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Impact Wrestling Results (7/5/12) - The Aces And Eights Are Coming

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/5/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling is all over Twitter tonight with Chris Sabin answering your questions. If you are part of the interaction and get your questions answered, write them below in the comments! We love to hear them! Also, if you got any responses from Bully Ray, write them below!

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package about Mr. Parks and Bully Ray. It shows Parks' great expressions. Their match will come next week. The video switches to the Dixie/AJ story. Daniels and Kazarian won the TNA Tag titles and then told the world that Claire is pregnant with AJ's kid. The video ends and fireworks explode above the ring and on stage. The camera shows the audience and they are on their feet. They are wild and they are ready for the show! Taz and Mike Tenay hype tonight's show and the Destination X PPV this Sunday! Just then, Bully Ray comes marching out. He gets right into the ring. While he does, a replay shows Ray's match last week where Parks interfered and lost.

Ray is in the ring. He tells the fans to shut up. Ray states that he has a huge, huge, huge announcement right now. Hell must have froze over. As of right now, Bully Ray is going live on Twitter (Twitta as he says). The fans chant, "You suck." Tweet Bully! He will be trending soon. He switches gear to Mr. Parks. Parks has the guts and nuts to slap Ray right in the face. He challenges Ray to a match and wants an answer. He calls Parks out. He knows he is back there. Come or you are a coward. Parks is no coward. Here comes Mr. Parks. He struts down the ramp in his suit. He asks for a mic. He gets in the ring. Ray asks if Parks has something so say. Parks just stands there. Parks wants Ray's answer though. Ray recalls last week (the slap and challenge). If Parks wants a piece of Ray, then he will as he accepts the match. Parks gets on the mic. He doesn't do this for free, but he will give Ray a legal lesson. He states that he already beat Ray at Slammiversary. Ray talks back. Parks tells him to shut up! Ray is shocked. Parks says he is sick of Ray and everyone is sick of him. He will beat Ray again next week. Ray says the match will be legal. Every weapon goes. Everything goes! Ray pulls out a packet of papers. Ray states it is a restraining order. It's one for Abyss. If Abyss is near the arena, ring or if he is even smelled by Ray, then he will be sent to jail and will rot for the rest of his life. Ray walks away as he hands Parks the papers. Parks goes to look, but Ray's music hits and he hits Parks from behind. Parks falls as Ray walks away.

Austin Aries is in Hogan's office. Hogan states it is great to be AA. Aries says it is great to be HH. Hogan tells Aries that he needs that X Title tonight. Aries was going to hold it till Sunday. He doesn't want any funny business. Hogan says to leave that title and get the other. That match will decide TNA's future. Aries and Hogan shake hands.


A video plays showing last week's final moments where Daniels told the world that Claire is holding AJ Style's baby. The video ends and the camera shows Dixie Carter talking with likes of Al Snow and others. This was taped earlier today. He asks her about the X tournament. She said there will be four stars coming and fighting tonight. The cameraman goes right into asking about Claire and AJ. She has not talked to either one. She tells him that is enough and to leave. The others with her do the same.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this first match. Crimson comes out and gets in the ring. After him, Devon comes out and walks to the ring.

Crimson vs. Devon (Champ) for the Television Title

Devon goes climb the corner, but Crimson runs and hits him from behind. He quickly does a roll-up but Devon kicks out. Crimson continues to go after Devon with another cover. Crimson used the tights before and now uses the ropes. Devon continues to kick out. Crimson rips the belt off of Devon and places him in the corner. He knocks Devon down and does another cover. Devon kicks out. Both get up and Devon does a spear. He then does several closelines. Crimson gets up in the corner. Devon smashes right into him. Crimson gets out of the corner. Devon runs to him, but Crimson runs and closelines him down. He covers and uses the tights again. Devon kicks out. Crimson starts arguing with Earl Hebner. Just then, Devon is up and does a spine buster to Crimson. He covers and wins. Winner and Still Television Champion: Devon

All of a sudden, Madison Rayne walks down the ramp. She has a huge smile on her face. She gets in the ring. She is staring right in Devon's direction. She walks over and right past him. She pushes Earl Hebner in the corner and kisses him all over his lips. She backs away and gets out of the ring. Earl is shocked at first. He then applies a smile on his face. You know he likes it. Madison wipes her lips while she continues to smile.

