Impact Wrestling Results (8/2/12) - "James Is Guilty As Charged!"


Impact Wrestling Results - 8/2/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Before the show actually airs, with the credits still running from the previous show, Roode and Austin meet backstage. Roode says he has 10 days till they face one on one. Roode pushes Austin back as as he states he is going to the ring first. Roode tells Zema to follow. As Roode walks away, Austin turns him around and punches him. Zema and King fight back and forth too. The show cuts and then returns to the actual start.

Roode, Austin, King, and Zema all come out on stage. They are still fighting. Roode and Austin fight while Zema and King attack each other. They move down the ramp and are fighting around the ring. As they get away from their initial opponents, Zema attacks Austin. Austin is able to beat Ion down. Kenny is down from Roode. Austin climbs the corner and jumps on a free Roode. He hits him with a double elbow/forearm drop. Austin gets Roode up and rolls him in the ring. The bell finally sounds.

Austin Aries and Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode and Zema Ion

Roode crawls away from the standing Austin. Roode is able to flip back and tag Zema. Zema enters and goes right after Austin. Austin is able to come back as he whips Zema into his corner and smashes him with a forearm shot to the head. He tags in Kenny. Kenny enters and both lift Zema up. They do a double airplane spin. They let Zema down and he stumbles. Kenny is able to do a huge kick and Zema falls. King jumps off the ropes and lands on Ion for a cover. Ion kicks out. Kenny stands and catapults Ion into the ropes. Austin is right there and punches Ion in the face. Ion falls back on King's knees. Austin jumps over and plants an elbow. Austin tags himself in when he was on the catapult and is now the legal man. Kenny rolls out as Austin brings Ion up and puts him in his corner. Austin does some chops in the corner and tags Kenny in. Kenny enters and brings Ion to another corner. He continues to attack him. Kenny brings Zema over and tags in Austin again. Austin jumps over. It's just a back and forth tag match between these two as Kenny comes back in without seeing much from Austin. As Kenny and Ion fight, Roode tries to interfere from the apron. Kenny is able to hit Roode down. He goes to whip Ion in the ropes, but Ion reverses it. Kenny bounces off the ropes, but Roode grabs Kenny's leg and trips him up. He pulls Kenny out of the ring. Ion runs and flips over the ropes and lands right on Kenny. Ion is now in control. He brings Kenny in. Ion tags Roode. Roode enters and whips Kenny into the corner. The corner right beside it is where Austin is located. Roode walks over and slaps Austin right across the face. Austin doesn't like that. Roode goes to Kenny and continues. He is able to stay on the offense with kicks and punches to a suplex. He walks over and knocks Austin down. Austin jumps back up and tries to get in the ring, but Earl Hebner won't allow him. Roode claps and brings Ion in. There is no official tag though. Ion gets in and rips the face off of Kenny. Kenny can barely see. Kenny gets up and stumbles back into the corner. Ion walks over and punches him multiple times in the face.


Kenny and Ion are on the corner. Kenny is able to knock Ion down on the mat. Ion slowly gets up as Kenny waits for him. Roode goes over and pushes Kenny off of the top. Kenny falls on the apron and right down at ringside. Austin can't take it anymore. He rushes over to attack Roode, but Earl steps out of the ring and stops Austin. In the ring, Ion tags Roode. Austin goes back to his corner as Roode attacks the hurting Kenny. Roode walks over and tags Ion in. Ion goes after the arm of King. King still has some power though as he grabs Ion and does a suplex type move to Ion. Kenny crawls and Ion crawls. They tag their partners but Earl did not see the Kenny/Austin tag. Austin is furious. Roode brings Kenny to his corner and stomps on him. He tags Ion in. Ion continues to stomp. Ion backs away as Kenny gets up. Kenny punches Ion and Roode. Roode falls down. Kenny does a huge kick to the head of Ion and covers. Roode interferes and breaks the count. Austin gets up on the top rope and flies in the air. He hits Roode! Roode rolls out of the ring. Ion tries to go after Austin, but Aries knocks him down. Austin goes into the ropes and does a great suicide dive on Roode. Kenny lifts Ion up on his shoulders. He spins him around and Ion lands right on his back. Kenny covers and wins. Winner: Austin Aries and Kenny King

