Impact Wrestling Results (8/23/12) - Aces And 8s Members Spread Like Wildfire


Impact Wrestling Results - 8/23/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

TNA's Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video of the Aces and 8s. The faction rides into the parking lot of the Impact Zone on motorcycles. They line up and continue through the lot. That video ends and another starts about the whole Aces and 8s faction. It shows them beating down on the biggest stars on the show as well as the thought of James Storm being involved. He isn't. The war will continue tonight!

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and on the stage. It pans the audience as they are up on their feet. It is Open Fight Night! As Mike Tenay and Taz state that, Sting's music plays. He comes out and so does most of the roster. You have Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, Robbie T, Robbie E, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Devon, Mr. Anderson, Gunner, and AJ Styles. Sting gets on the mic. He told security that to leave the gate wide open for them to arrive. He goes on to say that it is weird who join up and want to go after some other faction. Sting points to the titan tron and pictures of Aces and 8s play of when they attacked and stalked the likes of Sting, Hogan, Brooke, and others. Sting chances focus and wants to call out James Storm as he was the man who was being talked about with the group. Storm's music hits and he quickly comes into the ring. He grabs a mic. He tells Sting that he is right. Evidence was stacked up against him, but the group jumped him last week just like they did to everyone else. He wants to change this wrestling show into an @ss whipping show. Sting loves that idea. The fans chant "We want Hogan" and Sting acknowledges it. Sting says Hogan is here. He asks where the Aces and 8s are though.

Just then, the group appears from the fans. It's only two members. Sting tells the guards to open the railings to let them in. The two slide into the ring. One member pulls out numb chucks. Kurt and James quickly attack the members. Kurt and James go to the one member and put him in the corner. They rip off his face mask. It's some guy. He is bleeding form the mic. Sting can't believe that is all they brought. Sting puts the mic to the mouth of the guy. He says thank you and he just got patched in. They are in for a long and painful night. Sting jabs the guy right in the gut. Kurt goes right back on the attack.

The show returns and they replay the footage of the attack and the message from the unmasked guy. The video ends and music hits. Here comes Ms. Tessmacher. She walks down the ramp. As she does, footage plays from last week's match between her and Madison. Tessmacher won the title. The video ends and Tessmacher is in the ring with a mic in hand. Ms. Tessmacher thanks Brooke Hogan for outdoing the wrong from Hardcore Justice with the whole referee dilemma. Ms. Tessmacher goes on to say that it is not about the Knockout Title. It's about fighting one of her mentors. This person taught her a lot. She calls out Tara. The camera shows Tara backstage watching from the screen. Tara's music plays and she comes to the ring. Tara is a bit surprised. They meet and shake hands. As they do, music hits and Taryn Terrell comes to the ring as she is the referee.

Ms. Tessmacher vs. Tara

The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They lock-up. Tessmacher is able to take down Tara. Both get up and Tara is able to take down Tessmacher. Both get up and Tara does a hip toss. Both get up and Tessmacher tries for an arm drag, but Tara doesn't roll through. She is able to get get Tessmacher and counter. She brings Tessmacher down for a cover, but Tessmacher kicks out. Tara brings Tessmacher to the corner. She backs up with the 4 count. Tara hits Tessmacher with a huge punch to the gut. Tessmacher goes right down. Tara gets her up. Tessmacher is able to come back. They go to the corner where Tessmacher comes back. She knocks Tara down to the mat. Tessmacher shakes her booty and climbs the corner. Tara gets up and climbs. She hits a superplex and covers. Tara gets the win. Winner: Tara

Both get up and look at each other. They hug. Video plays from August 12th. The Aces and 8s attacked Pope. They show a tweet picture of Pope's latest injury.

Sting is backstage with AJ Styles, RVD, Robbie E, and Robbie T. They were suppose to face Pope but he is out. So, it's going to be AJ vs. RVD vs. Robbie E and if they get a pinfall, it's 7 points and 10 points for submission. "The big guy" Robbie E is not involved. It's next!


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she announces this next match. Robbie E walks down the ramp as it's the VIP entrance! He has a snazzy sweater on as he waits for his opponents. Rob Van Dam enters the ring second. As he does, they show the leader board. James Storm is first. Samoa Joe is second. After RVD, AJ Styles comes out as he walks through the sparks that come down from above.