Chris Sabin is using crutches backstage. He is making his way to the ring.


Chris Sabin is in the ring. He crutches his way over to grab a mic. He gets to the middle of the ring. The crowd is chanting his name as he looks side to side. Chris says there has been a lot on his mind the past couple of weeks. In fact, that is an understatement. He always wanted to become a wrestler. While this was suppose to be a dream, it is now becoming a nightmare. He came home and talked to his loved ones. They told him to retire and stop putting his life on the line. He went to the doctors. The doctor also stated that Chris should retire and find something else to do in his life. The crowd boos. Chris looks down. Just then, Bobby Roode's music hits. He comes on stage and down the ramp. He has the World Title over his shoulder with a fantastic suit on. Roode gets in the ring. He grabs the mic right out of Chris' hand.

Roode tells everyone that this is a sad and tragic story. It is so emotional. He has been in a lot of battles with Chris. Seeing Chris in a knee brace and sunglasses is pathetic. He is just like every other TNA star. He whines and complains about his knee last year and now this year. Jesse Sorensen is walking around with a broken neck. These people do not get any rewards. They just can't do it. Just like Austin. He leaves the X Title to fight Roode. X-Division wrestler Aries will just be like Sabin after Roode. He will take the risk and there will be no reward. He will end his career just like that (poignant to Chris) or like this....and he kicks the crutch right out from under Sabin. Chris falls right down. Roode runs around Sabin as he tries to hit him. Roode then stomps on the knee of Chris. Sabin screams in pain. Austin Aries quickly runs out to save his kind. Roode gets away like a mouse from a cat.


Christy Hemme is shown as she announces this next match. Dakota Darsow walks to the ring first. After him, Flip Cassanova comes to the ring.

Dakota Darsow vs. Flip Cassanova in the X-Division Tournament

Dakota kicks Flip in the gut first, but Flip tries to fight back with a couple punches. Dakota backs up and comes forward and just shoulder hits Flip right down. Flip gets up and he fights back. He drops Dakota down on the on the second rope. Flip runs and lands right on Dakota to choke him on the ropes. Flip continues the assault. He knocks Darsow down and Flip does an amazing flip (pun attended). It it a moonsault but more like a 360. Dakota tries to come back but Flip does a dropkick. Both get up and Flip hits a hurricanrona. Dakota slides all the way outside. Flip gets on the apron and does a moonsault corkscrew move as he lands perfectly on Dakota. He falls down. Both are able to get in the ring. Flip gets on the top rope. He jumps for a cross body. Dakota rolls through as he leaves Flip on the mat and drops an elbow down and then a knee. Flip is able to get away. Dakota is now bleeding from his nose and mouth. Flip gets Dakota down and has him down. Flip climbs the corner. He jumps either a moonsault or shooting star press....but he kept going and going. He got the win. Winner: Flip Cassanova

Ms. Tessmacher is backstage with Tara. The cameraman asks Tessmacher about Gail Kim. Tessmacher finds it funny that Gail hides behind her lawyers. She can do that all she wants, but she will get Gail soon. Tara and Tessmacher talk and flatter each other. That is chemistry.


Impact Wrestling returns and a video plays. It shows the segment with Hendrix last week. While it shows the judges making her decision, it also shows her talking backstage. She has a contract and she couldn't be happier.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this match. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim walk out together. Madison is beyond happy right now. Gail will get her rematch for the title next week. After they are in the ring, Tara and the Knockout Champion, Ms. Tessmacher, come out.

