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Impact Wrestling Results (8/11/11) - Dixie Lied! It's True, It's True!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/11/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling comes on and a replay from Hardcore Justice's main event where Kurt Angle faced Sting. After the match, Kurt says it was an opportunity that Sting would take too. Kurt said it was an opportunity and he took it. He never beaten Sting without controversy, but he doesn't know if he can. Kurt then says he got a phone call that ruined his family, so now Kurt has the World Title, he can do whatever he wants. No one is in charge except him.

That video ends and the Impact Wrestling opening video plays.

The video ends and a camera shows the entire iMPACT Zone. Immortal's music hits and here comes the infamous group. Abyss, Bully Ray, Gunner, Mr. Anderson, and Scott Steiner walk down the ramp. The crowd boos. As they walk down, Mr. Anderson stops in the middle of the ramp. He then gets behind Bully as Bully hurries to the ring. Anderson is the last one in the ring as he slowly walks up the steps.

Bully Ray gets on the mic and announces that they are Immortal. The crowd boos. Bully turns to Abyss and says he is turning into a major disappointment. He asks Abyss if he really lost at Hardcore Justice? He cost Immortal that match. Bully says Abyss is on thin ice with Bischoff. Bully announces a Bound for Glory Series Match. Bully vs. Steiner vs. Gunner vs. Crimson. Bully guarantees that Crimson's undefeated streak will be broken. Bully says he will get the points tonight and then become World Champion. He then switches gears to everyone's favorite @sshole. Bully is surprised that the fans actually like Anderson. Bully says the fans like it when Anderson insults the fans. Bully says Anderson thinks that he is going to come out here and mock and insult him. He is not going to do that though. Bully gave it his all at the PPV, but Anderson kept coming. Bully under-estimated how tough Anderson really was. Anderson brought it as good as anyone before. He calls Anderson a tough S.O.B. He says Anderson belongs in Immortal because Immortal can benefit from him. Whatever happened between him and Anderson is over. Even though he pinned Anderson at the PPV, it's over. Bully says he is a better wrestler than him, but that's in the past. It's about Bully becoming World Champ now. He then extends his hand and wants Ken to shake. Anderson starts to laugh. Bully then questions why Anderson won't shake his hand. He asks if he thinks this is a joke. He then calls Anderson stupid and a moron. Anderson looks down.....and then goes right after Bully with several punches. He backs Bully in the corner. Scott grabs Anderson, but Ken hits Steiner. Gunner now goes to Anderson, but Anderson hits him too. Scott, Abyss, and Gunner all team up on Anderson. They grab him and let Bully come right after him. Bully hits Anderson right in the head with the steel chain. Anderson is now down on the mat. Guards come out, but Immortal knock them out of the ring. Scott takes the chain and now chokes Anderson with it. Anderson starts to bleed from the forehead. Just then, D'lo Brown and Al Snow come out. They tell Immortal that it's enough. They go to Anderson and now Immortal leave the ring. Medics come out with a stretcher to attend to Anderson.


The show returns and it shows Mr. Anderson being wheeled off backstage. He has a neck brace on. He tries to get off, but they stop him. They put him in an ambulance and it drives off.

Eric Bischoff is backstage in his office. Immortal is in his office. Eric says he made a mistake about bringing Mr. Anderson in to Immortal. He's sorry. He then says Hulk Hogan is on his way to the arena. He also states Kurt Angle is coming. He asks Bully if he is ready. Abyss then says he is ready. Eric says he is not finished with Abyss. Abyss looks straight at Eric.

The camera changes to Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first match.

Madison Rayne's music hits and she comes down to the ring.

Mickie James' music plays and she comes on stage. The crowd cheers for her. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James in a #1 Contender's Match for the Knockout Title

The bell rings and Madison tells Mickie to wait as she has to take off her crown. It's stuck in her hair. She tries to lift it up, but as she does, Mickie comes behind her and does a school boy: 1-2-OH! Mickie gets up but Madison stays on the mat as she doesn't want Mickie to come near her. She puts out her arms and legs to push Mickie away. Mickie doesn't care though. She goes to Madison. Madison then throws something toward Mickie. She catches it. Madison gets up and pokes Mickie right in the eye. She then makes Mickie fall and covers her. Mickie breaks the hold. Madison then works on Mickie with a headlock. Mickie gets out of it and goes after Madison. She knocks her down with a closeline and then hits a low dropkick. Mickie gets Madison up, but Madison hits Mickie, but Mickie comes back by lifting Madison up and flapjack! Mickie then climbs the corner. Madison gets up and Mickie jumps right on her. Mickie gets up and puts the crown on her head that Madison had when the match started. She mocks Madison. Madison gets up and runs to Mickie, but Mickie catches her and drops her down for the spike DDT. Mickie gets the win and is now the #1 Contender for Winter's title. Winner: Mickie James


Kurt Angle is backstage as he just arrived at the arena. He has a huge smile on his face as the TNA World Title is over his shoulder.