Robbie E vs. Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The match begins. AJ and RVD talk. Robbie E is trying to get involved. AJ and RVD both look at him. Robbie doesn't like this. He kicks AJ in the gut. He goes to RVD but RVD hits him. AJ punches Robbie. They both throw Robbie into the ropes. He comes back and they him him with a double elbow. He falls and rolls out of the ring. AJ and RVD go after now. They hit each other back and forth. They each go for near falls but both are on the same level. Robbie E comes in. He yells and runs to them. RVD does a hip toss. He gets up and RVD continues to attack. Robbie walks to AJ and he hits a suplex. Robbie goes outside again. RVD and AJ lock-up. RVD has a headlock applied. AJ whips him into the ropes. Both jump over each other. AJ is able to hit the dropkick at the end. RVD rolls out of the ring. Robbie comes in. Robbie runs and hits him with a closeline as AJ turns around. Robbie continues with stomps. He chokes AJ with his boot. RVD enters but Robbie stomps on him and pushes him out of the ring. Robbie goes back to AJ, but AJ hits him in the chest and whips him into the corner. AJ runs and smashes him. Robbie comes out of the corner. AJ smashes him in the back. He then rams him back first into the corner.


Robbie has AJ down and covers him. AJ kicks out at two. They show a replay of what happened during the commercial break. RVD did a monkey flip to AJ. The split screen ends. AJ is able come back as he whips Robbie into the corner. AJ runs to him, but Robbie moves out of the way. AJ goes right into the corner. Robbie runs to RVD, who is on the apron, and knocks him off. Robbie has AJ down and applies a headlock. AJ gets up. He drops down doing a jawbreaker. AJ gets up and tries to fight back, but Robbie knocks him down. Robbie bounces off the ropes, but RVD grabs his legs and takes them out from under him. He has him outside and punches him as well as ramming his face into the apron. As he has Robbie, AJ runs and jumps over the ropes. He hits a flying cross body on both stars. AJ gets RVD up and brings him in the ring. AJ lifts him on his shoulders. He drops him down with a huge backbreaker. He covers. RVD kicks out. He gets RVD up and puts him in the apron. AJ goes back. Robbie gets on the apron. AJ runs and knocks Robbie off. He goes to Rob but Rob comes back. He hits AJ and he falls. He hits the rolling thunder. Robbie enters. RVD knocks him down. He does a standing moonsault. RVD gets him up and throws him out of the ring. AJ is up now. He springboards back on the ropes. He flips behind Rob. He hits a reverse DDT. AJ covers. RVD kicks out. Both get up and AJ takes him to the corner. Rob is able to kick him. AJ stumbles. Rob climbs the corner. AJ follows. Rob knocks him down. Rob jumps and hits the 5 star frog splash. Just then, Robbie gets in. He rolls Rob up after the splash and gets the 3! Winner: Robbie E with 7 points

They show the leader boards and Robbie E is still last as Pope was taken out. The camera switches backstage as Jeff Hardy is making his way to the ring.


Jeff Hardy's entrance music plays. The crowd does a great pop. Jeff walks out as he has green face paint as it matches his armbands. He interacts with the fans around the ring. He gets in the ring, climbs the corner and taunts. He grabs a mic. He says hello to his creatures. He goes on to say that this is not a Bound for Glory match. He brings up history and calls out Robbie T. Mr. T comes right on out. He is ready to fight.

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie T

Robbie goes right after Hardy, but Jeff ducks. Jeff goes right after Robbie with punches and then a spin kick after Robbie blocked the plain gut kick. Robbie stumbles back. Jeff gets up and Robbie closelines him right down. Robbie continues the offense. He hits Jeff right on the back. He gets him up and whips him in the corner. Jeff jumps up, but Robbie grabs him. He slams him down. Robbie gets up and waits. Jeff slowly gets up in the corner. Robbie runs to him. Jeff elbows him and then hits whisper in the wind. He covers. Robbie kicks out. Jeff runs into the ropes. He hits Robbie but he doesn't fall. He does three times and Robbie finally fell down. Robbie gets up quickly. Jeff takes his legs out from under him and does the double leg drop between the legs. Jeff rules. Robbie quickly gets up and is furious. Hardy kicks him and hits the Twist of Fate. He climbs the corner after taking off his shirt. He hits the Swanton Bomb and gets the win. Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy taunts around the ring and throws his gear to the fans. As he rolls out of the ring, Kaz and Daniels are backstage. Daniels has a drink in his hand. He says all the details are not out yet about AJ Styles. They will be soon though. He hands Kaz the drink. Kaz doesn't drink that stuff. Daniels says one of them a day keeps the doctor away. Kaz knows that is not an apple. Daniels has the drink all to himself then.


