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Impact Wrestling Results (7/26/12) - James Storm Creates Thunder And Lightning

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/26/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package. It starts with the AJ/Claire storyline. Claire tells AJ the news of him being the father and shows him the pictures of them two in bed. The video switches to the Aces and Eights storyline. The faction beat down and attacked top star after top star. First it was Hogan and Sting. Then it was Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode. Who are the Aces and Eights? The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and from the entrance stage. Afterwards, the camera shows the audience. They are on their feet and cheering like mad. Taz and Tenay run through the line-up while they still show the crowd.

Music hits and the lights go out. Here comes the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, Sting! Sting comes out and walks right down the ramp. He wastes no time. He gets right in the ring while the crowd cheers. He grabs a mic. He tells everyone Hogan is at home with titanium plates in his hips. Sting is the replacement GM since Hogan is absent. He is only one man, but he doesn't care. He wants Aces and Eights. He calls them out. They don't appear though. Austin Aries' music plays. He makes his way right to the ring. He speaks. He says Aces and Eights is a number game. They jumped on Sting, but they also jumped on the TNA World Title. Austin tells Aces and Eights that if they show up, Austin will jump on them. He is not messing around. Either is this guy: Kurt Angle! Kurt's music plays and he marches his way to the ring. He grabs a mic. He said Aces and Eights tried to take away two things from him. First is his health and second is his chance at the World Title. Well, Kurt wants these b%tches too! Here comes one more! Bobby Roode's music comes on. He comes on stage with a mic. He tells everyone to relax. He is not here to fight anyone. He doesn't have their backs though. He is out here to point out the obvious. Roode knows who the man is behind the attacks. Sting walks forward and wonders who. Roode's mic goes out. Kurt and Austin make a smart comment as the mic goes out because he isn't the top of the company anymore. Roode gets a new mic. Bobby says this person who is behind the faction is jealous. This person is jealous of Roode and of Austin. This person was suppose to fight Angle last week. Roode knew James for 4 years. He manipulates others. This guy is a piece of crap! James can't take it anymore. He runs down the ramp and hits Roode from behind. Roode falls. James gets him up and tosses him in the ring. Both get in and beat each other back and forth. James takes Roode down and gets on top of them. James throws punch after punch. They roll around the ring while Roode gets some punches in. They get up and Roode attacks James. They fall back down while going back and forth again. Kurt pulls James off of Roode. Roode rolls out of the ring. Roode yells, "The truth hurts", which his why James couldn't handle it and attacked him. Roode walks backwards up the ramp.


Tara is backstage. She says she knew Chavo Guerrero since she broke into the business. She can't wait for him to join TNA as it will never be the same. Kid Kash is shown and said he has some matches with Chavo. Kurt is the final man shown as he says he had matches with the late, great Eddie Guerrero. What a guy he was. Chavo will bring the same.

Bobby Roode is backstage. He goes to a trailer as the cameraman follows him. Roode says no one is believing him. They should. They aren't, so why bother. He is out of here. He takes his luggage and wheels it away in the parking lot.

Christy Hemme is shown as she announces this first match. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim come down to the ring. As they do, they show footage of Madison and Earl from a couple weeks ago. Earl is the referee in this match. Mickie James and Tara come out next.

Madison Rayne and Gail Kim vs. Mickie James and Tara

Tara and Gail start the match. They lock-up. Gail pushes Tara in the ropes. She then works on the arm. Tara comes back working on the arm of Gail. She pushes Gail into the corner. Gail comes out and Tara does an arm drag takedown. She tags in Mickie. Mickie gets in and runs into the ropes. Gail is sitting on the mat. Mickie dropkicks Gail right in the face. Mickie gets her up and grabs Gail's arm. She runs up the corner and jumps down. She twists the arm of Gail. Both get up and Gail whips Mickie in the ropes. Madison hits Mickie in the back. Mickie moves forward and Gail knocks her down. Gail brings her to her corner and tags Madison. Madison gets in. She works on Mickie, but Mickie comes back. She tries for a closeline, but Madison knees Mickie in the gut and slings her down. She covers but it's a two. Both get up and Mickie goes right into the corner. She bounces out and runs to her partner. She tags Tara. Tara enters and she takes Madison down. She gets her up and does a spinning side walk slam. She covers but Gail enters and breaks the count. Mickie enters. Mickie and Tara grab Gail and hold her legs. Madison gets up on the corner. She jumps but both move out of the way. They drop down while having Gail's legs locked. They release it as Gail rolls out. Tara leaves the ring. Madison gets Mickie and rolls her up. Earl counts and while Mickie shoulder is up after two, Earl counts to three and gives Madison the win. Mickie gets up and can't believe it. Earl doesn't know what she is talking about and leaves the ring while looking at Madison as she celebrates with Gail. Winners: Madison Rayne and Gail Kim