Austin gets back in the ring and lays on the top rope. He calls Roode to get back in the ring as Roode walks backwards up the ramp. Kenny celebrates in the ring. The show plays a video package showcasing the whole Aces and Eights storyline. It shows them attacking Hogan and Sting and the whole list of other stars. Is James Storm part of Aces and Eights? They video shows James saying he is not part of it. The video ends and Sting is walking backstage. The camera man asks Sting about Aces and Eights. Sting likes to hear the information from the horses mouth. He doesn't know who the leader is or who is part of it, but he is about to ask right two soon as he goes around the corner.


Sting's music hits and The Icon appears. He walks down the ramp and right into the ring. They crowd goes crazy for him. Sting grabs a mic and begins speaking. He says there are a lot of questions but not a lot of answers. He needs to get some information out there. He first calls out James Storm. Storm's music plays immediately. James comes out on the stage. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He's sporting a more of a straight hair look. He has his usual sunglasses on. Sting says he has some compelling video to show James. Aces and Eights run out and interfere in James vs. AJ last week but they didn't attack James. Then, when James ran out at the end of the show, Aces and Eights fled the scene without touching James. Sting wants some explanation. Storm says he has been getting emails and calls all week. James says he sees cowards scared of the big man coming down the ramp for a fight. James and Sting know each other for a long time. James doesn't need anyone to fight his battles. He will have his arm high in the air at the end of the night. 9 months ago, James was attacked by Kurt Angle. James came back from that attack though. He beat Kurt 3 out of 4 times and one of those was for the World Title. He didn't get any help from anyone then. Doesn't need help then and doesn't need help now. Just then, Kurt Angle's music hits. Kurt walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Kurt says sorry to Sting that he came out there, but he heard his name. Kurt seen James a lot in the past couple of years. He seen James on the top as champion and lose the title. He seen James almost retire and then return. A couple weeks ago, James called out Kurt for a match. Angle got attacked by Aces and Eights. Kurt brings up James vs. AJ. They attacked everyone but James. They then came out after Kurt' match last week. They didn't hit James at all. Kurt is begging Aces and Eights to come to his match tonight as there will be an @ss kicking party. Sting calms Kurt down but then likes the idea. He likes the word party. He hopes Aces and Eights show up as Sting will be right there at ringside. Kurt looks James right in the eyes he touches his shoulder and tells James that he will make him tap out. Kurt walks away. James doesn't think he will. James stares right at Kurt as he goes backstage.

Some pictures are shown from Twitter as AJ Styles went to Australia recently. Since they mention AJ, they bring up his storyline with Claire. They air video from a couple weeks ago when Claire revealed pictures of AJ and her in bed. The video ends and Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. Kaz states that AJ fled the country. Yes, he promoted TNA, but he left because he couldn't handle it. Daniels laughs and says it is only fair to throw Claire a baby shower! Kaz and Daniels grab a drink and toast to it.


The show returns and the camera shows the Impact Zone filled with people. Taz and Mike Tenay are shown as they announce the stipulation for the Hardcore Justice PPV matches. The Kurt vs. AJ vs. Daniels vs. Joe will be a Ladder Match, the Bully vs. James vs. Hardy vs. Robbie E will be a Table match and RVD vs. Magnus vs. Anderson vs. Pope will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The Bound for Glory Leadership Boards are shown and Samoa Joe is first with 47 points while James Storm has 45 points. Music hits and here comes Bully Ray. He is tweeting as he walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He tells everyone to shut up. He calls out James Storm as he never trusted him. Ray has been part of TNA for 6 years and he has never trusted him. Ray will be out in the arena to watch James' match tonight. Music plays and it's Robbie E. Robbie T comes out with him. Robbie E gets in the ring as Robbie T follows.

