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Impact Wrestling Results (7/7/11) - Who is Darker: Ken Or Sting?

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/7/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

The show starts out with a recap of last week's confrontation between Sting and Hulk Hogan. It then shows how Immortal attacked Sting along with Mr. Anderson. As they attack Sting, Kurt Angle runs out to the ring and helps Sting as Immortal retreats. The video ends and Immortal, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner are in the ring.

Bully Ray has a mic and he quickly calls out Mr. Anderson. The lights go out and Anderson's music plays. He comes out on stage with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. The mic drops down from the rafters as he is on stage. He introduces himself (Anderson........Anderson) and then makes his way down to the ramp. Mike Tenay states that Mr. Anderson will be facing Sting next week with the Title on the line.

Bully gets back on the mic and says he is not impressed with any of that. Bully then mocks Anderson as he introduces himself (Bulllyyyyy Rayyyyyy). Bully tells Ken to keep his mouth shut and if he doesn't, then he sure will get beat up with Bully's back-up. Bully isn't happy at all as he states. He says Ken did a great job dropping Sting down last week and he will continue it this week. He then continues to talk about Sting about his eyes and face paint and how he's running around with his black bat. Bully says Ken can't beat Sting. Ken needs Immortal just as much as Immortal needs Ken. Not only that, but Immortal needs the TNA World Title. If Ken goes with Immortal, everyone will be happy. Scott then gets the mic. He tells Ken to put up or shut up. Hogan gave Ken every opportunity to decide on his own and he keeps messing around. Ken's time is up. Tonight, Scott says, Ken needs to say tonight if he is with Immortal or not. If he is not, then he has to deal with Scott. Gunner then gets on the mic and says that Hogan went to them earlier in the week and told them the main event. He says it's Immortal (all of Immortal) vs. Sting and his new found friend, Kurt Angle. Ken has a decision to make tonight, though. They want the answer by the end of that match. If he doesn't, then he won't see the light of day again. Gunner says to hit the music.....and well....the music does go on....of Sting. The lights go out and then the spotlight comes on and shows Sting in the rafters. He has his crazed look on his face. The lights come back on and Kurt Angle is in the ring. He attacks Immortal as Bully Ray gets out of the ring. Ken stays in the ring. Kurt grabs the mic and says that Sting and himself expect Ken to make an easy decision tonight. He tells Ken not to make hit hard for himself. Kurt's music plays.

The show cuts back to Beer Money backstage. Storm asks if Roode is alright as Roode has a match tonight and he isn't sure if his arm is up to par. Roode then asks about Storm teaming up with Matt Morgan tonight and Storm says he forgot. Roode is fighting next!


Impact Wrestling returns and a video is played showing an updated Bound for Glory Series with several matches happening throughout the week. In the rankings, Crimson is first and Gunner is second.

Christy Hemme is shown in the middle of the ring as she announces the first match. First to come out is the undefeated Crimson. He has been undefeated for 7 months now. As Crimson is in the ring, Bobby Roode comes out on stage. Fireworks explode in the air as he raises his arms. Being one half of the TNA Tag Champion, the title is around his waist.

Crimson vs. Bobby Roode

The bell rings and each look at the crowd and then lock-up. Roode sents Crimson in the ropes, but Crimson does a huge shoulder block that knocks Roode down. He gets up and Crimson goes into the ropes again. Roode ducks the closeline and then drops Crimson as he came back. Crimson gets up and he just retaliates as he puts Roode in the corner and does shoulder tackles right in the corner. Roode changes and does it to Crimson. He puts Crimson down on the mat and snaps his head forward. Roode gets a cover, but only gets a two. Crimson comes back with another shoulder block when both got up. Roode goes to the apron, but Crimson lifts him up for a suplex and just drops him hard down on the mat. Crimson locks Roode's head and then twits it back for a neckbreaker. He does a cover, but gets a two. Both are up and Roode does some right punches, but Crimson does a t-bone suplex, a cover, but Roode kicks out. Both get up and Roode is in the corner. Crimson runs to him and Roode does a huge kick to the face. Roode gets up to the second rope, jumps over Crimson as he grabs his head and smashes it down for a neckbreaker. Both get up and Roode continues the attack. He whips Crimson in the ropes and does a spinebuster. He covers, but Crimson continues to kick out. Roode gets Crimson up, goes for a suplex, but Crimson twists out of it and does a school boy. Roode gets out and quickly puts an arm bar on Crimson. He gets to the ropes. Both get up and Crimson does a shoulder block. Crimson has Roode up, pushes him in the corner, shoulder first. Crimson grabs Roode as he comes out of the corner, lifts him up and drops him down in a sitdown powerbomb type move. Winner: Crimson

A video package shows Tony Nese, a former X-Division star, as he will make his return to TNA tonight.

