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Impact Wrestling Results (7/21/11) - Friend or Foe?!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 7/21/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Thursday July 21st showcases another episode of Impact Wrestling!

The show starts off about a video recap of last week's confrontation between Sting and Immortal. It shows how the clowns attacked each Immortal member and then Sting winning the World Title with the help of Kurt Angle!

The video ends and the camera goes to the Impact Zone where the lights go out and Sting's music plays. Sting raises the World Title above his head as he walks down the ramp. The crowd is going crazy as he comes to the ring. He still has his joker face paint on as he grabs a mic.

He gets on the mic and says to his mom to look at him as he is champion and is on top of the world. He says he is back on top as he has something that Hogan and Bischoff want. Bischoff and Hogan have something that Sting want, so they are even. He says that this is part of the promo where he talks about the easy way or the hard way, but he is going to do it his way. He is going to get Hogan and Eric as they will be screaming. They will come to their senses though. He says he is in a great mood! He says there is something great about being insane! The insane asylum is officially open. With that being said, he wants to interview Eric and Hogan. As he looks to the stage, a clown from last week comes out. The person takes off the mask and it is Kurt Angle. Sting says wait a minute. He walks down the ramp as he gets in the ring. He begins to talk as he says that there is no disrespect as Sting is world champion, but when Sting was talking, he said a lot of "I's", but it was Kurt who helped Sting win the title. While Sting is helping Dixie Carter get her company back, he has hit a speed bump and the speed bump is Angle. At Hardcore Justice, their paths are about to cross again. Sting says he respects Kurt too, but he has to do what what he has to do. Kurt says that both are legends of this sport. One is going to walk out the better man. Kurt says it has to be him as he has no other choice. Sting says that there is a dilemma here. Just then, Immortal's music plays and here Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. They come on stage and Bully says to cut off the music.

Bully says there is quite a huge dilemma as it will be Kurt Angle and Sting vs. Ray and Anderson.......Anderson! Bully asks Kurt if he thinks he liked getting hit in the stomach with the baseball bat. He says it did hurt. Bully says he will hit Kurt tonight with the whole kitchen sink. Anderson gets on the mic and he laughs at Sting's face. Anderson says Sting didn't beat him as he had help. Ken says he has crawled and scratched his way to the top the entire year to get nothing. He then mocks Sting as he is helping Dixie Carter get her company tonight. Anderson's music plays.


The show returns and it's a Bound for Glory Series. They show an updated leader board as Crimson is in the lead. Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next match!

Steiner walks down the ramp first as he gets in the ring. Next is Rob Van Dam. The crowd chants his name as he comes on stage. As he walks down the ramp, they show footage of his match with Jerry Lynn at the last PPV.

Scott Steiner vs. Rob Van Dam

As RVD goes to the corner, Scott goes right up behing him and hits him from behind. Steiner stays in control as he works on the back of Rob. He does a belly to belly release suplex. He then covers Rob, but only gets a two. He then puts Rob on the middle rope and pushes down on his neck for a choke. He gets Rob up and places him upside down in the corner. He puts his boot right to Rob's head and throat to choke him some more. He gets Rob up on his feet. He tries to fight back, but Scott pushes him back in the corner and does knife edge chops. He twists him over and has Rob sit down on the mat. He puts a huge boot to his face. He then brings his arms back. The crowd chants "RVD" and it makes him get to his feet. Scott puts Rob back in the corner. He then whips Rob in the opposing corner. Scott runs to him, but Rob jumps and then hits a super kick to Scott. Scott falls but then gets up. He then hits more and more with a couple punches and then a huge kick. Rob then goes up to the top rope and hits a thrust kick. Scott rolls to the outside. RVD does a baseball slide and it sends Scott into the railing. He then places Scott on the railing. Rob goes to the apron, flies, and ramps his leg right to the back of Scott. The crowd loved it. He puts Scott back in the ring. He goes to the corner and says "time out", but Rob still goes after him. Scott comes back as he grabs Rob and hits a belly to belly suplex. He pins but gets a two. He whips Rob into the corner, but Rob comes out and hits a spinning heel kick. He then runs into the ropes and does rolling thunder. They get up and Scott takes control. He puts Rob up to the top rope, locks his head and arm and drops him right down on his face. Scott covers, but Rob puts his leg on the ropes. Scott is ready to finish this as Rob gets up slowly. He gets up and turns around. Scott does a huge closeline and then drops the elbow. He then does his famous push-ups. As the referee questions Steiner about now covering, Scott grabs the referee by the shirt. Rob does a school boy and gets the three! Winner: Rob Van Dam

As RVD was going to celebrate, Scott hits him from behind.