Sting is backstage. He is right up in the camera. He gave Aces and 8s the entire arena. Where are they though? He wants them! He invites them! He will give them the Dead Man's Hand! Sting laughs and laughs! He is easy to find! Sting slowly walks backwards.

A video package airs about the entire storyline from AJ and Dixie's affair to the time Claire came into the picture. It goes on to AJ and Claire being the mom and dad of a future child. It came down to last week where AJ took the paternity test.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He has papers in his hand. This is happening because of last week's match as AJ won. Jeremy introduces Styles. AJ walks down the ramp as he holds his gut. He gets in the ring. The fans chant, "Who's the daddy?" AJ says they are about to find out. AJ wants to talk about it first. He says sorry to his friends, employees, fans, and family. He wishes it never existed, but something happened that night with Claire. He doesn't know what though. If he is the father of Claire's baby, he will accept responsibility of the child. He is a man. He will do what is right. If it is not his baby....he doesn't want Daniels or Kaz to talk to him EVER AGAIN! AJ backs up. Jeremy introduces Claire Lynch. Kaz and Daniels come out. Kaz has a mic and tells AJ to shut up. At this time, he cares more about the AJ Styles brand instead of what he put in CLaire's womb. It makes him sick. This is creating bullying. This is absentee fathers. This is because of criminals in jails as the criminals could have been different if they had fathers to guide them. It hurts, AJ, huh? Kaz tells AJ to be concerned about the little one instead of himself. Daniels takes the mic and says the damages that has been done. Claire came out and asked AJ if he will do the right thing. All he did was turn his back on her. The stress builds up to physical stress. Borash called Claire out, but she is not here. She is in a Florida hospital. She is in emergency care and Daniels hopes all of his friends will help her out. As Daniels keeps talking, a lady walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring and grabs a mic right after Daniels calls AJ a b@stared. She introduces herself and says she is the attorney of Claire. Daniels puts his hands on her. She quickly snaps at him. The lady reads a statement from Claire. She reads Claire met up with Daniels and Kaz to blackmail and trick AJ. Claire put pills into cola and knocked AJ out. After that, she took pictures which led to the blackmail. Claire is taking responsibilities of her actions. She is not or ever has been pregnant. The crowd does a huge pop. The lady continues. This was to hurt AJ's professional and personal life. Claire hopes people can forgive him. AJ has always been the man people knew him as. The crowd cheers. Respectfully and with deep regards, Claire Lynch. The lady walks away. AJ stares as Daniels and Kaz confront the lady. She leaves the ring as well as Jeremy. AJ walks forward and kicks Daniels with a pele. He tries to get Kaz, but he rolls out of the ring. Daniels and him walk up the ramp.

A video plays showing the Gut Check challenger: Kris Lewie. He talks about wrestling and how it is his life. He wants to support his family unlike his dad did. Al Snow called him and he was shocked. TNA is huge and he is glad to get the chance. He is hungry. He wants this. He needs this, job wise! He is more motivated than any other GutCheck challenger....or any other person under the roster.

The camera is backstage. Aces and 8s are backstage. They are walking. Sting pops out and is right behind them. He gets their attention. He says they are playing games. He likes games too. How about 52 card pick-up? He throws the cards in the air. Just then, Hulk Hogan is behind the Aces and 8s. Sting tosses the baseball bat to Hogan. The faction turns and Hogan takes them out with the bat. The 3 or 4 members are knocked down. Hogan goes up to the one and grabs him by the throat. He tells them that if they ever go to his daughter again, he will rip the guy's heart out and feet it to his dog! He puts the person down and goes to Sting. Hogan is pumped. He is grunting like mad. Sting tells him to calm down. Sting realizes that Hollywood Hogan is back. He sees the unstoppable force is here!


The show returns and they replay the footage of moments ago where Sting and Hogan attacked Aces and 8s! The video ends and another one airs. Alex Silva is shown as he talks about Ric Flair taking the mic away from the guy and then gave him an opportunity. He says he is part of the company and all he has to do is train. He wants to be the best wrestler out there. If you have a goal, go for it and get it!

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. Kris Lewie is with him. Music hits and here comes Gunner.