Robbie E. and Cookie are in the ring as they are dancing away. Austin Aries is at the commentator's desk as he will be the special guest during this match. Brian Kendrick now comes out as he holds the X-Division Title.

Robbie E. vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick turns his back to get rid of the title in his hands and Robbie goes right after him. He attacks Brian from behind. The bell rings and as soon as the match starts, Cookie is screaming away. Robbie turns away and Brian gets to his feet and tries to go after Robbie with punches, but Robbie attacks back. He knocks him down and then applies a headlock. Brian gets up and elbows Robbie to break the hold. Robbie then hits Brian and he goes sailing through the ropes. Cookie steps on Brian as he is lying on the floor. Robbie questions what she is doing. He then goes outside and both drag Brian in the ring. Robbie gets in and goes after Brian. Brian gets up and hits a huge right hand to Brian. Robbie comes back with a punch as the crowd cheers for Brian and boos for Robbie. Brian then knocks down Robbie. Robbie gets up in the corner and Brian grabs him for sliced bread. Robbie throws him sternum first into the corner. Cookie then gets on the apron. She pulls out hair spray and sprays it at Kendrick, but he ducks and it goes right in the eyes of Robbie. Brian then hits Robbie with sliced bread and gets the win. Winner: Brian Kendrick

Devon is walking backstage and goes in the locker room of Pope. Devon asks Pope who he is texting. Pope says it's Mama Pope as she liked the match at the PPV and wants Devon to know. Devon then talks about the match at the PPV as he said he did everything he wanted Pope to do. He won it fair it square, but he still doesn't trust him.

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are backstage as they just arrived. Jeff opens his trunk and he puts on a huge hat from Mexico. He then grabs Karen and walks away as he is in a great mood while she doesn't look so happy.


Robbie E. and Cookie come through a door as they are arguing back and forth. Robbie says he is sick of her. Cookie said if he would actually win a match, he wouldn't have a problem. Robbie says the only reason why she is here is because she was suppose to help him win. They call each other more names and then go their separate ways.

A video plays as it talks about the Bound for Glory Series. Crimson is still on top with James Storm second.

The camera goes to the ring and Pope and Devon are already in the ring. Beer Money's music plays and here comes the TNA Tag Team Champs. The crowd cheers for them. They get in the ring and wait. AJ Styles' music hits and here comes AJ Styles as he walks through falling sparks. The crowd pops for him. He walks down the ring as he gets warmed up. Rob's music plays and here comes the whole F'n show. The crowd sings as his music plays. He comes down the ramp. He raises his arms as fireworks explode in the air. He gets in the ring and is seeing who will start.

As they decide, Daniels is right beside the commentator's desk. He came out of nowhere. Mike Tenay and Taz don't know what he is doing there.


Devon and Pope vs. Beer Money vs. AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The match begins and RVD starts off against Devon. They walk around the ring and then lock-up. Devon takes Rob by the arm, but then RVD takes Devon by the arm. Devon then gets shot in the ropes and knocks down Rob. Devon gets him up and takes him to Pope as he tags. Pope gets in and they do a double team move. Pope covers but RVD kicks out. RVD then comes back as he knocks Pope down a couple times for pins, but Pope kicks out each time. He then does an armdrag to Pope. Pope gets up and he backs Rob in the corner while the armlock is still in affect. AJ tags himself in and goes after Pope. He gets Pope down and then drops his knee. He covers but Pope kicks out. He whips Pope in the corner. James then tags himself in. He gets in and AJ grabs Pope up for a spinebuster, but James comes and closelines Pope down while AJ held him. James and AJ exchange words and AJ leaves the ring. James attacks Pope for a moment, but then Devon gets tagged in. Devon know goes after James. Devon climbs the corner and jumps right to James. Both are down. Both crawl to their corners. Pope and Roode are now in. They come after each other going back and forth. Suddenly Roode hits Pope with a spinebuster. He covers and Rob comes in to break the pin. Roode throws Rob in his own corner. James then hits Rob with a huge kick to the head. Rob is now out. Pope gets up and AJ gets to the top rope with a springboard dive. Devon now comes in and hits AJ and then knocks down Storm from the apron. Pope gets up and he runs into Devon. Roode grabs Pope and hits the fisherman suplex to get the win. Winners: Beer Money

