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Impact Wrestling Results (7/28/11) - Joker Sting is Network Executive.....Joke!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/28/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with Kurt Angle walking backstage. He is walking up steps as his music hits. Mike Tenay says he is coming into the iMPACT Zone. He gets on stage as the fans go crazy. He comes down the ramp and gets into the ring. He grabs a mic and begins to speak.

His first word is "Hogan". He tells Hogan to come out as they can end it once and for all. Just then, Hogan's music plays and here comes the iconic figure! Hulk Hogan gets on stage and does his famous taunts. The crowd boos him incredibly. He comes down the ramp and gets into the ring as he sports a blue bandana. As he gets to the steps, he rips up a fan's poster. He is finally in the ring. Kurt begins to talk again as he states that Hogan called him throughout the week. Kurt never picked up though. Kurt wants Hogan to know how he feels about Immortal. He doesn't like Immortal at all. He thinks they are corrupt and are led by people who have no idea what they are doing. Kurt talks about his title match against Sting and says he will beat him for the title and he will prove that he will be the best in the world. He asks Hogan if he knows what it is like to be the best in the world. Hogan gets on the mic and says he knows what it is like to be the best. Hogan says when there was no Sting, Matt Morgan, RVD, Kurt Angle, Beer Money, and Andre the Giant......he carried the company on his back. He carried every small company until the whole business became a global company. Hogan goes back to 1984 as he says he was selling out arenas with young punks buying tickets just to see Hogan. Since Hogan cleared that up, Hogan was calling Kurt because he saw him preforming at a huge level. It's not about money now or then or about his medal.....he says he can give him a lot more money now. Kurt gets back on the mic and says he does respect Hogan. Because of that, he isn't beating up Hogan right now. Kurt says he can't be bought like Mr. Anderson. Kurt goes on to say that Hogan was the very best 25 years ago. Now, the Hogan name is completely different. He can't go anymore. Hogan cuts him off. Hogan goes on to talk about himself again. After injuries, he can no longer fight. If Kurt is going after his wife or kids, then he will see what Hogan is made of. Hogan then questions Kurt and his olympic win. He says that may be a fluke. Kurt says Sting was right. Kurt lit a fire under Hogan. The older they get, the more the fire burns. Hogan needs to prove it to himself. Hogan asks what Kurt is trying to say. Kurt says that Hogan wants to pay him (Kurt) a huge amount of money to get Sting. Well, Kurt says that Hogan should get Sting himself. He turns down the Immortal offer and the money offer. Kurt's music hits and he leaves the ring as he walks up the ramp backwards.

The camera goes backstage and it shows So Cal Val backstage. Eric Bischoff comes through the door as he says his plane ran late and he just made it to the show now. Val goes up to him and hands him an envelope. She tells him that it's from the Network. He is annoyed.


The show returns and Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first contest. She introduces Gunner as it's a Bound for Glory Series match. As he comes down, the updated leader points is shown. Crimson is still in first. Gunner is second. Then Rob Van Dam is introduced. As he comes down the ramp, a video is played recaping his match last week.

Gunner vs. RVD in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Gunner easily takes Rob to the corner as the match begins. Gunner does multiple shoulder tackles in the corner. RVD fights back with some punches, but Gunner pushes him back. RVD does some scissor wheel type move to make Gunner fall on his back for a cover, but Gunner kicks out. They get up and Gunner takes control again. He knocks Rob down. He waits for Rob to get up. He gets up and Gunner knocks him down hard. RVD slowly gets up and Gunner goes to him, but Rob slips away. He jumps to the second corner and flies back for a kick to Gunner. Gunner blocks, but RVD gets away and finally takes control as he goes to another corner and does a flying cross body. He chokes Gunner with his boot. He puts Gunner's neck right on the apron. Rob flies over the top rope to land on his neck, but Gunner moves. Gunner gets him back on the apron. Gunner lifts him up and brings him right down on the ropes. Rob flies back and lands right on the steel railing. Rob slowly comes in. Gunner tries to take control, but Rob comes back with multiple offensive moves. He does all of his famous knockdowns and then ends it with a rolling thunder. Gunner rolls to the outside. Rob goes to fly over the ropes, but Gunner grabs his leg and slides him out of the ring. He lifts Rob up and hits a great body slam on the outside. You can hear the smack! He brings Rob back in and Gunner is in control. Gunner hits a suplex. He then gets RVD up and goes for a powerbomb, but Rob kneels down. Gunner gets him up and throws him in the corner. Rob then jumps to the second rope after hitting Gunner with an elbow. He gets to the second rope, but Gunner gets him, brings him back, and makes Rob land right on his back and neck. He goes to cover, but Rob kicks out. They get up and Gunner goes to end it again, but RVD gets his way with some great kicks that knock Gunner down. Rob goes to the top rope and hits the five star frog splash! Winner: Rob Van Dam

As RVD celebrates his victory, a video recap of the match is shown. The points are updated and it shows that RVD is in third place.