The camera changes focus to Abyss who is frantic backstage as he can't find his mask. He then grabs someone nearby and lifts him up by their throat wondering where his mask it.

The video changes to Brian Kendrick as he takes off a straight jacket and reveals the Abyss mask over his head.


Impact Wrestling returns and a video package of Jack Evans, a X-Division star, who will compete tonight.

The camera goes to the ring where Brian Kendrick gets in the squared circle. He has a mic and begins to talk. He begins to talk about Abyss and how he wants to share his thoughts with the monster. He calls Abyss out so he can give his mask back. The music hits and Abyss comes out with a towel over his head. As he comes into the ring, Kendrick says he doesn't want violence, he just wants to talk.

As Abyss is in the ring, Kendrick states some quotes and thoughts of religion and other subjects. He tells Abyss that he can help the X-Division to get to levels where they could never get before, but Abyss' ego is the reason why it won't get there. Kendrick knows why Abyss hides behind the mask.....he hides behind the mask because of the pain. Not the pain of weapons, but the pain of his ego. Kendrick's purpose is to defeat Abyss this Sunday. Kendrick then gives Abyss his mask. Abyss puts it on. As he does, Kendrick drops the mic. Abyss takes off his towel and both stare eye to eye. Kendrick smiles. Just then, Abyss cracks Kendrick right over the head with a fist. He then throws Kendrick through the second rope. Abyss goes outside and whips Brian right into the steel steps. As Kendrick comes back to Abyss, Abyss whips him right into the steel guard rail. Abyss gets Kendrick up and rolls him in the ring. Abyss follows. Kendrick gets to his feet and is trying to fight back, but Abyss is just too big and too powerful as he knocks Kendrick back down. He then lifts Brian up on his shoulders and hits the shock treatment. Abyss gets to his feet as Brian lies there in pain. Abyss was about to leave the ring, but then goes back to Kendrick. He gets him up, pulls him forward and hits the black hole slam.

A video package plays with Jesse Soresnen as he talks about his match later tonight.


Tony Nese vs. Jack Evans vs. Jesse Soresnen

Tony and Jesse are already in the ring. Jack comes out as Christy Hemme announces him to the ring.

The bell rings and the match quickly starts out with near falls. Jack is quickly thrown out of the ring. Nese is taking control of Jeese. Jack comes in and knocks Jesse out. Jack does some insane flipping type moves as he gets whipped into the ropes. As he knocks Jesse out, Tony comes in and does a huge closeline to Jack. As Tony gets to the top rope, Jesse comes in and does a huge kick to Tony. It knocks him off the corner. As Jeese and Tony are out of the ring, Jack jumps to the top rope and flips in the air as he lands on both competitors. Jack is now in control as he throws both stars in the ring. Jack whips Jeese in the corner. Jack flips as he goes for a splash into the corner, but Jesse moves and rams right into Jack. Jesse goes after Jack and knocks him down on the mat. He goes for a pin, but Jack puts his foot on the ropes. Tony how grabs Jesse and goes after him. As he covers, Jack comes back alive and stops the count. Jack goes after Jesse, but Jesse lifts Jack up and rams him n the corner. He puts Jack up on the corner. As Jesse goes up, Jack pushes him over and Jesse goes face first into the apron. Tony now goes up, but Jack knocks him down. Jack jumps in the air and.....WOW.....does a 630 splash!!!!! Jack covers and gets the win. Winner: Jack Evans


The show returns and The British Invasion are backstage as they are talking about Mexican America. They say they have to take out Mexican America and then they will become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Douglas Williams announces that issues an open challenge at the PPV to anyone who wants to face him. A video then plays hyping Destination X and the Ultimate X Match that will happen at the PPV. You can check the full line-up of the PPV right here on

Velvet Sky is backstage and she talks about ODB and Jackie. Sky says she is done. She isn't taking anything from anyone. ODB and Jackie, those idiots, signed the match. The match stipulation is that if Sky pins them, both of them are out of Impact Wrestling. Sky turns around and walks away.