Sting and Austin Aries are backstage. Sting says he has Aces and Eights on his mind and can't handle a lot right now. They are outside of a room that holds X-Division stars. Sting tells Austin that he needs to go in there and make cuts. Austin has Aces and Eights on his mind too. Sting tells Aries to do it because he knows he can. He tells Austin to put his game face on. Sting walks away. Austin yells that he wants to continue to talk about Aces and Eights after. Austin goes into the room and calls everyone's attention while yelling at someone to get off his desk.

A video plays showing Sam Shaw. He will participate in the GutCheck Challenge tonight. He has worked hard, but this is his opportunity and he is going to take it. He is nervous but he needs to go a great job. He is more excited though. It is his time to shine.


Hernandez is backstage. He talks about Chavo. He is part of the Guerrero name. He calls it incredible that he can be in TNA. Gunner says Chavo is part of a big family, but he doesn't seem to happy about him being around. Bully Ray is shown on his phone. He says that he told the cameraman to not bother him while he is on his Twitter machine!

Sam Shaw is in the ring as he waits for his opponent. Here comes his opponent: Douglas Williams.

Sam Shaw vs. Douglas Williams in the GutCheck Challenge

They lock-up. Sam applies a headlock on Douglas. Douglas whips him in the ropes. He comes back and knocks Williams down. Williams gets up and whips Shaw in the ropes. He goes for a back body drop, but Sam lands right on his feet. Douglas turns around and Sam continues to go on the offense. Douglas is able to come back with a knee, but Sam comes back and lifts Williams right up. He body slams him. Sam slowly goes to the top rope. He jumps but misses. While this is going on, the camera shows the audience. Signs go up that read "87%". Al Snow runs out and starts yelling. He suddenly falls as he gets punched right in the face. Al quickly gets up and rung in the audience. The camera goes back in the ring and Williams continues on the offense. He stays as he hits the Rolling Chaos. Winner: Douglas Williams

The camera is backstage in the room where the X-Division stars are. Austin goes to interview them. Austin asks who should face for the title. They start arguing back and forth. Kenny King hypes himself up while Rashad downplays Kenny. Kenny says he hasn't won a match since being part of TNA. Sonjay says he never had the X-Title while he was part of TNA in the past. He deserves it. Austin stands up and tells Zema Ion to leave as he has nothing to contribute in this conversation. Austin hands Zema a poster and tells him to get it fixed as that is about Austin being X-Division Champion but now he is World Champion. Zema leaves. The X-Division stars continue to talk back and forth. Dakota gets into the mix. After they discuss, Austin calls out Rashad and tells him to moonwalk his way out of there and to work on his hair. Rashad isn't happy, but he's out. Three to go!

A video plays hyping Chavo Guerrero. He is appearing next!