Bully Ray vs. Robbie E in the Bound for Glory Series Match

Robbie T attacked Ray as it knocks him right down. The bell sounds and Robbie T gets out as Robbie E covers him. Ray kicks out. Robbie gets up and stomps on him. Ray is able to crawl away. He gets up on his knees. Robbie taunts to the crowd. He turns to Ray. Ray slaps the chest of Robbie. Oh, you can hear it! Robbie turns and faces Ray again. He does another huge slap. He does one more and jumps up. He does the Bully Cutter and gets the win. Winner: Bully Ray for 7 points

Earl Hebner is backstage with Madison Rayne. He gives Madison flowers and a teddy bear. I think there was chocolates too. Madison tells Earl that she loves him because she does and she doesn't need any gifts. Gail Kim enters the picture and asks what this is all about. Earl walks away. Madison says Earl is a professional and he does not screw anyone in a match. He will call it down the middle. Gail really doesn't think that is true. The camera goes to Tara as she is stretching backstage.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the TNA Knockout Champion, Ms. Tessmacher. She comes out and shows her stuff as well as shaking it. She comes over to be the guest commentator for this match. Christy Hemme also introduces this match. Tara comes out to the ring first. After her, Madison Rayne comes down the ramp. As she comes down to the ring, they show video from last week where Earl counted 3 for Rayne even though the shoulders were up. Rayne gets in the ring with her crown on her head and a teddy bear that Earl gave her. Earl smiles as he looks at her. Gail comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Finally, Mickie James' music plays. She gets on the stage and shows Tessmacher that she will be the champion soon. Mickie continues to the ring.


Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James in a #1 Contenders Match for the Knockout Title

The match begins and Tara goes right after Gail as she sends her right in the corner. Gail comes right out as she knocks Tara down. Tara gets up and Gail puts her in the corner. She lifts Tara up and throws her over the ropes in a back body drop type move. Madison and Mickie fight each other. Gail comes out and closelines Mickie down. Her and Madison grab Mickie and toss her out of the ring. They unite as one. Tara gets in the ring and both go after her. Madison takes control of Tara as she works her with a knee to the gut and back and then swinging neck breaker. Gail comes over and goes for a cover, but Tara kicks out. Tara is able to hit Madison and Gail in the gut. Mickie is able to grab Gail's leg and pull her out of the ring. Gail and Mickie fight, but Gail is able to hit Mickie and whip her right into the steel steps. You can hear the flesh on steel impact. Gail gets in the ring as Tara has control. Gail is able to take that from her. Her and Madison continue to work Tara. They have her in the corner and beat her down and then whip her in the opposing corner. They bring Tara down. Mickie gets in and is able to attack Madison down. She attacks Madison on the mat while Tara and Gail go to the outside. Mickie has the control but Gail enters and brings Mickie down. She slowly works Mickie down. Tara gets on the apron and Gail turns to her. She tries to lift her up for a suplex, but Tara grabs Gail and chokes her on the top rope. Gail falls on her back. Tara jumps over the ropes and lands right on Gail. She covers but Gail kicks out. It was close. Tara goes to the top rope to go for a moonsault. Madison makes her drop down on the corner. Tara turns around as Madison climbs. Tara is able to knock Madison down. Mickie gets Madison while Gail climbs the corner and does a superplex to Tara. Gail covers but Earl is distracted with now the full looking Madison. Gail gets up and yells at Madison. Mickie gets in the ring and attacks Madison. She knocks Gail down. Mickie continues to go after Madison. Gail gets up and is able to kick Mickie right in the head. Mickie falls through the ropes. Tara grabs Gail. She lifts her up and hits the Widow's Peak. Madison grabs Tara. She goes for a DDT, but Tara rolls forward. Tara has Madison's shoulders down while Earl counts. Both get up after the 3 count. Earl raises Madison's arm as he says she won while the shoulders of Tara were not down. Earl is just doing his job! Winner: Madison Rayne

Video plays showing the confrontation between Kurt Angle and James Storm. After the video, Roode is backstage. He says everyone thinks it is James. Roode said that last week. People are finally listening. Roode announces he will be out there for the main event tonight. Roode walks away. The camera turns to Austin Aries across the area. Aries says that everyone will be out there and since Roode will be out there, so will Austin!