The camera changes to the Knockout Champion, Mickie James, as she has something to say about Velvet Sky!


Mickie James' music hits and she comes on the stage with the Knockout Title over her shoulder. She gets in the ring full of smiles. The crowd gives her a huge ovation. Mickie gets on the mic and calls out Velvet Sky as she really has something to say to her. Sky's music comes on and she comes down the ramp as she is also full of smiles. She gets in the ring.

Mickie gets back on the mic and says she has watched Sky over the last few months. She watched people take out things on Sky as they blamed Sky for their own downfall. They tried to break Sky down emotionally. Mickie knows how that feels. She wants to tell Sky that she wants to give her a title shot tonight. It's not about her kissing anyone, but she deserves it. Mickie says they are going to tear down the roof as they are the best women's division in the world. As she walks down the ramp, she is Knockout Champion and it will be the same when she walks up. She tells her to bring her A-game! They raises their arms up together. Just then, Winter's music hits and she comes out with Angelina Love. Love is on the mic and says this is all lovely, but remember why they came into this company. They are competitors. Love says that Mickie and Sky should just get their own hotel room. Love says Winter has been showing her things and been telling her things and she finally gets it. After being a multi-time champ, she realizes that there is no respect what-so-ever for her. She has never got her dues. Winter has helped her realize that is it about jealousy. Love is on a level all her own. As she is talking, Mickie and Sky laugh at her. Love says it doesn't matter who wins the title tonight. It will come straight back to Angelina Love! Winter gets on the mic and says that Love said that greatly. Winter calls Sky a blow-up doll and then calls Mickie James Mickie Mouse. At Hardcore Justice, the title will be Winter and Love's! Winter says that they should enjoy their night as it's about to fall. Love and Winter walk away.

The camera changes to Ms. Tessmacher and Tara are backstage. As they are walking to the ring, Rosita and Sarita run up from behind and attack them.


The show returns and the brawl is still going on. They are all fighting backstage as no one is stopping them. Rosita is going after Tara and Sarita is after Tessmacher. Just then, Madison Rayne comes in the shot and she is going after Tara. Referees now come and try to break up the fight.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they talk about the Bound for Glory Series and the Ladder Match later tonight. A video clip plays for reactions of the four men.

Samoa Joe says he is the best wrestler in this company and he is finally going to take the points as they are trying to give it to him. He says this isn't far.

Matt Morgan then says that he is going to get the points as he will capitalize on the opportunity.

Gunner is on as he says he will get the full 10 points and he will win the series and get the World Title. He quickly talks about AJ Styles and how he is a clown.

AJ Styles is shown as he is talking about how it's ten full points and he will get it. As he is talking, Daniels comes in the room and asks AJ if he can talk to him alone. AJ says fine. The camera guy backs up and AJ shuts the door right in the camera.


The show returns and Mike Tenay and Taz are on camera as they want to show footage that was captured by a cell phone that was from the end of last week's show. The footage shows a brawl in the parking lot. From the brawl, Sarita got a face injury, so she has to wear a mask. Christy Hemme is then shown in the ring as she announces the next match.

Ms. Tessmacher and Tara vs. Sarita and Rosita, Champs, for the Knockout Tag Team Titles

Tara and Tessmacher come out first and hide around the side of the stage. As Sarita and Rosita come out, Tessmacher and Tara come out and attack the both of them on stage. They brawl all the way down the ramp and then they get in the ring. The bell sounds.

Tara and Rosita start out the match as Rosita hits Tara with a jawbreaker. As they fight, Sarita and Tessmacher are fighting in the ring. Tara gets knocked out of the ring. Rosita is in the ring and she is attacking Tessmacher. Rosita puts Tessmacher in her corner and she tags in Sarita. She comes in and keeps the momentum going as she attacks Tessmacher. She then tags Rosita back in and she continues the assault. Tessmacher tries to crawl away, but Rosita punches her right in the head. As Tara gets on the apron, Sarita gets in the ring and kicks Tara right down. As Rosita continues the assault on Tessmacher, Tara gets back on the apron. Sarita comes in and knocks her off again. Tara then comes in as she is furious. The referee yells at her to get out. Rosita tags in Sarita and they do a double team move to Tessmacher. Tara then comes in and knocks both of them down. She drags her partner to the corner. Tara gets on the apron and tags herself in. She gets in and goes after both of them. She then gets Sarita up for the widow's peak. As she has her up, Madison Rayne sneaks in and attacks Tara as the referee is dealing with Rosita and Tessmacher in the corner. Sarita calls over the ref. She counts but it's only a two. Tara and Tessmacher come back as Tara pins Sarita and they win! Winner and New Knockout Tag Team Champs: Ms. Tessmacher and Tara

The celebrate in the ring as Sarita and Rosita leave.