Devon and Pope look at each other after that accident situation. The leader boards then show Roode is now second place in the Bound for Glory Series.

A video plays recapping the whole story with Angle and Sting as Angle became World Champion at Hardcore Justice. The video ends. The camera is in the back as Kurt Angle is walking. He is coming to the ring next.


Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the olympic gold medalist. Kurt has the TNA World Title over his shoulder and a chair in one hand. Half of the crowd is booing and the other half is cheering. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He first wants to thank everyone via calls, emails, or tweets asking Kurt why. Kurt says he has the upmost respect for everyone. If he doesn't get the respect, then there will be a problem. He meant every word he said last week during the contract signing. He says Sting was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's not about joining the dark side. He says he got a call a couple days before the PPV and the person was talking to Jeff and Karen. The person said all wrestlers are scumbags. He then goes to talk about Karen and Jeff as they knew what they were doing and it was wrong. There was a third party though. That Dixie Carter! 3 years ago, he went to Dixie about Jeff and Karen. Dixie said that Kurt is being dramatic and he shouldn't worry about it. She said nothing is going on. Well she very well knew what was going on. She knew about Jeff and Karen. Dixie's friend is Sting....well he took out Sting. Dixie's plan was to make Kurt the top and surround him with young talent.....but Kurt's plan is to hurt all of the young talent. He says Dixie will NEVER get her company back as long as he is champion. He grabs the chair and leaves the ring. He then walks backwards up the ramp as he looks at the fans. He turns around and suddenly Sting comes from below. The stage rises him up to the top. Sting has his bat as he hits Kurt's chair. Kurt blocks it. The chair falls. Sting goes after Kurt again....but Hogan comes out with a chair. He hits Sting in the back and Sting falls on the ramp. Kurt then gets on the mic and says he has aligned himself with Hogan because Hogan cares about Kurt. Kurt says payback for Sting and Dixie will not be pleasant (to say it a nice way). Hogan then grabs the chair and hits Sting in the back again. Sting stumbles his way down the ramp. Hogan then tosses Sting in the ring. Hogan gets in and hits Sting multiple times with punches. Sting is down on the mat motionless. Kurt then comes back down the ramp. He comes in the ring and he looks right in the face of Hogan. They then join hands and raise their arms high as the deadly alliance has formed.


The show returns and a video replays Hogan attacking Sting moments ago.

Another video plays that hypes up the biggest PPV of the year for TNA....Bound For Glory as it will happen October 16th in Philadelphia.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next contest. She announces Jackie and ODB to the ring. They come from backstage. Mike Tenay says ODB and Jackie went to Eric Bischoff and asked them about their status in TNA. Eric doesn't want anymore headaches but he will see how they do. He booked them in this match. As they are in the ring, the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs, Tara and Ms. Tessmacher, come through the fans on the motorcycle.

ODB and Jackie vs. Ms. Tessmacher and Tara

The bell sounds and Tessmacher starts against Jackie. They move around the ring and then stand across from each other. They then lock-up, but Tessmacher applies a headlock. Jackie sends Tessmacher in the ropes. Tessmacher goes for a shoulder tackle, but Jackie doesn't move. Tessmacher then hits a dropkick and it knocks Jackie down. Both get up and Tessmacher brings Jackie in her corner. She tags in Tara. Tara comes in and works on the arm of Jackie. She does an armdrag and it sends Jackie across the ring. She tags ODB in. She comes in and Tara does an armdrag to ODB. Tara then goes over and tags Tessmacher. She comes in and puts ODB in the corner. ODB sits down on the mat in the corner. Tessmacher goes right to her for a huge stink face. she goes away and ODB gets up. Jackie starts to tell ODB to turn around. Tessmacher is right there and she continues the attack. Tessmacher brings herself to tag Tara while ODB breaks away to tag Jackie. Both are in and the tides have turned as Jackie is in advantage. She puts Tara in her corner and tags ODB in. ODB gets in and works on Tara. She plows her in the corner and does some shoulder blocks. She whips Tara in the corner, catches her and does a fallaway slam. ODB climbs the top rope now, but Tara stops her. Tara goes up and hits a superplex!!!! Both are down. Tara is crawling to her corner while ODB rolls to her. Tessmacher is tagged and so is Jackie. They both get in and Tessmacher knocks Jackie down multiple times with closelines. She then knocks ODB down too. Tessmacher walks around and suddenly looses what she had as ODB and Jackie attack her. They put her to the ground. Tara now comes in and knocks ODB out of the ring. Tessmacher rolls Jackie up for a pin and the win. Winners: Tara and Ms. Tessmacher