Sting is backstage in his office with Brooke Hogan sitting down in a chair. Sting knows how Hogan rolls. He says he is fine but his body wouldn't be. Brooke says Sting is right. Brooke says it was hard seeing her dad lying there in severe pain. Sting squats down and tells Brooke that he will figure out who they are and he will take care of them for Hogan. He says Brooke has a job to do though. Sting is going to protect her. Brooke says it is scary as they could do anything. Suddenly, a producer enters the scene. He gives something to Brooke and says it is urgent. Brooke opens the envelope and it is a paper that has cards taped/glued to them. It is the Aces and Eights/Dead Man's Hand. Brooke quickly gets up and takes off her mic. She says she has to go. Sting calls for her name but Brooke is out of there.

Chavo Guerrero is backstage as he is warming up for his match! It is next!


ODB and Eric Young are backstage. ODB says there is a problem. They are the Knocked-up champions and Brooke has been getting on her. Eric cracks a joke about some other Brooke. He then says Hulk is too young to have kids. ODB says they have not defended the title in two months and he is a guy. Eric promotes his fishing show and then takes one of the titles and runs away. Now they can't have the titles taken from them if they each have it separate. ODB still wants her fried chicken!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces this contest. Kid Kash walks down the ramp as Gunner follows him. As he gets in the ring, video plays from their attack last week on Chavo. Chavo Guerrero now comes down the ramp. He has Hernandez at his side. They interact with the fans before going to the ring. They show the Spanish Announce team and then show the grandmother of the Guerrero name. Lots of talent around!

Kid Kash vs. Chavo Guerrero

The match starts and Kash quickly moves around the ring to do a take down. He grabs onto Chavo, but Chavo doesn't go down. Kash is able to get to a vertical base and goes into the ropes. He comes back and he knocks Chavo down. Kash runs into the opposing ropes and jumps over Chavo. Chavo gets up and is able to come back. He does some punches and a huge uppercut. Kash gets up and Chavo whips him in the corner. Kash comes out as Chavo tries to lock his arms around him. Kash elbows him right in the face. Chavo falls. Kash walks around. He sits down on Chavo and punches is face multiple times. Kash gets up for the break. Chavo gets up and comes back with punch after punch. Chavo bounces off the ropes. Kash lifts him up and plants him down face first into the mat. Kash continues the offense as he does a body slam. Kash goes to the top rope for a moonsault but Chavo puts his knees up. Both slowly get up. Chavo goes to Kash for forearm shots. Kash hits back. Chavo goes into the ropes. He comes back and is able to do a hurricanrona. Both get up and Chavo does a dropkick. Chavo gets on the apron and jumps over for a leg drop. Guerrero shakes his stuff. Kash gets up and Chavo kicks him in the gut. Gunner gets on the apron and distracts Chavo. Chavo turns and kicks Kash. Hernandez gets on the apron and distracts Kash. Kash turns and Chavo does the 3 suplexes. He goes to the top rope and hits the Frog Splash. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Dixie Carter is backstage. The cameraman asks Dixie's take on the AJ/Claire situation. Dixie been part of blackmailing before. She knows what it is like, but AJ needs to step up and bring the truth. The camera cuts to Daniels and Kaz as they are carrying presents. They put them down as they fumble them around. Here comes the baby shower!


Kurt Angle is backstage with Wes Brisco. Kurt welcomes him and then asks him what he is doing there. Wes is there trying to get an opportunity. Wes asks if he can put a word in to Hogan. Devon and Garett Bischoff come into the scene. They introduce themselves to Brisco. They talk about Aces and Eights to Kurt as they do not want it to be a third time they ruin everything. Kurt understands and they leave. Kurt asks Wes what he is up to and Wes does some mishmash.

