Impact Wrestling Results (8/16/12) - The Accusing Is Over About Storm And Aces & Eights


Impact Wrestling Results - 8/16/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA's Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package about the Bound for Glory Series as it shows footages from last week's matches and to the Hardcore Justice's matches. It switches to the Aces and Eights faction as their next person is Bully Ray.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and on stage. The crowd is on their feet and are going crazy. Mike Tenay and Taz announce the line-up for tonight. Big Bound for Glory Series matches tonight. After they announce them, music hits and here comes Austin Aries. He comes down the ramp holding the TNA World Title. As he gets in the ring, footage from the PPV airs. Austin, of course, won that match.

Austin is in the ring now with a mic in his hand as he puts the title over the rope. He says the word, "Fluke." He heard that word so many times while he was champion. He was about to believe it too. But, at Hardcore Justice, he beat Roode again. Beating him twice shows he is not a fluke. If you don't believe it, take away the "e" and go fluk yourself! Aries is the face of TNA. He is running the show. He is going to do what he wants. He is at the top. This goes right to Aces and Eights. The title is the most prestigious price. The Bound for Glory Series is ending soon, but it doesn't matter who wins it and it doesn't matter about the Aces and Eights.....Aries is going to walk into Bound for Glory as champion and leave the champion. Just then, Jeff Hardy's music plays. He walks down the ramp as he interacts with the fans. He climbs the ring steps and gets in the ring. Jeff grabs a mic.

Aries asks how Jeff is doing. He tells Jeff to come in to his ring as he must have something important to say. Jeff welcomes his creatures. He then states that he doesn't know what is going on around here. He has been chasing that title for the past year. He says Aries is doing great (Aries agrees). Jeff says he will win the Bound for Glory Series. He and Aries will tear it up. Jeff says Aces and Eights cost him 20 points. He calls out the faction. Aries is all in. Well, Bully Ray's music plays. He quickly comes down and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and tells them to shut his music off. He says Jeff Hardy is really stupid. Ray is going to say it really slow: James Storm is behind the Aces and Eights. Do you not get it? Ray knew Matt was smarter than Jeff, but don't you get it? Aces and Eights said they were going after Ray, but they came out and didn't touch him. Why? Storm super kicked him. Later on, Jeff had Storm in trouble. They came back down. James was able to slide away. Ray got lucky and put Jeff through a table. Lucky or not....Ray will go on to Bound for Glory and be the World Champion. Aries taps on Ray's calves. He says, "Excuse me." He tells Ray there is more blood going through his calves than there is between his ears. Aries is champion and Ray forgets that Aries made him tape out once. Austin says Ray could be behind the Aces and Eights. Ray thinks he is out of his mind. Aries actually is. He has been his entire life. Ray says James his behind the faction. Regardless who is behind them, someone has to face Aries and that is a task no one should take on.

Suddenly, Aces and Eights appear on the titan tron. They are backstage. They state their faction involves two things. One is luck and the other is commitment. The state that they will see them later.

Ray, in the ring, tells both Austin and Hardy that it is right in front of their face! Ray knows he is right.


Video plays recapping the Bound for Glory Series matches that happened at Hardcore Justices. Rob Van Dam won his. Bully Ray won his match and AJ Styles won his. Each received 20 points in the series. They show the leader board at the end and James Storm has 66 points, first place, and RVD with 55 points, second place.

Magnus is backstage. The cameraman asks about him and Joe. Magnus studied Joe before he even came to TNA. Magnus knows Joe as a wrestler. He knows him as a man. If you can get into the man's head, you can defeat the machine. Magnus states that Joe is what this company is all about.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this first match. Samoa Joe walks down the ramp as he comes to the ring. After he is in the ring, Magnus comes on stage. He walks down the ramp while looking around. He then stares right at Joe. He gets in and climbs the corner for a taunt.

