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Impact Results (8/25/11) - Past: Hogan, Present: Angle, Future: Crimson

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/25/2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package of the current situation with Kurt Angle. It shows his mean streak as he attacks Crimson from a couple weeks ago. As it shows that, Kurt is saying that he will not give Dixie Carter's company back. It then shows Crimson face to face with Kurt Angle. Crimson says all of the young stars respect Kurt. Crimson then issues a match with Kurt and Kurt agrees to that as that match will happen tonight!

The video ends and the camera goes to the Impact Zone. Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the olympic gold medalist! The TNA World Championship is around his shoulder as Kurt Angle walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring as the fans boo him. Kurt grabs a mic and begins to speak. He says that last week he was called out, so this week he will be calling that person out. That person is, without question, Crimson! His music plays and here comes the undefeated star! Crimson comes on stage and the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Kurt goes on to stay that Crimson carried himself last week and it was impressive. He says either Crimson has the guts or he's stupid. Kurt says he should get credit though because last week he actually made a name for Crimson. Kurt says that he will not only end Crimson's undefeated streak but end his career. That's what will happen when you disrespect Kurt Angle. Crimson gets on the mic and says Kurt disrespected him a couple weeks ago as he almost broke his ankle. Kurt says he doesn't need to give respect to anyone. Crimson then states by the end of the match, he will earn Kurt's respect.

Immortal's music then plays and here comes the faction. Abyss, Scott Steiner, Bully Ray, Gunner, Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett. All of them enter the ring. Bully has a mic. He turns to Crimson and asks him "Are you serious?" He asks him if he knows who he is talking to. He then hypes Kurt up with being the world champ and gold medalist. Kurt cuts off Ray and says he can do this himself. He then tells Immortal to not interrupt his match tonight and he really means that to Jeff. Kurt then turns to Crimson and says that he will make him famous tonight. Kurt's music his and he leaves the ring.

A video plays that was recorded earlier today. ODB, Jackie, and Velvet Sky are backstage. ODB and Jackie talk to Sky about their match tonight. Sky says if they both have her back, she will have theirs. ODB suddenly leaves the area and Sky questions if she can trust her. Jackie says not to worry as they have her back.

The camera changes to show someone walking backstage. They have black boots and black pants. They make their way into the backstage area.


Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are backstage in their office. It then shows Ric Flair sitting down by them. Hulk his holding his head as Eric comforts Ric. He asks Ric what he is watching. Hogan then takes his head off his head and says he is not going in the ring with the guy because he seen what he done to Gunner. He calls Sting insane. Ric says he wants to help. Hogan says he wants to make-up with Sting. He wants to be on the same page as Sting so this whole thing can be over with. He then asks Ric to do him a favor and that is not to say a word! Ric says he promises.

Angelina love's music plays and she walks down the ramp to team up with Sarita and Rosita who are already in the ring. The TNA Tag Team Champions are with them.

Velvet Sky's music hits and she walks down to the ring with Jackie and ODB. They get in the ring and get ready for the match.

Sarita, Rosita, and Angelina Love vs. ODB, Jackie, and Velvet Sky

Jackie and Sarita start the match off. Jackie gets Sarita down quickly and goes for a cover, but Sarita kicks out. She gets up and tags Rosita. Rosita goes after her, but Jackie gets her under control and tags in ODB. ODB comes in and closelines Rosita, but Rosita ducks and ODB knocks down Jackie. Jackie gets up and goes to the apron as ODB goes after Rosita. Rosita gets away and tags Sarita. ODB then tags Sky. Sky attacks Sarita with a couple of kicks and then a catapult onto the ropes. Sarita comes back and tags Rosita as both of them go after Sky in their corner. Rosita tags Sarita back in and she does some more damage only to tag Rosita back in. Rosita brings Sky out of the corner for a split second until Sarita returns from a tag. Sky finally comes back after she hits Sarita right in the face. Sarita falls back and Love tags in. She gets in and goes after Sky with a closeline, but Sky ducks and drops Love down right on her back. She goes for a cover, but Rosita and Sarita come in. Just then, ODB and Jackie come in and clear the ring from the two Mexican Ameria members. Just then, Love takes control of Sky as she slams her down right on her face and head. ODB and Jackie get in. All of a sudden, Love points to Sky for them to have Sky. They look at each other, but they then double kick Love in the gut and connect with a double suplex. They pull Sky over Love and it's 1-2-3. Winners: ODB, Jackie, and Velvet Sky

Love gets up from being pinned and Sarita and Rosita are right in her face for loosing the match. Love is not going to take this as she pushes both of them back. They both fall down on the mat. Love exits the ring as they get up. Hernandez and Anarquia are on the apron yelling. Love walks up the ramp as she only takes orders from Winter.