Tessmacher and Gail exchange a few words. Tara enters and tries to break things up. The referee pulls Tara back. Tessmacher follows. Madison gets in and hits Tessmacher from behind.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. Tara and Ms. Tessmacher

Tessmacher goes to the outside. Madison follows. She slams Tessmacher into the guard rail and then bring her back in. Madison pulls her over and tags Gail. Gail enters and goes right after Tessmacher. She does a cross body and covers but Tessmacher kicks out. Tessmacher tries to fight back as Gail goes toward her corner. Gail kicks Tessmacher in the gut and drags her over to another corner. Gail goes to the second rope and flies behind but Tessmacher moves and Gail hits the canvas. both go and tag their partners. Madison and Tara fight and Tara has control. She slams Madison down first and then gets her up to spin her around to do a side walk slam. Gail tries to get involved. Tara grabs Madison and uses her as a battering ram into Gail's gut. Gail falls off the ring. Tara does the Widow's Peak. Tara tags in Tessmacher. She gets in and plants Madison down and gets the three. Winners: Ms. Tessmacher and Tara

AJ Styles is walking backstage. He looks serious and focused, but nervous. He is going to speak, next!


A video plays that shows Lockdown. It is wrapped around James Storm. Storm lost. He talks in the video as he states if he looks in the past, he doesn't know what will happen in the future. Storm is back now and says he is facing Hardy tonight. He knows he will bring it. After the video, James Storm is shown backstage in his locker room stretching.

The camera goes to the Impact Zone as AJ's music hits. Styles walks down the ramp. As he does, video plays from last week when Daniels revealed the shocking headliner. Back to the ring now. AJ has a mic as the crowd chants his name. He says, "Here we go again." First, he was accused of having an affair with the President of TNA. All of that stuff was wrong. Now he says he got Claire pregnant. How....just how is he going to prove this one? Daniel's music plays. He comes out along with Kazarian. Kazarian has a mic. He doesn't understand how he doesn't get it. He gets those kinds of people pregnant. AJ threatens Kaz as he states he will wrap his hands around Kaz's throat. Daniels stops AJ. He says he has prove. AJ tells him to shut his mouth. This is not about Claire and him. It's not about Dixie and him. It is about AJ and Daniels. It all started last year. AJ won the match while Daniels is one jealous guy. Here is the difference from last year to this year. AJ wants this match. It is a Last Man Standing Match. Here is the tear jerker.....Chris is not a man. He is going to shut Daniels up once and for all. AJ's music plays. Daniels starts yelling that he is a man. He is a bit peeved. Daniels leaves while Kaz stares on.

The cameraman is backstage with Hulk Hogan. He asks Hogan about about Aries vs. Roode. He says it is going to be wild. Suddenly, some guy enters the scene with a banana over his head. He has sunglasses on. He gives a note to Hogan and says they have something. There is another guy behind him. They leave as Hogan tells them to get out. Hogan opens the envelope and sees a paper that has cards with black eights and black aces. Underneath it says that they will see him next week. Hogan doesn't know what is going on. He tells the people in the room to stop that guy. Someone leaves while Hogan looks down confused.


Jeff Hardy is getting ready for his match. A video plays showing Jeff Hardy's match with RVD. Jeff does commentary. He says he beat RVD and now is going after James. Jeff hopes to win this. Winning this series will please all of his fans. He is on the up. He is getting a breath of fresh air. He will do his best to make it happen.

Christy Heeme is in the ring as she announces this match. Kenny King comes out and gets in the ring. After him, Lars Only comes out. What a charismatic guy!

Kenny King vs. Lars Only in the X-Division Tournament

They move around the ring and lock-up. Kenny backs Lars right into the corner. He gets to the second rope and claps. Kenny moves away and Lars didn't like it. He runs after Kenny. Kenny applies a side headlock. Kenny then works on the arm. He flips Lars back. Both get up and Lars comes back with an arm drag. He is able to take Kenny down on the second rope. He jumps over and lands on him. He then does a huge kick to the head. Kenny rolls away. Lars gets in and continues the attack. He goes for a cover, but Kenny kicks out. Both get up and Kenny comes back with a huge closeline. It flipped Lars around. Kenny gets Lars up and takes him outside. Both are outside. Kenny gets Lars up on his shoulders. He then drops him face first into the apron. Lars bounces back. Kenny jumps on the apron and does a corkscrew flip. He gets Lars up and brings him in the ring. Kenny continues but Lars fights back. He does an impressive hurricanrona to send Kenny outside. Lars gets on the apron. He spins past the post to jump on Kenny's shoulders. He does another hurricanarona. He brings Kenny in. Lars goes for a spinning DDT, but Kenny pushes him away. Lars did a side russian leg sweep and pins him but nothing. Lars gets him up and goes for another spinning DDT from the corner. Kenny flips back and then runs. he does a wild kick to the head of Lars. He lifts him up on his shoulders and does an impressive spinning backbreaker. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Kenny King

Christy Hemme is with Kenny. She welcomes him and asks how it feels about going to Destination X. He calls her pretty lady and then states that he is not there to play games. He is going all the way. He is going to show some impressive stuff. You will see him this Sunday.