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The match starts and both move around the ring. They lock-up and Magnus quickly applies a headlock. Joe pushes him in the ropes. They do a shoulder block but both don't move. Joe is able to knock Magnus right down. He goes to drop down on him, but Magnus moves. They go right after each other. Magnus is in trouble and is able to slide away. He gets out of the ring. Joe, on his knees, looks on. Magnus gets in and they lock-up again. Joe is able to over power Magnus and put him in the corner. Magnus comes out and does a huge big boot to Joe. It knocks him right down. Joe gets up and Magnus continues the offense. He lifts Joe up and slams him down. Magnus covers but Joe kicks out. Both get up and Joe is able to whip Magnus in the corner. Joe hits him and then does the pele kick in the corner. Joe lifts Magnus to the top for the Muscle Buster, but Magnus knees Joe and he falls down. Magnus goes to jump, but Joe is able to retaliate. Both get up and Joe is able to lock in the choke hold from behind. Magnus runs to the corner, climbs up and falls back. He is able to have Joe's shoulders on the mat. Joe slides out. He gets up, twists Magnus arm around his legs and does roll-up. Joe gets the pin. Winner: Samoa Joe with 7 points

Joe and Magnus get up. Joe extends his hand to Magnus. Joe leaves the ring. As he does, Magnus follows and grabs a chair. Joe turns around and Magnus smashes the chair right into the arm of Joe. Joe falls holding his arm and is in disbelief. Something made Magnus snap.

Madison Rayne is backstage. She says the biggest problem in wrestling has been solved. That is her not being champion. Madison hasn't been champion for a year and a half. She beat Ms. Tessmacher fair and square. She is now on top. This producer walks into the picture. Madison turns to him and rudely asks him what he wants. He tells her that Brooke Hogan wants her in the ring. Madison says this must be her Championship Celebration. She gave Brooke a memo that she likes chocolate she hopes she got it. Rayne leaves excitedly.


Madison Rayne's music plays. She comes out with a huge smile on her face. She has the crown on her head and the Knockout Title around her shoulder. Madison gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Rayne states Brooke knows how big this is and how Madison deserves it. Madison is the new champion and she hopes Brooke brings cake for the huge occasion. Madison wants to bring someone for a minute. Rayne wouldn't be anything without this guy. She calls Earl Hebner. Earl comes from his seat beside the stage. He comes to the ring. He gets in and hugs Rayne. Just then, Brooke's music hits. She comes on the stage. She tells Rayne that this is the attitude she doesn't like. She walks down the ramp as she says Earl has always been sketchy. Earl will no longer rubbing any of the knockouts. He will no longer referee the knockout matches. Brooke tells Rayne that Tessmacher has her rematch tonight. There will be a special referee for that match. Rayne quickly drops a pipe bomb. She tells Brooke that she is only living behind the Hogan name. Brooke doesn't own this show. She doesn't run this....Madison does. Brooke is glad to show who is the boss. Ms. Hogan drops her mic and gets right in the ring. As she does, Earl and Madison leave. They walk up the ramp as Rayne smiles. Brooke grabs the mic and says she isn't going anywhere because she is a Hogan. She tells Rayne to get in the ring. Well, she can have some other people in the ring as Aces and Eights quickly show up. They surround Brooke. She turns around and they back her in the corner. Bully Ray, Aries, and Hardy run out and the faction quickly leaves the area. They are around the ring while James Storm comes out and is on the ramp.


The show returns and they show a replay of Aces and Eights almost attacking Brooke. The video ends and the camera goes to the ring as Sting, Angle, Aries, and Hardy are standing in it. Sting is on the mic. He says he told Hogan that he was going to protect Brooke and he did with the help of other stars. Sting names the stars in the ring and the list is growing. Sting announces that it is Open Fight Night next week, so Sting calls out Aces and Eights for next week. They are ready. Will they accept?

Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. Daniels has a rare edition of a comic book. He shows Kaz and then switches the situation to the match at Hardcore Justice. Daniels says they (Kurt and Joe) gained up and AJ snuck up on him. Kaz and Daniels talk about AJ's relationship with girls and how he chose the worst one. He has really bad taste. AJ enters the scene and does a fake laugh. AJ says it is enough. He wants to settle this. He and Daniels are fighting tonight. Well, if AJ wins, he will get a paternity test, but he will announce that he is the dad of Claire's baby if Daniels wins. AJ leaves. Kaz tells Daniels he is fine as he knows he will win the match.


