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Impact Wrestling Results (8/18/11) - Flair Returns To Meet Sting And Hogan

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/18/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts and we see a video package about last week's promo from Kurt Angle. He was in the ring as he talks about the whole Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett situation. He said Dixie was right in the middle of it. Kurt now has an alliance with Hogan as he will take out each young person out in TNA. As long as Kurt is champion, Dixie will NEVER get her company back.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Sting's music hits and here comes The Icon! He gets on stage and the whole crowd is going crazy. He stands on stage and raises his bat in the air to get a bigger reaction. Just then, out of nowhere, he gets knocked down. He flips and flops on the ramp. He gets up and he grabs his face and starts punching himself. He attacks himself all the way to the ring. He gets in and grabs a mic.

The first thing he states was that shows he truly lost his mind. That was what happened to him last week. How does he know? He watched it over and over. He said the attack was so hard hitting, he still can't talk right. He then says it was great getting attacked by the greatest of all-time, Hulk Hogan. Make no mistake about it, Hogan still has the eye of the tiger. Hogan and his arms kicked in. Sting then asks the fans if they want to see Hogan back in the ring. Sting says he is dying to see it. He almost died last week, in fact! He says that we should start a Hogan chant because he wants him in the ring tonight. The crowd starts to get wild. Just then, music hits and it's not Hogan's! It's Ric Flair! Sting is pretty stunned. Ric walks slowly down the ramp. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring. Ric then bounces off the ropes as he has a mic in his hand.

He asks Sting if he said if he said Hogan was the best of all-time?!. He says he will get to that later. He calls Sting The Icon. He says he gets asked when he will be facing Sting again. He said why do I.....I faced him dozens of times. Ric starts to flip out because he knows Sting will say "let's do it". Ric wants to finish. Ric calls Sting healthy, strong as a bull, and an icon in this company and business. Ric says to get where he wants to be, he has to wrestle Sting again. He didn't say beat him, he just wants to face him. Honestly, he is tired of hearing the name Sting everywhere he goes. He then states that if Sting looses to Ric, Sting will have to retire! He doesn't want any phony retirements either. If Ric looses, then he will give Hogan right to Sting. He will give Sting what he wants. Sting gets real close to Ric's face and says he wants to ask the people. He asks them what they think and the crowd pops. Sting says Ric smells like garlic, but he accepts the offer. Ric does his "Wooooo" and Sting does it too. They start exchanges air punches as the crowd goes crazy. Ric leaves the ring.


Ric Flair is backstage and he opens the door of Hulk Hogan's office. All of a sudden, we hear a big bang and see Hogan in a rage. He asks Ric what the hell is wrong with him. Hogan comes out from behind his desk and goes to the door. Ric walks back and closes the door. He then knocks and opens it slowly. Hogan asks if Ric is on anything. Ric then gets in the room and hugs him. He says he hasn't seen Hogan for two months. He says he owns Sting. What are the chances of Sting beating him? Ric says they can go out (Hogan and Ric) and have some wine. Hogan says he done everything last week and he shouldn't even be here. He says he is done with Sting. Ric says he is ready to go as he pounds on his abs. Hogan says to gather everyone so Sting won't be able to breathe after tonight. Hogan says that you do not want to mess with him as he does not want to wrestle that man. Ric hugs Hogan again, tells him to calm down, and does his "Woooo's"!

A video package plays from TNA house shows during the week for the Bound for Glory Series. Crimson is number one, Bully Ray second and Robby Roode is third. Scott Steiner vs. Devon is coming up next! The video continues with Devon talking backstage about not getting in his way if you know what is good for you.