Ben Saunders is in the audience. That is the man who was the guest commentator last week on Impact. Music hits and Chavo Guerrero comes out. Here he comes! He interacts with the fans as he makes his way to the ring. He continues to interact partway around the ring. He gets in the ring as the crowd continues to pop. The crowd chants his name as he looks around. He starts of with the famous mexican introduction. He then welcomes the Guerrero fans. The Spanish commentators are shown. The camera goes back and Chavo states that he is very humbled to be in this ring. One thing the Guerrero family has always done and that is to concur and be champion. To be champion in every continent, country, and company. There hasn't been a Guerrero champion in TNA. While he is walking backstage, he sees "hunger" in the eyes of them. They want to steal the show. They want the top spot. They want to be the best. That is why Chavo is here. He is here to beat the best. Time is everything and Guerreros always have great timing. He tells everyone to look at their calendars. Remember this date. It is Guerrero's time. It is time for Chavo to be champion here on TNA! Just then, Kid Kash and Gunner walk down the ramp. Kash has a mic. He talks about his family. Not every Guerrero is a wrestler. His grandmother wasn't a wrestler. He goes down the line of people in his family. What line is he in the Guerrero line of wrestlers? Where is Chavo's family? Chavo says the fans are his family. Kash is not talking to the government paid people....he is looking at Chavo. Where is Chavo Sr? Is he too old? Did his back give out? Or is he too drunk? Chavo smirks and then hits Kash that knocks him right down. Kash gets up and Chavo continues to attack him. Kash backs him up in the corner and Gunner helps Kash out. Hernandez runs into the ring and fights Kash and Gunner. Chavo does a dropkick that sends Kash right out. Hernandez and Chavo celebrate in the ring.

Kurt Angle and James Storm are backstage. Kurt knows he can't trust Roode, but he wants to find out about James and Aces and Eights. James laughs. If he wants to say something to someone, he will tell them to their face. He is not like what the Aces and Eights are like. Kurt asks if James Storm will have his back if Aces and Eights attack them tonight. James says, "Of course, bro." Kurt pats James on the arm and walks away. James stares at him. He then turns and brings his head down while staring ahead.


Al Snow, Taz, and Bruce Prichard are backstage sitting on bar stools. Al is fired up. He says they are trying to give young stars time to shine and to give them an opportunity but this Joey Ryan is ruining everything. Al wants Ryan! This isn't about him though. It is about Sam Shaw. They were all distracted by Joey. Taz says he was impressed with Sam. They need to get going to reveal their decision. Bruce sits the whole time as that is what he does.

A video plays showcasing the major points of the big AJ/Claire storyline. Claire reveals AJ is the father of her soon-to-be baby. She then reveals the pictures of her and AJ in bed. The video ends and the Bound for Glory leadership board is shown. Samoa Joe leads with 47 points while James Storm has 45 points. The camera goes to the Impact Zone where AJ Styles' music plays. He makes his way through the sparks that are falling from above. He makes his way to the ring. His match against James Storm is next.


James Storm's music plays as he is walking down the ramp. He will be fighting AJ!


AJ Styles vs. James Storm in the Bound for Glory Series Match

Both lock-up. It is even until James applies a headlock. AJ throws James into the ropes. As he does, Claire is in the audience. She has a dark face as she stares directly at AJ. Meanwhile, AJ and James are dead even. They both get up after being down. They go at it again and James is able to take control. He brings AJ into the ropes and smashes his head into the turnbuckle. He knocks AJ down and applies a headlock. AJ gets up and gets out of it. He punches James right in the face. AJ runs into the ropes. James kicks him in the gut. He lifts him up and does almost a gut wrench type powerslam. AJ gets up. He goes into the ropes and James does a back body drop. He applies a chin lock. AJ is able to get out if it. AJ whips James into the ropes. He does a great dropkick. Both get up and AJ tries to go after him, but James goes behind him. AJ is able to counter and knock James down to his hands and knees. He gets him up and does a suplex. He covers but James kicks out. AJ applies a chin lock. James gets up and punches his way out of it. AJ backs up in the corner but he punches James back. James ducks and rams AJ back first into the corner. Both fall. Both get up and AJ goes for the closeline, but James ducks and closelines AJ. AJ gets up and James knocks AJ down once again and covers. AJ kicks out. Both get up and AJ kicks James in the back of the knee. James is able to grab AJ and twirl him around. He lifts him up and hits a back suplex. He covers but AJ kicks out. Both get up and AJ is able to whip James into the corner. AJ runs to him but James moves. AJ goes right into the corner. James lifts AJ to the top. AJ is facing his back to the ring. James climbs the corner but AJ elbows him down. AJ tries to get to his feet on top, but James hits his leg and AJ falls down on the top. James grabs him from behind and brings him out. He hits the Eye of the Storm. He covers. AJ kicks out. AJ is able to get into the corner. James grabs him and whips him into the opposing corner. He runs and smashes him. James climbs the corner behind him. AJ tries to get away, but James punches him. James goes for a tornado DDT, but AJ stops the DDT and hits a belly to back type suplex which sends James back first into the corner. AJ gets up and goes to the apron. James gets up. AJ jumps on the top rope and springboards his way with a flying elbow. He hits it. He covers, but James kicks out. AJ gets James up and goes for the Styles Clash, but James lifts AJ up and hits the Alabama Slam! James covers: 1-2-OH!