James Storm puts on his hat backstage as he is walking to the ring. Jeff Hardy is then shown as he is also walking to the ring. Their match is next!


A video plays promoting Austin Aries. It shows him riding a bike and then working out in the gym. He talks about his size and how he could barely get a job. He learned and gained muscle. He been in a lot of wars since being part of Impact Wrestling. He fought against several big name stars. It shows him walking on the beach. It is his time to reflect. He knows he needs to reach the top in order to have morals.

The video ends and Kenny King meets up with Austin Aries. They hug. Austin congratulates him. Aries says the title would look great on him. Kenny. Kenny leaves. Austin tells the cameraman that he will keep the title until the show is over. Once 10 o'clock comes along, Hogan will have that title in his hand.

The Bound for Glory leadership board shows James Storm is in the lead with 27 points while Samoa Joe is second with 27. Magnus is third, surprisingly.

James Storm's music plays. He comes out. The crowd pops. After he gets in the ring, Jeff Hardy comes out. The crowd does another huge pop. Jeff rocks his face paint as he comes down the ramp.

James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy in the Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds. The crowd is cheering for Hardy. They move around the ring and lock-up. James works right on the arm of Jeff. Jeff comes back and twists James' arm. James pushes away. Both slowly walk forward. James goes for the Super Kick, but Jeff quickly moves to the side. They lock-up once again. James applies a headlock. Jeff sends James in the ropes. James comes back with a shoulder block. Jeff gets up and Jeff goes into the ropes. Jeff hits James with a shoulder block. Both do a sweep to each other. The result ends neutral. They stand tall. They lock-up again. Jeff has a headlock applied. James sends Jeff in the ropes. Jeff comes back and kicks James. He goes for the Twist of Fate but James is able to push out of it. James runs to Jeff. James goes to the outside. He stays there. He sits to regroup. James goes to the apron. Jeff runs to hit him but James gets away. James continues to walk. The crowd is now neutral for both stars. They are chanting like never before. James gets in. They lock-up. James has Jeff against the ropes.


Jeff has a headlock applied on a James storm who is sitting on the mat. James gets up and takes Jeff right into the corner. He applies some shoulder to stomach shots. He whips Jeff into the opposing corner. Jeff is able to come back. He knocks James down. He pulls James to the middle and covers but James kicks out. Jeff hits James on the back, but James comes back with a couple closelines. He whips Jeff into the ropes. Jeff comes back with clsoelines and then planting his legs between James. He hits a low dropkick and covers. James kicks out. Both get up. James is in the corner. Jeff runs to him, but James elbows him. James goes to the second rope. He hits a reverse DDT on Jeff. He covers but Jeff kicks out. James waits for Jeff to get up. James runs to him, but Jeff ducks and back body drops James over the ropes. James goes right to the floor. James comes to and Jeff baseball slides him into the steel railing. Jeff gets up in the ring and does a flying cross body. He lands right on James. Both are down. The referee is counting. James gets in the ring at 9 and Jeff does a split second after. James tells Jeff to get up. The crowd is now behind Jeff. Jeff gets up. James does a huge closeline. Both are down again. The referee counts. James gets up at 7. Hardy slowly gets up after. Both are in opposite corners. James runs and does a splash but Jeff moves. James hits the corner. Jeff makes James sit in the corner as he jumps up and hits his feet into the sternum. James rolls to the center. Jeff climbs and goes for the Swanton Bomb, but James rolls out of the way. James climbs the corner. He jumps and plants the elbow drop. He covers but Jeff kicks out at 2!!!!