The camera goes to the ring and Scott's music is already playing and he is in the ring taunting. Matt Morgan is at the commentator's desk as he is the special guest. Devon's music hits and he gets on the stage. He walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Scott Steiner vs. Devon in a Bound For Glory Series Match

As soon as Devon gets in the ring, Steiner goes right after him. Devon comes back though as he knocks Steiner off his feet with a shoulder tackle. He covers Scott but he kicks out at two. Scott gets up and hits Devon with a knife edge chop. He goes to whip Devon, but Devon reverses, lifts Steiner up and hits the side walk slam. He covers but Scott kicks out. Scott gets in the corner as Devon gets to his feet. Devon runs to him, but Scott hits him in the face with the elbow. He then gets behind Devon and rolls him up. He puts his foots on the ropes and gets the win. Winner: Scott Steiner

As Scott leaves the ring, Devon looks at him. Just then, Samoa Joe comes from behind. Devon turns around and Joe lifts him up and drops him down right on his gut. Joe continues to attack Devon as he works on the leg. Just then, Devon's sons come in the ring to try to stop Joe. Joe is about to go after them, but The Pope runs in and gets between Joe and Devon's sons. Joe smirks and walks away. He gets out of the ring. Pope and Devon's sons check on Devon as he is still lying on the mat.


Samoa Joe is backstage as he is furious. He says he is going to take everyone down. If he can't win this series, no one will. He will take anything and everything. He says not to play with him. He is in no mood. He will continue to do it as no one will fire him. No one is capable of doing it. He is just starting his rampage.

Music hits and each X-Division wrestler comes out on stage. One walks behind each other.

Alex Shelley vs. Tony Nese vs. Kid Kash vs. Robbie E. (w/ Cookie) vs. Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Mark Haskins vs. Austin Aries in a X-Division Gauntlet Match

Alex Shelley starts out against Mark Haskins. The bell rings and Mark goes right after Alex. He plants him in the corner and stomps on him. Mark moves away and Alex gets up. He does several knife edge chops and then kicks right into the gut. Alex goes for slice bread #2, but Mark pushes him in the corner. They exchange moves as Mark gets lift over the ropes, but lands on the apron. He jumps up and hits Alex. He goes for a cover, but Alex kicks out. He gets Alex up and puts him on the top rope. Mark goes up too. Alex grabs him and drops him down for an atomic drop. Alex then does a knee to the face. It's a back and forth battle from here. They twists around and Mark hits Alex right in the head with a jumping knee. He qets the pin.

Robbie E. comes in after talking to Cookie. He gets in the ring but still talks to Cookie. Just then, Mark does a school boy and pins Robbie.

Zema Ion gets on the apron now and Mark goes right after him. Ion goes to the corner though and hits Mark with a huge kick. They go back and forth, but Ion hits a tornado DDT. He then goes up to the top rope and hits the 450 degree splash.

Jesse Sorensen comes in and knocks Ion right off his feet from a springboard move. Jesse gets Ion up, but Ion attacks Jesse and knocks him down. Ion goes up to the top rope and tries for the 450 degree splash, but Jesse puts his knees up. Jesse hits Ion with some sort of twisting move and gets the pin.

Tony Nese gets in the ring while Jesse is talking to some other X-Division wrestler as they get on the apron. Nese attacks Jesse as he turns around. They go back and forth,. Jesse goes for a closeline, but Tony ducks, grabs Jesse from behind and does a great german suplex. Both get up and Jesse hits Nese with the twisting move again and he pins Nese.

Kid Kash now gets in the ring and goes after Jesse. Before we see anymore, the show has to take a break.


Kid Kash is shown as he lifts up Jesse and hits him with a huge back breaker. He then gets Jesse up and does a body slam. Kash goes to the top rope and hits a great moonsault. He covers but Jesse kicks out. Kash thought he had three as he asks the referee multiple times. Kash gets Jesse up. Jesse, out of nowhere, rolls Kash up and gets the pin.

Austin Aries, before he comes in, has to hand his coat to someone at ringside. Before he gets in, Kash comes back, gets Jesse up and drops him down right on his head. Austin now comes in and waits for Jesse to get up, but he doesn't. Austin turns him over and pins him with one foot on his leg. Jesse kicks out. Austin gets Jesse up and has total control through the rest of the match as he hits Jesse with a running dropkick in the corner and then lifts him up and drops him down on his head. Winner: Austin Aries

They show a replay of Kash coming in and dropping Jesse on his head and then show Austin dropping the same man on his head as that was the Direct Car Insurance Impact Of The Night.