Impact Wrestling comes back on and the paper and clipboard is raised high in the air for this huge Ladder Match in the Bound for Glory Series!

AJ Styles comes on stage first. As he extends his arms, sparks fly down. The crowd cheers for him. After he is in the ring, Samoa Joe comes to the ring. After he comes in the ring, Matt Morgan makes his way down the ramp. Fire explodes in the air as he is on stage. He gets in the ring and is ready for combat. Finally, Gunner makes his way on stage and the crowd boos him. He comes down the ramp and slides in the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan vs. Gunner in a Ladder Match in the Bound for Glory Series

All four are in the ring and the bell rings. Styles and Gunner quickly go out of the ring and they fight each other. Gunner pushes AJ right into the railing. Joe goes after Morgan in the ring. He puts Morgan in the corner and hits multiple punches. Morgan reverses it and attacks Joe in the corner. As they get out of the corner, Gunner grabs a ladder and puts it on the apron. He drops Styles right down on it. As Gunner is standing in front of it, Joe does a baseball slide and it knocks Gunner down. All four men go outside. Each get hit with the ladder expect Matt Morgan as he is the last person standing. He brings a ladder into the ring. As he looks up, Styles gets up, goes to the top and jumps right on the ladder which hurts the hand of Matt who was holding it. Matt grabs AJ for a chokeslam, but Styles flips out of it and hits a pay lay. Chaos then arises as Gunner comes in and attacks Styles. Joe then comes in and everyone gets knocked down. Gunner gets up, but Styles sends him outside. As AJ goes to set up the ladder, Matt gets up and whips AJ into the ladder, but AJ runs up it, jumps back. Morgan does a fallaway slam. As Morgan lies on the mat, Joe runs and jumps right on him. Gunner then gets in and whips Joe in the ropes. Joe ducks and then does a suicide dive right on Morgan. Gunner sets up the ladder and climbs it. AJ quickly jumps to it and fights Gunner. Joe comes into the ring and knocks both men down. He slams AJ down, but Gunner comes and hits Joe with a running high knee. AJ and Joe are out. Gunner sets up the ladder again. Morgan comes in and hits the carbon footprint and he has the chance! He sets up the ladder and the ring is cleared! He reaches and gets the clipboard. Winner: Matt Morgan

Morgan raises the clipboard up as the show takes a look back at the fast pace action. Joe is furious at the end. With the win, Morgan is in second place. Joe still doesn't have any points. He is tied with The Pope.


The show returns and a video plays as Eric Young is in front of some business. He says he has a match. He opens the door and talks about D-Lo Brown. He walks up to the person. Eric says he knows what D-Lo wants. The guy says he is going back to work. He walks past Eric. Eric bends down and does a school boy. Eric counts himself. It's a fast count. He does 1-2-3! Eric wins as he runs around the store and then exits. Eric has no idea who that guy is.

The video ends and it's time for the X-Division Title match. Alex Shelley comes out first as he is the challenger. As he walks down the ramp, footage of the last PPV airs. Kendrick comes down with the title and more footage from the last PPV airs.