James can't believe it! James gets up and is waiting to end this. He is setting up the Last Call. Jeff can barely stand. James helps him up. He goes for the Last Call, but Jeff ducks. Both meet face to face where Jeff kicks James in the gut and hits the Twist of Fate. He gets the 3!! Winner: Jeff Hardy with 7 points

Both get up after the match. They shake hands and then do a split hug. It is great sportsmanship. As the leader board stands now, Jeff is tied at 3rd with Magnus with 14 points.

A video plays hyping up the next Bound for Glory Series Match. It shows Kurt Angle making his first entrance in TNA. It's where Kurt head butted Samoa Joe. It was heard around the world. Those two face off this Sunday!!!! Taz and Mike Tenay go through the rest of the card. Check for the full line-up of Destination X as well as coverage this Sunday

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. He is sporting his red and yellow this week. He is coming to the ring.


Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera. It is time for the big news. Here we go about Bound for Glory. It will be in Phoenix, Arizona! The date: Sunday, October 14th!

Kurt Angle is backstage. He talks about Mr. Anderson. He says he is good. He is the kind of person to raise his game if he needs to. Having a guy like Anderson and beating him, then he can win the World Title. Anderson is shown. He says you win or you go home. He gives a quote from his dad. We know that Anderson will face Kurt Angle next week right here on Impact Wrestling! The show has a great line-up! Get ready!!!

Hulk Hogan's music plays. Hogan comes out and the crowd roars. The fireworks explode on stage as Hogan does his famous taunts. He slowly walks down the ramp. Hogan gets in the ring and grabs a mic. The crowd is chanting, "Hogan, Hogan Hogan." Hogan says he loves to hear the crowd wide open right before Destination X. He heard how loud it was when James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and Austin Aries was out. He tells Aries to come out. Well, he doesn't. Bobby Roode's music plays. He comes out with the same attire from earlier. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He pardons himself for the interruption. Hogan doesn't want Roode, he wants Aries. He tells Hogan something....that he is the real champion. He says Hogan drank Aries' Kool Aid and took option C. He gave false promises to everyone. He did to the fans, the X-Disivision, and Aries. The blood of Aries that Roode will have on his hand will be because Hogan. Suddenly, Aries' music plays. He comes out and tells Roode that he thinks he can do all of this stuff because he is the World Champion. He says he will let gloat for the next 3 days as Aries will win the title. Austin gives option A as that consists of letting Roode have his time and give the title to Hogan later. There is an option B but he doesn't like that either. He likes option C where they won't wait till Sunday. Aries takes off his shirt while Roode takes off his jacket. Roode says Aries is not worth it. Roode goes to walk away but has his title. Aries turns around and Roode goes to hit him in the head, but Aries ducks. Aries has the X Title and blasts Roode in the head. Roode is down. He rolls out as Austin has the World and X Title. He drops the X Title and raises the World Title as Hogan raises Austin's other arm and points to him. The show fades as Roode has to stare at this.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Austin Aries- New from last week
2. Bobby Roode- New from last week
3. James Storm- New from last week
4. Kenny King- New from last week
5. Ms. Tessmacher and Tara- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

The final Impact Wrestling before Destination X delivered! I know I have been weary about the shows before PPVs with TNA this year, but I have to say that this one actually built the PPV nicely. We seen a bit of everything! You had the storyline build with Austin and Roode as well as hype the match up. The storyline with AJ and Daniels continued and it looks like Claire is not pregnant with AJ's child....I mean how can he prove that? Is that the end of the storyline? It very well may. We have to stay tuned next week. I sure hope not. The only way to prove is if Claire admits it. This storyline is really up in the air right now. The show also had some great matches. The Jeff vs. James sure highlighted the night but the X-Division matches were nice. It wasn't as fast pace as we have seen in the past, but they had some great moves. Between Flip and Kenny, I had to go with Kenny in the Top 5 Rankings because I thought he was more impressive. He was powerful yet did highflying moves. Destination X looks to be quite a PPV to see. I remember the show last year and I loved it. This should be the same. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe is one match I am anticipating. By the way, I am giving Kurt a shout out as we talked earlier today and told him I would! Anyway, That match doesn't need any build with what they went through in the past. I asked to work early just so I can watch this PPV! Finally, I did a renewal podcast where I talk about a very talked about Ryback character in WWE as well as mention TNA and more. If you want to hear, click: Here

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