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Impact Results (8/30/12) - The Unmasked Aces & 8s Man!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/30/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package from last week. It starts with Tara vs. Ms. Tessmacher in a student vs. teacher match. It goes to the the Bound for Glory Series as it is about to wrap up soon. Who will go on to the main event? It switches to the AJ/Claire storyline. That wrapped up last week as Claire is not pregnant and AJ is able to finally put the story to rest. The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. It is filled to capacity. Another video plays about the Aces and 8s. They arrived last week on motorcycles. It shows their previous attacks but then goes right to the huge brawl last week. There were fights everywhere. It was complete chaos. It was wrapped up by destroying the arm of Austin Aries.

The video ends and music plays. The music is for Austin Aries, the World Champion. He walks down the ramp with the title in his left hand and his right arm wrapped. Austin gets right in the ring, puts the belt on the rope and grabs a mic. He starts off by saying that he gives credit where credit is due. He says Aces and 8s brought everything as there were over 20 people part of the group. They smashed the arm of Aries. A lot of people are asking how Austin is and if he has to vacate the title. Well, Aries is not cleared to fight tonight, but he doesn't need to be cleared to just fight. That is the first part and the second part is his arm. They injured his right arm. He is left handed. He doesn't need his right hand to through punches. Austin calls out someone who is part or in charge of the group. He wants to hear from them. Aries can stay here all night. Just then, music hits. It's the music of Hulk, now Hollywood, Hogan! Hogan comes on the stage as well as Sting! Fireworks explode up behind the two. Hogan has the black baseball bat in his hand as well as Sting having a bat or a pipe. Hogan has a mic in his hand also. Hogan is back and he is now the GM again. He thanks Sting for the duties he preformed. Hogan is in charge now. Aces and Eights went after him and his family, so if they want a blood bath, Hogan will deliver it. Hogan and Sting are here to take care of business tonight, so whatever Aries wants he gets. Austin says he wants a lot of things, but the main thing is getting his hands on a member. It doesn't matter if it is the leader or the biggest. He just wants to fight. The Aces and 8s are on the titan tron. They are backstage. They are all laughing. One speaks up as he is sitting behind a table. The guy says they run on their own time. They will do whatever they want when they want. He asks Austin how his arm is. They laugh again. The camera shows Austin Aries as he looks around the arena.

Mike Tenay and Taz announce the main matches for tonight. The camera shows Rob Van Dam backstage as he is gearing up for his match. They show James Storm as he gears up for his match. Those two will be fighting each other next!


A video plays showing ODB backstage. She is on the phone. She is leaving a voice mail for Eric Young. She tells him that she will give him 10 minutes. He hasn't been around for weeks. She extends the deadline. Eric never called her or anything. ODB looks around for him in the bathroom but she can't find him. She calls him one last time and says that she gives him until next week. She wants him and fried chicken. She also tells him that she has been opening doors for people. Bang!

The Bound for Glory Series leader boards are shown. James Storm, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Bully Ray are the top 4. The top 4 are the only ones that matter now. A video plays hyping up the BFG series as well as the RVD vs. James Storm match.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring. She announces this first match. Rob Van Dam walks down the ramp. He raises his arms as fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring. After him, James Storm walks to the ring. Fireworks explode behind him as he comes down the ramp.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The match begins and they move around. They lock-up. RVD slides behind him and locks his arms. James elbows his head. James applies a side headlock and takes him over. RVD's shoulders are down. He is able to lift them up. James gets to his feet with the headlock in affect. RVD tries to get out of it. He lifts Storm up for a back suplex. James is able to keep the headlock applied. RVD turns to the side to have James' shoulders down. He kicks out at two. James has the headlock in. They get up and Storm finally releases it. He goes into the ropes. RVD tries to do his kicks to Storm, but Storm ducks and is able to knock Rob down. He covers but RVD kicks out. Rob goes to the corner. James kicks him in the gut. RVD slides down the corner. James walks away. He comes back. RVD is able to come back. He kicks James and then whips him in the opposing corner. James reverses it. RVD is in the corner. James runs to him, but RVD lifts him up and Storm lands on the apron. RVD knocks him off. James fall to the outside. RVD joins him on the outside as he hits a huge springboard cross body.