The show returns and Kurt Angle walks into the locker room. As he does, he hears a voice. The voice is from Sting as he is lying on top of the lockers singing an 1980s classic song. Kurt asks if Sting is okay. Sting pops up and talks about next week's Mid-Summer Nightmare. He then says that he will get his title back. Kurt says that Sting needs to worry about tonight first. He doesn't know if he can trust Sting. Sting says that he can trust him, so don't worry. Just then, Sting lies back down and starts signing. He then pops back up as Kurt Angle leaves the room. Sting then goes into his character as he talks to himself. He says it feels like show time every minute. He then says he is going to get Hogan.

The camera changes to Christy Hemme in the ring. She announces the next contest.

ODB and Jackie vs. Velvet Sky in a Handicap Match; If Velvet Sky wins, ODB and Jackie will not get a TNA contract

ODB and Jackie come to the side of the ring as they don't have any entrance music. They get in the ring. Sky's music then plays, but she doesn't come out. ODB then mocks Sky's entrance. Just then, Sky comes through the fans as she has a chair in hand. She hits the chair right to the back of Jackie. She then gets in the ring and goes after ODB as the match starts. Sky has total control as she puts ODB in different corner and does different offensive moves. She does knife edge chops. She then whips ODB in another corner and jumps right on her. As she waits for ODB to get up, Jackie slides in the ring and attacks Sky from behind. Jackie now has control as she just tosses Sky around. Jackie gets Sky up and punches her in the head multiple times. Jackie then whips Sky into the ropes, but Sky hits Jackie down with a closeline. As Sky goes for a cover, ODB runs over and breaks the pin. ODB then attacks Sky. She puts her in the corner. ODB runs to her, but Sky moves and ODB goes right into the turnbuckles. As Sky beats down on ODB, Jackie comes back and knocks Sky down. Jackie continues the assault as ODB goes to the corner. Jackie brings Sky to the corner and she tags in ODB. She now comes in and continues to work on Sky. The crowd chants "Velvet, Velvet, Velvet". She is fighting back, but ODB tags in Jackie. They whip Sky in the ropes. They bend over for a back body drop, but Sky kicks both of them. Sky knocks them both down. As both get up, Sky tries to fight each other back and forth with punches to the head, but it doesn't last long as they attack Sky. ODB gets away and goes outside and grabs a chair. She gets in the ring. She goes to nail Sky, but Sky moves and ODB hits Jackie right in the head with the chair. Sky then kicks the chair right into the abs of ODB and she falls back and rolls out of the ring. Sky covers Jackie and gets the win. Winner: Velvet Sky

ODB is down on the ground as she says Sky won't be able to get rid of her.

The camera changes to Devon backstage. He walks and goes up to Pope. Pope goes on to put his sunglasses on and then gives a pair to Devon. Devon takes them, but doesn't put them on. He tells Pope that he better not cross him tonight as Devon doesn't trust Pope at all. Devon walks away. Pope takes off his glasses and is confused.


A video package plays to hype the AJ Styles vs. Daniels match that will happen this Sunday at Destination X.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces AJ Styles to the ring first. He comes out as the crowd cheers. Daniels then comes to the ring next. After him, Jerry Lynn comes on stage as he makes his return to the TNA ring for combat. Finally, RVD comes on stage. He walks down the ramp. As he does, fireworks explode in the air. He gets in the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam in a Four Corner's Match