They show the leader board for the Bound for Glory Series. It's the same ranking, but Joe now has 61 points. The camera shows Christy Hemme as she announces this next match. Music plays as Daniels and Kazarian walk down the ramp together. They are the TNA Tag Team Champs. They get in the ring. After they do, AJ Styles walks through the sparks that fall down from above. He slowly walks down the ramp.

Daniels vs. AJ Styles in a Bound for Glory Series Match; If AJ wins, he will get a paternity test; If Daniels wins, AJ will announce he is the dad of Claire's baby

Brian Hebner, the referee, sends Kazarian to the back. Kazarian is furious, but he has to leave. The match starts and AJ quickly goes after Daniels. He does several rights and Daniels slides out of the ring. AJ follows. Daniels gets back in. AJ does. Daniels takes the legs out from under AJ and goes for a cover. Daniels has his feet on the ropes. The referee notices. They get up and Daniels puts AJ in the corner, but AJ comes back. He attacks Daniels and knocks him down. AJ brings his knee right to the face of Daniels and then chokes him on the ropes. Daniels gets up and tries to fight back, but AJ continues with the punches. Daniels leaves the ring. AJ goes out and continues to attack Daniels. He does a chop to the chest and Daniels gets back in. AJ follows. Daniels stomps on AJ, but AJ gets up and whips Daniels. He does a back body drop. Daniels begs AJ to stop. AJ will not stop. He goes after Daniels with punches and stomps. AJ has total control right now.


Daniels has control as he has a headlock on AJ. AJ gets to his feet and tries to get out of it, but Daniels has it locked in tight. AJ pushes Daniels into the ropes. He comes back and ducks the first but then gets hit with a dropkick by AJ. AJ covers but Daniels kicks out. AJ does a huge bridge death lock applied. AJ releases it and then applies a single leg boston crab. He bridges back and does death lock again. Daniels bites the fingers of AJ and he releases the hold. Both get up and AJ does several punches. He backs up and runs, but Daniels lifts him up and drops him down on the ropes. AJ bounces back. Daniels hits him with a closeline from behind. Daniels covers. He uses the tights. The referee notices. AJ rolls and Daniels pushes him off the apron to the floor. AJ slowly gets back in the ring. Daniels whips him hard into the corner. AJ falls down from the impact. Daniels does a kick and then another kick. Daniels says the kick was a touchdown! Daniels gets him up and hits a back suplex. Daniels covers but AJ kicks out at 2. Daniels gets him up and hits a huge neck breaker. He covers. AJ kicks out Daniels pins him again, but he uses the ropes. The referee notices again. Daniels tosses AJ out of the ring. The referee counts. AJ slowly gets up. AJ gets on the apron. Daniels runs, kicks him, and AJ falls right back into the steel guard rail. AJ falls to the floor. AJ slowly gets to the ring. He is on the apron as Daniels goes to him. AJ uses his shoulder to the gut and then does a sunset flip. He goes for the Styles Clash, but Daniels kicks him in the head. AJ stumbles. Daniels goes on top of AJ and locks his legs around AJ's head and arm and pulls his right arm back. AJ falls down from the submission. Daniels breaks it. He gets AJ up and suplexes him. He covers but AJ kicks out. Daniels puts AJ in the corner. Daniels climbs and does punches to the head. He continues and then does a short taunt. AJ quickly lifts Daniels up and hits a running power bomb.