Both are in the middle of the ring. James has the upper hand now. James bounces back on the ropes. He comes forward and hits a huge closeline. He covers but RVD kicks out. Both slowly get up. As they do, they recap the commercial break. RVD's big move was a leg drop on the apron. As far as the action now, both are up and RVD is able to do his reversal spin kick to the face of Storm. Both get up. They are in the corner. RVD is able to kick Storm and knock him down. RVD hits rolling thunder. He covers. James kicks out. Both get up. James does a spin kick to the gut. He runs into the ropes. He comes back and grabs Rob by the head and hits a tremendous DDT!!! James covers. RVD kicks out. James gets RVD up to his feet and then above his shoulders. He hits the Eye of the Storm. He covers. RVD kicks out again. James waits for RVD to get up. Rob gets up in the corner. James meets him with a right hand. He whips RVD, but RVD reverses it. He rolls and grabs Storm. He hits the monkey flip. RVD gets up. The crowd is split! James gets up. RVD rolls to him. Out of nowhere, Storm hits the Last Call Superkick right to the gut of Rob. James covers and gets the win. Storm cracks open a cold one as he celebrates the win. Winner: James Storm with 7 points

Christy Hemme is outside the ring as she meets up with Storm. He is officially going to the No Surrender PPV. James told everyone he would win the series and that is exactly what he is doing.

Madison Rayne is backstage. She is fixing the crown on her head. She has a serious look on her face as she continues walking.


Madison Rayne's music plays. She comes on the stage as Christy Hemme announces this match. She gets in the ring and asks for a mic. She states that she received a phone call earlier this week from the almighty Brooke Hogan. She told Rayne that she is having a match tonight. Brooke came to her senses and is giving Madison her rematch for the Knockout Title. She turns to Taylor, the referee, and states that she cost her the shot. She wants the champion to come out so she can beat her. Just then, ODB's music plays. She rushes down the ramp. ODB got a phone call from Brooke too and she said ODB has match too. You can kiss her honeymoon goodbye as the B%tch is back! ODB gets in the ring as the crowd is going crazy. Madison tells Taylor to back away so she can show this trailer trash something. Taylor walks away. Madison pushes ODB, but ODB spits right in the face of Madison of whatever was in that flask. Madison falls right down.

Madison Rayne vs. ODB

Madison gets up and ODB hits multiple closelines to Rayne. Rayne gets up in the corner. ODB lifts her up and drops her down for a samoan drop type move. She covers and gets the win. Winner: ODB

Madison rolls out of the ring as music plays. Here comes Eric Young! Eric has a nice suit on with a bucket of chicken in his hand as well as a mic. He didn't forget the beer. ODB grabs a piece of chicken and then walks around Eric looking at his body parts in that suit. She gets on a mic and asks him where he has been. Eric says he has been busy with his television show, but he brought the chicken and beer. He tells her to get going with him. Eric walks away but ODB stays there. She asks where E.Y. is. This is not him. She wants the less fancy guy. Eric says this doesn't feel right or look right. Let's fix it. He starts stripping down. He takes the coat, tie, shirt, and pants off! He is sporting U.S.A. flag trunks. ODB jumps on him and kisses her love.

A video package plays recapping the whole storyline with Claire and AJ. Last week, Claire issued a statement for someone representing her. She is no pregnant and she said Daniels and Kaz set her up for this. The video ends and AJ is backstage. He states that there will be a time for Daniels and Kaz again, but he needs to focus on what Hogan and Sting say and that is the BFG Series and his match with Joe tonight.

A video plays showing Bruce Prichard talking about GutCheck. He discusses coming in the best shape of your life and kick some @ss. The full video will air next.


The GutCheck video starts. Al Snow states he was disappointed. Bruce said that he sent videos him of himself, but they were dated. Bruce says Kris messed up. Let's look at the positives. Taz brings up his story. Bruce says the story can relate to it. They can feel for them. Bruce says to keep an open mind. Al states he will but he knows his decision. Taz and Bruce joke around about when they actually know their decision.