The camera is backstage as it shows Sting backstage with The Joker style face paint. This time he is all dressed up with red and black.


The show returns and Eric Bischoff is sitting behind his desk. He tells Abyss to be quiet. The camera is then showing the entire Immortal group. Eric reads the letter and the network wants Eric to rebuild the X-Division. If Abyss took out Kendrick, they wouldn't have this problem. Just then, arguing starts. Hogan comes into the room and tells them to be quiet. Hogan says he doesn't care about anything they have to say. All he wants it Kurt Angle taken out. Bully Ray says he will do it. Just then, Bully says to have Ken be with him too. Ken is furious as he didn't sign up for this. Anderson then says that can do it and fine....he will do it. Eric then says that it's not done. He goes on to read, but Sting appears out of nowhere behind Hogan and Bully Ray. Sting bows down to Hogan and then walks around the room. He hugs Karen and then takes a seat as he is carrying a cage with a sheet over it. Karen calls him crazy, and Sting says thank you. Sting then says that he is in charge. Immortal doesn't believe it, but Sting says it is very true. He announces that it will be Kurt vs. Ken in a Steel Cage. He says that they need to work together since he is the new Network Executive, but Hogan says no as they will not work together. Sting get up and takes his cage with him and leaves.

The camera changes to Brian Kendrick as he is in the ring. Alex Shelley is with him. Brian talks in his classic style. Alex gets on the mic and translates it for everyone. He says Brian is trying to say that Alex is a huge idiot and jerk. They then call out Austin Aries. Here he comes. He marches his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. Alex gets back on the mic and talks about some huge X-Division wrestlers and what they have done in the division. While they are about high flying, Austin is here and is using chains and everything else to get the win. Austin gets on the mic and compliments Brian's style of fashion. He then insults Alex. He goes to say that he played with their code of ethics as he fought his way to win a TNA contract. Now that he is here, everyone will be playing by his rules. They are just pleasing the fans, and Austin is not for that. Austin wants a 5 star bank account.....and that means he wants the money and it doesn't matter if he has to cheat to win. In the end, he will become X-Division Champion. Brian says no way as he is the Champion right now. It will not involve to have Austin as champion. Alex then gets on the mic and says the network wants to push the X-Division to the moon. With that being said, Alex will get his rematch for the title at the PPV. Just then, Abyss' music hits and he comes out on stage. He calls on Kendrick. He asks if Kendrick forget about him. He then states that Kendrick will not make it to Hardcore Justice. It doesn't matter about the network or Sting.....Eric and Hogan still call the shots. Because of that, Hogan and Eric gave Abyss a rematch for the title and it is tonight. Abyss will do what he should have done at the last PPV. That it to get the title and kill the X-Division once and for all. He laughs. All of a sudden, Sting comes on the titan tron and says excuse me. Sting says that he has more power than Hogan and Eric now. He wonders if monsters are afraid of heights. He says it will be Kendrick vs. Abyss in an Ultimate X Match! Abyss can't believe it as he holds his head from that hurtful match.


Matt Morgan is shown backstage as he reveals he is suffering from a torn pectoral muscle. He says he has been wrestling for 9 years and never missed a show. He goes on to say that he was almost at the top of the leader board in the Bound for Glory Series. As soon as he was, his doctor said he is injured. It tore his heart. That title is his oxygen. He needs the world title. The video ends as it was filmed earlier today.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they announce Kurt Angle vs. Sting at Hardcore Justice for the title and they show how Kurt got a title match. Then another video plays and it shows recaps from TNA house shows during the past week for as they go on to show Bound for Glory series matches. Crimson is still in the lead.

The camera changes backstage and it shows Bully Ray on his phone. He says Crimson? He is not afraid of Crimson. Hell, he is playing Angry Birds. He will beat Crimson whenever he wants to. He then calls out AJ Styles as he says he will be fighting him at a house show in Houston. He beat him in the Last Man Standing match a couple months ago and he will beat him again. "Okie dokie?!"