Christy hemme is at ringside as Austin slides out of the ring. Austin says he just beat 7 others so he needs to catch his breath. He says the wizard of odd, the name Eric Bischoff gave Brian Kendrick, will loose to him as he will take his title. Just then, Brian Kendrick comes out and walks right up to Austin. Kendrick extends his hand for a handshake. Austin looks at him like he is out of his mind. He goes to shake it through, but then blows it off as he side steps and walks past Kendrick. As Austin is walking up the ramp, Brian runs to him and jumps him front behind. They fall on the ramp and are fighting. Guards come out as they try to break them up.

Ric Flair is backstage as he is getting ready for his match with Sting. He has wrist tape as he is about to put on. He says his first night back on Impact Wrestling and he is in action. He then questions where Sting is. He is wondering where he is, so he goes to look for him.


The show returns and it shows some footage from when Ric was face to face with Sting as they make the match between them too.

The footage ends and a camera shows Sting backstage as he walking back and forth as he has not gone anywhere.

Mike Tenay and Tazz are shown on the camera as they talk about Mr. Anderson being attacked by Immortal last week. Mike says both of Anderson's ear drums are broken. They hope he will come back soon.

A video package plays hyping up the biggest PPV in TNA of the year....Bound for Glory! It shows stars of Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Gunner, Bully Ray, Pope, Abyss, Crimson and others as they want to put on the biggest and best show of their lives. It's their time to make it big as Bound For Glory will happen at Philadelphia on October 16th!

ODB is backstage with Jackie. ODB says this is the first time that she will meet with Mickie in the ring. ODB says she is good, but Jackie says she is okay. Jackie then states she is not as good as them. ODB agrees. ODB then states that it has to be clean tonight as they could get their multi-year deal. Jackie loved the sound of that. She continues to walk with ODB.


Traci Brooks is backstage as she is standing right beside Eric Bischoff. She asks him how he is doing and he looks at her and he really fine right now. Traci tells him about how she use to be Knockout Law as she ran the whole division and even wrestled at times. Eric says he couldn't hear her. She moves closer, so does Eric as he looks at the cleavage of Traci. He hears her good now. He then thinks about it as it could be pretty interesting....and fun.

The camera switches to the ring as Christy Hemme announces the next contest. She announces ODB. ODB comes from backstage with Jackie as they still don't have any music since they do not have a contract. Mickie James' music hits and the crowd pops. She comes to the ring. Mike Tenay states that Mickie will face Winter for the Knockout Title in two weeks right here on Impact Wrestling.

ODB vs. Mickie James

Jackie exits the ring and the match starts. They go back and forth but Mickie gains advantage as she knocks ODB to the mat. She then does a low dropkick to the head of ODB. Both get up and ODB comes back as she grabs Mickie and does a fallaway slam. ODB gets Mickie up after she pounds on her chest. She puts Mickie in the corner and kicks her right in the gut. ODB throws Mickie out of the corner and then hits Mickie with a huge shoulder tackle. ODB covers, but Mickie kicks out at two. ODB gets Mickie up and plows her in the corner with shoulder blocks. ODB backs away as Mickie is on her hands and knees on the mat. ODB gets Mickie up and has a huge bear hug. The crowd starts to have Mickie come back as she goes over ODB for a sunset flip. Mickie gets away from ODB. They turn to face each other and Mickie slides around and hits ODB with a swinging neckbreaker. Both are on the mat. Just then, both get up and look at each other. They now exchange right hands back and forth. Suddenly, Mickie backs up and knocks down ODB with a closeline. She then does it again and again. ODB gets up in the corner. Mickie tries to whip ODB, but ODB holds on the ropes. Mickie knees her and tries again, but ODB doesn't let it happen. ODB changes the situation with Mickie in the corner. ODB had Mickie up and then knocks her down as she lands right on the apron and then to the ring floor. As she is lying there, Jackie goes over. She wants to attack her, but she decides not too. Mickie gets in. Mickie comes back as she hits ODB. She goes for her jumping/snapping DDT, but ODB lets Mickie go. Mickie slowly gets up in the corner. ODB runs to her with a huge splash. ODB backs away. Mickie slowly gets up. ODB goes to her, but Mickie grabs ODB and hits the jumping/snapping DDT for the victory. Winner: Mickie James