Daniels and Kazarian are in the ring. There is a table in the ring along with the presents. Kaz says AJ is in Australia getting someone pregnant right now. They tell Claire to come in. Claire is in the audience. She comes from behind the security railing. She climbs the stares and gets in the ring. They make her have a seat and give her a necklace. Daniels gets on the mic and says he has two kids. He loves and supports them but AJ won't do that for his kid. He will be a terrible father. Daniels says the presents are for her and the baby. Kaz opens one present and it filled with diapers. Daniels gives Claire another present to open. It has AJ action figures and pictures of Daniels and Kaz. There are shirts and a title belt in there. Now to top it all off, there is a baby doll that is dressed like AJ Styles. Daniels tells Kaz to give it to her. Claire holds it and says it is cute. Daniels wants her to be happy. Claire turns to the camera. She tells her the baby is coming and to do the right thing.....DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THEIR BABY! She repeats it as she starts to cry. She gets up and walks out of the ring.

The show turns into a split screen with Kurt Angle on the left side and James Storm on the right. They are getting ready for their match backstage!


Mr. Parks is on the phone backstage. He tells the person on the phone that the TNA people better get back to him. He gets off the phone and the camera guy asks Parks about another match. Parks is hyper. He says he wrestled Ray a few times but he is now part of other wrestlers by representing them in the courts. Parks sees Sting and he rushes over to him. Parks asks Sting if he needs any help in court or anything. Sting is covered. Sting then asks Parks about being the Black Hole Slam he did a couple weeks ago. Parks doesn't really know what to say. He blows it off and says he wants a picture with Sting, if he can. Parks holds out his phone and takes a snapshot of him and Sting. He is going to tweet it.

Mike Tenay and Taz announce matches for next week's Impact Wrestling. Check out the full line-up for next week right here on

James Storm's music plays. He makes his way on stage and down the ramp. He gets right in the ring. Kurt Angle now comes out with his music. He gets in the ring.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle in the Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds. Wes Brisco is in the crowd watching this match as Mike talks about this successful talent. Kurt and James lock-up. They are pretty even until James over powers Kurt. Kurt gets up and they lock-up again. Kurt overpowers James this time. James gets up. They get up once more and lock-up. James is able to grab the arm of Kurt and twist it around. Kurt does a snapmare. Sting now walks down the ramp to be out for this match. James still has the arm locked behind Kurt. Kurt gets away. James does a hip toss and then an arm drag takedown. He has Kurt down. Devon and Garett are now out during the match. Kurt gets up. James goes after him. James turns away. He runs to Kurt. Kurt sidesteps and goes over the ropes, but James holds on to the top rope and flips back in. James goes after Kurt again. Kurt is able to block a kick from James and punches him until he goes in the corner. Kurt stomps and chokes James with his foot. Kurt backs away. James gets up and takes Kurt to the corner. He stomps on him. He whips Kurt into the opposite corner, but Kurt reverses it. James comes back and Kurt hits the belly to belly suplex. Both are down. Bully Ray slowly makes his way to the scene. It is getting intense. Kurt stands up and stomps on James.


James is coming back. He closelines Kurt down and goes for a cover: 1-2-OH! Both get up and Kurt is able to grab James and toss him through the middle rope.