The show returns and it shows the black boots and black pants of some person walking backstage. They walk past the camera screen.

The camera changes to the ring as Christy Hemme announces the next match.

Kid Kash's music hits and he makes his way into the ring. After he gets in, Jesse Sorensen's music plays and he makes his way down the ramp. He then slides in the ring and Kid quickly goes after him.

Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen

Kash stomps away on Jesse right before the bell rings. It does ring and Kash continues the assault. Jesse gets up and Kash drops him down as he chokes him right on the ring ropes. He then gets him up on his feet. He lifts him up and drops him down from a back suplex. As Jesse is sitting on the mat, Kash does several kicks to the back of Jesse. Jesse gets up and all of a sudden, he comes back as he hits Kash. He does several kicks to Kash and then a huge dropkick. It knocks Kid down and he covers him, but Kash kicks out. Kash gets up and Jesse runs into the ropes and does a huge swinging neckbreaker. He covers but Kash kicks out. Jesse goes to the top rope of the corner this time. Kash gets to his feet and Jesse flies! he does a great flying cross body. He covers but doesn't get the win. Both get up and Jesse puts Kash into the corner. He then leans back for a roll-up, but Kash had enough momentum to change the roll-up to his advantage. Kash then uses the tights and gets the win. Winner: Kid Kash

Kid Kash exits the ring and Christy Hemme interviews him. Kash then smack talks Jesse as he walks up the ramp. He insults him countless times. Kash then insults a fan as they kept yelling out while he was talking. Jesse then comes down the ramp and gets right in the face of Kash. Kash calls him a little boy. Jesse is about to attack, but guards come out and stop the potential fight. Kash continues to run his mouth as the officials pull Jesse away.


The show returns and a video package plays showcasing house shows as they had Bound for Glory Series matches. It had Gunner, Rob Van Dam and Bobby Roode talking as they are ready for Bound for Glory. It then shows all of the participants and then the updated leader boards as Crimson is first and Bully Ray is second!

The camera goes to the ramp as RVD is already making his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and The Pope is already in the match. As they are in the ring, Matt Morgan is shown at the commentator's desk to be the special guest for this match.

Rob Van Dam vs. The Pope in a Bound for Glory Match

The bell sounds and they lock-up. RVD slides past as he applies a headlock. He then knocks Pope down and has his shoulders down. The count is two as Pope gets up. RVD still has the headlock applied. He then releases it and then does a scissor leg roll-up. Pope kicks out. RVD then lifts Pope up and hits a body slam. He goes for rolling thunder, but Pope puts his knees up and RVD lands right on them. They both get up and Pope does a sweeping closeline. He covers, but RVD kicks out. They get up and Pope goes to whip Rob in the ropes, but RVD reverses and trips Pope. RVD then does a submission move as he pends Pope's leg back and then his head. Pope, luckily, makes his way to the ropes. RVD releases it. They get up and RVD whips Pope in the corner. Rob comes and does a huge monkey flip as Pope flies half way across the ring. Pope gets up and RVD applies the abdominal stretch. Pope then gets out of it as he hiptosses RVD over. Pope goes to the second rope and drops a fist right on Rob's head. Both slowly get up. Pope is up and he limps over to RVD. RVD jumps up with a jumping spin kick. He then locks his legs with Pope's and then lifts him up with Pope's arms back. RVD then rolls back and has Pope's shoulder's down. Pope gets out of the cover. RVD still has the submission. Pope can't take it anymore and he gives up. Winner: Rob Van Dam

RVD releases the hold. He gets to his feet and then helps Pope get up. DIrect Impact of the Night from Direct Auto Insurance was Pope putting his knees up from the rolling thunder. After that short video plays, Joe is in the ring attacking The Pope. He drops him down on his gut and then attacks his leg. Just then, Devon limps down the stage. His sons then tell him not to go as he is hurt. Devon tells them to shut up. He then says he wants their chair. They hand him the steel chair. Devon gets in the ring with the weapon and Joe immediately breaks the hold he had on Pope's leg as he exits the ring.