Jackie gets in the ring and checks on ODB. Jackie then looks at Mickie. She goes to Mickie and.....extends her hand. Mickie hits it and Jackie doesn't like it, but it has happened. Mickie exits the ring as Jackie continues to check on ODB.


Winter is backstage with her title beside her, The Knockout Title, and Angelina beside her too. Winter describes her amazing feeling that she is feeling as she is champion. Love says she has felt that 5 times before. Winter talks about her match with Mickie James in a few weeks and says how Love will help her. She then says it's Winter's World! Her and Love cling their wine glasses. Winter takes a sip. Red wine....or blood comes out of her mouth. She whips it off slowly as she states....."orgasmic"!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next contest. Rob Van Dam's music hits and here comes "The Whole F'n Show". the crowd sings with the music. As Rob is in the ring, AJ Styles' music plays and here comes the phenomenal one. The crowd does a huge pop. He walks down the ramp and into the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Rob Van Dam in a Bound For Glory Series Match

Both are across the ring as the bell sounds. As they walk around the ring, Jerry Lynn is shown in the crowd. Rob and AJ lock-up, but they slide behind each other. They then let go and AJ knocks Rob down. AJ runs into the ropes, but Rob puts his legs up to lift him up, but AJ grabs the legs and spins Rob to get on his feet. They go back at it as Rob knocks AJ down and Rob goes for a cover, but AJ kicks out. They get up and look at each other. They lock-up once again as the crowd is split between both stars. AJ whips Rob into the ropes and hits a great dropkick. AJ then gets RVD up and hits a lovely backbreaker. He goes for a cover, but Rob kicks out. AJ gets RVD up and drops him down with a body slam. He then drops his knee right on RVD's face. He covers again, but Rob kicks out. AJ backs RVD in the corner as he does several knife edge chops. RVD then grabs AJ and whips him in the opposing corner. RVD runs to him and does an amazing monkey flip. AJ is thrown half way across the ring. Both get up and RVD hits AJ right in the head with a kick. He does rolling thunder and then a cover. AJ kicks out. Just then, Jerry Lynn jumps out from the crowd and yells at the referee about that count. Lynn then backs off. Rob and AJ get up and Rob kicks AJ right in the head with another kick. RVD goes to the top for a five star frog splash. AJ gets up though and goes to the top rope. RVD knocks AJ off the top though. Rob jumps for the finishing move, but AJ put his knees up. AJ covers, but Rob kicks out. Both slowly get up and exchange strikes. AJ then kicks Rob and goes for the Styles Clash, but Rob hits a back body drop. Both get up and slide past each other with ducks. AJ then hits Rob with the pay lay. Out of nowhere, Jerry Lynn comes beside the ring and starts yelling at the referee. The referee comes out and says that was twice, so he calls for the bell. AJ and RVD have no idea what is going on. Winner: AJ Styles

AJ gets out of the ring and exchanges some words to AJ. AJ then leaves. Rob comes out of the ring. Jerry says it was a three count after he did the rolling thunder move. Lynn says he is just trying to help.


Rob Van Dam is walking backstage. Jerry Lynn is right behind him. Jerry says it was three in that match. Rob says that Jerry says he is just trying to help, but he looses. Rob says he lost even more points. He doesn't need any help. He walks away. Jerry is upset as he hits something with anger.