Daniels is in pain while AJ tries to regroup. Both slowly get up. Both are in opposite corners. Daniels runs to AJ, but AJ ducks out of the way. He goes through the ropes. He hits Daniels to make him back up. AJ does a great springboard forearm hit. Both get up and AJ hits a huge backbreaker. AJ gets Daniels up and does a neck breaker. He covers. Daniels uses the bottom rope to break the count. Both get up. Daniels backs up agains the ropes. AJ runs to him. Daniels pulls the top rope down and AJ goes all the way out. AJ gets up as the referee counts. He pulls Daniels' legs out from under him and then elbows him in the chest/neck. Daniels slides out. AJ gets him up, but Daniels is able to grab AJ and whip him into the ring. AJ slides in the ring. He runs the opposite way into the ropes. He comes back and jumps right over the ropes. He lands right on Daniels. AJ gets in the ring and waits for the count. Daniels gets up and Kazarian comes out from under the ring. He tells Daniels to be close to the corner. Daniels gets on the apron and AJ goes toward him. Daniels shoulders him in the gut and then knock him down. Daniels covers and Kaz grabs the leg of AJ. He holds it down as it becomes a 3 count. Kazarian jumps up. The referee sees him and calls the match to continue. Daniels can't believe it. He turns around and AJ hits him with a pele. AJ covers and gets the win. Winner: AJ Styles with 7 points

AJ gets the huge win. He picks Daniels up and hits the Styles Clash. What impact. Kazarian slides in and pulls Daniels out of the ring. He helps Daniels up the ramp. AJ nows can see what this baby is all about.

Sting is in his office. He has his phone in his hand. He has it on speaker phone. He is talking to Hogan. Hogan says he is watching TNA and he saw what happened earlier. Hogan announces that he will be there next week. It's fight or die right now. He will be there for the open challenge with Aces and Eights. Sting asks Hogan if they should go old school. Hogan says it is the only way. Sting says, "It's Showtime!" He then apologizes.

James Storm is backstage. Jeff Hardy walks into the locker room. He gets right behind Storm. He says he doesn't know what to say about Storm, but Aces and Eights cost him 20 points and they helped James twice. He thinks it is sketchy and doesn't know what to believe. Storm turns around and tells Jeff that he never thought he would listen to others. Jeff always went his own way. He never followed the crowd. Storm will fight anyone at anytime. He doesn't care what people are saying. Storm tells Jeff that he will be out there for his match tonight just so Aces and Eights do not show up. Storm walks away as Jeff looks on.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage. He is coming to the ring.


The show returns and a video package plays showcasing the whole Roode/Aries storyline. It shows pictures from the Hardcore Justice match they had. It was a confusing ending where Roode and Aries both won. The two referees had different thoughts. The match continued. Aries got the win.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as music begins. Here comes Bobby Roode. Roode has his great suit on. He slowly walks down the ramp. He slowly walks up the steel steps and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Roode looks around the arena as the fans chant, "You suck!" Roode begins. He states he had an opportunity to right the wrong. He had the opportunity to prove to the entire world that what he said was true....that Aries win over Roode was a fluke. He is a fluke. He was a fluke. He defeated Aries when the official of the match.....the actual referee for the match raised Roode's hand in victory. Of course, as everyone knows, one thing led to another. Earl Hebner came down and restarted the match. As a result, Roode has nothing. The crowd chants, "Loser!" In fact, Roode should be World Champion. Roode does not get another rematch as long as Aries is champion. That title was everything for Roode. That was his life. When you think of the World Champion, you think of Roode and visa versa. Roode went home and looked in the mirror. There is only one person to blame. That is Austin Aries. Well, and Sting. And....the referees. Actually.....each and every one of the fans too. All of those people are to blame. Roode gives everything and the fans disrespect him. They call him a loser. They say he sucks. Roode faces the big question: Now what? Roode is going to...... He is...... He..... Roode drops the mic.

It's a split screen as Ms. Tessmacher is on the left and Madison Rayne is on the right. Their match is next.


Video plays about a GutCheck worker. This guy talks about being in trouble in school. He was a huge trouble maker. He talks about how he got into wrestling. His brother got him involved. In 2003, his brother got shot. He passed. This guy is in hard times. He needs this.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the Knockout Title match. Ms. Tessmacher comes out and gets in the ring for her rematch. After she is in the ring, Madison Rayne comes out. She has the crown on her head and the title over her shoulder. She comes down with a smile. She gets in the ring and tries to not look displeased. As they are in the ring, Brooke comes out. She is on the stage. Brooke hopes they are ready as she is bringing an amazing referee. Here comes Taryn Terrell. She gets in the ring and Madison gives her a few words as she hands over her title.