Alex Shelley vs. Brian Kendrick, Champ, for the X-Division Title

The bell rings and both shake hands. Brian then backs up, but then goes right after Shelley with a kick to the leg. Alex then goes after Brian and brings him down on the mat. He slides out and both get to their feet. They go after each other. Shelley does a small package, but doesn't get the win. They get up and they go after each other. Alex does a school boy. It was close but no cigar. They go after each other one more time. This time there are no covers. Brian does a jumping heel kick and then tries for slice bread, but Alex doesn't let it happen. Alex then gets Brian and goes for slice bread, but Brian doesn't let it happen. Alex drops Brian down and applies his knee right to the back of Brian. He then does a version of the indian deathlock. Brian counters and does a pin, but Alex kicks out. Brian goes to the ropes. Alex runs to him, but Brian slides out of the way. Alex goes outside, but then climbs the corner after Brian was going to do a suicide dive, but Alex hit him with his knee. Alex jumps from the top and does a flying cross body. He gets up and goes to the other corner. He flies again, but Kendrick kicks Alex right in the gut. Both are down. Both get up now and they exchange hits. Alex runs into the ropes, but Brian hits Alex. Alex runs again, but Brian hits a kick and it sends Alex outside. Kendrick then does a suicide dive and he lands right on Alex. He brings Alex into the ring. Kendrick goes to the top, flies, but he lands right on the knees of Alex. Kendrick rolls to the apron. Alex comes to him and does a slice bread on the apron.....the hard part of the apron! Alex brings Brian in the ring. As Alex was getting into the ring, Austin Aries comes out of nowhere and hits Alex right in the head with the title. Alex falls into the ring. Brian goes over and covers him. He doesn't know what happened, but Brian gets the win. Winner and Still X-Division Champ: Brian Kendrick

Brian is wondering what happened as he checked on Alex. Austin puts on sunglasses as he is hiding beside the ring. He lies down as no one from the ring can see him. Kendrick calls for help to check on Alex.


Brian Kendrick is backstage as the camera man asks Brian if he wanted to win that way. Brian says no. He didn't know he won that way. Kendrick says it's not about high flying, it's about wrestling. This is the exact stuff Kendrick has been working against.

The camera changes as Mexican America's music plays. Hernandez, Anarkia, Sarita, and Rosita come out to the ring. Anarkia says to cut the music as he has something to say. He calls the fans stupid Americans. He asks if they saw what those people did to the lovely Sarita and Rosita earlier tonight and last week. They ruined the face of Sarita and then took the titles from them. The fans are chanting, "USA, USA, USA". Anarkia then asks where their flag is. When Mexican America gets mad, they start kicking everyone. They are not worried about The British Invasion. There is only two people they want to deal with and they are calling them out right now. Just then, Beer Money's music hits and here comes the TNA Tag Team Champs. They march their way to the ring.

Anarkia gets back on the mic and says that Beer Money actually had the guts to come out and get in their face. James Storm gets on the mic and tells Anarkia to shut up. He says do everyone a favor and leave the ring, leave the company, and find something they are good cutting grass. Mexican America get furious. James tells them to shut up more. He tells them to shut it, or he will put his cowboy boot where Anarkia doesn't want it to go. James says that he thinks they should introduce themselves again. James describes Bobby Roode as someone who is full of money and will beat everyone up and it doesn't have to be about anything. As for James, he is a shooter, eater, love, listener, drinker, country boy, and a huge American boy. Beer Money is the best of the best. They are multi-time Tag Champs. The difference between the teams they beaten and Mexican America.....they are going to beat them up. They are going to do it for everyone. What Mexican America needs to do is circle the day: August 7th. It's when Beer Money faces Mexican America as it will be Hardcore Justice. On the 8th, Mexican America will find their green cards up their backside!!! Roode gets on the mic and says, "Sorry about your Damn luck!!!" Each talk trash off the mic as they are all face to face.

It goes to a split screen as Mickie James is shown on one side and Velvet Sky on the other as their match is next!


The show returns as it's time for the Knockout Championship Match!

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the Knockout Champion, Mickie James to the ring. The crowd cheers her on. As she gets in the ring, Winter and Love come out and drag Mickie out. They attack her. Sky runs down the ramp and helps Mickie as she beats up Love. Mickie goes after Winter. It's a back and forth battle as they fight on the outside. Sky and Mickie bring Love and Winter in. Mickie jumps on Winter and Sky spears love. Sky continues the assault on Love while Winter came back and goes after Mickie. Just then, ODB and Jackie come from the fans area. They get in the ring and attacck Sky and Mickie. They throw Mickie out of the ring. Then ODB and Jackie attack Sky in the ring as they pound her head into the mat. Traci Brooks then runs down the ramp as she gets in the ring. ODB and Jackie back up as Mickie comes back in the ring and Sky gets to their feet. Winter and Love are just watching this all. ODB and Jackie leave the ring. As they walk away, Sky gets out and attacks them. Traci and Mickie follow as they help Sky out. Referees come out and try to break the fight. Traci, Sky, and Mickie get in the ring. ODB tries to get back in the ring but the guards, who just arrived, stop her. Jackie throws one of the guards into the ring steps while ODB throws another guard into the railing. ODB still tries to get in the ring. Just then, Sky comes on the apron and goes after ODB. Sky gets back in the ring. ODB and Jackie attack the guards more as they kick them where the sun doesn't shine. ODB and Jackie are not going to leave. As ODB and Jackie are at ringside, cops come from behind and handcuff Jackie and ODB. This will make them leave now. They take ODB and Jackie through the fans as they take them away. The fans sing the good 'ol good bye song as Sky waves from the ring.