Rob Terry is backstage sitting in a chair. Robbie E. goes up to him. He says he has been looking for him. He says Terry has nothing going for him since he got kicked out of Immortal and he hasn't been in action. He then wants Terry to be his bodyguard. Rob looks Robbie E. right in the eye and says he will think about it. Terry leaves while Robbie says he will meet him at the gym. He then finishes with some fist pumps.

Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner are backstage. Bully is working out backstage as Gunner is talking. Scott then stops Bully from lifting the weights. They then talk about getting AJ Styles and Beer Money. After they exchange words through yelling, Bully goes to lift weights again. Scott then knocks them down as they leave.

Sarita and Rosita walk together as they meet up with Love who is lying down on the couch. Sarita and Rosita still have hard feeling from what happened earlier. They then attack Love. They beat her up on the couch. Just then, Winter comes to save Love. She tosses Sarita back as she attacks Rosita on the couch. She pulls some of the blinds down from the wall and hit Rosita with it right in the back and face. Winter is out of control. As Sarita comes back, Mexican America walks into the room and they push Winter down. They check on Rosita and Sarita as Winter beats her evil eyes at them.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are walking backstage together as they are going to the ring next.

The camera changes to the same black boots and black pants from earlier in the show. The person continues to walk.


Traci Brooks meets Eric Bischoff in his office. Traci sits beside him on his desk. She asks him if he thought about the decision of her being knockout law. Eric says he did think about it and he likes the idea. Eric then says that they will be on the road next week, so that will be the perfect time to make the announcement. Eric then says that they should sit down and discuss it over some cocktails. Traci then says that they should make it three cocktails. Eric's face lights up after hearing that. He then repeats it as he likes the sound of it. Traci leaves the office on great terms.

The camera changes to the arena as Hulk Hogan's music hits. He comes on stage with Ric Flair. Most of the crowd boos but there are some cheers. They make their way down the ramp and then into the ring. Hulk gets on the mic and says there is a problem. He then goes right to it as he calls out Sting to face the problem.

Sting's music plays and the joker face paint Sting appears. The crowd cheers loudly. He gets in the ring. Hulk gets back on the mic and says Sting is going way too far. He says this whole thing has to end tonight. He then tells Sting to look in the mirror as he is a complete wreck. He doesn't have any fries left in the happy meal. He is flying all over this place. He is out of his mind. Hulk says Sting is gone. He then asks Sting if he wants those little kids to look up to him like the Hogan kids look up to him. Hogan calls this a family show so none of this running around can be happening. Hulk then says he and Eric may be the cause of this. Him and Eric may made mistakes, but now they are going to run it right. From now on, they are going to run it like a wrestling company should be. Hulk says that let's end it and then extends his hand. Sting gets on the mic and says one condition. Hulk says he will do anything at all.....anything at all just so it will end tonight. Sting then says "milk and cookies for all". Hogan can't believe what he is saying. Sting then brings up balloons and flowers. He just loves flowers! he wants roses. Red and yellow roses just for The Hulkster. Sting then opens his arms and hugs Hogan. He then plants one right on the cheek of Hulk. Hulk doesn't know what's happening. Ric Flair couldn't stay silent enough. He then breaks up the hug. He then pushes Hulk back as Hulk wonders what Ric is doing. Ric tells Hogan not to touch him. Ric calls Sting crazy. Ric then says he is crazy just like him. He then bounces off the ropes. Ric says he has done more things while Sting was still a baby. Ric then swears at Sting as he says Sting can't face Ric just in a plain simple way. Sting then gets all upset as someone swore at him again. Sting turns to Ric and says that he now how someone to relate to as Ric is just as crazy as Sting is. Sting says if he has to go through with Ric to get to Hogan, then he will go through Ric. He wants Ric first and then he will face Hogan. There isn't a bigger and better time then at Bound for Glory. Sting says good-bye as he leaves the ring with his music playing. Ric gets all hyped up. Not only him, but Hogan does too. Hogan can't believe what is going on. He then goes to talk to Ric as he told Ric to not say a word. Ric gets excited as he is about to punch the camera. The joker is at it again!