Kris Lewie vs. Gunner in the Gut Check Challenge

Both walk close to each other. They mouth each other. Kris hits an arm drag once....and then twice. He is able to do a shoulder block and covers Gunner. Gunner kicks out. Kris is on a role. Gunner gets up. They lock-up. Gunner does a quick knee to the gut and rams Kris into the corner. He does a punch to the gut. Kris turns it around. He hits Gunner in the corner. Gunner is able to poke at Kris. He goes to Kris, but Kris is able to retaliate. Both get up and Gunner overpowers Kris. He is able to knock him right down. He gets him in the corner and whips him into the opposing corner. He walks over and gives him some shots. He then whips him into the opposing corner where they were first at. Gunner runs. Kris gets out of the way. He is able to do three punches to the face and then hits a closeline. He whips Gunner into the ropes and hits a jumping knee. Kris gets Gunner up on his shoulders and hits a samoan drop. He climbs the corner. He flies. Gunner moves. Gunner gets him up and plants Kris down face and chest first. He gets the pin. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night! Winner: Gunner

Mr. Anderson is backstage. He is warming up as he is heading to the ring next.


ODB is backstage. She is on the phone with Eric Young. She says it has been 3 weeks since she asked for fried chicken and beer. He knows he is a big fishing star catching come fish, but he should be catching his wife! She wants him to return and to bring the friend chicken. She hangs up and does the BOOM! She sees someone backstage and asks for their name, but she ends up not even caring.

Music hits and it's Mr. Anderson! He walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He reaches up in the middle of the ring as the mic drops down. The spotlight is on him. Mr. Anderson announces that this is his last Bound for Glory Series match. He has saved the biggest, baddest, toughest, and meanest for last. Without any further delay.....he hails from New Jersey.....Bully Ray! Ray's music plays. He slowly walks backstage and makes it through the curtain. The leader board shows RVD third and AJ Styles fourth. Them and James Storm and Samoa Joe are the four that would move on.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds. Both slowly walk around the ring. They walk closer and lock-up. Both move back before they lock. They lock-up now and Anderson applies a headlock. Ray pushes him into the ropes. Ken comes back and Ray knocks him down. He goes for an elbow drop, but Ken moves out of the way. Both get up. Anderson is thrown into the ropes. Ray bends over for a back body drop, but Ken kicks Ray right in the chest. He tries to continue, but Ray swings and hits Ken right in the back. Ken winches in pain. Ray continues the assault. He finally grabs Anderson and throws him shoulder first into the steel post.


Bully Ray has Ken down. He drops the elbow and covers. Ken kicks out. Anderson crawls away to the ropes. Ray steps on the back of the head as he chokes Ken on the ropes. Ray walks away. He looks around as Ken gets to his feet. Ray closelines him right down. Ray lifts Anderson's head up from behind and hits some cross face shots. He gets Ken up and does a suplex. He covers again. Anderson kicks out. Ray lifts Ken's leg up and slams it down. He gets Anderson up and puts him in the corner. He does several hard punches to the head of Ken. He slowly falls down in the corner. Ray picks him up and hits a body slam. Ray climbs to the second rope. He bounces back for a splash, but Ken rolls away. Ken slowly crawls to Bully after a long regroup. Both are on their knees. Both punch back and forth. The crowd cheers for Ken and boo for Ray. They get to their feet and continue. Ken hits several punches in the row. Ray comes back with one. Ken is able to run into the ropes and closelines Ray. Bully gets up and Ken hits a swinging neck breaker. He covers. Ray kicks out. Both get up. Ray bounces off the ropes but Ken kicks Ray right in the face. He covers. Ray kicks out. Both get up. Ken brings Ray up to his shoulders. That is too much weight though. Ken drops down on his head. Ray gets him up and hits the swinging neck breaker. Ken gets up and goes to the corner. He climbs. Ray follows. Ken is able to lifts him up to his shoulders and hits the rolling slam. Ken gets up and climbs the corner. Ray gets up and follows. He does a superplex to Ken. Both are down. As they are down, the camera is backstage. Aces and 8s are walking. TNA stars like Kurt Angle and Magnus attack them from behind. The camera goes back to the arena. Ray gets Ken up for the Bully Bomb. He covers. Ken kicks out. Both get up. Ken is able to knock Ray down. He climbs the corner. He jumps for the Swanton Bomb. He covers. Ray kicks out. Both get up. Ray goes for the Cutter.....but Ken pushes him back. Ray turns around. Ken grabs him and hits the Mic Check. Winner: Mr. Anderson with 7 points

They show the updated Bound for Glory leader board. The top four stars remain the same.

An Aces and 8s person is backstage. He has a mask on. He says they have been playing games the entire show while the roster wants to fight. But, in 3 and a half minutes, they are going to unleash hell! They are going to hand out the Dead Man's Hand!


