masters maybe. Who knows! I remember talking about factions in wrestling about a month ago before Aces and Eights appeared. I said we haven't seen a big one in TNA for awhile. Well, that changed! It seems like wrestling companies/shows think they need a faction once a year or so. On a side note, I found myself laughing when James Storm called Kurt Angle out to fight. I knew Kurt wasn't at Florida as he is up here getting ready to be wed. TNA had to tape that footage that showed him backstage. It was a nice transition and they capitalized on Kurt's wedding by helping get Aces and Eights over. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter: Click here

If you want to check out my writing outside of where I just wrote Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho match! If that match were to happen, find out who would win! It does not reflect the views of WNW. Check it out: here

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