AJ Style's music hits and here he comes. He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He calls out Christopher Daniels as he said he had an answer for him, so he will give it to him. Daniel's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Daniels wants one more match with AJ, so everyone is wondering if he will get it. AJ says he is not mad at Daniels. He then says after announcing the whole rematch thing to the world at the commentator's desk, they mind as well just talk about it now. AJ says before he answers, he wants to know why he wants this rematch. Daniels brings up Destination X. He says it was a great night for the X-Division. He still lost that match. The next day, he looked in the mirror and asked himself a question. He wonders if he should be in TNA anymore. He says if he can't compete at the top level, he would leave. He was scared because he doesn't know the answer to it. That is why he wants one more match. He came back to TNA, joined Fortune, and went through a table for AJ. He needs to know if he should walk away from wrestling. He needs to know if he should retire. Daniels starts to break down in tears. He turns away. AJ tells him to look at him. AJ says..... "one more time". It's not because he took a bullet from's because their friends. He will fight him one more time! Daniels says he will see him at No Surrender. AJ says he will be in the Bound for Glory Series at the PPV. The sooner the he says the match will happen next week! Daniels has no problem with it! AJ's music hits and Daniels leaves the ring.

Beer Money's music plays and here comes the former TNA Tag Team Champions! They make their way down the ramp as their match is next!


Immortal's music starts and Immortal members, Bully Ray, Gunner, and Scott Steiner walk down the ramp. As they do, Beer Money and AJ slide out of the ring and go right to them.

AJ Styles and Beer Money (Bobby Roode and James Storm) vs. Gunner, Bully Ray, and Scott Steiner in a 6 Man Falls Count Anywhere, Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds and it's an all out battle. AJ goes after Bully Ray, Scott is after Roode as he smashes him against the guard rail and then attacks James as he spits beer right in his face. They switch around now as AJ gets knocked down by Gunner. Others fight around the ring. Gunner gets AJ in the ring and they battle in the squared circle. AJ knocks Gunner down and he rolls out of the ring. Scott then comes in and hits a great belly to belly suplex. He goes after AJ alittle more. After him, Roode comes in and does a jumping neckbreaker on Steiner as Bully goes after AJ on the apron. Bully then gets in and so does James. James does a huge kick right to Bully. Beer Money then team up as they get the fans into it. with their famous chant. The chaos is taken outside again as AJ gets up and jumps over the top rope right onto Bully. Beer Money now go outside the ring as James attacks Gunner and Roode after Steiner. They go their seperate ways as they travel backstage. Referees follow them as covers are attempted but are never successful. Gunner brings lockers down on Storm as Scott throws Roode right into the wall. AJ is now attacking Bully in the ring. He goes for a cover but he kicks out. Just then, Gunner comes back. AJ goes after him. Scott follows and all three Immortal members are in the ring. Steiner hits AJ and Bully lifts him up from behind for a Bubba Bomb. Bully covers for the win. Winners: Bully Ray, Gunner, and Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner gets out of the ring and goes underneath the ring for a table. As he does, a hummer is driven out. Mr. Anderson pops out from it. He makes his way to the ring as he is dressed all in black. He's the one who has been walking backstage all night!!! Anderson gets in as Scott is on the apron after setting up the table. Anderson knocks Scott down and he goes right through the table. Just then Anderson grabs Bully Ray's chain. Bully exits the ring. Anderson turns to Gunner and pounds the steel right into the face of Gunner. He is busted open badly from the chain shots. Bully is screaming that he is crazy. Bully is up on the stage as Abyss is walking behind him. Anderson brings Gunner at ringside. Ken sits beside Scott and has Gunner on the other side as he attacked two Immortal members and took them out in a matter of minutes.


The show returns and a replay plays from moments ago when Anderson attacked and knocked out two Immortal members.

Mickie James is shown backstage. He says she is mad. She says it took her months to attack them. She is talking about Winter. She talks about Hardcore Justice as she got sprayed right in the eyes of some mysterious liquid. She then tells Winter to watch out as she will take the TNA Knockout Title back and there isn't anything she can do about it and no one is going to stop her.

A video package plays showing Eric Young on his mission again. He is sneaking into a golf course. He goes over the cage wall. He brings his Television Title with him. He is talking about the match of the century to take place. He then meets up with this person. Eric asks him if he wants that title. The guy grabs his golf club and is ready for battle. Eric puts his hands up ready to fight. Just then, Eric is chasing the guy. Eric is then hiding in a tree. He drops the title and then drops down on the guy and he counts the pin himself. He beats Scott Ba-o (however you spell it). The video ends with Eric keeping the Television Title.

The camera turns to the arena as Crimson's music plays. He makes his way down the ring with a huge ovation. This could be his last time being undefeated. After he is in the ring, Kurt Angle comes out as the TNA World Title is around his waist. The crowd boos him as he gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring. After three bell rings, Jeremy announces the main event!