Ms. Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne (Champ) for the Knockout Title

The bell sounds and Madison and Tessmacher lock-up. Madison quickly pushes her in the corner. The referee breaks them up. They lock-up in the middle again and Tessmacher pushes Madison in the corner. The referee breaks it up. Madison runs out and kicks Tessmacher in the gut. She throws Tessmacher into the ropes and hits her with a closeline. She gets Tessmacher up and puts her in the corner. Madison chokes Tessmacher with her boot. Madison grabs Tessmacher and tosses her across the ring. She knocks Tessmacher down and covers but she kicks out. Madison gets up. She bends over, but Tessmacher does an inside cradle. Madison kicks out. Both get up and Madison goes for a roll-up. She has the tights. The refers sees. Both get up. Madison hits a huge spear. Both are down. Both get up. Tessmacher is able to punch Madison and then hits several closelines. Madison gets up and is able to come back. She hits Tessmacher and then whips her in the corner. Madison goes to her, but Tessmacher fights her away. Tessmacher climbs the corner. She flies. Madison moves out of the way. Madison covers. She uses the ropes. The referee sees it. She stops. Madison refuses to get off the ropes. The referee pushes Madison off them. Rayne gets up and gets right in the face of the referee. She yells to not touch her. Rayne turns around and Tessmacher lifts her up. She spins her around and plants Madison face and chest first down to the mat. She covers and gets the win. Winner and New Knockout Champ: Ms. Tessmacher

There is a split screen as Bully Ray is on the left and Jeff Hardy is on the right. Their match is next.


The show returns as a video package plays. It shows the Aces and Eights earlier and then Sting and his group in the ring. Sting talked to Hogan as Hogan is coming next week. After the video, Aces and Eights appear backstage. They say they are going to be on the show next week. They will be there right at 8pm. As far as tonight, they are not done.

They show the leader board for the Bound for Glory Series as Bully Ray is 4th as he is tied with Kurt Angle. Ray's music hits and he comes out. He shows off his huge calves. He gets in the ring. After him, Jeff Hardy makes his way down the ramp.

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds for this main event. They stare at each other from opposite sides. They lock-up. Ray pushes Hardy into the corner. He backs up. Hardy comes out and they go to lock-up again. Ray backs up and goes through the ropes. Just then, James Storm walks down the ramp. He goes right to the ringside area. Ray asks where his boys are at. Jeff and Ray focus on each other again. Ray is able to grab Hardy and smash his head into the corner and then beat him down. Hardy is lying on the mat as Ray continues to punch and stomp him. Ray slides out of the ring and goes right to Storm. He pushes Storm. Ray turns and Jeff does a baseball slide to Ray. It knocks him down. Ray gets up and Jeff is on the apron. He runs and lands right on Ray. Jeff gets him up and brings him back in the ring.


Bully Ray knocks Hardy down and covers. Hardy is able to kick out. Jeff rolls to the apron. Ray gets up. He gears up for an attack. Jeff gets up in the corner. Ray runs and splashes Jeff. Jeff falls back. Ray eyes Jeff up and drops an elbow. He covers. Jeff kicks out. Ray does a headlock and then a scissor lock to the head of Jeff. Jeff is able to reach the ropes. Ray releases. He gets Jeff up. He hits a huge suplex. He covers. Jeff kicks out. Ray is getting upset. He brings Hardy up again, but Jeff kicks and punches Ray. He runs into the ropes, but Ray hits him and it knocks Jeff down. Ray bounces off the ropes. He goes for a big splash. Jeff moves out of the way. Both slowly get to their knees. They punch back and forth. They get to their feet and Jeff does the punches and kicks. Ray is able to whip Jeff into the ropes. Jeff comes back and closelines Ray down. He grabs the legs of Ray. He does a double leg drop to the chest and then the low dropkick. Both get up and Ray is able to come back. He closelines Jeff down. He gets Jeff up and goes for the Bully Bomb, but Jeff gets out of the full nelson. He sends Ray into the corner. Bully sits down. Jeff jumps and hits the double feet to the chest. Ray comes out. Jeff sets him up. He climbs the corner. He hits the Swanton Bomb. He covers but Ray kicks out. Ray is able to slide out of the ring. James Storm is right there. Ray gets to his feet. Jeff flies over the ropes. Ray grabs Storm and places him in front. Jeff lands on Storm. Ray gets Jeff back in and to the corner. He does a huge chop and whips Jeff in the opposing corner. He runs to him. Jeff kicks Ray. Jeff goes to the top and hits the whisper in the wind. Both are down. Aces and Eights quickly come in and around the ring. They look at Ray and Jeff. Suddenly, AJ Angle, and others come into the ring. Aces and Eights leave. Ray and Jeff get up. Jeff kicks Ray and hits the Twist of Fate. He covers and gets the win. Winner: Jeff Hardy with 7 points