Ric Flair is backstage. He is walking as here are noises coming from the area. Ric says he is not the joker. He says he is not scared. More noises of slamming and pipes dropping. Ric looks up and says he was always afraid of those rafters. He then says he has better things to do in Orlando. He is starting to get mad. He hears another noise and he stops dead in his tracks. He says he is about to leave. Just then, something is thrown across the camera. Ric yells "where are you"? Ric turns and sees Sting. Sting says Ric should come to him, but Ric says I don't want to fight him. Just then, Gunner nails Sting from behind. That doesn't last long as Sting hits Gunner back and slams him across the room. He smashes Gunner into things as Gunner is helpless. He is down and out for the count. Sting calls out Ric Flair. While Sting was attacking Gunner, Flair says Gunner is fired. Sting asks Gunner if he is okay at the end. He continues to be by Gunner.

A video plays showing Eric Young as he is driving. He says that no one should mess with him, unless they marry him. He then is on the streets and asks random people if they have been on TV. He then asks where Scott Bao is. The video ends as someone gives Eric a clue on where he is.

Crimson is shown backstage as he just came through the door. He holds his knee from the incident last week. Crimson then continues to walk as is in pain without any happiness.


Crimson's music hits as the show comes back. Crimson comes on stage as he is limping. He has a huge knee brace on as he continues his way to the ring. As he walks down the ramp, footage from last week shows Kurt Angle assaulting Crimson at the end of the show. Crimson is in the ring now and has a mic. The crowd is chanting "Crimson, Crimson, Crimson".

Crimson starts off by saying it has been a long week for multiple reasons. Crimson then says there is someone in the back that he has a personal issue with. He calls out Mr. Angle. Kurt Angle's music plays as he comes on stage. He has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He comes into the ring as some fans cheer but most boo. Kurt grabs a mic. Both stare at each other.

Crimson begins and says that he is going right to the point. While Kurt was going after young stars, he choice Crimson first. He says Kurt failed because he is standing right in front of him. Crimson is not one bit happy. Kurt gets on the mic and says that he respects the whole "Mr. Angle" thing, but he can't give respect back as he says Crimson is not going anywhere. Kurt Angle says young stars are built around Kurt himself. Without Kurt, Crimson is NOTHING! It takes a star like Angle to make people. He has made people throughout his entire career. He brings up being disrespected. Crimson says not one young person disrespected him. All of them, in fact, respect him, as it's an honor to compete against him. Kurt disagrees as he says people like him can't even shine Kurt's gold medal. Angle says Crimson isn't going anywhere in this business. Kurt walks away, but Crimson puts his hand out to stop him. Crimson says he will show Kurt. He will show Kurt why he is Crimson, undefeated, and the future of Impact Wrestling.....he will fight Kurt next week. Crimson is about to leave, but then says, "By the way Mr. Angle, I'm real.....I'm Damn real!" Crimson's music plays and he exits the ring. Kurt stares on.

Mexican America are backstage as Anarkia is warming up for the match. He says it might be their last match against Beer Money. Hernandez is confident though. Sarita says something in spanish and all of them laugh as they walk away.


Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are beside Tazz and Mike Tenay as they are going to be the special guests commentators during this match. They talk about Hector Guerrero. The Spanish announcer team is shown as Hector can't believe Jeff.

Mexican America's music plays and here comes the faction. Anarkia, Hernandez, Sarita, and Rosita walk down the ramp as the crowd boos. Everyone gets in the ring. As they do, footage from Hardcore Justice plays as Mexican America got beat by Beer Money. Beery Money's music hits and here comes the TNA Tag Team Champs! Fireworks explode in the air as they come down the ramp. Sarita and Rosita leave the ring as Beer Money comes in. Both teams are in. While they get situated, Jeff Jarrett shows his title he won from Mexico. He is sure proud of it. Karen then talks about how much you can get over there because of the currency change.

Mexican America vs. Beer Money, Champs, for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he announces the main event match. As he announces Mexican America, the crowd boos loudly. As he announces Beer Money, the crowd does a huge pop.