Crimson is shown backstage as he is walking to the ring for his match next.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the following contest. She introduces Bully Ray to the ring. He comes on the stage as he swings his steel chain. He continues his way as he walks down the ramp as he still shows off his chain. He gets in the ring as the fans boo. Crimson now comes out on the stage. The undefeated monster walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Crimson vs. Bully Ray in a Bound for Glory Series Match

As soon as he gets in the ring, Bully Ray runs to him and attacks him. He knocks Crimson down as the bell rings. He takes control as he puts Crimson in the corner. He rips his shirt and then does a huge chop to his chest. He knocks Crimson down after they come out of the corner. He goes for a cover but gets a two. He goes for another and then another but Crimson keeps kicking out. Crimson gets on his knees and tries to fight back with punches to Bully Ray's gut, but Ray does a huge punch to his head. Bully continues the assault as he grabs Crimson's leg. Crimson is lying on his chest as Bully lifts Crimson's knee in the air and makes it land right on the mat. He then takes off the knee brace and continues the work on the body part. He drops an elbow on it and then twists it. Crimson tries to fight back with kicks from the other leg, but Bully hits the knee multiple times. Bully goes back as Crimson uses the ropes to get up. Bully goes right back to him and continues the momentum. He does punches after punches that wear down Bully. Bully then goes for the Bubba Bomb.....but Crimson fights out of it. Crimson then lifts Bully up and hits the double arm lift sitting powerbomb. He gets the win. Winner: Crimson

Crimson continues his undefeated streak as he is up to 7 months now. He is still in first place in the series.


Eric Bischoff is on the phone as he is sitting at his desk. He is arguing with the person on the phone as he can't get the network on the line. He thinks Sting being the executive network is a joke as he is insane. He says he wants the network on the line otherwise the person he is talking to is FIRED!

Madison Rayne is backstage as she is talking about Tara as she still has heat toward her and talks about that spider. Just then, Sting pops out and says he has something far scarier then a spider in that cage. Madison runs away screaming as Sting looks inside the cage as he peaks through the sheet.

Winter's music plays as she comes out. Angelina Love is at her side. As they are in the ring, Tara rides out on the motorcycle. Ms. Tessmacher is riding behind her. They get to the ring as they are TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs.

As Winter and Tara are in the ring, Earl Hebner sends Love and Tessmacher away as he wants a fair one on one match.

Winter vs. Tara

As Earl is still outside, Winter and Tara go at it. Earl gets in the ring and now the fight is on. Winter goes after Tara as she whips her in the corner. Winter runs to her, but Tara slides around. Tara is in control for a tad, but Winter comes back with the power and force. She does a neckbreaker to Tara and then works on the back. She drops knees right to Tara's lower back. She then grabs her arms back, but Tara gets up and fights Winter off. Winter comes back and hits a huge backbreaker. She covers, but Tara kicks out. Winter now gets on Tara and does multiple punches and then a choke. Winter gets up and goes back to Tara, but Tara punches Winter in the gut. She then gets to her feet and hits her in the head and then whips her in the ropes. She knocks Winter down with closeline after closeline. She then does her standing moonsault. Tara gets Winter up to finish it. She goes for the Widow's Peak....but Winter slides out of it. She then grabs Tara up, but Tara slides out. The referee is pushed and Winter low blows Tara. She then gets Tara up and spins her around for a spinning side slam. Winner: Winter

A video is shown as it recaps the Brian Kendrick vs. Abyss match at the last PPV. Brian became champion, but he has to defend it next and it will be in an Ultimate X Match!


The X-Division Title is shown high above the ring as it's time for the Ultimate X Match!

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces the huge match-up! Abyss comes down to the ring as the fans boo. As he is in the ring, Brian Kendrick comes on stage. He marches his way down the ramp as he has a purpose. He gets on the apron and then gets in the ring. He looks up at the title and then at Abyss.

Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick, Champ, in an Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title

The bell sounds and both stand in the ring. Just then Kendrick goes after Abyss with kick after kick to Abyss' leg. He then does a dropkick and it sends Abyss back. He then does another and Abyss kinds swaps it away. Brian goes to climb the corner across the ring, but Abyss goes after him. Abyss takes him down and knocks him down with an elbow. Abyss jumps in the middle of the ring to get the title, but he is too short. He then goes to the second rope and reaches for the wire above, but he can't. He gets down. Brian goes after Abyss again, but Abyss pushes him in the corner. Abyss runs to him, but Kendrick kicks him right in the face. He then jumps to the second rope and goes for a tornado DDT, but Abyss pushes him away. He then does a big boot and it knocks Kendrick down. Abyss goes to the outside now and goes to the steel structure at one of the ring posts. He tries to knock it over, but it's too big and heavy. Brian, out of nowhere, does a suicide dive. He hits Abyss. He gets up and Abyss gets back in the ring. Kendrick goes to the corner and hits the tornado DDT now. Brian quickly goes up the corner and goes on the wire. He inches closer and closer to the title, but Abyss gets up and grabs the foot of Kendrick. He brings Kendrick down. Abyss goes after him. Kendrick slowly gets up in the corner. Abyss runs after him, but Kendrick grabs him and hits slice bread. The crowd cheers. Brian goes up the corner again and gets on the wire. He gets closer and closer.....this time he would have had it, but Abyss grabs his boot and brings him down again. Abyss takes control as he whips Brian in the corner and does a huge splash. Abyss then grabs Kendrick by the throat for the chokeslam. He lifts Kendrick up for the move, but Kendrick reaches up and grabs the title. He then unstraps it and remains the champion. Winner and Still Champion: Brian Kendrick

Tracy and Sky are backstage. Sky is skeptical about being backstage as she talks about the cops taking them away (Jackie and ODB), but she knows they may come back. Tracy tells Sky to trust her.


A video is shown about Eric Young as he is talking to David H.'s agent. Eric wants to be an actor, but the guy says that he needs to take some acting lessons. Eric says he will be back in a day, but there is no way he can learn acting in a day. Eric says make it two.

Tracy and Velvet Sky are in the ring. Tracy is on the mic and calls out ODB and Jackie. Here they come. As they come into the ring, the fans boo. Tracy gets back on the mic and says she didn't want to be in the middle of it. She couldn't take it anymore. Tracy says she was one of the original knockouts. She says management wanted her to step aside. She did, but she didn't do what ODB and Jackie did. Tracy says they should be thankful as it won't be on Jackie's criminal record and another criminal record for ODB. ODB says she will end it after beating them up senseless. ODB says she lost her job because of the hot Sky. She says the Knockout Division has turned into a Hooter's restaurant. They can't take the hard hitting people like ODB and Jackie. Sky says she got this one. She brings up her past. She brings up her childhood and how she fought through stuff with help from no one. When she got older, she said she wasn't going to be bossed around anymore. When she came to TNA, it was the best day of her life. She earned what she got. Sky doesn't need to say sorry to anyone for anything. Sky does understand how ODB and Jackie as this is one of the hardest businesses to get into. Sky says if they want jobs, why don't they just ask. Sky promises that if they fought week after week....she would be the last person standing. Sky has had enough as she isn't going to be anyone's punching bag. Sky's music plays as she leaves the ring as the others question what just happened.


Fortune is shown backstage. They say they are going out there so no one interferes. They don't mind if they get hurt before their match at Hardcore Justice. Just then, Daniels ask Styles something and Styles can't believe Daniels asked that. Sting then comes into the ring and tells everyone to calm down. Sting says that he will make Fortune be around the ring so no one will come into the match. He is about to leave the room, but Styles asks Sting what is in the cage. Sting says it might not be the cage. He says it's a present for Eric Bischoff and he will give it to him right now.

Mr. Anderson's music hits and here comes the Immortal member. He signals for the mic. He gets it but then throws it back. He continues his way to the ring. After he is in the ring, Kurt Angle, the only olympic gold medalist in wrestling history, comes down the ramp and into the ring that is surrounded by a cage.

As both are in the ring, Fortune's music plays and here comes the group. Sting positioned the members around the ring to no one can ruin the match.


Eric Bischoff is sitting behind his desk. He is on the phone again. He says to put him on the phone. He says it again and then the person gets on the line. He talks to a network guy. He states that he and Hogan are running things. He then questions why they put Sting in charge. He then gets dumbfounded from what they said. He doesn't know what to say. Sting then walks into the room. He says he will call them back. Sting says he has been holding it too long and he is about to explode. Sting says that he is.......he is......a not the network executive! He says the Ultimate X match and the cage was all in his head. He starts to cry and says sorry to Eric. Eric is disgusted. Sting says that he gets boggled when wearing a suit because people actually listen to people in suits. He then opens the cage and a bird comes out. It flies out and lands right on his computer. The bird a crazy chirp. Sting then reveals the key and says he will be watching the cage match. The bird then goes on the desk and Eric is scared as he tells the bird to stay.