Both Tara and Tessmacher are in the ring. Just then, ODB and Jackie get in the ring. ODB shakes the hand of Tara and they leave the ring.

The Direct Auto Insurance Impact of the Night then plays and it shows the superplex from Tara during that match.

The camera goes backstage and shows a crowd of people in a hallway in front of a door. Taz says it's the line to the bosses office.


Eric Bischoff is in his office as Abyss is beside him. X-Division wrestlers are in his office. Eric says they will be here for awhile. He says since Abyss couldn't do what he could have done a month ago, they now have their own division. It also has a weight limit of 220 pounds so no one can help Eric get rid of it. He then announces a gauntlet match with all of them and the winner would face the wizard of odd guy, Brian Kendrick. Austin Aries then comes out of nowhere and sits on Eric's desk. He says they have a lot in common and he wants Eric to know that he will make this division worth something. Eric smiles and then tells the others to get out as he wants to talk to him more. The other X-Division wrestlers leave and close the door as Austin talks with Eric more.

The camera changes to the stage as Jeff Jarrett and Karen come out as his music plays. As he walks down the ramp, footage from Mexico plays as he wins the title from there. They now get in the ring and Jeff gets on the mic. He says something in spanish and then announces that he and Karen are the King and Queen of Mexico. He then says some people aren't taking this seriously. Jeff says he took down the biggest wrestling promotion in Mexico and took over the whole country and then renamed the title on behalf of Immortal....and still no one takes him seriously. As he keeps talking, he wears his huge hat that looks like it will poke Karen's eye out. Jeff then says he is making friends with Mexican people. He also says he got endorsements. He says he met some that are right there in Universal. He brings the two brothers out. They are confused as they have no idea what to do. They get in the ring and face the other direction. Jeff says it reminds him of some wrestlers around here. He then says to face the camera. Jeff says this should be simple. He then tells them what to say "Jeff and Karen are the king and queen of Mexico", but they don't know how to speak English. They then move past Jeff and Karen and chant "Hector, Hector, Hector" as he is a legend in Mexico from the Guerrero family. Jeff goes to them and says to say it. The one guy brings up the Guerrero family: Hector, Chavo, and Eddie. The other guy then gets on the mic and begins to talk. Jeff has had enough and attacks both of them. They stopped talking now. Both are lying on the mat. Just then, Hector comes from behind the Spanish commentator's desk. He goes to ringside and grabs a chair. He comes in the ring to go after Jeff, but he and Karen leave the ring. They don't want anything to do with him.


A video plays showing Eric Young in his car as he is in L.A! He is now walking the streets of Sunset Blvd. He then goes to someone and asks for this paper. He says he will trade his title for it. The guy says fine. Well Eric comes back and takes the title back and pushes the guy as well as taking the paper. He is looking for someone. He goes around houses looking for someone. It will continue next week.

Mr. Anderson comes through a door with his bloody face. He is dazed and confused. He is walking backstage as he is on some sort of mission. He then pushes the camera out of the way. He walks up some steps into a trailer. He opens the door and it's where Bully is. Bully doesn't want anything to do with Anderson. Just then, Gunner comes behind Anderson and pushes him into the lockers. Anderson falls to the ground. Bully says it wasn't suppose to go down this way. Bully then pushes the camera the other way as Gunner and Bully attack Ken as he screams in pain.

The camera changes to the arena as Matt Morgan's music plays. He comes on stage and then goes to the commentators desk as he will be the special guest. It's main event time!

Crimson's music plays first and he comes on stage. He raises his arms and fire flares up from the stage. He walks down the ring as the match will be next!