Crimson vs. Kurt Angle - Crimson's Undefeated Streak At Stake

The bell sounds and both walk around and then lock-up. Crimson quickly overpowers Kurt as he pushes him down. Kurt gets up and they lock-up again. Crimson powers him down again. Kurt gets up. Crimson runs to him, but Kurt ducks. Crimson turns and runs to him again. Kurt ducks and locks his arms around Crimson's gut. Crimson does an elbow right to the head of Kurt. Crimson then takes advantage of the opportunity as he attacks Kurt with a couple knees and then a neckbreaker. He covers, but Kurt kicks out. Kurt leaves the ring and Crimson follows. Crimson pushes Kurt into the guard rail and then hits him face first into the apron. Crimson rolls Kurt back in. Crimson gets up, but Kurt knocks him right down with a chop block to the knee. Crimson falls instantly as he holds his knee. Kurt gets up!


Impact Wrestling turns and Kurt is in total control as he does a snap suplex. He continues as he goes after the rib cage. He bends Crimson's arm over his head and pushes his head forward. Crimson then gets up and tries to whip him away, but Angle has a headlock applied. He doesn't release it. Suddenly, Crimson pushes him away and Kurt runs into the ropes. He comes back and both run into each other. Both are knocked down. The referee is up to the count of 7 as they both get up. Kurt goes after Crimson, but Crimson hits a version of a belly to belly suplex. Crimson then gets Kurt up and goes to twist him around, but Kurt lands on his feet and knocks Crimson down. Kurt takes down his straps. He turns around only to be faced with Crimson's spear. Crimson covers, but Kurt kicks out at the last second. Crimson gets Kurt up, but Kurt slides around and gets Crimson down. He then applies the ankle lock. Kurt then locks it in fully. Crimson turns over and kicks Kurt until he releases it. Kurt goes for the angle slam, but Crimson slides out of it. Crimson then lifts Kurt up and hits a huge powerbomb type move. He covers, but Kurt kicks out. Just then, Samoa Joe runs into the ring and attacks Crimson. The referee is forced to ring the bell. Kurt gets to his feet just in time for Joe to turn around and meet him face to face. They look at each other. Kurt then gave this look for Joe. Joe turns and finishes what he started as Kurt leaves the ring. Joe gets Crimson up on his shoulders, but Crimson lands on his feet and punches Joe a couple times. Joe leaves the ring before Crimson could do anything else. Joe walks backwards as he stares at Crimson. No Contest

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on the camera as they hype next week's show. What will Traci Brook's decision be on behalf of Eric Bischoff?

Mickie James will meet Winter one on one for the TNA Knockout Title.

The final encounter between AJ Styles and Daniels!

The camera changes to Crimson who is backstage and he is furious. He says Joe has no right sticking his nose into his business. He says if he wants to meet next week then.....Joe suddenly comes and attacks Crimson. He rams Crimson right into a trailer. He then takes Crimson down as he sets Crimson's leg on a step. Joe climbs the stairs and then jumps right onto it. Crimson is screaming his pain. Joe says he just broken his leg. The show fades as Crimson's screams in agony!

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle- Same as last week
2. Samoa Joe- New from last week
3. Bully Ray- New from last week
4. Crimson- New from last week
5. Sting- New from last week

My Thoughts:

This week's Impact Wrestling was an alright show. I am not going to say it was bad, but it wasn't the best one either. The only things I found interested were the whole Ric/Hogan/Sting segment. I know that will create some talk in the near future, so I will wait to write my thoughts on that whole thing. As for the segment, I thought it was a pretty interesting and entertaining segment. Another thing I liked was the whole part with Mr. Anderson coming out. He came out in a hummer as he was ready for war. He just destroyed Gunner and left Steiner right through a table. While Ken is going back and forth, it looks like he face now. The Crimson vs. Angle match was pretty good. It may have been the best match of the night as it was a back and forth type battle. It was ruined by Joe, but you knew something had to happen in the match. It looks like Joe is finally getting some more time on screen. I am extremely happy about that. Let it continue and let him be a main eventer. After watching this show, the one thing I can't stand is the whole Eric Young's video package. I don't find any interest in it. While this one was a little entertaining, I really don't see it as anything special. At least they are showing off the Television Title though. Next week's show should be very interesting. Not only are there some good things coming on the show, but it's also on the road. Anytime it is on the road, it makes the show look a whole lot better. Not only that, No Surrender is getting closer and closer. Tune into next week's show! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter at:

Weekly Question: Where do you see this Samoa Joe story leading to?

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