The bell rings and Bobby goes against Anarkia. Bobby gets Anarkia in a head-lock. Anarkia twists out of it and applies one to Robby. Roode then whips Anarkia in the ropes. Anarkia comes back and knocks Roode down. Roode gets up and goes after Anarkia as he drops him down in the corner and stomps on him multiple times. Roode then brings Anarkia over so he can tag James Storm. Both are in as they double team Anarkia. Roode then goes over and talks trash to other Mexican America members. Roode then leaves. James has total control over Anarkia as he kicks and punches him. He brings him in the corner. He goes to whip him in the opposing corner, gut Anarkia reverses it. As James is in the corner, Hernandez goes over. He goes after Storm. Anarkia comes over and continues the assault. Anarkia tags Hernandez in and he has total control. He covers James, but he kicks out. Hernandez pounds on the back of James and then knocks him down. Hernandez tags Anarkia. Both members are in as they double closeline James. Anarkia covers, but Storm kicks out. Anarkia now slides his arm under the neck of Storm as he applies the submission hold. James gets to his feet and elbows his way out of it. He then does a huge right hand and that knocks Anarkia down. He reaches over and tags Hernandez. He comes in, but Storm hits Hernandez with a double knee drop. Storm tags Roode and he just takes it to them. He knocks down Hernandez. Anarkia comes in and Roode attacks him. Roode does a snapping neckbreaker from the corner. He goes to cover, but Anarkia comes in and stops it. Now Storm gets in and double team Anarkia as the slam his head down in the mat for a deadly DDT. They both get Hernandez and double team him too. The crowd is going crazy. Beer Money makes them say their name..... "BEEEER MOONEEEEYYY". Just then, Rosita gets in the ring and goes right to James and Roode. Karen gets upset and leaves the announcer's table. She gets on the apron. Jeff goes after her and gets her down. Just then, Rosita gets on the apron to distract the referee. Anarkia gets in while Karen was on the apron. He gets attacked though. Hernandez gets in as he has Jeff's title. He hits Roode right in the head with it. He pins Roode for the win! Winner and NEW TNA Tag Team Champs: Mexican America

Hernandez and Anarkia get the titles in the ring. Just then, a fiesta follows as Jeff, Karen, Sarita, and Rosita come in the ring. The huge Mexican flag falls from the rafters as they celebrate the title victory! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle- Same as last week
2. Mexican America- New from last week
3. Ric Flair- New from last week
4. Austin Aries- New from last week
5. Mickie James- New from last week

My Thoughts:

This week's Impact Wrestling certainly had some interesting stuff. Well, that's what I thought. The first interesting piece was actually seeing Ric Flair back. I do not read the spoilers for Impact Wrestling as I like to go into the show fresh, so seeing Ric was surprising. When I saw Ric walking down the ramp, all I thought was the final match of WCW as it was Sting vs. Ric Flair. I never seen the match as it aired on TV, but watched in online. While it was not the best one, it was certainly good. Ric got in the ring and when he said he wanted another match with Sting, I then thought of the final WCW match yet again. I didn't think it would be an actual match between them tonight as I would have heard at least something. It was nice seeing them face to face in the ring though. To quote Michael Cole, the segment was "vintage"! After that, Ric went into Hogan's office. That was a pleasant surprise. Even though Hogan was furious, Ric just hugged him and hugged him again. The X-Division match was pretty good. It wasn't surprising to see Austin Aries win as he really does deserve a title match. The knockout match was good. (Way above good if you compare to WWE's diva matches.) AJ Styles vs. RVD was a good back and forth contest. You knew Jerry would be part of the match in some way. Great seeing them two go at it in a match though. Kurt Angle is going to face Crimson next week. While I doubt there will be an actual winner, it would be pretty interesting to see them to fight as I am growing as a Crimson fan. Finally, we saw new TNA Tag Team Champs. I thought Mexican America would win it at Hardcore Justice, but they didn't. I was just a couple weeks off. Anyway, it was an interesting and pretty good show. It flowed nicely. Not only did TNA have veteran stars, you can see them clearly building young ones like Crimson, Mexican America, and Austin Aries. How will Hulk react to the situation with Sting and Ric? What will go down between Kurt and Crimson? We will find that out next week. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter and read all of my latest projects. Follow me at:

Weekly Question: How do you think the Crimson vs. Kurt Angle match will turn out next week?

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