James gets up and kicks AJ as he rolls his way to the side. Both are out on the apron now. James punches AJ and quickly drops him down face first on the hard apron. James slides in and covers, but AJ kicks out. Both get up. AJ hits the pele kick out of nowhere. He gets James up for the Styles CLash, but James backs up. He bounces off the ropes and jumps. He jumps up and hits the knees to the face. James gets up. He goes for the Last Call Superkick. He sets it up. AJ gets up. James goes for it, but AJ ducks and hits the pele. OH, what a match! Then, out of nowhere, it's ruin as Aces and Eights enter the ring and attack AJ. Other members surround the ring as they attack guards who were trying to enter the ring.


TNA returns and they replay what just occurred. James Storm is walking backstage. The cameraman asks about Roode and how he accused James as Aces and Eights attacked everyone else but James out there. James quickly grabs the cameraman and tells him to NEVER accuse him of anything as he doesn't know James Storm. Storm gets very upset. He turns and walks away.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the GutCheck judges. Borash welcomes Sam Shaw. He comes to the ring. Borash asks if Shaw gave it his best earlier. Shaw says he wants them to invest in Shaw as he can make them proud. Borash starts with Al. Al really didn't see what Sam did earlier because of Joey Ryan. Nothing would be better to stick it to Joey, but he has to say NO. Bruce's turn is next. While Al was being punched out, Bruce did see Sam's match. Sam wasn't able to have a match last week, but he did this week and he did a helluva job and he says YES. Sam is able to cut his promo. Sam wants to be like Taz. He brings back Taz's old name and says he is just like Taz back in the 90s. He wants to work with the big leagues. Taz gets on the mic and says he loved what Sam did in the match, but he took his eye off the ball, but he tells Sam Yes. Sam jumps for joy. He hugs the judges and Borash. He can't believe it. Sam goes to Al and can't believe he said no. Al gets pretty upset when he brought it up. Sam turns his focus on just being excited again.

Austin Aries is backstage with the X-Division stars. Austin brings up each of the stars ethnicities. He gives them two sentences. Sonjay says he hurt his shoulder and even came back to the Ultimate X Match just to be sprayed in the face (via Zema Ion). King cuts his promo and he just promotes himself and his name. Dakota cuts his and Aries is clearly not excited by it. He says it is not flashy and tells Dakota to go as the X-Division is all about being flashy. Dakota hates to hear the news, but he has to leave. He does. We are down to two.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this next match. Zema Ion makes his way out. He has the X-Title around his waist while spraying the hairspray all over his big and thick head of hair.

Austin Aries is backstage. It is between Kenny King and Sonjay. Austin says he doesn't know how Sonjay's shoulder is and he has been here for 6 years before, so he had plenty of chances. He says Sonjay's time is coming, but Kenny King has his time now. Kenny's music hits and he quickly makes his way to the ring.

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion (Champ) for the X-Division Title