The camera goes to the ring and the match already started.

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle in a Steel Cage Match

Kurt goes after Ken, but it becomes a back and forth battle. Ken whips Kurt hard into the corner. He comes out and Ken applies a headlock. Kurt bends over and Ken flies over Kurt. Both get up and Ken hits a great neckbreaker. The fans start to chant "You Sold Out". Ken then uses his hand to do the sign of money. Ken goes back to Kurt and still has control. He does a suplex and then a cover, but Kurt kicks out. Ken does another headlock. The fans are clapping to get Kurt back into it. Kurt fights his way out of it. He runs into the ropes, but Ken applies it again. Kurt twists around and does a great back suplex. Both are lying on the mat as the referee is counting. They slowly get up. They exchange right hands as it goes back and forth. Ken is then whipped into the ropes and Kurt knocks him down. He gets up and Kurt whips him in the corner. He then grabs Ken and does a belly to belly suplex. Kurt goes for the angle slam, but Ken slides out of it. He gets Kurt up on his shoulders and rolls forward to have Kurt land right on his back. They get up and Kurt breaks out of the mic check attempt and goes for the 3 german suplexes. Kurt goes for the ankle and applies the ankle lock. Ken goes to the ropes, but Kurt pushes him away. Ken then rolls forward to get out of it. Both get up and Ken grabs Kurt and rams him right into the cage. Kurt comes back after going chest and face first into the cage. Ken hits the mic check and then covers. Kurt kicks out at two. Ken walks away and tries to go through the cage door, but Kurt comes and gets the ankle lock back on Ken. Ken gets out of it and knocks Kurt off his feet. Ken quickly climbs the corner and then tries the cage. Kurt gets up and runs up the corner and hits a super angle slam!!!!! He covers Ken, but Ken kicks out at two. As they are lying there, Immortal members run down the ramp and they go after Fortune. As everyone is fighting, Mexican America come out now and help Immortal out against Beer Money. As everyone is fighting, it is showing that Bull Ray came from the other side of the arena. Kurt gets up and waits for Ken to get up. Bully puts his hand through the part where the camera lens is suppose to go. He grabs Kurt's gear and it distracts him. Ken attacks Kurt. Ken then tells Bully to get a chair. Bully brings a chair in. Just then, Ken insults Bully. Bully asks him what he says. Ken reaches for the chair.....and he grabs it....but Bully doesn't let it go. He then does and Ken flies back....right to Kurt who hits the angle slam and gets the victory. Winner: Kurt Angle

Bully Ray walks away as he doesn't care what just happened. As Kurt is standing in the middle of the ring, the lights go out and then come on....and it's Sting. Sting and Kurt meet face to face. Sting then raises the arm of Kurt. Kurt brings it down. Sting wraps his arm around Kurt and tells him it's only 10 more days. Kurt leaves the ring as Sting stands there and watches Kurt as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle- Same as last week
2. Sting- Same as last week
3. Brian Kendrick- Up from last week
4. Crimson- New from last week
5. Gunner- New from last week

My Thoughts:

Last week's show was certainly surprising to me as there were some mixed reviews about it. I was hoping this show would turn out better for those who didn't like last week. As for this week's show, I thought it did pick it up from last week, even though I did like last week's show anyway. This week had a purpose. This week had a focus. It was focused around Sting being network executive. He was going around trying to make Immortal miserable. It certainly worked. Now I was surprised that they did announce him as executive, but at the end, he revealed he is not and that certainly was surprising. It's more of those mind games that TNA did a good job on. Sting just gets better and better each week. I don't know if anything can top the segment with him in Hogan's office when the whole thing started out, but I am loving the style of Sting. This week with the suit was good. Impact Wrestling had some pretty good matches tonight. The cage match wasn't anything huge, but it was pretty good. As the match went on, it got better. The thing that I really liked was the Ultimate X Match and how Brian won the match. I thought it would be easy for Kendrick to win, but he kept having his boot come down. Abyss lifting him up for a chokeslam....but Kendrick jumping up for the title was creative and neat. Usually you think you have seen it all, but that was something new in that match. Sting vs. Kurt is coming closer and the building continues. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at:

Weekly Question: What would your Top 5 Ranking be?

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