Impact Wrestling returns and Sting's music hits. Sting is leading the front. Pretty much the entire roster walks down the ramp behind The Icon. To name a few: Kurt Angle, RVD, Aries, Devon, Hardy! Some of the stars are in the ring and some are outside of the ring. Sting has a mic. Sting
says it has been 3 and a half....or even four. They want Aces and 8s! Where are they. Time passes and they do not show up. Sting asks if they are going to pull a no show! Sting questions if they need to do an Aces and 8s chant. Just then, the faction comes out from the side of the stage. They run and they go right after the roster members. The stars are fighting outside and in the ring. It's a huge brawl. The TNA roster has the full advantage though. They have control. Kurt chokes a guy while Ken Anderson beats a guy's face in. Some Aces and 8s are running away. The roster follows them. A camera is backstage and Hulk Hogan is slamming an Aces and 8s member into lockers. James Storm is attacking another member while AJ Styles is going after another. The ring is clear of the faction, but they are all over the arena and backstage. They have a camera in the parking lot and there are fighting out there too with Devon. More members of Aces and 8s come to the ring. Aries and RVD attack them. Jeff Hardy is outside of the ring as he fights a member. Aries brings a guy in and continues to attack. One member slams Hardy right into the steel steps.

The camera goes backstage and Hogan still has control as well as Storm. The camera goes to the ring and aces and 8s are in control. They take control of Aries. They have him in the ring while they bring in a section of the steel guard rail. They put Aries' arm on it. A member slams it with a chair. Aries falls down instantly and screams in pain! The members stand above Aries. As they look around, Bully Ray runs in with his steel chain. He starts swinging as the members vanish. They quickly leave the area. The camera goes to the parking lot and the members get on their motorcycles. They start them up and ride away. The show fades on their departure.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Mr. Anderson - New from last week
2. Aces and 8s - Up from last week
3. Robbie E - New from last week
4. Tara - New from last week
5. Hollywood Hogan - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

The Top 5 Rankings looks pretty interesting this week. I have Anderson on top as he had the match of the night with Ray. Anderson picked up the win. Aces and 8s roll in second as they really made their presence known this week! It's about time! Third is Robbie E as he picked up a huge win against AJ and RVD. That boosted him right up! Tara beat the Knockout Champion and finally Hollywood Hogan returns. Really Hogan gets the spot because the whole "Hollywood" gimmick is back! Besides that, I felt like this show flew by. I know there are some shows that lag for me while writing, but I looked at the clock and I couldn't believe an hour past already. One thing I have to say that made it speed up was the whole Open Fight Night. I particularly enjoy these monthly episodes as I never know what matches are going to happen. It's pretty nice waiting to see what they come up with. They had the Gut Check Challenge. The guy, Kris Lewie, really wasn't up to par. I enjoyed the beginning of the match, but as the match went on, he became sloppy as he couldn't really connect fully with some of his moves. One in particular was the jumping knee hit. I know Triple H does that to perfection, but that guy just couldn't do anything like that. The videos about him were nice and all, but I really don't think he is ready. He needs more time. Speaking about time, this episode saw the end of the lengthy AJ/Daniels storyline. I been talking about this storyline for so long as it really started around the beginning of the year, I think. I remember it went from Daniels and AJ to Dixie and AJ to bring Kaz in and then adding Claire and getting rid of Dixie and then it was just Claire. It went on and on. They ended it with somewhat of a surprise fashion. I thought they were just going to announce that AJ is not that dad. Instead, they had another lady come out and give a statement on behalf of Claire. I actually liked the way they did it as everything was revealed. It was nice getting the whole story and the facts. It made Daniels and Kaz better heels while it did not damage AJ. It looks like they will continue to have AJ vs. Daniels in one more match maybe but they soon should push AJ in another direction. He may be going for the World Title, which would be a nice turn around. The matches were fine tonight, nothing that I would say is a "must see" and the segments were nice! Hogan returned and they are now calling him Hollywood Hogan. He has the black beard once again and I have no problem with that. I love that style of Hogan the most! I think that is the most edgy style of Hogan. He turned because of the Aces and 8s. The guy they revealed was a nobody in my book. I saw someone tweet who he is but couldn't get his name. He is an indy type star that was trying to get noticed. What I don't understand is the attack at the end. Yes, I loved seeing Aces and 8s multiple times tonight, but at the end, why couldn't the TNA roster pull the masks off of the members? I mean they had them down and they were clearly beating them up. They could have ripped them off. That was the illogical part. While I don't see much illogical moves in TNA, that was one of them and I have to point it out. Other than that, the ending was real good. They left Aries hurting and they quickly left. They rode away, but I have to think there are more around. There were so many members around the arena fighting at the end. I couldn't believe how many there are. The mystery continues on! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link in my bio)! I love interacting with others!

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