They lock-up and Kenny quickly pushes Zema into the corner. Kenny backs up. Zema bends down and grabs his hairspray. He sprays his hair as the referee yells at him. Zema puts it down and goes after Kenny. He knocks Kenny down, but Kenny hips up and does a huge dropkick. Kenny whips Zema into the corner. Kenny runs and does a huge splash. Zema moves away and leans on the ropes. Kenny runs and jumps over him and chokes him on the ropes. Ion flies back. Kenny gets to the apron. He does a huge springboard cross body. He covers, but Ion kicks out. Both get up and Kenny continues the fight, but Ion is able to knock Kenny down while he sits on the top rope. Ion runs the opposite way. He flies through the air and lands on Kenny and on his feet. He (Ion) is bleeding from his mouth. Ion grabs Kenny and brings him in the ring. Ion enters and is on the complete offense. Ion climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. He continues the attack. He slowly takes Kenny down. He whips him into the corner. Ion whips him into the opposing one. Ion goes to him, but Kenny is able to go behind Ion and roll him up. Ion kicks out. Ion fights back, but Kenny whips him in the ropes and does a spinning heel kick. Ion gets up and Kenny continues with a kick to the back of the head and then a suplex. Ion slowly makes his way to the apron. He stands on the apron while Kenny swings around and kicks Ion right in the head. He falls instantly. Kenny goes outside after spinning through the air and landing on a standing Ion. Kenny brings Ion in the ring. As the referee checks on Ion, Bobby Roode comes out and hits Kenny in the back and then rams him in the steel post. He brings him in the ring. Ion runs to the corner he is at, flies and lands right on Ion for the win. Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Zema Ion

As Roode stays by the ramp talking to the camera about championships, Austin Aries runs out and attacks Roode. Roode is able to get away.

Bully Ray is backstage. The cameraman asks about Aces and Eights. Ray gives his thoughts but quickly changes to Kurt. He calls Kurt the best wrestler ever, but tonight Ray will beat him and capture 7 points.


Impact Wrestling returns with a video from Destination X. Austin beat Bobby Roode to become the TNA World Champion. That was then, but they will fight again at Hardcore Justice. We check out the leadership board for the Bound for Glory Series as Joe continues to be #1 while James is still #2.

Bully Ray comes to the ring first. He gets right in there. Kurt is next. He comes down the ramp as fireworks explode behind him.

Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle in the Bound for Glory Series Match

The match begins. They stare at each other. Both move closer together. They circle each other and then lock-up. They are pretty even until Ray pushes Kurt into the corner. Ray backs up and Kurt comes out. They lock-up again. Kurt is able to go behind Ray and lock his arms. Ray goes behind Kurt now and locks his arms. Kurt slides out and goes for the Angle Slam, but Ray gets away. They go to lock hands but Ray quickly backs away. He can't handle the pressure. They lock-up only to have Ray knee Kurt in the gut and hit him in the back. Ray grabs Kurt from behind, but Kurt slides away and is able to knock Ray down by taking his legs out from under him. He goes for the Ankle Lock, but Ray goes to the ropes. Ray gets up and Kurt goes after him, but Ray stops the momentum. He has Kurt bent over. He lifts him up and hits a HUGE piledriver. Kurt is motionless after that. Ray walks away as he goes into the corner. He goes to Kurt to cover, but Kurt has his arm under the ropes. Ray gets up and Kurt slowly rolls out of the ring while holding the back of his head.


Ray and Kurt are in the ring. Ray is able to hit the swinging neck breaker. Kurt continues to hold his neck. Bully covers Angle but he kicks out at two.


Ray walks over and does another cover to Kurt. Kurt kicks out. Ray does another but Kurt kicks out. Ray gets up. He spits in the air and is able to catch it back in his mouth. Kurt is on his knees. Ray goes back to him and punches him in the face. Ray runs into the ropes. Kurt gets up and runs forward to closeline Ray down. Both get up. Kurt punches Ray in the head a few times and goes to whip him, but Ray reverses. Ray comes back and hits Ray. He whips Ray into the corner. Ray bounces back and Kurt hits the belly to belly suplex. He covers but Ray kicks out. Both get up. Ray is able to lift Kurt from behind and hit the Bully Bomb. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Kurt grabs Ray from behind and hits three german suplexes. He takes down his singlet and applies the Ankle Lock. Ray is almost center of the ring. Ray is screaming but is able to roll through to break the lock. Both get up and Ray does a huge chop to the chest of Kurt. Kurt retaliates with a punch. Ray does another chop while Kurt punches him. Ray does another and Kurt follows. Ray lifts Kurt up and hits the Rock Bottom type move. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Ray runs to Kurt, but Kurt ducks, lifts him up, and Angle Slams him. He covers but Ray kicks out. Kurt gets up and slowly climbs the corner. He does his moonsault but misses as Ray rolls out of the way. Ray gets up as Kurt slowly does. Ray goes for the Bully Cutter, but Kurt pushes him away. Ray turns around and does a big boot. He covers but Kurt kicks out.