The bell sounds and RVD and Daniels lock-up first. As Daniels puts RVD in the corner, Jerry tags himself in. He gets in and Daniels puts Jerry in a headlock. He shoots Daniels in the ropes and then knocks Jerry down. Both get up and Daniels goes for a body slam, but Jerry slides out of it. Jerry does a hurricanrona and it sends Daniels flying into the corner of Styles. Styles tags himself in and he goes right to the arm of Jerry. Jerry twists out of it and does a fireman's carry. AJ goes after Jerry, but Jerry always slides out of everything. Both get to their feet and shake hands as they are loving what is going on. Jerry wants RVD in. Styles tags in Rob and here he comes. These two will face at the PPV, but it's a preview tonight. RVD is sent into the ropes. RVD slides down. Jerry goes to drop an elbow, but RVD slides away. As they slide out of each move, Daniels reaches in and tags himself in. He gets in and now works on RVD, but RVD does his reversal of when someone kicks him in the gut. Rob does a rolling thunder and covers. Daniels kicks out. He sends Rob in the corner after the jaw breaker. They move to the opposing corner. Daniels jumps to the apron. He jumps over the ropes as RVD is in the corner, but RVD does a kick right to Daniel's face. He holds his mouth as he tags in AJ. AJ comes in and RVD tags in Jerry. As they come in, they go to the corner. AJ goes to the top, but Jerry follows and does a hurricanrona from the top. As AJ is across the ring from the impact, Daniels tags himself in. He comes in after Jerry. RVD gets knocked down. AJ still is in as he goes after Jerry, but Jerry reverses it and puts AJ right on the top rope stomach first. Rob tags in. Jerry and Daniels go at it. As Jerry drops Daniels down, Rob jumps up to the top, flies in the air with a frog splash, covers, and gets the win. Winner: Rob Van Dam


Eric Young is backstage with the titles around his waist. He is standing beside an RV as he says that it's his own mobile locker room. He then talks about how he isn't defending his titles and if he doesn't, he will go to Hulk and will start demanding.

The camera changes to the ring as Matt Morgan comes to the ring. James Storm then comes after him as he has the TNA Tag Team Title around his waist. Devon and comes out to the ring. The Pope then comes out with him. He walks past Devon. Devon stops in his tracks and looks right at Pope. Pope gives his sunglasses to Devon's son. Devon goes up to Pope and wonders what he is doing. Pope tells him to get in the ring. The bell sounds as all four men are in.

Matt Morgan and James Storm vs. Devon and The Pope in a Bound for Glory Series Match

Devon and James lock-up. Devon knocks down James with a shoulder tackle. Devon drops down for an elbow drop, but James quickly gets up and applies a headlock. Devon gets out of it. James goes on the arm of James, but Devon reverses it. He sends Devon into his corner. James runs, tags Matt, and then stays in his corner. Matt comes in and works on Devon as he drops him down on the mat and does a huge leg drop. Matt brings Devon in the corner and goes for his elbow hits into the face, but James tags himself in. He gets in after Matt still wanted to be in. Devon takes control. He goes over and tags Pope. Pope goes after James, but James takes control. Pope can't take it anymore and he tags in Devon and quickly rolls out of the ring. Devon looks at Pope. James does a school boy, but only gets a two. He tags in Matt and Matt continues to work on Devon. He puts him in the corner and does a huge splash. He brings him out with a huge side walk slam. Matt gets Devon up and brings him to the corner. James tags in. As Storm works on Devon, Devon comes back and knocks James down. Devon slowly gets up and tags Pope. As Pope comes in, he has total control of Storm. He then dropkicks Matt and it sends him off the apron. Pope goes to Storm, who is in the corner, and does multiple head shots to the head. Storm comes back and knocks Pope down. James covers, but Matt gets in and stops the cover as he knows what is at stake with the series points on the line. Devon now gets in and he goes after Devon. Both go over the top rope and to the outside. Pope goes out and grabs the TNA Tag Title and knocks Storm out as he was reaching through the second rope. Pope comes in and tags Devon as he got back to the apron. Devon isn't sure what has happened. He gets in and covers and gets the 1-2-3! Winner: Devon

Matt tries to get in to stop the cover, but Pope stops him. As Devon gets up, Pope raises his arm in victory. Devon is dumbfounded.

Mr. Anderson is walking backstage with the TNA Title around over his shoulder. He talks about the decision he has to make and he says he doesn't deal with decisions very well (just ask his former employer). He then says he has something that they may not like, but it's his decision.


Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are in a Mexico arena talking about their final days in Mexico. They are coming back next week. It will be Jeff's birthday, so they will be throwing a party. Karen says she has something special for all of Immortal. Jeff will then reveal why he is The King of Mexico!

Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about all of the Destination X matches that will happen this Sunday. As I said, Check out the full line-up for the PPV right here on!

Sting is backstage. Just then, he gets a fist right in the face from Hulk Hogan. Sting pops up and Hogan hits him again. Sting says he is trying to knock the teeth down his throat. Hogan hits him again and Sting goes right into the wall face first. Sting turns around and there is some blood on the wall (or is that his face paint?). Hogan has the bat in hand. He then WHACKS Sting right across the head with it and Sting falls down instantly. He is motionless. Hogan drops the bat and tells Sting to not mess with him. Hogan walks away.