Sky and Traci are walking backstage. The cameraman follow them and tells Traci it's nice to see her again. Traci says she has been watching week after week as Sky has been getting attacked. She says she has had enough of it!

The camera changes to the arena as Mr. Anderson's music plays. The lights go out. The spotlight comes on and Bully Ray is beside Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson raises his arm for the mic. It comes down. He introduces himself. As he is about to, Bully Ray tells him not to give these fans what they want. He tells Anderson not to do it. Bully turns away and walks down the ramp. Ken looks at him and then introduces himself as he looks at Bully the whole time. Ken then walks forward as both get in the ring. The lights go out now as Kurt Angle's music hits. He comes up from underneath the stage. He raises his arms as fireworks explode in the air. He makes his way down the ramp as the fans are cheering for him. Finally, the lights go out one more time and Sting's music plays. Here comes the World Champion! He holds the title as he walks down the ramp. The crowd is going crazy. He gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the middle of the ring as he announces the main event.

Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle and Sting

Bully Ray quickly runs to Sting as he was in the ring. Sting then hits Kurt Angle and he falls off the apron. The bell then rings. Bully goes after Sting as he brings him to his corner. Mr. Anderson is then tagged. As Anderson comes in and distracts the referee, Bully chokes Sting in the corner. Ken comes to Sting as Sting is lying in the corner and he uses his boot to choke sting. He attacks Sting more and goes for a pin, but gets a two. Ken tags in Bully and Bully comes in and does a number on Sting as he punishes him down on the mat. He goes for multiple covers, but he doesn't get the three. Kurt Angle is then knocked off the apron as Bully tags in Ken. Ken goes after Sting with stomps and more offensive moves. He goes to cover, but Sting kicks out at two. Ken brings Sting back and Bully tags himself in. Bully lifts Sting up and hits a huge body slam. Bully then goes to the second rope. He jumps for a flying leg drop, but Sting moves. Sting goes to his corner and tags Kurt Angle. Bully then tags in Ken. Both get in and Kurt quickly hits 2 german suplexes on Ken. He then hits one on Bully as he ran in the ring. Kurt goes for the angle slam, but Bully does a knee chop to Kurt. Sting then comes in and throws Bully out of the ring. Ken gets up in the corner. Sting runs to him and hits the big splash. Ken comes out of the corner and Kurt hits the angle slam and then gets the 1-2-3! Winners: Sting and Kurt Angle

As Sting and Kurt celebrate in the ring, Kurt extends his hand. Sting shakes it, but they move closer to each other as they are face to face. Sting then asks if he has went far or if he hasn't gone far enough. The show fades as Sting leaves the arena.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle- Up from last week
2. Sting- Down from last week
3. Austin Aries- Up from last week
4. Brian Kendrick- New from last week
5. Beer Money- New from last week

My Thoughts

Well this week's show was certainly different in recent weeks. The main reason why is how this show covered the whole Immortal faction and the World Title scenerio. Last week we saw those evil clowns going against Immortal. This week we saw Immortal, only two members, at the beginning of the show and two members at the end of the show. We also saw Gunner in a match, but other than that, there was no Immortal backstage segment. We have been seeing weeks of segments from Immortal/Anderson/Sting.....but really it wasn't about them this week. We saw other people get more time. Mexican America is one of them. They had a whole segment as they are going after the tag titles. I also like having other workers get time as they will be able to rise up in the rankings. We saw a lot of diva competition this week. Not only from the Knockout tag title match, but also the whole scene with ODB and Jackie returning. That segment makes me realize that TNA has the best women division! Anyway, as far as the matches are concerned, there really wasn't anything special. Yes, we seen some good matches like the X-Division matches, but none of the matches stood out. The Ladder Match was probably the best match of the night, but I found it a bit short. Overall, this show had a new focus and I think post people could see that. With Hardcore Justice coming, new feuds are coming with new matches and a revival of older matches. Let's see what next week has in store for us! If you want to hear more from me, Follow me on Twitter at:

Weekly Question: What are your thoughts of the TNA Knockout Division?

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