Sting and Hogan are in their office. Hogan and Sting smell some blood. Sting asks if he is going to see some Hollywood. Hogan tells him he shall see. Just then, Daniels and Kaz walk into the office. They state they have contracts that state they can't be fired. Hogan pops up. He says AJ is not done with them. While Hogan is talking in front of them, Sting walks around behind the men. Hogan states that they are champions and they are going to fight. Daniels and Kaz ask when and who. Hogan says they will sometime and when they do, he hopes their heads will be bashed in. Sting comes around and does his joker scare. Daniels calls Sting "Heath". and they slowly back up and leave the office. Hogan and Sting talk over wards about Daniels calling him "Heath" and about their famous lines. Nothing will affect them.


A video plays hyping up the AJ and Joe match. The BFG leader boards are shown. It's the same placement as earlier but James has the huge lead now. The camera shows the stage as AJ Styles' music hits. He walks through the sparks that fall down. He gets in the ring. After he does, Samoa Joe comes out. As he comes to the ring, video plays showing the turn of Magnus on Joe two weeks ago.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The match begins. They move around the ring. They walk around. They try to lock-up. Joe is able to kick AJ in the hamstring a few times. They go to lock-up but back away. They lock-up now. Joe knees AJ in the gut. He goes into the ropes. AJ jumps above Joe. Joe turns around as AJ is on the mat ready for the next move. Joe goes to stomp on him, but AJ rolls out of the ring. He gets in and they lock-up. Joe goes for an arm bar, but AJ applies a headlock. Joe sends him away. AJ comes back. Joe knocks him down. AJ gets up and goes to the corner. He is able to put Joe in and knees him in the gut. Joe uses his strength and pushes AJ back. Joe runs in the ropes. He comes back and knees AJ right in the head and chest. AJ leans on the ropes. Joe runs to him again. AJ catches Joe's leg as he was going to do a big boot. He places Joe's leg on the ropes and kicks the hamstring of the other. Joe gets away from the ropes. AJ hits a dropkick and it sends Joe outside of the ring. AJ sets up and flies! He does a flying cross body, but Joe lifts his leg and kicks AJ right in the gut as he comes down. Joe gets him up and brings him in the ring. Joe sends AJ in the ropes. He does a great scoop powerslam. He covers. AJ kicks out. Both get up. They exchange hits from chops to punches. Joe knocks AJ down with a chop. AJ lifts is legs up to wrap them around Joe's head, but Joe turns AJ on his chest and then locks AJ's arms behind him. AJ is in severe pain. He uses is feet to touch the ropes though.

Joe releases it. Both get up. Joe bounces off the ropes. He comes forward and kicks AJ in the chest. He falls. Joe goes for the back drop but AJ misses. Both get up and AJ is able to hit multiple punches to the face of Joe. He goes to the apron. He hits the springboard forearm shot. Joe is down! Both get up. AJ lifts him up, but Joe slides out behind AJ. AJ hits the pele right to the injured arm of Joe. AJ is able to grab the arm and take him down. He tries for an armlock, but Joe has his feet on the ropes. Both get up. AJ sends Joe in the corner. AJ runs. Joe lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. Joe gets AJ up, but AJ tries to roll through for a pin, but Joe grabs him from behind for the finishing choke. AJ is able to slide out of it. He grabs Joe's arm and locks in another submission, but Joe rolls him up and over for a cover and pin. That becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Samoa Joe with 7 points

A video plays recapping the beginning of the show with Austin Aries, Hogan, Sting, and Aces and 8s. Aces and 8s reveal that they are coming tonight and everyone will see what they are all about.


Kurt Angle is backstage. He states that his match will determine if Kurt or Hardy will be in the final 4. Kurt says Jeff is a great competitor, but Kurt has in this position before from the Olympics to all of his main event matches. Kurt can't lose. He will win and go on and get the title at Bound for Glory.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the 3 judges for the Gut Check Challenge - Taz, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow. Jeremy inrdocues Kris Louie. He comes into the ring. Jeremy says it is time for the decision, but he asks Kris if he put his all in his match last week. He says he did but he gets better every day. He is ready to hear the decision. Jeremy asks Taz. Taz respects anyone who tries to be a pro wrestler. Kris came out on worldwide TV. He faced Gunner and he has an incredible story. This situation is above his head right now, so it is a NO for him. Bruce has the mic. Bruce says this is GUT CHECK!!!!! You dig down deep in your gut and prove yourself. You have one chance. Bruce can appreciate that he has an emotional and wonderful story. This is Kris' dream. It's time for Kris to wake up from the dream. This business is not for you. Bruce says NO. Jeremy concludes it. The judges leave. Just then, Joey Ryan is in the audience. He has a megaphone. He says Gut Check takes away from people. Gut Check ruins people's lives. Al can't believe it. He talks to Bruce and then turns to Joey. Joey hits Al right in the face. Snow is not going to take that. He lunges at Joey, but Joey quickly leaves. Bruce follows Joey through the crowd!