Immortal's music plays and here comes Scott Steiner, Bully Ray, Gunner, and Abyss. As they come to the ring, video footage of Hogan attacking Sting replays. As they are in the ring, Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the olympic gold medalist. Kurt walks up the steps and slowly gets in the ring as the crowd cheers. The lights then go out and Sting's music plays......but there is no sight of Sting. Just then, Scott attacks Kurt and the bell sounds.

Scott Steiner, Abyss, Gunner, and Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle in a Handicap Match

Scott attacks Kurt in the corner. They get out of the corner and Kurt retaliates as he does a belly to belly suplex. Scott gets up and tags in Bully. He comes in and goes right to Kurt. He puts Kurt in the corner and does a huge slap to his chest. Bully continues to attack Kurt. He gets Kurt up and goes for the Bubba Bomb, but Kurt blocks it and knocks Bully down. Ray gets up and tags Gunner in. Gunner comes in, but Kurt lifts him up for a back body drop. Kurt covers, but only gets a two. Kurt gets Gunner up and just tosses him right in his own corner. Abyss tags in and here comes the monster. Kurt goes after him with several punches. Kurt runs into the ropes to get momentum. He jumps up, but Abyss catches him. Kurt gets out of it and runs into the ropes again. This time, Abyss grabs him by the throat for a chokeslam. He lifts him up, but Kurt slides out and applies the ankle lock. Immortal members enter and disrupt the lock. Abyss gets up and limps around. He tags in Scott and here comes the muscle man. He goes after Kurt. He brings him back down on the mat and covers, but doesn't get a three. Scott tags in Gunner. Gunner goes right to Kurt. He tries for a cover, but no! Kurt tries to come back as he rams Gunner right into his own corner, but Abyss tags in and body slams Kurt down. Bully tags in now and he gets his steel chain. As he is aiming at Kurt, Mr. Anderson's music hits and here comes the champion. He gets to the apron and corner.....of Kurt Angle! As Bully watches, Angle hits the angle slam! Kurt goes forward and tags Ken in. As he gets in, he goes after Bully for the mic check, but then releases him. He goes after Kurt, and drops him down with a mic check. Bully is shocked. He then crawls over, tags Kurt, and gets the win. Winners: Gunner, Bully Ray, Abyss, and Scott Steinier

All Immortal members get in. Bully asks Anderson what his decision is. Just then.....Ken jumps up and Abyss holds him in the air. Abyss and Gunner then pick Ken up on their shoulders as he lifts the world title. Hogan comes out on stage and is clapping as he loves what he sees! Kenny has joined the most destructive force in TNA Impact Wrestling.....Immortal! Ken Anderson has now joined the dark side! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings

1. Mr. Anderson
2. Bully Ray
3. Crimson
4. Velvet Sky
5. Jack Evans

My Thoughts

With this being the last show before Destination X, I was thrilled going into it. I knew we were going to see some great contests featuring high flying wrestlers as it would hype up the PPV. I was right. We saw some great contests tonight between the three way match between former X-Division stars and a Four Corner's Match. After watching those two matches, I can't wait for the PPV. I know this will be one awesome PPV if you like high flying. I am not trying to just pump everyone up for the PPV. To come back to tonight's show, I thought everything ran smoothly. It was another episode that had segments and matches that built toward something. The one thing that I did not understand is Samoa Joe and Kazarian as they have a match at the PPV, but they were not involved in the show at all. I know they will make up for it with their match at the PPV. There is a lot of talk about Sting's character. Some like it, some don't. I have to say that I am a fan of it. Sting does a great job portraying The Joker. He looks more and more like The Joker each week. Sting can pull it off too. He was attacked by Hogan, which I know Sting will have something to say about that next week. I do not want to miss that. Lastly, Ken Anderson made the headlines this week on the show as he joined Immortal. I thought I would never see the day that Ken jumped into the arms of Abyss. I did. It certainly changes things for next week's show, but the question I am thinking of long will it last? Can Immortal and Ken keep the title, or will Sting take back the title as he dives closer to get rid of Eric Bischoff? Do not miss the PPV this Sunday. I will certainly watch. Not only that, tune in next week for Impact Wrestling as it will be Mid-Summer Nightmare. Who knows what will happen?! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at:

Weekly Question: What do you think of Ken Anderson joining Immortal?

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