As soon as Jeff gets up, Ray does and closelines him down. Ray walks over and grabs his chain. He starts bad mouthing Storm. James gets in the ring. He his having enough. Storm goes to super kick Ray, but Bully moves and Storm hits the Last Call on Jeff. Storm can't believe it. Ray knew it was him all along. See what he did?! Ray gets out of the ring and goes backstage. Storm stands above Jeff as he looks down. Just then, Aces and Eights enter the ring. They are behind Storm. They are clapping for the shot Storm did. James turns around and sees them. ALL OF A SUDDEN, an Aces and Eights member closelines Storm. The others join and beat Storm up. Storm is not part of the faction! Everyone accusing him was wrong! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Jeff Hardy- New from last week
2. Ms. Tessmacher- Up from last week
3. AJ Styles- New from last week
4. Samoa Joe- New from last week
5. Aces and Eights- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

I was pretty interested in seeing this week's Impact Wrestling. It was the fallout of Hardcore Justice. I wanted to hear from Roode and what is next on his list. I was on Twitter throughout the night and someone tweeted that it is almost the same ending of Roode's promo as it was with Storm when he lost to Roode in the spring. I have to agree. Really, there is nothing for Roode now. He is not in the Bound for Glory Series and he can't go after the title. I honestly hope he doesn't take a break. He is one of the show's top talent. The fallout also carried through the Bound for Glory Series. We seen more matches tonight and the series is coming to a close soon. I like the standings so far. As far as the matches, AJ and Daniels won the Match of the Night Award. It was a great bout (Not as great as AJ vs. Kurt last week), but that was the best match tonight. The stipulation for that match was strange as it really didn't make a whole lot of sense. I like logic, but I have to say that it lacked it. It's a shame as I was high up on the Claire/AJ/Daniels storyline. If it is going to end like this, I would be disappointed. Honestly though, is there any other way to end it? Ms. Tessmacher winning the title shows how Madison really can't beat her without the help of Earl. Earl and Madison make a great couple! The Aces and Eights storyline stepped up this week and I am glad it moved on. I have been waiting for someone new to happen and it finally did. They attacked James Storm. James is not part of the faction, which answers that huge question, but we still need to find who is behind it. I am glad they ended it like that though as I didn't want it to be another lackluster. Overall, this show was decent. I have seen way better. I was pretty disappointed with this show, but Open Fight Night is next week and that always is unpredictable. Hogan is returning and Joey Ryan may make an appearance. I will let this show slide and hope for a better one next week! Maybe this show needed a Kurt Angle match, haha. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link in my bio) and check out my personal blog (link also in my bio).

Update on my Kurt Angle interview:

If you haven't heard, I will hopefully post my Kurt Angle interview this weekend. I had an amazing time with him Tuesday evening. I know why he is one of my inspirations. If you have mixed feelings about the guy, you honestly do not know what he is like. Spending time with him and his family was terrific. He gave me a lot of info as he answered your questions you sent in. Find out if they are your questions and see his answers! Couldn't thank Kurt enough.

Keep refreshing this page throughout the evening for the latest results.

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