Kurt is outside with Storm. Kurt rolls James in. Kurt slides in only to get a stomp from Storm. James grabs Kurt through the middle rope and hit a huge DDT. Both are down. Roode slowly makes his way to ringside. As he does, Austin Aries comes through the curtain. James and Kurt are up. James lifts Kurt and chokes him on the top rope. James runs into the ropes and knocks Kurt down. He gets Kurt up and into the corner. He runs to him. Kurt lifts up, but Storm lands on the apron. He kicks Kurt on the back of the head. James gets in. He runs in the ropes. He comes back and Kurt ducks the closeline. He locks his arms behind Storm and hits three german suplexes. Kurt gets up and takes his singlet down. He is going for the end. James gets up but is able to get away from the Angle Slam. Kurt drops Storm down to apply the Ankle Lock, but Storm rolls through. Both get up. Storm attacks Kurt and is able to lift Kurt up for the Angle Slam! James covers but Storm kicks out. Both get up. Storm pushes Kurt in the ropes. He comes back and James goes for the double knee to the face drop, but Kurt grabs his one leg and locks in the Ankle Lock. Storm is in pain. He moves around the ring but Storm isn't tapping. He doesn't want to! He is right by the ropes, but Kurt pulls him to the center. Storm turns over and kicks Ankle right in the face. That releases the hold. Both get up. Storm turns to his side and hits the Last Call Superkick! He falls on Kurt and gets the win. Winner: James Storm with 7 points

James is now the leader of the Bound for Glory Series. Everyone around ringside is looking for Aces and Eights. Kurt Angle slowly gets up and goes to Storm. They handshake and hug. James raises the arm of Kurt. They walk around the ring. James gets on the mic.

He says the gang is here, so where is Aces and Eights? Why not bring their @sses out?! Everyone is looking around. James tells the producers to play their music or do whatever they have to do in order for them to come out. Roode gets on the mic. He says this is odd. They aren't there because James did it himself. James beat Kurt himself, so he didn't need anyone to help him tonight. Roode was right. James is guilty! James is the man behind the attacks. Just then, Bully Ray enters the ring. Storm turns and Ray hits him. They fight back and forth. As they do, Roode and Austin get in the ring. They attack each other. They fall on the mat and roll back and forth as they punch each other. Kurt Angle stands in the ring looking around for Aces and Eights. Where are they? The show fades with the two fights!

Top 5 Rankings:

1. James Storm - Up from last week
2. Austin Aries - Up from last week
3. Kenny King - New from last week
4. Kurt Angle - Down from last week
5. Chavo Guerrero - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

As this show aired live at 8pm, all I thought about was TNA going live for another whole month. They added the live shows into September, which is great, but I am not sure how long they will last. I am going to take them as we get them as the live shows truly beat any taped show they played! TNA started with a huge brawl and the big tag team to start the show. If they did not announce James Storm vs. Kurt Angle last week, I would have expected this tag match to end the show, but it didn't. I am glad because I am not a big fan of tag team matches ending shows (if it was part of the tag team division, that is a different story). Aries and Kenny picked up the win, which made them grab the two spots in the "Top 5 Rankings" this week. James won the main event in a great match. I had to add Kurt into the list because he was shown multiple times throughout the show and displayed his great work in the ring. Chavo had the nice debut match to take the 5th spot. It's nice seeing Chavo back in the ring. I always was a fan of him and thought he was underrated. It's great seeing him on television. Overall, this show was a great episode that was filled with quite a lot of stuff. It had your promos and segments if you like that (the baby shower was pretty entertaining as Daniels is always great on the mic). Speaking about the baby shower, it was nice TNA added that to the mix to the Claire/AJ storyline as they take advantage of AJ's absence. I am still high up on the storyline. Moving on, Sting spoke to Brooke Hogan and Aces and Eights sent her a message. Look for the Aces and Eights Twitter account to follow Brooke in the next couple of days. Speaking about Brooke, the Knockouts got a match tonight and it was a good one! You had Madison and Earl in the match and you know something will happen. It looks like Madison will be the champion soon as Earl almost always calls the Knockout matches. Boy, is he lucky! Finally, the main event was a high stakes match as it had the biggest names around the ring. I thought Aces and Eights would make one appearance, but they didn't. Having them end like that was nice as Roode can continue to prove his point. TNA can do a swerve, but I don't see James Storm being part of the faction. It is a nice allegation though. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) and check out my blog (link also below in my bio).

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