Immortal's music plays and all three members, Scott Steiner, Gunner, and Bully Ray come out to the ring. Even though this is a Four Corner's Match, they come to the ring at the same time.

The bell rings three times and Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He announces the main event. As he is talking, Bully Ray grabs a sign from the crowd and rips it up. Borash introduces each star in the match.

Crimson vs. Bully Ray vs. Gunner vs. Scott Steiner in a Bound for Glory Series Match

They are all ready to attack Crimson before the bell sounds. The referee backs them up before the bell sounds. It does sound. The referee then tells Scott and Gunner to go in the corner. Bully and Crimson start the match. Before they lock up, Bully tags in Gunner because he doesn't want to go through Crimson. Gunner gets in and takes it to Crimson. He puts him in the ropes. Gunner then gets shot in the ropes and Crimson knocks him down with a closeline. He then whips Gunner in the corner and hits a back body drop. Gunner gets up and Crimson grabs him and drops him down on his back again. Crimson covers, but Gunner kicks out. Crimson puts Gunner in the corner. Crimson runs to him, but Gunner elbows Crimson. He then knocks Crimson down. He elbows him. Suddenly, Bully yells that he wants in the match. Gunner tags Bully in. As soon as Bully gets in, Crimson gets up. They go to lock-up, but Bully backs away again. He tags Scott and goes to the apron. Steiner gets in and shows off his muscles. They lock-up, but Scott puts Crimson in the corner and does multiple shots to the head. He gets Crimson up and leans him against the ropes. He does several knife edge chops. He then whips Crimson in the ropes. Scott bends over for a back body drop, but Crimson kicks Scott right in the head. Crimson tries to come back, but Scott comes back as he knocks Crimson down with a closeline and then drops his huge elbow. He does his push-ups and then gets up. He places Gunner on the middle rope. Gunner goes over and chokes Crimson on it as the referee is distracted. Gunner stops and Scott goes after him. Gunner tags in. Well he and Scott are both in the ring and work on Crimson. Both double team. Gunner pins Crimson, but Crimson kicks out. Gunner and Scott whips him in the ropes....but he comes back with a double closeline. Crimson then grabs Scott and rams him right into Bully as it knocks him off the apron. Crimson rolls up Gunner for a cover: 1-2-3! Winner: Crimson

Crimson leaves the ring. He walks backwards up the ramp. Just then, Kurt Angle attacks Crimson from behind and he falls. Kurt then takes off his shoes and hits Crimson right in the head with them. He then rolls Crimson in the ring. Kurt takes off the knee brace of Crimson and hits Crimson right in the head with it. Crimson tries to get away, but Kurt grabs his ankle and straps on the ankle lock. He doesn't let it go as Crimson screams in agony. Kurt says he is going to take out one young star at a time. His first victim is Crimson!!! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle- Up from last week
2. Crimson- New from last week
3. Bully Ray- New from last week
4. Brian Kendrick- New from last week
5. Beer Money- New from last week

My Thoughts:

With this being the first Impact Wrestling after Hardcore Justice, I was really interested on the whole Kurt Angle situation. Basically, that was the main selling point for this show. I will get more into that later. As for this show, I thought it was a fairly good show. We seen decent matches from the knockouts and wrestlers. The matches were good and the segments were interesting. One segment that was interesting was the whole Jeff Jarrett one. The beginning went fast, but as it got further in, it was picking up in intensity. I wasn't surprised that they mentioned the Guerrero's but surprised Hector actually got involved. The one thing that really interested me was the whole Kurt Angle segment. Now as I said, I was waiting for this since the PPV. Kurt's explanation was pretty unpredictable and sudden. It goes right to Dixie Carter. With her being mentioned more and more, it looks like she might be coming on TV in the next few months or so. Kurt changed his ways and is now against Dixie. It's pretty interesting and something exciting for Kurt as I always liked Kurt better as heel. Kurt is one of those who can be outstanding as heel or face. Sting then came out, but Hogan took care of him. It's unclear if Kurt is in Immortal, but he has an alliance with Kurt Angle, so Immortal may help Kurt if he ever needs it. We shall see. Otherwise, it's picking up in Impact Wrestling. While you thought Immortal was on their last leg, they find a way to bring back another leg. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at: From there, you can find my new podcast project.

Weekly Question: Do you like the new Kurt Angle?

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