The camera shows Kurt Angle is walking backstage and then Jeff Hardy as their match is next.


Joseph Parks is in the office of Hogan and Sting. He is thrilled to be in the presence of both legends. Hogan states that it is a busy night, so what would he like. Mr. Parks says that he knows some legal things with these guys as far as the Aces and 8s knowing the roster and their rights. Hogan wants to see if Parks can help out. Parks is right on it. He shakes the hand and leaves.

The camera shows stars from Bellator (show on Spike TV) in attendance. After that, a video plays hyping up the Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle match. Who will get in the top 4? The video ends and Jeff Hardy's music plays. He walks out. The crowd does a huge pop. He has his wicked face paint. He interacts with the fans around the ring. After he gets in the ring, Kurt Angle's music hits. He rises from below the stage. He raises his arms and fireworks explode in the air. He walks down the ramp. He gets right in the ring.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as she introduces this main event match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The main event match starts. They move aroun the ring. Kurt is able to go right behind Jeff, lock his arms, lift him up, and drop him down. Jef slides out and grabs Kurt's arm. Both get up. Kurt goes into the ropes, he comes back and shoulder blocks Hardy. Kurt is able to slide around as Hardy gets up. Kurt takes Jeff down with a firearm's carry. He works on the arm of Hardy. They get up and Hardy is able to get out. Kurt goes into the ropes. Kurt hits the shoulder block again. Hardy is able to come back though and work on the arm of Kurt. Both get up and they go to the corner. Kurt works on Hardy. Kurt whips Hardy in the opposing corner. Kurt follows. Jeff is able to lift his body up and lock his legs around Kurt's head. He does a hurricanrona. Kurt rolls out of the ring. Jeff does a baseball slide that sends Kurt back first into the guard rail. Jeff goes to the apron. He jumps and lands right on Kurt. Jeff gets Kurt in the ring. He takes Kurt to the corner. He whips him into the opposing one. Kurt comes out and hits a huge closeline. Jeff is down while Kurt kneels.


Kurt has a headlock applied. Jeff elbows his way out. Kurt pounds on the back of Jeff. Kurt runs into the ropes. Jeff is able to fight back. he knocks Kurt down. He grabs Kurt's legs and hits the double leg drop and then the low dropkick. Both slowly get up. Hardy tries to go to the Twist of Fate, but Angle pushes him forward. Kurt gets behind Hardy and hit three german suplexes. Kurt waits. Jeff slowly gets up. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but Jeff slides out. He kicks Kurt and hits the Twist of Fate. He covers. Kurt kicks out. Kurt gets up in the corner. Jeff goes to him, but Kurt comes back and whips Jeff into the opposing corner. He runs to him, but Jeff elbows him. He climbs and hits Whisper in the Wind. Hardy covers. Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Jeff bounces off the ropes, but Kurt locks his arms and hits the belly to belly suplex. He takes down his singlet and has Hardy up. He hits the Angle Slam. He covers. Jeff kicks out! Kurt goes for the Ankle Lock, but Jeff rolls forward and covers Kurt. Kurt kicks out. Both get up. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate. He climbs and hits the Swanton Bomb. Hardy covers. Angle kicks out at the last second. Hardy walks to Kurt, but Kurt takes Jeff down and applies the Ankle Lock. Jeff rolls out. Jeff does a spin kick after the first kick was blocked by Kurt. Kurt is down. Hardy climbs the corner. Kurt pops up and runs. He runs up the corner for the suplex, but Jeff hits him and Kurt falls. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb. He gets the 1-2-3! Jeff celebrates. Kurt slowly gets to and is pretty upset. He is out of the BFG Series. Kurt is kneeling and then leaves the ring. Winner: Jeff Hardy with 7 points

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He calls out the Final 5 in the BFG Series. He states Jeff Hardy. He announces James Storm, Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray, and Samoa Joe. The 5 come out. Borash states Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe and Bully Ray vs. RVD next week. James Storm is automatically save. Fireworks explode above the ring as the last 5 participants stare and talk trash to each other.