Both get up. Kurt is in the corner. Ray runs to him, but Kurt moves. Ray hits the corner and Angle lifts him up for the Angle Slam. He covers: 1-2-3! Winner: Kurt Angle with 7 Points

Aces and Eights show up and beat Kurt Angle up. Ray rolls out of the ring. As they attack Kurt, Austin Aries, AJ Styles and Sting come down. They is a huge brawl. Just then, James Storm's music hits and he runs down. He goes after Aces and Eights, but they leave the ring. James checks on the others and then stares at Aces and Eights. Kurt talks to him. Austin then gets into the discussion and James gets fed up. He starts raising his voice and nudging Kurt. As he does, Mike Tenay announces Kurt Angle will face James Storm next week. Kurt and James are talking back and forth as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle - New from last week
2. James Storm - New from last week
3. Aces and Eights - Down from last week
4. Zema Ion - New from last week
5. Austin Aries - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

TNA is finally back on Directv! With that being said, the rating should be back up and the momentum can continue. The people who missed the past two weeks really missed two great shows. With it being back this week, TNA needed to put on one great show for the Directv viewers. Not only that, but to challenge against WWE's shows for the week. There is no way they can beat the huge Raw 1000 show, so they wouldn't even try. As far as Impact Wrestling goes, they had a couple things I liked and didn't like. The show overall was nice. There are two main things I liked on this show. One thing was Austin Aries and having him choose the X-Division star to fight Zema Ion. Those segments were nice as Austin can really come up with anything to say at a given notice. They are also building Aries to make him care about the X-Divison. That is interesting because of him being the World Champion, but that gives significance to the division and that is what it needed. It's bringing the main event star to the smaller division and improving it. I thought Sonjay would get the match, but Kenny King did and I was actually impressed with him. All of his kicks really connected and they looked like wicked shots to the head. I wouldn't want to receive one of them. Speaking about the whole X-Division, I think Sam Shaw would fit right into the mix. I did not like his match (not because of him) but because of the whole Joey Ryan/Al Snow feud. I like the whole set-up with them two, but I found it rude on Sam's point and I couldn't even get a good idea how Sam is in the ring. The only thing I remember is his nice flip from the back body drop as he landed right on his feet. Hopefully we can see a full match down the line. I read on Twitter that some didn't want him, but I think if you groom him more, he would be a nice fit in the X-Division.

Another thing I liked about the show is the focus on James Storm and the Aces and Eights faction. Roode coming out and saying it is Storm shows Roode's character and how he would say and do anything. I wouldn't believe it if he said that last week. As the show went on, James may very well be part of it. Aces and Eights didn't attack him (they didn't attack Bully Ray either) but James also got violent when asked about it. Maybe he is just upset he is #2 in the Bound for Glory series. Maybe he was annoyed. Not sure, but he may be the leader. Anyway, I liked that whole contradicting Storm idea (Which led to the title of this results). The matches this week were great but ruined. Roode interfering in the X-Division match was disappointing but I can see why he did as he is still going after Aries. Aces and Eights interfering against Storm and AJ was upsetting as I found that to be the match of the night and really wanted to see a winner. This is something TNA does that I don't always like about them. The main event was spotless with interference. Kurt took a huge bump and I am not sure if he was just selling it (Which he did a great job) or if he did get hurt. Hopefully I will find out soon from Kurt himself. Sting being the replacement GM is nothing big, so I am not really going to discuss that. The knockouts match was a match that really went back and forth, but I see Earl playing favorites! The show ended with Aces and Eights again, but now they may not be on top if everyone joins in. Who knows about Storm though. I saw an Aces and Eights member throw his hands up as James entered the ring. Mind games or leader? If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my personal blog (link also in my bio). I am recording a podcast tomorrow about Raw 1000, so if you are interested, check out my Twitter and/or blog.

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