Austin Aries is walking backstage as he is coming to the ring!


Austin Aries' music hits. He quickly comes down the ramp. He takes off his coat and grabs a mic. He gets right in the ring. He says it is time. If Aces and 8s are done drinking beer and having their good time, then come out so they can get their @sses kicked. He wants them. Well, he doesn't get them. Hogan's music plays. He comes on the stage as well as Sting. They don't just come out. Storm, Ray, RVD, Styles, Joe, James, and Hardy are behind them. Hogan says they are all one. They will fight them together. He now wants to see their faces. Aces and 8s come out from the fans. Aries says he wants the ugly one, so they can decide who that is. Hogan says TNA's finest is in the ring, so if they want a blood bath, they can have it. They will do one-on-one. A small guy walks forward, but another guy goes instead. He is a much bigger guy. He gets in. Aries and him go right at it. The guy is put in the corner. Aries runs to him, but he kicks him in the face. The guy keeps Aries down. He walks around, but Aries pops up and tackles him. Just then, the Aces and 8s run toward the ring. TNA members come down. They meet and go at it. Aries has the guy in the ring. He puts him in the corner and hits the running dropkick. He continues the attack. Suddenly, some guy slides in the ring. His face is uncovered, but he quickly covers it up with his turtle neck shirt. He has something in his hand. He runs and hits Aries from behind. Aries falls instantly. He is knocked out. Bully Ray gets in the ring, but that guy and the bigger guy Aries was attacking leaves the ring. Aces and 8s go around the ramp and behind the stage. Hogan and others check up on Austin as he isn't moving while AJ and RVD try to go after the guy. The show fades with confusion.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Aces and 8s - Up from last week
2. Jeff Hardy - New from last week
3. Samoa Joe - New from last week
4. James Storm - New from last week
5. ODB - New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

We came off an amazing Impact Wrestling last week, so if TNA wanted to beat that show, they would need to be spotless tonight. When I read the match line-up for the show, I surely thought it would be the best show this year. I do have to say that it did not beat last week, but we did see some great stuff tonight. I don't watch too much of Raw these days, but I usually catch the last 40 minutes or so, but I would rather take any 40 minutes of TNA than I would of Raw. I usually know how TNA is depending on my writing. Last week was great, but this week seemed less. I am not saying a lot less though. To get on with the show, I enjoyed all of the segments tonight. We seen a lot of Hogan and Sting, but it was necessary at this point of the story with Aces and 8s. The segment with them and Daniels/Kaz was awesome. Another segment was seen was ODB and Eric Young. Young finally returned and I am glad because it made me realize how tremendous E.Y. and ODB are together. They are comedy gold. Speaking of ODB, the whole Brooke set-up with her and and Rayne was actually a smart and clever idea. The match wasn't anything special at all, but we did see some nice matches. Out of the 3 BFG Series matches, I would have to say Jeff vs. Kurt was the best while Joe and AJ came close. Honestly, they were all nice to watch as this is the only show where I get my wrestling fix. As the BFG Series is wrapping up, I can't believe how fast it went. I remember when it just got started. This year's BFG Series was well planned and I give kudos to TNA for the entire thing. I am really excited to see who is going to win! As that will be the end of the BFG Series, the ending of this week's show was almost like last week but with a twist. The guy came into the ring without a mask and I really thought it was Jeff Hardy. I forgot about his face paint though. The guy covered his face and went after Aries. I couldn't get a good look, but I just wonder who that is. Obviously it is someone around the area. I love these cliffhangers and if TNA continues with them and follows up, they will produce excellent programming. If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter (link below in my bio) as I am planning a live online show Saturday night. Stay tuned for it if you are interested.

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